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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EST

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>> welcome to the news hour live from doha. these are the main stories this hour. the presidential compound and prime minister convey attacked in yemen. >> we may have a new yemen by the end of the day. >> hundreds attended the funerals for six hezbollah fighters killed in an israeli air strike. >> after six weeks of no new infections declared free from the ebola virus in mali.
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>> there's a growing sense of uncertainty after an attempted coup. there are on going gun battles. the president was forced to flee his palace by helicopter. his convey came under attack and houthi rebels took control of a state news agency. >> the fighting is being heard from blocks away. government forces and houthi rebels have been battling near the presidential palace since early monday. the believe is a symbol of who wields power in yemen something hard to know at the moment. the information minister describes the scene as utter chaos. >> to be honest, i don't think any single party is in control. there are places where the state security's in control places
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where houthis are in control. both ministers of defense and interior were in this committee but there are people who wear the uniform that do not obey the orders of their superiors. >> houthi rebels have been at odds with the government for years and took control of most parts of the capital last year. monday's fight that go made the situation worse. >> nothing line of scrimmage has been seen before. even the attack, months ago was nothing close to this. the attacks months ago on sanaa by the houthis were focused on certain areas of the capitol. there were no attacks on the prime minister or president. >> houthis have taken control of the broadcasting.
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>> we have news also of people who are affiliated with the republic wearing the military uniform of the army, which is affiliated with a former regime. >> the blaration of a ceasefire early in the day has been largely ignored. the information minister said some security forces are refusing orders, adding there could be a new yemen by the end of the day. al jazeera. >> how did we get to where we are now? there's been instability in the country since the uprise that go saw the president won down in 2012. the new leader has since been unable to get a handle on tribal opposition. it led to the storming of a capitol by knee i shia houthi's last september. the power struggled continued and in november, the u.n. security council placed sanctions on the former president and two houthi
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commanders for threatening the peace. >> we understand there's now power cut in place. bring us up to date now with the latest on the fighting. what are you hearing and seeing? >> clashes clashes right now are on going in front of the palace after a two hour ceasefire. the president is in every way trying to reach a deal with the houthi militants as they enter the palace by the hundreds. he feels a deal must be signed immediately. the ministers and two top houthi officials form a committee to try to end this fighting in the next couple of hours. as of now the meetings have not succeeded, but we expect them to succeed. >> are you seeing soldiers and police on the streets? what are they doing? where are they? >> security forces are located
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basically in the more strategic areas, the central palace, the president's residence the interior ministry and foreign ministry but not in the streets. a couple of hours ago there were street clashes throughout the capitol now in the one area where the government is trying to hold it back. >> we hear there is a power cut in parts of the capitol. how are ordinary people coping with this latest round of fighting? you're saying the streets are deserted but it must be tense there. >> yes, a blackout was in place a couple of hours ago and it is still continuing. the majority of sanaa and those in the city worry it may cause a more disastrous situation with more crimes against ordinary
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citizens. >> who then controls the yemeni capitol? we heard that the t.v. station and other outlets were in the hands of the houthis what is that telling us? >> the majority of the capitol is controlled by the houthis the government only controls a small area, next to his house and palace, other than that, everything is in the hands of the hotties, will be in the next hour. >> what reports are you hearing about the whereabouts of the president and prime minister? where are they, how safe are they? what condition are they in? >> the prime minister is in the statehouse the president going to on unknown destination. >> we know the president has come under pressure for not doing enough to stop the houthis to stop their influence across the country. what's his next step likely to be? can he do a deal? >> all right i think we've lost
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him, there's a power cut going on in the yemeni capitol not surprisings. let's go to the southern port city of adan. we were talking to the information minister earlier she said this morning's fighting was an attempted coup. that was a powerful and emotional statement to make. tell us how events unfolded in the capitol this morning. >> yes it started around 7:30 a.m., loud explosions, heavy gunfire heavy weapons used outside the presidential palace. then when we spoke to several sources in the capitol, they told us that there was some sort of provocation on behalf of the houthis. the houthis deny that, saying they were attacked by the
