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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> follow the journey as six americans face the immigration debate up close and personal. >> it's heartbreaking. >> i'm the enemy. >> i'm really pissed off. >> all these people shouldn't be dead. >> it's insane. >> the borderland thanksgiving day marathon starts november 27th, 9:00 eastern. on al jazeera america. america, live from new york city. i'm tony harris with a look at today's top stories. three americans among those kills in a synagogue attack in jerusalem. the deadliest attack there in years israel plans to plans to retaliate. is senate about an hour and a half away, but it is still not certain. are they pitting minorities against each other? and new clues that russia may have revived an old
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project to revive satellites in space? >> anger is mounting between israelis and palestinians today after an attack on a synagogue killed three americans and a britain, all had dual israeli citizen ship. president obama called eight tragedy for both israel and the united states. palestinian president condemned the attack, but israel is already vowing to respond. nick is in jerusalem with more for us, nick. >> yeah, good afternoon, tony, israels vow as harsh response. saying that president a bass' statement did not go far enough. this is one of the worst attacks in years. not only because of how deadly it was, but also the nature of the attack. and tony, there's a real fear that all of this tension that we have been talking about, simmering
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is now about to boil. the city is in shock, and bracing for more violence. this wasn't just another attack, it was on a synagogue, committed by attackers yielding butchers, and guns. >> the attack happened just after 10:00 o'clock this morning. they went into that synagogue which is the doors right behind there. it was clearly designed to inflict as much damage as possible, more than 30 people were inside. more than a decade ago, he moved baaing to israel from the u.s. his balcony overlooks the synagogue. during the attack he is took out the camera and took this photo, one of the victims right after he was stabbed. >> he was pointing nowhere, he was just like shooting all over. >> this is a religious
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neighborhood, one resident wails a prayer that asked god to protect israel. ores chant calls for revenge. the police promise a harsh response and plame the attack on palestinian leadership. >> [police charge at prorecess tors. israeli officials say today's attackers lived here. they raided the home. his cousin picked through his rand sacked bedroom. >> every day they raid neighborhoods. they beat us every day. even day they arrest people. >> this morning they called for a stronger response as possible.
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>> how would you like the government and the police to respond? >> very pollutely. it's the history show that -- everything was okay. anyone that shows weakness will fall down. some 3,000, 4,000 people, filled that community, and the fear is days like today, days like yesterday, when we went to a palestinian funeral will simply continue at the end of the piece, you responded to a man that wanted them to respond pretty brutally here, what actions have they taken? >> yeah, the prime minister as well as police officials including those that you saw in that piece have been very specific they
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will say they will demolish the homes of anyone attempted of attacking. they h throw them into jail for up to 20 years. that is the new law that the parliament is trying to. and netanyahu really trying to strike a harsh tone. >> i will deal harshly like this. that you do not do the same for israel, we won't accept this. we will win. we will maintain law and order on the streets, and houses the terrorists that carry out this attack will be destroyed. against attacks and also as defense. people of israel, i call on you to be on the look out and stand by the law. all terrorists and the people that send them will be found. but it is forbidden for
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anyone to take the law into their own hans. >> and of the, you heard at the end saying he doesn't want anyone to take the law into his own hands but as we have been discussing this is a cycle of violence. >> absolutely. >> most are lone wolf attacks that are nearly impossible to stop. >> is there any help that the palestinian side can do something differently to tone down the anger that's. expressed? >> i think it is important to note that palestinian did condemn today's attack, but in that same statement, i think that is key still. we will condemn today's attack, put please don't incite in terms of restrictions our access to the mosque and that has been the key flash point for all of this violence. those age restrictions last friday, from the mosque and we saw a really calm scene that day. the tension was still
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there, and then the family members of those two attackers in the synagogue today each one of them sited the mosque so clearly that is still the flash point. it really depends on whether the government is allowing right wing jewish lawmakers up on to the mosque which is known as the term mount for jewish israelis or if they stop that and they let all muslims in really friday -- maybe that's a step forward, but until then, the tensions still vary. >> nick for news jerusalem, nick, thank you. this mornings incident is the latest in a string of lone wolf attacks. in july, a 16-year-old boy was burn alive in the jerusalem forrest in revenge of the deaths of three israelis. a rabbi campaigning for more access to the compound. seriously wounded and then on november 5th, 2
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people were killed when a palestinian man drove his man into a crowd yesterday. a palestinian bus driver was found hanged in a bus depot, police and a palestinian corridor say he killed himself, but the family says he was murdered. to broker a plan to reduce tensions in jerusalem, today's attack will likely set that effort back. still, president obama is calling for palestinians and israelis to come together and pull themselves out of what he called a spiral of violence. jamie mcintire is in washington for us, what did the president have to say today? [well, you know, i think tony there's a tone of frustration that the white house in rability aing to these latest attacks, the president, again, warned about the threat of a spiral of violence that is very hard to get out of. and he said that too many israelis and too many palestinians have died in recent months.
