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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 10, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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system. neighbor informing on neighbor. a nation spying on itself on orders from the fbi. .. >> i'm jonathan betz in new york. john seigenthaler has the night off. this is al jazeera america finding fault - why did g.m. order half a million replacement switches before telling regulators about the deadly problem. >> why didn't they contact their customers and say take all the keys off your key chain? >> mail fraud - hundreds of thousands caught up on cyber attacks. some call it espionage. >> taking a stand. >> there are no toll roads on
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the broadcast highway. >> president obama backs net neutrality. >> and a town looking to ban tobacco sales for good sweeping changes are coming to the embattled apartment of veterans affairs. the secretary announced a large restructuring in the department's history. we have more from washington. >> when bob mcdonald was picked to clean up the v.a. mess he knew he had his work cut out. he didn't have medical experience, but as retired chief of proctor and gamble, he knows how to handle a large organization. now after three months on the job, he's prepared to act. >> the new head of the veterans affair's department is laying out a plan to rebuild trust. >> right now the department of
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veterans' affairs has before it a great opportunity to enhance care for veterans in its history. >> reporter: the v.a. has been reeling from overwhelmed hospitals and secret wait lists, infuriating congress and veterans. vietnam vet bob wheeler spoke to al jazeera this here. >> as a former employee and veteran, i believe that any waiting list, especially hidden, secret, is no excuse for that to happen. >> seeking to send a message of accountability, mcdonald is discharging 35 officials and targetting another 1,000 for firing. >> in a case where people violated integrity, we are taking the action. >> the problem at veterans' affairs are deeper than a few bad apples. critics say the system is underfunded and ill-equipped to hand those who served in iraq and afghanistan and the ageing population of vietnam and world
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war ii vets. it serves more than 2 million veterans, and mcdonald says it must do a better job. >> we want them to think of our apartment as embracing them, giving them a warm hug, a department that's veteran centric. >> the overhaul calls for hiring 28,000 people. doctors, nurses and staff create a customer service department with the own chief, simplifies access by creating a simple point of contact, and modelling services on private care. >> secretary mcdonald is a graduate from westpoint and was incensed when he red a report detailing how phoney wait times were used to make it seem veterans were getting timely treatment, when they were not. he's given himself a year to turn the situation around. >> the obama administration says that it expects between nine and 10 million people to sign up for the affordable care act next
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year. open enrollets start on saturday -- enrolments start on saturday. it faces more scrutiny. >> this is the first time an estimate has been ventured about how many will sign up under the affordable care act for 2015. the congressional budget office had an estimate of 13 million enrollees, the estimate from health and human services 9.9 million, more than the approximate 7 million for this year. the congressional budgets office based its number on a 3-year phase in, figuring the numbers would top out at 25 million. h.h.s. is saying no, it will be a longer phase in, four to five years, and that's why its numbers are lower. the open enrolment begins on saturday, and health and human services secretariat says consumers will find a
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streamlined application. >> the consumer has a better interaction, things are simple, faster and more intuitive. >> the leadership promised to peel back obama care, or some parts of the law. the supreme court also agreed to hear a case about a key part of the law, federal subsidies allowing many people to afford the premiums for insurance under the affordable care act. the court will decide if the subsidies are legal. health and human services are trying to keep the focus not on the numbers, but the individuals, the stories of those who can get health care when in the past they could not. >> lisa stark in washington. the new york doctor treated for ebola is spending his last night in the hospital. health officials say dr craig spencer will be released after being in isolation for more than two weeks. he caught ebola whilst treating patients in west africa.
