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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2015 10:00am-11:01am EST

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>> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello, welcome to the al jazeera news hour i'm live in doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes, france orders a crack down on hate crime as a special edition of charlie hebdo hebdo -- charlie hebdo sells out in minutes. also this hour the u.n. special envoy to libya, says ending the fighting will be a long and difficult process. we'll be live in geneva.
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and almost a million sri lankians celebrate mass with pope francis, who again calls for reconciliation. ♪ al-qaeda has said it was behind last week's attacks on the offices of french satirical newspaper, charlie hebdo. the yemen based al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula, says the attack was ordered by the organization's chief. it comes after a special edition of the charlie hebdo magazine has gone on sale. barnaby phillips reports from paris. >> reporter: they were queueing before dawn such was the demand for this week's charlie hebdo. and celebrating, if they managed to get their hands on a copy. >> translator: i'm so happy, i woke up super early and went everywhere and they were all
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sold out by 6:30 but now i'm happy. >> reporter: we're showing the cover in case some are offended. on the inside pages charlie hebdo is as irreverent at every mocking the hypocrisy in christian, muslim and other issues. hundreds of copies have gone abroad. >> the majority come from the north america and european regions. we have questions malaysia and australia. and five or six coming from latin america. those are mostly in argentina and brazil. >> reporter: we have come to the north of paris where there is a substantial muslim population. and we have discovered a wide
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variety of actions. >> translator: regarding the cover some muslims in france will take it differently, but in general, we are not upset. what is important is that we condemn the attacks. >> translator: it's democracy, it's a newspaper. it's a bit up setting but we have no choice. it's a newspaper and a democracy we need to have. >> reporter: the comedian convicted of racism and anti-semitism in the past has been arrested after he wrote [ inaudible ] referring to one of the men involved in the attacks. he and more than 50 others have been accused of condoning terrorism. by 10:00 in the morning, charlie hebdo has disappeared from the news stands across paris. soldout. the newspaper they tried to kill cannot print fast enough to meet demand. barnaby phillips al jazeera, paris. all right. let's now go live to jonah hull who is live in paris with us.
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let's start with this move by french prosecutors who want to crack down on hate speech. and the arrest of the comedian. i imagine this will reignite the debate about free speech and its boundaries in france. >> oh yes. i'm sure this is a debate that will rage for a long time. he is a controversial comedian to say the least, he wrote on his facebook and twitter feed merging the universal tag line with the name of the killer at the kosher supermarket last week. and so he has been arrested. another man was arrested and jailed for four years while he praised last week's killers. all of this comes under laws that are on the statute book that essentially condemn what is
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called glorifying terrorism. and yes, prosecutors and judges have been told to crack down on all of this. there have been something like 54 arrests in the course of the last week and as you say it sets the scene for a debate that will rage on. france remembers just on sunday millions who came out in defense of the principle of freedom of speech they see now another cartoon of the prophet muhammad and at the same time they have been given evidence of the sort of speech that is not acceptable. where that line is drawn, is not clear, i would say at this point. >> right. and another controversial cover from charlie hebdo today, jonah, the first issue since the attacks last week and it sold out completely i understand. what have been the reaction of people in france and paris? what are they saying about this issue? >> reporter: well on the whole in terms of people that we have spoken to and that probably doesn't give an indication of a
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universal reaction people are taken by the notion that democracy means freedom of speech and that charlie hebdo whatever you thought of the content of that newspaper stood very much for that principle, and the attack was an attack on that democratic freedom of speech. but there are other groups that have pointed out that at this moment in time a cartoon on the cover of this issue of the prophet muhammad is unnecessarily insulting, possibly inflammatory there may yet be consequences of that to come. a postscript i will tell you is while this issue all but sold out, every single one of its 5 million copies here in paris, it is doing a brisk trade on ebay copies of the charlie hebdo english edition selling for hundreds of dollars each. >> jonah thank you very much.
