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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 9, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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individuals who probably will lose their life. we have what would be by far the best solution where we could understand what is the motivation and nature of the war that they are wagingagainst france as a whole. >> cap can i ask you to stay on the line francois gere because we'll explain the situation. we are looking at a live shot of dammartin-en-goele 40km north-east of paris. that is where pretty much the
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town is locked down in a light industrial complex. there's a warehouse owned by a printing company. in that warehouse are the two prime suspects accused - those brothers accused of carrying out the shootings at "charlie hebdo" on wednesday. police have surrounded - you can see police vehicles personnel surrounding this warehouse. we understand that there is possibly a hostage. we also have been led to believe that there may be some injuries we can't confirm that situation at the moment but we know that there's one hostage. as a consequence of that we do believe that negotiations with the brothers who are in the house as francois gere was suggesting probably heavily armed. that is the situation now. north of paris. we'll talk to francois gere
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again. are you still with us? give us an idea of how difficult the negotiations will be. clearly there are people trained to carry out the operation. >> in that situation the french have negotiators, with people who are habitually trained in order to talk and we appreciate the improvement. before the situation is more complicated, because the hostages obviously are facing security and are facing challenges.
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security safety of hostages. second they are facing people heavily armed, who may be killed who not only the people in "charlie hebdo" but also killed protection officers. those people have nothing to lose any more. and so they will not consider easily the fact to surrender peacefully. >> thank you, francois gere. thank you for that. francois gere there, strategy and security expert joining us on the line from paris, giving us an idea now of what is occurring with this process. our correspondent jacky rowland
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is in the area and has been monitoring the developments all morning for us. jackie whilst there's an indication as to how tricky the negotiation will be have you managed to get across this - information emerging regarding the other shooting of the two police officers, one of whom died. there's more information now emerging as to what happened in that scenario whether it's connected at all to "charlie hebdo", and that situation. >> i would be grateful if you could share the information with me. >> what we are looking at now on the website is that the killers or killer of the police fled to
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the south of paris. that they are now declaring that they have nothing to do with the "charlie hebdo" incident. i'll bring that to you as i get more online. give us an idea of what francis hollande is planning to do. he has to strike and bring this country and help the country to recover from this. at the moment he's concentrating on the town of dammartin-en-goele. when he heard about the shooting in the town he broke the crisis meeting. and has constantly been in crisis meetings surrounded by
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senior ministers and also the head of various security and intelligence agencies pretty much since the shootings happened about 48 hours ago. he has been down in that. at the moment pretty much focussed on that. i'm getting information from the local media that there has been reports that the two suspects announced a desire to die as martyrs. that's from local media, but ties in with the analysis we are hearing from our guest. back to the subject of francis hollande. he has a number of responsibilities, the first from a security point of view to protect the citizens of france. he has made it clear that his priority was going to be to mobilize all forces at his disposal to track down and
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neutralize the two suspects. as far as that priority goes it seems to be moving into the final stages. beyond that as a political leader, it was important to reassert the unity of france. he did that in one way by leading from the front. inviting his open rival, nicolas sarkozy, leader of the opposition unp party, former french president defeat in elections in 2012 by francis hollande to attend the community cabinet meeting, demonstrating that this was a time for political forces to work together not a time for party politics the the message of unity and working together is something we can expect more and more. he will be stressing, seeking to emphasise what unites people in france than tearing them apart.
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the diverse society, a significant population of 5 million people here in france almost 10% of those are from north african descent. people the children of immigrants from north africa the grandchildren of immigrants from former french colonies in north africa it's a diverse operation. the president will try to emphasise the values of what people hold in common rather than the differences dividing the committee. it's significant at demonstrations ral yits and vigils that we have seen in paris and other cities and that different communities happened. we have seen old people, and all different minorities taking part in the demonstrations and members of the muslim community
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in the northern suburbs of paris took part in the minute's silence at noon on thursday. the president will be seeking to tap in bringing them together along the lines of the values on which the french republic is founded, stressing unity, not differences. >> indeed. in the studio with us is french. you have dual nationality. but one of them is french. this attack is seen as a journalist attack on free speech. from your perspective, do you think it's amounting to an attack on french values of liberty, as jackie mentioned. >> you don't have freedom without a free press, the
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freedom of expression to voice interests and expressions. that's not the question. every different view on whether it's religion political parties has the right to be expressed. those attacks were absolutely the attacks trying to see if religious fundamentalism is enough of a ground to prevent expression and i hope you will not have an impact on the overall communities from the muslim communities in france which is by a large majority. and actually building them themselves, the policemen killed in the streets in front of "charlie hebdo" was a muslim citizen that had devoted his life to serving and protecting the french republican values.