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craig spencer was declared ebola free today. >> ignition switches from g.m. have been linked to 30 deaths. an email leaked shows the company placed an urgent order for 500,000 parts a month before, notifying the authorities. the c.e.o. may have known about it. >> well, she was vice-president of purchasing and supplies, and they did purchase 500,000 supply parts under her watch. it was an unbudgeted amount. they had to go find 3 million unexpectedly to pay for the parts. with more now, bisi onile-ere with more on the story. >> "the wall street journal" got a hold of email exchanges between general motors, and auto parts supplier delphi, showing a g.m. contract worker placed an
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order for over 500,000 ignition switch replacements back in december 2013, after a meeting with some executives. the problem with that is that it was a couple of months later, earlier this year when general motors issued a massive ignition switch recall, and we learnt that g.m. knew about the problem, but did whether or notting about it. the -- but d nothing about it. it can move into the off position, and a number of features will not work, such as air bags. there has been a number of deaths linked to the issue. the report does not look good for general motors, and they released the statement saying the emails are further confirmation that:
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the automakers are having a tough time, getting people into the dealships and get the vehicles fixed. the automaker started an incentive where it's offering a $25 gift card to wal-mart or appleby's to get people through the doors. they want to make sure that every one of these vehicles are repaired i'm told that the automaker has been in talks with the government for some time to try to figure out ways to get people to the dealerships. clearly today's report by "the wall street journal" does not bode well for general motors a powerful winter storm is slamming the northern plains, bringing heavy snow and bitter cold temperatures to the region. meteorologist kevin corriveau is here with more on that. >> that's right. we are looking at a lot of snow that fell, a foot and a half, that fell through minnesota, and
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into wisconsin. over-400 car accidents here alone in parts of minnesota. that is how devastating the snow has been today. we expect to see more snow as we go towards tomorrow, and the delays in minnesota are over 3 hours. temperature is coming down a little bit. you can see towards the west. in the area of purple. we are talking about into the teens, and we are about to go into the single digits, but the wind - it feels more like minus 11 in rapid city. what we are concerned about is this arctic air that is making its way down towards the south. snow to the east and cold air pushing more towards texas as we go towards the next couple of days. from minneapolis, we are seeing temperatures below freezing, and
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we'll not get above 32 degrees. we'll see 45 degrees, and more problems at the airports from tuesday to wednesday. chicago, you are on the warmer side. that will change quickly. as you see for you, you will be 20 degrees below average with temperatures hovering on freezing, but going below freezing towards the evening time. >> that's a huge change. thank you the family of the american freed by north korea thanked his supporters. kenneth bae suffers from diabetes and liver problems. his family said his lengthy imprisonment exacted a physical and emotional time on kenneth bae and the family. he had been held for two years. he and american michael todd miller were freed last week. the trip home was delayed a day and a half because of problems with the plane carrying the director of the national intelligence agency, it's the latest issue with the ageing fleet tensions are high in the
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middle east after another round of violence between israel and palestinians. there were two separate attacks today. in tel aviv an israeli soldier was stabbed to death. a palestinian man was arrested. at the west bank, another palestinian stabbed three people before he was shot and killed. a victim - a young israeli woman - did not survive. nick schifrin has more from the scene. >> this is the scene of the attack that happened a short while ago. you can see behind me the israeli police investigating the spot where the attack took place, scrubbing the ground, looking for blood and evidence. what israeli police say happened behind me is a palestinian man drove up, got out of his car and stabbed three israeli civilians. one lives up the road. that is a jewish settlement that much of the world considers illegal. it's the occupied west bank, it's been tense and violent.
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at 150 feet that way, or so this summer, three israeli teenagers were abducted and found murdered, leading the head of the local council to call for blood. >> if your mother, it kill you, if you are a tourist. we put you in gaol, you won't get out. et cetera, et cetera. we have to not do the opposite. >> the violence has not been confined to here. a few hours ago, an attack similar to the one that happened behind me in tel aviv, a palestinian man went up to an israeli soldier and stabbed him. there has been massive demonstrations by israeli palestinians in northern israel, demonstrating an incident caught on tape. an israeli palestinian going up to a van, knocking on the door. when it opened, the man started to retreat. that's when israeli police shot
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and killed him. that caused demonstrations throughout northern israel. in response, israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu suggested an iron fist. he said anybody protesting the government should "move to the west bank" or to gaza. these are lone wolf attacks. no one believes it's a terror campaign dictated from the top. they are difficult to stop. the israeli government tried to increase the penalties for anyone protesting or committing violence, or throwing stones at the plus, could be sentenced up to 20 years in prison. increased fines has not meant a decrease in violence, quite the opposite. tension and violence are high. both sides are fearful that there's nothing stopping the violence. only that it will get worse. >> nick schifrin in the middle east, the iraqi army said it reached the center of an i.s.i.l. stronghold.
