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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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♪ >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello from al jazeera headquarters in doha this is the news hour and coming up, in the next 60 minutes israel vows to respond harshly after four are killed in a knife attack in a synagogue in jerusalem. exclusive look at the battle against isil in iraq inside the city that could bring the fighters in striking distance to baghdad and also this hour we report from the mexican town where most people have fled and are too scared to show their
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faces on camera plus. ♪ a new version of an old classic but some say the song about ebola is just patronizing. ♪ we begin this news hour with a developing story out of israel, the popular front for the liberation of palestine or pflp is having an attack in jerusalem leaving four dead and two men believed to be palestinians carried out the attack and shot dead by israel police and we are with the senior leader in the popular front from palestine and on the line from gaza and thank you for speaking to us. first of all, can you confirm your group was behind this attack this morning in west jerusalem?
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[indiscernible] . >> reporter: once again just to clarify do you claim responsibility for the attack on the synagogue in jerusalem, "yes" or "no"? >> we believe that those people in the situation --
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[indiscernible] . >> reporter: it's not definite you are behind the attack but the palestinians in the attack belong to your group, am i right in saying this? >> no, no, this is very good and [indiscernible] . >> we are going to have to leave it there unfortunately the line with you in gaza is not very clear and that was the senior pflp leader joining us live from gaza. we also will be live in west jerusalem in just a moment and first let's look at how the events unfolded in west jerusalem and here is garald tan's report. >> reporter: this is a scene of another attack and this time at a synagogue in north in an orthodox jewish neighborhood, according to israeli place they
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came in and believed to be palestinians from east jerusalem. >> the units were dispatched and responded at the scene and shot and killed the two terrorists and the area is quarantined off to make sure there are no further terrorists. >> reporter: the attack took place at a holy site will likely provoke further anger, in the past month violence surged in areas of israel and the occupied palestinian territories, just on sunday a palestinian bus driver was found hanged inside a vehicle in jerusalem and israeli police show autopsy reports show he committed suicide but the victim's family and palestinians suspect foul play. >> the pattern has been set by israeli authorities and by their violent and terrorist settlers who are attacking palestinians and places in jerusalem for
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quite some time now and we have been warning the leadership has been warning all along against these such behaviors. >> reporter: at the heart of the dispute access to a landmark religious compound sacred to both jews who call it temple mount and muslims who call it al-shariff and continue building of illegal settlements and benjamin netanyahu says he will respond to tuesday's attack with a heavy hand all continuing a cycle of violence, both sides blame each other for. gerald tan, al jazeera. let's cross to stephanie decker in east jerusalem at the scene of the attack and stephanie what is the latest from where you are? >> reporter: that is the synagogue just down the road from us, a heavy security present here and also many people outside, you can see the
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crowd is further down, a lot of anger here of course at what has happened, the fact that two attackers managed to get inside the synagogue and kill four people, that is confirmed and two policemen also in there and others and police are stepping up their presence and not just this area but east jerusalem and we spoke to the spokesperson niki who you heard from the report and from the ground and intelligence level there is concern this could escalate and certainly speaking to people here they were saying death to arabs and people are praying outside that synagogue, what happened here at 7:00 in the morning with prayers two men came in holdings axes, knives and we are told a pistol and a fire fight also with police and which is why they got injured in that event but certainly a concern the fact that two people managed to get in a synagogue and inflammatory as we see from
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the ground here. >> quite significant as you say and this is happening in all tra orthodox neighborhood from jerusalem and we heard from netanyahu's vow to respond harshly with a heavy hand, what is that going to translate into on the ground do you think? >> reporter: further upping of security presence on the ground and we spoke to one man on the ground and wanted them to go back and the army to come in and that is not the case at the moment but we know if there is an escalated police presence there already is a huge presence especially in the neighborhood of east jerusalem over the last few weeks because of tension and blips in the sky and taking footage of the ground and a helicopter above as well and we know it will translate into anger on pal t palestinian side it's a two-sided conflict and two stories and difficult to
