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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 9, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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campus, one year later. the special series begins monday night here on "america tonight". thanks for joining us, i'm joie chen. this is al jazeera america, i'm thomas drayton in new york, let's get you caught up on the top stories of this hour president obama embarks on a 3-country trip to asia and australia, where foreign policy legacy is in question secretary of state john kerry running up against a deadline to reach a deal with iran over its nuclear programme millions of catalans vote for independence while spain calls the referendum youseless 25 years after the berlin
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wall fells, germany sell brace in the east and west n.a.s.a. test a craft that could send a crew deeper into space than ever before. good to have you with us. we start in asia, where president barack obama joins the apec summit. he starts in china, a country the president has not visited in five years. analysts say that repairing u.s. relations with the second-largest economy is pivotalle patty culhane has more from washington d.c. president obama heads off to asia, with stops in china, myanmar and asia. >> pivot by the united states back to asia.
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our desire to pivot and focus on the asia pacific region. >> it was part of a re-election campaign, is it a reality. experts say except for rotating a few thousand troops into australia, the presence has not increased by much. >> the numbers may are looked higher, and the potential greater. since the budget cuts have gone through, they've healed asia level. while other areas faced skiers cuts. fi's not been as dramatic as the if you look at trade. it was 336 million. in 2016 it was 497 million. as the president heads back to the region, he has a reviewed chance to change that by pushing ahead with a trans-pacific partnership. more peble now because his party lost control of the senate.
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as the president lands in china. it's expect he'll make a push for the trade agreements. he'll meet with china's president. and head to myanmar, trying to save what his administration held up as a chief foreign policy success, liberalization and internal reconciliation that all but stalled. president obama is a man in search of a legacy, hoping the trip builds the foundation for that. >> president obama is scheduled to arrive this hour. we invite you to join us for "the week ahead", 8:30 eastern, 5:30 pacific. >> time is running out on a deal. secretary of state john kerry spent the day in imam, negotiating with the iranian foreign minister. the talks are up against a deadline. if a deal is reached.
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it will have to pass muster with a republican controlled senate. >> as diplomatic negotiations go, these have been a marathon. in some shape or form, there has been talks with iran on its nuclear programme pore over a decade. now they could be in the final straight. international negotiators, p5+1. five permanent members of the u.n. security council, as well as germany setting a deadline to reach a deal. iran wants biting sanctions lifted. the international community will do that, if it cabinets guarantees that it can't be put to good use. >> there are stumbling blocks. listen to the president and the secretary of state. it's clear the two sides are closer than they have been before. >> my hope is that now is the moment for political decisions to be made, that make a judgment
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that we can she the world that countries with different views and systems, that a peaceful programme can do that. >> they have come to the table and negotiated around providing assurances that they are providing a nuclear weapon for the first time. >> negotiators and secretary of state john kerry and mohammed zarif have a big task selling it back home. mr zarif must convince skeptical hard liners that are highly suspicious of the u.s. for mr kerry, the task is harder, lifting sanctions, a key part of a deal require action by congress. >> if congress steps in and violates the deal. refuses to implement it, the primary winner will be the
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iranians, they'll be off the hook. >> talks have taken place in geneva, vena, the united nations and new york, and a secret tract to the negotiations in the gulf state of oman. it is no longer a secret venue. with less than three weeks to go until the deadline, there's challenges. political dynamics in washington make it more complicated not everyone thinks the republican controlled senate will rejected a deal. u.s. lawmakers have little choice but to accept an agreement, a guest said earlier. >> congress might make sounds, what will they offer instead. if they are talking about bomb, bomb iran, i don't think it will go down well with the republic
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to enter a war. obama is lying that he has a deal. it avoids confrontation. what will basically be an alternative to what congress will offer. >> negotiators said they'll stay in imam for a second day of talk. >> heavily fighting in kobane. this is video taken from the turkish side of the border. a syrian human rights group says more than 1,000 have been killed since i.s.i.l. launched its offensive. u.s.-led air strikes hit targets in the north and east, including an oil field. the pentagon has gone on the record saying they have no information to corroborate reports that i.s.i.l. leader abu bakr al-baghdadi was injured during military provisions yesterday. u.s. air strikes targeted leaders. it is not clear who was among them. >> in ukraine, monitors are reporting the worse fighting
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between government forces, with significant tank and movement. kim vinnell has more. >> smoke rises from donetsk airport in a battle that is a symbol of ukraine's crisis. through a ceasefire, elections and constant calls for peace, the building, more than a shell is still under siege. this, the scars of the battle spreading. those in the middle can do little but watch on. even those living further from the front line receive not so gentle reminders of the war raging around them. >> translation: it's scary. of course it's scary. normal people that live here, of course they are scared. >> translation: when it's closer, then we take shelter. but when it's booming in the distance, we don't take any notice. we are used to this situation.
