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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EST

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>> france grapples with the fallout from the incidents in paris which left both hostages and the attackers dead. it's revealed one of the governments has links to al qaeda. >> we are the defenders of the prophet, i was sent by the prophet to yemen and anwar al aki financed me. >> hello and welcome to al jazeera. live from doha, i'm martine
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dennis, also coming up life on the program. alcohol ra incholera in haiti the u.n. can't be sued. the french president floinld andfrancois hollande and key members of his parliament will meet soon. two seedges were brought to seedges were sieges, were brought to an end. tim friend reports from paris. >> these are the images that will stay locked in the french public's mind for days to come. one of the most violent in
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recent history. first the end of a siege northeast of the capital two hostage takers dead then a few moments later mayhem in the city center itself as police storm the building to release hostages. four hostages dead probably before police action. now, the questions begin. just before list death in a hail of bullets one of the magazine attackers boasted in a phone call with french television that he had received backing from al qaeda in yemen. >> translator: we are the defenders of the prophet i cherif kouachi was sent from a&m andfromyemen and was sent by ann
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war alaki. >> admitting there's been a failure of protection. hayet boumddiene the wife of cherif kouachi made phone calls to her last summer so they were in constant contact. tim friend, al jazeera paris. >> we can go to lawrence lee live in paris. just hours away from that meeting which can only be described as a crisis meeting for floinld froinld and francois hollande
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and his government ministers it can only be described as stormy indeed. >> there are no more attacks planned, now that they've ended with the ending of the two hostage situations yesterday i think what this weekend holds in store is perhaps very slightly more reflective. there are going to be some 16 demonstrations in support of the idea of "charlie hebdo" and freedom of expression and free a very large one here in paris which will include half a dozen or so european heads of state. and there will be a meeting regarding fame your of intelligence, obviously failure of intelligence because the attacks happened. but this will play out this weekend on the air waves and in the days and weeks to come is
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more with the failure of multiculturalism and the questions increasingly being raced is whether an interpretation of islam and western democratic values are compatible. and that's the question i think that france and other european countries are going to have to start answering not the least of which the eastern european union european parties, say this is what you get for integration and stopping the radicalization. >> yes lawrence. in particular as well, the jewish community because of course they seemed to be the target of the other siege that took place yesterday in the eastern part of paris. i think we can have a look now at the scene of that in
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vincennes, the sign of the supermarket siege live, lawrence we can see it cordoned off by police chief. the members of the jewish community are going to perhaps feel rather intimidated today. >> well, yes. francois hollande has described it as a vicious anti antisemitic attack. so yes, that is one aspect in public order terms. but as i say the other aspect of it is what france says in response to groups like al qaeda, in yemen who have claimed overnight that this is what france is going to get if it carries on insulting islam. if france believes in freedom of expression it still needs to
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exempt islam from that. there are sections of islam that aren't prepared to have that level of criticism reported. that's the type of question that they don't appear to have proper answers to. >> that is the kind of conversation going around much of western europe now as place de la republique. thank you lawrence. as expected thousands of people are expected to march throughout the streets of paris saturday and indeed on sunday. this is the scene outside that supermarket. as we just said that is where some hostages died. there's a heavy police presence, as forensic teams continue to investigate there. well, as we've been mentioning the kouachi brothers claimed
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connection to al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. omar one of the brothers claim to have been funded by aqa. how credible are those claims? >> well, it came from his own mouth when he spoke to a french media saying he was financed by al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and financed by anwar al alki. we have confirmation from one of the yemeni officials who believed the brother was in yemen in 2011, and an
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audiomessage from one of the senior members of the group he didn't claim directly the attack but he did praise what he called the battle of paris response of insults to afronts to islam and its prophet. >> aqa omar, has been subjected to pretty regular drone attacks hasn't it, american drone attacks and yet it seems to have dusted itself down and stage this attack which of course has registered far and beyond the location of the attacks in paris, and just outside of paris. >> that's absolutely right. let me give you some context to whole of this. now al qaeda was found it came to prominence in yemen in the
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year 2000 when they bombed the u.s.s. cole. then another oil tanker belonging to france. then in 2009, the forces of al qaeda and saudi arabia and yemen, joined and joined what is now called al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. they described that group as the most active and most dangerous. they managed to have strong holds in yemen and southeast. they took advantage of the power vacuum when this country witnessed mass protest so they did expand. however they have lost some of the strong holds in the years that happened and they are now concentrated in the province province of al daeba. daeba described trying to
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gather sympathizer in europe. they called on individuals to carry out such attacks and in paris there were only two individuals who carried out such a mass killing in paris. >> okay, for now omar al saleh i'm say thank you very much. but indeed we'll be getting a lot more from this angle to the story. dominated the headlines for days now. we'll get much more from omar of course here at al jazeera. now, a u.s. judge has dismissed the lawsuit seeking compensation from the u.n. for haitian victims of a cholera epidemic. thousands of victims from the
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dumping of waste from a contractor's camp. dominic kane reports. >> ever having to face questions on the cholera outbreak are now further than ever. the judge's ruling says the u.n secretary-general ban ki-moon are immune from the lawsuit. growing evidence pointed to u.n. peace keepers in haiti in 2010. and al jazeera investigation discovered sewage leaking from a nepaleesnepal eastliesnepalese contractor.
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>> the implications are incredibly grave. it essentially shows that there's nowhere in the world to turn. when the u.n. refuses to provide justice. >> as for u.n, ban ki-moon came to haiti last year and said the organization had a moral responsibility to end the cholera outbreak and tried to drum up support for a $2 billion fund for it. but the u.n. position has remained the same. they continue to refuse to take any responsibility for the cholera outbreak. now just shortly before a five year anniversary of the earthquake that killed thousands of people. gabrielle ales alesandro, al jazeera
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haiti. >> celebration of thousands of years of surfing. surfing.