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appease one and not the other. what people will tell you is they want hash measures and one man saying he wanted all palestinians to be kicked out of jerusalem and the kind of language we are hearing and it's extremely concerning and palestinians have issues and say they live under an occupation, they want to be able to live like anyone else so it's a really spiral of violence we are seeing now that is hugely concerning and we will have to see how it plays out and nothing is predictable in this region but right now extremely tense and volatile situation. >> thank you very much, stephanie decker reporting live from outside the synagogue in west jerusalem. a great deal of reaction already to this incident this morning in west jerusalem, prime minister benjamin netanyahu says israel will respond harshly to the synagogue attack and says the violence is a direct result from the insightment led by hamas as well as president of the palestinian authority abbas and
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he brazpraised the attack at th mosque but president abbas condemned killing offensi civil from any sight and john kerry said it's an act of pure terror and more in london where john kerry is right now and tell us more about what john kerry had to say. >> reporter: secretary kerry arrived in london on monday night ahead of a crucial talks in vienna and nuclear talks is the top of the agenda and would have dominated the meetings here on london on tuesday instead events intervened in jerusalem and he held a breakfast meeting with phillip and after which he spoke to the media and said our hearts go out for all israelis for the atrocity of the event and all reminders of history that come with it. a brutal act of pure terror he
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said and called on the palestinian leadership to condemn the attack. take a listen. >> i call on the palestinian leadership at every single level to condemn this in the most powerful terms. this violence has no place anywhere and particularly after a discussion that we had just the other day in amman where the prime minister of israel flew to amman and sat down with the custodion of jordan and went to the extent of restoring in absolute terms the status quo with respect to the management of that mount including the lowering of the age, taking away any age limits on people who could visit, guarantying they were peaceful, completely uninterrupted visits over the weekend and to have this kind of act which is a pure result of insightment, of calls for days
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of rage, of just irresponsibility is unaccessible. >> reporter: this attack today comes as spain's parliament is set to hold a symbolic vote recognizing a palestinian state of similar move is expected in france, britain has already done so we know, what do these moves suggest as far as europe's reaction or europe's position vis-a-vis? >> a motion by socialist to recognize the state of palestine and it's thought in the debate the ruling conservatives are likely to give their support and there will, in fact, be a vote next week. they would follow on from events last week from british and irish parliament and both voted to recognize the palestinian state and binding the votes and not binding on government policy but
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sweden recognized them as statehood. what does it show? it shows a continuing effort on the part of the parties back to the middle east to the negotiating table and continuing frustration at the status quo and lack of progress and continuing escalations as we have seen on tuesday morning. >> thank you very much, johnna live in london and we will check in amman jordan and crucial to negotiations between israelis and palestinians and secretary of state john kerry as john mentioned was in amman a few days ago with israeli prime minister as well as the palestinian president and though did not meet at the same time all three of them. what is jordan's position right now in light of the resent events and today's attacks, what is their reaction?
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>> well, right now there is no reaction from the jordan government. we have tried to reach out to several officials, spokespeople to try to get a sense of how the feeling here among officials is after waking up to the news in jerusalem and more violence but our calls and messages are being ignored until now. i think perhaps there is a feeling of embarrassment, even frustration because the meeting that took place last thursday really between netanyahu and king abdullah and john kerry felt like a breakthrough, just hours after the meeting we saw israel making a decision to lift all restrictions on palestinian worshippers to enter the mosque where jordan has guardianship to perform friday prayers and that really is what ignited this latest conflict between israelis and palestinians and the feeling was that things were going to go well from there. now it looks as if it's almost
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next to impossible for a country like jordan to be part of a resolution of the ongoing violence that is happening now. jordan has always condemned the violence, has always tried to do something to bring both sides together to contain it and hasn't really been successful in the past. there is also a question to be asked about who and how is this conflict going to be resolved. the problem with east jerusalem particularly is that the palestinians don't have a representative and john kerry and abudlla can talk to abass and tell him to contain violence and to work hard on preventing it from spiralling out of control. but at the end of the day the palestinian president has real jurisdiction, power and authority in the west bank only, not in east jerusalem which is where we are seeing most of the violence and which is becoming