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>> reporter: the fight for their allegiance continues. this polished piece of propaganda complete with sound frack aired on a pro-russian television station on sunday. rebel fighters show heavy artillery on the move. by daylight make a show of the fire power at the disposal. kiev says the east is once again spiralling into unrest. >> translation: there are reports of shelling by rebels on positions of the anti-terrorist organizations. donetsk airport was shelled four times. artillery, damages, grenade launches and life weapons. >> reporter: some resident document the damage. streets closest to the fight are deserted. as accusations fly over who is to blame for the return to
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hostilities, tired residents wait celebrations in berlin, germans mark the 20th anniversary of the fall of the berlin fall. before it fem, it stopped people -- fell, it stopped people living communist east germany. many balloons were released. nick spicer reports. ♪ we can be heroes... ♪ >> reporter: peter gabriel sang "hero"s, win during the cold war, relating the strength of a couple's love in the shadow of the wall. a tribute on a day that marked the triumph of people power. performed in front of the brand ebb burg state where the wall
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ran and fell, 25 years ago. earlier in the day the german chancellor remembered the east germans who died, fleeing to the west. >> it showed that we had the power to shape our destiny and make things better. that is the message. it's directed at us in germany and others in europe and the world, and ukraine, syria, iraq and other regions, where human rights are threatened. >> reporter: before gathering this man shows us east german travel documents. and remembers waiting for hours at a checkpoint. >> translation: then we crossed and stood in west berlin, it's an overwhelming memory. it's a strange feeling. it's something you will never forget. >> reporter: as part of the festivities, a balloon marked the path through the city.
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it divided a city, continent and the world in a superpower stand off. then they were set free, to fly over the capital of a reunified germany. a struggle for germany and the power of change. mexico's president is marking violence. tens of thousands took to the streets, setting fire outside the national palace. they demanded justice for the students, handed over to a known drug gang. >> adam raney reports on the outrage in mexico city. >> there has been a wave of protests in mexico saturday into sunday. it's a response to the attorney-general's announcement on friday, that he has suspected alleged killers of the 43 students in custody. he held a press conference on friday, in which he played
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grizzly tapes of evidence, of what appeared to be remains of a student, and confessions by people, demilting this they took part in the killing of the students, strangling or shooting them dead. the cornering went on to say they consider them missing until they prove the identity of the remains, on one hand he is staying they have people that confessed to the killings, and in the other. at the end of this press conference he ended in an abrush, informal way saying "enough, i'm tired", and it caught the tension of mexicans, and spurred anger on saturday. and here on sunday. you have people carrying a hashtag symbol. the army saying "enough, i'm tired of the killings, tired of 30,000 missing, tired of impunity, tired of there being no justice." we had on sunday the rival in the capital.
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hundreds of protesters that walked from guerrero, from the state and south-west mexico after they were abducted by local police who handed them over to a drug cartel. the attorney-general tries to show that the investigation is moving forward, he keeps touching a raw nerve of mexicans by showing ipp sensitivity to the parents and people who care most tonight americans will window shop for health insurance at healthcare.gough. they'll look at the plans and how much they'll government. enrolment from november 15th until mid february. the government is expecting a smoother launch after many had trouble using the website. good news for drives, gasoline prices continues to fall. the price of gasoline in the u.s. is $2.94, down $0.13 from
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two weeks ago. from may, prices dropped $0.80. the drop is because of lower crude oil prices. >> night attendants at unit airlines rejected a 5-year contract. out of 16,000, it made the difference. it is a setback. the contract affects 24,000 workers. the process moves to binding arbitration. >> coming up, a happy combe coming. >> -- happy homecoming. >> we are here, my brother is home. >> two americans held captive are back with families, more on the return next. polls are closed after a huge turn out. residents in catalonia await the results. will a referendum be approved. and rebecca with a blast of winter weather. >> arctic air will move across the states. decision to that and cold temperatures, we have snow, and
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it's the first significant snow for several cities. i show you how much and where, coming up.
