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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2015 9:30am-10:01am EST

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police officers as well. french national police say they are pursuing three suspects thought responsible for the shooting. the interior minister has just spoken and he said the country will go after the attackers in every way. he said all of our resources will be mobilized and that a crisis plan for terrorism had been activated. >> well there has been reaction coming in from right around the world. russian president vladimir putin said he resolutely condemns terrorism. david cameron has also condemned the attack. >> mr. speaker, i'm sure the whole house will want to join me in condemning the barbaric attack in paris this morning. while details are still unclear, i know this house and this country stands united with the
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french people and we stand squarely for free speech and democracy, and these people will never be able to take us off of those values. >> and german chancellor has also reacted to the attack in paris. and she says germany standings behind france in this difficult moment. we have also heard from the u.s. let's go to rob reynolds live for us in washington, d.c. what has been the reaction rob? >> the president has issued a statement saying he strongly condemns what he calls the horrific shootings. he said the thoughts and prayers of his administration and his family are with the victims and the french people noting that the united states and france have long been allies. mr. obama also says that france and paris, where the outrageous
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attack look place offer the world a timeless example that will endure well beyond the hateful vision of these killers. now the president also said that the united states is -- is standing by ready to cooperate in any way with france to pursue -- help it pursue the investigation or apprehension of the shooters and that officials from his administration have been in touch with french officials to see if they can do anything to help. the white house press secretary earlier in remarks noted that french pilots and american pilots are both working side by side in the air strikes against isil in syria and iraq and also commented on this commitment that the french administration of prime minister hollande has
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cooperated with the united states and with other powers in the fight against -- fight for greater security in the middle east. >> rob, we also know that french journalists are standing in solidarity with the journalists of the magazine how is the incident being played out among -- in the american press? >> the american press at this point is covering it extensively with the cable news networks focussed on paris, showing live pictures from paris just as -- as our network is and the commentary that we're hearing is one of shock, and also of -- wondering, really how this could have happened trying to speculate about the motives of the attackers and their degree of preparation, where they came from how they were provided with transportation
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weapons, et cetera. obviously a well-planned event, but certainly there's a sense of shock, and outrage a tinge of that in the media, and we'll be hearing more of that as the day wears on and as other politicians and leaders, military and diplomatic officials in the united states begin to get into their offices and comment on this -- this event. certainly it's taking the highest profile in the united states in terms of the news of the day. >> and indeed a lot of shock as well. rob reynolds thank you there for getting us up to date on the reaction in the u.s. just to tell you too, the vatican has also condemned the shooting as abbombable. the office was fire bombed in
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2011 a day after it carried a caricature of the profit mohammed. and a year later it published a series of satirical features of mohammed. and today's attack came after they tweeted a cartoon of the group's leader. let's go back to our guest on set from qatar university. we just listed how -- some of the controversial publications that the magazine has issued and earlier on we were talking about freedom of speech freedom of expression as well. we were also talking about where is that fine line between poor taste and opinion? >> first of all i think it's important to repeat the fact that they were not targeting one religion. you mentioned two or three cases
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where they proteared the profit mohammed but there were several other religions that were targeted. the vision whether you agree to it or don't agree to it laugh is above all individuals, all religions. whether -- the idea of freedom of the press in france is about -- there's multiple opinions there's multiple ways to portray it and multiple ways of analysis and whether you want to limit it is an attack on freedom of the press. >> it comes also -- taking this in a wider global picture, shall we say, it comes at a time when we are seeing a rise in
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islamization. we have isil the islamic group that wants to establish an islamic civilization. and then we have the western societies, and western civil ideations as well. are we seeing shall we say the pen versus sword situation here where two civilizations are clashing. >> i believe in islam you have plenty of different riders that are advocating a discussion of religion. the second idea here is also the fact that yes, you have rise of islamaphobia and rise of radically. but they are also bed used by different individuals and different parties. we saw yesterday a movement of, you know people against islamaphobia. against the idea of portraying one specific religion in a negative trade.