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so the measure will be to see how the values and the identity cradle will survive or come out strengthened and reaffirm what happened. >> thank you very much indeed for now. let's go to laurence lee our correspondent there on the periferry. and i'm afraid - we can't talk to laurence lee at the moment. we are looking at an increasing number of military or police helicopters - hints on the ground on the field, open field, outside dammartin-en-goele. jacky rowland our jont jack -- correspondent is looking at the pictures. we see president francis hollande striding out of elisa
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palace. he has called upon unity on the french people and there is to that effect to be held a demonstration, certainly in paris if not around the country. we are aware of an event planned for sunday and it is a rallying of political offices in france. we were talking earlier about how francis hollande and other political leaders sought to stress that now is the time for political unity, rather than party politics or the kind of political point scoring that you have going on. in order to underline that you did invite the political rival, the former president to the elisa palace on thursdayinviting
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all -- inviteing all, and the resources and experience of nicolas sarkozy, who was president for five years, and had experience dealing in certain critical situations. sunday afternoon here in france is the time when we are expecting to see this meeting, this gathering of all political forces in france. importantly all forces described as espousing the values. we talked a lot in the last couple of hours, the last few days about the values. any party deemed to subscribe to the republican values of freedom, equality and fraternity are invited to take part. there has been controversy as to whether this that would be the national front party, a far right party. they've been quite vocal in the hours after the attack. she was due to hold a news
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conference on friday. clearly that's been overshadowed by events on the ground. whether anyone will be invited, there are plenty in france arguing that the party does not espouse the french values. >> as we look at this this is a live shot. it's not - i think probably to the east of dammartin-en-goele, given that laurence lee, our correspondent is on the other side of this small town. that seems to be the warehouse, this is probably the warehouse where the action is taking place. i wonder if you have any more information as to how the negotiations are going, because maybe for the last 40 minutes or so indications certainly from french media are that negotiations are under way, at least trying to release the one, if not more hostages held.
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obviously in a situation like this we suspect a media blackout from french special forces. this is extremely delicate situation. i must stress for the moment the reports of at least one hostage from the french media. and either the police or senior politicians, with the existence of hostages or the warehouse. if there are hostings that complicates the situation. the objective is to end the siege with the two suspects in their custody. we heard media reports, and those that are radicalized from the past experience. the brother who has a previous
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conviction for recruiting people for iraq. according to u.s. intelligence reports, he was someone that trained at an al qaeda training camp in yemen. two radicalized brothers and there was the risk that they'd wish to die rather than surrender. that is the game plan of the special forces. they'll be under orders or could bring out ultimately the brother. ultimately the brothers to escape and the forces would kill them rather than let then escape again. it's taking them down there. if we are talking about a situation where hostages innocent people working at the warehouse are held captive by the experts, that changes the equations at stake. too many civilians have been killed.