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>> we condemn in the strongest terms these attacks. a number of people were wounded and four were killed including three american citizens so tragedy for both nations. and our hearts go out to the families. to try to reduce tensions and work cooperatively together on the path towards peace. >> what do we know at this time about the american state? well, there were three with citizen ship, one israeli britain that were rabbis that were killed in this attack. one of them has strong tied to the boston area, and really sort of almost a jewish dynasty, he was
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rabbi son of the founding director of the harvard university center for jewish studies and another was a raabe who went so israel in his 20's, his 50-year-old rabbi he has relatives in the boulder colorado area. so these are both people who have quite of note, and have strong ties to the united states. >> all right, jamie mcintire for us. thank you, spain's parliament held a symbolic vote today to recognize a palestinian vote. five of the countries including the u.k. have or will vote on statehood. sweden has this point to recognize the state of palestine. on a bill that would approve construction of the controversial keystone pipeline. the house approved the ledgelation last friday,
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however, the future of the bill and the pipeline is still very much uncertain. mike, louisiana democratic senator mary landrieu has been searching for the 60 votes needed to move the bill forward has he found them? >> apparently not. to put this on the floor, at this point looks like it may not pass. the senate can act with lightening speed when it wants to, usually at a snail's pace around here, this vote would certainly ratify and effectively rad fighter with the house voted on last friday, and in amazing speed, would send the approval of the keystone pipeline to the president's desk, there by circumventing the process that the president has layed forward over the course of the last six years. environmental study after environmental study, they are now waiting on the verdict from nebraska because of an environmental case there. that the pipeline would
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traverse. harry mind drew, you are right, this is being seen as saving the senate seat house. took the floor of the senate today, for one last plea to make her case. >> it is not complicated. it simply says this. after waiting five years, and after acknowledging all environmental studies have been done, all economic studies have been done. we direct the president of the united states to give his approval. and we do expect that vote to begin in about one hour here in the senate, it is on a razor's edge, and it appears at this point, that her allies are stuck on 59.
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>> everything that the president has said about this, and the history, and the environmental concerns and the politics surrounding this with democrats taking a beating at the polls in the midterm election as defeat that many layed at the feet of the president for not firing off his base, of which, environmental -- the environmental faction, the phone so called are very key part. it is hard to ski that he wouldn't veto this, and as a political matter, it is hard to see what mary landrieu is getting out of this. she is 16 points down in the latest poll in louisiana, for that -- >> oh. >> even if it does pass the senate -- even if it does pass the senate, the president would likely veto it and there by highlight the fact that she doesn't have the wwak to get this done.
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that's because the trance canada corporation wants the pipeline to transport oil, two refineries along the gulf coast, al jazeera joins us live from calgary with more on this, daniel? >> tony, i think it is pretty safe to say that they are keeping a closer eye than usual on washington hearing what is essentially the capitol of canada's oil patch, and even those people and there are a few, who oppose the project, they would like some clarity on a pipeline that was first proposed in 2008.
