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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2014 3:00am-3:31am EST

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weekdays at 5 eastern only on al jazeera america well, leaders are in australia tryingo boost economic growth. but there is tension over ukraine. ♪ ♪ hello. this is the world news from al jazerra. also coming up, boc boca boca um ceases the town from the 200 school girls are missing from. squeezinfrom. seizings weapons from other rebels. plus impressing the crowds and sending a message to its rivals.
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china shows off its new stealth fighter. ♪ ♪ world lead nurse in australia, but tensions between russia and the west is not making it easy. the government 20 is being hosted by tony abbott in brisbane. it's supposed to be focusing on expanding economic growth and creating jobs. but other issues are complicated matters. russian president vladimir putin is facing criticism because of new reports that russian troops are crossing in to eastern ukraine, moscow has denied the allegations. british david cameron has warned there could be more sanctions. u.s. president obama said washington would continue to take a leading role in vital global issues including the
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cries let ukraine. >> we are leading in dealing with ebola in west africa. and in opposing russia's aggression against ukraine. which is a threat to the world as we saw in the appalling shoot down of mh17. a tragedy that took so many innocent lives among them your fellow citizens. >> well, al jazerra's scott joins us now live from brisbane, the issue you, scott, of the ukraine crisis not agenda of the g20 but looks like leaders could be ready to talk about it, they have been talking about it already. >> reporter: they have. and, yeah, it's more been on the sidelines if you will. obviously the rhetoric leading up to the g20 sum i an economic summit. a lot of the discussions are about what will happen between vladimir putin president of russia and also between him and the prime minister here of australia. that's because tony abbott said he wanted to confront the
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russian president over the downing of that malaysian airliner back in july. now, have they had any direct communication about this? not in front of the cameras, that's for certain. there was a greeting ceremony where each leader came in and greeted tony abbott separately. that was with president putin as well. smiled, shook hands briefly and then walked off. will there be some kind of confrontation if you will on the sidelines? we haven't heard anything with the australia prime minister. but canada's prime minister, it's being reported said something to vladimir putin when they shook hands he said you need to get out of ukraine. we know that's happening. it's an issue being discuss on the sidelines but as far as the big shirt front that go we have been expecting hearing nothing of that so far. >> interesting stuff. something else that president obama was talking about again before the g20 officially started, was claim at change. again something else that's not
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on the agenda for the g20 summit. >> reporter: absolutely. that's something tha that prime minister said it would not be on the agenda. he wanted it to be focused on growing the global economy my by 2% and, job career, a he wanted those to be the soul focus of this summit. this economic summit but things shifted early until the in the week when china and u.s. made their statements about gas emissions, again in the same speech that president obama talked about the downing of the malaysian airliner he also brought environment and this is what he. >> in china and the united states can agree on this, then the world can agree on this. we can get this done. and it is necessary for us to get it done. [cheering and applause] >> because i have not had time to go to the great barrier reef
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and i want to come back and i want my daughters to be able to come back and i want them to able to bring their daughters orson to his visit. and i want that their 50 years from now. clap clam. >> reporter: on sunday will there be some mention of climbed at change, the environment because it's been brought time and time again. the discussion of the environment has changed this past week. so will this communique that tony abbott said did not want anything related to the environment included, will that change when we see this paper come out when this concludes on sunday afternoon. >> scott, thanks very much indeed for that. scott updating us from the g20 summit in brisbane there. well, let's get the situation in ukraine. you kahn iukraine is accusing re sending soldiers had in to the donetsk region. that is racing concerns over whether pro-russian separatists
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are launching i nah offensive. threatening a fragile truce struck in september. let's get to albina who joins from us donetsk. first of all, albina, just give us a flavor of the situation there? there has been some quite intense fighting recent limb what's going on and how are people coping? >> reporter: well, this morning, things are pretty quiet. we have had about a week of quite intense fighting on and off. the people here are quite used to it. but the streets here are rather empty. some people have left, some people are beginning to come back. but the situation here is still very tense. people are expecting more fighting. >> and what about these reports of more military vehicles and men in combat gear coming across the boarder? what do we know about those reports and what are people on the ground seeing?
