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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2015 9:00am-9:31am EST

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world. >> infectious diseases are a major threat to health. >> "the week ahead". sunday 8:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> they feel they've not had this education a disenchanted live. maybe they don't have a job approximate talk about trying to serve a positive message a positive message that could possibly capture the imagination to appeal to the young people, instead of these regularly available negative messages which are out there on the internet, as well calling on internet companies to play a greater role in policing the net, but with organizations or
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e sources if you like. these are not formal organizations or structures. that you don't send a subscription and get a meship card. anyone at any time can decide they are going to fell 80 themselves with those credos or ideas, for example like the kouachi brothers. and amedn coulibaly said that he was a member of isil. people at any stage individually can decide that they feel some kind of identity with these ideologies and just decide to act alone. that while sometimes there is a network and connections between like-minded individuals sometimes someone could appear completely from isolation and decide to carry out a solitaire act which nevertheless could --
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the nature of the appeal of these groups and the way in which the messages are spread is going to be very much at the heart of dealing with the terror threats. >> ok, jacki, thank you for the time being. take a look at the live pictures it's just gone two minutes after 1400 hours g.m.t. this is the scene right now in paris where hundreds of thousands of people have come out. they are standing together in a show of unity and in a show of solidarity in the wake of the attacks that took place in france earlier this week. some reports saying that there could be up to a million people who will be coming out in paris today, along with them are world leaders, who are in attendance, and we were looking at some of the world leaders just a few moments ago including the
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palestinian authority mis abbas. the german chancellor angela merkel, as well as many others have been arriving at the palace and are now making their way to the rally to participate. the rally is taking two separate routes from what we understand, so tens of thousands of people as you can see. rory challenge has been watching the preparations for the march. let's look at his report. >> hundreds of thousands of french citizens gathering some are predicting it could be the biggest marsh in paris in 70 years, all paying tribute to the victims of last week's violence. >> we are all destroyed and
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bruised and need to unite to overcome the tragedy. >> i hope at the end of the day everyone is united, we are humans first of all. >> joining the public march are religious leaders. the jewish in particular are voicing their calls for action after a kosher supermarket became a target of the paris violence. >> we are wounded angry. serious measures need to be taken. >> up to 50 world leaders are expected to show support by walking shoulder to shoulder with the french public. it's galvanized european leaders into action. interior ministers from across the eu and u.s. are holding meetings on cooperating against
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terrorism. >> a key he concern of governments for decades these particular attacks have reminded leaders that this is an international problem, one they must tackle together. >> we need to act. that is what is called for. that we are taking action, but we know it's difficult and that what happened is reviving fears. let's not be afraid to be journalists, policeman to be jewish. let's not be afraid to be a citizen. that. >> from terrible acts of violence has come a unity through grief and shock not just from the french, but the rest of the world. this is a gathering of regular people heads of state and wee lidgeous leaders with one mind, an end to violence. >> crossing back to the rally and bringing in tim friends, he is joining us. tell us what's going on at this
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particular moment, behind you. >> they're all anticipating the moment when the marsh starts to really get going. there will be shots of course of their slogans and banners a march with ordinary people and leaders who have descended here not only to march but to talk about the serious matter of combating the possibility of further attacks clearly something they need he to address, because i think during the last week, some security failings were exposed. let's get back to the march itself. young and old here, earlier we
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were talking to jewish people, to muslims to many others from france who have come here to show solidarity. i think maybe we can talk to one of them now. you're a student? >> yes. >> you've come here today why? >> i've come here today because i think it's important for all french people and all people in the world to show that their freedom is really free in fact today. >> i think you're a philosophy student, you were telling me he. >> >> >> so you make a study of freedom of expression. >> yes and freedom of think freedom of express one self. >> it's my age but you look very young to me, but how important is it that you know, this is enthat shrined for future generations? it's not always easy to hold on
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to. >> before he events arrived i had no idea of what was freedom of expression and now that this happened, you realize that you may have no freedom and it is important to fight for this. >> that's a very good point. that when it's challenged, it makes you realize how important it is. >> yes. >> and it's made you realize even more. >> how important it is for everybody to be here today and yes, i think freedom is not safe nowadays. >> ok. >> and i'm happy that french, german english everybody there, it's a historic day. >> i'll let you join in the singing. >> well, these comments that we've been getting for a few hours now i think all have this one sentiment that they want to hang on to what they've got. they don't like the idea of it being challenged. easier said than done, perhaps but at least showing their
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determination. >> tim it seems like that rally might kick off any moment. that's at least according to the live shot that we were just looking at a couple of seconds ago. can you tell us about -- there it is. that's the live shot. tell us about the route that the demonstrators will be taking. where will they be going? >> peel be passing all these iconic streets in the center of paris. that this is a city, of course, that is known throughout the world, people come here every year just to witness the wonderful architecture, and so i guess the march moves off we'll get a flavor of all that.