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>> we are the u.s.' largest trading partner, world's greatest ally, there's a great deal of continental energy, that comes from connecting that supply and that demand. but on top of that, keystone does far more than just bring energy security. [more americans than ever are aware of this project, they are aware of the pros and cons and people are talking about it that's healthy and it is the democratic process
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that is underway. >> so far though, the country's almost unprecedented lobbying in washington when keystone excel hasn't paid off. that's why recent developments in congress are being watched closely here. supporters and opponents alike. >> the political process may change in january, when a senate and representatives are both on site with republicans. but it may take another year or two. at the end of the day, the it will go through for sure! >> so whether it's later today or next year, and whether it's the white house or congress, people here are pretty confident that a decision they have been waiting for will come, but some say it is overdue, long overdue. >> all right, daniel for us in calgary. missouri governor spoke out today about rising tensions in ferguson. the community is worried about what will happen when a grand jury decides whether or not to indict officer darren wilson. the governor is already
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declare add state of emergency and activated the state's national guard. he says some 300 people across missouri specifically in the st. louis area, applied to be a part of this. he chose 16 people, lawyers teachers police officer as lot of young people in the commute, pastors, he says their task is to go now and look at the big issues that were highlighted by the death of michael brown and the protest that follows. the social and economic issues he hopes they will now look at issues of poverty, and education, and of course the way law enforcement interacting. he has tasked them with now going and doing an indepth study, coming up with expertise, and finding the people that can solve the problems
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and then coming back with recommendations. here is more of what the governor announce add few moments ago. >> the most important work the commission accomplishes will not be what is written on sheets of paper, or on a website. >> lit be seen and felt in our daily lives as concrete changes. that are brought about in our institutions, our workplaces, our communities, and in our interactions with one another. >> change is hard. but maintaining the is that cuss quo is simply not acceptable. >> and the governor say that this is an independent and citizen led group. have there been any noticeable changes since that announcement? >> well, the answer no.
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we haven't had any extra police presence, but i can tell you what it has done, it has stirred a lot of fear among people that fear when this grand jury comes down, if there is no indictment that the violence will be even worse than august they feel the governor going ahead and doing a state of emergency in advance would signal that, so certainly a lot of concerns but no visible changes just yet. >> all right, jonathan for us, in ferguson missouri good to see you, thank you. iran and world powers meeting in vienna today to begin last ditch talks. a deal over iran's nuclear program is needed by next monday. building anatomic bomb something it denies. secretary kerry is headed to the negotiations. is planning to hold early elections next month to gather support for his economic plan. the country has fallen
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into recession for the first time in two years a tax hike this year has been blamed for hurting the economy, so abe now says he will delay another plan, sales tax hike u.s. military forces have launched since friday, it comes as the government hopes to stop isil fighters from reaching a strategic area. it is the last town before baghdad international airport. isil fighters have bobby traps this building with explosive devices in a bid to push back the army. this is the only way of dealing with that threat. this is iraq's country side, leading toking the south, and leading toking the west and baghdad. the the army pushing fourth zero the farmnd las to fight isil and stop them from using the land.
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the iraqi forces supply lines from both towns. now we have retaken to villages surrounding to the destroyed bridge and pushed isil out. as we move closer to our town. with isil fighters in control of large parts of the province, it is crucial, it is the last town before baghdad international airport, and we do know that isil fighters have the kind of weaponry that could threaten commercial aircraft. and from the airport, baghdad and it's outskirts coming to isil reach. >> from the road you can see the fighting it takes place in. there are villages that provide hiding places and often houses are taken over by them.
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then when they reach a village, with isil fighters, it is time to hunker down and fight it out. sometimes isil is able to push the army back, sometimes the army wins. either way, the fight continues. and guaranteeing the security of that town, remains the top priority. in this unit. russia launch as satellite into space, and many say they have no idea what it is doing there. jake ward looks at the theories that's coming up next. and the nfl suspends star running back adrian petersen for the rest of the season, but he still may be able to play on sunday?
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only on al jazeera america
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so speculation and growing about a mistierian russian satellite, it is seen moving through space at a
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very unusual way. jacob ward is live for us in san francisco. help us understand what is going on here. fission i don't want to assume that this is a space of space jumping when it was launched in may, the object now noun at 2014-28 e was assumed -- it was something that came off of the launch, but in the last couple of weeks. amateur astronomers and official strong mores have been looking at the debris and noticing that it is moving.
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what does experience tell us it may be doing there? >> there are many theories and a lot of amazing capabilities that satellites have these days but the first thing is understanding that for every public satellite project that you and i know about, there is a secret sort of other world of military and surveillance that dwarfs what we are spending even on nasa. you know the hubble telescope, one of the great observe stories that they ever launched a couple of years ago, it turns out that the national reconnie sans office, which is one -- in fact had two additional hubbles sort of cloned of hubble, just floating around. and they decided to just give them to nasa.