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10 journalists and police officers report injuries - though no confirmation of injuries or fatalities at the warehouse. the special units, the police negotiators, their subject will be to get the hostages released safely. (a) they want to protect lives, but (b) once the hostages are out of the way it changes the tactics, and that we imagine, will be to starve them out, turn off the power and the water and - yes - we are learning that president francis hollande is on the way to the ministry of the interior to supervise the operation. intooed. francis hollande president of france - if that's the case let's listen to the president - no we are not going to listen to him, you are right, jacky, in
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the studio watching this of course is rene of qatar university. jacky rowland was alluding that this is a complicated complex matter. and an expensive operation involving at least 1500 police and other security officials in this little town itself. how used are french community forces to dealing with thx. >> there are two groups operating, an element from the army and they are known to be efficient. they are the same group that 15 years ago also... francis hollande. >> i think we have the president now. >> perfect. >> well we can't hear anything at the moment. sorry for interrupting you. >> translation:... has decided to be also part of a
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coalition in iraq to fight against because there is externally forces that which to wipe out territories, take them over and to also want - of course security forces - in mali where the county was to protect ourselves, so that on the aggression that could be - could come externally. there are threats internally and our country has been a victim over the last few decades of attacks of a terrorist nature. and we have known for the last few months that there were
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attempts. the ministry won't give a full of course, but there were attempts that were unsuccessful. they can reoccur. at a time we are at at the moment. we must do everything to ensure the protection and the ministry of interior reminded you. he... he can... he can trust you because you represent the state in respective department. you showed that the state is there, taking up its goal and it's goal is to deploy all means possible where risks and
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targets - and it is also to reassure the population of the scheme the deployment of forces that have been increasingly identified over the last few days reassuring the population that it's living under the state of law, to have the will to be - together to refuse caricaturing and also to to... ..within the republic. we have also - we have to deal with the matter of an even stronger prevention. we have seen what we have
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experienced, complete action that the major we have serious events and we know what people do to provoke other - prevention information, and i want to welcome all the forces that are in charge of this responsibility. and finally the security of the demonstrations that will occur. they have been respectful and have shape dignity. demonstrations all citizens can take part. there is no control and it is the same conviction the same determination that will lead our citizens to be present on sunday
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and the political forces. and those that decide to take or not to take part. they must be reassured and provided responsibility for the demonstration in paris, and no doubt other administrations on the territory. it's the presence of the mayor in france and he reassured me that in villages they would be gathering. so that these gatherings can draw a climate of dignity that was characterised in their response and in providing security and protection.
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hopefully we are all concerned because of aggressions, and friendly countries over the last few years. these countries may also feel that they are concerned and they will act on sunday - there'll be a meeting of the ministers in the interior european interior ministers with the cooperation of other ministers who will be present. the prime minister with countries - with regard to intelligence services and information, and that too, is important. it must not prevent us from having borders, but at the same
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time it's our responsibility for the right to provide asylum. so european and at the international level, the cabinet - i can tell you the full trust that i have i was not able to express myself so before you france is a state, a force, a guarantee. france as a state with those who every day act. they are fully aware of their
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mission. what is the purpose today. police civil servants magistrates, civil servants of the authority, who also are in the neighbourhood, now our citizens find to obtain protection if necessary when appropriate and are present. also through its state and the people that represented civil servants, and it will be possible to are the all challenges but as i trust you, i trust my country. and we will show it. with great capacity to meet doesn't prevent the fact that
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there is an amount of failings of horrors that we experience when we are are capable of meeting around what constitutes the republic you have the function to ensure french people live in security and have less future. thank you very much listening to the french president with me is rene who is here in doha. if it is the leader catching the top and striking the right cord with the people especially in a crisis can he do it. >> francis hollande is not known for charismatic nature.
