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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 15, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> we have strongly urged the government to release those journalists. >> journalism is not a crime. announcer: this is al jazeera. a warm welcome to the newshour i'm here in the headquarters in doha. our top stories - boko haram's largest attack ever - homes and hundreds of thousands forced from their homes as floods his mozambique and malawi pope francis in the philippines. >> i'm robin with the sports stories for you. history is made in the united states as two men complete what
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is known as the world's toughest climb, and did it with their bear hands. details coming up. amnesty international released satellite images showing attacks by boko haram on two towns in northern nigeria. it gives us an insight in a region that is dangerous and difficult to access. this is january the 2nd before the group moved in. vegetation is shaded in red, and streets and clusters of buildings. here is the same town a few days later on 2 january - 3,000 homes and schools and clinics destroyed. now, look at this. it's a similar scene 3km away in boga. here is on the 2nd of the
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january. it's a thriving town. and then this is how it looks five days lafr after the boko haram a -- later, after the boko haram attacks. 20,000 fled the area. it's received testimony from survivors of the latest acts. >> witnesses are telling us that boko haram were there on saturday more than a week ago. they went house to house pulling people out of their homes and shooting them in the streets. we have reports from eyewitnesss that they tried to flee. boko haram fighters were waiting if the trees in the surrounding bush. civilians were shot as they tried to flee the attack. >> we'll be live in abuja a little later on for more on the tacks, revealing more about the situation in the north of the country. >> let's get our high on the top story. several have been killed in
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africa. 70,000 have been made homeless in malawi. 20,000 displaced in mozambique. >> reporter: strong event like this forced thousands out of the home in mozambique. desperate villages could do nothing if the water washed away all they had. dozens of children were killed. >> we have unconfirmed reports that more than 25 children were drowned in the water. we are not able to cross the river so we are yet to confirm the information. two elderly people were washed away. >> reporter: for days rain storms and wind hit the trees. the rivers have burst their banks. and more than half of malawi has been dlird, and the intensity of the rains took them by surprise.
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they have lost a lot of things. their houses a lot of stuff that they have lost. >> reporter: governments are struggling to deal with the scale of the disaster and appealing for help. many remote areas have been cut off. mozambique has flooded. in 2007 floods affected half a million. each weather system lasted for weeks, and opened the gaits of the dams bursting the damage downstream. it appears for the rehabilitation of the people who lost everything. mozambique's government issued and allowing for humanitarian systems to deal with the crisis. there are warnings of rain fall and heavy flooding for the next
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two weeks pope francis touches down on the philippines for a second leg in o week-long street. he's been treated in manila. these are live pictures now. the pope is there, greeted by dignitaries and political figures, religious figures. we must not forget the people lining the streets are expecting millions to turn out to hear the pope speak in the philippines capital. he is delivering many masses let's join harry fawcett, who is watching up of this. the philippines is a large catholic country, the pope's preps expected to draw millions. it's the third largest catholic country in the world. 80 million are spicted to be catholic. the pope got off the plane in the last few minutes, was
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welcomed bit the president aquino and there are tens of thousands lining the streets for the relatively straight forward, it was thought dry from the vatican's embassy in the philippines. and there'll be hundreds of thousands on the streets. he'll proceed from a mass murder cathedral to another engaged meeting families at a mall arena on sunday. that's the big day on the visit in manila where an open-air mass - records will be broken - more than 5 million that turned out in 1995. they are talking nearly 6 million people. the emotional heart will be on saturday where he visits tacloban and paulo the region hit by the typhoon, with the deaths of more than 7,000 people. they'll open a center for the
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poor in his name and be speaking about climate change. two dates for the organizers. first security on the life of another pope. on philippines in the past. this is what it's like to get up close and personal. also another headache is the weather. there's a storm heading this way. it is dissipating. the best case scenario is that there'll be two damp event on saturday and sunday. the worst case is that they may have to reschedule. plan bs are being arranged. they require a great deal of re-organisation and chaos. >> you mentioned chaos and this is the first papal visit in two decade. a great deal of excitement surrounding the pope. tell us about logistical changes