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very difficult to control but according to the jordan people if you ask them at any time they will tell you it's not that they are defending the actions of palestinians but they would say palestinians are aggravated, they are frustrated, they are fed up with the fact they don't have a state. and that this israeli occupation is ongoing. yesterday we heard a comment from the jordan prime minister who said there has to be a way to force israel to accept international law and legitimacy because it's unfair for the palestinian people to be the only nation in the world without a state. >> thank you very much and live for us in amman. there is much more ahead on the al jazeera news hour, on the road to damascus, how one group of fighters is making gains in syria, war plus the u.s. state of missouri set to decide if a police officer should be charged with shooting dead an unarmed black teenager, who is the host
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with the most and barcelona and eugene find out who has won the right to host the championship. ♪ we want to take you to iraq now where government forces are fighting a crucial battle with isil fighter and let's go live to khan who is following the story from baghdad and why is this such an important battle? >> reporter: well, the town itself is on the border with anbar and if it falls it will expose the baghdad airport and the outskirts of baghdad and it has come under pressure from isil fighters and mounted attacks from the west to the city and in recent weeks they begun to attack from the south. the iraqi army has control of another town slightly further
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south from anmaria which they took control of isil fighters and they are moving toward anmaria from the south and taking on isil fighters and active and putting pressure on anmaria itself and this is the first time we have been able to take a look at that fighting so let's take you inside the battle for this of anmaria. there are explosive devices in a bid to push back iraq's army, this is the only way of dealing with that threat. this is iraq's countryside leading to the south and anmaria leading to the west and baghdad. the army pushes further into the farmlands to fight isil and stop them from using the land as cover. [gunfire] on monday iraqi forces took control of villages in the area and this crucial bridge. >> we are standing behind the bridge that links the town to
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anmaria and it was demolished two months ago by isil and cutting supply lines from both towns and now we have retaken the villages to the destroyed bridge and pushed isil out of villages moving closer to anmaria town. >> in control of large parts of anbar providence anmaria is crucial and it's the last town before baghdad airport and know isil fighters have the kind of webry that could threaten commercial airport and from the airport and baghdad and outskirts come to isil reach and from the road you see the terrain this takes place in and are villages that provide hiding places for isil and often houses are taken over by them. [gunfire] security forces fire into them to set off explosives that may have been left behind. then when they reach a village with isil fighters it's time to
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hunker down and fight it out and sometimes isil pushes the army back and sometimes the army wins either way the fight continues and guarantying security of that town remains the top priority of this army unit. >> there is the on going fighting in iran and what is the latest on the front and who is in control of the refinery? >> well, what we are hearing in the last hour, iraqi forces have moved inside the oil refinery of beji and in control of parts of it and have been since june but isil controlled other parts of it and moved from the town of beji 15 kilometers away and took that town 3-4 days ago and clearing the countryside and now moved into the refinery itself but facing a very tough battle, what isil has done is common tactic for isil on the run and move out in the countryside using the cover you might have seen in the package that we just
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run and then defense but what is happening is they have also boobietrapped large parts of the oil refinery itself and the army has to be careful with ied and roadside bombs on the roads leading to the oil refinery so it's a very slow process but the iraqi army say they are very confident this is a crucial oil refinery and battling for it for at least 3 1/2 weeks now and hopefully what they say is they will take the oil refinery completely, be able to secure it and that will knock out a very crucial revenue street for isil for millions of dollars. >> in baghdad, thank you. in syria at least 13 people have been killed in the isil controlled town in northeast aleppo province anvideo shows destruction of the attack. government helicopters reportedly dropped two barrel bombs overnight. opposition rebels in syria losing territory to government forces, isil and the al-qaeda
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linked front and making gains in the southern corner of the country and we explain why. >> reporter: it is a short drive from the province to the capitol and why rebels are calling their offensive in this corner of syria the road to damascus. unlike in other battle fronts across the country here in the south the opposition is taking ground from government forces. commanders say this is because unlike in other areas rebels here have not turned their guns on each other, at least not yet. >> translator: it's a valid question people are asking, why here is gains and losses elsewhere? and there are some organizations that are not syria. here there is a degree of unity. >> reporter: rebel commander was refers to the al-nusra and al-qaeda branch and operate under joint command and call themselves the southern front
