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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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>> libyan court rules that the elective parliament is illegal, even though it is recognized by the international community. hello there, welcome to al jazeera. also ahead in the next 30 minutes. a freshman working with an al quaida linked group is killed by air strikes. the owner of the website used to trade illegal drugs is arrested in the
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united states. the illegal trade, suggests chinese officials were involved in the smuggling of tanzania ivory. libya's supreme court has ruled that -- residents of tripoli celebrated after the court's decision, which supported the armed group in control of the capitol. and the tripoli based parliaments and administrations have been vying for legitimacy and power. reports. libya has been urn the control of two rival governments each supported by arms grouped enganged in daily fighting. now the supreme court is ruled on how to move forward. it's declared the u.n. backed parliament that was elected in june, and
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that is now based is unconstitutional and should be dissolved. the ruling was welcomed by members of the rival parliament in tripoli. following today's ruling they are proceeding this morning, we are now waiting for the committee that promised to present the first draft of the constitution on december 24th. their own government was mutt in place. it was forced to move eastward. one battling the government and seen as more moderate, the other backing the leaders in tripoli and seen as more religiously conservative.
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the nato backed uprises that deposed leader. they have appeared weak divided and unable to restore law and order. in fighting and attacks between rebel groups have become common. and deprive the libyan government of the main source of revenue. so far none of the rival groups fighting for power have shown any sign of reckon can silluation, and it is unlikely the supreme court decision will do anything to change that. victoria al jazeera. an international relations professor at the university. the problem is that you have bifurcation, politically the country is divided to really you
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contest legitimacy. i think it will continue, practically you have the -- chaos. it is the unknown for libyans and for libya. ideally, we have basically some kind of dialog. two capitals two parliaments and two also sets of votes. one through the people, and one like us indirect. french bomb maker working for an al quaida linked group has been killed by a u.s. air strike. activists identify the man his car was hit near
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the syrian turkish border. it was a targeted attack, that is part of the on going air strikes against forces linked to the islamic state of iraq and the lavon. can u.s. led coalition is also targeted the links. in air strikes overnight, they report. two powerful groups fighting in syria. it is only the second time that groups other than isil have been hit. if this situation is not brought under control, potentially can end up controlling at least one if not both of the last
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two border crossings to the opposition to turkey. trainees weapons ammunition, humanitarian international humanitarian assistance. everything that deliberates ha is based in turkey, works with these two border crossings. disin the way of denial of these resources to the regime. that's significant. the gas plants not all of them, but some of them were still producing and ultimately power for the regime.
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uploaded this area, power supply has been a problem throughout this conflict, but it is now getting worse. >> as winter approaches both the regime and the opposition areas moderate opposition, are going to face a real shortage. of fuel, which mean as shortage of electricity, which mean as shortage of heating, of energy of hospitals and clubbics operating rooms, for everything you can think of. that will have a really negative impact on people's lives. >> it is clear whatever side it is on, there is no winner. just a country and a people ultimately being destroyed. syrian government forces have dropped more barrel bombs killing at least 20
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people near aleppo. the observatory says an abandon office is targeted. a second bomb was dropped when residents gathered at the scene. carrying humanitarian aid to the strip. the i.c.c. says israeli soldiers may have committed war crimes. sara from the palestine solidarity campaign says the fight for justice will continue can. the passengers who isil after he had been shot dead, he was shot dead while he was filming the israeli assault, he was using a video camera to record israel's crimes we will make clear that they cannot be allowed to get
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away. part and parcel of the policy, for -- expanding it's territory, for ex-nd paing it's reach, for sub joe gaiting the people, the entire world is beginning to stand up for palestine. and it's about time the i.c.c. did it's job. in the west bank, all three soldiers were wounded one of them critically. the driver has since turned himself in. along the road between bethlehem.
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at least 30 protestors have been arrested. more from west jerusalem. >> well, the situation remains tense right across jerusalem, of course in the occupied east has been extremely tense, but also in west jerusalem. of course this is where what israeli police are describing as a hit and run terror attack took place. at a light rail station, in which a number of people are injured and one person died. to prevent an further attacks and we have seen security increase right around east jerusalem. has been enormous now for
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the past several weeks and in fact, israeli police from right around the country, have been brought to the east of jerusalem. for that very purpose, and now we are seeing even more security and that is partially why we have soon. three soldiers were wounded and that is also a serious cause for concern. east of jerusalem is spilling over into the west bank. and that of course is a very serious cause can for alarm, not only for palestinian leadership but also for the israelis as well. >> the underground drug website silk road 2.0 has been arrested in the united states. taken into custody in san francisco on westbound.
