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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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[music] [ explosions ] >> pledging allegiance to isil, an armed group in egypt's sinai peninsula claims responsibility for recent attacks. >> you hello, welcome to al jazeera. also on the program. meeting the afghan president visits pakistan's prime minister to improve relations between the two countries. >> vladimir putin shunned during g-20 luncheon due to russia's
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involvement in ukraine. and haiti's painted shanty towns. the armed group that killed 30 soldiers last month has released a video pledging allegiance to isil. they have threatened to carry out further attacks unless the military campaign in sinai ends. we have more. >> in a half hour long video the group showcased what it billed as it's latest triumph. it cannot verify authenticity, but it is showing the attack on the sinai peninsula that killed 30 soldiers. the video shows the group's fighters killing the soldiers, shooting them in the back of the head. the footage is accompanied with
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a message from the leader of the group which has applied itself to isil. an >> we have warned you time and again, but you do not listen. you take our women and children. you bomb our homes and dispel us from our lands. despite what we've inflicted on you in this attack, we tell that you this war just begins. >> the group has taken, um, arms in response the military's bombing along the sinai. hundreds of families have had their houses demolished. many of them remain homeless. president fattah al sisi said the buffer zone is needed to combat terrorism. but attacks against the army as well as other attacks of violence has only increased since he has come to power. incense flying more since the
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military began it's operations in the sinai. the message in the group makes no reference to the muslim brotherhood, which i has been accused as the main violence in egypt. supporters continue to express their dissent almost on a daily basis. peaceful protests continue to be held across egypt. they say the security situation in egypt has deteriorated because the military has abandoned it's prime minister responsibility in favor of ruling the country. >> thlast week president obama
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authorized another 1500 troops to join the fight almost doubling the u.s. presence there. and in neighboring syria competing with isil for influence is al nusra front. the rebel group that's allied with al-qaeda. >> al nusra front has been a powerful player for a long time now as al-qaeda's affiliated syria it is now the dominant group in the northwestern province of idlib. earlier this month it seized territory and weapons from the area, and that raised concerns. that the al nusra front's new strategy is to become the unrivaled leader. but the group's leadership denied that it's take over was a
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power grab. instead we're told this is against corrupt rebel leaders who use weapons to oppress people. >> just look at what's happening in syria. >> jamal malrouf is a controversial figure who has been accused of corruption in the past, but it's not the only group. >> at the moment al nusra is more worried about american-backed rebels and american led coalition, will it continue to confront rebel groups with whom it has been working? it's difficult to say. >> it's a criminal time. the u.s. insists that these airstrikes strike the group and
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not al nusra fronts. but on the ground the feel could go not be more different because both groups share the same territory. the fighters who belong to the al nusra front do feel threatened. their vision for a new syria is not accepted by all. >> what we are planning is for islamic law to be implemented. we don't want to be the only rulers, and we share power with other factions. >> there are no indications that the u.s.-led coalition plans to widen it's campaign, at least for now. but al nusra front field it has been targeted. it's not clear if their recent offensive is part of a new strategy but what is clear is that the group managed to get rid of potential enemies on the ground. >> afghanistan and pakistan are pledging greater cooperation after years of accusing each other of harboring rebel fighters. the afghan president has been holding talks with pakistan's
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prime minister in islamabad. >> the visit to pakistan has gone very well. they were saying that the 30 years of mistrust have been removed by three days of talks. the pakistani prime minister assured the outgoing president that it was in pakistan's wider strategic interest. something that the president mentioned by saying he wants to connect south ara asia to central asia. the president was assured by the country's built leadership that pakistan will cooperate and even train the new afghan army. so much improvement as far as relationship between kabul and
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islamabad is concerned. and of course the most important is how will be effectively the unity government is able to do its business and whether it is able to control an insurgency and many of its provinces. >> vladimir putin has come under pressure at the g-20 summit in australia. the russian president was forced to have lunch on his own. we have reports from brisbane. >> the focus of his speech was expected to be the united states' strategic profit towards asia with a nod to the economic talks to come. but unexpectedly one of president obama's main themes was the environment. >> as we focus on our economy we cannot forget the need to lead on the global fight against climate change.