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at the same time, he is de-stressing or trying to apiece the event or the perception of the events from the population. it was more adequate to keep this low, maybe les reassuring but trying to maintain calm trying to prevent other similar areas from using the opportunity. >> jacky rowland is in paris, watching this with us. jacky, given the latest pictures that we are looking at now of french security forces out in force on this very dramatic operation, that he made his remarks at the interior ministry with the interior minister bernard cazeneuve, and with the prime minister. >> what we understand from the
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beginning of this crisis is be seen leaving from the front. wednesday, the day of the shootings of the attack. he was on the scene and speaking to cameras from outside the office of "charlie hebdo." closer to the attack he posted he was leaving the crisis meeting, and the cabinet. thursday he invited the president, praptdemonstrating leading from the front and what he was talking about, harnessing all the forces and expertise in france to work on the crisis. on thursday we saw him visiting police headquarters in paris. the police themselves lost two officers in the shooting at "charlie hebdo", and losing a police woman during a separate
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unconnected shooting which took place in the south of paris on thursday and seem toe about leading from the front. it seems to be in charge perhaps not with the charisma as one might hope but never mind the important aspect is driving the manner. the meeting of the security cabinet at the palace and the interior ministry. it's where the operation is being controlled from. that is at the political direction and where, as well, the heads of the security air forces the heads of the agencies, where all the orders will be coming from and as to how the negotiators on the ground are dealing with the crisis. so there he was at the interior ministry with the interior minister at one side, and more
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information - yes, apparently ambulances are also going to the seen in dammartin-en-goele. >> perfect opportunity then for us to recap on the points of this morning. live pictures here on al jazeera, live pictures of dammartin-en-goele. it's a small town. it's where the drama is unfolding. french surrounding a building. we think a warehouse owned by the printing company, the details that the french media are putting out and jackie is relaying to us. we think that there is a hostage, at least one hostage, there's reports of there being injuries, and hence medical personnel on their way. the correspondent who is there at dammartin-en-goele talked of
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paramedics. landing a helicopter not far from the complex, where the warehouse is located, so we heard that the two suspects as to the hostages we are not sure. one, at least. that is the situation, as i say, 40km outside of paris, and we heard from president francis hollande. and reme in the studio emphasising the fact that he will show them the shock of this to which it has gone to the core. some say sensibilities, it rattles french ideas of liberty, fraternity and equality.
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as i say, it is watching the developments unfold with us. where would you say then that francis hollande has put himself in terms of this operation. do you think he is managing to lead the logistical side of the operation, calling it national crisis. >> it is important to make sure that the emotion, the way it should be step by step operated. i'm confident in the force on the ground and they are experienced in those operations. they are the ones that 15 years or so ago managed to take out some terrorists at airports in marr say without injuring anyone in a plane. what we are looking at now, i believe, is likely that in the first negotiations to be trying to have potential injuries h and
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that would be a classical step in the negotiations. we do have here very experienced people in the police and the army. they have been in countries all over the world. france is known for that capacity. they are real negotiators, and told those kidnapping stories. reme thank you for that. barnaby phillips is there on the ground. >> barnaby, tell us first of all, tell us how far you are from the live shot that we are watching - the warehouse in which we believe two gunmen to be. how far you are from that and what you managed to pick up about the operation so far. >> i'm probably about 500m away. i can look out over the fields and see what i think is the
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warehouse. i see flashing lights and police vehicles going in and out. sirens at the moment. lots of ambulances as well. what we are hearing about the operation, and french media has said - and al jazeera has not been able to confirm that - that the french police have a line of contact with the two suspects. who told the french police that they are holding a hostage, and are prepared to die as martyrs. this is a fast moving situation. there were reports denied that someone was killed. any information coming out has to be with a pinch of salt.
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>> our viewers are aware that when this is a situation like this it's interesting that prosecutors are denying fatality in the exchange of fire but the brothers in the warehouse, they do appear to be. we understand that they are heavily armed. talking to french raidos.