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>> reporter: well, nato has said they have seen how russian military has been crossing the border from russia in to ukraine. now, apart from nato, no one has seen this movement across the border. however, there have been almost daily sightings here of military convoys in the area, however these convoys are unmarked. it's hard to say where they came from. however, the separatists here have said at least some of these convoys are indeed theirs. now, it's hard to say where exactly they are going. and where exactly they are coming from. but there is certainly intense military activity in the area. that's for sure. >> okay, albina, thanks very much indeed for that. albina updating us from donetsk there. in nigeria yakker the radical group boc boko haram has taken over the town in northern born owe state where the group kidnapped more than 270 school girls in april. witnesses say it was attacked on
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thursday forcing thousands of people to leave their homes. government troops and a have sill vinnie force are trying to take back control of the town. more from the nigeria capital. >> reporter: boko haram fighter are still in control of the town after they took it thursday. this is a huge setback for officials especially the security services. seven months ago boko haram attacked the town and took nearly 300 female students, 219 of them are still missing. an official said many people have died in the latest round of violence, or attack. hundreds who can escaped to neighboring towns and villages while they are taking shelter. the town they fled to was liberated a few ago. they are trying trying to move them to saver locations it's just 2230-kilometers from the town where the girls remember taken from. hours later a suicide bomber hit
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a petrol station in the north killing himself and five people. five more had been injured in the attack. boko haram a using a new strategy taking control of towns intend to go stay for a longer period of time trying to declare as islamic state in those particular areas, but they face a huged setback in the northern state where they were chased out of three towns by local vigilantes. nigerian security force says they are launching a new offensive to take back those territories especially the down they just took. u.n. investigators says isil is committing war crimes on a huge scale across syria. the report says executions amputations and lashings in public happen regularly. paolo sergio is chairman o committee looking in to this. he says isil should be be tried by the international criminal
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court. >> the abuses, violations and crimes committed by the so-called isis in syria have been deliberate and calculated. the command, of isis have contacted willfully, perpetrating this war crimes and crimes against humanity. they are individually criminally responsible for these crimes. among the paper's recommendations is a call to engage international accountability mechanism including the international criminal court, to hold individuals, including isis commanders, responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity. >> also fighting in syria is al-nusra front the rebel group allied to al qaeda. it's been accused of seizing territory from moderate groups in a power trap. as zeina reports, a al-nusra has its own side to the story.
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>> reporter: al-nusra has been a big player in the war in syria. it is now the dominant group in the northwestern province of idlib. earlier this month, it seized territory and weapons from rebel forces in the area. and that raised concerns that al-nusra front's new strategy is to become the inning rifled leader among -- u unrivaled leader. they any need it was a power grab instead we were told it was a war against corrupt rebel leaders who use weapon to his oppress people. >> translator: just look at what is happening else where in syr syria. we fight alongside other rebel forces and shia regime. [ inaudible ] we fight groups who act like. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: ma prove is a controversial figure who has been accused of corruption in the past but his group was not only one forced out. a al-nusra targeted another
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movement. and both the movements are backed by the united states government. >> at the moment in the north, al-nusra seems more worried about american-backed rebels and the american-led international coalition. will it continue to confront rebel groups with whom it has been working? it's difficult to say. >> reporter: it's a critical time. the u.s. insist that his these air strikes targeted the group and not al-nusra front. but on the ground, the feeling could not be more different because both groups share the same territory. the fight who's long to al-nusra front do feel threatened, their group has been designated as a terrorist organization by the u.s. and their vision for a new syria is not accepted by all. >> translator: what we are planning is for islamic law to be implemented. we don't want to be the only rulers, we will share powers with other factions to implement the laws of god. >> reporter: there are no indications that the u.s.-led
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coalition plans to widen its campaign at least for now. but al-nusra feels it's already been targeted. it's not clear in their recent offensive in idlib is part of a new strategy about, you what is clear that the group managed to get rid of phone shall enemies on the ground. zeina, al jazerra. al jazerra coming up on the program. we take a look at why farmers in burkina faso are walk ago way from their farms. plus. >> reporter: i am lee wellings in wales, inside of car of a rally driver who is effectively have to race one handed. that they say they're not going to withdraw. >> get a first hand look at what life is really like under the taliban. >> we're going to be taken >> it's so seldom you get the access to the other side >> fault lines, al jazeera america's hard hitting... >> today they will be arrested... >> ground breaking... they're firing canisters of gas at us...