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presidential guards that led to the clashes and the events that we saw since the morning. to tell you there was a buildup in the rhetoric on behalf of the houthi movement in the last few days even weeks that they are anti president and they say he is hiding corrupt figures and also arming and aiding al-qaeda, take control for that, the houthi and everybody kind of was expected some kind of a move. i think they were surprised of the scale of the move and i think the events we saw early in the morning really translate those suspicions. >> how critical are today's events? is this likely to make or break the president? can he regain control or do you think he can cut a deal at this last minute? >> >> absolutely, the outcome is crucial for president and it will definitely make or make him and his country because he is
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seen at weak, doesn't have power over the military, some loyalties within the military, i think he tried to restore some of the country's prestige in the last two days, when his chief of staff was kidnapped and he gave his orders. the orders were loyal to him to be deployed around the presidential palace, but i think the houthis and their allies, the allies here are the third party. they represent members of the former regime, the president still enjoys huge influence over. you ever the alliance and i think the president the current president has no way to confront that it's too much for him. >> every time president cuts a deal it doesn't work, he just gets weaker and weaker, doesn't he? >> >> absolutely, the last deal
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they struck was last year, the peace and partnership deal, that was backed by the u.n. and western diplomats, also the political players in the country, the houthis agreed to it. they will take fair representation, they will have a say in the key state decision. in return, they would have to return to the stronghold and withdraw forces from the capitol and other provinces. what happened is the day they signed that deal last year, they went on to consolidate their grip on the capitol after that went so you had wards to control more territory. at the end the president feels very weak and gave in on a number of decisions where he allowed the under houthi pressure to appoint houthi members in key government positions. >> omar, you were there in the southern port city of adan. how are people there viewing
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events unfolding in the capitol center? >> they are watching it very closely. they are cautious. they are suspicious. they don't know exactly what will happen. they are i think what falls to their advantage here, darrin is here in the south, there is a growing separatist movement and tendency. since the who houthis took over the capitol last year, they waged they started a campaign, they want to break off of the rest of yemen. remember this south of yemen was an independent state between 1967 and 1990. they became united with the north forming the present day yemen. the dreams of secession and independence have never gone away. what's happening in the north will give momentum for that sentiment and probably the politicians here will try to
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capitalize on what's happening in the capitol and push for a breakaway state in the south. >> terms of finding a political way forward where does this then leave the u.n. backed peace deal the draft of the new constitution? the houthis have rejected it, so what happens now? >> i think the actions taken by the houthis is the clearance. nobody seems to be caring about the and partnership agreement. what's interesting is that when you speak for example with the houthis, they tell you we are eager to implement the peace and partnership deal, saying the opponents are not adhering to the rules and paragraphs agreed to in that deal. when you speak to the government they accuse the houthis of not implementing it.
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i don't think anybody is taking that peace deal seriously. the u.n. worries there are reports that diplomats are already trying to find a way out of the crisis and perhaps call on all the parties to have some sort of dialogue to have yet another deal to stop what's happening. >> it's a very complex situation indeed. omar, thank you. >> still more to come here on the al jazeera news hour. after six weeks of no new infections mali declares itself free of the virus. >> i'm in he can with a tore yell guinea, find out why a spanish pitch has a vital role to play in the cup of nations. >> iran confirmed that a general from the revolutionary guard was
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killed in an israeli helicopter attack. six hezbollah fighters died in the attack. their funerals are now underway. nicole johnson is following developments from beirut and joins us live now. we understand they were expecting large crowds and indeed there are large crowds behind the people, pretty angry and on edge about these israeli airstrikes. >> that's right. there's been a very strong show of support here in southern beirut hundreds of turned out for the funeral possibly a couple of thousand. his body is being brought past through the streets here. that's why the crowds have somewhat dispersed behind us, but they are further up the other end of the street now. people are angry and upset at the death of five people from hezbollah, as well as the iranian that you mentioned. this is the situation here at the moment. we know that in southern
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israel -- southern lebanon sorry, it is relatively calm down there. we've had a statement saying that the sways is under control but it is tense. here in beirut, people are itchy, there i see a feeling of unease. the big question is ho will hezbollah's response be. the leader of the group a few days ago said that they had the ability to strike israel anytime, anywhere. now the question is when will they do that, and what time of retaliatory action will it be. could it be strong enough to lead to a war. most we've spoken to here don't believe that it will be that strong. hezbollah is deeply mired in the conflict in syria at the moment. the last thing we expect them to do is fight another war, one in syria and one in israel. we would expect a more measured response from them. we don't know when that will be.