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>> hello again let's have a look at the top stories here at al jazeera. the french president francois hollande is prepared to meet key members of his cab hit after an attack on a satirical magazine
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killed 12 people on wednesday. the al qaeda-based al qaeda in the arabian peninsula has claimed responsibility for the attack. one of the brothers, said kouachi claimed to have been trained and financed by the group. a u.s. judge has dismissed a lawsuit for haitian victims cholera epidemic five years ago. the epidemic affected thousands of people after human waste was dumped into a river after a nepalesenepaleseby a nepalnepalese
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contractor. >> thousands greeted him at his inauguration in clom colombo. his defeated opponent, i want to thank election commission for make sure this is a free and fair election. >> he told reporters this is the beginning of his first and last six year term as president. his coalition consists of an astonishing 49 parties and groups. he says those days are over. thousands of people have come to independence square here tonight to witness what for many is a
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historic movement in the development of this country. to watch a new president sworn in who promised them a new political structure for sri lanka. >> the change after so many years of nepotism we can come and say we are free and i don't need to be a left overof the last regime. >> sirasena has pulled off what many have thought was impossible. hopefully a start of a new political era for sri lanka. charles stratford, al jazeera colombo. recommendation of charges be brought against david petraeus,
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petraeus allegedly provided classified information to paula broadwell, his form he mistress. life in prison on terrorism charges, abu hamda, extradited from the u.k. to stand trial in new york. now hundreds have been killed in nigeria in the latest attack by boko haram which amnesty international could be the deadliest massacre of the armed group. unconfirmed reports suggest up to 2,000 people including women and children have been murdered in the northeastern town of bago. thousands of nigerians have had to flee to neighboring niger and
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many remain internally displaced. in the pakistani capital baghdad. mohamed val explains. >> it's known as the sunday bazaar a market for used clothes. this could be the most influential area in the city of bagz. baghdad. >> comes at times to help. the clothes come from various foreign destinations for a trivial price wholesale. some of the world's best known brands are on display here, still in good shape and cheaper than anywhere else. for instance, lee levis or an armani
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armani that's why the poor come here for shopping. it is a destination for the middle class as well. >> it's cheaper and foreign stuff you don't buys these in a market in lahor secondly it's better stuff compared to what we have. and apart from being cheap for people who like fashion it's completely different. nobody has the same clothes then. >> oh but how do the more privileged go around the social aspect? >> washing and dry cleaning, make them look like new. other people say i bought this from london, because the clothes tag says it.
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>> none of the shop shopkeepers mohamed would tell me wash or dry the clothes because that would raise the cost. sometimes they are disploid displayed on dirty soil. >> they are late on the ground, you can get fecal carriers of ent rowofentero bacteria. >> just wash it, with a powerful detergent, then you can buy them if you would like. mohamed val, al jazeera pakistan.
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saudi commander and two guards were killed near the iraqi border, no group has claimed responsibility. it's thought to be the first attack on saudi arabia since it joined the u.s. coalition against i.s.i.l. amnesty international has condemned the flogging of an internet blogger in saudi arabia after friday prayers in jedda. he was also sentenced to ten years in prison and fined more than a quarter of a million dollars by criticizing sawedi saudi officials in his blog. sources close to the libyan branch of i.s.i.l. say the men who disappeared four months ago have been executed. tunisia's foreign ministry says
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it holds libya responsible for the journalists' safety. al jazeera continues to demand the release of our three journalists imprisoned in egypt for more than a year. peter greste, mohamed fahmy and baher mohamed were wrongly accused of helping the muslim brotherhood, charges they deny. an appeals court has ordered a retrial will could begin in less than a month. police trying to disperse protesters after friday prayers in geza and cairo. calling for the deposing of mohamed morsi. fighting of armed groups in the north and south of benghazi.
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one is based in tripoli and the other in the east in tow to toab tobruk. the return journey to earth will be most monitored. rob reynolds explains. >> one, engine ignited. >> reporter: the plan requires pinpoint precision meticulous planning and unbelievable precision. its first stage will break away and begin falling to earth. thruster engines are supposed to direct it, to a landing platform that measures just 30 by 90 meters. controllers will try to bring the vehicle in to a safe
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landing. reusable rockets. elon musk explained last year. >> if we had rockets that were fully usable and get to a decent flight rate, the intention is to low the cost of space transport. >> since the beginning every launch has required a new rocket. imagine if commercial jet liners were used once and then discarded? hardly anyone would be able to afford a flight. but reusable rockets could revolutionize space travel. so tricky even musk gives it a 50-50 chance of success. but he says his engineers will keep trying until they get it
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right. rob reynolds, al jazeera. >> australia is thought to be the home of surfing but in reality it has only been a a short time. andrew thomas has the story. >> reporter: fresh water beach is known as australia's home of duke kahamamoku's statute was there. when he came to australia he brought his board. his name brought crowds and publicity. none could do what duke could. his excision surf gave massive attention to australia which took to sport like no other.
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>> from what he did i'm sure the nation got spawned. the fact is that he brought something to australia that was very important but the competitive edge of australians took it to the next level. >> australia makes up a sidessable chunk of a growing worldwide industry. today amateur surfers even pinkish ones acknowledge brought the industry well over $10 billion. even self-indulgent cameras strapped to their heads. there was no industry in 1915. kahanamoku made his own boards. along with kangaroos and barbecue surfing has become
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part of australian industry. but the wish to surf,. >> do have a look and check it out, . >> the men who were suspects in the charlie hebdo murders in paris were known to police often under surveillance, but still free and at large. can democracies do what is need needed to prevent terror attacks like this week's paris killings and not give up freedom itself? this is "inside story."