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a woman said she heard gunfire and structed people to stay away from windows. and it may be close to the house. the children are obviously - their safety is of enormous concern. french police have been told not to allow anyone out. this is the context in which it is happening. this is the fear of the french police that is the situation that is the number one preoccupation. >> from what appeared to be an orchestrated coordinated attack in which the people were picked
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out, there seems to be knowledge, from that well orchestrated event, what appears to be a happen has art end game because at some point it will be the end of the saga. you are right. what happened was cold-blooded ruthless and done with terrible precision and efficiency. if it is holed up in the wairs, it hadn't really taken account what would happen next they would have needed safe houses
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and had people to help them complex. it's been chaotic ever since the moment it got away. >> thank you barnaby phillips giving us an update on - interest on the ground at dammartin-en-goele as we pointed out, a small town not far from paris. we can talk to a security and terrorism analyst who is on the line. thank you, steven for talking to al jazeera. give us an idea of the nature of the operation now. we understand there's around 1500 security personnel. give us an idea of the nature
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and severity of the tack. -- task >> they will be glad to have locked down the area. the 90,000 police up and down the country involved it's the large largest group or sting they have ever had. they'll be happy to have containment. it's a matter of keeping it and obviously, apart from eventuating local citizens the work they'll do on the ground at the moment to guarantee, you know as much into the local area we never had anything that happened. they'll have to get their net scores in to obviously talk to
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the attackers. a plan of action will have to be agreed. it's a very very fast-moving matter for the police now, who will be dealing with this. >> steve, police involved - there are possibly - one is known as a raid in clumsy english, and the other g.i. gn gign. these are special forces. most of us will be familiar with what we call a swat team. >> france has military linked. in england we'd have a military and sas coming from the military
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angle. the equipment, it is attached. it gives them a head up because they are in touch with the police on the ground up to the top level. you know negating several different agencies being involved. there are other agencies involved. at least the geography on the ground, and the region - they work together the local forces. they have the building surrounded - if that's necessary. we don't want to speculate. >> i don't want to draw to too
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much to the grounds of speculation. barnaby phillips our correspondent on the ground tells us that french are addressing negotiators, that's what the french media report and have a special line. contact with the brothers and there's the possibility of one hostage. and the other thing is the fact that the brothers are saying they are prepared to die. give us an idea of how the negotiating team will try to respond. whatever happens here they are prepared to die. the police on the ground would like to end this operation where everybody lives. it will benefit the police
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because they'll get valued evidence from the attackers, and where this whole event originated from. that is important here. the primary role is to release hostages without further, you know deaths or injury. and that is the primary move. they need to communicate, we have seen it in phils. -- in films. they need to communicate with trackers. they keep it open but the public want to know that every precaution has been taken, they are safe and can be provided quickly and effectively. they'll be under no uncertain terms that this association will end, whether it's an hour or three days down the road. it will end. but it depends how it will end. the negotiators need to be
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france's - they'll have experience an opportunity to talk to and negotiate to find out what it is that they want. well you know that information has to be passed on so they can be ready for any plan of the action. now that they contain them. they can't afford for them to escape again. and i don't think that's in the realm to show you once the police jump into action. they'll be thankful... >> steve park terrorism and security analyst. thank you, indeed for sharing your thoughts on the line from london. well that is the live picture
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you are looking at. you are looking at this small town to around 800 inhabitants, dammartin-en-goele. as i say, 40km or so north-east of paris. as you can see on this map, there is an industrial zone. an industrial zone in this context is industry. there'll be factories factoring largely in the area. no heavy industry in the area. the warehouse in question that we are focussing on is apparently belonging to a printing company. that's where we are, and the two brothers the prime suspects in the shootings. we understand they are there, we understand they are with one hostage, and barnaby phillips
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has been informing us of local media, suggesting that contact has been made with the hostage takers. barnaby phillips joins us live as i say, about 500 meters away from this area. so it's a major option. we have been hearing from steve parks, a security and terrorism analyst that the end is nigh it's a matter of how it end. the brothers apparently suggested that they are quite prepared to die. [ sirens ] . >> that is according to french media reports, yes. i am sure the expert you had on earlier is correct. i mean the french police are not going to let them get away again. they have them eb circled -- encircled. it's a matter of time. how long we simply don't know
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we would imagine entering the realm of speculation after the last 48 hours. it must be hard for them to stay alert, concentrating and so on. the french police will have skilled negotiators. they retired and have the right equipment but their concern is the welfare of the hostage. we seem to have consistent reports of a hostage. they'll do everything they can to keep the person if we get confirmation. >> give us an idea if you can, of the kind of geography that we have covered.
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say 24 hours ago we were concentrating on an area further afield. in fact there was talk of the drive away in the area. tell us about the duties in terms of the way the forces attacked the two main suspects in the killings. . >> it's all taken place south of paris, 40km away. it's about 20km full court on from villa couture, further from paris, from where i am at the moment. it turned out to be correct, i suppose. it remained in the vicinity that it had not got away further to the north-east.
