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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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>> this is al jazeera. >> hello and welcome to the news hour live from doha. i'm mar tee martine dennis. these are the stories we are covering this half hour. suspended following the kidnapping of a top army general. the town be with bad memories and no prospects, we have an exclusive report from an iraqi town recaptured from i.s.i.l. forces.
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and sold for more than $1 million. the big hat of the diminutive french emperor goes under the hammer. first, the nigerian government is seeking to extend emergency rule in three northeastern states for another six months. president goodluck jonathan says army commanders temporarily needed enhance powers to fight boko haram. the president first declared a state of emergency in may of last year. let's talk to a reporter from the nigerian capital abuja. is he likely the get the military rule? >> yes, is he.
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this requires the majority vote by lower house and the senate, we understand it's going to be tabled most likely on tuesday and wee have seen the margin assembly proble approve these extensions at least twice before. when goodluck jonathan first rolled out the state of emergency last year he explained to the nation that those extraordinary measures were needed to confront what he described as a declaration of war by boar boko haram and their attempts to overwhelm the government. it hasn't necessarily been effective in containing boko haram or impeding their actions. if anything it has disenfranchised the population, it has further discredited the military which doesn't seem to have the morale or even the correct or enough equipment to deal with this ongoing state of
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emergency. what the state of emergency means is that those three states continue to be active areas of military operation, it allows the military to carry out arrest and detain suspects and it also allows them to lock down these areas. >> we also have a problem haven't we of the elections due to be held in february and can people in these three states will they be able to vote and conditions be free and fair in order to constitute a credible election? >> well, as i just explained, under the state of emergency, you essentially have the military having the upper hand in the territory, controlling the military, lock downs are very frequent there to the movement of the population has been highly limited, even telecommunications is very poor in that area. one has to wonder what this state on the ground with the ongoing state of incurt with boko haram moving from hit and
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run attacks, towns and villages in the northeast. three states, the independent national commission seems to think, they will go ahead. how are people going to campaign in those areas where people going to even show up at voting stations that boko haram would even allow that to happen. and these areas of course have been highly, because of the ongoing instability and what the opposition says, those 5 million voters in the northeast, the majorities of them are likely going to possibly be opposition votes or votes against the president and the ruling party. so of course, the opposition here posing a question, if elections don't take place there or if they take place in limited areas in the northeast, how that will affect the credibility and the integrity of this vote, martine. >> keeping us up to date with developments in nigeria, thank you. the former president of the
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i've riz coasivory coast will gl for four counts of crimes against humanity. army colonel in the democratic republic of congo, one jailed for 20 years for killing mamadoon dalla. now, talks to end the civil war in colombia have been suspended after a senior army commander was kidnapped. reuben dalia al darte. our latin america editor lucia newman explains. >> the war between the colombian government and the farc rebels
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have one of the longest in the world. 2012 promised the chance of peace. but two years later, there's no agreement and now the kidnapping of an army general has led to the government suspending the talks altogether. general al sabe walked into farc territory wearing civilian clothing. >> unless they release the general the peace process is going to be suspended. we need olook now the response from. >> created the country's biggest guerilla group. the revolutionary or farc. drug trafficking that fuels its operations. in recent years many of the top rebel leaders have been captured or killed. and the farc's ranks have been
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depleted by half. the most recently negotiations between the government and the farc began in oslo, norway, two years ago. from there they moved to cuba where talks have focused on land ownership many the rights of victims, drug trafficking and the rebels reintegration into society. but one of the main challenges has been that the negotiations have been taking place while the conflict continues. the kidnapping of the general gives fresh ammunition to those who have been staunchly owned to the peace -- opposed to the peace process more difficult for president juan manuel santos to make any could b concessions toe rebels if and when the peace talks get back on track. it is hard to gauge how much of a setback this will mean in a cuj thacountry that has already withstood war for too long.