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we spoke to one member of parliament from hezbollah. he basically said, you know, watch, wait and see. >> it is ironic that one of those being buried today his father was killed a few years ago in another israeli air strike. >> that's right. that's why this funeral is so significant. his father was a senior commander inside hezbollah and he was killed in syria in 2008, assassinated israel never claimed responsibility, but hezbollah has always blamed israel for it. >> nicole, thank you. >> syrian government forces and kurdish fighters have battled for control of areas in the northeast of the country. a occur fee has been imposed in the city after fighting broke out saturday. these pictures released by
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kurdish forces show fighters taking control of a police station and seizing ammunition. both sides have reported casualties. >> kurdish forces in kobane have had more support from the u.s. led coalition targeting isil positions in the town on the border with turkey. isil seized the town last september. kurdish forces have made advances against the group. >> libya's declared government in tripoli will not attend u.n. backed talks in geneva next week but is willing to negotiate if talks of moved to libya. the rival government had declared a ceasefire sunday while the tripoli based government declared 12 days later. >> a bomb blast in egypt's sinai peninsula injured four egyptian soldiers. a device was planted inside a military vehicle. the soldiers were transferred to a hill father hospital. >> al jazeera continues to demand the release of our three colleagues that have been
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imprisoned in egypt for 387 days. the three were falsely accused of helping the outlawed muslim brotherhood, charges they deny. an appeals court has ordered a retrial in cairo. >> mali declared free of ebola. 8,500 people have died. the number of new infections across countries is falling. >> a year after the ebola outbreak took hold in west africa there are still people dying every day and there are still doctors risking their live to say help them, but now some good news has come out of mali, an indication that perhaps all the hard work is paying off. >> after 45 days with no new cases, i declare today
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january 18 2015, to be the end of the ebola epidemic in mali. travelers and goods will no longer be subject to special treatment abroad. >> last week, all three of the words hit countries guinea, liberia and sierra leone confirmed the lowest total of new confirmed cases for at least five months. work must continue to make sure they can keep up the momentum of falling infection rates. >> we are here to help guinea doctors to protect themselves from ebola and help patients. we are trying to help the doctors address ebola out of the country. >> how to keep driving ebola out of all the infected countries will be a topic of a special session in geneva on sunday.
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>> breaking news now army commanders say 24 out of 80 people kidnapped by suspected boko haram fighters have been freed. they were captured on sunday along the border with nigeria where boko haram rebels are based. most taken were children after homes were ransacked and burned. >> after a check on the weather now, rob's here. dangerous weather in the united states. >> the fairly rare event for most of us, i have a video for you, footage that you may want to have a look at if i bring it up. this sort of thing oh, it's not coming up for me, here you go. a little cloud in the east there, shows you nothing. still what came behind it, that is somebody taking a long skid down the icy track. that's what happened when rain hits the cold ground. in chrondraft in oklahoma, we have forest fires. who would have thought that in the went officer.
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>> this is a rather complex frontal system. this hanging fruit here is the really cold weather. that's moving slowly eastward. that's one of the reasons we had the freezing rain. you can imagine it will take that dangerous stuff with it as it moves out. temperatures clearly about plus five in new york respectively. take the cold air in, toronto drops, new york drops to minus 13. snow falls out of the sky. for oklahoma, a hint of maybe a bit of rain. some of this really cold stuff gets snatched from the u.s., comes across the top of the atlantic and false into western europe. it's often thought europe gets u.s. weather it's not true. with a properer winter, coldest night following the snow in glasgow on sunday. >> how do you stop so many
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people dying from so-called lifestyle diseases is the question being asked by the world health organization. the scale of the problem is staggering. 38 million people die from heart disease, cancer, and diabetes in 2012. the w.h.o. is giving itself 10 years to tackle some of of the biggest offenders. it wants to cut the number of people dying from these diseases by a quarter. slash alcohol use by 10% and reduce the amount of salt used by a third and the same with smoking. >> in china an estimated 300 million smokers were no longer be able to light up in indoor public spaces. starting in june, the ban will cover beijing, but could cover the whole of the country. >> a one man anti smoking crusader educating people about