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♪ welcome back, the top tories on al jazerra. world leaders are in australia trying to find a way to boost the global economy. tension between the west and russia isn't make things easy the g20 meeting of the richest economies is supposed to focus expanding and economic growth and creating jobs. the nigerian rebel group boko haram has taken over a town in the northern borneo state where they kidnap more than 270 school girls in april. and an al quada affiliated group has been accused of ceased territorseizingterritory. but al thousands rah deny it they say they are focusing on roading out corrupt leaders. the top u.s. military officer has land in iraq it's his first trip there since they started their campaign of air strikes against isil two months
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al action. 15 people have been killed in a car bomb in baghdad. 30 others injured. it was a deadliest of four bombs that went off during the night. mostly targeting shia muslim areas. afghan president has been tolding talks with pakistan's prime minister in islambad. it's his first official visit to pakistan since taking office. the two leaders are aiming to improve a relationship marred by deep distrust. both sides have accused each other of supporting rebel fighters. kamal joins us now live from islambad. both leaders have been talking in a press conference. has this visit been seen as a success? >> reporter: well, if you listen to both of the leaders it is definitely a successful now, just a few minutes ago both of pack tan i primpakistani prime e afghan president were talking to the media pakistani president
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saying it was in pakistan's interest that afghanistan should be a stable country and the law and order security problems should be addressed. he also also stressed any solution to the afghan conflict should be afghan led, afghan owned. and afterwards the president spoke and said 13 years of mistrust had been removed by the three days. that, of course, sums up his opinion on this particular visit. importantly, he also met the country's military chief yesterday at general headquarters, he was accompanied by the defense minister of afghanistan, as well as the military chief. so importantly, the pakistanis informed him about the ongoing operations and also said that they will be deeper cooperation between afghanistan and pakistan on managing a porous border. so some room for optimism as far
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as the visit is concerned because in the past, as you mentioned, when hamid karzai was in charge relations between the two countries dip today an all-time low. >> you mentioned the porous border there, kamal, clearly border tensions are within of the disputes between the two countries. to what extent do you think is the pakistan government willing to support the new afghanistan government? >> reporter: well, pakistan has assured the afghans that they will be more cooperation from pakistan that, they had a common enemy to deal with and that was extremism. they wanted to build corridors to afghanistan, so importantly the big challenge right now was for afghanistan to get some sort of cooperation from pakistan. the pakistanis are promising for the first time this appears to be a breakthrough visit because as i mentioned to you, he is widely respected in this country, how have, a lot will depend on what transpires inside
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of afghanistan because you still have the taliban threat, they control a wide stretch of the territory there. so for the first time the pakistanis are saying we are willing to cooperate, the pakistanis are even offering the afghan i'm training in pakistan. and also want to enhance economic cooperation. they have signed mous and the afghan president was very upbeat. he said he want to take the trade between the two country to his $5 billion instead of the 2 billion-dollar mark where it stands right no. >> thanks for that, ca fall in islambad there. now, china is showcasing some of its latest military hardware as an air show. the events is being used to show off china's new stregt fighter. adrian brown reports. >> reporter: china's government says it wants to ease regional tensions. this air show, though, offers a glimpse of the military hardware now at beijing's disposal should it ever be drawn in to conflict
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with a neighboring country. the president now says innovation is essential to economic growth and that includes defense technology. these are mock missiles for use in training exercises. the manufacturer says there's been strong interest from pakistan and russia. another country is also curious. >> american. >> reporter: american too? >> i am not sure if they are interested to buy our product, maybe they are interested that we have such products. >> and there was a lot of interest in this. the debut of china's new stealth fighter. the j31. that the pentagon says it merely mimics technology used in the u.s. made f2 and f45 war plains. planes.
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apart from the united states no country spends more than on defense than china, but its budge sets a quarter of the u.s.' analysts say if kind's a present spending rate continues the gap will narrow. this is how one table listed the world' top military spenders in 2013. with china's budget raise boogie 8%. >> china should spend more on its military the chinese fighter planes or natural as good as the russian ones. >> yes, indeed china has spent a lot of on defense, but they haven't spent it in the right place like to better jet engin engines. >> reporter: russia has a big presence here. sanctions imposed on moscow over its actions in ukraine and crimea mean the air show is one of the few international events where its arm manufacturers can exhibit. few russian we approached wanted to talk.
