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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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rav releasing a video show the murder of u.s. aid worker pete he go kassig, isil killed 13 syrians accused of collaborating with the government. ♪ ♪ hello there, i am barbara, you are watching al jazerra live from london. also coming up on the program. another bombing in nigeria as the army says it's retaken the counsel of chibok from boko haram. new footage emerges of the moment after a malaysia airlines flight crashed in eastern ukraine. and the south korean buyer snaps up napoleon's famous hat for a whom $2.2 million.
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♪ thank you for joining us, let's start in syria where activists say isil has killed 13 men, they had accused of claim rating with the syrian government. they were killed in isil's syrian strong hold raqqa. the victims had all been captured earlier this month. this follows the release of a graphic video by isil which appears to show the mass beheading of 12 syrian soldiers as well as the american aid worker peter kassig. the 26-year-old was a former u.s. army ranger and muslim convert captured just over a year ago while providing medical aid to syrians who were fleeing the war. he is the fifth western hostage that the group has beheaded in recent months. american journalists james foley and steven sotloff were the first to be killed. followed by the british aid worker david haines as well as
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allen henning. isil is also known to be holding british journalist john. also killed thousands of iraq and i sear kwr*er vinnie soldiers in its campaign to establish an islamic state. zeina report now from beirut. >> reporter: he helped assist lives of syrians wounded in the war. that is what peter kassig was doing in lebanon for about a year before he decided to help those living inside syria. he left in october 2013. only to be captured by the islamic state of iraq and the levant. a week ago his friends in the northern city of tripoli added their voice to an international campaign to persuade ice toil release him. they were hoping that the fact that peter, who became known as abdul, convert today islam in captivity would have helped spare his life. even his close friend who was a syrian from homs had hope, but now he is lost for words. >> what i should say to his family? that we are sorry for your son
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die in my country and toll when he came to my country to help my people, and who kill him. people say that syria, that who killed him, they say they protect islam. i don't know. they were not even muslim. >> reporter: this was just one of the many clinics where kassig treated patients. while in lebanon, peter volunteered with humanitarian workers. they used the media to try tell peter's captors about how he helped the syrian people. it didn't do anything. and the beheading video, a masked man didn't refer to peter as an aid worker he identified him as as a u.s. soldier. this didn't shock syrian opposition activists. some of these people knew kassig well. those who didn't know of what he did for their revolution they believe it makes no difference to isil if a person is a charity worker or not. >> translator: they are doing this no muslims. they kill anyone they feel is against them.
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not just americans. most likely they would kill me as well. they are giving a bad image of islam. >> reporter: kassig was a former soldier, but that is not how he will be remembered by his family and friends. >> at an early age our son was inspired by his grandfather to do humanitarian work. when he saw the suffering of the syrian people we want to turkey and founded an organization to provide aid and assistance. >> reporter: kassig was not the first western captive to be murdered. there were four others before him. but unlike in their videos, kassig didn't speak. and isil showed what appeared to be a mass bedding of at least a dozen syrian soldiers as well. this is a group the united nations has a wusses of committing war crimes in areas under its control. kassig and the soldiers are unlikely to be the last victims. more reaction on this from the united station, kimberly joins us live now.
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of course the murder of peter kassig headline news there in the u.s. indeed pretty much all over the world. but is this likely to change the government's views and actions on what it's doing in syria and iraq? >> reporter: well, there hasn't been any reaction in terms of strategy, we have only had reaction from the white house in terms of responding totti in addition reports of the publication of this video, with know that president obama was briefed aboard air force one as he traveled back from the g20 summit in australia by his national security adviser susan rice. the white house also issuing a paper statement from the national security spokesman, spokeswomen rather person dead in which she says the white house is appalled at the murder of a u.s. aid worker and the white house is offering condolences to the family. of course we saw the family there of of peter kassig in zeina's report. they too have issued a statement saying that they want their son to be remembered for his humanitarian efforts. of course he did go there to the
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region initially as a u.s. soldier in 2007. but he was captured while he was working as a hugh narron vinnie aid worker. and that he had established his own relief organization. so they have made an appeal to the news media to not broadcast 30 pictures or any of the video harassed been released by isil. they say, in factor they not want the media to play in the hostage taker's hands, that's something that here at al jazerra are respecting he want they want their son to be remembered instead for his works as really did passionately care about the victims of war. >> kimberly in washington, d.c. thank you. of course the deaths continue in both iraq and syria. now at least five people have been killed in the capital of iraq baghdad where there has been a series of bombings. seven others you were injured. one of the bombs were set off near a police station in southwestern baghdad. isil has claimed responsibility for another attack near the international air board airport.