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lucia newman, al jazeera, santiago. many colombians are increasingly dissatisfied with the slow progress. 55 years of conflict. more than 5 million colombians have been internally displaced. around 150,000 flee their homes every year. now the u.s. and colombia itself accuse farc muc of using a multimillion dollar cocaine trade to fund its efforts. joining us live now from washington, d.c. thank you very much indeed for talking to us. lucia said in her report that it's far too soon to measure how much of a setback the suspension of talks are. but from your experience of this process do you think that it's
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likely that they can be revivedeeslrevivedeasily or doee recovery of this general? >> i think they can be revived. looking at the history of colombia, these talks were suspended on friday night and renewed on monday morning. that was over an issue where the farc thought the government had violated the agreement by pushing forward with a proposal in the congress to approve a referendum process when the decision to -- the decision over which process to -- would be used to ratify the agreements hadn't been decided yet. we looked at other peace processes around the world, suspending the talks over some event, some trigger event that happens is quite usual as peace processes move forward and look like they're going to have some
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success. there are many people who have threatened an end to war. people on both sides, both within the parties themselves and i think it's important to recognize that neithe that neitc nor the government are unified around the peace process. each have strong contenders at the table in havana. they have had serious successes since they started the conversations two years ago. they've reached agreement on a number of things on land reform, on political participation, on drugs and illicit crops. they are looking forward to the end of the conflict which are really the last two substantive issues. they are moving forward steadily and making progress. >> it sounds very much as if the process in havana is yielding positive results. but how can they really hope to conclude some sort of peace formula? , all thall the while that the e
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process continues on the ground? >> we are seeing the consequences of not having a bilateral ceasefire agreement in place. if you look at objective facts, we don't know what the objective facts are right now. there are many questions that are pending. we don't know why the general went into this area. we don't know why he was unarmed and in civilian clothing. we don't know why he went down river when he was advised specifically not to go there, it was a red zone. president santos has raised these questions and i'm sure they'll be looking for the answers to these questions. but there have been an answer by juan carlos pincon, and president sarnts ha santos has g with it, what they established was a kidnapping. there is a little bit of
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difference between what is considered a kidnapping, maybe it's hair-splitting but during the time of war when the parties detain somebody it's considered oftentimes to be -- the person is considered if they're a military person to be a legitimate target in a time of war. there was one civilian involved here, a woman, yah orego, who was -- a woman, gloria orego, so there was a civilian involved. that would constitute a kidnapping. the military would not. they would constitute technically by the geneva conventions, a prisoner -- they would be cooled as prisoners of -- constituted as prisoners of war. how do you identify this action? when there's a war going on and there's no ceasefire there are sircht protocoldifferent protoch
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what's allowed or not allowed. >> i'm going to have to jump in there, we have run out of time. thank you very much indeed for joining us. >> thank you. >> virginia bouvier. a palestinian bus driver was found handing on sunday night. large crowds gathered for the funeral of 32-year-old youssef al rumi. there have been tensions in jerusalem over his death because his family believes he was murdered. at thement t stefanie derek reports. iie dekker
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reports. >> she was a very well loved man, didn't differentiate between jews and palestinians. he worked hard to provide for his family. no one here believe no foul play was involved. skirmishes here from protesters and police, nothing big. we do know that there has been a lot of tension, with these kind of incidents, so it will be key to see what the reaction is on tv. but at the moment, no major protesters break out, a very unclear picture what happened to him. two different narratives, certainly the palestinian authority will be key to keep things calm. in'. >> i.s.i.l. fighters in syria and iraq. in the besieged town of kobani.