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>> well, more than six minutes was devoted to the topic of climate change. but if tony abbott was stunned president vladimir putin was isolated all but ignored by other world leaders at lunch. rush's actions in ukraine loom large in brisbane. the handshake between host and guest was more firm than friendly. few people will protest against putin on the streets of brisbane, but there were marchs calling for action on climate change and the higher taxes on banks. the g-20 talks could effect others like sánchez. he left spain three years ago when spain's economy went backwards.
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he has been working on the road tunnel. >> to be able to say, well, i cooperated in doing some of this, it is really very rewarding for us. >> the economic activity that the tunnel will help generate should help repay its cost many times over. this is a source of scheme they want to see more of, the aim is to increase the global economic growth by 2% more than is currently projected over the next five years and pushing big infrastructure schemes is one way they think they can achieve it. australia asked each g-20 member to bring their own solid proposals for growth to brisbane. >> yes, our world can grow. yes, our world can deliver the jobs that our people want. this conference is about how we will deliver. >> official talks only began late afternoon brisbane time. by the aim time on sunday the aim is to have a firm action
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plan to boost the world's economy. andrew thomas, al jazeera, brisbane. >> ukraine is accusing russia of sending soldiers and weapons into eastern donetsk and luhansk regions. that's raising concerns whether the russian separatists are planning to launch new offensive. russia denies any involvement, but the deployment is threatening a fragile truce that was struck in september. >> president poroshenko issued a decry by which state institutions should be moved out of the conflict zone in east ukraine, but it leaves a lot of questions. how is that going to be implemented? not only will it take a lot of money to move these places geographically, what will also happen to the staff? it's a time when ukraine is going through a very difficult economic time. it has one of the
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worst-performing currencies at the moment. this conflict is taking a lot of money out of ukraine, and ukraine is still planning to put a lot of money in to the military to protect itself from further advancements by the pro russian rebels. so we'll have to wait and see. now in terms of what is happening here in the east, there has been violence continuing throughout the last week intensifying in certain moments. there has been intense fighting around the north of donetsk, fighting in other towns. last night six people were killed. six silverns, and 20 injured. we've also seen military activity here in the form of military columns around the donetsk region. nato has seen russian military crossing from russia into ukraine, so the tensions have certainly been increasing here.
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>> still to come here at al jazeera will america's president's back up plan to stop millions of undocumented immigrants from being deported. plus we take you to one of the hottest places on earth, where a lack of rain is forcing farmers and herders from their land.
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>> hello again, welcome back to al jazeera. these are our top stories. the armed groups that killed 30 egyptian soldiers in the sinai last month is pledging
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allegiance to isil. and they've threatened to carry out further attacks unless the military campaign in sinai ends. >> back tan's prime minister has pledged his support of the new afghan president's plans to hold piece talks with the taliban. ashraashraf ghani met with prime minister sharif where they resolved 30 years of mistrust. now to th burkina fa aso.
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some people say they only believe the army will leave when something actually happens. >> the constitution has been lifted from today november 15, to allow the process of putting in place a civilian transition. this is the original constitution of june 2, 1991. >> for now people are talking abou about when a civilian will be named leader of the country. some say it will be next week. some say it will take longer. >> i want a civilian president but i'm in no hurry. they must take their time to choose the right person. >> we pray that next week will have a civilian leader. >> people have been told they have until sunday local time to
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give a list of names of people they think should lead the countries. some say perhaps the catholic amp bishop should take over and people say he is a neutral candidate. >> now in nigeria to chibok where boko haram fighters kidn kidnapped over 200 girls. thousands who fled the attack on chibok has made it to a garrison town near chibok.