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unfortunately acts like this are going toward these movements, and to protect the vision that everyone can live its faith as long as it doesn't [ inaudible ] in favor of against other religions. so here the idea is to see how we can maintain our ideas of integration, and multi-religious, multi-ethnic multi-gender societies that everybody can find its space without having one over the other. and hopefully movements like this will be put in perspective as see that as the bigger picture here. >> you were a french citizen before and you come from a country who's national motto is equality -- liberty, equality and fraternity. is this uniquely french or is this a motto that can be shared across the world and cultures? >> that would be interesting. first of all, some have said
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this idea of equality freedom, and fraternity although that is the motto, unfortunately over the last decades, it was harder and harder of parts of the public to benefit from it. the french model could be a solution for the world in terms of equality and freedom and fraternity but i'm french myself i'm bias. again, that's one voice. we have to listen to other visions of how it should be carried out. you mentioned president obama, the american vision of freedom is stronger than the vision of equality, for example. other countries have [ inaudible ] values. those are the values of france today. those are the values that indeed even with the threat of civilization, the different representatives of france have
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tried to maintain either from the left or the right. hopefully they will be not put under danger by this. and the very population of france will not turn their back to it. >> all right. remi thank you for explaining that to us. now the french interior minister spoke a short while ago and promised to find the attackers. >> translator: we will go after them in every way, all of our resources will be mobilized, and we'll be sure they are punished by this act of bar barety. we are mobilizing to this end. we have also activated one of our crisis plans for this kind of terrorist attack. we are going to track down the three criminals. >> let's go back now to our
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studio guest remi. we just heard there from him. this is his time isn't it? he has promised to find the perpetrators behind this attack. is he the man who can stand up to this position? >> i don't think you can reduce it to one man specifically. he is stepping into big shoes. i think it is interesting to look at the debates inside the french society prior to those events. he is always advocating for a stronger state or stronger police movement and being much more firm compared to those on the left side of politics. and he has been sometimes criticized by more -- let's say actors from the left side of politics that didn't think that was so important. i think the political line will come out of this strengthened of a man that actually is able to
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implement policy and is very well aware of the different dangers of the world. some parts of french society might have disappeared after those events. >> some people are saying that the age offense in -- of incent incents has come to an end after these represents. jackie said there will be more armed police more french citizens -- anyone will be stopped and searched, and because francois hollande said this is a terrorist alert at the highest level. where is that debate? >> it is a debate we have always had in france. even talking about security
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cameras. paris is relatively free of security cameras, compared to say like london. so the debated existed before those events. the problem you are going to have here is it's very difficult to identify who could be behind those attacks. here when you look at the fighters in isis there were two that were under scrutiny because they came from say the u.s. they were actually originating from small country time -- side towns in france. that's why it's so difficult to know who is behind the attacks, and who they should target in terms of security. again, in 1990s, we have seen
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after the terrorist attacks in the metro, we have seen the whole stepping up of security and having to open the bags before the museum entering the different stores. i wouldn't say we're accustomed to this. this will not be the first time this has happened in france. it will be something that everybody will be ready to help the forces and prevent additional attacks. >> and again, i'm only quoting french citizens who we have spoken to here on al jazeera who have likened this attack to 9/11 in the u.s. as we saw after 9/11 in the u.s. there was a backlash and it was spurred on by fear fear of the different. do you think france will react in the same way? >> i think french citizens in
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general are more aware of geopolitics than the average american citizen, without wanting to criticize. comparing it to 9/11 is like people feel there is not security. i hope we're not going to cave to terrorism. they do not continue to live they want to live. but if you want to firmly oppose terrorism, you have to continue life as it is. i hope the magazine will continue issuing the newspaper without caving in whether you support it or you don't support it by changing or by having french liberty muzzled, you give victory to terrorists