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and earlier this month al-nusra pushed strong holds in the northwest of the country and here men are cooperating with other factions but there are concerns it may change. >> translator: the free syrian army and al-nusra fight battle together and incorporate and despite that people are worried there could be internal strife just like in the north. >> reporter: resent gains provided rebels with weapons abandoned by government forces but say they also have another source, borders jordan and where they bring in weapons from what they call supporting countries and helps them take the territory in the province and rebels advancing to the southern countryside of damascus. some activists believe the international community wants to use the southern front to pressure the government into talks. the state lost strategic important battles here but the war is far from over and for the rebels this fight is not just about winning territory, it is
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about preserving their struggle, this is their last stand and it happens to be where the uprising began. i'm with al jazeera, beirut. >> in afghanistan a truck bomb has exploded at a base of foreign forces in kabul killing two security guards and talibon claimed responsibility for attack on the eastern outskirts of kabul and the police said investigations are underway and early reports suggest the explosives were hidden under sand in the back of the truck. al jazeera continues to demand release of our three journalists now in jail in egypt for 325 days, greste and fahmy and mohamed and appealing against convictions and each sentenced to seven years in prison and may home given additional three years for having a spent bullet in his possession which he picked up at a protest. the u.s. fate of missouri has
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declared a state of emergency as a grand jury decides if a police officer will be charged for the shooting and killing of an unarmed black teenagers, the incident in august led to violent protests in the town of ferguson from where john hendron reports now. >> reporter: ferguson, missouri on alert and the governor issued a state of emergency for the city calling national guard troops and added police from neighboring cities including st. louis. >> we do not want to make this look like it's a militarization of our police department or and we want to make sure people know these cops are there to keep peace and they are not there to clash with protesters. >> reporter: demonstrators too are preparing for a show down taking to the streets to urge a grand jury to charge a local police officer who fatally shot an unarmed teen with a crime. the august death of 18-year-old
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michael brown drew thousands of protesters to the streets along with police in combat gear and protests that have sometimes spun out of control. >> michael brown. >> reporter: the new normal for business in ferguson, missouri is slow like a glacier. >> and since all the riots and all the stuff going on business has been cut in half. >> reporter: to help struggling businesses in this economically depressed town local organizers was buy black for ferguson day and may not be heavily organized. >> it doesn't make a difference for me, it's for the first time. >> reporter: but it does have supporters here. >> i believe that that is a very good idea to support businesses in your community therefore you can create more jobs in the community for people that are here so i think that is a very good idea. >> reporter: the idea was to take the tragedy of ferguson and do something positive with it
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and take local money and pump it into black owned local businesses like these but the over all effect of shootings has been damaging from the business in town than one day of shopping can help. >> if we don't get the decision we are looking for i definitely think the businesses are going to suffer and the people are going to make a lot of noise. >> what is the decision you're looking for? >> we need to charge this guy and get the brown family the justice they deserve. >> reporter: if the grand jury doesn't deliver their version of justice they already made clear what the result will be. >> who do you serve, who do you protect. >> reporter: john with al jazeera in ferguson, missouri. we want to bring you pictures from tokyo in japan where the prime minister called a snap election two years after taking office. he also announced that he would delay a plan in the nation sales
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tax to 10% until april 2017. the japanese prime minister calling a snap election after the japanese economy unexpectedly slipped into recession in the third quarter. this was yesterday and now they are calling a snap election just two years after taking office. all right, time for a look at the global weather forecast with stef and keeping a close watch on central europe where there has been flooding. >> that is right and we have been talking about this all month and the rain keeps coming and looking at the satellite picture this is the latest batch of cloud swirling across parts of europe and again the same region where we saw the worst of the weather that is the eastern parts of france through southern switzerland and northern italy as well and we have more pictures this time from the southern parts of switzerland slowing flooding we have seen and this time torrential rain
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has mud slides and destroyed some homes and several roads as well and causing major problems and it's not really a surprise if you look at the vast quantities of rain we have seen in the month. in fact, in the southern parts of switzerland some say 684 mill millimeters in the month and how much rain we expect in november and that is 147 millimeters so already we have seen four times that, over four times that and we are only on the 18th of this month. now, there is good news actually because this system is finally pulling away and behind it there will be a break. so already today in the southern parts of switzerland it is dry and that is the way it should stay for the next 6-seven days which will allow the flooding to finally recede. >> thank you very much indeed and ahead on the al jazeera news hour oxford dictionary just announced the word of the year, find out what it is.