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the dangers of cigarette smoke. before they know it, he's plucked the cigarette out of their hand, leaving smokers bewildered. he's done this for 17 years spurred on by the death of his sister from cancer but is realistic about his efforts. >> just because i take away their cigarette doesn't mean they will stop smoking but hopefully they will remember this moment next time they light up. >> china accounts for nearly one third of the world's smokers. tobacco kills 1 million people in the country each year and another 1,000 die from expose tour secondhand smoke. after a failed attempt to ban smoking several years ago beijing officials are trying again. starting june, smoking in the capitol will be banned in indoor public places, including restaurants. >> a proposed nationwide tobacco bill could make it tougher for smokers. if passed, it would limit
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outdoor smoking make outdoor areas smoke free and ban advertisements and sponsor ship. >> this restaurant imposed a no smoking policy three years ago. >> i'm trying to reduce the harm from second handled smoke and create a better environment for my customers. >> most comply and light up outside. although the staff say sometimes a customer sneaks a cigarette indoors. the news will have more bite, including fines for business owners who don't comply. the real test will be if the ban can be enforced in the capitol and the rest of the country with more than 300 million smokers and counting. al jazeera beijing. >> let's go back to the breaking news story army soldiers in cameroon say 24 people kidnapped by boko haram fighters have now been freed. a spokesman for cameroon's government and country's
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information officer join us. what can you tell us about these hostages who have been freed? >> 50 people are missing all of them have been taken hostage by boko haram initially. when they arrived when they burned down 80 houses, they took as many as eight people, the army has been successful in freeing almost 30 people, which means that right now, we have people who are into the hands of boko haram. these are people who have been taken. >> this is good news that some of the people kidnapped have been reds. what more is the cameroon military trying to do to secure the release of the other 50 or so? >> the problem is they are no
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longer located in cameroon. they stormed the villages with no defense because they are dealing with defenseless people. when they commit their action and take hostages to their own base in nigeria unfortunately we don't have any leverage that we can use in order to free them except to fight with them in order to release the hostages. >> are you getting any cooperation from neighboring nigeria, from their security forces their military in terms of helping track down these hostages and also to take on boko haram?
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>> in nigeria to fight them to release the hostages we have just received permission to cross the border, but in the days ahead i wonder if this will not be possible, because really we're being victimized by them. >> thank you for talking to al jazeera. that was cameroon's information minister giving us an update on these 24 out of the 80 kidnapped by boko haram across the nigerian cameroon border have now been freed. >> turkey's president shares his first cabinet meeting. hit critics call ate grab for
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power. more on that. stay with us.
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>> welcome back. a reminder of our top stories here. in yemen gun battles have been on going with army soldiers and houthi soldiers. the president has fled the presidential palace and two have been killed in the violence. >> iran confirmed that a revolutionary guard general was killed in an israeli air strike in lebanon. funerals are to be held for six hezbollah fighters who died in the helicopter attack. >> mali now free of ebola the
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health minister making the announcement after no new infection in six weeks. 8,500 have died in the outbreak from the virus. >> let's get a bigger picture of what's happened in yemen. the crisis started saturday when the president's chief of staff was abducted by shia houthis downtown. monday fierce fighting broke out near the presidential palace and across the capitol between the houthi rebels and the army. the prime minister escaped unharmed after fire on his convoy. it was viewed as a step toward a coup. the president's home has been surrounded by extra security, although his exact location is unknown. earlier we spoke to yemen's information minister. >> we're attempt to go take over
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the presidential palace. that takeover of the t.v. actually happened gradually and it was through the popular committee that is starting from november were spreading all public and state run establishment, including the media establishment. what happened is that they were there, and as observers. the state t.v. and state radio and news agency, so i have no authority over those organizations. i've tried to pass instructions. i've tried to tell them to publish this and broadcast that. they have refused to acknowledge authority. to be honest, i don't think any single party is in control. there are places where the state security is in control there are places houthis are in
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control and a third party in control of some federal places. there were some people who came, armed men they came in. we have news also of people who are affiliated with the republican guard. there are people who it is in their best interest to create chaos. i am very worried that al-qaeda or other terrorist organizations are going to use the lack of order and just strike at anybody. this is why we have been instructed to lay low and all are taking guard. some in the army are respond to go his command. both ministers of defense and