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polls are closed in catalonia's independent referendum. 2 million people, more than 2 million eligible turned out for a vote. early results indicate that an overwhelming majority voted to become an independent state. the region hats a desire to breakaway from spain. it gained momentum in response to several scandals. dozens of far right activists took to the streets denouncing the referendum. protesters burnt flags, and accused the spanish government of being weak. the vote is meaningless it is the second day of
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violent protests in israel. protesters threw rocks and firecrackers at authorities. the man threatened police with a knife before he was killed. police are investigating the shooting to see if proper protocol was followed. >> one person is dead following an explosion in the police headquarters. the blast happened outside the police chief's office. jennifer glasse has more from the capital. >> police confirm it was a suicide bomber, responsible for getting into police headquarters, and blowing himself up near the police chief's office. he was unhurt. but a main deputy was killed, and seven people were injured in that attack. police say they were looking at closed circuit tv footage to determine who the man was. he was not in a police uniform, but came in in civilian clothes. he got to pass through layers of
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security and are trying to determine how he did that. this is a secure compound in the heart of the home. not only to police headquarters, but the governor's office. 30,000 people a day go through that compound. assist a fortified compound with levels of security. the taliban claimed responsibility. police will be looking into how they managed to breach heavy security at the compound in the heart of the capital and how they get explosives in. >> americans kenneth bae and michael todd miller are back in the u.s. after being freed unexpectedly by north korea. both were held in captivity and sentenced to hard labour. the release was arranged via a secret mission. >> carrying his own bags, kenneth bae gets a hug from his mother, greets other family members and takes a long walk on u.s. soil, a walk to freedom on
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the tarmac at joint base louis mcchord. he and matthew miller home after imprisonment in north korea. kenneth bae's family worked tirelessly to keep his case alive, and in the public eye. >> we are finally here. my brother is home. all of our hopes and prayers for this moment have finally come through. we are so thankful. >> it's been amazing blessing to see so many involved, getting released in the last two years, and now mentioning for the thousands praying as well. i want to say thank you for supporting me, lifting me up. >> national intelligence director james clapper made the secret trip, acting as a personal envoy for president obama, to bring the men home. it was the culmination of back
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channel negotiations. a statement from the north korean government claims they received a policy from the president. nee and miller behaved in prison, and they were sorry for what they've done. miller was serving a six-year sentence. he did not address the media. kenneth bae was accused of spreading christian material and planning the overthrow of the north korean government. they were the last two americans known to be held by kim jong un's government. after two years in captivity, and serious health issues that hospitalized him. kenneth bae says that he is recovering. >> it's been amazing two years. igrew a lot. lost a lot of weight. but i'm standing strong because much you. allen schauffler reporting. >> parts of the country getting
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ready for winter weather. let's get to rebecca stevenson. >> the snow is coming down in montreal, as we get down to the dakotas, and wisconsin. it's only going to get heavier overnight tonight, expecting bands of snow. and temperatures will drop from the north to the south. billings - you're going to get to 2 degrees on monday. temperatures will fall during the day, and the winds will get strong as they blast the air into the east of the rockies, with those icy winds, we'll get the snow in place in a lot of roadways in montana, northern idaho, and dakotas, and it will ice up for the monday morning commute. the track of the cold air mass will be pushing south, and gradually eastward from the
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great lacks over ohio, to the northern portion of alabama. by the time you get to the south, that's where the wind will ease, and have modification of the air mass, and it will not be a true polar air mass. we have temperatures in the teens in canada. you see where the snow is draping across the northern portion of the states. we are watching because there'll be a storm track moving along where the temperatures changed. results will be snow. like from the national parks. in is within the last hour, before the sun went down and didn't light it up any more. you co see the snow coming down, it's intense and heavy and will focus on the lowest portion of high pressure. by monday night it will have made its way up into parts of minnesota, and towards
