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tv   Power Politics  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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. >> today on power politics election day. >> if you're going to vote, you need photo i.d. >> from the televised returns. >> stay with us, we'll take you on an exciting and bumpy ride. >> to the kirk races in the balance of power. >> look at the things we fought for. >> we'll show you what to look for and when. >> don't let anybody tell you your vote doesn't matter. it's just not true. >> plus the best and worst of the midterm campaigns. >> my forefather used a canon
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like this to win us the constitution. >> we pay a fee. >> and came over that made a difference. >> this is a part of any business. >> all that and more, now on power politics. >> hello, everybody, i'm david. >> i'm michael shure. >> did you vote today? >> look at this, i do nothing without my trainer. >> exactly 90 minutes from now the first polls will be closed. the voting will end, and we'll get our first result. again that's starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern. >> at al jazeera america we'll keep you covered all night and into the morning not just with results but how those results will effect the issues that you've seen us cover throughout this election season. issues that continue to engage the country like the affordable care act, isil, immigration,
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minimum wage, marijuana and ebola although not necessarily together. >> today the associated press has been conducted tens of thousands of exit polls in multiple precincts in every state. based on their analysis certain races will be called as soon as the voting ends. >> for the next half hour we'll give you a guide to the evening, the key times to watch and the most interesting races to follow. the biggest prize is control of the u.s. senate. if the republicans gain the majority, president obama's legislative agenda hayes last years in office will be dead. so we start with what we may know early, and it could be impactful from the stroke of 7:00 when the polls close on the state of kentucky. a huge senate race, mitch mcconnell, allison grimes. >> this is the marquee race. we'll see if women come out for allison grimes. she needs that vote even to have a shot of up ending the minority leader. >> and this appears that president obama may be on the
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ballot even though he's not, allison grimes tried to make mitch mcconnell the hate the figure. >> and david purdue has put his foot in his mouth on outsourcing a number of times, one of the things that is going to be really important to watch tonight, did the black vote come out and vote for michelle nun in that race? it's going to impact the governor's race. that is jimmy carter's grandson race. jason carter running in georgia. the reason that's so important is because you're seeing the old guard in georgia cede to the new guard. >> and cede on the issues of jobs. it could be an upset of gubernatorial incumbents who lose their job. >> that's right. after that we go to south carolina. there are two senate race there is. one is a special race. do you know the name doug huddo and joys dickerson. >> we'll never hear it again. >> we'll never here of joys
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dickerson. and it's brad huddo of south carolina. >> another race that closes in the 7:00 hour that republicans thought for a while they might be able to get a pick up. especially when you have ed gillispie, we thought he would be ache to make this race come through. >> virginia is always a fight race no matter what year or what season. it's a state that obama won, but mark warner has too much of an organization there, and it looks like it's a little too little too late for ed gillispie. >> and i love two of the virginia house races. let's look at the battle. of eri eric cantor's old seat. this is interesting. >> this is interesting. it was more interesting in the primary because it was such a surprise. it's not as interesting now. it seems as they'll win that. it was a solidly republican
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district. >> the clintons and anyone who watches politics knows that they hold grudges. it will be interesting to see if she wins. we go to massachusetts. and the same hour martha cokely running against baker. cokely lost to brown in the senate. a lot of people think that a democrat can just win in that state. >> she could be a two-time loser, and she has had so much help from the clintons, the massachusetts senator elizabeth warner. they have been there to help her, and she's still struggling. >> kay hagin is struggling in a pretty red state. she's going up against tom tillis.
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it will be a tight race. >> the results here at 7:30. that's when you should watch north carolina again. more than $100 billion spent. kay hagin has tried to drive voters to education. that's where thom tillis has cut into the education funds as state speaker. let's look at the west virginia race. the first pick up for the republicans tonight. >> this is one that they're not worried about. this is a state that has gotten redder over the year. it looks like she'll win that race tonight. >> and the republicans then have a chance to get their second pick up. >> we heard it said that coakley boat scott brown, but now he's moved to new hampshire. i think jeanne shaheen has made
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good enough hay out of this. >> despite brown saying she's an obama clone. >> let's go to arkansas, mark pryor, david pryor's son going up against tom cotton. this is a race that has been uphill the areaway. >> this is an issue where military issues could help. caught someone a veteran, and minimum wage may play because cotton moderated his position saying he would support a state ballot initiative to raise the minimum wage. >> that race, the republicans will want to play up that race a lot because the race where the affordable care act has been on the ballot. the president said i'm not on the ballot, but my record is, and this may come back to haunt him. back in illinois, the president's adopted home state where he has served as senator. pat quinn is not a popular
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governor. >> he's not popular yet. he may pull this out because his opponent is bruce rauner a billionaire who was quit sized for spending $140,000 to join a wine club. >> that sounds like you. >> it sounds like me, but we're all going to be drinking a lot tonight if this guy mike boss is able to pull out the most intriguing house race. mike boss is running in illinois. democrats made a campaign out of him. >> total power, not the american way. all the damn time. come out here in the last second, and i have to figure out how to vote for my people. you should be ashamed of yourself.