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the websites had 150,000 uses and had been generating revenue of $8 million a month. tom ackerman has more from washington, d.c. >> the government con can tends that it was operating 2.0 in a global trade, using bit coins to conduct sales of not only elicit drugs but also computer hacking material, and fake for hundreds of drug dealers around the globe. and that, in fact, this was just a continuation of silk road 1.0. the secret website that the government shut down just a year ago. the defendant in the trial in that case, is currently on trial in new york, he is contending that the government illegal researched his emails, and also seized the servers in ice lan, which was the means by which this business was conducted. a judge in that case.
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the defendant in the original case. says that he denies any knowledge. of that server or having anything to do with it. it was a first in a series of devastation. they include raising the retirement age, and cutting health and social security. >> train travelers are again less stranded, drivers have walked out for the next four days. >> the boing 787, >> the dream-liner is the plane of the future. >> an all new airplane in a once in a generation achievement of human ingenuity. >> but al jazeera discovers a dark side. >> three years late... fleet grounding...
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fires on the airplane... >> they're short changing the engineering process... >> we go undercover on the factory floor... al jazeera investigates broken dreams: the boing 787 on al jazera america
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>> a deadly attack that shocked the nation. >> the front part of the ship was just red with blood. >> was there a cover-up? now an in-depth investigation reveals shocking new evidence. what really happened? the day israel attacked america.
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only on al jazeera america. celebration have been held in tripoli after the supreme court ruled that the elected parliament is illegal. a different unelected government controls the capitol tripoli and has a backing of a powerful militia group. syrian forces have dropped more barrel bombs killing at least 20 people near aleppo. the operator of the underground drug website has been arrested in the united states. the web side enabled 150,000 users to buy and sell drugs acken no mousily.
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predict that prices will rise for the rest of the decade. bad news for many producers that neat to meet their higher needs. markets speculators and sanctions over ukraine they have announced that it is limiting the amount it is willing to spend to defend it's country cansy. the ruble has lost around a quarter of it's dollar. moscow has been spending as much as $2.5 billion as day to try and prop up the value of the ruble. in october, alone, the russian government spent $29 billions buying up rubles, and now it's currency has fallen
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$73 billion to $439 billion. ukraine is to freeze state fund payments to areas in the break away eastern region which is are controlled by pro russian separatist, just over 2 1/2 million dollars will be with held. the prime minister says pension payments and government benefits which have already been frozen for months will only resume after separatist forces surrender. three people who had been arrested in france for flying a drone near a nuclear reactor. police have been baffled by the flight. at least 13 have been reported recently near various power plants.
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nick reports from berlin on the latest cause for rail travelers. >> berlin central station. almost empty, once again. this is the 6th strike by rail worker ins nine weeks. all work represented by a small union representing only one in ten workers at the state owned rail company. passengers are losing sympathy. >> people doing other jobs can't can strike like this. you can't can walk off a job if for example you worked in a hospital. i think this is all a bit excessive. >> the unions main demand is for a 5% wage increase, and for the work week to be shortened from 39 hour as week to 37. >> here at the impromptu strike headquarters the workers acknowledge the timing is bad. the strike may prevent thousands from aend thing the twenty-fifth anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall on sunday.
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i can understand why people are upset. on the other hand, people took to the streets to defend their rights. 25 years ago, and we are doing the same thing. the german chancellor said the workers had a right to strike, but also had to show responsibility. especially here in the area of services for the public, a high degree of responsibility is necessary. because they effect millions of citizen who is need to go to work, or come home, and who have to transport their families and they effect the future of our economy. >> the government is looking at legislation that would limit the role of small unions and labor negotiations. similar action cost hundreds of millions of dollars the rate strike is estimated to cost $125 million a day.
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making the economy more competitive than most of it's neighbors. al jazeera, berlin. after the midterm elections the republicans have won control of the house of representatives and the senate. among the winners is the first republican woman to be elected to the house while another republican has become the youngest female to hold office. it's been called the party of angry write men, but republicans are also smiles since the election, with some their challenging theing the stereotype. mia love is the first black woman elected to the house of representatives as a republican. the daughter of haitian immigrants her he is sage of more responsibility resonated with the conservative state of utah. >> we aren't interesting
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in dividing on race, social status, we are more interested in the integrity, and the honesty, of a candidate. someone who is going to return power back to people and a away from washington. >> we did it. >> 30-year-old elise was also elected to the house as a republican. harvard graduate works for the administration of george w bush before returning to rural new york, to work in her family's business and run for office. >> i am honored and humbled to be the youngest woman ever elected to the united states congress. and to add an additional crack to the glass ceiling for future generations of women here tonight. as well as disenfranchising black voters.