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wisconsin. snow amounts will be banding. we'll see high amounts in the middle of the ban. you could see lighter amounts elsewhere. much to cause a problem. 5-8 inches of snow. it will be tough to drive and travel. there'll be a lot of delays across the western mid part of the country. >> this starts on monday - cold and snowy. >> pretty to look at, not fun when you venture out. >> her name is doris pain. she was a jewel thief, she used her beauty and sophistication. we fell a story in the life and crimes of doris payne. >> she's famous in the criminal world her life story is about to become a movie starring halle berry. >> my methodology stealing
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jewellery took me over the world. >> she made a career out of stealing and taking advantage of people. >> she starts the sleight of hand game and how she plays it, which is to get several pieces. look at them, look at them. and say what happened to the six carat yellow diamond with few inclusions. "it was right here, let me look." and doris will find it "oh, no, here it is." she's trustworthy. and then she has you. >> it was a challenge. the finer the store, the bigger the challenge. new york, milan, paris and rome. london. i didn't know rowed was it. i just -- rodeo drive was it. i just went. he gave me $148,000. >> $92,000 pounds. >> it's the cartier of italy.
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>> 38,000 pounds. zurich 78,000. i went to japan too. >> london, paris and italy, and i would take jewellery. i could pull it off anywhere fascinating. we ipp invite you to tune in -- we invite you to tune in for al jazeera presents the life and crimes of doris payne still ahead - president obama just arrived in china for the apec summit. these are live pictures. it's not the only stop. more on the president's agenda in sunday's segment "the week ahead." that's next.
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welcome back to al jazeera america here are the top stories - the latest round of talks in the iran nuclear programme were held in oman. secretary of state john kerry met with zarif. 24 november is the deadline to
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reach an disagreement. >> german marks the 25th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall, including a fireworks display and a symbolic releasing of ball oops from the site where the wall stood. >> president obama landed in china, you are looking live. it's the first visit to the second-largest economy since dwayne 2009. >> later this week he visit myanmar and australia. >> time for "the week ahead". president obama will attend asia. coming days after midterm elections, his drip is critical on multiple levels. we start with an overview from melissa chan. >> there's a thing called the trans-pacific partnership. it's an important trade deal. it is not the focus of a trip to asia, but at almost every stop it's likely to be a talking
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point. it's a deal worked out between the united states and 11 other countries in asia, and it would be the biggest thing in the world trade organization. the road to a final agreement is not smooth. japan can't work outed some details with the u.s., and here in the united states some critics are worried about the deal. they say it will give rise to the tyranny of multinational corporations. china is not part of the tpp it's intentional. american officials insist otherwise. they welcome china if beijing was official. it's a region dominated by china, reasserting influence is a priority for the administration. a lot of leaders express doubt
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about president obama's pivot strategy, an attempt to rebalance priorities. event in the middle east and europe compete for attention, if you combine it with cuts to the military, it's not clear how in asia pivot strategy would work. the centrepiece of the trip is the meeting of the asia-pacific economic cooperation forum or apec, what was on the sidelines of apec is just as important or more important than the forum itself. china is hosting this year. many countries at the table will not sit comfortably and will definitely welcome president obama's return it promises to be a full trip, one that is not likely to solve problems, and it
8:33 pm
might, if all goes well, start the process of rebuilding u.s.-asia relationship that many feel washington has neglected. >> it will be a full trip. it's the first time the president attended the apec summit. china's economic power has many worried about its influence. during the 10-day trip he will visit myanmar, formerly known as burma to meet with asean. finally, the president will be heading to ilya bryzgalov australia for the g20 summit. as many as 4,000 delegates were expected to attend. development, energy and global institutions are among the topics on the agenda. to talk about president obama's trip, i'd like to welcome isaac, editor of foreign policy, and executive director of progressive economy joining us.