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al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula says it planned ordered and financed the attack. it says it was ordered by the network's noble leader. our correspondent reports. >> reporter: his name is nasir al-wuhayshi, a name that doesn't come up so often in the media, but he appears to be one of the most senior members of al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula. in this video he says his group is responsible for the attacks on the offices of the french magazine, charlie hebdo. >> translator: we chose the targets laid out the plan and financed the operation. this was in revenge for our prophet muhammad. the order came from our leader. >> reporter: he also says the u.s. cleric who was killed in a
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drone strike in yemen in 2011 was involved in the initial planning of the attacks. the u.s. had accused him of recruiting western converts to attack western targets. the new al-qaeda video is seen by some as nothing more than propaganda. this analyst says he has a hard time believing al-qaeda's statements. >> it wouldn't have taken this long to organize this particular attack. this is one of the reasons why i'm skeptical. i am also skeptical, because these two brothers coordinated their actions or were certainly in touch with their co coconspirator amedy who claims he has dedicated his actions to islamic state. >> reporter: but the cia has
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also considered al-qaeda's branch in yemen as the most active part of the armed group. it is lead by this man, nasir al-wuhayshi, and this is its top military commander, but this is the man in the spotlight now. he is seen in this video issuing religious religious etics. after the 9/11 attacks, he went back to yemen where he was arrested and released months later. he now emerges as an important figure in an armed group that controls huge areas of yemen. the united nations is bringing together rival factions from libya to try to broker a peace deal. three years after the fallout of moammar gadhafi, two separate
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governments have emerged. and armed groups that fought to topple gadhafi have now disbanded and/or are fighting each other. we heard from the u.n. envoy to libya, zana who said he laid out the objections but said this was going to be very challenging. why is it going to be so complicated to find a peace deal for libya? >> reporter: well yes, he said long difficult and complicated process, but the united nations is attaching a lot of importance saying that this could be the last chance for peace, or libya could desend into further chaos, the united nations saying several rival factions are here but important players are not. the general national congress based in tripoli and not
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recognized by the international community, they expressed reservations about the conference. but it was clear from -- from the press conference the u.n. envoy had quite harsh words for those who are not attending, saying this dialogue is about talking, and if you do not want to talk then the alternative is war. but what we have been hering from european diplomats and politicians is that libya is a priority now. because they are at the doorsteps of europe. and right now a number of groups which the united nations lack lists as terrorists are operating in security vacuum. >> what do you mean by exposures is the people that want war and not peace? i think it has to be very clear after some time making a huge
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effort to bring many people from many different realms to the table, their time is finished. and the international community -- and i am in touch with the most important international regional actors i'm in touch, of course with the representatives of the security council, and the international community for those who want war will have no more patience. this is very clear. all right. we want to take you now live to france southern france where the french president is addressing troops. let's listen in to what he has to say. >> translator: i express my compassion and gratitude to the families faced with the challenge that our country has known. the french country has responded. it was able to respond by expressing solidarity for eternity unity which is the
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pride of an admiration of whole nation and the whole world. i also would like to welcome the exexemplary behavior of the police who with great courage, with professionalism, who neutralized the terrorists and who ensure on a daily basis the safety of our citizens. these police forces have already been strengthened by the army. it is an eternal operation which is unequal, and considerable. the [ inaudible ] pirate's plan has reached a level where 10,000
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soldiers are deployed over the national territory in order to protect the most sensitive areas. places of worship, synagogues churches or temples. it's the rhythm of the deployment is exceptional, unheard of. in barely three days we -- we were at a level of a thousand soldiers on monday up to 10,700 soldiers will be in place as of this evening. never in our recent history has there been such deployment with such speed. national defense -- it fulfills one of the objectives that was set in the white paper, which
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consists in protecting our territory. the capacity of our armies allows it to react quickly in a few days. this mission of protecting our citizens without the army being mixed with the police cooperation exists and it's what i conceive because our civil and military forces have shown reactivity, which is truly remarkable. i wanted today to congratulate you for it. we must at the same time respond to attacks which have occurred internally over those
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theaterable days wednesday, thursday and friday. which could go further since they have been claimed by terrorist organization that we know only too well but at the same time we must also deal with threats coming externally and they are numerous and it is the decision i have taken in the name of france to react immediately to the attack by terrorists in mali. it was on the 11th of january, 2013 and it is also the choice i have made to participate in the coalition intended to strike daesh or i.s. in iraq and it's a decision i took last summer.
