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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 11, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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the campus put the entire community at risk >> for the better... >> i was arrested for another false charge that she had made up... >> america tonight's special report sex crimes on campus: one year later on al jazeera america thi america, live from new york city. be a look at today's top stories. the dove now announcing a plan to stop violent protest, everyone watching the michael brown case is now preparing for a grandeur announcement. on the border between syria and iraq, fighters are on the defensive and are now using desperate tactics to whole r hole two crucial cities. and comedian john stewart has a new movie chronicling the true story of iran's crack down on activists you
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will hear from stewart himself. >> where a jury will soon decide whether or not to indict the police that shot michael brown. an announcement could come at any time. the st. louis area is preparing for the possibility there will not be an indictment, and the resulting protest could be more violent than the demonstrations following the august shooting. just a short while ago, how they man to respond after the grand judgment announcement. joining us live, and usher the governor spoke at the headquarters what was his main message. >> well, dave, the main message was that his main job is to ensure the safety and security of citizens here. and he is talking about
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this in the context of the possibility that that grand jury announcement could come this weekend. one thing he said is that he has been coordinating efforts between a multitude of agencies, state, city, local, he said there's about 1,000 law enforcement who have received 5,000 hours of additional training to deal with the protestors that may erupt after the announcement is made by that grand jury. he also said they have been coordinating efforts with fire and ems, and of course the national guard which has been on stand by. will continue to be a part of that plan, let's take a listen to what he had to say. >> but because we have a responsibility to prepare for any contingency. public demands. this will be guided by our core principles.
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in the last few months local law enforcement have been talking to community leaders to try and get on the same pain of what they expect to see on the ground here. on the ground however, still not convinced that the local law enforcement and the st. louis county police department is going to do enough to protect the rights of these protestors. way also heard from the police chief, she talked about that relationship, take a listen to that. >> they have been trained on that, they know that, but the one thing i wanted to leave you with, we are prepared. i will spend another five or six hours tonight, with a group of advocates for police and for protestors. miner ands. sock of our folks with the title of lost voices. they have to matter here.
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>> david, in the meantime, which is the page drag here, yesterday, we were out here some of them have not boored up, they said that's their cue to show the community that they are not afraid of what protestors will do here. otherring saying they are no choice, that their insurance says if they don't take protection -- >> from ferguson missouri, thank you very much. isil leadership says it is moving more fighters towards the tune of kobane. where they have manned to take the town out of isil's reach. are now on the defensive, today the suicide attacks invasion killed at least eight people, six of them
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iraqi soldiers now that the army has reached the town center, isil is struggling to retain control. >> when isil fights back, this is what happens. another few meter closer and our camera man would have been caught. these parts of the city are adjacent to the check point, which is considered to be valuable because it controls the supporting lifeline of isil. stretching all the way from the city up to decrete city. today we have managing to cut the supporting lifeline. >> this is how the
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reality, iraqi forces are not at a stalemate but it is close. car bombs and snipers. we have seen these type of tactics before. isil fighters rarely if ever surrender, if them it is a fight to the death. now it is very important to it's territory, that they are going to want to hold on to, and that means this fight will be much tougher than say where the isil fighters gave up that territory easy because it was on the boarder of the places they control. they will want to hole on to it. >> the oil refinery is only 15-kilometers from here, the facility is partly controlled by isil and iraqi forces. just like the city itself, taking them both back could be the toughest fight yet. >> .
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>> israeli security forces shot and killed a palestinian man earlier today in the midst of demonstrations in the occupied west bank, the army says about 150 protestors were throwing rocks. leaders on both sides seem to be fanning the flames. to use a heavy hand, and palestinian president accused of inciting a religious war over the moss income jerusalem. a new victim of the simmering tensions in the occupied west bank and israel a palestinian man was killed by a live round, as they broke up a protest. that led to other demonstrations in the west bank, with israeli soldiers firing tier gas at demonstrators. not all protests have been violent.