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>> he also admitted that he shot a neighbor's dog a few years ago. >> how could he run? let's go to colorado from illinois. >> that's a 9:00 poll closing. again may affect the control of the u.s. senate. >> you have udall against gardner. gardner has been running uphill. this is a state that could go either way. but the latest polls, the polls leading up to today really have cory gardner in control. >> and this is a state why women's issues are defining because udall has made that a campaign, gardner is pro-life, if he comes out, there are some polls that suggest that women are seeing past this as a cynical election strategy. there is also an interesting race in colorado.
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>> it's john hickenlooper, this is a race why immigration has come to the forefront. the president decided he was going to save action for immigration. the congress did not deal with it. this race has talked about immigration as an issue, and hickenlooper is trying to score points with the latino population. >> the reason why we care about governor races, there are 11 governors in trouble. if all 11 lost, and if you look at hawai'i, that would be 12, that's the greatest number of incumbent governors to lose since 1960. even if half lose that will be the most since 1990, there are a lot of governors in trouble. >> one of them is sam brownback in kansas. he's a very conservative governor and tried to enact a lot of tea party cuts, cutting teacher's wages, public servant's wages.
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paul davis said you have had your shot and it's not going well. there is a senate race, and it's the most interesting. >> because you have pat roberts who is going up against greg orman. if he win as an independent he would likely caucus with the democrats. that would be huge for the democrats. >> you have to remember this is not a democrat. greg orman said he's going to caucus with whatever party running. so democrats are going could come out and vote for pat roberts, we assume. >> now to the senate race, mary landrieu is in trouble. it may go to a run off. >> it does look bleak for landrieu. what she's looking at is a two-person race in the run off with maness, who is taking a lot
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of republican votes. >> as we watch louisiana, the 8:00 hour should deliver an interesting house race. vance mcallister was caught on surveillance video kissing someone who is not his wife. his wife forgave him. he's running a pretty decent election. and zach dasher, who happens to be related to a member of the duck dynasty has this ad. >> bible and guns brought us here. and bible and guns will keep us here. zach dasher believes in both. that's why i'm voting for him. >> that guy may still win again. interesting race in louisiana. >> you never want to be known for surveillance video. we go to south dakota, which we never thought we would be talking about tonight. a three-person race, a republican state, and larry
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pressler served in the 80's. this is another pick up for the senate majority because tim johnson democrat is retiring, and it looks like mike rounds should have an easy time. but pressler has confused things a bit. >> the republicans thought they had a decent shot of winning this race, david. gary peters not a well-known representative from michigan running against terri lynn land. it does not appear that michiganers is ready for a republican senator. >> and he has made terri lynn land a clone of the koch brothers. let's move over to minnesota, another 9:00 closing, and that is a house race between rick noland and stewart mills, republican. a lot of people have suggested that stewart mills looks like
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brad pitt. he has been caught playing with his hair. does that matter? >> it does matter because it's funny. michele bachmann in minnesota retiring, so people will be spending a lot of time looking at the minnesota house race. >> we'll look at the results of the new york house race. >> michael grim has been hounded by indictments. >> throw him off the balcony, and he might still win.
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>> and his local paper endorsed him. >> he's from staten island and they have made hay out of it. he may win this race. >> shocking and disappointing. >> coming up we'll go west to utah. mia love tries to become the first black female in congress again. >> your next word is prior. >> prior. >> from spelling bees to shark nadeau. we look at the best and worst political ads of the season.
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>> welcome back to a special election day edition of power politics. i'm michael shure. >> i'm michael shuster, michael. it's great to have you here. >> we're going to focus on florida tonight. it's going to be one of the more
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interesting results to watch. >> the governor's race in florida between charlie cyst and rick scott. this has been the most expensive gubernatorial race. these guys hate each other's guts. they've run nothing but negative ads, and it's been the most negative in the country. how do you see this going? >> both are not liked. this is a real hold your knows and cast a ballot. >> and because it's florida. >> and seen whatever happens you still might not know what happens. people are really tired of rick scott, and my guest is that crist could win.