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plus. i'm rob reynolds, i'm in a mexican town that is nearly deserted after residents fled in terror from a violent drug gang. >> reporter: pay day for this baseball man and a historic sports deal in the u.s. and stay with us we will be right back after this short break.
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♪ welcome back, you are watching the al jazeera news hour with me and reminder of the top stories now, jewish worshippers killed in an attack in a synagogue in
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jerusalem and two men behind the attack have been killed by israeli police and benjamin netanyahu says israel will respond harshly to the attack and hamas says the attack is response to continued israeli crimes. and iraqi security forces say they have retaken control of the oil refinery in the town of beji and captured the town in june and it's iraq's biggest refinery and more on the top story and attack in jerusalem and it's the latest in a series of incidents heightening tensions between israelis and fighting broke out earlier this month as they restricted access to the mosque in the old city. on november the 5th hamas militant drove a mini van killing a policeman and later that day a attack in the occupied west bank killed three soldiers and five days later a palestinian fatally stabbed a
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soldier at a tel aviv train station and another person stabbed in the west bank and last wednesday in revenge attack they set fire to a mosque and on sunday a palestinian bus driver found hanged in his vehicle close to jewish settlement and palestine neighborhood and say it was a suicide but the driver's family believes he was murdered and let's speak to a political analyst and columnist with us and is live from tel aviv and good to have you with us. first of all, what do you make of the fact that today's attack happened in aorthodox neighborhood and what is the significance of this in your opinion? >> i think if you add this to the previous attack as you just mentioned on both sides, that is creating mosques and tension
5:33 am
over the rumors or even more than rumors statements by israeli politicians there looking at violation of the status quo on the temple mount. all this is leading us to a very worrying future that we are looking at a religious and jewish muslim confrontation, violent confrontation, rather than a territorial conflict. this is a combination of tribal, religion, and the feeling that it is going no where. the stalemate and the peace process and the lack of international involvement and the lack of hope, if you add to this also what is happening right now between fata and hamas, the death of the so
5:34 am
called reconciliation is bringing more and more palestinians to realize that they have got nothing to lose. >> the prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu we heard again today has vowed to respond very harshly but this is also the same prime minister who appeared to make concessions just a few days ago raising some restrictions on the mosque traveling to aman to meet with the king of jordan and secretary of state kerry and trying to ease tensions what is netanyahu's strategy right now, what is at stake? >> netanyahu's strategy is oxy moron and it's very important what you just said and he made the concession and he made the concessions once the americans secretary kerry put his foot down and told him he picked up the phone and he said please put -- your you know what on a plane and i want to see you in amen in
5:35 am
a few hours with king abdullah and presidency abdel-fattah el-sissi on the line and make sure we are not going to hear about any more provocations on the temple mount and get what netanyahu who is, you know, i can bring you dozens of quotes and he says that jerusalem is out of the negotiation, is not going to be negotiated and that the issue is security was willing to negotiate the holyist place in jerusalem for the jewish people and to discuss security and guess what after this meeting palestinians who are younger than 50, they didn't make 50 were able to pray in the mosque and nothing happened. so i think there is a clear
5:36 am
message to the israel community here is that you can't afford to take a step back and hope for the best. this is like riding bicycles. if you don't pedal, if you don't keep peddling you're going to fall down. it's not going to stay where it is. you cannot park this car. >> okay good to hear your thoughts as always and thank you for joining us political analyst with our colonist without monitor and live from tel aviv, thank you. and let's hear the view of professor from the university and joins us live from gaza and good to have you again and i would like to hear what he said in tel aviv and he said this is turning into a religious confrontation now rather than a territorial confrontation, do you agree with this? >> many palestinian commentators have been warning over the past few weeks and months that
5:37 am