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these palestinians are students at the hebrew university in occupied east jerusalem, they organized this rally against what they see as increasing mistreatment by israeli authorities. tensions ran high when a group of far right israeli students staged their own counter protests. >> we are all oppressed, we are not allowed to do anything that gives us the freedom of expression. >> this feeling of oppression and unequal treatment appeared to be spreading. since sunday there has been widespread protoasts in the north. protestors have been angered by the shooting of a palestinian teenager by the police, after he apparently tried to assault them. then on monday, an israeli soldier and woman were killed in a separate knife attack and near an illegal settlement in the occupied west bank, the killings were the latest in rah series of attacks. leading to a major crack
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down in areas by israeli security forces. now days excitement, generated by those who claim that they are challenging the status quo, which is a lie. >> but he disagreed the palestinian lawmaker elected to the israeli parliament says the anger is a symptom of a much deeper problem. the israeli law. they are fighting the jewish state. the discrimination is legalized. whatever the case, the tensions are continuing to spread, and the government crack down appears to be only making the situation worse. >> there are many issues causing the palestinian anger across the occupied east of jerusalem, parts of israel, and in the
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occupied west bank. but they are all connected to what many see as the on going discrimination and unequal treatment of palestinians by the israeli authorities. now to china where world leaders are wrapping up talks. they reach add break through negotiations to eliminate tariffs on information technology products. >> as the sun rose on the second day of the summit, the leaders traveled outside beijing t costing billions in ever this week's gathering. >> each of the 21 heads of government made a long walk down the red carpet to the brand new grand hall. where they head closed door discussions. the group took a bread
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followed by a tree planting ceremony. like the first day, it was how leaders interacted that told part of the story. the chinese and russian president appeared to have a friendly chat. later in the day, announcing an agreement on broader free trade across the growing economies in asia pacific. >> to china this is more than a forum. it is a show room for it's deadly economy, and showing that it is transforming the way it does business, evolving from what was traditional manufacturing mainly for exports into a player in the modern global marketplace. >> when china served as host 13 years ago it was an emerging market. >> now the paragraph bank, and with the move forward with this new fund, we see china emerged as this mas.sive ex-porter of capitol and it is a very dramatic
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rise in a very short period of time. >> in a private dinner with president shi on tuesday evening. the leaders will hold direct talks on wednesday, looking to map out the relationship between the world's largest two economies. al jazeera, china. >> in south korea family members of those who dies in april's ferry disaster are criticizing the punishment given to the ship's captain, more than 300 people dies when the ship sank. the captain was convicted of negligence, he was sentenced to 36 years in prison. but victim's family say that is too lenient. 13 other crew members received the sentences of five to 20 years. the last ebola patient in the united states was just discharged today from a hospital here in new york city. medical officials say that dr. craig spencer virus free and pose nos ding tore the public. here with more. >> craig spencer was very
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emotional today and very grateful for everybody has done for him in new york. he did spend most of the time stressing the importance of fighting ebola where the outbreak is right now still at it's worst, west africa. >> hello. >> my name is craig spencer. smiles all around, the first person to be diagnosed we boal la in new york, becomes the first in the city to be declared free of the deadly disease. i am a living example of how those protocols work, and of how early detection is critical to surviving ebola and ensuring that it is not transmitted to others. >> dr. spencer picked up the virus while working with doctors without borders he had no symptoms when he returned home, went about his life, going to eat, bowling and riding the subway. sick days later he reported a temperature of
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103, and was immediately admitted to bellevue. >> the mayor was on hand introduce more than 8 million new yorkers to a fully fit dr. spencer. >> it is a good feeling to hug a hero. >> comparing him to a returning veteran, on veteran's day dr. spence err deserved our gratitude for what he chose to do to serve others to help his fellow human being, but also to protect people around the world to protect people here at home. there was also condemnation, seeking to stigmatize those that go to west africa. >> the message is similar, new york city public health system your public health system, will care for you, if you ever have the misporch to contract ebola we applause you and thank you. and most importantly, we've got your back. >> staff at the hospital special unit remain on
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guard for additional cases though many are still being watched closely at this moment, the city and the country are ebola free. now dr. spencer has left his home of three weeks a healthy man, and is once again trying to live a normal life in new york. >> before he left, dr. spencer pointed out, although he has received some of the finest care in the world that ice not the case for thousands of people suffering especially in guinea and sierra leone, where ebola is still on the rise. >> i urge you please, to focus your attention where it is most urgently needed at the source of and outbreak. in west africa. thank you. he seems like a great guy, doesn't he. there is no word if he will go back or not, but if he does, of course, as a previous sufferer, he is now immune to getting ebola himself. a quick word about the people being monitored.