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at the same time we'll be present on the -- what we're doing in iraq in the air, we must also support as best as possible the people who are fighting on the front line against the jihadists, that we help the forces of opposition who are fighting against the islamic state. i continue to regret and i say it before you, that the international community has not acted as was required to stop the massacres in syria, and to prevent the extremists from winning even more ground. it was at the end of -- of august 2013, early september, that the international community should have already acted. france was ready. the orders have been given, the
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measures were in place. another -- another choice was decided. and we can see the results. the fight against terrorism is a question of time waiting is dangerous. rushing is a risk. france takes careful decisions. it cannot intervene wherever. we are asked to do so. there's so many threats, so much danger so much terror in libya, in nigeria, and france cannot and does not want to participate in an action which does not have the support of the united nations. it doesn't want to act on its own, and in a precipitous or adventurous way, because we're talking about the lives of
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soldiers. so therefore we also act at the political level so that conditions can be found for the international community to solve these conflicts, but where we do intervene, where we do act, we must show great determination. this week the charles de gaulle aircraft carrier is sailing. the sailing of our aircraft carrier has meaning. it is a commitment. the charles de gaulle is an expression of force and strength. it's the symbol of our independence. it shows the political capacity military, and diplomatic capacity of france. today the situation in the middle east requires the presence of our aircraft
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carrier, and thanks to the charles de gaulle, we have pre -- precious information. we have intelligence. if necessary we can carry out operations in iraq with even more intensity, and even more efficiency. the aircraft carrier will be working in close collaboration with the forces of the coalition. it will give us all the means possible to be able to react at anytime in the event of additional tension that shows the importance of the mission that you are carrying out in the context that i have just describes at the international level with the attack that we have had on our own territory. you are in operation. i have full confidence in you.
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in the fleet, i know the work of the sailors, the pilots. you follow a long tradition. our country, indeed has always thought that there was a strategy to be undertaken with the air forces. it was a vision -- vision ayers in the first world war. france is one of the few countries in the world capable to implement an air navy force, which is complete with an aircraft carrier with catapult
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with 34 assignments. the charles de gaulle is an example of the technological performance of our country in serving -- in defending france, but also of the performance of all of the personnel who serve on the aircraft carrier. we have -- thanks to you -- the decision to sail the aircraft carrier, which has the meaning, which i have just expressed, which allows us to have influence on the international stage. the mission which is starting is also a response to terrorism. we are declaring war to them. and we must implement the most suitable military means faced with such a threat. our country, your country,
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dedicates important budgetary means for defense. we can see the confession today, first of all men and women who are well trained, who are well order ordered -- intelligence tools will be able to deal with cyber defense, a major problem. the aircraft carryier, which is available at anytime, and the bare naval capabilities. it is a team spirit. it applies to all of the armed fors but it's also applicable to a nation to a people. we are -- we too -- we are together a team.
