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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EST

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campaign, no one a couple of months ago expected that anyone from his party and a staunch ally would stand up against him and mr. sirasenna has taken 26 members of parliament, who also deeffected, a number of other local mps as well, many local mps have joined his camp. the family's soft dictatorship, looks at the fact that the family have brerts and family -- brothers and family members he looks at the executive powers, how he has a say for example in choosing judges and chiefs of police and army heads of staff as well. meanwhile, he says he is the man
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for job. the end of the war that in 2009, he has promised to continue with this what can only be described as a success story certainly. a booming economy doesn't seem to be enough. certainly in the urban areas among the tamals who have traditionally voted against him. there is support in the country side for ragipaksil. there seems to be a lot of support. >> thank you very much, charlie. the united nations are rfq refugee
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organization. >> they are running outs of everything necessary to survive. >> we don't have bread or heating oil. look at me. we don't have socks. everything is in these tents. no relief aid no food, no water. just absolutely nothing. >> reporter: snow usually hits these areas in the valley in winter. but it's been particularly cruel to the hundreds of thousands in the area. but sickness is setting in. the cold hits children the hardest. the united nations have handed out food and heating supplies but lebanon has no formal camps for syrians. they are scattered across a huge
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area. but reaching the refugees is difficult. >> people are living if these formal settlements which can -- informal settlements they are living in animal sheds and storage facilities. >> heavy snowfall and strong winds. but syrian refugees are the strongest. having lost their homes now they must battle nature for their survival. jane ferguson, beirut. >> five suicide bombers detonated their tracks on the main highway. it's understood thing attackers
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were targeting police. now, this thursday marks one week since egypt al jazeera continues to demand the release of our three journalists now in prison in egypt for more than one year. we want to bring you some live pictures now from paris where the french president is speaking let's listen in to what he has to say. >> translator: all the different ministers he's giving name i didn't catch those. we have spoken to the head of state, the current pursuit.
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we have stopped those individuals that we think relate to the security. there we're also going to be coordinating and talking about the different -- just to ensure security of the country takes. and to speak to all the different heads of services. and we want to say to the french french we are happy that you moiblgzed. we too mobilized it will the
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french people mobilized yesterday. we all have the power to fight against intolerance. i ask the media to be very prudent about the information that they give about this on ongoing case. all the information that you give can compromise the work of the different services and units, it can keep us from being able to arrest or stop people. please consider what you present to the press because it will interfere.
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so thank you. >> that was the french prime minister emanuel valle. it included the french french president nicholas sarkozy. the office of the satirical magazine charlie hebdo. they are still on the run several operations underway across france to try and find these two suspects.
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again, 12 people killed at the offices of charlie hebdo the satirical magazine. we will certainly keep our eye on all the happenings in paris and bring them to you when we have them. rebels in cross border attacks that entered the diffractdemocratic republic of congo. to destabilize ahead of elections in may. (t) rights group gabriel alesandro reports.
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people living in conditions like this this is where people have come here with promises from the government they say they say promises that have never been fulfilled. so they are in these conditions of this makeshift housing and the security situation is very fragile. many sais they were actually soft now than before the earthquake. >> we are a lot of problems here. we are without water little food if somebody gets sick, we have to walk the long way to the nearest hospital. we don't even have electricity. >> translator: five year later, we are still living in
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the same condition. nobody cares about us. most of us are stealing camps you can see it here. >> this is not a good place to raise my kids. i don't have any other option, that is why i stay. >> the last gunmen shot