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some commanders were killed in kobani on sunday. i.s.i.l. have been pushed out of tus kamatu. a small town outside kii kirkuk. imran khan has our exclusive report. >> has nowhere to go and incorporate to stay. when shelter indiscriminately destroying her house. the men in her family tried to fight back but without backup they were overrun. >> i.s.i.l. attacks us in the early hours of the morning. they swept the houses in the village and looked for those who resisted them. they stormed the house and executed them. i managed to escape in an underground hole. after two days i got out with my grandchildren only to see our
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houshouse was burned down. >> what happened next. >> translator: we have lost 22 men from our family. we have been displaced for more than three months. our family has been scattered. some to the north of iraq others to the south. the rest just outside of kirkuk. after the village was libertied, some of us came bac lib liberat. >> in september, iraq's army came in to fight i.s.i.l, more shelling and pitch street battles scared the town further. with so much focus placed on winning the war against i.s.i.l. very little thought has been given to what happens next. now iraqi army tactic is to go into a town, clear it of i.s.i.l. fighters and then hold
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that town. but what that means for residents the very few that remain is that they live in squalor and the ones that come back take a look at what's left and wonder what will happen next. graffiti supporting i.s.i.l. still covers the walls here, for now children explore the wreckage while the adults do a return here to assess the damage can only feel despair. they have no idea when they can rebuild, when they can rush home or what help the government will give them. imran khan, al jazeera, baghdad. >> two separate car bombings in the iraqi capital have killed few and injured dozens in addition. mostly sunni area of amarea. a yemeni tribesmen trying to defend are oil facilities from
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houthi fighters, to keep al qaeda from controlling the facilities but the local tribesmen say that's just a smoke screen for houthi rebels to claim more territory. still to come on this news hour. a stadium full of supporters in australia but not everyone's impressed with india's prime minister. shanghai aims to become an international financial center by linking up with hong kong. >> i'm richard par here in doha looking at the future of squash, following a historic merger. >> a dmoik dispute i diplomatice
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gulf, saudi arabia, bahrain, and the united arab emirates removed their disagreement, saying qatar was interfering with their affairs. buffer zone in the sinai peninsula. hundreds of homes have already been demolished as the authorities attempt to stop the mug lin -- smuggling of fighter, doubled to one kilometer. al jazeera continues to demand the release of our three journalists who have now been jailed in egypt for 324 days. peter greste, mohamed fahmy and baher mohamed are falsely accused of helping the outlawed muslim brotherhood. they're appealing against their convictions. ffahmy and greste is were given seven years and mohamed was given an extra three years for
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the spent bullet in his possession. natasha guinane reports. >> the battle over libya has left benghazi ooh afternoon embattled city. fighters loyal to his conservative militia control libya's second largest city. but authorities continue their mission to reclaim begis bengha. on sunday al hasi pleaded for international assistance oto help people struggling to survive. >> we call on the red cross to salvage the city by providing crews specialized in recovering dead bodies, medical crews to attend to the injured as a result of war, relief supplies and above all to mediate between
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the two conflicting parties to put an end to the war in and around the city. >> reporter: the u.n. mission had been looking for a way to find political consensus. but earlier this month a supreme court ruling scuttled any process. the judges ruled that the elected parliament forced into exile in tobruk should lay down their weapons. with no talk of negotiating it appears the fighting will not stop any time soon. is natasha guinane, al jazeera. unnamed woman was attacked by a group of men who accused her of dressing indecently. katherine sawyer reports now
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from nier. nairobi. >> men demanded the, protest was treated by the stripping of a woman last week by men who say she was dressed offensively. since then, two other women are said to have been undressed in public by rowdy men. one of the incidents happened, the police are under pressure to make arrests but the woman who was assaulted has not filed a report yet. and other formal complaints investigators don't have much to go with. >> probably traumatized right now. she went through a lot of humiliation. now we are trying to bring her out by doing such things we are supporting her, actually, the campaign is my dress my choice because her dress was ripped off from her. >> based on how an african woman should dress taken center stage.
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took to the street in protest, they say women must not dress pro vok tifl. at some point the -- pro vok provocatively. each trying to get their points across. >> we women must dress different and on the other side, other women say their right to dress however they want must be respected. >> even away, the nudity is not my choice to counter the pro-women's campaign, women should know that freedom have limitations. >> until the society matures enough then argument for infinite freedom is the not here nor there. >> translator: this argument is popular with many men. can't allow women to allow dress the way they want, it's what
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gets them raped, this man says. opinion over how a woman should dress may be divided but many 83 it is no justification to publicly undress anyone because of what they decided to aware. katherine soy, al jazeera, nairobi. >> 200 arrests were made in mom bamombassa. 21-year-old man was shot dead as he tried to throw a grenade at officers. >> burkina faso, face sanctions, michel casander's appointment must be approved by the highest court. >> it's a busy day for charles, burkina faso has a new interim
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president, a civilian. people want to know all about this candidate. the army hand he over power to a civilian. >> i think he is going to lead the transition as many people are hoping. we wish him all the best. >> burkina faso is a poor country. many people here want things to change quickly. >> people here have high expectations. we know that he will be in charge for one year, economy builds jobs and build better health care facilities. the ebola outbreak in mali is another concern for some. >> translator: mali is just next door and ebola is there. our hope is that the government will be found quickly so they put in place measures to keep ebola from coming here. >> prime minister job can go to a civilian or a soldier. some political analysts say they won't be surprised if it's the latter. >> what it is clear now is that
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the army is still present and the army was playing in control, it steps back for now, that there are 25 members of the army who will be seated in the national transitional council. and maybe the prime minister will also be a member of the army. so i guess the army has sent an important message. we helped you to get through the viccrisis. we managed to keep the country calm and quiet. they managed the negotiation now they're stepping back but i think the army will keep an important role. >> it's going to be a busy week, kathando will be sworn in on friday and then members of congress will be be picked. haru matasa, al jazeera, woog
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ouagadougo. >> still to come, saving the lives of premature babes in senegal. >> i'm daniel lak lack. as this country tries to get its controversial oil sands to theto market, there are concerns that the effort could damage the environment. >> and these folks couldn't quite believe what they were seeing. achievement of human ingenuity. >> three years late... fleet grounding... fires on the airplane... >> they're short changing the engineering process...