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so this in fact may be this kind of situation. >> jake, good to see you, and tune in tonight for real money, where ali velshi is investigating this and more that's at 7:00 p.m. eastern time, and 4:00 pacific. let's check the numbers on wall street. hit new highs today, tiny numbers there the dow was up 40 points 10 and a half points the nasdaq gained 31. a violent attack on a
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synagogue, and israel is already promising retaliation, who this means for tensions in the area and the plans for peace the u.s. is trying to help implement, and what does it take to become president? one says you need to be crazy, details in power politics.
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steal's prime minister says his government will deal harshly with anyone. the president was quick to condemn the attack, but he may not be powerful enough to stop this current cycle alone. these are confrontations between palestinian protestors and israeli police in occupied east
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jerusalem. hours earlier, attackers had walked into a synagogue in west jerusalem, and killed four people. palestine isian president has condemned the attack, saying violence against civilians is unacceptable. >> we hope for the end of such acts so it will lead to police in the middle east. >> israeli officials say two cousins from east jerusalem carried out the attack, both were shot dead by police at the seen, members were later arrests and after an emergency meeting with his security cabinet, prime minister ordered the immediate demolition of their homes. a statement from a group known as the popular front of the libbuation of palestine says the assailants belong to harangs and while it welcomes the attack, it stopped short of taking responsibility for directly organizing it.
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we consider this a part of the resistence. we are very proud of. >> this latest violence will no doubt provoke further anger, in the past month there has been assumption of attacks in areas of israel and the occupied palestinian territories. at the heart of the dispute is the alaxa compound, which is sacred to muslims and uses. something they cannot do with a long standing understanding with jordan. >> his government will use a heavy hand in response to tuesday's attack. just what they will look like, what is clear is the cycle of violence, both sides blame each other for, doesn't apeek tor ending. al jazeera, west jerusalem. >> she is an al jazeera
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america senior digital writer and awe thursday of a crazy occupation. eyewitness to -- good to see you. those responsible he doesn't think that's going to stop this current cycle of violence does he? i don't think so, and it is being shown that the securities sources have done that not only do -- destroying these houses not actually achieve any kind of punishment. to build even bigger and better ones. so it isn't as punitive or as permanent. it is more a symbol of look at what we are doing, and we are sort of trying to send a message to the families be responsible for these people. whether you are supported or aware or not. >> the promise of benjamin netanyahu's
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coalition is we will keep you safe, we won't be soft, we be harsh response, on arabs wherever they are, that threaten israel. and palestinians who threaten the state of israel. will be harsh and that will keep israel safe, it hasn't really worked out. >> it hasn't, i think one of the challenges is as long as there's this tension surrounding the mosque the temple, as long as there's that tension there, there's always going to be the people particularly in's just absolutely who have access who travel inside jerusalem, a lot of the palestinians who have west bank cannot travel into jerusalem. i think they tack it much more personally. and that's something you can't control. you can't control that kind of thing. >> well, and that's the question, we have asked it in just a moment ago,
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whether or not ma mowed abass can control the more extreme elements of the palestinian society. can benjamin netanyahu control the far right of his country that might want to push the movement? >>in trying to do what they can to sort of punish that radical element, i think he is consent about his coalition, and the voices from the right, and the country has steadily moved to the right as well. so he is trying to balance the needs of his -- his allies. >> but the promise is i will keep you safe, and that hasn't been working out. i have to ask you whether or not his coalition can be cracking. >> it is. he certainly told people
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to prepare for the pocket, whether it will happen or not. netanyahu is very savvy. >> he wouldn't call for early elections uns will he thought he could win. >> you are right. >> pressure. >> thank you. >> in today's power politics as president obama considers taking executive action, he is getting some divine encouragement from house domes what does that mean? david schuster joins us now with more, david? >> tony, welcome back. democrats have given more reasons why they want the president to take action on immigration they say it is good policy or long overdue. the entity or the person that will be really happy is god, and i believe that that is in fact the case. i believe there will be joy in heaven. >> joy in heaven, back on earth, president obama is expected to make a decision by the end of this week. from heaven and earth to