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al jazeera cameras are there, a look with the reporter imran khan. >> reporter: a day ago i.s.i.l. was said to be confirmly in control. today the graffiti tells the story. the flag used by the group has been covered in a slogon, as the army takes a large part of baiji town -- baiji town from the fighters. it was an early victory in june for i.s.i.l. >> it's a victory for the iraqi army and the rapid deployment squad. >> let the young men join the armed forces. let them come and join arms with their brothers to expel the country. if we don't act now, i.s.i.l. will sweep us. we have to give support to the use to join the fight against i.s.i.l. especially in the province.
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it is considered the breaking point for i.s.i.l. defense towards baghdad. fighting continues for the rest of the town. >> early on i.s.i.l. established beijing as a command and control center for all the territory that it controlled inside iraq. it was not just about military strategy. it was about business abbing ument. from bay -- acumen. from baiji they controlled their oil operation netting them millions. i.s.i.l. fighters were pushed from the center as they entered from the south and the west. the oil refinery is the next target. 15km away, i.s.i.l. fighters are in control of parts of the facility. they are cut off from the town itself, and surrounded by iraqi forces. still ahead - president obama throws support behind net neutrality. why critics say this is a bad
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idea. hacked - the u.s. post office is the latest victim of a cyber attack.
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the lava claimed the first house in a town. it crept towards a town in june. residents of the house were evacuated. the lava burnt part of a cemetery, garden shed and a couple of other structures. the u.s. post office has been hacked. the agency report names, birth dates, addresses and social security numbers of up to 800,000 employees may have been compromised. customers that contacted the care center could be at risk of the the federal bureau of investigation is investigating a warning for people using apples ios operating system. researchers with cyber security firm fire eye inc say a bug
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could make them at risk to remote cyber attacks. a bug that let's hackers break into devices using malicious apps, and they can steal banking and email laws. apple has not commented. >> kevin was a renowned hacker, ipp fill traiting 40 businesses placing him on the federal bureau of investigation most wanted list. thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> let's talk about the apple vulnerabili vulnerability. how big of a deal is this? >> it's concerning. one component is the victim, the person who has the ipad or iphone must fall for a social engineering attack. they must be manipulated into clicking a link or installing an application. that means that people have to be careful and when you receive a link in an email, or a facebook message, or through
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twitter, you don't click or install apps unless you initiated the install. if you were looking for something in the app store and want to download it. >> this one seems to target the apps, tricking you into downloading a fake act which steels a lot of your personal information. >> right. because how apple works is they sign applications. they sign it so when you don't load to your phone your device allows you to run that. i suspect an unsigned application not signed by apple will run on the phone. i'm not sure, we have that data, that's what it sounds like. >> don't download apps from email. what about apps in the apple store - how safe are those.
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>> that's okay. if someone sends you an email, text message, through facebook messenger to download the application, and you don't know the person, i wouldn't do it. only download apps from the apple app store. don't fall for a social engineering attack, and that will improve four security. the other big story is the u.s. postal service appears to be hacked. why would hackers choose that? >> maybe because it's there, there's information. the attackers got the names, addresses, dates of birth and social security numbers of postal empleas.
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-- employs. i heard it could have been the chinese, the most important comment of the data is the social security -- component of the data is the social security number, allowing identity thieves to steal identity. what if it had no value? we depend on the social security number being secret, and it's used to gain access to credit reports, apply for loans and so forth. they need to change the system so social security numbers has no value. >> we have talked about this. >> it's in too many places. >> we talked about this, that you used to be a hacker wanted by the f.b.i. give us an idea of how vulnerable the systems are, how easy is it to break into a government agency like the u.s. postal service? >> well, apparently it's obviously been done. if you have been keeping abreast
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of the - of all the media reports, the acts, home depot, all the major retailers. now, i have a client. companies require me to break into their systems, so they can fix them before the bad guys get in. i'm testing a payment system, and our team found a vulnerability, or several. allowing us to compromise that particular system and gain access to credit card numbers. what is scary about this is if a hacker or someone from russia, like the russian business network ordered the device on ebay, which they sell it, and analysed the code and found the same vulnerabilities, they could target american businesses and steel credit card information. hopefully when i report this to
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the client, they'll advise the company of the this vulnerability and fix it. >> great to talk with you. thank you so much. >> thank you. thank you for having me on your show. >> of course. >> in other news, president obama is in the middle of a 3-day visit to beijing, he's hours away from a meeting with china's president. it's a chance for the two presidents to be a one-on one relationship. adrian brown is there with the latest what, is the latest? >> this is the most important event that president xi jinping hosted since coming to power two years ago this week. this apec is all about underlining the fact that china is not just the world's second-largest economy, it's the dominant economic force in the asia pacific region, it's an apec about boosting china's status as a regional power, and
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is doing that by offering financial inducement to its neighbours, leading to the countries weakening its relationship. today the president xinjiang has been addressing delegates and warned that the global economic recovery was beginning to slow, and alluded to the current trade restrictions with the united states, telling apec that they had to quicken the pace of negotiations. the u.s. is providing a trading bloc, one excludes china, they are proposing their own. beneath the service there is friction over trade. last night president obama said he didn't fear china, and said he welcomed the rise of a peaceful and prosperous china with that in mind, as you mentioned, we heard president obama talk, and the leader. what did the chinese president have to say about all of this.