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it ones into the hundreds. so multiple hundreds but obviously dwindling as each day goes by. >> indeed. terrific piece as always, john, thank you. across the united states, today americans pause to honor those who have served their nation in uniform. vice president joe biden layed a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. here in new york city, thousands of people line fifth avenue for the annual veterans day parade. veterans were also honored at a pay raid in louisville kentucky where three medal of honor recipients were among those who participated. in new orleans, veterans and share families took part in a ceremony at the national world war ii museum.
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who have promised to hire veterans. starbuck's has pledged to hire 10,000 veterans over five years but the program has experienced a slow start. judging us live from seattle with more on this. allen? >> david, a lot of challenges. the unemployment rate for veterans of all ages is a point lower than the national unemployment late, but for post 9/11 service members it is a couple of points higher. and that shows while there's a lot of good work being done in this area, more is needed. to get a lot of americans out of uniform into the civilian job force. amy is a good example of the challenges civilians face. she spent years telling pie lots when and where to attack. you make sure aircraft are in the right place at the right time. >> not exactly the job
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requirements for making a good double nontaft latte. in 11 years of duty and four with the international guard, her total retail experience, zero. >> a year ago starbuck's promised to hire 10,000 veterans and veteran sources in five years. so far, the company admitted it is just a 10th of the way there. in the next two years it is expected 1 million american service members will transition out of uniform into a very different civilian world. starbuck's headed ex-marine to head the effort, he said vets looking for jobs need to do more than just follow orders and show up. >> really who are you, how do you represent yourself. >> he acknowledging the company has a lot of work to do to hit that much advertised goal. four new regional recruiters have now been hired as the push
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continues. >> i believe that every organization is going to recruit veterans needs to have veterans recruiting veterans. they understand how to trance ther the skills. >> own tear car service plans to signing up 50,000 vets and family members over the next 18 months. the company says ex-military drivers get the highest customer ratings. wal-mart has put nearly 68,000 veterans on the payroll, well on their way to a 100,000 job five year gold. according to the bureau of labor statistics, the unemployment rate is 7.2%, nearly 2 points higher than the overall rate. but there's progress. the number is dropping faster than the uncan's overall john less rate. nor this guard it is working out. she says running air combat, dealing in life
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and death, does translate to running a coffee crew handling personnel and customers during a morning rush. >> at the end of the time line, at this time your mission is to deal with customers and provide a foe nominal customer experience, instead of worrying about air to air aircraft. >> . >> she has been able to adapt, and with thousands more leading service every month that kind of flexibility among employers and allyn't cas will be crucial. >> she says she love lovese job she has, she also a military spouse who are also the focus of starbuck's hiring efforts her husband is still in the air force and has been for 22 years. >> anything jump out to you about the creative unique ways of star bucks is trying to reach it's goal? >> you know, i can tell you they are expanding their efforts. 30 adding additional
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staff, try so hit jock fairs and connect with local services organizations try to connect directly with local bases and with the people that help those out of uniform within the military. so they have a lot of different plans and they say they still intend to hit that 10,000 job goal in about four years from now. they say also one of the tough things is that people out of the military write resumes that don't translate. they have military references and a civilian employers may look at them and they seem pretty opaque. so he along the way, help as lot of people rewrite their resume and retool their approach. >> so interesting. am loan, thank you. in other parts oif world today, marks the anniversary of the end of world war one, france's president layed a wreath at the town of the
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unknown soldier, in canada, a soldier killed last month was honored during a ceremony in ottawa. and in england, the final bloom was planted in a sea of poppies outside the tower of london, there are more than 888,000 poppies each one represented a life lost during world war one. just ahead, one reporters experience during iran's 2009 election, we will hear from comedian john stewart on his direct debut. plus, google is getting into the private space race. program journalists who
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risk their lives are being honored today, amnesty international is hosting it's twenty-third annual media awards. he has never had an ax to grind. he has never sought the lime line, and has always made the story the center piece of his work.