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the u.s. senate, also known as legislative purgatory, are taking up the keystone xl oil pipeline. he says he will do everything he can to derail it. >> climate change is real. it is already causing devastating problems and if we do not transform our energy system away from fossil fuels this planet is going to face some pretty serious problems. the idea that we would give a green light for the transportation of 800,000 barrels of some of the dirtiest oils in the world makes no sense to me. >> a vote in the u.s. scheduled and should take place around 5:30 eastern time. the key to look for is 60, the senate will need 60 votes to override an expected veto. across the country, republicans continue to attack the affordable care act, by accusing president obama and his administration of misleading the public. the former adviser to
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secretary state is hitting back saying the republicans have lost perspective. there is a big difference here about obama care, verses two wars we were lied to about getting it, big difference. so let's keep this in perspective, the fact is that president obama has had more people will have access to healthcare, they do. >> wisconsin republican says he is considering a primary campaign, but he as knowledges you have to have a few screws lose to want the job of president. >> you have to be crazy to want to be president, and anyone who has seen the pictures of this president, or any former presidents can say before and after, no matter how fit, no matter how young they are, they age pretty rapidly when you look at their hair, and everything else involved with it. >> hillary clinton is concerning a run for the nomination, she is expected to be the leading candidate in the democratic side. and walker just took a
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shot at clinton's age while promoting himself. >> i think about hillary clinton i can run 20 years for now, and still be about the same age as the former secretary of state is right now. that's a little bit harsh. she isn't the only republican that has highlighted her age. rand paul has noted the rigors of running for president, and said it is a very taxing undertaking to go through. finally another sign up period has begun for the affordable care act, and in illinois healthcare officials have launched an ad campaign that relied on reverse psychology. watch this. >> a plan with no co pays. a plan with no monthly premiums. a plan with no real healthcare of any kind. introducing the luck health plan. >> no actual health coverage. >> there's literally nothing to it [that's what i call freedom. >> it is called the luck plan for a reason.
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it's based entirely on luck. >> funny to see the guy trying to skip a rock with a broken arm. >> david schuster for us, david, thank you. let's take a look at other stories making headlines right now. iness is here. >> a single engine plane well let's start with investigators they are looking into fuel issues and low temperatures. the plane slammed into the house near the midway airport where the pilot was trying to land after having engine trouble. narrowly missing a couple asleep in their bed. >> they are in a bedroom next to the living room, and most of the plain is in the living room. they are just very lucky that where they were at. they are unhurt the
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liking room floor has collapsed into the basement. we have to sure up the basement so we can start working. >> the pilot dies at the scene. the texas state board of education is voting today on controversial history textbooks that may be heading to classrooms across the state. critics say the books are misleading, racially prejudice, and include incorrect information. among the ideas from posed in the books is a motion moses and solomon inspired u.s. democracy. there was also a subtle christian tilt in many of the textbooks. the textbooks would seem to assume that the students and the instructors are themselves christians. >> today's vote is preliminary, and the final vote is on friday. and the issue goes beyond texas, the state is so large that they market books to other states.
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the accident happened when texas a&m students were helping to build a 60-foot log tower, 12 died when the tower collapsed and 27 were injured. today's ceremony began at 2:42 a.m., the exact moment the accident occurred 15 years ago today. it's only november, but there's already three feet of snow in buffalo new york. >> what? >> there you see it, it even shut down a 132-mile stretch of the interstate. forecasters say snow off the great lakes will continue at least throughout wednesday. and a trial will begin in january for three men who parachuted off the new world trade center building last year. you remember the video. a new york judge refused to throw out felony charges against them today. the parachuters are charged with felony burglary and reckless endangerment. they acknowledge jumping
4:43 pm
off the building but they say they didn't endanger anyone. >> oh. >> pretty dramatic video, we love video in our business, but i don't know. >> thank you, see you later. >> good to see you, still to come, the admissions process under attack, at some of the most elite schools in the country, why some say it pits minorities against each other. and a revolutionary new test. that could detect alzheimerss as much as a decade in advance, we are back.