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. >> the temperatures continue to rise. during the summer season the temperatures rise up to
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50 degrees celsius. this is one of the hottest places on earth. the united nations predict that the temperatures are set to rise even further. here it's a matter of time before the desert completely takes over the land. the u.n. predicts a three-degree rise in temperature by 2050. 100million people around the region of west africa could suffer food shortage as a result. >> we arwe cannot overcome the challenge, and they're coming in need. >> the population of burkina faso's capitol is agreeing because of the rising temperatures. back in the village the rains have come, but it's too late. people are already on the move. al jazeera, at the burkia faso
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border. >> you remember the bombardment of gaza by israel that lasted 50 days. more than 2,000 people were killed and 11,000 injured. one of the people working to help the gazaens was a norwegian doctor. he witnessed great suffering and he was outspoken by what he considered to be going on. now the israeli government has banned him from life from entering the gaza strip saying he pose as security risk. >> first of all, why should the occupier israel have the right to define and decide who is allowed to go in to gaza? themselves they say they're not occupying gaza. number one. number two, as a medical doctor i cannot only sweep the floors of blood and stop the bleeding, i like all doctors have the mandate to ask how to prevent this. the answer is simple. lift the siege, stop the bombing
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and provide human rights to the palestinian people. and i cannot be a medical doctor only treating symptoms. i have to treat the root causes, and that's is the israeli occupation of palestinian. i would be an elusive doctor if i did not speak up. >> our three journalists have been jailed in egypt for 322 days. mohamed fahmy, bader mohammed, and peter greste are wrongly accused of helping the muslim brotherhood. they're appealing against their convictions. >> president obama is expected to overall the u.s. immigration system next week. now it could protect up to 5 million undocumented immigrants and their children who were born in the u.s. from depourtation. but the republicans say any action taken without congress' approval is an abuse of presidential power.
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>> it was a journey of 3,000 miles but for this undocumented man it ended here. the father of two said he does not know when his last day in the united states will be. >> i live day-to-day with anguish. you think any time they're going to send you back to your country. we come here looking for a better life. not that we expect them to toss us out like animals. >> the policthe renter called the police on him over rent. and luis was detained. he has been fighting to remain with his wife and children ever since. his baby son is an u.s. citizen. that's why he vowed to do everything in his power to stay, including suing the government agency tasked with deporting him. together with five other undocumented immigrants in an non-profit group luis' filed
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lawsuit for failing to respond to a petition this filed in february. the president's administration has presided over 2 million deportations but it's not too late for him to take executive action that could stay deportation of people like luis. >> obama admitted that his policies needed review. >> we're deporting people who should not be deported and we're not deporting people who are dangerous and need to be deported. >> but immigrant rights activist says that the president could change that now. >> he could have done that yesterday. he could have done that a year ago and there is no excuse why we should be dealing with the injuries, the harm, the hurt and the pain of over 2 million people who have been taken from our families and our community. >> they say they remain committed to effective immigration that focuses on priorities of convicted criminals and other public
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safety threats. but luis said he's not a threat. >> i don't know why you don't let us in. i'm not armed. i don't have anything with him. >> i.c.e. refused to receive thinks lawsuit so he left it on their door step. >> in my mind it's always the idea to be with my children. to take them to school and share my life with them. but these are just dreams that are erased with everything that is happening to me. >> for luis what seems impossible a week ago may yet become a reality. christmas with his family here in the united states. al jazeera, washington. >> in urban areas across the world it is often referred to as beautification. the process of cleaning up and making neighborhoods better places to live. andy gallagher reports on one such project in haiti
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port-au-prince. >> it looks like an artist's conferenc canvas. the project called beauty over poverty was name for an artist with his famed colors in the sky look. this community of 40,000 barely has electricity. most of these wires are illegally tapped in to the grid and fresh water has to be trucked up the hill. it takes 30 minutes each day to get drinkable water. >> life is miserable here. we have nothing. there is no water. i have to walk a long way just to get a liter, and people fight over it. otherwise, you need money to bring it. >> others are unhappen at the expensive paint work. this man tells us they should
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have fixed the inside of the houses and not just painted the outside. >> to add to the problems of having no running water or electricity or sewage, many of these homes are built on the edge of extreme ravines which means during the rainy seasons mudslides and rockfalls are potentially deadly. and to compound the problems this entire community is built on a secondary fault. the haitian government said this is an ongoing project that will steadily improve life here despite the dangers, construction work is still under way, and many of the residents we met said that thee newly painted homes promote pride. >> when you look at the house from far away you can see how pretty it looks and i like that. you feel more comfort to believe invite people to your home. >> critics say that it's no coincidence that it overlooks the port-au-prince's five-star hotels and restaurant, but this
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colorful neighborhood is about improving life and not simply make up for mystery. port-au-prince, haiti. >> again the al jazeera website you can find out a lot more about the latest news stories. al