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>> and to texas. >> wendy davis, and greg abbott. >> davis has got a lot of attention. she ran an ad that seemed to suggest or drive any more attention the fact that he's in a wheelchair, one of the most vicious ads of the campaign. >> yes, it reminded them of ads that texans are not used to seeing with as much mud that was slung there. >> we go to arizona. ron barber, and martha mcsally. >> she has made something of an issue about immigration saying
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that the democrats have not done enough to protect the border, and immigration could be an issue in this race. the key race in the 10:00 hour, the senate bruce braley and joni ernst state center. >> depending on what happens, what happens in iowa may determine what happens in the senate. they had what they thought was a good candidate and then comes in joni ernst. >> she ran an amazing ad when she talked about castrating hogs. it got her noticed and people seemed to think maybe this is more of a likable sarah palin. iowa, a huge race to watch at 10:00. let's go to oregon in the 10:00 hour. there is a ballot initiative that we've been talking about involving marijuana. >> yes, well, there is an marijuana initiative there and ballot on genetically modified
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food and the ballot initialsive discussing whether or not illegal immigrants can have driver's licenses. >> that could be divisive, and oregon could be one of these states that legalizes marijuana. >> which seems to be spreading. you go to a fascinating race in utah. mia love gave a stirring speech in 2012 republican convention where both you and i were in tampa. she lost that race to tim matheson, a democrat in utah. it's hard to be a democrat in utah. she's stepping down. >> and mia love has been accepting out interesting ads and giving interesting speeches. >> clearly president obama is not supporting me. i'm okay with that. i'm running for utah. i'm running for you. >> mia love, does she have a chance going against obama? >> listen, an african-american woman running, she's a mormon
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running in utah. she's well liked. it's a ye question of what that electorate thinks of those two things. >> 11:00 hour, california, your home state. what are some of the key house races. >> there are two interesting. ro khanna and mike honda. >> this could be an indication of republican widening the house. and in cal, carl demaio is a gay republican that they thought would be a new fresh face. but he has been under a lot of scrutiny because of other staffers talking about sexual
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harassment. >> and one of the races we may not know, alaska race mark begich against dan sullivan. this could determine whether the republicans take control. how does it go? >> alaska could be the last frontier for democrats. la has a trouble polling. i don't know if i believe that, but we'll see tonight. and we may see very early in the morning. >> when power politics returns. >> connected to a loan shark ring. >> things we can't get enough of. the best and worst of campaign ads. >> bying homes by the landlords.
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monitory value. >> they're being taken advantage the crisis continues. >> ground breaking... >> they're firing canisters >> ... emmy award winning investigative series. landlords.
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>> welcome back. i'm david shoeser. >> i'm michael shure. >> we've seen unbelievable ads in this 2014 campaign and we have. >> i was there are some that you just like watching, and there are some that are really good ads. my favorite came between mark prior and tom cotton. tom cotton ran an ad against mark pryor that i thought it was genius. >> your next word is prior. >> may i have a definition. >> out of touch liberal voted fo with obama 90%. >> pryor, obama.
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>> close enough. >> very effective. here's what isn't true, you can't say what the deciding vote was against obamacare, but every who is challenging a democrat is saying that that democrat cast the deciding vote. it's very effective. >> my favorite ad in 2014 was the michigan house race against a little known republican named dave trot. he ran the largest foreclosure mill law firm in the state. they buried the guy with this. >> foreclosure film owner dave trott, he benefited from people like 101 detroit woman. he has brought too much misery. >> i love how she's watching her favorite tv show and then this banging on the door.
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and the congressional candidates are standing at the door. it was a brutal ad and very effective. that's what they're saying, that people have really started to pay attention to this race because of that ad. now i think there is a little unanimity. this will forever be known as sharknado ad. >> gary peters in the eye of the storm. funded bay convicted felon, connected to a loan shark rink. >> michigan republican party spent money on that, and they're in more trouble than peters. >> somebody is sitting, hey, that's a great idea. >> another one that people thought was a great idea was to have bruce bailey run for senate
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in iowa. perhaps the best democrat they could run, and he has made the most gaffes in this campaign. in is agreement on this, and there is video of him that surfaced that he's talking about chuck grassley, the beloved senior senator in iowa. here is braley. >> you might have a farmer from iowa who never went to law school, never practiced law serving as the next chair. >> that's not a good thing to say in iowa, even if you're running as an iowa, you don't want to go against chuck grassley. >> and then another gaffe where he said, the house, i can't get my cow serviced now because the gym is closed. if they lose the senate because of bruce braley, they'll have those gaffes to to blame.
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>> you never complain about not having enough towels in the gym. >> i'i'm david shuster. >> and i'm michael shure. >> thank you for watching. . >> now it is up to the people after billions of dollars, countless campaign ads. >> i'm not barack obama. >> and mud-slinging across the country. americans head to the polls. >> what it's all about to be able to vote. >> voters are deciding who will make the decisions in washington and at home. >> victory is in the air. >> i'm on your sid


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