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so ohow about this a, a new blood test may help doctors pro dictatorship alzheimers before they can diagnose the disease itself? that's a lot sooner than other tests. the test is still in the early stages but scientists help it will help doctors identify and treat payments with ask smears before it gets too serious. that can effect a lot of people, as many as 5 million americans have the disease. >> when sylvia began forgetting with she was, her husband realized something was very wrong. >> you watch your
4:46 pm
physical loved one, in time it takes all aspects of the person's existence. rearmers say they have discover add new blood test that can detect blood tests and do it up to ten years before it's on set, far sooner than other tests so far. >> the whole definition of frailty, about 80% of sit neurological. if we can step in early. >> they compare the blood to frozen blood samples they had been given years before being diagnosed. the scientists found that patients with the disease had a higher build up of a protein called i.r.s. 1, even a decade before diagnosis. >> by the time they have those symptoms and signs, most of the nerve cells are irretrievably damaged. so we are trying to get in when they may have
4:47 pm
these deposits on them, and we can peel these deposits off. >> this could be a game changer. if doctors can come one a treatment that slows down or stops the disease. the findings may not help people like sylvia already living with alzheimers, but it could help the growing number of people who get the disease, and their loved one whose sufficient we them. >> for good or bad, we are married, we love each other, and this turn of events, doesn't mean i am going to stop loving her, and stop caring about her. >> the scientists who did the study believe it could take them seven to ten years to make the available to the public, they also want to expand the study, so far they have tested just under 200 people. >> a nice sentiments from that husband. >> very touching. >> new york city, has eight public high schools that have long been considered a path to success for students from low income families. now students have to pass a rigorous test to get in, but that test is at
4:48 pm
the center of a fight that may be pitting minority groups against each other. america tonight has the story. >> they are the jewels in the crown, eight specialized high schools in new york city. feeters to the best colleges, and for generations a golden ticket for city kids. >> kids -- at 13, she already knows her ticket out is origin case. education. >> in school, it is a lot of kids who don't really care about learning at all, so you are the only one that wants to learn. even if they call you nerd or whatever, it doesn't matter, because you know what you are doing is right. >> in your mind are you going to college. >> yes i am. i definitely am. >> but before college, she may have to get into high oschool, and she is aiming high. for a spot at one of the premier schools. for more than 70 years admission has been based on a test called the specialized high school admissions test. or shsat, each fall,
4:49 pm
nearly 30,008th and 9th graders take the test for a chance to earn a coveted seat. but now the test itself is under attack. students are finding their schools don't adequately prepare them. less than 10% of the students pass state standardized tests for math and english. the two subjects needed for the shsat. the results, record low numbers of black and latino enrollment in these top public schools. >> so america tonight sara highway joins us now, sara, good to see you. what changes co people want to see made to this process here? >> a little bit more like college. so you have this test you have to take, and do other things. extracurricular activities you have to volunteer, show your grade point, have great attendance. they want to kind of broaden the spectrum of what people are judged on. >> got you. >> who is fighting this?
4:50 pm
>> everybody. >> everybody. >> you have one side saying keep the test, keep it here, leave everything the same, merit only. then you have this other side that says please open it up because we are leaving people behind. >> who would be most effected by these changes in. >> well, the mar joyty of kids in public schools are poor. these are kids that are getting free or reduced lunch, so you are talking about all majority minority. >> i want to see more of this, tonight? >> watch it, 9:00 p.m. >> sara good to see you. and you can watch more on sara's report on america tonight that's at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on al jazeera america. >> the nfl suspending star running back adrian petersen over child abuse allegations but, that may not stop him from playing on sunday. hello, i am ray swarez, this is a sports crazy country, and people like to bet on games. the vast majority of that action happens under the table, should that change? if the nb ax commissioner
4:51 pm
has his way, it can be legal nationwide. we will debate it live at the top of the hour.
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>> an all new airplane in a once in a generation achievement of human ingenuity. >> three years late... fleet grounding... fires on the airplane... >> they're short changing the engineering process... >> from engineering to the factory floor... al jazeera investigates broken dreams: the boing 787 only on al jazera america suspended adrian petersen for the rest of the
4:53 pm
season without pay. this comes two weeks after he pleaded no contest to hitting his four-year-old son. michael is here with much more. >> these abuse allegations will not leave the nfl this season. and hanking down the sick games suspension, the nfl commissioner effectively dropped the hammer on the vikings running back. in a letter announcing his decision, he told petersen that this suspension was due to the age of his son, that petersen use add switch as a weapon, and that he has shown no meaningful remorse for his conduct. now he went on to say that the league will implement a program for petersen to seek reinstatement, but that program will require his genuine and continuing engangment. you must commit yourself to your counseling and rehabilitation effort, properly care for your children and have no further violations of law, or league policy.