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this poses for the government in the philippines. >> they are immense, dozens of flights have been cancelled to the airport to relieve pressure on the airport and the roads around it. road closures no fly zones enforced. there has been a 3-day national holiday declared. schools are around places empty. a lot of people took the opportunity to get out of manila. they are worried about the inconvenience. the greater feeling is one of excitement. there'll be millions of people on the streets over the weekend. and, as i say, it raises the issue of security. 1,000 philippine members of the u.n. peace-keeping force will be deployed as swiss guard, travelling around manila in an
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open-top jeep-ny. a version of a u.s. military jeep made into buses. it's a flavour of the capital city. it's a bright and colour vehicle. it will be open topped as well. dozens scores of snipers, spaces and this city pretty much will devote to the visit in every way. the faithful coming up to see him, and the organs of the state passing off successfully and safe fully. >> i don't think you can overestimate what this means to many in that country. harry fawcett in manila. thank you. this is the scene now. the pope has touched down at manila international airport, flying in from sri lanka. it's the second leg of his asian
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tour. he'll be growth by the president aqueeno, and -- aquino and flagged by religious figures. philippines is the largest catholic country in the region in asia. as harry fawcett told us the third-largest catholic country in the world. a great deal of excite. and anticipation and a logistical nightmare. we are expecting his presence to draw crowds if their millions. we'll stay across this and bring you more from manila later on. there's more to come. we'll bring you all the latest from france where more victims of the "charlie hebdo" attack will be laid to rest. driving discrimination in russia why road rules in that country have some feeling under threat. >> in sport, a push for quarterfinal qualifications continues. robin has the latest for us.
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fighters from the islamic state of iraq and levant launched a series of attacks across iraq. kurdish sources say peshmerga sources backed by the u.s.-led war claims stopped an attack in sinjar. 16 kurdish peshmerga fighters were killed and several wounded in another attack on the crucial mosul dam. president mahmoud abbas is about to address the arab league in cairo. arab foreign ministers are about to discuss the failed bid for stade hoot. it comes as mahmoud abbas marks a decade in office. stephanie dekker looks apt the highs and lows of the past 10 years. >> president mahmoud abbas is elected to office after the death of yasser arafat the popular leader. it was not ease duby but he had
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a clear strategy. no to armed resistance and achieving a palestinian state through dialogue. >> he believed if we get our side of the commitment the community would put pressure on the israelis to follow suit. >> so he maintained a mission of talking for peace, domestically he faced problems winning elections in 2006, through a democratic vote but there were conflict through the rival factions. happen as taking over the gaza strip. it was seen as a coup. >> he lost gaza. if it was yasser arafat within minutes you could fly together. travel together go together embrace everybody, and pay everybody and appoint everybody and close the gap. they co not do this -- could not do this. this is in the his personality
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and there's many influence. >> cardless of the divide they continued with a peace protest. talks continued. they came two years after a war in gaza the first of three wars in mahmoud abbas's presidency. this time there was to be renewed hope. a major obstacle to the stalks the settlement. the freeze didn't last long the talks wept nowhere. in 2013, brokered by the secretary of state john kerry, there was an agreement to release prisoners since 1993. the last group was not released. >> looking back he could say i tried my damned best. i complied with all the commitments and the requirements. i was as patient as could be. i have satisfied all the expectations of international
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community. i maintained impeccable security. >> mahmoud abbas signed international conventions and had symbolic success with a host of countries recognising the palestinian state. the results of the war in gaza saw a shift with increasing pressure on israel. it didn't translate into concrete action. a resolution calling for a timetable and independent state failed to pass the united nations security council. mahmoud abbas apply the to what israel feared - the international criminal court, a change in strategy from negotiations to political and legal pressure. >> his legacy is a statehood. he is saying "i am the man that brought you recognition of 138 states. i'm the man challenging washington and tel aviv for ending occupation." >> president mahmoud abbas's commitment have not always been