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once these firms could look forward to defense shows in europe and the united states. not now. >> now it is hardly possible. previously it was possible. >> reporter: now it's not possible. >> yes. >> reporter: china is still an important customer for russian arms but this show has offered glimpse of some of china's homegrown defense technology. that is slowly transfor transfoe world's biggest military. adrian brown, al jazerra, southern china. al jazerra continues to demand the release of our three journalist who had to velshi now been jailed i in egypt for 32 date. peter greste m mohammed and bahr are falsely accused of helping the outlawed muslim brotherhood they are appealing against their convictions two sentence today seven in prison, mohamed an additional three years for having a spent bull knit his possession which he picked up at a protest. 18 people have been arrested in brazil in what is seen as the
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country's biggest corruption scandal of more than 300 police officers were involved in the operation. the raid part of an investigation in to the state-run oil firm and a top construction it up. their senior management is suspected of money laundering 123-4678 now, farmers living by the desert in burkina faso are frustrated because there is hasn't been enough rain this year for their crops. extreme weather conditions and frequent droughts mean there is not enough water to grow food or feed animals. in the second part of our feeding the world series, nicholas hawk has this report from the burkina faso borde nyjr border. >> reporter: too tired of waiting for rain. it comes too late for his harvest. >> translator: i used toe millette, corn and vegetables, not much but enough to get by. now look at this soil. how do you expect me to live on
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this? >> reporter: nothing is growing anymore. so he has quit farming. he's not the only one. one after the other villages are emptying out. like this one, once a thriving farming village of 20,000 people. near burkina faso's border with nyjer. most have left now. >> translator: we moved the location of the village twice to filed a better climate. but it's still too difficult. >> reporter: extreme weather conditions and frequent draughts means there is not enough water to grow food or feed animals. the rainy season is in full swing but down pours are rare and temperatures continue to rise. during the summer seasons, temperatures here rise up to 50 degrees celsius. this is one of the hottest places on earth. united nation predict the temperatures are set to rise
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even further. here it's a matter of time before the desert completely takes over the land. the u.n. predicts a three-degree rise in temperature by 2050. 100 million people around this ring unwest africa too suffer from severe food shortage as a result. >> the local knowledge that they have or the local techniques they have is not enough to overcome the challenge of what we are seeing now with the rise of temperature. so they are come to this city without really any assets. >> reporter: the population of burkina faso's capital is growing because of new migrants fleeing from rising temperatures. back in the village the rains have come, but it's too late. people are already on the move. nicholas hawk, al jazerra, at the burkina faso-niger border. the world top rally drivers
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are competing in the last race of the season. one competitor a former star of formula one has more than his rival to his beat. after a crash in 2011 the polish driver is trying to compete with basically one hand. lee wellings reports. >> reporter: hurtling through rough terrain at high speed makes rally a demanding sport for body and mind. but polish driver is managing to compete despite a big disadvantage. effectively, he's driving one handed. robert was a formula one star, but suffered serious injuries in that crash three years ago while driving in a rally off season. >> it's difficult to talk about. it was quite complicated and quite complex. i suffered multiple injuries. so i try to -- all the right side of my body was. >> damaged it was more of trying
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to survive. survival. the situation was not easy and there was no guarantee i would even have functionality in my arm. >> reporter: medical work on repairing robert still hasn't finish. he faces more surgery during this winter. yet such has been his progress in rally, he was world champion in the second tier last season, high points in his first year at the highest level include leading for two stages of the monte carlo rally but there have been plenty of crashes and he admits he's finding it tough. >> i am lacking experience and so this year, from let's say from performance i think it has been very good season but unfortunately from consistency point of view and mistakes, it has been quite difficult season and not good. >> reporter: robert and his crittish-based team m sports are currently competing in the final race of the season, rally gb. but how does he actually drive with so much expected of his left hands? >> on the left-hand side the steering wheel has a paddle so you pull the paddle close to you
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to go up a gear and push it way to go down a gear. only robert is allowed this. because of his weaker arms. special dispen take fro dispense governor body. the other one say hands break, all the other drivers have one that you pull towards you to lock the rear wheels, robert have push his forward. >> on a daily base i you forgett about it. but from other hand no limitation else be in the rail. >> reporter: his achievements in rally have given the sport a surge in his native pole apted and he was the first po had to drive in formula one a rising star in that sport and it's still in his heart. >> for now it's quite far. and i will like to come in to one if i am sure i am able to drive as i was able to drive before it,. >> we wish you well, good luck. >> reporter: whichever road i takes, robert's bravery and
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determination make him i unique star of motor sport. lee wellings, al jazerra, wales. a very determined man there, and you can find his story and the rest of the day's news on our website, al [music] >> hello, i'm sheila mcvicar. ukrainian government forces and russian-backed separatists and militias are once again engaging in heavy fighting. some of the hessers in months. the internationally brokered cease-fire between them barely holds and sincri