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the importance of this square can't be overstated. it's close to the hearts of the french people. it's not only the french here. we've met people who traveled from our european cities. they've come because they think it's important to make their point. it's always difficult to estimate numbers at these sort of demonstrations. they were talking about a million. perhaps it will become clearer later on whether they've achieved that. whether they do or not i think the message they will feel at the end of the day has got through. >> what's been the mood like, tim, throughout the past couple of hours where you've been, stood at the heart of place de la republique.
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>> well, i was saying earlier and i think it still holds certainly the vibe i'm getting that this apprehension of the previous few days, as these attacks were taking place and the police assaults were happening, this apprehension has sort of dissipated. it's gone away and what's replaced it in this sense i said earlier almost euphoria. the politicians here to discuss concrete proposals ideas for sharing intelligence, for making sure there isn't a recurrence of
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the kind of attacks paris has witnessed in recent days. that's the mood as i see it. there's also a lot of to feel conversation going on, and people are chatting to each other in the crowd discussing ways in which they think this whole issue should be approached. >> the wife of one of the kouachi brothers who was behind the killing at charlie hebdo wednesday has condemned the act of her husband. that this is according to the a.f.p. news agency.
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>> i saw that line, that they condemned the attack 24 hours ago we were hearing f the dead policeman shot outside the charlie hebdo offices during that assault also saying my brother was the muslim. he was killed by people pretending to be muslim. they do not in any way, of course represent what my brother stood for and so there' always this concern. i was here late last year doing a story about the issue in the suburbs of young men being radicalized, and i think people
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live with this concern and it's difficult to combat. that no one i spoke to then had a definitive answer, but i think perhaps the events of the last week might galvanize people into further action and it's an extremely tricky issue, of course and there are no simple answers. >> you were speaking to me, tim just a short while ago about perhaps a sense of apprehension that has been felt in place de la republique. would you say that apprehension has translated to minority communities in france in the wake of what's happened? >> there is concern, of course. i mean, there's concern amongst the muslim community about islamaphobia about attacks on
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them and we've already seen evidence in france subsequent to the initial attack on the charlie hebdo magazine of some low-scale but worrying attacks on mosques on areas where muslims live. that's rather been overshadowed by these momentous events. the jewish community interesting that benjamin netanyahu, the israeli leader, who is here, was almost holding out welcoming arms to jewish people in france, saying your natural home, if you need a new home is in israel. that some people may criticize him for those remarks but nevertheless he made them. he's probably got a keen eye being a politician, on the fact that there is also concern in the jewish community about the
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possibility of further attacks on them, as well. >> ok, tim i'll let you go for the time being. thank you tim joining us from place de la republique. these are the live pictures of what exactly is going on at place de la republique during this particular time. you can see the crowds really swelling from when we came on air up until now. it seems to be according to our correspondence, 100,000 people in place de la republique. that some reports saying that up to 1 million people are expected to come out and participate in that rally that is meant to kick off at any moment, we understand, going down two separate routes and that is a show of solidarity as well as unity to bring people together
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across paris to show solidarity in the wake of their attacks. these are the live pictures right now from place de la republique. you can see the french flag flying in the distance. there have been other flags that have been held up, as well, but the french one seems to be at the helm of all of this understandably, what we'll show you now are earlier pictures of word leaders who are in paris to attend that rally along with the french president. german chancellor angela merkel there is. the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov, you have a turkish delegation, as well who
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have come, king abdullah of jordan along with his wife. >> leaving the palace, the french president was greeting the world leaders who have come you to paris and he was headed to the place de la republique. that that is a live shot right now of the french president president
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hollande. they are preparing to take part in the rally that should take off now. president hollande surrounded by world leaders in france who have arrived to show solidarity with the country up to 40 of them, from what we understand are in france. looking at the live pictures right now let's just listen in for a second, and try and see what's going on.
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>> the spanish prime minister also in attendance. the turkish delegation is there.
