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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 9, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EST

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the taliban gets inside kabul's police headquarters as a bomber targets the chief of police. ♪ ♪ you are watching al jazerra live from our head quarters in doha. also ahead, back home two americans are freed by north korea after the intervention of a top intelligence official. >> i want to thank you all for sporting me and lifting me up and not forgetting me. but at the same time also not forgetting people of north korea. we lil' also be live in germany where ceremony are about to begin 25 years after the fall
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of the berwy berlin wall. but we begin there yemen where a new government has just been sworn in. it's been eighted as a par of a peace deal after houthi rebels captured the capital. but they are rejecting the new administration, joining us on the lynn from sanaa is toll us if the new government can hold together. >> reporter: as far as the prime minister is holing a presser as we speak. he's very confident and he says despite the challenges that yep faces he is confident that he can move forward. the boost that he got today particularly when supporters of the former president the minister attended a ceremony putting them in a positive signal that there is a split within the political party itself.
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but the biggest problem that they are facing now is th the president here in the capital of isawthey said give us time we he to figure out the way out of the political crisis. it's a very delicate situation. the government has strong backing from the international community. if that continues with backing from countries like saudi arabia, the hope with military support, financial support, they will be able to support tackling yemen's pressing problems, particularly poverty and declining economy. >> you mentioned the houthis there, because they said once a new cabinet is formed they would withdraw from the capital. so any sign of that happening at all? >> reporter: we were expecting, doreen, further escalation, definitely the houthis will call for mass protests in the coming
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days to ask this government to step aside and form a new government. their concern now is that there are members from of the old regime still in the government that they will not accept that. so yemen is definitely going to move ahead towards more political crisis, more political impasse, and further challenges. it remains to see how the international community can bring all the warring fashions in yemen to sit together and agree on a new modus operandi to be able to put an end to the problems the country faces. >> okay, thank you. reporting for us from yemen. in afghanistan, there has been an explores inside the police head quarters in the capital a kabul. blast happened outside the office of the police chief. at least one person has been killed. jennifer glasse is in kabul with an update. >> reporter: police confirm it was a suicide bomber responsible for getting in to police head quarters and blowing himself up
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near the police chief's office. the police chief is unheard one of his main deputies was killed and seven people were injured in that attack. police say they are looking at closed circuit tv footage to determine who that man was, they say he was not in a police uniform, came in in civilian clothes with documents asking to see the police chief even got through the layers of security. they trying to determine how he did that. this is a very secure compound in the heart of kabul, home not only to the police headquarters, but all to the governor's office. a of course and a prison. 30,000 people a day go through this compound. but it is a very, very fortified compound with many levels of security. the taliban had claimed responsibility for this attack. the police will be looking in to how they managed to breach the heavy security at their compound in the heart of the capital. and how they imagined to get explosives in as well. two american citizens releasreleased by north korea hs
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arrived back in the united states. they were freed after the u.s. director of national intelligence flew to pyongyang for talks, bae had been sentenced for 15 years for anti-government activities. while miller was serve a 6-yee jail term for h espionage. victoria reports. >> reporter: back home on american soil. kenneth bae steps on of a plane at a military base in washington state to be reunited with his family. he's joined soon after on the car mack by matthew todd miller. the two men had been held in prison camps in north korea. miller was jailed for six years in april on espionage charges, bae a christian missionary had been convicted nearly two years ago for alleged anti-government activities. he had been trying to convert north koreans. he had been serving a 15-year term. >> thank you for all of your support. and prayer. and your love. that is really been encouraging for me and for others who are in
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the same shoes as well. thank you. god bless you. >> reporter: news of the men's release had been welcomed earlier by president obama. >> reporter: director clapper is james clapper, the u.s.' director of national intelligence. he was the highest ranking american to visits pyongyang in more than a decade. it's not clear why clapper was brought in to negotiator whether he had a second reason for meeting with officials in pyongyang. the north koreans reportedly prefer for negotiate with either former presidents or high-profile diplomat on his the fate of u.s. citizens. there is some speculation that by releasing the men kim jong