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>> well, china's president has been, you know, center stage at the apec. and he has been enjoying the fact that leaders from around the world are gathered around him, shaking hands with the president of the united states, vladimir putin, with home he enjoys a rapport, and the prime minister's of japan, we saw a relationship is beginning to thaw. that was a significant development. interestingly, china's state media has not been reflecting that meeting between shinzo abe and xi jinping. china doesn't want to play up the fact that relations are improving. so for its own reasons, it's not been given that meeting too much attention. >> let's talk about the fact that president obama offered what some describe as an olive branch by extending the visa
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branch. what is behind that move? >> it's really playing big on social media here. let me give you a sample of what's being said on social media. one says that this deal to expand not the entry visas, but business exist is equal to a greencard. they can be in the united states for up to 10 years, others say thank you for the president, mr president. others say more and more rich chinese can live in the united states. a lot of chinese people are happy with what president obama announces. the question is whether china offers something in return. >> that remains to be seen. >> adrian brown live in beijing. thank you. >> still ahead - the new england town that may be the first to
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ban the sale of tobacco products. there's growing unrest. that anger is aimed at the country's president.
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welcome back to al jazeera america i'm jonathan betz, coming up this half hour, president obama throws his support behind net neutrality, why republicans are comparing it to obama care. >> a massachusetts town to ban tobacco products it's a busy day in china. . >> are expecting a verdict in the case of the ferry disaster that killed 300 in south korea back in april. the captain and three officers are facing comside charges. most of the dead were children on a school field trip. the crow were stom of the sinking ship.
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passengers were told to weight inside. >> that's right, the court has convened. they are delivering the judgment. it is expected to take the best part of an hour for the verdict to come through. the court listened to five months of evidence, harrowing accounts from surviving crew, passengers, and notably from survives school children, about how they survived and many classmates did not. this court of four judges has been looking at evidence from closed-circuit television, and from the cell phone footage captured by the children, indicating that the captain and the grow br giving orders that they -- were giving order that they should remain on board, below deck as the crew were leaving the ship. >> that was heart-breaking.
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what is on the line for the captain and crew if they are, indeed, found guilty? > the prosecution demanded the death penalty for the captain, lesser sentences. long custodial sentences. the death penalty in south korea is largely symbolic, it's likely to be commuted. there's not been an execution since the late 1990s. it's not likely to be carried out. it gives a sense of the anger amongst many relatives. they'd want to see the toughest penalty. the death penalty to be the verdict. there has been some question given the atmosphere in south korea. the kind of fair trial that can be received here, given the strength of feeling. it has to be said there's palpable anger. it raises questions, not just
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about this ferry, and the company that ran it was being operated, but safety standards generally in south korea. and there are concerns that really just as the economy bounded forward, that really the safety standards applied have not kept up with that, with what should be a developed highly modern state. >> live for us in south korea. thank you a suicide attack in a nigeria high school killed dozens of boys. the bomber waited until thousands of students were gathered for morning assembly before detonating the explosive. it's believed to be the work of boko haram, the same group that kidnapped 300 girls earlier this year. >> protests are proceeding over the disappearance of 43 students. thousands marched in aceh pullingo, clashing with police
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and injuring a dozen officers. >> protesters in alka pull coe, the latest of daily demonstrations across mex ke. confrontations followed. blood spilt. some protesters are brazen, like provoking authorities in acapulco. in afghanistan wara state angry demonstrators firebombed areas. some protesters attacked some of the most sacred symbols of power. here at the national palace, where president pena nieto has an office, protesters tried to break it down. >> reporter: it is for the most hart peaceful. it shows an enraged nation. tired of the fact that 30,000 people had gone missing in a drug war.