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>> from engineering to the factory floor... al jazeera investigates broken dreams: the boing 787 only on al jazera america
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real reporting that brings you the world. giving you a real global perspective like no other can. real reporting from around the world. this is what we do. al jazeera america.
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is. >> another six months. president jonathan said, army commanders temporarily needed enhanced powers to fight boko haram. united states is 31 coalition air strikes that have targeted air strikes in syria and iraq
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since friday. most of the attacks on friday were aimed at the besiegeing kobani. to be defeated. russia's president also said both sides need to make concessions for a floundering ceasefire deal to succeed. asset freezes and travel bans on ukrainian separatists. target separatists. and several polish diplomats have been expelled from russia for spying. relations between moscow and members of the european union union are strained because of the ongoing crisis in ukraine. more than 100,000en chickens and ducks are being destroyed following discovery of separate cases of pictured flu in the netherlands and u.c.
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little risk of human contamination. simon mcgregor woods reports. >> they will destroy all 150,000 chickens on site as a precaution. a preclusion zone has been established and further samples have been taken away for analysis. >> i was born here. in this beautiful area and i hope it will stay clean. intensive farming with 150,000 chicken sht should never have bn allowed here. >> reporter: dutch authorities confirm this is the highly contagious strain of bird flu. it can spread very quickly among the bird population. its most recent outbreak led to the destruction of millions of birds. this european outbreak first appeared in germany on november
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the 4th. the dutch have established a 72 hour ban, the european commission met in brussels on monday and may come up with additional measures to prevent the virus spreading across europe. >> we think the cause is linked to migratory patterns of wild birds bu but that's not certain. in the netherlands, authorized have agreed to block export of poultry products. >> different strain of bird flow wafluwas discovered there. they have not ruled out a connection between this outbreak and the one in the netherlands. >> different 8ian strain, all of them require close contact between birds and people. this particular strain on what we know so far, public health
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england has a said the train is very low. >> commercial implication it will exportsd 6 billion eggs a year. authorities across europe of asking farmers to be extra-vigilant for signs of sickness among their bird stocks. simon mcgregor wood, al jazeera. >> environmentalists are warning of the possibilities of a catastrophic oil spill and alarmed using a pipeline decades old. from toronto, daniel lack has the story. >> crude oil from the west of the country will soon run through a pipeline built 38 years ago, to carry lighter oils. it will flow near neighborhoods parks and this primary school. earlier this year students and teachers made a youtube video called look what's coming down the line about the pipeline next
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to their playground. >> lots of kids travel through the pathway behind us every day on their way to and from school and probably have never considered the sign that notes that there is a high-pressure oil pipeline here. >> line 9 as it is called is a crucial link between canada's producing regions and oil markets. it will start to flow with crude very soon but its route remains troubling for many. >> many feel the 9 line possibility of a spill, do add fears. near the united states it happened in 2010. >> these are all pumper trucks, pumping the crude out of the river into holding tanks. >> heather rocco says she will never forget that day when heavy crude oozed into the kalamazoo river. >> i was fearful for myself, i was fearful for my animals an we didn't have the answers.
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apparently, the pipeline had leaked for several hours at that point. but we were not aware of it. >> it was the biggest inland oil spill ever in the u.s. and the pipeline owner organized a massive cleanup. it cost billions of dollars and took four years. the company says valuable lessons were learned. >> we wanted to make sure when the project was complete and we were done that the river would be in as-good shape or better than it was before and also we can assure people that we are taking again these steps to not allow this to happen again. >> a country so dependent on oil experts can ill afford to owes all means of accessing markets, that canadians want to be assured that what happens beneath their communities will stay in the appliance and not poison the waters. daniel lak, al jazeera, toronto.