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an explosion in a mobile phone market in northeast nigeria has killed a number of people. it happened in the town and it comes after nigeria's arm a nounsed that it had retaken the town of chibok from boko haram which boko haram had captured on thursday. chibok is an enclave of mainly christian families and the a town where the group kidnap 27 girls back in april. the army is now encouraging residents to go back to their homes. let's get the latest now from al jazerra's ahmad idris live in the capital. i will ask you about chibok later. bring us u up-to-date with the late ate tack which we have heard about in just the past half hour or so. >> reporter: well, the attack happened late afternoon in the town in. and perhaps this is the third
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attack in three weeks in that town. a hospital source i spoke to just before coming on air said at least 13 people are confirmed dead at the hospital. and as many as 50 have been injured by the attack. this shows a very big explosion at the market we are talking about. >> ahmad, obviously violence across nigeria for a long time in the struggle between the government and boko haram. the town of chibok was at the sender of global attention. so a bit of a loss of faith for the government to lose the town to boko haram a thursday, but now they are telling us they have regained control of the town. ultimately do you think the people that are being urged to move back there are going to trust the government, that they really can guarantee security in chibok? >> reporter: well, for the government this signifies a significant or rather shows a
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significant progress met by the military. remember over the last three or four months boko haram has ceased a lot of territory -- seized a lot of territory from the forces. it's a significant development for the government. but for the people i spoke to a community leader. some local council officials i called them to ask about the situation, they said i didn't, the chibok town has been liberated. vigilantes and security forces are back in town, but they are not sure whether or not boko haram is far away from there and the community, the people there are after what happened on april 14th in chibok when 275 girls were abducted and then the latest attack on thursday, a lot of people don't feel confident to go back to chibok after what happened in the last seven months or so. so there is a lot of fear, there's lot of concern, especially if we take in to consideration the violence that is been going on around chibok itself.
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lots of villages attacked, lots of towns attacked and thousands. people displaced by boko haram violence in that area. it's not a confidence thing for many residents of chibok. >> ahmad is riz from the latest from chicag why becomes, thank . uncertainty remains in the west african nation of think of burkina faso. four candidates are on a short list. military lieutenant colonel isaac ceda declared himself head of state after the resignation of the long-time president. the african union has been threatenings sanctions unless a civilian transitional government is established. amateur video has hay emerge the showing the moments just after malaysia airways flight mh17 was shot down over eastern ukraine. al jazerra cannot independently verify the video, however, news
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agencies say that it's from the village. people can be seen watching on. as smoke billows in to the sky from what appears to be a flaming wreckage. all 298 people on board were killed when the jet came down four months ago. and local separatist leaders are now allowing dutch investigators full access to remove what is left of the plane. think albina has more now from the eastern city of donetsk. >> reporter: after nearly a week of initial delay, workers finally began to remove some of the wreckage from the mh17 crash site. the dutch experts were overseeing the removal of the wreckage by the emergency ministry workers controlled now by the separatist government here. the touch experts expect this removal will take some days, it will be sent to the kiev-controlled city of calf khv
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before it's flown not netherlands for expertise. four months after the crash the investigation in to it has still not been completed and it is very important that the experts are able to collect as much evidence as possible before deep winter sets in to this region. but they have had a lot of trouble getting to the site and working there. because there has been fighting going on for the last few months here. staying in eastern ukraine, people there are already feeling the effects of president poroshenko's decision on saturday to cut government funding to rebel-held areas. state companies and organization havhave to close within a peek,t banking services are already been hit. and as we now report from donetsk, locals are worried that their already difficult lives are about to get much worse. >> reporter: in downtown donetsk being they gather at the one cash point in the area that's been reliable in recent days. but a day after the ukrainian
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president's decree that among other things promised an end to banking services in the break-away east. there is no money to be had. >> translator: the banks were empty on sunday doesn't give out money so there is none. >> reporter: elena work for the state-run water company. she hasn't been paid for three months and isn't sure what to expect now that the buck stoppings officially with the self-declared government of donetsk. >> i hope they'll helpful i would like them to. they are our authorities. and this is our city. yes, i think so. they have to. they promised. but really, i don't know. >> reporter: at a suburban supermarket, part of a chain based in western ukraine, bank workers took way the credit card terminal on his thursday, for now, business goes okay but the bosses here don't know what to expect in the coming days. business as cross eastern ukraine the management here have two key concerns whether they are going to continue to get access to goods from the west of the country, and whether their customers will find it ever more difficult to get access to cash
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to pay for them. one question now the extent to which russia will step in. more russian aid has been arriving through sunday. much of this convoy made up of parts and material to his repair the electricity inning fa infrae as winter sets in. >> translator: we hope russia won't forget us they can our brothers are humanitarian aid is critical. we don't only need equipment but medical supplies and food. the situation remains unchanged. the country is at war and the economy is basically destroyed. >> reporter: also renewing his appeal for russian help to take more territory. ukraine and nato say moscow is sending troops as well assayed across the board never recent days. the theory is that two months of shaky ceasefire could soon be replaced by a return to open, widespread conflict. harry faucet, al jazerra, donetsk. still to come in this half hour, we are going to have more on this man who could be set to become romania's youngest-ever
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president. and desperate for a place to call home. why adoption is out of reach for many of italy's child migrants.