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daniel, a leading news site editor ... >> translation: the people are asking for a major change, what they'll achieve is difficult to say. in mexico there's a class uninterested in truth tore participation. every time people speak out the political class tries to corrupt or shrink the movement. >> reporter: today is different, he says. perhaps the tragedy has awoken mexico. for now the families of the 43 students, and those and thousands of those disappeared are seeking justice in a country that aloots many a warning tonight from the republicans about the nomination of loreta lynch to replace attorney general eric holder. the g.o.p. leadership tells the democrats don't push the conformation through before office is taken. a highly recorded loretta lynch
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won for her role as eastern district attorney, she can expect tough questions about the president's use of executive powers. let's bring in areva martin, attorney. i understand you studied with her at harvard. what skills can she bring to the job? >> one of the things that impressed me most is her straight-forward stewed. she has an incredible work ethic. she keeps the head down and gets the work done. it's that demeanour, composure that she has, and an ability to be objective that will be key to the job, given how polarized the congress was over attorney general eric holder. >> congress is throwing out the concern about her nomination process. how likely is this that she'll be confirmed. >> it's a catch 22. if you have a specific record or
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policy, if you appear too liberal, too conservative. that creates a problem in terms of nomination or the confirmation process. if you don't have a record, they question whether you have the political acumen. i think loretta lynch has everything that the attorney-general needs to be successful. she's is that right, grich, been confirmed -- driven, been confirmed twice for nomination for attorney. she doesn't have an expansive background. there's not a lot to complain about. i hope the nomination goes well, and unlike the surgeon general, whose confirmation is held up, we don't have a confirmation with respect to the highest level of health as we should. >> you mentioned that she comes outside of the political machine. this is a political job. do you think that might in some ways hurt her?
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>> i think it's perfect. if she had an expansive resume with respect to politics, she'd have no chaps of getting confirmed by a f. op senate. it's an odd position for someone to be in. we want you to be political, but not too political. you can't have it both ways. she's it every point that is important. these well qualified. >> how do you think she'll differ from the counter attorney-general, eric holder? >> i think she'll approach the job and learn a lot. he has been a great attorney-general, but sparred with congress on a lot of issues, particularly comments about race, and america being cowards on the issue of race. >> i think loreta will come with a fresh set of eye, and address a lot of issues that holder did, but not in the same polarizing way. i think they'll be a consensus
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builder, and hopefully get things done that are different at times. one of the priorities is the way that police departments act, and behave. do you think that is a cause that lynch may carry. i think given what we do know about her, and the causes that she has supported, i think she'll be out front on issues of police brutality, policing police don't and having police departments look at themselves and make statement of claimic changes about the way they interact with communities, young african american men, and condition the work that holder started in terms of getting police democrats to improve training and sensitivity, and bring policing back to the whole concept of community, protecting and serving, rather than being at war, with the communities that they are entrusted to serve. >> good toat -- to chat with
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you. we'll see you later on that note, the parents of michael brown, the missouri taken killed by police, are seeking help from the united nations. brown's parents presented their case in switzerland, arguing the son's killing meets the u.n.'s standards for torture, defined as severe pain or suffering inflicted by a public official based on some type of distrim admission. president obama has taken a stance in the debate about open access to the internet. he urged the f.c.c. to regulate the internet as a utility. the cable industry ace obama's suggestions are too extreme. science and technology correspondent jacob ward explains. >> when it comes to the f.c.c. president obama is another citizens. he doesn't have authority over the scc. the fact that he's lending his voice makes clear how strongly
11:41 pm
people feel about net neutrality. let's revisit what net neutrality is. a founding notion is it should be like a utility. imagine data moving over the internet like trucks over a highway. everyone in this scenario has equal access to the same roads to reach the destination. network providers like concast, and others - whole other highways, fancy, smooth, lanes, and charge a big premium. the worry, and this is one that is shared by president obama. if you have two different highway systems, the companies in charge of them could inor the road that no one is paying for. and only offer an effective system system of getting around for people who drive on the high end road. the president is making the same argument that many have.