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you're right. i think there's an unspoken fear that they would - not that things would be easy for them in belgium, but that the french are involved they want to arrest the two suspects on their own soil obviously. the focus - further on 50km from here we were at a village, there was an extensive search of the forest. there was talk that the men had abandoned a car there. that rumour was confirmed at some point. >> at that point, did they proceed on foot? there was some suggestion that they were on foot at some point in the pursuit. >> yes, that has been the suggestion, that it was abandoned and they wept into a
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forest. witnesses quoted in the french media were saying that last night. and again, there has been suggestions that the suspects robbed a car this morning, some type of car chase ensued in the morning. in other words, that was when they had to break cover. they had to and i'll return to this point. if they don't have people supporting them they can't stay hidden in the woods and the cold unable to move without food. they'd have to carry on, it seems... >> remind us again of the latest
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reports that are being said by the media, that contact with the negotiating team is under way, that there is one hostage, we believe, and also the brothers have - that they are prepared to die. i mean those are the latest - maybe you can hear the sirens. [ sirens ] >> they are going no the town of dammartin-en-goele. we assume or hope that the ambulances enter the town as a precaution. there were reports that someone had been killed in dammartin-en-goele.
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there's information flying around not confirmed. some turns tout be correct, some is incorrect, and we are aware of that moving. >> indeed. barnaby phillips thank you. barnaby phillips is there watching events and appraising us of all development in dammartin-en-goele. reme professor at qatar university, is watching all of this developing. and observations from the last few days and watching how this is taking shape, what are your thought about what this moons in terms of france and french people, and how they look at the incident, and let's talk more broadly in an analytical
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context. >> there's a sense of vulnerability, emphasis same as before an event, that we knew of the possibilities. we heard about the risk. that will be the first time that it's happened on french ground. some suggest that the french - outsiders... >> there's a number by comparison. in terms of value, and the feeling of vulnerability, and the fact that in 9/11 the 2009 towers there were targets. here the freedom of the press. another key for the french. what you see that is interesting is discussion from the president, trying to reassure the population on a regular
5:55 am
basis, because the concern that there's a sense of tension, loss and that is when all society gathers together. [ audio breaking up ] in all cities here in paris there is solidarity. the solidarity of people in the province and in other regions, because this could have happened elsewhere. indeed, but there are reports [ audio breaking up ] the french landscape has changed significantly in recent times.
5:56 am
[ unclear audio ] >> [ inaudible ] they are ready to show leadership vision in the society and it may be an opportunity to show what you believe or that you believe in the freedom of the press in french society. >> okay. so showing solidarity and all of that. will it lead to policies? i think what is happening time and again is the french society, those people for the most part for the most part of foreign origin or very much french who
5:57 am
have jobs who don't have prospects are targets. >> france has education and health system mostly free - whether you cam from a poor neighbourhood in paris, you may not have opportunities this life. there's actions in part needing improvement. opening the gates school. they have a strong framework making sure that the minorities and and the minorities. living in impoverished neighbourhood, but have a chance to step up the ladder.
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>> thank you. it's a good opportunity to ask jacky rowland about the events from the start. and, jacky. at this point it may be helpful for you to construe the events for today where the situation is we are looking at a larger industrial area where the prime suspect are believed to be holed up possibly with a hostage. >> yes. approximately about half an hour i suppose, there was an inkling that something was developing in the police safe for the two suspects. wednesday there were media reports, french media reports in
5:59 am
the district to the forth of central paris. a district where the main city was, and we heard reports of a car chase. a woman reported that two men she recognised in relation to the "charlie hebdo" killing - the pictures have been circulated widely in france - they held her up and stole her vehicle and made off in it. we saw images of the french police in pursuit. at this statement we started to hear -- stage we started to hear reports of dammartin-en-goele the focus of attention. we heard about hostages taken we were told they'd been taken at a shop. and more details emerged and we
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were talking about a warehouse in the light industrial outside the town and it would appear that the offices, warehouse premises belonging to a printing company, where two brothers cherif kouachi, and said kouachi had gone to ground. there was some confusing reports about whether anyone might have been hurt during the moments when the brothers entered the warehouse and took control of the building. reports that one perp had been killed, is -- one person had been killed and several injured. the paris office subsequently had not been killed. my colleagues one of my colleagues saw an air ambulance landing. we are acquire whether an air ambulance is in precaution or whether it's in response to whether people have been