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symbolism can only take you so far. >> but voters agree it is a step in the right direction. >> about time that changes happen. it's always the same thing, always the same republicans always the same people running the show. >> i always like when i see women getting in. break the glass ceiling whenever you can. >> republicans have long been accused of lacking adversity, so these wins in utah and here in new york, could be crucial for the party. especially as it looks ahead to the presidential election. and the possible of facing a popular woman democrat hillary clinton. al jazeera, new york. al jazeera continue cans to demand the immediate release of our journalist whose have been detained
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in egypt for 313 days. they are falsely accused of helping the outlawed muslim brotherhood. they are appealing against their prison sentences. the united nations says hundreds of thousands of people across central somalia are in urgent need of food aid following widespread flooding there. one of thousands of somalis who are forced to abandon their homes when the floodwaters rose. she and her six children have taken shelter in this makeshift camp. >> we together with 50 families left our homes in one of the city's neighborhoods because of the floods. since we arrived here, we haven't received any help, we left behind all our possessions we need water, food, and plastic covers. these tents are temporary homes. in central somalia. people living here say they are in desperate need of help. >> there are no toilets,
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medical can centers or food supplies. if it rains there's nothing to protect us but these shacks which we made out of old pieces of cloth. >> large tracts of farmland are submerged after heavy rains caused two rivers to break their banks. accord canning to the u.n. crops have been destroyed and hundreds of thousands of people are in urgent need of food. the recent floods were preceded by months where there wasn't enough rain, as a result there wasn't enough food. >> the situation here is nothing short of a catastrophe, we have seen the disstress call as we are a public company effected by rains and floods. needless to say, we were earlier effected by the drought. >> the local authorities have declare add state of emergency, admitting they cannot cope can with the scale of the flooding. but many expect hope to be slow in coming. so for now they are surviving on what little they have.
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>> chinese gangs are being accused of smuggling huge amounts of ivory with the help of tans kneian officials. half of the elephant population has been killed. our environment editor has been investigating. >> vanishing points pull together, the results covering more than a decade. the report reveals how the empant population has crashed and it makes gruesome viewing. killing one half of the country's elephants in the past five years. the numbers down two-thirds. 10,000 were slaughtered in 2013 alone. that's equivalent to 30 every day, all to feed the resurgent feed primarily to markets in china. the trail starts and under cover investigator, visited an illegal trader selling ivory.
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which area? >> indeed, the reserve has been worst hit, one of the largest and oldest protected areas in africa can. there were 70,000 in 2006, and by 2013, that number has dwindled to 13,000. the rother even describes how park rangers are involved in the crimes. in the next clip, we move on to a shipping at, who described how he hides illegal con can signments on rout for asia.
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the eia poses buyers in china too, and learn to be insatiable demand, even for every day items like chop sticks. it seems the ways of getting ivory to china last year the chinese president made an official visit. here traders talk how the sales boomed around that time. >> it was here. when it was here. investigators were told by suppliers as far back
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as 2006, that chinese embassies staff were major buyers of their ivory, and one black market source even told investigators the cob signments were sent to china in diplomatic bags on the presidential plane. report points blame the highest levels of the government and when the president is back in 2005, the country had 142,000 elephants. now, by 2015 they reckon that will drop to 55,000. report highlights the toxic blend of government failures corruption, and criminality, criminals syndicates that says a ruthlessly exploiting rising corruption and weak governance to plunder the country's natural heritage. the irony is, of course, that living animals it pants form part of the on going tourism market, but it seems killing them for their tusks creating irresistible short term profits. >> the government has
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denied any involvement, we have also asked the chinese government for comment, but so far we have received no response. >> do remember you can always get all the latest news and a lot more on our website. you can get analysis, programs and a lot more like i said, >> from now on, it will be different than the one we were chasing in the past. we have to adapt to it. >> carlos helped restrushing nissan pulling it out of near bankruptcy and transforming it into a company with more than $100,000,000,000 in a one of a kind collatration, he not only heads nissa.