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interior were in this committee but there are people who wear the uniform that do not obey the orders of their superiors. this story is developing so quickly, by the time i finish this conversation, something new is going to happen. we may probably have a new yemen by the end of the day in terms of maybe a new system altogether. i still don't know what's happening. what i know now is their attempt to say ceasefire and there are people or parties who are trying not to allow this to happen. >> a former advisor to the yemeni government said yemen's former president has played a part in destabilizing the country. >> if i could say, you know, there was no proper, you know, security sector reform. the security is mostly in the hands of the old regime, as well as many battalions and regiments
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of the army. that's why there was a defect in this process. the president found himself at logger heads with them, and there every day including the par. the centers of power have managed all the time to come back. they are recreating themselves under different name. now the banner isn't houthi, but it is the same old people who ran yemen 35 years and they are trying to continue their ruling of this country for their own interests. >> al jazeera correspondent has covered yemen extensively and joins us live in the studio now. this latest fighting represent what is many see as a crucial escalation of tensions. did we see a coup attempt or were the houthis sending a message that they are a powerful force to be reckoned with? >> this is a turning point from the houthis telling it is
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president he has to deal with them. he didn't want to move to the presidential palace. he lived in his own resident unless the houthis took over check points and then he moved to the presidential palace. the houthis sent massive reinforcements tanks to overlook the presidential palace. this is a man confined to one single area in the capitol. this could be the beginning of the end are his era as president. >> it is as we see the situation play out a very complex situation. talk us through how we got to today's events. what we saw today was extremely significant, as you say but we need to put the past into context as we see the situation play out now don't we? >> definitely, the houthis a few years were a miniscule group
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fighting for rights. now they are one of the most powerful organizations in yemen. they odors themselves, repositioned around young leader in september. they sent thousands of fighters and swept through the capital. the moment they controlled the capitol, we have a change everything. dropping of the constitution and most importantly the med reaction has no longer, we don't want a federation of six provinces. we want a federation of one province in the north. why one province in the north so that the leader of the houthis remain the one uncontested leader. >> the sectarian issues play an important role in yemeni politics. saudi arabia on the border doesn't seem to want to
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interfere at the moment. they have in the past. iran backion the houthi, how do they want this to play out. >> this is an echo of syria and iraq and other places in the region. the government has always criticized iran for providing significant military intelligence and financial support for the houthis. the houthis on the other hand blame saudi arabia for providing the government with support so that to provide more assistance from the sunnis who are in the majority in the country but have never been in power. as long as you have this continuing problem, you will continue to see a problem in yemen. the other big problem, if the houthis for some reason decide to get rid of the president they will say this is a coup. >> just a final thought before you go, just remind our viewers
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how did the houthis make this rapid expansion and gain of political power so quickly effectively by taking over the capitol, the president has two kilometers of control the rest of the capitol is under their control. how do they rapidly do this and what do they want? >> just to give you an idea how dramatic was the rise of the houthis, in 2011 i was one of the first international reporters to meet with the top leaders, including the senior advisers of the houthis, at the moment, they were saying we want to have a say. two years later suddenly, we've seen the houthis with massive military power thousands of well trained soldiers. >> it's extraordinary. >> it's amazing. now you have loads of theories, like the hezbollah and iranians have managed to set up camps inside where they have provided the houthis with the same
8:39 am
guerilla warfare tactics as hezbollah does in southern lebanon. the bottom line, this is a new yemen. the tribal leaders the general commanders who have been running yemen for thousands -- for hundreds of years have been severely undermind by one man who made his point clear that he wants to be the one to run the country for years to come. >> it is indeed a very complex situation. thank you for your analysis. >> turkey's president is sharing his first cabinet meeting which critics say is another sign of the increasingly authoritarian rule. the constitution said the president has a right to chair cabinet meetings but his two predecessors didn't. it is said he is trying to bring in an you a tore tarian presidential system. >> he wants to show that the
8:40 am
prime minister is not enough to govern the cabinet. i have two questions, one of them to the president, in his time of -- before, why he didn't make this kind of chair, the chancellor of ministers. he doesn't have any of this type of meeting before. my second question will be i think he has to show -- he's prime minister or is he public prime minister. has he to prove himself.