religious confrontation is on the rise between palestinian, muslims and jewish settlers as a result of repeated attempts to change the status quo of sharif and what we have seen over the past two months and attempts by israeli settlers to pray in a mosque and sharif and seen a lot more of attempts by israeli members and israeli ministers who have entered the vicinity of sharif who are trying to change the status quo of jerusalem which existed since 1967. it is definitely, i can say that there is a rise in the tension between muslims and jews with regard to the mosque and sharif which is considered to the jewish, ultra jewish as the
5:38 am
temple mount. if israel continues its policy of encircling east jerusalem and continue attempts to change the status quo within east jerusalem and within the mosque definitely we going to see and whitmore -- witness more attacks in the holy city of jerusalem. >> where does this then leave the so called peace talks and in israel like foreign minister and hoped the state of recognition which has come from a number of european countries will help break the stalemate in the peace process, do you think that this can help? do you think this will increase pressure for a two-state solution? >> well, it is not about the international community is pressing the palestinian and israelis to go forward and revive the peace negotiations but let me remind you and the
5:39 am
viewers that peace negotiations reach a deadlock at the end of march of this year after netanyahu government refused to free palestinian prisoners in which israel agreed in previous peace talks to free the palestinian prisoners arrested by israel before the signing of the agreement in september of 1993. as a result of that the peace negotiations did end and after president abbas signed a reconciliation deal with hamas on april 25 of this year and later, a month later established a palestinian unity government supported by hamas and netanyahu decided to stop any peace talks with the palestinians and blaming the president for reconciliation with hamas and netanyahu as president and clearly that he has to choose between reconciliation with hamas or peace with israel so basically at the moment there is
5:40 am
no talks about surviving peace talks and israel is intended in keeping occupation of palestinian territories expanding settlement over the west bank in east jerusalem and no serious difference by the netanyahu government to reach the two-step solution or reach a settlement that will enable the palestinians to have an independent state on the 1967 territories and that is why, the international community has been pressing netanyahu and they are asking netanyahu to put an end to israeli settlement in the east bank and west jerusalem and let me add a point further the european union is discussing to pass a resolution to boycott israel and boycott israeli settlement if israel does not put an end to the settlement expansion in the west bank and east jerusalem right now. >> increased pressure on israel indeed and thank you for
5:41 am
speaking to us from the university in gaza. thank you. turning to the news and protesters held firebombs in a mexican city. protesters were demanding justice for 43 missing trainee teachers and disappeared in late september in the state south of the capitol. a local mayor, police and local drug gangs accused in being involved in their disappearance. and rob reynolds reports about a community that had to leave because a gang moved in. >> reporter: this is one of mexico's fore sake enplaces. 80 families live peacefully in laguna until last january when members of a violent drug gang came to town and soon killing started. this woman the village store keeper is one of the few people who remain in laguna. >> translator: they threaten us
5:42 am
and they killed young men right in front of us then they killed someone just passing by. >> reporter: the gangsters enjoy complete freedom, no police or army patrols ever came. in may after more killings the terrified towns folk fled for their lives and now there are only a few people here and most of them elderly. the deserted town with the empty houses is a symbol of an utter lack of law an order and in many parts of mexico the government and security forces are no where to be seen. laguna is now mostly deserted and whether the people will return no one nows but there is another town not far away where people rose up to break the grip of violent drug gangs. the 7,000 residents here suffer for four years under the control of the la-familia cartel and called the reign of terror. >> translator: they kidnapped,
5:43 am
killed and extorted farmers and business men and kidnapped teachers, we had five policemen in town and they were all scared, once they kidnapped someone right in front of them and the police didn't do anything. >> reporter: a year ago the community leaders formed a self-defense malitia and kicked the gang out without firing a shot. >> translator: today malitia men check everything coming in or out with four wheels or four legs. despite some success stories there are many lawless towns in mexico. residents tell the same stories of killing, abduction and torture by gang members. this restaurant owner says her business is nearly ruined. >> translator: customers don't come any more. they think it's too dangerous and can't go out, the roads are empty and we are always scared. >> reporter: this is another place where mexico's government has proved incapable of protecting its people. >> translator: government