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journalist. award winning >> peter greste is serving a seven year sentence, even though the jinx court could find no incriminating evidence. al jazeera denied all charges and dend mas their immediate release. stocks were fairly flat, be uh the dow still set new records the dow was up just over 1 point. the s&p 500 was up about a point 1/2, and the nasdaq was up about 9 points. google is getting into the space race. the company sign add release for a former nasa facility to expand research into exploring space. al jazeera joins us from san francisco and jake, what is google getting out of this deal. >> well, david, it is just a couple little things. they get a runway, and flight operation center, oh, and also, they get one of the largest free standing structures in the world.
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hanger one was built in the 1930's to house blimps. it is 1300 feet long, by 300 feet wide, and that's just the inside. it's so enormous that on a stormy day you can close the doors and keep eight full acres of land dry. it's so big it has it's own weather system. the ceiling has been known to collect fog on the right kind of day. so what does one do with a 350,000 square feet playground? well, you can have a football game, or six of them. you can invite the entire city of baton rouge for dinner. you could have a nascar race inside. everybody could be in shorts. you can have dinosaur fights nobody would know that's the point. google like any company likes to do things in secret, and this is the perfect place to close the doors and build anything they can think of away from the prying eyes and cameras of the outseal word.
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>> what is interesting about this, it is not only a 60 year lease that will cost google over $1 billion but in exchange for their own private airfield and this massive space, they will also have to put about $6 million a year into just upkeep. that's what it cost costs o maintain a building that huge. >> jacob ward, nascar in shorts. >> missouri is prepare thingar grand jury announcement in the michael brown case, we will show you the governor's plans to prevent violent protests like those that broke out in august. and republicans are now calling president obama's stance, the new obama-care, that's coming up in power politics. lap
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returning to of tour story, the area is preparing for the possibility of violence protests. the grand jury is reportedly near a decision on whether to indict the police officer who in august shot and killed an unarmed teenager michael brown. today officials outline their plans in case there is confrontations following brown's death. representative curtis, describe for us the atmosphere right now. >> it's a very tense and unassy environment right now. the on thing we have to engage what to expect is the first several days of the protest. because of that a lot of people are uneasy. >> our state officials making matters better or worst with their plans. >> it depends.
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they are making things better for their businesses and letting them know they will be protected. be uh the numerous activities with the police departments and getting additional equipment to brace for what is to come and the slow activity from the officials in changes the situation on the ground are making changes within the system to ease the tension of the protestors, i would say it is a little bit of both. >> as i understand it police have been given riot gear, and the gun sales have increased is that accurate. >> that i can't speak to. i have heard the reports as well. if it is only for protecting the police, and not making sure that adequate -- that's unfortunate, but i just hope that -- what the worst that we are expecting is not what we see. >> if, in fact, there is
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no indictment, and people may be infour rated by that, what is the best response that police can take to try to give people room and the opportunity to exercise their freedom of speech? but at and same time try to make sure the confrontations don't turn violence? >> definitely. if they give people the opportunity and have designated zone for people to speak out so they can isolate the wrong doers that are sure to come, because this is a situation where people have emotions and they want to let the emotions speak out, that would be the better way to approach it. but uh i am not law enforcement agent i just hope the training they have truly shows they have a higher standard and they can allow people do what it is they want to do in terms of speaking freely, but also protecting the interest of the people. >> if the grand jury comes out with no indictment, is there anything that the prosecutors could say to the community that might ease the tenses and
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ratchet down the el fooings. >> shrill not. the prosecutor should have been speaking to the public on a daily bases since the beginning. he should have removed him, the opportunity for the prosecute tore do anything to i guess ramp down emotional responses have already passed. >> what do you expect will happen? do you feel a feeling one way or the other will there will be an indictment? what do you think may happen there whether there's a reaction. >> i do not believe there will be ask indictment, i believe there will be a severe response. they will protest, be uh the protestors are more organized now. so i think their response will be very measured. they will make sure they continue to fight, and they will bring the attention to the people that can make a change in
