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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 10, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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>> this is al jazeera. >> hello i'm felicity barr. we're back on the air in a state-of-the-art newsroom in western europe's tallest building. the top stories. a palestinian man is shot by police after stabbing three israelis in the occupied west bank. suicide bomber targets a school in nigeria. >> 67 years, jill guard, 62 years.
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>> remembering the victims, nh 17 over the ukraine. and the body language says it all, why china and japan are finding it hard to be civil. hello, a palestinian man has been shot by israeli security forces after he staed at least three israelis. one of the victims died in the attack. it happened just outside a settlement in the occupied west bank. the security situation in israel and pipeline is deteriorating rapidly. last week there was fighting around al-aqsa compound known as temple you mount. also stopped palestinian men from entering. israel's prime minister is to hold a special says on monday but earlier benjamin netanyahu warned he would make life
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difficult for all those who threatened lives in israel. >> we'll fight against the palestinian authority, we'll act decisively against the rioters who are calling for israel's destruction, in favor of the palestinian state i say to them simply move there to the palestinian authority's areas or to gaza. i promise you the state of israel will not make it difficult for you but those of you who stay we'll make it difficult for you if you are a rioter or terrorist. the full extent of the law including new laws including the demolition of terrorists' homes and other measures. we will not tolerate this kind of disturbance. >> live in jerusalem and what do you know more about this attack?
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>> felicity, a very tense situation in the occupied west bank, following an attack by a palestinian man, israeli securi has said he is 30 years old and suggested he has links to the group, islamic jihad. he is currently in the hospital after he was shot by israeli security forces. we understand that two israelis were seriously injured and one lost their life, a 25-year-old woman lost her life in that apparent knife attack. follows an attack in tel aviv, security forces saying this was also by a palestinian man from the occupied west bank, suggesting he's from the hebron area and then going on to say that he is in custody an is
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currently being questioned. a very tense sittion, in israel. >> tense across the region for a couple of weeks now. why have relations deteriorated so badly? >> reporter: i think we can all point to the source of this friction at the al-aqsa compound. this is the point of continued security concerns. the reason this has become a hot button issue, far right jewish groups demand are more access to the al-aqsa compound have been trying to go there fairly regularly trying ogain access. that has resulted in a number of confrontations. it's also resulted in restrictions from palestinians from entering the al-aqsa
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compound. in fact at one point it has been shut down, the first time it's been closed in decades. all this is fueling a lot of the anger on the streets, but felicity i can tell you that in the north of the country the palestinian areas of jazz ret thernazareth,following a shootia palestinian teenager, after he just illustrating how tense the situation has become. a situation which has spread not only to palestinian areas but as we've been saying to israel as well. >> thank you to much. at least 46 people most of them students have been killed by a suicide bomber at a school in
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northeastern nigeria. 79 others are wounded. the attacker was dressed as a pupil. he detonated the bomb during morning assembly. boko haram is waging a violent campaigning against edu april, e abducted from a northeastern school. more than 4,000 civilians have been killed in less than 18 months according to human rights watch. monday's attack, wk after another attack killed 30 there. ahmed a tailor situation. >> absolutely, a terrible situation for the nigerian nation. this attack is happening at a time when several other attacks
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are happening across the northeast especially in states of adamawa and borno state. the president by the way issued a statement saying the government will ensure justice is done, those behind the attacks and other attacks will be brought to justice. >> what's happening to other schools in the are presumably on full alert. >> well, actually, the federal government precisely last year after an attack on a school in the northeast, promised to step up security in the region to protect students. but what have we seen over the last one and a half years? more attacks on schools, the abduction of girls in chibok, in cano, there was an attack two weeks ago in cano and now this one. at this point, the government,
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hearing of the continued attacks, ask students to leave the entire school premisesnd go back home. >> thank you for joinings us from loog. lagos. a ceremony has been held for mh 17, 196 of them from the netherlands. from alameda county da alameda r wood reports. >> 13-year-old lost her mothe she told the audience her heart is breaking. there was a candle for each of
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the 298 people on board. every name was read out, and remembered. prime minister mart rutte said they will never be forgotten. >> translator: with every fiber of our being, we want these 298 people to get their due. not only today, at this national ceremony, where we pay our respects and honor their memory but also in future. >> reporter: monday ceremony may have provided emotional support to the relatives but so many questions remain unanswered for them. a proper investigation into what happened to mh 17 still hasn't started. nine bodies remain unaccounted for. no crash wreckage has yet been recovered. and justice for those who dd? that seems as far away as everyone -- as ever. dutch investigators were supposed to begin collecting
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evidence of the crash on monday but fighting began again. for this citizen, the ceremony was a huge help. >> all the wile the dutch community and it goes right through my heart and it helps me loot in grieving about my family. >> reporter: monday's ceremony showed the relatives their country groaives with them. but for those who need to know what happened and who want justice, it seems they might have to wait a very long time. simon mcgregor wood, al jazeera, amsterdam. tanks believed to be driven by pro-russian rebels were seen traveling towards the city. a delicate two month old ceasefire between the government and pro-russian separatists.