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great to have you with us. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you. >> the political climate changed for the president. chinese stayed media described the president as the leader. does the shift in congress welcome a political role. it weakens the role in terms of how much he'll be able to argue with beijing, if he's seen as a lame duck president. and if they know he'll get the same pore were republican congress. i think they'll take advantage of that. are you surprised. he was a superpower on the world stage. i don't want to say gradual, but over the last 4-5 years, china has been assertive and they see the united states as a superpower. they don't come out and say it, they see themselves as equals with the united states.
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how much will the trip test the president's ability. there's a bit of a difference with isaac. it's not the first thing that asians have seen of the the president is going out there. a lot of backing from both parties. when we thing about the military role in the region. there's support for that. and chinese and other governments know that. can republican controlled senate strengthen the president's hand when it comes to trade. >> i think the senate would be supportive on tpp either way. it's yet to be seen. they are thinking what their priorities will be, i think in general, there's pretty - there's good bipartisan support on this. if he brings home a deal,
8:36 pm
preserving the global internet. they'll be well received. >> the obstacles tpp faces. >> i think the biggest obstacle that the tpp faces, no one outside of the media and the government nose what tpp is. it's not a big issue. >> it's not something that as an editor in a magazine, whenever we run articles, they have a difficult time to read them. it is a headline. it's not something that people are passionate about. >> your thoughts? >> i think that that's basically right. tpp is a negotiation that had been worked on. it hasn't burst into the public eye. the administration, i think, can do that as a weakness. if they bring home something good, they can define something that helps accelerate and
8:37 pm
promote values. it's not just a bad thing. >> stand by. i want to bring in my colleague, adrian brown, covering the president's trip. what does asia want from the apec summit. >> china want a lot. it won't get what it wants, but the focus of this apec summit is regional integration. china sees it is at the center of that. it's very important for china, grave misgivings, because it is proposing something similar. china wants to see the creation of a vast investment bank where analysts say rival the asian development bank and the international monetary fund. the u.s., japan, korea and australia have been reluctant to sign up because they have concerns about governance and
8:38 pm
accountability. where can the u.s. and china agree? >> one area is certainly counterterrorism. the united states is hoping to get cooperation from china in the campaign against i.s.i.l. it will refrain from criticizing policies. in return china wants u.s. recognition nor its problems in shin jang where it has a home grown problem of islamic mill stands. >> the president will meet, as you know, with xinjiang to establish a blueprint for u.s. china relations, what can the president do or say to craft a strong enough blue print moving forward? >> well, i think it's important to remember that president obama will have a full day on wednesday. that is a reflection of the
8:39 pm
importance of the relationship with president obama. what will they discuss. a contentious issue of cyberest bion irge. china wants to discuss things like ebola, and, of course, climate change, but china wants consensus at the apec. it wants harmony. it will pull out the shots. china wants to convey an image to its people, and the leaders of the world have come to china. before we let you go, the skies behind you. still hazy, it looks clearer. there's reason for that, right. >> thomas, it is a lot clearer than it would normally be at this time of year. china has been pulling out all the stops to ensure clear skies,
8:40 pm
factories within a 200km radios of the center have been shut down for six days, factories have been told to reduce emissions by 30%, only those with odd number plates are allowed to go on the roads. china is going what it can to ensure there are low emissions during the apec. we have a massive security operation. 30,000 police and soldiers on duty, supplemented by 800,000 volunteers. that really underscores the sponsor that china puts on hosting a clean and safe apec. >> aaron brown covering the president's trip in beijing. thank you. back to you, mr fish. how big of an obstacle is china? >> it's a broad question. >> do you mean for... >> when it comes to trade? >> i don't think china sees
8:41 pm
itself as an obstacle. for china to trade in general. it's an american way of doing trade. >> it's doing a thing called the new silk road agreement. offering 40 million to start a fund. china and central asia. this is china's way of doing trade. a lot of money, not a lot of clarity, money being spent. and sent to governments as opposed to individual businesses, and private businesses. this is different from the tpp and more the way that china wants to do things. both great for trade. what do the u.s. have to gain. what's the interest in pressing a major trade pass. >> well, there's a couple of interests we have, one is for our own where you weres. the u.s. is not fully recovered
8:42 pm
from the enjoy crisis, there's elfaith financial -- elevated financial employment. if we could export we could grow the economy and put more people back to work. tdp doesn't have china but is 40% of the u.s. trade. there's real money, large economic stakes for the u.s. and then looking ahead, the point about different chinese model is a useful way to see this, that u.s. is looking for future asia pacific economy that is open and based on laws, and clear rules, that deals with labour standards, as well as company profits that works hard to preserve the single and open internet. they are questions of how the economy works, how it should, and in terms of the immediate stake of how do we grow and get
8:43 pm
more exports and create the asian pacific economy. >> some leaders may see the president as being sidetracked. are they wary of the president's commitment to the region, a lot of allies in tokyo in seoul and the philippines are worried, they have to walk a line saying this is the asian pacific region, we'll rebound and not alienate the chinese. we need u.s. balance and see it as a thinly veiled attempt. we think obama administration does a better job, than, say, kerry, and hopefully with the last two years in office, hopefully he can focus on china.