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the situation. i hope the enforce moment does everything they can to proceed safe. >> if there's anything that we can do, or any information you would like to pass along to us, we will be there to try to help do what we can. thank you for joining us. in today's power politics. exactly 454 days until the iowa caucus -- and former florida governor has gotten another public push. bush 43 is in the midst of a book tour, promoting a book about their dad, and every time he is given an interview this
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week, he has promoted the potential candidacy of his brother. this man has a vision, and can articulate it. he is good. and he also can give a speech, a complete speech in spanish that my vocabulary is about 50 words and he is not afraid of the competition, should he decide to run. >> that competition can include hillary clinton her husband, bill clinton bill clinton is now a close friend of the bush family, 22 years ailed, bill clinton bill clinton defeated george hw bush. >> bill clinton what about another bush clinton race, and my quip was first one didn't turn out so well. >> the current occupant of the white house president obama is in the midst of a trip to asia. if the president takes action on his own, some house republicans
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including texas congressman say they will consider impeachment. >> that's a possibility, but you still have to convict in the senate, and that take as two-thirds vote, but it would be a consideration, yes, sir. >> as much push back as he is getting over potential action, republicans are also now lining up to criticism over an internet policy known as net neutrality. to ensure that all internet traffic is treated equally with no gate keepers and no toll roads. >> the idea of net neutrality has unleashed the power of the internet and given inveigh tors the chance to thrive. abandoned this would threaten to end the internet as we know it. that's why i am laying out a plan to keep the internet free and open that's why i am urging the federal
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communications to protect net neutrality for everyone. >> providers like verizon, hate net neutrality, they would like to create high speed toll lanes that would charge for down leads like netflix they have given heavily to republicans in congress, including texas senate, and yesterday, cruise said on twitter, net neutrality is obama-care for the internet. two internet should not operate at the speed of government. the reaction was swift. porch magazine described him as confused, tech crunch said his tweet was the stupidest thing about net neutrality he will read all day. to be clear, net neutrality would not put nit the hands of the government. net neutrality would just classify the internet in a way that all the data would have to be treated equally.
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internet regulations could be something that champion takes up. i will independent senator said despite taking control of the senate, he will still caucus with the democrats few he said that doesn't mean as much as it sounds. >> people misunderstand, caucusing isn't joining a party, it is who you have lunch with on tuesdays. and it is who gives you your committee. >> but then you vote how you waltz. >> we end with another campaign story that involved the perspective of a three-year-old a week ago today, javier was taken by his mom to the polls. he wasn't allowed to vote, and that made him quite upset, the conversation continues in their car. watch. you want to vote. >> yeah. >> by yourself. >> there's people out there that vote that just don't. is that sad. >> oh. exactly. some people don't vote,
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it is horrible. and that's today's power politics. saved, san diego county has been ordered to pay $3 million to the parents of a drug addict who died from an asthma attack while detoxing in jail. they sued the sheriffs department and county for wrongful death, in 2011 he was on prouation when he was arrested for heroine possession. he was ordered back to jail and found dead in his cell. the lava that's been flowing towards the hawaiian town has reached a home. it consumes the house after burning down a storage shed the residented had already moved out, at least 50 residents are being urged to evacuate. winter is making abearly appearance in parts of the midwest. they got over a foot of snow overnight, in the texas panhandle temperatures dropped about 60-degrees from last week, into the teens.
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the east is bracing for similar conditions late they are week, with temperatures expected to be as much 40 degrees lower than average. two teens are charged after trying to steal a wagonful of girl scout cookies. that's right. two young girls told the police they stepped away for a second, then saw the thief taking their cookie stock, one of the girls chased after him and grabbed the wagon. >> this isn't a case of a prank gone bad, these individual -- he took the wagon, he stoled it, and had over $100 worth of cookies in it. gets into a waiting vehicle and takes off. >> and the suspects were arrested identified by the girls and charged with theft. that's one brave little girl. >> show them no mercy. >> especially if they stole thin mints. >> new feature film debuts this week. when the country crashed
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down on activists and journalists. the movie tells one reporters harrowing but true story. >> i believe my plan then was called ex-sedin p.m. and colt 45. >> john stewart is a pro at purge lines. but now the comedian is taking on a new role as film maker, and his first feature is not for laughs. >> it is called rose water, debuting friday, it is inspired by the story of the canadian iranian journalist traveled to iran to cover the country's elections. >> what are you doing? yes are going to get killed. >> he was in tehran, documents the riots otestify outcome of the voting. it was a comedy sketch about the elections, this is a clip that was shown on comedy central. >> we headed to a coffee shop for a clandestine meeting.