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a sales tax increase a key element of the government's economic plan is go ahead blamed. another scheduled tax rise is expected to be delayed. >> when making the decision on the tax like, we need to be careful not to slow down the economic recovery. what's most important is not to let it go back to the deflation. >> the return of recession piles on shinnzo abe. high attempt to reduce the economy known as abenomics. not just in china but internationally. the shanghai stox exchange stocs linked. from hong kong rob mcallister bride reports.
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>> counting down to the launch with simultaneous ceremonies in hong kong and shanghai. billions of dollars of cross border investments can be traded in both directions every day. moving southward offshore investments from china's growing population of investors.
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>> inspired bying kangaroos
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nonetheless is saving many of their lives. nicholas hawk reports from the capital, da ca. >> these twin girls were born too early. >> we haven't given them names yet. we love them too much.
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>> skin to skin contact is not new to africa. buttinbut placing a baby often s front is. >> it wasn't easy, we had to convince mothers, a lot of questions. we explained how underweight babies need body heat to grow. >> reporter: the method was introduced into senegal some 16 months ago. premature babies are now three times more likely to survive. >> still take a look at this latest figure. over a million babies in subsloorsubsubsaharan africa.
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>> progress is slow. here in senegal they are now introducing the kangaroo method out of the hospitals, in villages, where people need this the most. nicholas hawk. al jazeera senegal. indiana's prime minister has been given a rock star welcome. narendra modi. andrew thomas reports. >> for organizers of a much hyped political rally sunday, the night before, was a chance to celebrate what was to come. >> who's going to see narendra modi tomorrow? >> this preevent was held in harris park. more than half the number of people living in the suburb in the west of the city were born
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in india. and these had tickets for the hottest show in town. the new indian prime minister narendra modi's stadium appearance in australia. >> he is a hope for those in india, he is a hope for people who expect a new india. >> not every indian australian is enthusiastic. he thinks modi's nationalist wjp party secludes those who aren't hindu. >> fear everybody not only with the hindus not only with the sikhs. treat everybody the same. >> on monday sini took part in a small demonstration about modi's visit. big questions to answer over his massacre of muslims in gujarat
1:44 pm
state. more than 16,000 had tickets for seats inside to see the first indian prime minister to visit australia in 28 years. this stadium is normally the venue for sports and music events. poaferposters of katy perry. the political superstar that he's become. >> good for india, we should show our love and respect for him. >> people love him. people love him. i love him. >> reporter: inside the stadium modi received a rapturous welcome and gave an inspirational speech about a clean are fairer india. from australia he said he would take a lesson home. >> here in australia they talk a doctor the same way as they talk to a driver, they show the same
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>> are have to raise awareness
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of the west africa ebola crisis, one of them is a new vefertion oversion ofthe band aid song, "w it's christmas?" ♪ ♪ >> it was released earlier on monday and has already raised millions of dollars. the original version of the song was recorded 3 decades ago using famous singers then to raise funds for famine victims in ethiopia. the other tune is an african produced one. ♪ ♪ ♪ so it's not just about raising money, this one. this is also about trying to stop the virus's spread because the song's lyrics actually talk about how to recognize symptoms and how to protect yourself from ebola.