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united nations special envoy is in, bashar al-assad has agreed the to look at a ceasefire proposal for aleppo. u.n. estimates 200,000 people have died there since 2011.ze a khodr h the story. >> the president bashar al-assad says hee he's ready to examine the plan. much needed aid supplies trapped by the fighting. it is yet another attempt to reduce the violence in syria.
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andrene turkmani says it could work. >> this is the only thing that give hope to t people. 30,000 civilians have been back after the deal. they're having much better life now than they had when they were idps, so nothing else from geneva, london and new york have delivered tangible results on the ground. >> rina turkmani has been suggesting a more open process before. >> in they are not properly monitored they often fail. >> that's why the people of waar, the only air in homs city controlled by the rebels. some 150,000 people live in this
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neighborhood which has been besieged by government forces for months. this initiative won't end the conflict but it could be the first step to ease the suffering, before a top level political deal can be reached. zeina khodr reporting. >> the prime minister is speaking. >> i can be perfectly clear, ignoring insightment and terrorism. in the last two and a half weeks israel has been seeing five rror attacks five people killed and dozens of others have been seriously injured. just hours ago, a young soldier was stabbed in tel aviv and a young woman was stabbed just south of jerusalem. every day, every single day, israelis are coming under attack. every day the crowds of violent
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palestinian fighters have grown larger. yet this institution has not acted a word to denounce attacks against israelis. unsurprisingly, we also have not heard anything constructive from some of my european colleagues. to them i say: yes, continue to co-sponsor one-sided resolutions. yes, continue to encourage unilateral actions and yes, by all means, by all means prematuring recognize the palestinian state. this is clearly, clearly been a resounng success that has brought us that much closer to peace. and what about the palestinian leadership? they can head the academy for arsonists because they add fuel tot fire on a daily basis. a person doesn't just wake one
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day, and decide to stab someone or rax hi ram his car into a crf people. these attacks are resul of years of anti-israeli indoctrination and gloisk gloirn galoreification of palestinian martyrs. lebrating attacks on jews and israelis nearly every day. and where is the palestinian delegation? have they found the time to condemn these attacks? of course not. you see they have a very, very important function to attend this evening. a fashion show, a fashion show taking place in this institution, to recognize the u.n.'s unilateral and international year of solidarity
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palestinian people. >> so you are listening there to the israeli ambassador, who is giving a press conference at the united nations. he is being critical of countries that recognize palestine as an independent state. he recognizes the tensions that cur beten palestine and israel. a reminder: happened just outside a settlement in the occupied west bank. a suicide bomber disguised as a student has killed at least 46 people in the northern nigerian community of potaskom. crass victims all 298 passengers
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and crew died when the boeing 777 was shot down over croorn. crurn. eastern ukraine. >> the target has been the oil refinery which is iraq's biggest. from baghdad, imran khan has our exclusive report. >> reporter: just a day ak, i.s.i.l. was said to be firmly in control. today, the graffiti tells the story. the flag used by the group has been covered in iraqi security force slogan as the army takes large part of begi town from
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i.s.i.l. fighters. the taking of begi and the oil refiner ris was an early victory for i.s.i.l. as they swept through in june. most likely also, let all the young men join the armed forces whether the arrangementy or popular mobilization forces. if we don't act now then i.s.i.l. will sweep us so we have to give big support to the youth to join the fight against i.s.i.l. especially in salahadeen province as it is considered the breaking point in i.s.i.l.'s advance to the town >> it wasn't just about military strategy, it was also about business aaccumulat acumen.
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netted them millions of dollars. iraqi security forces used helicopters to push i.s.i.l. fighters from the center of the town when they entered from the south and the west. the oil refinery is now the next big target. located about 15 kilometers away, i.s.i.l. fighters remain in control of parts of the facility but they are cut off from the town activity and surrounded by afghan forces. >> south of the capital in eastern loga province a suicide bomber targeted, bomber was reported to be dressed as a policemen. in jalalabad, three were killed by a bomb planted in a rickshaw.