4:42 pm
why was his country so terrifying. >> shortly after that interview, he was arrested by iranian police. the charge that he was spying against the country. he was jailed and he was there where he said he was beaten and brutalized by an interrogator he called rose water because of the scene of his cologne. much to -- as seen in the film where he is played -- >> americans and iranians have a lot of things in common more than they have different. >> what do i have common with you. >> he says he was forced to make a false confession on t.v. he was released after four months in prison. he wrote a best selling book about his experience, called then they came for me. have that movie, one john stewart directed. >> john segenthaller sat
4:43 pm
down to talk about the film and the issue of press freedom. john, why did you decide to do this? >> as the definition of journalistic spans, these regimes are arrests more and more people. whether it with iran, egypt, united states has it's way of putting pressure on journalists this is happening. >> you were a journalist who cover other people's stories you go topiaries you write a book, you got a movie, what has this been like for you. >> it's been a little bit strange. to put it mildly because usually when they make films about people, it's usually about nelson mandela, they are usually dead to start with, and then there are people of man kela's stature, the good thing is i am in the code, but i am not mandela, so it's been weird. >> give ur you reaction to what is going on with
4:44 pm
journalists around the world. >> we have a friend who does a atist call show, in egypt who was arrested, who was harassed who has been driven off the air, and can no longer do his show there. this is the government that came in and said we are going to listen to the will of the people, yet, it won't allow the people so speak of. the trial, is to talk about on surrenderty, the evidence they present is footage of arabian horses and pits of pieces of found footage, and it has no bearing on anything. there's no accountability for what is going to happen to them. they have families that don't know their power less to get them out. this is an ally of the united states, we give them $1.5 billion a year in aid. there has to be a method, that we can get these prisoners get them some
4:45 pm
visibility, and hopefully enough pressure on these regimes to get them released. there's no purpose in it. these poem have done nothing. >> you can see more of the interview tonight, that's at 8:30, and 11:30 eastern right here on al jazeera america. just ahead, men fighting back against accusations of sexual assault on campus, why many say they are not given a share shot to defend themselves. and a controversy government program sterilizing women in india to control population growth.
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looking at campus is ex-assault from the other side of the coin. exam men, sizing their schools claiming they aring being discriminated against. for alison strange it began with a phone call. >> the phone call. you know there's always that one call that you never expect to get. it was a voice. that was uhn't josh. and he said josh has been arrested. >> and you didn't know why. >> no, i had no idea. no idea. i am sorry, it all just really floods back. >> the campus of auburn
4:48 pm
university, is where josh strange's college dream school turned into a night marry. >> so i go to sleep. and a little while later my girlfriend had woken up, and she initiated and everything, and we start having is ex-that night, and all of a sudden about midway through she just loses it. >> josh's girlfriend call the police who detained him for questioning, she said josh had forced himself on her, so why did you stay together after this type of accusation? >> at this point, i didn't really know there was an accusation. it was -- my understanding of everything was that it was done and it was over. >> krzysztof, how typical is that kind of story in term oz what with are seeing now. >> well, it is happening more and more. according to the lawyers we have spoken to, they are growing and growing. >> and are the special
4:49 pm
challenges that universities have when it is a man who is suing the university? >> well, sure, but mainly what we are focusing on is because of title 9, the lack of evidence the standard of evidence is a lot different than it would be in a criminal court, so you have basically cases like this rarely have any witnesses and then you have these hearings that are being presided over with very little if any law training and at the same time, it is creating this environment, where there are there is so much pressure to crack down on sexual assault or they lose their federal funding so it is creating a perfect storm, where i think there will be a lot more lawsuits. >> tell us more about over issues in. >> it is interesting these students often don't have lack -- they don't have the same access to lawyers that normally you would. often you go into these hearings and you don't
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have any representation, or you aren't allowed to speak, and while the accuseser able to have somebody, that can represent them, and speak, but the accused the odds are often against them. >> and given the stakes aability whether you are kicked out, you would think there would be some help. >> you would think there would be. and hopefully going forward, this will be one thing on creating a system that will help crack down on sexual assault. >> thank you very much. you can watch more, sex crimeses on campus, 6:00 p.m. west coast time, only on al jazeera america. >> india's stirrization program is facing harsh criticism after eight women died from the procedure. they are aimed at controlling the population, but critic says it targeted the poor and uneducated. >> the women were taken to hospital in critical