5:44 am
abandon us and we need them here and need to be protected. >> reporter: vicious drug gangs and official corruption and incompetence in people living out their lives in fear, mexico's violent road stretches far ahead, rob reynolds laguna, mexico. >> reporter: language is constantly evolve with new words popping up everyday, what is the hot word of 2014? well, it's vape, that is the word chosen by oxford online dictionaries and it's like vapor or vapor rise and means to inhale the vapor produced by electronic cigarette or similar devise and the word vape got the top spot because the usage doubled because of popularity of electronic cigarettes and vape cafes opened in cities like london to vapee -- vape-e
5:45 am
cigarettes and it takes little time or effort such as signing an on line attention and baye, a term of endurement for romantic partner and an abbreviation of independence referendum used on scottish independence from united kingdom in september and we will speak to susie who is a language analyst and a former editor at oxford dictionary and good to have you with us and last year's word is selfie and do you think this year's word is a bit more serious? >> it would be very difficult to recreate selfie i think. that just had international and with the media words take literally minutes across the globe and everybody knew that selfie was a shoe in last year and this year it wasn't quite so easy but you mentioned the peak of the graph and happened in april actually and pretty much
5:46 am
the same since then and as you mentioned some of the words associated with it but it developed on its own and when a word starts to spin off like that, if you like, that shows that it probably does have real staying power. >> you were on the inside susie and how do they decide and how do they go about picking the word of the year, what is the criteria if you will? >> well, it's quite an intense business if you might imagine and not in a dusty library thinking about i wonder what we should choose this year and it's democratic in a way because what they do is look at a status basis and technical words and the current language and look at chat room conversations and scholarly journals and newspapers and novels and social networking sites and see which words really not just being born in the year but acquired
5:47 am
particular particular particularly had the spin off like i mentioned and looking at this evidence they are able to tell for them will they be able to create a snapshot of the year that past and choose the candidate which they think has been at the top of the list. >> i wonder what the whole point is, what is the whole point in proclaiming words of the year, is it about publicity or is it about something else? >> yeah, well, it has become a big business, dictionary publishers in a way and for them it's about brand awareness but there is a serious factor as well and we remind people that language does move and that is not always particularly a bad thing. and also enables dictionary publishers to engage with audiences because now more than ever dictionaries are democratic. we are not prescribing how people use language we are describing u how they are actually using it. although people are not campaigning for particular word to be chosen they are very much involved through the use of the words but also through
5:48 am
conversations they have in different ways but the publishers does under score the fact that language is a very democratic business and very important it e vovevolves even don't like the word it produces. >> i don't know if i like this year's word, i like selfie better and thank you for speaking to us from london. the sport is coming up, on al jazeera, find out what plans argentina and messi have to start this player. ♪
5:49 am
5:50 am
welcome back, 30 years ago a singer song writer bob galdof gathered musicians to sing for famin and do you know it's christmas is a hit and he is doing it again this time for ebola and as we report some people are against the idea. ♪ ♪ it's christmastime ♪ there's no need to be afraid same studio and same tune slightly different lyrics this time and 30 years later after the original do they know it's christmas the band-aid team is resurrecting it. ♪ are plenty ♪ we can spread our mile of joy ♪ it's called band-aid 30 and most of the artists and one direction and singers were not born when the original was released in 1984 to raise funds to fight hunger in ethiopia, and bono and
5:51 am
galdolf did the original group but this time they want to raise money not for famine but to fight ebola. >> this morning before we even played the track it was number one. so once again they are dying yes of this filthy plague and dying because they are poor and it drives me nuts and this country seems to understand that. >> reporter: the original band-aid single spent three weeks at number one in the music charts and raised massive $24 million worldwide. the smash hit inspired live aid concerts which were broadcast in over 165 countries, raising about 150 million for famine relief in ethiopia. but it's using an old song to fight a new killer and victims. ♪ yes, there is one of the men