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>> in bangladesh, opposition leader is now free to leave her office. her offices have been surrounded for the last 16 days to prevent her joining anti-government protestors. >> now abu dhabi is addressing water shortages around the word in a summit, in some areas approaching cries especially in the arab world. >> you wouldn't think water was in short supply, given the amount used to make things grow where nothing should. the primary source, the gulf, vast quantities of sea water are sucked in by energy intensive environmental destructive desalinization plant. >> this is the closest you can get without a huge amount of identity prosing speaks volumes for how crucial these installations are to this
8:42 am
region. without them, there would be no drinking water the taps would run dry and life in the gulf just could not exist in the way that it does. >> in this parched arid land, you don't expect this, flowers grown not abroad, but in chilled glass house us in qatar. a bother hole supplies water. the problem is the ancient aquifer is nearly depleted thanks to overextraction throughout the country. >> the population is expected that at high rate for the upcoming years especially with the major events that we've been to host here in the upcoming years, so this can be a big problem if we don't use the available water in a reasonable way. >> now the soil-free hydroponic project which recycles water with impressive results.
8:43 am
farmers are encouraged to adopt similar staples. raw sewage is another source of water. water is recycled, using specially designed tape. >> it's a perfect home for bacteria. under a microscope, use millions and millions of micro perforations giving nature a perfect environment to do in our containers. >> the process ends with clearwater that runs into an adjacent farm, giving life to new growth. on the larger scale more and more sewage treatment plants are built, recycling water that can be used for irrigation. there's a long way to go. trucks are dumping raw sewage into holding lakes where it lice untreated, the potential water supply eevaporating into the dry
8:44 am
desert air. it becomes clean enough for a flock of flamingos to take up residence. al jazeera qatar. >> school children in kenya are not getting a proper education. >> in sport no lack of confidence racing for the first round.
8:45 am
>> welcome back, teachers in kenya ended their two week long strike and are back in classrooms. the pay dispute is unresolved and will go to court for
8:46 am
settlement. we report now on the many so-called complimentary schools in slums and rural areas which are not part of the formal education system. >> this is not the sort of classroom that the government wants for these children, but this is all that's available to them. they attend caretakers orphan's education center, in one of the slums. it's known as a complementary school. it survives mainly on donations. the school founder say they provide more support to the children than a government school could. >> if i compare it to the government schools we address more needs because a child can come to the school without sandals and uniform. some students need medicine during the day and we give to it them. this would not happen in public schools. >> many are orphans or have parents sick with h.i.v. aids. the school is serve ago need.
8:47 am
if these children weren't here, they'ding on the streets easy prey for criminal gangs. according to the government, there are 2,000 schools like this in kenya. analysts say the figure is probably much higher. this man has researched the schools for the past six years. >> what are challenges? >> one lack of structures. these schools are running by owners. few are teachers, we have too few teachers, and not well trained. we need schools in slum areas. second we need high capacity schools that can accommodate the large population that we ever in the slums. >> the government says it is committed to improving access to school.
8:48 am
it's introduced free primary education and says support from alternative schools financially and with books and other classroom materials. it's the complex issue with no easy answers. analysts say the government needs to consider what is best for children in the long term. al jazeera nairobi. >> time for sport now. >> the africa cup of nations is on its way to one of football's most unlikely joust posts in he can with a tore yell guinea. it was given the chance when morocco pulled out as host of the event after fear of the spread of ebola. >> it appears to be on a different scale to the rest of the tiny town it overlooks. built at the behest of the president, it was designed with
8:49 am
the hope of one day welcoming the pope. what the president's hometown was less prepared for was the sudden arrival of the africa cup of nations. when morocco jumped out of the hosting in november, monogomo had two months to turn the pitch into a venue. a whole playing surface was relayed to bring it up to international standards. these blades are glass will be home to the best in the tournament ghana senegal and a resurgent africa will all be in action here. >> with a population of no more than 8,000 people, the type of football normally on show in monogomo isn't always at the highest standard, but that is all about to change. >> it's good for the city, the president and for all of us. we wish our national team good luck.