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what does it mean to be a team? it means to give authority to men and women who provide their skills their qualities, their origins, their experience their diversity. france must be a team. but a team -- but to serve an army there must be an ongoing military commitment and in these circumstances, we need to mobilize first of all the active army. there is no army without men and women to serve it. and that is why i with the prime minister and the minister of defense it is my responsibility
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which is linked to my function as head of state and head of the armed forces. i am very vigilant in the context that i just described as -- with regard to the number of armed forces and the restructuring which are planned. the exceptional situation we are undergoing at the moment leads us to review our reduction in the numbers of the armed forces that had been planned for the next three years, for the armed forces. this rhythm must be reviewed and adapted. i therefore ask the minister of defense to give me some proposals by the end of the week by taking into account, of course the budgetary restrictions. i will have a defense meeting on
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wednesday, and i will therefore take a decision. that is why the armed forces are so important, and at this particular moment i want decisions to be taken so that france can be sure sure that it's defense is up to the task and that you are convinced that we place our trust in you, to allow us to be protected and to intervene where you are called to do so. >> all right. you have been listening to french president, giving his annual new year's speech to the armed forces in the southern french city. he began by praising french police who responded to last week's attacks in paris, and he praised them for ensuring the safety of french citizens. he added that up to 10,000
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soldiers would be deployed across france to ensure the safety of french citizens and protect france east territory. he also mentioned of course france's roll -- role on the international stage, he mentioned the fight against islamic state of iraq and the levant saying that the international community should have intervened in syria at the end of august 2013 and that waiting and seeing was not the right approach. he said france was ready to intervene; that they were prepared to act but doesn't want france to act alone; that it needed endorsement from the other members of the international community, and the united nations most notably. france's francois hollande is speaking where the aircraft
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carrier will be deployed to take part in military rations against the islamic state in iraq. still ahead, detroit's bankruptcy may be over but the motor city is racing to wipe out blighted buildings. and an historic achievement for this south african team. robin will be back with the details. just stay with us.
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real reporting that brings you the world. giving you a real global perspective like no other can. real reporting from around the world. this is what we do. al jazeera america. >> monday. the most secretive nation on earth. >> we're heading to the border between north and south korea. >> a rare glimpse inside. >> kim jong un sometimes does strange things, but he is smart. >> as tensions escalate, what will be the fallout? >> we're still at a state of war with north korea. >> we have to be ready to fight tonight. >> "faultlines". al jazeera america's
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hard-hitting. >> today they will be arrested. >> ground-breaking. >> they're firing canisters of gas at us. >> emmy award-winning, investigative series. new episode. "hidden state: inside north korea. monday 9:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america. ♪ welcome back. row are watching the al jazeera news hour a reminder of our top stories now. france's president had as as -- addressed troops. he says that france will send an aircraft carrier to the middle east for operations against the islamic state of iraq and the levant. his speech comes al-al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula says it is behind the attack on the charlie hebdo offices in paris last week in an online video released on wednesday, the group says it was ordered by the network's global heard. and in other news the u.n. is trying to immediate peace
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talks between rival groups from libya. since the revolution two separate governments have emerged trying to control the country. returning now to our top story, al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula claims it is behind the paris attacks. the u.s. has described aqap has al-qaeda's most dangerous affiliate. it has been responsible for a number of attacks inside yemen. and also made several failed attempts abroad including one targeting a u.s. airliner in 2012. it bombed the uss coal in 2000. that attack happened off of the coast of aiden in yemen. al-qaeda leader is believed to have inspired the shooting spree in fort hood texas in 2009.
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and they claimed responsible for a suicide bombing at a rehearsal for a military parade in sana'a. that blast killed more than 90 peoples. joining us now is a documentary filmmaker. thank you very much for being with us. first of all what do you make of this new video that has come out today. it's not the first time we have heard al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula claim some sort of responsibility in the paris attacks. >> if we look at the video are released today, it goes beyond the normal statement. it goes into the news room. it is more -- mostly a video that conveys some sort of messages, but also try to make the group look more credible. by the use of new editorial
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methods they try to communicate on the level of a media outlet. >> you say they are trying to look more credible but there are those who say that this is simply all propaganda that they are trying to capitalize on the paris attacks because with the rise of isil the spotlight has been taken way from them. >> i think this is clear that there is a kind of balance conflict between al-qaeda and isis they each try to get more sympathizers and they try to convey that in the messages they release. this video is sort of retrospective. it contained lots of elements of emotion, and also promotion, but
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also acts as a reminder. but what we have also seen here lately is this type of video has lifted the quality to a degree that it can communicate better. it can -- somehow work as more credible, but also appealing to -- to recruit more -- more people and yes, of course there is a kind of conflict between the two groups. >> yeah and competition between the two groups. and like you say the video is -- certainly the quality is much better than previous videos we have seen. what about the video of one of the attackers we saw in paris that we saw after he was killed by french police. that was propaganda also. he claimed allegiance to islamic state. >> in my knowledge, this is a self made video, but also tried to show -- i think the post production of whoever had done the video, they tried to portray
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the attacker as a spiritual person but also as a -- heroic. showing him training but also in his armor, so they tried to give him different categories and tried to talk to several people at the same time. it is shot on different locations and different time zones, and i think this is also a -- some sort of a new release of this type of -- of post-operation video. >> what does this all tell us about the current strategy? >> i think what we're seeing the message behind such a video is actually that we're now entering in a new era of commune kiegs. the message was to try to communicate the followers but also to recruit, and also try to live up to news room quality and credibility. >> thank you very much for speaking to us. thanks for your time.