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u.n. might be trying to is off end their imager. and the u.n. security council could soon refer kim and other north korean official to his the international court for human rights try solutions, neither bay nor miller will be prosecuted for travel to go north korea. but the obama administration is warning other americans it's not a good idea to visit. robert kelly is professor of political science and diplomacy the in south korea. he says that this time the north korean prisoner release is different. >> in the past the north koreans have milked these arrests of americans for a big high-profile visit frit a former president or high upp up official. this is different. when a north korean stand next to a president they tell north korean people that they are a
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real country and the americans take it serious will you, obviously president obama can't go, on staff, other people thought hillary clinton might go. director clapper went that's odd. he's an intelligent official. we are not sure what it means, it will fuel a speculation that there was ideal or something going on the in the background. your honor air strikes hit a gathering of fighters from the islamic state of iraq and levant. a u.s. military spokesman said the strikes hit a convoy of 10 vehicles thought to be carrying senior members of isil in a border crossing between iraq and syria, but u.s. officials can't confirm in isil lead's lead he go was part of the conveyed. he made a rear public appearance in july when he gave a sermon in mosul. there has been intense artillery bombardment of the separatist controlled city of donetsk in eastern ukraine the overnight shelling is being described as the worst since a cease file deal was signed between the government and the
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pro-russian fighters in september. albin is in donetsk with the latest. >> reporter: we have heard shelling throughout the night it intensified about 30:30 a.m. local time and heavy for two hours. but there has been a continuation of the shelling throughout this morning as die light struck, we don't know of any confirmation of casualty at thiseatiesor destroyed buildinge center but it appears the fighting is going around the airport area. where there has been a tense stands off for months now between the pro-russian and the ukrainian forces. people in germany are marking 25 years since the fall of the berlin wall. the chancellor angela merkel will be leading the commemorations. she is attending a church service before the main event in a few hours. that's when a million people are expected to join in. let's find out more about what
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is going on and speak to nick spicer, nick. >> reporter: are angela merkel as you were saying, is attending a church service and will be attending the opening of a new memorial center designed to remember the hundreds of people who died crossing the border between east and west germany between 1961 and 1989. 6'61 was the year the wall was built in august overnight and a prize to the people of the city and the world the dividing line for the country, for europe and indeed for all of the world itself divided by the cold war. angela merkel will be joined by the former polish president in solidarity trade union leader. one of the leading lights of the movement that led to the end of the coal war as well as miguel gorbachov who was here last night and it will all come to a conclusion here where i am standing, you can see a line of
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balloons suspended in the air behind me, they line the path of the berlin wall. 15 kilometers of balloons, 7,000 of them will be released at 18 gmt as daniel the israeli argentine conductor leads the berlin state orchestra in playing beethoven's ninth symphony and the owed to joy. >> looking at pictures nick as you are speaking from the scene there and what's taking place, you mentioned gorbachov a moment ago interestingly he made comments saying that there was a new cold war. what is he talking about? what does he mean? >> reporter: they were surprising comments to a certain extend because he is one of the historical leaders who is credited with helping bring about an end to the cold war. strong words from miguel gorbachov who was the last leader of the so far vinnie union blaming the west and the united states for putting world on a verge of a new cold war as you were saying, saying that the west and particularly the u.s.
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had succumb to triumph fansism and an urge to dominate the world and he list the crisis in the middle east, in kosovo as well as in ukraine. and saying that it was in critical for world leaders to return to the security counsel sim and to give that body the power needed to resolve crisis and for the west and moscow to work again to create the security structures that would resolve conflict in peaceful man, he surprising words from the man we all know that brought about the end of the cold war here in berlin. >> ox, nick, for the time being, thank you. still to come on al jazerra defiant catalans push ahead with a symbolic referendum for independence. plus. >> reporter: i am in india where the country's contribution to the first world war likely saved the western front. coming up we'll see how those and other memories from the war are fading.