4:54 pm
while they may have expected additional punishment, they are not accepting today's ruling and they are plans to appeal. good dell. union executive director questions the league's credibility on this matter. the processes that the nfl has employed has been arc arbitrary, uneven, you get the feeling that the nfl is simply been making it up as they go along. >> >> an executive told petersen, that the nine games he missed while on the commissioner's list, wouldn't be considered as sometime served. s petersen and and june john is is slap so say
4:55 pm
spiel and decision, is mean isinging she scowled spray is is is this sunday is. and is vale is is issues is a playerses is a whole. s. >> is s is s is is is. >> . >> when he was on the commissioner's list, he missed games he didn't mispaychecks, now he will miss six games of paychecks and he has no guaranteed money after this year. so if the league -- if the team cuts him, now we are talking to get his collective bargaining issues and players are like what is going on here. >> so the commissioner is says you may have satisfied the legal aspects. >> yes. >> but we are a private corporation, we get to set our own code of conduct. is guess what you didn't measure up. >> these policies have not been collectively bargained with so they feel the league is doing whatever they want, and making it up as opposed to coming to an agreement. >> well, players union,
4:56 pm
dave you give that role of judge, jury, and executioner to the commissioner. >> yes. >> t in the last collective bargaining process. >> yes, and they are saying he is misusing that power. >> oh boy. you don't get a do over. >> all right, appreciate it. hang on a second, a record breaking contract, what is going on here for miami marlins slugginger. does anyone even attend these games. >> it is the most lucrative contract, it translates to $25 million per season. or $154,000 per game. >> pretty good job. >> don't they have terrible attendance? >> they do, and they spend a lot of money. >> does this make sense? >> it doesn't make sense from a financial standpoint for the team itself, because they
4:57 pm
haven't had the results to back up giving that money. >> right. >> and you think about the contract, it sounds big. >> it is huge. >> it is heavily back loaded though. >> okay. >> the first six years only totals $107 million. >> his most productive. the last seven are $218 million long after they have any chance of probably winning a champion. >> yeah. >> michael appreciate it. >> a lot of money. >> it is, man, there are more young people today on earth than ever before. a new u.n. report says governments around the world need to act quickly to meet rising demands of education, jobs and healthcare. let's take a closer look by the numbers. the report by the united nations population fund estimated there are 1.8 billion people who are ten to 24 years old. of that number, more than 350 million are in india alone. and the 33 poorest countries nearly a third or 33% of the population is between ten and 24. the u.s. and china have about 20% in that age brackett.
4:58 pm
car service is doing damage control today after one of it's executives threatened to dig up dirt on journalist who are critical of the company inesse is back with us? >> yes, the comments were made during a dinner where buzz feed and other media reporters were present, you canner's vp floated the idea of sending $1 millions to dig up personal info on journalists including their private lives their families, he specifically named sara lacy, who you see in this video. she is the founder and writes about silicon valley, well, she obviously expressed outrage over the comments and so did others. including ken lair who writes what a outrageous and iterly iraqi responsibility point of view, michael should resign or be fired. >> now, michael tweeted an apology directly his
4:59 pm
comments were terrible, and do not represent the company. uber has been trying to change publicity. and at a recent conference, uber was asked why the press is so hard on uber, here is what he said? >> when you people start to perceive you as the big guy, you aren't allowed to be scrappy, and fierce, if you are the little guy, that's cheered, that's applauded that's the heroic sort of start up story. but again, as you get to a place where it people perceive you as the big guy, or the man, you have to approach things differently. and you have to communicate differently. and we are not there yet. >> and this fiasco didn't help at all, it has been great for ub eerie's competitor, and people are posting images of
5:00 pm
this, deleting their uber saying they are switching to the competition. >> got you. appreciate it. thank you, that is all of our time for this news hour, inside story is up next, for you with ray swarez on al jazeera america. >> he shoots, he scores. and basketball fans around the country go wild. the shot at the buzzer did not win the game, but it covered the spread. it's inside story. >> hello, i'm ray suarez. all the big team sports in america have taken


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