8:44 pm
>> how do you think it will shape his lasting legacy in the region. >> in terms of reelingses with china, the more the united states can keep the debate focused on politics, and legal rights, anything outside the economy, the more it wins, the more it becomes about the economy. it is growing faster and vibrant. >> final thoughts on the legacy in the region. >> i think you'll leave a good legacy in asia, but tpp will be an institutional change, setting the rules for the future economy. that'll be something that the president will be proud to leave behind. >> isaac fish, editor and ed, director of progressive economy. appreciate your time tonne "the week ahead." >> thank you. >> let's look at other events in "the week ahead". on monday, a national memorial
8:45 pm
service in amsterdam for the fibbing films of mh17. it was shot down over ukraine killing 300 on board. tuesday is veterans day. november 11th is arma cities day. wednesday - the u.n. committee against torture will begin a review in a meeting in geneva. they'll look at secret detentions and renditions among other controversial practiceses. >> n.a.s.a. prepares, more on the journey of the orion spacecraft. >> it's a new kind of taxi service for women only. details when we come back.
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even as the number of active cases of ebola drops, the effort to control the spread and treat continues to be an almost overwhelming challenge. >> to everybody, if somebody is
8:48 pm
sick, nobody can go. we need someone to come to our rescue. our people will be finished. empty space. residents of the small town in western liberia say they have been burying the dead in the nearby forest. at least 13,000 people have been infected with the disease and more than 4900 died since the outbreak. the south korean government announced plans to send a team to africa to aid in the effort to stop the ebola outbreak. volunteer doctors and nurses will be stationed at the british ebola center built in freetown sierra leone. >> hundreds of thousands of refugees have been forced to fully to jordan. they can't work there, leaving them dependent on aid. as al jazeera's correspondent reports, thousands say they've had the rug pulled out from under them again this woman is a syrian widow
8:49 pm
living in jordan and has barely been able to make ends meet. she and her four children have been hungry for a month. a few weeks ago she had a text message informing her that her family was not eligible for food assistance. they have been identified as able to meet the basic monthly food needs on their own. she has rice and vegetables in her refrigerator and has been forced to borrow money and is two months late in paying the rent. >> we are unwanted here after losing the food vouchers. we will die, if not from hunger, than from shelling. syrian refugees are not allowed to work here. sadr has picked and cleaned olives from home.