1:48 pm
well, carlos is co-producer and co-writer of the song. >> we understand that the main problem is the contagiousness of the disease and how to contain it. and the only way to contain the disease is by changing the behaviors associated with ebola transmission. this has to do with hygiene but more importantly it is to do with the treatment of the dead bodies, touching the sick people, and so forth. so the idea of the song is to convey a message of prevention. it's like sending fireman to put out a fire. you can send many firemen to put out a fire but if you don't address the fire itself or the cause of the fire the fire will continue to grow. so we're looking to raise some funds that will go to medicines sans frontiers, the raising of
1:49 pm
the funds, we will be very thankful for the public who want to contribute and want to buy the song. however what we really need and what we really want is the song to be played on radio. local radio stations across africa, across west africa, on tv, online, on youtube and so forth. really the message goes across and we help change behaviors associated with these transmission of the disease. >> time for all the sports. andy. >> thank you so much, martine. the man in charge of cricket has been cleared of crungs charges,n charges, associated with indian premier league. report does say that shrinavasan
1:50 pm
knew about voilting the cod viof conduct but took no action. 243 to 3, tom laver finished the day unbeaten on 137, this his second consecutive 100. pakistan one up in this series. now the world's best two footballers are getting ready for a rare international game. face each other in manchester. old trafford, only the second time a pair have met in an international. previous meeting was 2011 when both scored a 2-1 victory for argentina. the oldettes feature in international football is getting ready for its 112th
1:51 pm
edition. england will play scotland for first time in 15 years. england have won all four games, while scotland have a decent chance to make their way, over the republican of ireland. >> i would think most of england players will be looking forward to this game. absolutely. i think this, it's one that will -- they know it's going to be competitive, they know it's going to be an atmosphere and great players enjoy that, great players. >> u.s. federal agents play a surprise visit to federal agents on friday. san francisco 49ers tampa bay buck whbuccaneers, and group ofr players have sued the league, claiming they were illegally given painkillers to keep them
1:52 pm
playing. >> the nfl intentionally overdrugged their players to get them out on the field, when they were hurt and shouldn't be playing. and they used drugs to mask the pain, they hid severe injuries from players. in order to get them on the field. and they put profits before players. >> now, squash hasn't given up hope of one day becoming an olympic sport. last year they were turned down for a third successive game. never featured in the history of the olympics. as richard par reports. >> squash wanted to be the olympics. last year, squash missed out for the 2020 games but there could be a glimmer of hope. >> the executive board meeting in december and i think thomas barkin the new president of the ioc is kin to put his mark on
1:53 pm
it. so he's look at maybe a refresh of the program and who knows what that might imail. entail. >> that means in january for the first time ever the sport will be run by one governing body, the professional squash association. one of the first aims is to equal the prize money for men and women. last year nick matthew earns $26,000 more for winning a men's world title than women's laura masaro. >> i support it and those who voted for it. in the search for equal prize money it's only equal if i guess the women's game goes proportionately and meets the men where it currently is or even further ideally rather than us coming down to meet them halfway. that's not where we want to go. >> along with one governing body, the professional squash
1:54 pm
administration, olympic inclusion, a peak audience of 1 million people in britain watched matthew become commonwealth games champion earlier this year in glas gow. . glaglasgow.over 1 million amerig the support. in terms of numbers, the stakes have really grown in terms of squash as well, they are waiting for someone to make that break through to help the game grow outside of the college and junior scene they just need someone to take it forward. >> even if the 2020 program doesn't change squash will again bid for 2024 games as they continue to rally for olympic inclusion. rich shapar, al jazeera, doha.
1:55 pm
>> club in andalusia is the laidest to integratio embrace f. this was the first ever europa cup tournament. it is a sport like golf but played with your feet and a football. >> ists all about deflecting. you have to train. if you have a good shot that's not enough. you have to be a good input, good shot but also you have to think. it's a mind game. >> that is ogame i want to play. >> love to see it as well. thank you andy. now, napoleon bonaparte, a famously diminutive figure, he was known as the little emperor. but now his hat is sold at auction and for no small sum. viched martirichard martin repo.
1:56 pm
>> nanapoleon bonaparte captured europe wearing one of these his famous bicorn hat. sold for 2.2 million, the black felt is a little weathered for age and use, has not worn the hat since napoleon's r counterpardon received one of them. >> this is unique. it is completely symbolic. >> part of a napoleonic collection, by the grimaldis. they wanted to be sure that the
1:57 pm
item didn't stay locked behind closed doors. >> butterfield's his enemies called him the bat because he has that silhouette with this hat. which was the only hat to be worn on that side, because at that time the fashion was to wear the hat on the colon and he wore the hat bataille and he was very unique to have that look. >> dozens of treasures originally owned by napoleon. others like the lat were saved from the heat of battle. the sale will make millions for grimaldi family and i proves the lasting fascination around the world for france's controversial emperor. richard martin, al jazeera. >> that's all from me for today but do stay with al jazeera,
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because busc barbra serra is ine wings.
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>> the battle against boko haram intensifies as nigeria's government seeks to extend emergency rule in three northern states. president goodluck jonathan says the army needs lanced powers to defeat the armed group. hello there i'm barbara serra, you're watching al jazeera live from london. after the abduction of a top army general. the horrors of war we hear from the residents of a town recently recaptured fro