8:50 am
>> it is already doing great 100% great now guinea just has to win. >> while the locals are happy not all the country's visiting teams have been quite so enthusiastic. somebody critical of they're accommodation and away from the main stadiums, there have been complaints about the training facilities. >> as a player, also, i've known that we've played a lot of games in africa. sometimes you have to change your menty and perspective when you arrive here. you know that not everything's going to be as perfect as in europe in terms of facilities. >> in 2008, ghana's new coach was guiding chelsea total european champions league final. he's now negotiating himself and his team through this unique cup of nations. >> it's not easy to organize an event like this in a very short time. they did well. >> organizers hope there are no
8:51 am
complaints about the grass and that can be a lasting memory of this tournament. >> let's go live to mongomo. is there likely to be similar where you are that we saw with the fans? >> the federation of football has asked everyone involved in the tournament, patient guinea given weeks rather than years to prepare after morocco dropped out. what we saw was a lot a lot of fans arriving without tickets hoping they could get inside. that produce add scene of chaos outside. fans with tickets have gone through rudimentary checks because of fear of ebola spreading, so there were
8:52 am
problems there. today, it is a monday, it feels very quiet at the moment. the population of the town is 8,000. the capacity of the stadium here is 10,000. in terry, there should be plenty of rooms for everyone. this is the hometown of the president here, and he is due we think to make an appearance here so security is very tight but at the moment and all is quiet. >> who in this group do you think is going to have a big impact on this tournament? >> al jazeera, there will be a lot of attention on them. the team i'm interested in is ghana who had a shocker at the world cup in brazil. germany, too but that competition overshadowed by a pay dispute between players and their association. it ended in $4 million in cash
8:53 am
flown into brazil to pay the players, resulted in unseemly players of photographs of players kissing money in their hotel rooms. journalists were saying that created a huge disconnect between the fans and players enroll in a governmental inquiry. the results of that are to be made public. there is as great tradition in african football, but public opinion is at an all time low so they have a lot to prove in this tournament. >> thank you andy, reporting live, thank you so much. >> in the asian cup scoring the only goal of the match in stop only time to get the win. both teams are through to the knockout stage but because iran finished top of group c, they could avoid a meeting with defending champions japan.
8:54 am
>> 14 time grand slam champion has cruised through making short work of his opponent. the world number three winning to advance. it's a huge confidence boost for the spaniard, who's been sidelined for much of 2014 with injury and coming off the first round loss in doha just two weeks ago. >> i am defending. i can arrive with a little bit more confidence, try to hit the ball longer, the way to help that is winning and winning hoping i will be better and win after tomorrow, i will have a chance to be better next time. that's always the way that you become better and you become confident, winning. >> murray made a strong start to his campaign. the brit has never won an
8:55 am
australian open title after featured in three finals, recovered in the third set to field a straight sets win. >> just continued doing what i've been doing the last few weeks, i've been playing very well in the practices and striking the ball cleanly in the matches. if i keep that up, i'll get better each round. >> in the women's draw, the first big casualty of the tournament, the former word number one losing in three sets to czech qualifier. it's the worst result in a major for her since 2011. >> you know, it's very disappointing. you know, it's, you know, it's probably the worst thank can happen but still i'm young and i have to learn a few things and just maybe try to have a different approach to this kind of event and try to see what it
8:56 am
was like. >> defending champion seattle seahawks will face the new england patriots in the 2015 superbowl. russell wilson fired a 35-yard touchdown strike to give the seahawks a 28-22 comeback win over the green bay packers. seattle are the first defending champion to say make it to the superbowl in 10 years. they'll play the patriots who this regard the indianapolis colts in the a.f.c. championship game. >> to be back that in situation go back to arizona to play in the superbowl, to go play in the superbowl back-to-back years when everybody thought we were out when they were 3-3 every thought when we were 6-4 everybody thought we were out in this game, you just trust the experience trust the guys you have around you. >> we've got a good team. we worked hard to get to this point. it's hard to compare year to year i think every situation's different. we had a lot of good teams in
8:57 am
the past. this one is going to have to win a very important game to leave our legacy. we've got two weeks to prepare for it, plan a great team, we're obviously proud of our effort tonight, won two tough games here at home, now we've got to go on the road and win another one. >> defending champion jimmy walker won a second consecutive title at the sony open, heading into the final round had two consecutive birdies to finish with a 63, winning by a tournament record of nine strokes, becoming the first repeat winner since sony opened in 2004. >> there's much more support on our website. for all the latest, check out that's it from me for now. back to you. >> thank you very much. stay with us here, was on al jazeera. i'll be back at the top of the hour with more news. thank you very much.
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>> the presidential compound and the prime minister's compound is attacking yemen. they say it's an attempted coup. >> we'll probably have a new yemen by the end of the day. >> welcome to al jazeera, live from doha. we have our top stories here. funerals for six hezbollah fighters killed in an israeli airstrikes and an iranian generals wills dies in that attack.