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popular among palestinians. specially when people didn't see anything change. he enters with a new strategy one that is popular among palestinians. >> the secretary-general of the palestinian national initiative joins me from ramallah. thank you for speaking to you. could mahmoud abbas have done better? of course he could have done better. maybe he has everywhere in the world except the palestinian people who are not satisfied. after 10 years i think he has failed in three areas. first of all, he failed to achieve independence. he relied on negotiations. it was a failure because the programme was wrong. he could not understand the reality and the policy of the israeli state and government. on the issue internally he failed drastically, and we have
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the worst form of internal divisions between palestinians and unit duby -- unit duby. he retreated to one party rule and separation of pourns. -- powers and fell into the system. palestine needs a modern system with true democracy and inclusive system. >> is there one thing that you can focus on that you can highlight that president mahmoud abbas could have done differently, which would have seen perhaps more progress for the palestinian cause. we know he's been accelerating efforts to take the bid for statehood into the international arena, many saying it marks a
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shift in strategy is that something he should have done sooner were there too many obstacles, too many challenges? >> of course when he went in to confronting israel, he practically borrowed our programme. we ran against him in 2005. and we proposed an alternative strategy. he is not adopting an alternative strategy or tact. up to now he did not make up his mind that he has to confront israel - in a non-violent way, and with strong unit duby and determined popular nonviolent resistance. >> is that what he's doing now with a bid for international criminal court membership. >> no because the steps are very slow and very gradual, and they lack decisiveness. the steps are perceived as tactical steps to go back to the
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same old negotiation process, which failed. we need to change the balance of power. this is the programme that should be adopted. >> you don't see the potential that i.c.c. membership could strengthen his hand giving more strength leverage in future negotiations. >> it will. it's one factor and has to be accompanied with other things like joining all u.n. agencies. moving at international level, all levels building a strong solidarity movement demanding boycott as long as it continues its occupation and the system of apartheid. tactical moves have been tape. strategically he has not made up his mind that he should adopt an alternative strategy. the most important is the
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palestinian leadership thank you very much. >> thank you now, canada's foreign minister pressed for the release of al jazeera journalist mohamed fadel fahmy at a meeting with his egyptian counterpart in cairo. he has spent more than a year in prison along with two other journalists, all three are wrongly accused of spreading false news and aiding the outlawed muslim brotherhood. his wife spoke to us from cairo on skype a short time ago. >> yes, indeed we are frustrated. the court said nothing about when the current hearing will take place. no practical steps have been taken to release my husband for the other journalists. nothing has been settled regarding the hearing or the pardon. they only have accepted his appeal. that was it.
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>> amnesty international released images showing the devastating scale of attacks on boko haram on two towns in northern nigeria. this was baga before the group moved in. vegetation is shaded in red. there are streets and buildings. here is the same town on 7 jan, an estimated 3,000 homes, schools and clinics have been destroyed. a similar town in baga here it is on 2 jan, a thriving down. this is the picture five days later after attacks by boko haram. at least 20,000 have fled the area. idoniji i joins us from nigeria's capital. what do the images reveal about what took place in the two towns in northern nigeria. >> well the images talk of destruction. like you said baga is not
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accessible at the moment. when we hear from that area survivors who survive this incident it is that the construction has been total, hundreds have been killed. those are giving larger or higher figure which others are denying. basically people are traumatized. those who are escaped move to escape the degree. and they are close to baga. the general situation there is a chatable situation. as well as many villages in the area are under boko haram. basically you can emerge from the feeling of people trapped there or attacked by boko haram. >> people trapped - boko haram has free reign in this part of the country. it's not the first time baga was
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attacked. what is the military doing to flush the armed group out and establish their presence there? >> well before the boko haram fighters took offer baga and surrounding villages there was a military outreach belonging to a task force. in chad and niger - before taking over communications equipment. weapons, and attack the town. the military is responding to many fighters of boko haram in the north-east. a lot of towns and villages are under boko haram control. the military is trying to wrest control back from boko haram. this is a slow and painful process. yesterday in the southern parts, we heard of an attempt by boko haram to seize the town the largest found in the southern parts.