11:42 pm
the internet should be a utility. you pay to use it. once you pay, whether you are netflix or the newspaper, should expect equal service. now, of course, now that the president has taken it on, it's a political issue. a response was written saying: . >> well, maybe, it's sort of a confusing point. here is something to think about. consider that comcast, and time warner hope to merge, putting them in charge of providing the internet to 40% of people in 19 of the 20 largest markets. and they'd have no competition. the reason that the internet blew occupy, enormous opportunities, is anyone can get on it with a good idea and reach the world. what if the person with that idea pace extra, a lot extra to the one network provider that can get it out there. what if the person chooses not
11:43 pm
to pay and takes a chaps on the slower internet. if you and i have to wait for the good idea to load and load and load - will you wait around and look at it. that is the question we grapple with here. >> a good question this could be a first in the country, a small massachusetts town is considering banning the sale of all gianna tobani products. that includes the growing in populari popularity electronics secrets. the board of health will comment on the law. stores are upset. let's bring in attorney area martin -- areva martin, live from los angeles. the question is is this legal - can a town ban tobacco products being sold? >> yes, it is legal. municipalities and states control the product sold in the cities and states. if there's a law that is enacted
11:44 pm
that gives them the power to ban the products, it's legal. we have seen the bans all over the country. >> but this is a legal product. i know secrets are dangerous, i know they are not popular with a lot of people. this is something that is overall legal. >> you have to think about what government are empower to do. they are in power to protect the citizens of their cities and states. >> if a product is put in the marketplace, harmful and dangerous to the people that the government is in power to protect, they have a right to challenge the product and in this case to ban it. it's happening with respect to plastic bags and water bottles. fire works, any number of products that cities said "no, not on the marketplace, cannot be sold to our residents. >> what about the tobacco companies, convenient stores. what are the legal challenge of a case could they have? >> we should expect to see one.
11:45 pm
we saw it happen in new york, san francisco, and other cities that enacted the bands. sometimes the stores came together. it's a violation of equal protection laws. it's an unconstitutional ban. if they are treated differently other products fell in the marketplace. i have to tell you the lawsuits have not been very successful. we see favour tobacco, the bars popping up over the country and other products banned. think about restaurants. california was the first state in 1995 to ban smoking in restaurants. i think this is a train that has left the station. >> but people would argue that the difference is with smoking in restaurants, you are affecting the health of other people. we are talking about residents who want to buy tobacco and
11:46 pm
smoke it in their home and do what they like with it, privately. >> you are right. there's an issue about individual's rites and ability to choose the product they use. going back to the earlier points about government, it is in power to protect the people, and the government says smoking cost states hundreds of millions in health care. 5.6 million teenagers under the age of 18 are predicted to day from the use of tobacco products, so this is the government stepping in saying we are protecting our people against the harms of tobacco, which are well documented. >> if this passes in a small town in massachusetts, could it get traction and other towns or cities may adopt a similar law? >> i think this will be revolutionary as it relates to cities and states. they'll look at what happens in this tiny town of massachusetts, and if successful and withstand
11:47 pm
constitutional scrutiny, once the lawsuits are filed, we can see it in states and cities throughout the country. absolutely. >> it will be an interesting case. >> one to watch for sure. >> we'll talk with you about it again. >> in other news, a milwaukee man was sentenced in the theft of a $5 million strato various, he stole it from a concert musician, using a stun gun to disable the entertainment. it's one of about 600. the judge giving him seven years behind bar still ahead, our image of the day, it is singles day. a day to celebrate being young and unmarried. it's a huge day for sales. >> there has to be a method though get these political prisoners held in these countries. >> jon stewart talks about the latest danger for journalists.
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we are going to look at major problems with the storm as it makes its way to the east and as the artic air makes its way to the south. tomorrow we'll see snow coming out of the storm across the great lakes region, we could be seeing between 2 feet and shire in some of these elections. michigan, rain and snow later in the week. we will see what turns to lake affect snow on the eastern side of the great lakes, beginning on thursday. for the rest of the country we look at the temperatures dropping. billings, minus 8. down in mem face, you were be freezing, we'll see freeze warnings and watch in effect. for dallas, well below average,
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normally the highs are 69 degrees, we will not be close to that. that is 25 below average. things are looking tonight. that is a look at the national weather. more news after this.