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now many media outlets in countries with large muslim populations have rejected the latest charlie hebdo edition all together, but one newspaper in turkey has chosen to print excepts from it. and it hah provoked public backlash. bernard smith reports. >> reporter: this is a left-wing newspaper here in turkey. it's secular, and published what is essentially a four-page digest of the french version of charlie hebdo, a collection of cartoons and articles published and translated. they say they chose turkey because they feel secularism is under threat here. the editor and chief said they made the decision not to publish the full-page version of the
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french cartoon of the prophet muhammad, but inside the newspaper there are two opinion columns, and at the top there are miniatureized versions of the front cover of charlie pierce. opposition columnists newspapers -- columnists that write the newspaper supporting the government say this is a provocation, and they have condemned the newspaper for publishing the small versions of the cartoon of the prophet muhammad that appears on the front cover of the french edition of charlie hebdo. the u.n. is appealing for urgent help to deal with a coal spell that swept across the middle east. at least 7 million internally displaced and refugee children are in desperate need of assistance. that includes millions who have struggling after leaving for neighboring countries. nicole johnston reports. >> reporter: it's freezing cold in aleppo. and this man is trying to keep
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warm. but without wood and fuel he can't, so he has no choice but to use whatever he can find. >> translator: we have no money. so we were forced to break our furniture for heating. >> reporter: aleppo used to be a big city for business but all of that is buried under rubble. most of these neighborhoods have no electricity. the cost of diesel and gas has increased threefold. a few clinics look after the sick. but they haven't got enough supplies to really help them recover. winter is killing people. >> translator: they died as a result of the harsh cold. this is the indirect cause of death. but the direct cause was rez rez -- respiratory and cardiac arrest. >> reporter: the u.n. says it is
10:40 am
getting worse. >> a hospital in aleppo says there is an increase in diseases among children due to weather conditions. >> reporter: freezing conditions swept across the middle east last week it hit refugees living in camps in jordan and turkey and here in lebanon, nine syrian refugees died. the weather has now improved but the united nations says people living in camps are still suffering. in the syrian countryside around homs there isn't enough bread to go around. activists blame the government. preventing truckloads from reaching the area. >> translator: it has been six days without wheat. people are granding barly, corn and animal feed. anything to make bread. >> reporter: it's a desolate
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place, cold and likely many months of winter and war left to endure. nicole johnson, al jazeera, beirut. egypt's foreign minister has been confronted by members of the foreign correspondent association of east africa who held a demonstration in support of three al jazeera journalists. he was on a visit to nairobi were peter greste was based before his arrest. peter and two other journalists have now spent over a year in an egyptian prison wrongly accused of spreading false broadcasts and aiding the outlawed muslim brotherhood. charges which they deny. thousands have joined pope francis in sri lanka to celebrate mass in the capitol. our correspondent reports. >> reporter: more than half a
10:42 am
million sri lankians joined in prayer with hope francis. many camped overnight with extended families for what they described as the biggest day of their lives. teresa travelled to the capitol. >> translator: i have never had chance like this. and it's a privilege to be here. >> reporter: the mass also drew worshippers from further afield like this couple from india. for hundreds of thousands of people who attended mass here it was a chance of a lifetime to see the head of the catholic church and be blessed by him. pope francis is here to can on the -- cantonnize a previous
10:43 am
heard. the 78-year-old pontiff said reconciliation is important in a country struggling to come to terms at the end of almost 30 years of civil war. >> [ inaudible ] for it not in discrimination hatred and violence but in respect for the sickness of life respect for the dignity and freedom of all, and commitment to the welfare of all. >> reporter: catholics are aminority in sri lanka. they hope the goodwill created by the first papal visit here in 20 years will help unite people of all faith in what has been a deeply divided country. the u.s. city of detroit may be on the road to financial recovery, after an economic collapse, but it is still suffering many problems.