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you have leaders from russia, as well. there are some gulf leaders walking by. russia's foreign minister, sergey lavrov in attendance, as well as i believe leaders or representatives from ukraine have also flown into paris to stand alongside the president hollande. right now they are taking the first steps to march off into that rally that's meant to commence any moment now, in the heart of paris showing
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solidarity sending a message that they all stand together in the wake of the attacks earlier last week that took place in paris and in suburbs of paris. there's the palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas. we'll cross over now to speak to our reporter. we'll keep an eye on paris. the rally expected to kick off any moment now tell us what's going on in marseille. >> well, like you mentioned a show of unity show of solidarity people here, as well are gathering next to marseille port as a show of
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defiance to show the world we are a strong, united country. people have telling us a lot of condemnation of the recent killings in paris but clearly behind the slogans we felt and underlying feeling of distrust and fear. the people are starting to question whether communities can actually live together. some people are holding signs saying i am charlie, i am the police and i am jew and we asked them why. they said that as france as jews we feel targeted. we have been in the past. we feel the attack on the grocery store on friday, that's just a sign of what is to come approximate then you speak to a french muslim, and he he says that it is sad that yes there were difficulties in france in the past, but they are now worsening, and it's sat because of the way people are looking at
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us so you really feel that there are divisions in society worsened by the recent violence in paris. there's a heavy security presence. the people here are saying that they don't really have much faith in the authorities whether or not they'll be able to prevent further attacks. people are worried about the possibility of further attacks. that some have said the enemy lives among us, the enemy is inside our country what are they going to do, they can talk about strengthening border controls. as you can see people are taking to the streets a show of defiance message of unity but underlying all these slogans are really the problems facing french society. >> what is it that the authorities have done to calm the fears of people there? >> well, really, their visible presence the heavy presence, this is the visible presence on the streets but this is not
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enough. a lot of people have been telling us that you cannot -- this is not a security problem. there is a problem between communities. yesterday we were in paris and we spoke to the muslim community there, and according to them, they blame french society for not integrating them, for alienating the youth. they talk about you be employment problems, feeling marginalized you talked to other people and they say the muslim community does not integrate into our society they need to accept our values. these feelings have long existed. there's been a cultural and social and economic gap for years, but the recent violence, really has thrown a spotlight on these divisions and also, as i should point out that here in the south of france, as of late, we've seen the far right gain
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popularity, and now the far right really is capitalizing on what has happened. a lot of people here have told that's ideologies that they represent is increasingly attracting support. supportfollowing the recent violence and people feel the far right have the solution, the far right bogans being that immigration is causing if you fundamentalism. the heart of society has been touched by these attacks what the attackers objective was to cause a divide, increase islamaphobia and at the same time which allows them to give more potential to attract more recruits. >> ok, thank you very much for the update on the situation in marseille. taking you now back to paris. seems like that march has kicked off with the world leaders. they did walk a few steps.
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they have now stalled -- stopped once again but it is being led by the french president hollande. there he is standing shoulder to shoulder with other word leaders, in the front line, the unit kingdom prime minister, david cameron, angela merkel, the german chancellor there is, as well. delegates from turkey, as well as russia and other countries all coming together to take part in this march that's happening right now in the heart of paris. it's really a rally and a message being sent out of national, as well as international unity to objector the 17 victims that were killed earlier last week in the attacks that took place in paris. crossing over to bring in jacki roland, who's joining us from paris.
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jacki specifically overlooking place de la republique and the hundreds of thousands of people, jacki, behind you. talk to me about the symbolism of all these word leaders coming together. >> well, i think we can well be having some of those people arriving actually here at the square now the volume of the crowd, the square is now completely packed to examines city the crowd spreading into the side streets. in fact, at any moment, they should be moving. a short while ago we saw the various leaders being received by president hollande in the palace. then obviously we saw president hollande getting onboard those vehicles to bring them to place
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de la republique in the front. that that is symbolic, as well. ever since the first shooting at the charlie hebdo offices president hollande has been seen in the forefront being at the offices themselves, at the police station or foreign ministry. he is flanked by politicians from around the world and in so doing, recognizing what's happening in france could equally as well have happened in any other major city. it could have happened in any other european capital, for example and also demonstrating the fact that the struggle now the campaign to try to combat these kinds of ideologies and the way in which young people might feel in some way attracted to the messages, tackling those is not exclusively a french
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problem, it faces countries all over europe and further afield. >> it just seems to the march has begun. it is moving slowly, i understand because the crowds are dense. it is loud, but i'm going to keep this going with you. tell us what we expect to see then over the next couple of hours. >> yes you're right, there is a little bit of movement, although it could just be people squeezing down into the square to let more people get in. i could also get helicopters flying overhead, that's part of the security arrangements there. also they could be coming into position to lead the march. the march is heading from place de la republique towards another major square in the