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the story is like a broken record. >> well thank you so much mohammed idris, bringing us the scale of the damage and destruction revealed on two towns in the north of country where boko haram seems to have control. we want to switch gears you might say, and get a weather update with everton. >> we are looking at the weather across africa. over the last couple of days we have been talking about the weather to the east of the mediterranean. it's been feeding its way across the levant countries. weather is coming across here. we can see how it's swirling away. there's a mystery around the north-east of egypt. weather easing out of the way. brighter skies coming in behind.
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i think just around northern parts of the area could catch one or two showers, along with the far north of morocco. north africa is generally fine and dry. you can follow it town. as you push across that the south of the democratic republic of congo into tanzania where we are seeing the wetter weather. earlier on we were looking at the floods that we have seen across mozambique. a little further forth, you see the area of cloud. it's been swirling away. a deep area of low pressure bringing rain fall in. the wet weather will continue. we'll see flooding from madagascar over the coming days. funerals will be held for for of the victims on the attack of "charlie hebdo". including those for artists,
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columnists and security towards will be laid to rest. jonah hull is live in paris. what can you tell us of the atmosphere around the funerals. >> pretty sombre i'll standing in front of the town hall in greater paris. you see the flags at half mast. photo portraits of the four principal cartoonists killed in the "charlie hebdo" attack last week and a crowd gathered for a funeral service for ali velshi known as tignous, and lived here for 30 years. it's a diverse neighbourhood with a large muslim population not particularly wealth duby.
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a fitting place for one. cartoonists to be remembered. that is happening in the next hour or two. >> jonah hull bringing us the latest from paris. angela merkel expressed government solidarity with france. additional measures are being considered against those who would seek to support al qaeda or i.s.i.l. a moment of silence was observed for the victims. we go live to berlin. >> after that minute's silence, the many address from angela merkel to the bundize target was a message of unit duby saying that germany stood shoulder to shoulder and security in france had an impact on security in germany. the message was one of tolerance and moderation saying the
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enemies of germany was not islam, was not muslim faith, but was, instead, extremism, and urged religious leaders in bagram to share a message of moderation. this comes at a tense time for germany that has seen the growth of anti-islam movements in various towns and city particularly in eastern cities of dresden where on monday night p pa --s ita -- pagita gathered around 20,000. we learnt in the last couple of hours that on monday night the bod duby of a young erit rayan refugee was found in the city. police say he was murdered. an autopsy is going on right now as i speak.
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activists in the city are making connections of their own. the police are urging caution. the unit duby coming from americael comes in -- merkel comes in time. thank you so much well we have more for you this news hour including the u.s. news state of oklahoma preparing for its first executions after a botched procedure caused public outrage. >> i'm adam raney on the canals of mexico city. a story on threatened species found in these waters that could hold a secret to saving humans lives. in sport. celebrated runners are about to learn fate after a doping scandal.
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y welcome back you are watching the al jazeera newshour. the top stories - amnesty international released satellite images showing the scale of attack by boko haram on two towns in northern nigeria. homes and businesses were destroyed by the armed group. more than 70 people have been killed in southern africa after heavy rains. in malawi 70,000 have been left homeless. many have been displaced pope francis touches down on the second leg of his trip to asia. he's been treated to a rapturous reception in manila. the pontiff plans to meet
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survivors of typhoon haiyan which claimed more than 7,000 lives in 2013. this is the scene live in manila - the pope making his way through the philippines capital, touching down at the international airport later on and is expected to be greated by the president. there's a great deal of excitement amongst people. hundreds if not thousands there. joining me from the capital, a spokesman for the catholic bishops conference. thank you for speaking to us. tell me what the visit to the philippines by the pope means to you personally. >> it is an historic event for me because he'll be the fourth pope i will be seeing in my lift. i saw pope paul vi in 1970, pope