10:44 am
a major issue is the tens of thousands of homes that remain abandoned and in disrepair. and although the city is going through a rebirth, many are still leaving to find work elsewhere. so they are not quite out of the woods there yet, john? >> reporter: that's right. detroit is a city that had a population of 1.8 million people during the auto boom of the 1950s. when the auto industry went into decline, fewer were employed in that industry. so that meant a lot of them left detroit. the population dropped to about 700,000 now, and that has left tens of thousands of homes abandoned and dilapidated. and that's part of what the city is coping with. we put together a story on what the city is doing, and this is what we found. in the motor city rebirth comes at the end of a backhoe.
10:45 am
with it's bankruptcy now over urban planners now say detroit is a world heard in blight. >> detroit's blight problem arguably is the most severe condition of deterioration that any major american city has ever faced. ever in history. >> reporter: half of the city's population has left over the past 60 years. today detroit is home to as many as 60,000 abandoned homes. the city figures 15,000 are ter ter -- tear downs. detroit is demolishing as much as 250 a week now, and residents are noticing. >> there are improvements. you still have abandoned buildings like streets full of abandoned vacant lots that haven't been renewed or anything. >> reporter: the city land bank deals with negligent landlords with a harshness matched only by
10:46 am
their cold winters. >> if it's vacant you can bring it up to code and get it occupied or we'll take you to court. and we have not lost a case yet. >> reporter: but planners warn blight is just a symptom. the divide between mostly black city and mostly white suburbs can be seen at detroit's boundary with gross point park. on the detroit side abandoned buildings. on the suburban side pretty prospering shops and restaurants and roads lined with customers. they have rerecollected road-blocking barriers to separate the two. portland oregon used a regional approach, discourageing development in the suburbs and
10:47 am
offering incentive to build in the city. >> if the building industry keeps building more suburb and housing, detroit is toast. >> reporter: now the motor city is in a race against time. an effort to destroy blight faster than it can regenerate. not everybody has left detroit, of course there are still hundreds of thousands of people here. i am here with joyce well a member of the home owner's associate she lives in this lovely brick house here but because this is detroit, you also have neighborhoods where there is some blight. you may be able to seay cross the street there is a home that has been abandoned. the neighborhood has been working on that. joyce is a good example here. she has lived here for 61 years, so her father came here to work in the auto industry and since then she has seen that
10:48 am
population change. so she's a good person for us to talk to a little bit. what is your neighborhood association doing about places like this? >> i'm so glad you asked. the chandler park neighbors and partners association is working diligently on abandoned properties vacant lots and as you can see, on this corner we have the rebirth community corner and what we did last year the entire community came together, we cut the tall weeds, got rid of the debris. we set in place the boxes for beautiful flowers. the children worked on the mural. so our neighborhood association, we have all kinds of goaling for
10:49 am
2015 to make things better and better. >> reporter: detroit is a city where, you know, a year ago, half of the streetlights were out. so you have had to do things in the neighborhood that the city would normally do in another place. are things getting better here? >> things are getting better. our district manager for this area we're in districts. so we're district 4 in chandler park. o'dell tait and his assistant, they work day and night with the neighborhoods. things are getting better. i would like to see more happen but things are getting better. >> reporter: and one of the complaints that people have in neighborhoods like this is that the city is really focusing on building the tax base downtown bringing in new businesses which obviously it has to do. is enough being done in the neighborhoods to recitalize
10:50 am