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this week the first feature film debuts. it's about a journalist gaoled in iran. john seigenthaler sat with stuart and the issue of press freedom. >> why did you decide to do this? >> as the definition of journalist expands, the regimes are arresting more and more people, whether it be iran, turkey, saudi arabia, egypt and united states. this is happening. you were a journalist who covered other people's stories, you go to prison. you write a book, you have a
11:52 pm
movie. what has this been like for you? >> it's been a little bit strange. base when they make films, it's about nelson mandela. they are dead, and there are people - the good thing is i'm not dead. so it's been weird. give us your reaction to journalists around the world, especially our friends in al jazeera. we have a friend that does a show in egypt, who was arrested, who was harassed, driven off the air. and con no longer do his show there, you know, this is the government a came in and said we'll listen to the will of the people, but will not allow the people to speak up. they arrested three of your colleagues, the trial, to talk about obsurdity.
11:53 pm
the evidence is footage of arabian horses, bits and pieces of footage, and has no bearing on anything. there's no accountability for what is going to happen. they have families though don't know, they are powerless to get them out. this is an ally of the united states. we give them 1.5 billion in aid. there has to be a method that we can get the political prisoners hold in these countries, get them visibility, and hopefully enough pressure on the regimes to get them released. there's no purpose, no purpose. these people have done nothing. >> you can watch the interview with jon stewart tomorrow night in a special report" "rosewater." al jazeera demand the release of three journalists, peter greste, mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed have spend 317 days in prison in
11:54 pm
egypt. they are accused of helping the muslim brotherhood, but al jazeera denies the charges president obama's habit of chewing the anti-smoking gum nicker et is causing an uproar in china. he's in beijing, and earlier when the president stepped out of his limousine he was seen chewing on live television. okay. a blogger quickly called the president, "an impolite eyed ler and careless wrapper", whatever that means. chinese are accustomed to formal standards. it's the biggest online shopping event in the world, there's a chance you have never heard about it. it's called singles day in china. november 11th, men and women party and shop to honour bachelor hood. retailers have taken notice. to be young and unmarried in china on november 11th is a day of celebration.
11:55 pm
single's day for the date's resemblance to four lonely number ones. the custom started in the late 1990s, at universities, as a way for young men to poke fun at themselves, but retailers took note. >> single's day is popular before alibaba. it was never a big retail celebration, until alibaba promoted through it network. >> reporter: internet retailers were drawn to independence day. the first users were reaching a big chunk of total online shoppers in china. five years ago e-commerce giant alibaba held a singles day sale, selling more than 100 million in goods. it is expected to top 8 billion this year. more than black friday and cyber
11:56 pm
monday combined. good for a holiday that is one big marketing event. >> on singles day the company sells goods from clothing to electronics to furniture at discounts as deep as 90% off. the online giant offers incentives, allowing customers to make downpayments on goods weeks ahead of times. they get steep discounts. the marketplace processes more than 10,000 fractions a second on this day. it's touted singles day as a feature for investors. alibaba's stock stored 70%. and shot up 4%. >> ali basha has its sites on the world, and the one day sale lasts 36 hours. and starts in the east with the marketplaces and ends in the west. with its american phase ali
11:57 pm
express. >> bad weather - n.a.s.a.'s role out of the nest generation space shift. the orinan expected to lift off in less than a month. it's hoped it will take astronauts around the moon and to mars. >> to be able to think about the retrieval mission, and flying in the vicinity of the moon on orion to visit an asteroid, that's neat, exciting. we are doing cool stuff. >> lift off of the orion is set for september 4th. manned missions will begin in 2021 finally, the picture of the day. fire works exploding over beijing for the apec summit welcome ceremony. world leaders are gathering to discuss the key issues. that does it for us at this hour. i'm jonathan betz.
11:58 pm
"america tonight" with joie chen starts now on al jazeera america america tonight brought you the story that shocked the nation sex crimes on campus: >> i remember waking up and he was trying to have sex me... >> now we return has anything changed? >> his continued presence on the campus put the entire community at risk >> for the better... >> i was arrested for another false charge that she had made up... >> america tonight's special report sex crimes on campus: one year later on al jazeera america
11:59 pm
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onen "america tonight": back on campus. one year after we began our ground breaking look at sex crimes, how much has really changed and what fuels this epidemic of sex crimes on campus? >> and i tried to push him off but i was so weak, because of how intoxicated i was it obviously wasn't effective. >> when fellow


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