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john paul ii twice, in 1981 and 1998 and in rome i saw pope francis. and now pope francis in manila with a message of mercy and compassion. >> the pope is expected to give mass and another highlight, if you will of the trip will be a visit to tacloban where he'll meet survivors of the area. tell us more about what you expect to hear from the trip? >> we are expecting the holy father to bring a message of hope to people affected. in october 2013 an earthquake shook central philippines. in november when haiyan hit central philippines and the
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province it was a mystery for people that least expect the typhoon of this magnitude. we had over 7,000 dead, 1,000 missing. >> the pontiff is expected to draw crowds in their millions rivalling the 5 million greeting the pipe in 1995. if know you say you have seen a number of visits. this is your fourth. how do people feel towards this pope particularly pope francis. what is the feeling? >> most philippinos look upon him because he's more a preacher that's what he preaches. he talks about sympathy. this is what inspires him. you must remember that we still have about 26% of our population
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below of the poverty line and the visit would give us happy because he inspires people to move on to do what is expected of them. and i believe that such a visit will convey the message for millions of filipino catholics, to go on, persevere and do what is expected of them. of course that occurs because of their faith. >> it was interesting to get your perspective. i appreciate your time. >> thank you, and greetings from metro manila. >> all right. a 20-year-old man has been arrested in the united states for an alleged plot to attack the u.s. capitol building and kill government employees. the federal bureau of investigation says earlier on
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wednesday it occurred. we have more. >> we have a few more details because of the court filings. christopher cornell began a twitter feed under an alias. he told the fbi on the twitter feed that there was support for islamic state of iraq and levant. a person became a confidante to cornell. he talked about using pipe bombs and then opening fire on them. it's not clear that he built the pipe bombs, but the fbi says he visited an ohio gun store and brought two rifles, 600 rounds of ammunition. it's not sure that it was a plot for overseas because he gives conflicting statements. at one point anwar al-awlaki before his death, signed off to
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say that i.s.i.l. will not sign off on the mission, but they will do it in support of i.s.i.l. it's not that he did have contact overseas. it is clear that he has been arrested on this serious allegation of planning the target the u.s. capital building. the u.s. state of oklahoma is preparing to put 47-year-old charles to death for the rape and murder of an 11-month-old girl. the execution eight months after a botched procedure amidst the public's shifting attitudes on the death penalty. rob reynolds reports. in april last year an execution at oklahoma went badly wrong. convicted murderer clayton lockett writhed in pain for 40 minutes after officials incorrectly placed the intravenous line into his vein incorrectly. after the state suspended executions. remodelling the death chim ber.
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charles warner is preparing to be executed. convicted of the rape and murder of an 11-year-old. >> at the end of the day the people expect us to hand out justice in the mapper prescribed. -- manner prescribed. >> reporter: states like oklahoma found it difficult to obtake the trucks -- obtain the drugs mandated. >> makers of pharmaceuticals cut down on the uses of drugs that are supposed to be therapeutic in a means supposed to be killed. and that created problems. >> ralph says he'll introduce legislation to give the execution more options. he favors killing convicted criminals and gases. >> whenever you increase the nitrogen level by decreasing the oxygen level on a person they
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blackout. some say it's a euphoric type of death. you go to sleep and you don't wake up. rmp the debate over execution comes as public attitudes towards capital punishment are evolving. nationwide numbers of executions are declining. in 2013, 35 criminals were put to death. several were exonerated and freed. 52% of americans favour life imprisonment over execution for convicted murderers. 20 years ago 80% supported the death penalty. 13 u.s. states sports capital punishment, and others california, have not carried out many for years. >> we see a decline in the numbers of death and a decline in public support. death penalty opponents say botched executions shape public
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opinion. >> when we have a botched execution the public jolts, and they focus in on it. >> barring a last minute stay if from the u.s. supreme court charles warner is new and improved. al jazeera, oklahoma city. a bus of prisoners crashed in texas killing 10 passengers. it skidded off an icy highway overpass. eight inmates and two correctional officers were killed in the crash. >> the indonesian navy is trying to find and retrieve the bodies of victims of the airasia crash. they believe they are trapped inside a large trunk of the airasia fuselage. it will be lifted from the sea once the search for bodies is thought to no longer be effective. so far 50 bodies have been recovered from the crash.