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al jazeera continues to demand the immediate release of its journalists, peter greste, mohamed fahmy and baher mohamed. baher mohamed was given an additional three years sentence for having a spent bullet he picked up at a protest. people are continuing to defy the government and they're criticizing the president from campuses to cities. al jazeera's natasha guinane has more. >> age are has spread from student glrks -- anger has spread from student protests, since the revolution it's been home to supporters of the now band muslim brotherhood. a few days ago, police arrested
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a 21-year-old student at cairo university who was carrying a copy of george orwell's novel 1984. it is a story about a totalitarian regime that monitors its citizens through every move. it's become popular in egypt. in elmay mono, people ran to the body moments april he was shot and killed. others ran to escape the blaze of tear gas. province is 122 kilometers south of cairo, one man was killed and a number of people were injured and arrested. the government said police came to this village to arrest suspects. when a member of the band muslim brotherhood began shooting at
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them and police shot and killed him. but people here have a different account. they say the government is retaliating against them for protesting in support of deposed president mohamed morsi. they say in june the government also cracked down on the village for proafting and joining what they called a terrorist group. the people who al jazeera spoke othe say dispiet the police crack down they won't be shut do. natasha guinane, al jazeera. tensions between two of asia's largest economies. theirs was just one of many conversations taking place at the asia partial economic
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conference. >> came from a meeting on the summit's sidelines. a handshake two years in the making. china's president xi jinping and japan's prime minister shinzo abe met. >> no real efforts have been made by either side over the last several years to patch up, to find mode us april ra modus d exchange a few words. >> impact outside the asia pacific region. what would be thought to be a relief for japan's ally, united
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states. cordial relationship with its huge trading partner, china. the summit is being held here in a sprawling complex north of beijing, built for the olympics. more geopolitical discussions on the sidelines are expected over the next few days including the fighting in eastern ukraine. 38 australians were killed. choing and the u.s. have -- china and the u.s. l with, plotting out the relationship for the next few years. >> over the next phi years nearly half of all economic growth outside the united states is projected to come from right here in asia. that makes this region an incredible opportunity for creating jocks and economic growth in the united states and
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any serious leader in america whether in politics or in commissioner, recognizes that fact. >> as they pose for the first of two family photos a rare look of the world's superpowers together all on one stage. the summit provides them the venue to meet face to face. but in the fact whether it could achieve anything in the name of asia-pacific financial corporation, to push their agendas. scott heidler, al jazeera. >> al jazeera's james bays is listening in to what was said, it was a critical conference lark out to almost everyone. >> and the security council not
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taking any measures against the violence. the palestinian ambassador i know would also like a meeting of the u.n. security council to discuss the situation on the ground. right now. i think it's worth explaining felicity some of the context of this. as well as the violence we also have a diplomatic initiative from the palestinians. it was announced by prime minister abbas when he came. they say everything in the past all the negotiations haven't worked so now they want to start at the end of the problem and come up where an end daylight for occupation. now, that work is going on. i can tell y that the palestinians cam up with a draft for the security council resolution. there have been one or two meetings from that draft i can tell you from sourcesrom the
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u.n. i spoke to today, that there's a hush meeting taking place in the next couple of hours between the palestinians and the french, they believe the french could be sympathetic to them, about the language of a possible resolution. the country that doesn't want this to come to the security council right now is the u.s. it wants to talk to the palestinians about the language of the resolution, it doesn't want to be in the position to have to veto that resolution. >> james bayless, thank you for that. 11 police officers injured, demonstrators threw stones and a fire bomb. violence seen at the weekend. when tens of thousands protested against the suspected killing of the 43 missing students by a drugs gang. mexico's president has left the area for the apec conference and
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protesters say he cares more about that than he does about the gang violence. thousands of people were killed in bhopal when poisonous gas leaked from a factory nearly 30 years ago. lidy dutt has the story. >> these protesters want to make sure their tragedy is not forgettinforgotforgotten. they want the indian government to help them. >> we demand that the victims be given an extra $1600. we also want the supreme court of india to recognize the health status of victims and the number of people killed in this accident. >> on the second and third much december in 1984, thousands of
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people were killed and many others injured after inhaling poisonous gas from this factory. many of the protesters still live beside the defunct plant. >> according to many of the victims financialompensation has been inadequate and the legal process has been slow. eight senior indian executives of union carbide, the american owner of the factory, have been found guilty. bringing william anderson then executive, to trial, anderson died in the united states at the age of 92. >> translator: the death of one culprit doesn't mean the fight is over. the company is still a going company and the indian
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government should help us. >> help and answers to so many questions is what these people want. dow chemical which bought union carbide in 2001, the definitive end to this case could bring much needed needed intersection of hart ware and huge -- hardware and humanity. let's check out the team. marita davison is specialising in ecology. tonight, what are the scientists at monsanta up to. we go into their lab.