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♪ ♪ held going, the top stories on al jazerra. yemen's new government has just been sworn in. it's been created as part i've you were brokered peace deal after shia houthi rebels captured the capsule in september. the huge is and the ruling general people's congress are rejecting the new administration. at least one person has been killed in a suicide bombing inside afghanistan's police head quarters in the capital kabul. the explosions happened outside the office of police chief. north korea has released the
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last two american citizens in its custody. kenneth bae and matthew todd miller touched down at a military base in tacoma washington and freed after negotiations by the u.s. director of national intelligence. well, a comment made by mexico's attorney general has fueled anger among protesters after the apparent killing of 43 missing students. the crypt's top prosecutor end a news conference by telling reporters, enough, i am tired. the southwestern state of guerrero protesters set fire to weeks vehicles and attacked several government buildings and they have been chanting enough, i am tired with corruption. the government says the gang members have admitted killing the students after they were handed over by local police. here is adam raney from mexico city with the latest. >> reporter: protests in mexico on saturday turned violent in the state of guerrero as students and angry protesters torched vehicles and state government houses in that pour
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western state, where the students went missing. meanwhile, in the capital here in mexico city, we have protests converge on the main plaza. where we had hundreds if not thousands of people protesting against the government calling for the restless i go nation of the attorney general, calling for the resignation of the president. and this comes a day after the attorney general announced on national television that suspected criminals in the case had confessed to killing the missing students. he played grizzly images of evidence and also reenactments of these people confessing how they killed the students, but, of course, after playing this provocative material and saying this before a national audience the attorney general said that he still considers the students missing. whereas the family members see this tactic and strategy by the government to give updates on the case as a way to keep saying the students are indeed dead and not look for them alive which is
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the main priority for the parents of these 43 missing students. they keep saying that they want the government to put as much energy in to looking for them alive as they are for looking for them dead. >> an unofficial referendum on independence is taking place in at loan i can't in northeastern spain were the central government and spain's highest court both say the vote sill legal. let's cross over to claud claudo beginning us from barcelona. since it's unofficial, can you tell us what we expect the turn out to be like. and how exactly is this vote going to work? >> reporter: well, i have just come back from one of the many schools here in barcelona and all across the region being used by organizers as makeshift polling stations. despite the fact that madrid told them that this will be illegal because obviously the vote is not recognize faced by the central government. but we saw already hundreds of people are already queuing there despite the fact it's quite early here in -- for barcelona
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here on a sunday morning and they are all being given a printed out shake mist ballot paper look i can this one and there will be two questions on it, do you want catalonia to become a state, and if so, do you want the state to be independent? now, i asked a few of those already queuing this morning outside of the school why will they go there if they know that their vote is not going to have any impact on the status of catalonia and they saul said the sale thing, well, we want our voices to be heard. we want the right to vote. the more madrid will have to lynns. if you look at the headlines this morning on the main newspaper here in cat catalonia. it actually calls it a general test run for the real thing. and that is the independence referenda they have been calling for for a few nears years now.
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>> even though madrid is saying it's illegal, how closely are they watching what is going on over in catalonia? >> reporter: madrid is certainly watching. there were fears here that there would be national guard, police and the army would be deployed to stop the catalans from working, but clearly we haven't seen anything remotely like that. now, i mean, pimas i just said, they are queuing outside of schools, despite the fact this he couldn't really use them for a vote that is not recognized by a government and everything is, for now, fairly quiet and orderly. now, we did hear that there will be some kind of deposit station by anti-national assists, groups in about an hour's time. so we'll see whether that will be orderly as well or clashes or tension will develop there. but madrid's tactics from now seems to be just sit and wait and let this pass. until the end of the day. >> okay, claudio, thank you. reporting for us from barcelona.
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morocco has decided not to host next year's africa cup of nations throwing the 2015 turn in the to doubt. the country asked for the event to be postponed due to the he lollowell bolaebolacrisis. morocco reject that. the tournament is due to take place between january 17th and february 8th. kenya's government has deployed military personnel to the north where tribal violence killed 23 police officers last week. and army is now trying to retrieve its stolen weapons which has spurred more violence in the region. al jazerra's katherine soi has more from northern kenya. >> reporter: tribal elders from the community hand over a firearm to local activists in northern kenya. it's one of the weapons stole friend 23 security officers who were attacked last week. the elders elders of are were e gun by men who were too afraid to hand it over to the
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government. the young men are believed to have killed the officers who are in this truck a few kilometers from a town. for which a rival tribe have fought for control. >> maybe after this giving the government their gun, we now can calm down and ask them who are these boys who did this problem. >> reporter: the killing of the police officers was a peak of tensions between the two tribes but they fought for decades over cat and grazing land now oil and other natural gases have been discovered. and the battle over areas with these resources has become a politicized, so 50 indicate indd violent. he says his son was decapitate tated by a man from the rival tribe. in what he believes was a revenge attack. it's been a month and his son's headless body remains at a mortuary. >> i cannot are bury him without a head. it's a taboo.
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roughly 2,000 police and soldier have his deployed to disarm the tribes who are holding thousands of illegal firearms. we have spoken to some of the people who live in the area, and they accuse the security fors of burning down their homes. this is one of the homesteads that was destroyed a edge italy by security officers. hundreds of people have fled but we could not see any civilian movement on the road and that's because we are told people have gone farther in to the interior to the bushes and the hills of these fast sieg regions. at one townsend therman has just come from his hide out to find his shop still smolder, it's one of several that were detroit here. >> they say they are looking for be dids. but we are very far from where the at tack happened and we have no guns. >> reporter: the police spokesman told us that any formal complaint will be investigated.