these areas? >> more can be done. some things have been done from the city but we need training programs for young people so that they will have a job and so that they would have good skills. everybody is not going to go to college. my three kids have gone to college because that's what we expected them to do but everybody is not going to do that so you have to have jobs for young people so the city needs to address that. >> reporter: so the city has got a long way to go in terms of really revitalizing detroit, but now that the bankruptcy is over it has made some progress. back to you foley. >> john thank you very much indeed. we have got the sport coming up for us next including how this goal was 23 years in the making. the question is was it enough to keep north korea at the asian
10:51 am
cup. stay with us. ♪
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♪ welcome back the russian space agency says the u.s. segment of international space station may be leaking ammonia, six russian koz -- cosmonauts have had to lock up and return to their module. they are coordinating to try to stop the leak. now time for the sport. china the guest of the
10:53 am
quarter finals of the asian cup in australia for the first time in ten years. both teams went into this one having won their opening group matches. you can see a little bit flukey. the keeper had a chance to stop that deflected ball. in the second half they equalized for china, and then sealed the 2-1 win. north korea's hopes of qualifying for the next round are over. the defeat makes it 2 losses of 2. interestingly it was the north koreans who struck first in this encounter in melbourne. they have waited 23 years to score an asian cup goal. after that it was the saudi
10:54 am
arabia show. 1-way traffic 4 goals to keep their hopes live. 4-1 the final score in this game. asian cup organizers have denied mistreating a jordanian player after returning to his motel room with hypertherm ma. he waited 90 minutes in the cold room after waiting to give a drug test. he won't be in friday's match against palestine. this year's twitter france will make history, because an african team will compete in the prestigious race. the south african team only made their grand tour debut in last year's spanish welta. the list includes twice the
10:55 am
african champion. the team also helps renew the work of the project which distributes bikes to children in rural regions. and raphael has shrugged off health concerns and is continuing preparations for the first grand slam of the season. shorter sets and tie breaks in this faster format of the game sub the summer set. going on to win all three of his four-game matches. meanwhile at the sydney international, this player was given a real test by the unseeded australian. two top 20 players in this tournament, and when she took on the first step winning it it looked like there was another upset in the cards, but she
10:56 am
managed to win the next two and book her place in the semifinals. lebron james returned to the nba. but it wasn't enough to stop the cavs from falling to their sixth straight defeat. the nhl, the new york islanders swept aside their rivals, the rangers. the metropolitan division lead leading islanders powering to a victory. the winning streak coming to an end here. things getting a little heated on the ice as you can see. thankfully cool heads prevailing. the penguins enjoyed a rather easy assignment against the wild.
10:57 am
this result puts minnesota in even deeper trouble. they have now lost six straight games. the website, al jazeera website, getting regular updates from the world of spot sport is the address. >> thanks robin. the final story of this news hour may not be for those who don't have a head for height. that's because two men in the u.s. are set to make rock climbing history. they are just hours away from reaching the top of el captain's wall. it was once considered an impossible climb. and if that is not bad enough the pair are free climbing to the summit. that means they don't use climbing aids. just harnesses to prevent falls. not for me. much more to come
10:58 am, is the website. >> protestors are gathering... >> there's an air of tension right now... >> the crowd chanting for democracy... >> this is another significant development... >> we have an exclusive story tonight, and we go live...
10:59 am
>> sunday night. >> 140 world leaders will take
11:00 am
the podium. >> get the full story. >> there is real disunity in the security council. >> about issues that impact your world. >> infectious diseases are a major threat to health. >> "the week ahead". sunday 8:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. preventing a paris-style attack in the u.s. do the differences between american and european muslim community place a role? forced into chemo, the case of a 17-year-old who refused cancer treatment the first national college football championship game reignites the debate over whether players are truly student athletes. i'm antonio mora, welcome to "consider this", those stories and more ahead. >> france is on high alert. >> french police warn that