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>> hong kong's chief executive says he has a plan to generate more affordable housing. critics say it's unrealistic. the city struggles to accommodate 7 million. many argue that it highlights the widening divide between rich and poor. sarah clarke reports from hong kong. >> it's known for blight and towering sky lining. it's one of the most expensive places in the world to buy property. >> at this moment it's ranked number one in the world. also the movements. >> on the side are overcrowded apartment blocks. this is public housing. quarter of a million exist. it is small.
5:41 am
>> normally it's 20 or 30 people living in 600 square feet. the space is too tiny. some have space, they don't have window. >> reporter: this man lives with his wife in a tent? one of the most populated districts. they live on the streets. >> it is very difficult. i have no choice but to live here. >> hong kong's chief executive is under pressure to ease the crunch. they have a scheme allowing public housing tenants to have subsidised flats. that is regarded by many as unrealistic. >> if the government can provide 50%, it's not enough. >> jenny chan is a 23-year-old university student. she says representing an
5:42 am
apartment is a challenge. >> actually some of my friends do not really want to purchase a flat, but the rental cost is really high. >> reporter: unaffordable housing is an issue for people in the city especially for low to middle income earners. with property prices rising 100%. they don't expect the problem to be resolved soon bringing you live pictures coming to us now from the egyptian capital cairo palestinian president mahmoud abbas are about to address the arab league as the arab foreign ministers discuss the failed palestinian statehood at the european security council. let's listen in. >> in this period dear brothers
5:43 am
we have got the approval of the 1949 and the decision is there, and the supporters is that. a fourth document of the geneva documents, criminalized the occupation country, if the contrast hurt other people to other places. and this is the case of this and this settlement policy includes east jerusalem, and most in the west bank. this document being a member, and it means what is being sun by israel in the palestinian
5:44 am
territories is a war crime. >> the other point that we already got, was that the u.n. secretary-general asked - we asked them for the people we are being on the killing, and direct destruction. the israeli government intentionally and abbing the yeases yeases and stopping israel from the practices being done again. after that we have said this is not a surprise to america in particular and to america in particular. we say when we have the u.s. neck it's not going to reach a
5:45 am
resolution, we will join the international omissions. that's why we have signed 17 agreements and conventions out of 522 conventions that so-called international conventions. it's our right. it's our right to belong the conventions. we are fond of the courts we were not fond of the courts but we failed to stop the israeli aggression and find ourselves forced to go to the courts and we still hope that the assassination will put an end to the aggression on us and
5:46 am
particularly when it comes to the settlement on the palestinian side. we - i would like to say we will commit ourselves to this and we will be a member of the first, that's why - we are preparing our documents, our papers. we are preparing everything needed and definitely there'll be a cooperation between us and the arab league and the arab press, so as not to go verbally to the quarter, but we need to go with documents, approved document strong document that will face all that in the context of israel. at the same time we got the recognition ...
5:47 am
right, we have been listening to palestinian mahmoud abbas addressing the arab league in the egyptian capital cairo. he spoke about palestinian efforts to further a bid for stayed hood, particularly -- stated hood. particularly a membership of the criminal court. which is expected to go through on april 1st. let's talk to stephanie dekker. she's been listening. mahmoud abbas - the fact that he has been speaking with his colleagues about what will happen after i cc membership is confirmed, mentioning the war on gaza and settlement building on the agenda. >> this is what we here from palestinian officials in the last few days that the two many cases that the lawyers are preparing, and we heard this from the president. he said we are going with documents. we do know that there is a plan
5:48 am
to look into last year's and bring war crime charges against israel and settlement construction from what the palestinians tell you, an impediment to peace talks, one that failed in december trying to set a time frame for the israeli withdrawal. independent state, from what we have been hearing from officials what they want a fraum work. so hep they go to the -- so when they go to the table, it's in place. east jerusalem - so it can be a capital of the palestinian state. they talked about talks, the real issues of final status issues like jerusalem, and
5:49 am
borders. they were not addressed. this is it difficult. mahmoud abbas will be looking to get international support. the arab countries to support the resolution and will be looking to get more money. because of the i.c.c. palestinians signing that. he'll be looking for money and international support to renew efforts internationally. >> stephanie dekker. thank you very much. >> let's get your latest sports news now. >> thank you. >> two men known as the world's toughest crime, kevin jorgeson and tommy caldwell reached the summit after scaling it with their bear hands. we have this report. a state in the planning. 19 days and one never achieved
5:50 am
before. kevin jorgeson and tommy caldwell climbing to the summit in yosemite. it's a vertical sheet of mainly smooth granite, with little to hang on to. some climbed it before. none like this. the two men scaling the summit without hand grips, harnesses or ropes, there to stop them by a deadly fall. during the crime, they were suspended on the mountain site climbing often at night, taking days off to allow the damaged skin of the fingers to heal. falls along the way. hard enough tommy caldwell managed with nine, after losing one during a home renault vags. -- rep vasion. >> he persevered.