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time now for a reminer of the top story heres on al jazerra. the u.s. government has confirmed the all then advertise at this of video which isil says shows the beheading of a u.s. aid worker. the armed group also says the footage shows the killing of 12 syrian soldiers.
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nigeria's army has retaken the town of chicago bo chibok fo haram. it was from there earlier this year that the group kidnapped more than 200 school girls. and new video has emerged of the moments after a malaysia airlines flight crashed in eastern ukraine, this as dutch investigators are allowed access to the wreck i believe site after months of delays. the g20 summit has wrapped up a all wit australia with a po boost the global economic growth by more than $2 trillion in the next five years. world leaders called for strong and effective action on climate change. they want a legally-backed protocol enforced by this time next year. no new money was pledged towards the fight against ebola, although they did vow to do all they can to extinguish the outbreak of the and russia's president vladimir putin made an early exit from the summit after a pretty icy reception from world leaders on over the crisis
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in ukraine, scott heidler has this report from brisbane. >> reporter: at the end of the two days, an ambitious plan was announced. one, would boost the global economy by $2 trillion, this would happen by increasing trade and vesting infra truck infra sl trouble ovevesting infra struct. >> real practical outcomes because of efforts that the g20 has made this year culminating in the last 48 hours people around the world will be better off and that's what it's all about. >> reporter: prime minister had said climate change would not be discussed at g20 but made it's way in to the plan. prime minister abbott stuck to his one promise that the official communique would only be three pages long but some feel what's in this document is going to be very difficult to implement. >> it's not a particularly actionable document. if you have to stuff in everything in to an arbitrary three pages, you inevitably say
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everything in generality. >> reporter: but with the leaders of the world's most powerful countries under one roof, ge gio politics entered te conversation and at times overshadowed it. rush's a involvement in ukraine was condemned. >> it's consequence we'll continue to maintain the economic isolation while maintaining the possibility of a diplomatic solution. it is not our presence to see russia isolated the way it is. >> reporter: but the much talked about confrontation between prime minister ab out and president vladimir putin never happened. >> translator: the ukrainian situation in my view, has a good chance of a resolution, no matter how strange it may sound. the sanctions hit both those who they are impose odd those who imposed them. late ithem. >> reporter: late in the days the leaders departed each with the task of selling these ideas for their domestic audience.
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the ongoing unrest in the middle east means that thousands of unaccompanied under 18s haves have arrived on italian shores this year many have since disappeared and it's feared they have fall then to prostitution or slave labors, family have asked to foster the children but italian bureaucracy means only a view in managed it. sue met some of the immigrants. >> reporter: a kick about between gambia, senegal, ghana, nigh ye area and egypt. all these youngsters made the contracting without parents or relatives. all hoping to be fostered by italian families. his family were killed in ethnic fighting in ghana, he fled to libya bow ballesteros you because robbedded up and forced to get on a boat. he didn't know where it was going or if he would survive. how many people on the boat? >> 120 people. on the boat crammed in. >> reporter: and so you didn't -- you didn't ask to get
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on the boat this. >> we didn't know anything. we didn't know where we were going, the boats back, we started going until morning i saw myself in the middle of the sea. i said god, is this how i am going end my life. i think i am going die. >> reporter: from senegal, he came over on a boat carrying 740 passengers. and he says over 100 were killed on board by the traffickers. he was beaten and put in hospital after being rescued. both his parents are dead and he's desperate for find a family to live with. >> i told them i want family, because i can live with family. if i want to be happy, i want family. when i see people with their family smiling i feel sad. i really feel sad balls i need my own family. >> reporter: over 1300 unaccompanied minors have arrived on italy's shored this year. over 3,000 have since disappeared. it's feared main have been forced in to prostitution or slave labor.