5:52 am
behind africa stop ebola and helping african musicians to use their influence. >> the main issue is the narrative of the song and narrative that portrays africa as dark continent and it continues to recreate and revamp this idea that africa is an isolated place where the rivers don't flow and there is no water and there is no sun and no snow. ♪ regardless both groups want the same thing, to raise awareness and badly needed cash to fight this killer disease. judy mcdonald, al jazeera. time for sports and here is joe. >> thank you very much. we start with a record-breaking deal in u.s. sport, mlb the miami marlins agreed $325 approximately contract extension
5:53 am
and committed himself to the team for 13 years and $325 million deal is more than they spent on the major league roster for the past five season and eclipse the previous mlb record of $292 million over ten years agreed by cabrera and detroit tigers. when you break down the deal it works out $25 million a season if he stays for the full 13 years and that would mean he earns $154,000 per game, it's a huge amount but on a per year basis it is not as big as other sporting salaries and according to forbes, he won in 2014 and $105 million for just 72 minutes in the ring. chris is the highest paid footballer and making $152 million signing a four year contract with madrid and the
5:54 am
deal is more than the nba's lebron james who gets paid $21 million by the cavaliers and these are salaries without endorsements which would make all those athletes even more money. well, the cities of barcelona, doha and eugene we will find out which one will host the 2019 world athletic championship. and the governing body the iwif will hold a vote on tuesday to determine who will host the most prestigous competition outside of the olympics and how do the three bids compare? barcelona is the biggest with population of 1.6 million. they plan to hold the event in the same stadium that was used for the 1992 summer olympics. doha missed out to london for the 2017 world championships and hope it will be in the stadium
5:55 am
and there is the stop on the diamond league tour since 201 and eugene and oregon have a population of 157,000 people but it's known as track town and was the home of sports by giant nike and plan to use the university of oregon's hey wood field and could be expanded to 21,000 and eugene hosts u.s. olympic trials and the world's best futbolers will face each other in manchester and the old stadium is the venue tuesday between portugal and argentina and the second time they met in an international and the previous meeting was 2011 when both scored in 2-1 victory for argentina. >> translator: it's not a case of having special individual attention when marking but i think when you are coming up,
5:56 am
against a world class player you pay attention generally as a team and it's not so much putting people on him all the time but to try and reduce the space in which he can operate. >> reporter: the oldest international fixture in world futbol is getting ready for 112 edition and in a rivalry that dates back to 1872 and england will play in scotland for the first time in 15 years. >> i would think most players are looking forward to the game absolutely. i think it's one they will be competitive, and always going to be an atmosphere and great players enjoy that and there were some great players. >> and cricket moved past 300 on day two on the test against pakistan and given a thrashing in the first match and better account of themselves this time and tom scored 137 and new zealand moved to impressive
5:57 am
score of 367 for 8. turkish foot bull club has hefty fines to people who grow beards and will have $11,000 fine for futbol who grow beards and some people in turkey look more like they belong and i quote in an imam training school and appealed to the turkish federation to adopt a nationwide beard ban and there is plenty more on the website and check out al jazeera/sport and details how to get in touch with us using twitter and facebook, i'm not a huge fan of beards i have to say so we will see. >> we will leave it there. some of those guys are quite cute but thank you so much joe and thank you for the news hour and stay with us, more news coming up, very shortly. ♪
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5:59 am
>> an all new airplane in a once in a generation achievement of human ingenuity. >> three years late... fleet grounding... fires on the airplane...
6:00 am
>> they're short changing the engineering process... >> from engineering to the factory floor... al jazeera investigates broken dreams: the boing 787 only on al jazera america america stands on the brink of a new cold war with russia. i journeyed to the frontlines in the frozen north where america's nato allies are already locked in a high-stakes standoff over huge deposits of oil and natural gas. tonight i'll begin a five-part special report with a first hand look at how arctic melting has unlocked a wealth of opportunity and fueled new tensions between olden mys. also, iran's controversial nuclear program, i'll lack at how world powers are trying to curb iran's ambitions as a crucial deadline draws closer. plus the crude r