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themselves. >> so do not remain silent? >> do not remain silent. >> and the idea of liberty -- >> yes. >> that's right. remi thank you very much for joining us french citizen and from kaqatar university as well. let's recap what has been happening. french officials say 12 people have been killed in the office of a satirical magazine the editor in chief, and three other cartoonists are among the dead. french national police say they are pursuing three suspects thought responsible for the shooting. the interior minister has just spoken and he said the country will go after the attackers in every way. he said all of our resources will be mobilized and a crisis
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plan for terrorism had been activated activated. >> translator: there are decryptions from our colleagues in the police who have been in contact with people who were present at the scene at the time. they say it was a group of three people who were heavily armed and opened fire. >> the shooting in paris is dominating the news but we do want to bring you some other top stories. a car bomb has exploded in yemen's capitol, killing at least 38 people. it was detonated near a queue of people registering to be police fighters. our correspondent has more from sana'a. >> reporter: there was no claim of responsibility yet. however, al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula did claim other attacks that took place other
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the last week or so. in afghanistan taliban fighters have targeted a police academy in an eastern city. three of the fighters were killed. the taliban have killed at least seven other people in two other attacks. jennifer glasse is in kabul. >> reporter: a suicide bomber blowing his car up at the wall of the training academy with two other bombers trying to get in. they eventually blew themselves up. the taliban claimed responsible for that attack. officials say the taliban were also responsible for an assault on a construction worker convoy killing six people. the unhvr say that syrians have become the largest refugee population under its report. al jazeera has obtained a
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leaked report from the organization of the prohibition of chemical weapons investigating the use of chlorine attacks in syria. the report proves the assad government is dropping barrel bombs full of toxic chemicals. search teams have foukd the tail of the airasia plane that crashed into the sea. these pictures released by indonesia's national search and rescue agency are the first photo of the wreckage. the jet was traveling from the indonesian city to singapore. a man who says he's a senior come mooned -- commander in the rebel movement has been taken into u.s. custody. he is considered to be a deputy commander to lra chief joseph kony surrendered.
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he is wanted in the international criminal court on suspicion of war crimes and crimes against humanity. let's go back to our top story, the attack on the headquarters of the magazine. jackie just get us up to date on what is happening. i believe you are at the scene. >> reporter: yes, i have been at the scene now, really for the last three and a half hours, and the situation has been pretty much a constant to and fro of emergency vehicles police officers ambulances and also visits from senior officials, the most senior of which being the president who was on the scene within an hour of the attack. in the interim, the president has been meeting with his security cabinet, talking to his top security officials, basically planning for the hours and days ahead.
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clearly the main priority remains apprehending the attackers. we have now heard from the interior ministry that the police are looking for three assailants. there are apparently three attackers, but it must go beyond that. we know there was a getaway vehicle. these attackers managed to get to this office in the center of paris unnoticed despite the fact they were carrying heavy weaponry. there was clearly a network of people involved in carrying out the attack. so the police have a massive security and intelligence task on their hands. and the whole country now has been placed on heightened terror alert. the highest security level that exists, which means we're going to see far more armed police and quite possibly as well armed military on the streets, protecting media offices, newspapers and television
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stations. airports and railway stations places of worship, anywhere really which the police have identified as a possible target if in fact there is the threat of more attacks. >> jackie we have been speaking to several french citizens in the last three hours or so since the shooting and many of them say this is not just an attack on france it has been an attack on french freedom of speak. >> reporter: yes, and we have also heard it described as an attack on french democracy. the principalle of freedom is one of the three principles in which the french country is built. these are almost sacred. any attack on freedom, freedom of speech freedom of expression freedom of movement
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these are something things that people feel are an attack on the public and democracy. it's not just an attack on an individual newspaper, not just an attack on the media, but it's really an attack on one of the values on which france is based, so clearly something that people here are very shocked and very concerned about. >> jackie it's still too early to tell as to who may be behind this rather shocking attack but just tell us again, about the magazine. >> reporter: the magazine launched a crusade, really against censorship against the idea that there should be any boundaries on what can be ridiculed, what can be criticized. they were always pushing the boundaries and really keen to demonstrate that there were no sacred cows in france nothing that could be beyond the sat