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he and his neighbors are worried, they say they want peace, but many are concerned that if the government is not dealing with the root cause of the conflict and those fueling it, things may get worse. cath rikatherine soi al jazerrae northern kenya. zambians mourning their last president said he brought much development no rural areas but critics of the government say over spending has led to budget cuts and the struggling education system. tania page reports from zambia. >> reporter: new roads in rural zambia make the ride home from school much smoother it's part of late president michael's ambitious development plan. it includes new hospitals and schools as well as a 100 percent pay raise for some public sector workers. but the spending spree has led to an $8 billion budget deficit. students are paying some of the price. fewer of them are now able to attend university for free.
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and if the new budge set approved, soon no one will. they'll have to get government loans they need to repay. >> it means there will be no future for us. so we want the government to look in to that sector of sending people not only paying for their primary and senior but also their college. >> reporter: the government also imposed a public sector page freeze and canceled subsidies on fuel and maze. rural parts of zambia have to be developed so new roads are necessary but they have come at a cost that has left some people wonder figure there should be such a hey priority for the next government. >> we need to go back to the drawing board and revisit all of this infra structure spending that's happening in the last three years. we need to reorganization ourselves both socially, economically, and politically. >> reporter: zambia's copper
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riches mean it enjoys steady economic growth, but most zambians still live in rural areas and below the poverty line economist robert says the next leaders should make education a priority. >> the quality of education in am bee a unfortunately one of the worst in this region. and that has a significant effect on the employability of people coming out of the system. >> reporter: and if the prospect of paying off a loan puts poor students off university, they may find that their new roads won't lead very far. tania page, al jazerra, zambia. supporters and friends of two kidnapped tunisian journalists have held a rally to demand their release. they were working in the eastern part of libya when they were first taken in september. and arsenal don't demand the meet release of eights journalist who have been
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detained if for 316 dales in he just a minute. party getter, and the others are falsely accused of helping the outlawed muslim brotherhood, they are appealing against their prison sentences, fahmy and greste zeb steps today seven year, bahar muhammad given an additional three years for having a spent bull net his possession which he had picked up at a protest. commend indications for the hundredth anniversary of the start of the first world war are happening across europe. but india's contribution has often been rejected. we havely one and a half million from india fought. >> reporter: new delhi.y >> reporter: it's one of the most famous land marks built by the brit i can to commemorate their colony's contribution to the first world war. today that history has been largely forgotten. this family is an exception. they don't know all of the details, by they are proud of
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their grandfather's role in the world. >> this is the earning of as a summon who has his bullets and got this. and you should honor it. >> this is when he fought in the war in africa. >> reporter: their grandfather told them them stories of hardship and vol or among the indian soldierses. >> oh, my got it's too. , too much, they were there for five years. and in very hostile conditions. >> reporter: more than 130,000 indian troops were killed or wounded in action during world war i. yet most artifacts like these of delhi's imperial hotel come from private collections. public memorials like this one or common, but me memorials commemorating the first world war are few, those trying to preserve the history and conflict say the country's
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contribution likely changed the course of the war. in london the british library's collection includes photographs and letters from indian soldiers fighting in the trenches of europe, revealing the indian army's crucial role. >> the start of the war the british army was suffering and the frontline was crumbling and the troops were shipped in and vital for maintaining the western front. >> reporter: in india, trying to maintain the country's history and the war has been an uphill battle. >> the feeling then was it's a distant war, it's not our war, it belongs t to the british government. >> reporter: his grandfather was among the people that send troops and money to the war. he said doing it was parts of the tradition even though the colonial status of the county. >> it was our boys fighting they put the name of india on the map. by their gallant i, 18 victoria crosses he won. >> reporter: this bears the names of the forgotten dead. the concern that the few
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surviving memories. great war and those on who fought will fade as the years go by. much more news on our website, you'll fiends it all at hi, i am lisa fletcher and you are in "the stream." today are men the oppressed gender? we take you inside a world where american men believe they are the widely disadvantaged sex. their claims, like rape is used as a scam, fuel controversy. yet their movement is growing. and later, why fed up dads are mobilizing across the country demanding their right to be in their child's life. hear why they believe courts and the child custody system are stacked against them. ♪ ♪