5:51 am
this is kind of a long-time coming i don't know. he keeps doing things like this. >> to put this in perspective, the empire state building in new york sits at 443 meters high. the man's tallest structure sits at 830 meters. the two climbers scaled 940 meters, or 3,000. >> i say relief is a stronger emotion. the whole world is learning about the person i have known for his whole life. >> a climb called impossible is that no longer. one of kenya's star athletes has been appearing before a hearing of kenya's athletics
5:52 am
tradition. rita jeptoo winner of the chicago and boston marathon tested positive for a banned suspense. substance. she was in line to be the world series winner following a failed drug rest. the ceremony to take place in new york was called off. there's latest developments from the regional editor for the group in kenya. talk us through what this means for the country's athletes? >> it's a huge thing. for 1968 when she was awarded the first medal of the olympics it was a broad 800m. there has been no allegations,
5:53 am
but this is huge. this is big. when you talk about it i mean she had the majors here. and she was stripped of that. it is the biggest ever to be caught using banned stepses. now everybody is looking at kenyan athletes with a lot of suspicion. athletics suspicions - the government coming forcefully and clean. doing good pr to do the sport. >> she's been a big figure in the kenyan athletics. the poster child of athletics in kenya. what sanctions is she likely to face if found guilty. >> well the jury was out in nairobi, the atletics kenya. the manager, frederico, and
5:54 am
estranged husband. they were sitting with the atletics trying to get this before handing in a sentence. as you know there has been a sentence for doping. previously from january 1st, it was increased to four years. it will be interesting to see if there's the convention of two years or the maximum of four years. and a tougher sentence. we'll see what comes up. >> the commission on doping - what is done to address the issue in kenya? >> it has been a twin-pronged
5:55 am
approach to this. one known as the anti-doping agency based in nairobi. the government deregistering all the managers for the athletes. previously there are obligations that are looked here. a couple of days ago. four days ago. atletics kenya introduced measures including registering all athletes on every road raise, will need to have a doctor's test. and using the biological
5:56 am
passport. straight measures and we are waiting to see if it comes to fruition. it is very low. producing doping tests. >> we'll have to leave it there. we'll follow the developments. and a fight for quarter time qualifications. iran are leading. if qatar loses to the united arab emirates the u.a.e. government the equalizing midway through the first half. brilliant header. celebrations shortened. not long after - an open goal giving u.a.e. the 2-1 victory.
5:57 am
coming out of retirement to play football is the old striker. cristiano ronaldo. 3-time player of the year. a second-tier north american soccer league team. he promised to head unwanted kilo, the big sports on the website >> he's not the only one. >> to shed weight. >> that's it for now. a full bulletin for you at the top of the hours much all the latest on the pope's visit. he's on a leg of his visit in manila. he is expected to draw crowds in the millions. a great deal of anticipation ahead of the visit. this is the pope's first visit to the country in 20 years. stay with us.
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>> america's roads, bridges and tunnels used to be the envy of the world. not any more. i'm going to tell you how to change that and create more than half a million jobs this year. also, the troubling truth about state and local taxes in america. the less you earn, the harder you get hit with. plus kim jong-un slapped with sanctions over the sony hack attack. here is the problem, they're not having much of an impact. i'm ali velshi, and this is "real money."