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tear of their pens and cartoons. they became particularly infamous for some of their cartoons particularly cartoons depicting the profit mohammed and also car do you knows making fun of political and religious leaders. they were seen as being quite offensive by some members of the muslim community. but it must be stressed that the whole [ inaudible ] of this magazine this newspaper, was to say that no one was immune from satire and criticism. over the christmas and any year period, there were a series of cartoons, some would say they were in bad taste, depicting the virgin mary the baby jesus, and god. so this was a newspaper that wanted to demonstrate there were no limits and it was always
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challengeing those limits. clearly putting a very high value on freedom of speech. and now at least four cartoonists have paid with their lives for standing up to that principle. >> i want to go to the french president, let's listen in on what he had to say. >> translator: there was an extremely barbaric act committed here in paris against a newspaper. a newspaper, in other words expression of freedom, against journalists who have always wanted to show that they could defend their ideas and have their freedom that the public protects. journalists and police were brutally assassinated. >> we just heard there from francois hollande who called this shooting a barbaric act.
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it has been very shocking to the rest of france too. breaking news coming out of paris, france this morning, 12 people there dead. they were killed at the offices of a controversial french magazine, charlie hebdo. among the dead, the editor and several prominent cartoonists there. police say the gunmen fled. police are trying to locate them. >> director of reporters without borders joins us by phone. your group's official reaction to today's shootings. >> so actually, it's hard to find words that i would like to say that as reporters without borders, we are all so shocked >> -- so this really has delivered a body blow to france. and it's not as though the french president hadn't spoken to -- he had alluded to the fact that france could not be complaisant
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complaisant. but despite the warnings what we read in the newspaper, what we heard, no one really was prepared for this kind of attack, and it was -- not only was it bloody and brutal but it was also audacious. carried out in the middle of the day in a very busy city. three assailants who managed to travel here undetected carrying automatic weapons. they were able to travel here undetected, get into the building kill 12 people including police officers gravely injure another four, and then escape. they had a get away vehicle, and then hijacked a vehicle. they got as far as the eastern outskirts of the city. this operation was carried out not only by these three
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assailants but also accomplices, others who were involved. this is what making people so worried, the fact that these gunmen are still out there, and the people who helped them are still out there. and people are asking will there be other attacks? or are there other cells preparing attacks right now? it's a moment of great worry. >> it's very much understandable too that they would be feeling that way. jackie, look you have been in france for quite sometime now. you know how the french society works. talk to us about how you think they will react to this particular incident which many of them are now starting to call the french 9/11. >> reporter: i think first of all, the fact that this was an attack against a newspaper, that it was an attack against freedom of speech is likely to make
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public opinion as a hole really dig its heels in terms of being able to speak freely. certainly people in the past who have criticized the magazine saying it went too far and didn't respect people's opinions and lacked sensitivity, we're not going to hear that now. we'll hear people talking about the need to defend the right for people to speak freely. when you start to censor yourself it is the beginning of a slippery slope. and in a free society, everyone should be allowed to speak freely. also as well. i heard a short while ago, live on french television an immom being interviewed live. he described the people who carried out the attacks as
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criminals, and said that they had nothing to do with islam. interestingly enough he called on his fellow muslims in france he said it's time for the silent majority to speak out and criticize these acts. and this immom himself has 24-hour protection. so clearly a very worrying about frightening moment in paris and in france as a whole, and people are really looking to the politicians, to the security services and the intelligence agencies to see how they are going to react, and what measures they are going to put in place to try to protect people. >> reporter: jackie of course this is the time for francois hollande as heard of france to step up. what will people be expecting from him? >> reporter: they'll be expecting leadership. really leadership at the time


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