4:51 pm
condition after complaining of severe pain and fever. all had sterilization procedures at a government health camp on saturday. they are among the 83 women who have had the procedure, as part of a state government family planning campaign. >> around 55 women are critically ill. a medical team has been subject along with a medical director. there are allegations that all 83 stettization procedures were performed within just five hours. critics say the government is more concerns with numbers than with safety. >> demand an end to the target based approach, and redemand full compensation, to the women who have is been victimized by this wrong policy approach. >> and for encouraging
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stettization when it might not even be necessary. >> india's population is 1.2 billion, and it's official growth is 1.2% annually. that's the equivalent of adding 1.5 times the population of london to india's population each year. the government says family planning measures ranging from free contraceptions to sterilization for men and women are needed to keep this in check. especially in rural and poor areas. india's population is said to overtake china's by 2030. but the race to meet numbers is putting the lives at people at risk. al jazeera, new dell li. >> more than half of india use uhing some form of birth control. foyer .6 million women were sterilized in 2012, programs are focused on women, more than a third of india's women choose
4:53 pm
to be sterilized. compare that to 1% of india's men. the number reflect the lack of education, one in five women in india do not know their options, critics of governmentsterrization says birth control education is ignored because it is too expensive to reach rural areas. there is new outrage in mexico over four students who disappeared after the attorney general said he has had enough. the comment that protestors are now capitalizing on. >> are the troubling stories of long wait, and cook books all things of the past? we will explore the new battle for change, live at the top of the hour. >>
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proking to tors have set the president's political headquarters on fire. antigovernment groups are dend maaing action after four students were taken from the city in september, the students are still considered missing even though gangs allegedly admitted to killing them. adam rainy has more now. >> for the second day in a row protests have gotten violence, people are common straited against the government teachers and student teachers protesting in that state capitol torched the headquarters. in which several police where are attacked. one of them reportedly
4:57 pm
made unconscious in those attacks. there are reports that the protestors themselves have also taken police into custody. this shows an increase in intensity. since friday when the attorney general announce add new break through when he shows evidence obtained from suspect uhs in the case, who reenacted ways in which they had killed and disposed of the bodies burning them and throwing them in the river. the parents maintain that this just isn't true, that they believe their children are still alive. and the attorney general himself says until kna testing which is being done confirms the remains, that he still considers this tock a missing person's case. comments at the end of the news conference only made matters worse.
4:58 pm
when he looked to the said and said in spanish, enough, i am tired. his comments went viral and sparked outrage. >> david, the attorney general later tried to explain he hadn't slept in 40 hours when he said he had had enough, but protestors are using the comments a as rallying crying, say they have had enough of their government. mccanns have been posting in spanish, and they say they are tired of impunity in their country. this you uh tube video shows what is supposed to be a policeman, a kidnapper, and a corrupt politician, and the characters in the video basically say that because of mexican's indifference, they are able to keep operating. the video ends with a student saying enough, i am tired. also, international students are protesting, watch this. >> students from harvard. >> brittney college of music. >> stand in solidarity. >> we want justice.
4:59 pm
>> the world is watching. >> the world is watching. more than 100 students took part to highlight this case, and the estimated 20,000 people that have disappeared in mexico over the last eight years i spoke to three of the students that created this video. >> our shares ceremony new orleans in this is that we have all had enough of having a justice system that is not giving justice. we have had enough of corruption, and vieless and pain. for us it is beyond hope, this is a case where there has to be justice. >> these students also want more involvement to garn teen transparency. >> interesting stuff. thank you very much. inside story is next, for news updates around the world, you can head to, and don't forget we are following the news developments possibly out of purseson
5:00 pm
missouri. we will keep you posted on that as the afternoon continues. again, you are watching al jazeera america. >> the need is massive. the purpose noble. after the widespread problems were there, there is a new manager in charge who is promising change. fixing the veteran's administration is the inside story. >> hi, i'm lisa fletcher. it is no stretch to say that the department of veteran's affairs


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