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this center has been home to 100 aged between 15 and 18. but promised funding from the interior ministry has failed to arrive. and it's being forced to close next tuesday. >> translator: for 11 months we have provide today these youngsters without getting a single euro, w we cannot do it anymore. we have provided to them to give them back the dignity that no one else has given them. >> reporter: thousands of people are still trying to cross the mediterranean to get here to europe from north africa just this week. this merchant vessel has just saved 200 eritreans, so knowledge januaries and libyans. now many italian families saying they want to take care some of the most vulnerable the uncompanied children, but italian bureaucracy is stopping it from happening to all but just a few. >> these kids like us need to be in a family. if there is a family that wants to foster a child they should speed up the bureaucracy.
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>> reporter: for many young these this house is the first time they have felt safe since fleeing their an country now they just want to start a normal life with a family to call their own. sue, al jazerra. four people killed by mudslides the mud slammed in to homes on both sides of the boree border. in italy a pensioner and his grand daughter were killed when landslides en gulfed their home. vote has closed in romania's presidential run hoff vote which has been zeina cross europe as a pivotal election. exit polls show that it's neck and neck. romania is one of the pourest countries in the european union, it shares a longboarder with troubled you rain and da doggedy allegations of corruption the favorite is the current mime
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pinster. the 50-year-old leader has broad support across the country. the main exit poll released 15 minutes ago put him on exactly 50%. that means that his con tiff opponent has also 50% of the vote. the 55-year-old from the center right national liberal party is currently mayor of the city and from the ethnic german minority. official says say the turn out was better than the first vote for weeks ago and expected to be far higher with the ex-patriots. many believed to favor johannes. there first enough for the first round. let's speak to natasha in the capital bucharest tell us more about the exit polls. how reliable are they?
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>> reporter: well, if you look at these ex-ill polls they show that the election race is very, very tight. actually, different exit polls give us different results, but according to what romanian national television says, the new president of this country is klaus. he's the candidate of the opposition, a candidate of the christian liberal alliance very close to the current president. these exit polls say that he has the support of 51.5% of the voters while the prime minister, victor, the social democrat got the support of 48.5% of the voters. but the first formal preliminary results are expected only tonight at 2:00 a.m. so if they confirm what these exit polls say, they would be a big change in romania and actually a big difference between this round and the first
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round where victor won by 10%. and that would mean that actually those people who stayed home and didn't vote on november 2nd, name came out and voted and made the difference. >> natasha christine from romania's capital bucharest natasha, thank you for that. now, to some it might just look like a hat. but this is a very special piece of head wear. its owner concurred most of europe which could have some idea why it sold for $2 million. richard martin reports. >> reporter: napoleon bonaparte was one of the greatest military generallies in history. as leader of france he concurred much of europe and he did so wearing one of these. his famous hat. it was sold today outside paris to a south korean collector for $2.2 million. almost four times more than its estimate. the black felt is a little
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weathered by age, and use. no one has actually worn the hat since it was received from the leader as a gift. >> translator: we know that there are very few of napoleon's hats left. approximately 120 of them. today we can document 19 of them and 17 of those are in museums. so this is unique. it's completely symbolic. >> reporter: it's part of a collection belonging to monaco's royal family. they are having a royal clear out to make way for the respiration of their palace. they wanted to make sure the items didn't stalocked behind closed doors. >> he understood at the time that a symbol was powerful that an army and under battlefields his enemies calling him bats because he has that silhouette, you know, with this hat. which was the only hat to be wore on that side because at that time the fashion was to
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wear the hats on the. [ inaudible ] and he was very unique to have this look. >> reporter: the collection contains dozens of treasurers originally own ed by napoleon. many ceremonial or gifts. others like the hat were saved from the heat of bat. the sale wail make millions for the family. and it proves the lasting as it nation around the world for france's controversial emperor. richard martin, al jazerra. well, a good party piece to talk about that hat anyway. you can find out more about the hat and everything else that we have been covering on al jazerra on our website, you can see it there, the address our top story, of course, the recent beheading of the u.s. aid worker peter kassig and other syrian aid workers that video released by isil in the past 24
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hours and actually has been authenticated by the u.s. government in the past few hours. lots more on that story and everything else on our website the address again, the in the remote jungles of myanmar lives the creature known for sen tire i as the life blood of the country's timber business business. >> since we use the elephant you don't need a rope. not like a hard, heavy duty machine. ♪