8:50 pm
12,000 families have been excluded, a study conducted and concluded that the families had access to sufficient income and support networks. many appealed to be re-instated. >> the majority of syrian refugees do not have enough money. many families are concerned that without the support, they may have to resort to bringing children out to work. >> the food vouchers are a life line for many. most spend their vouchers to buy its. the u.n. said it had to prioritise families. it concluded that 15% of syrians don't need the vouchers. there may have been errors. there's some that are clear. there's an instant error, we can reinstate them. some are clear from the living
8:51 pm
conditions, the assets, that they can survive on their own, and they will try to be excluded. >> many can't survive on their own. and conditions are getting worse opposition and civil societyie groups in burkina faso are discussing a transition plan. the president stepped down after 27 years in power. protests erupted. after the president resigned, the military took over. politicians are helping to draft a new constitution. the u.k. marked remembrance sunday honouring british soldiers. crowds lined the streets. 10,000 marched through london. this year's event is poignant in light of the upcoming
8:52 pm
anniversary of the start of world war i. >> a new taxi service is rolling in new york city. she rides women only drivers for city wide passengers. >> delores has been behind the taxi fortaxior more than 16 yea. the 65-year-old dominican republic native say it wasn't an easy industry to break into. >> many men say women can't do it. i don't think so. you are not carrying the car. delores said she was retiring. >> she rides. she got off. okay. >> a new service for women passengers only. featuring women drivers.
8:53 pm
the service is the first of its kind in a city estimating 236 million people, women, hopping in cabs each year. women have been riding taxis in new york since 1940. 19.9% of yellow yab drivers are male. >> that is part of the reason she founded the company. >> it's a movement to empower women. we deserved equal rights and equal pay, equal choice. they turn the app on when they are ready for work. for working mothers, mother that would like to work, but are home with the children, they have the flexibility of children. women call the taxis through their smartphones. barr tender says it's been a life saver after a bad experience with a male driver. >> halfway through the ride the cab driver forgot to turn the meter on making it seem like it
8:54 pm
was my fault. he said we are getting on the mdr. i'll drop you in the middle of the highway, it's late at night. but it was said: some male drivers are not happy seerth. >> people have different ideas. europe people want europe. asian people want asian drivers. >> she ride has over 300 on the road, and is recruiting more. they are confident that women will support other women. >> translation: once they try it, the majority of women that see us behind the wheel will nef stop calling. >> call again. >> i will coming up on "al jazeera
8:55 pm
america". it brings back memories of the u.n.'s mission to the moon. more of n.a.s.a.'s test on the o-rin spacecraft and plans to send astronauts to mars.
8:56 pm
8:57 pm
the little hawaiian town is standing despite molten lava flowing. it has crossed a country road, covered a cemetery and burnt a shed. experts say the lava is moving, but it has only advanced a few inches in a few weeks. n.a.s.a. is getting ready for a space flight that could send crews deeper into space than before. the agency is preparing a new spacecraft for an eventual flight to mars. . >> reporter: after the virgin galactic crash and the explosion of another rocket moments after lift off. n.a.s.a. had supportive words
8:58 pm
for officials involved. in the space business, one big family, when someone has a failure, we rally behind them, to make a return to flight. >> ambitious fans continue, which in december will take its first test flight. it looks similar to the apollo and represents a departure from the shuttle programme. like apollo, it launches vertically. and on return parachutes into the ocean. next month's test launches the orion. it's 15 times higher than the international space station's position in orbit. and further than any spacecraft designed to carry. 4.5 hours later. the orion will re-enter the atmosphere. the flight test and campaign is
8:59 pm
repeating deep space flights. making the vehicle is safe. >> reporter: the launch and re-entry at high speed and textures will test the heat shield, the largest made. >> the heat shield will see 4,000 degrees, it's 1.6 inches thick. it will burn off - 20% will burn off. that's part of the plan. the big part of the test will get it back. there's a lot of uncertainty. >> n.a.s.a.'s goal is to send the orion with astronauts to the moon and behind. the first test mission is planned for 2018 we can't find any of these cars on dealer lots. ford is selling concept cars. the 2001 thunder bird and 2002 lincoln continental. they are the first version of a model before going into auction some will go as low as $5,000, others as high as $300,000.
9:00 pm
you can place your bets on saturday in dallas. good luck. that'll go it for this hour. thank you for joining us, i'm thomas drayton in new york. stay tuned next "the life and crimes of doris payne", thanks for watching. >> if we don't have a verdict by one o'clock it's gonna be another day. >> well it's either gonna be before noon, or they get to come back at one thirty. >> the waiting is what will knock you for a loop. if she goes to jail again i think she'll come out in a body bag. >> are they out? we are sitting right there in my office on pins and needles.


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