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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 20, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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thank you. hi, i am richelle carey. coming up at the top of the up at the top of the jazeera. ♪ welcome to the news hour and live from doha and these are the main stories we will be covering this hour. the military standoff continues in the yemen capital with houthi forces surrounding presidential compounds. afghan president ghani introduces cabinet after three months of splitting uncertainty. heading to the poles and they choose a new president after the death of michael and still
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growing china's rapid financial expansion continues as other global economies falter. ♪ yemen capitol has remained largely quiet after a ceasefire called on monday. fighters from the houthi rebel group stationed through sanaa with the prime minister and the presidential palace and violence broke out on monday between houthi fighters and the army and u.n. security council is expected to hold an emergency meeting on the situation. and we have a journalist who covered the up rising in 2011 and is live from london and thank you for speaking to us. just to be clear about in the houthi fighters captured the capitol in september and what we are seeing now is a tightening of their grip on the capitol if you like, is this a new chapter
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in yemen and do we see the government literally melting away? >> i think what the initial plan was when they took over sanaa was to present themselves as the power behind the throne so to speak and present a facade of government and facade of a state that existed separate to them. and other elements of the government over the past few months have moved occasionally away from what the houthis wanted and i think now that is what is happening now is the houthis now bullying the other side and other parties into accepting the reality on the ground which is the houthis are the ones in control and if they don't accept that then the houthis will enforce that through weapons if that is necessary. >> president haidi suffered a blow in september when houthis advanced on the capitol, is his position increasingly uncertain not because of houthi advance
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but because of opposition he is facing in the south? >> i think it's beyond uncertain. if you asked me the question 24 hours ago i would say he would be gone by nightfall. somehow he is still in his office. >> how does he manage to survive then? >> i think the houthis have allowed him. if the houthis wanted him to be out right now they would go in to the palace and take him. he has the international community on his side but he has the international community on his side and that has not proven to help over the past few months. it would have less to add from the south actually if he were any other politician in yemen and he is remaining in the capitol. it's hard to know exactly why perhaps he is kind of to ensure
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a safe passage out. now, the issue is any position as president in yemen will have to be amenable basically to the houthis and he is willing to accept that for now and seems to be willing to accept that. is there anyone else who will be willing to accept that the houthis, will they prefer to have military running the thing? all these questions remain unknown or the answers remain unknown. for now he is officially president.
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considering yemen crucial strategic position o one of the world's busyist shipping lanes and sharing a border what or will it become a failed state or some sort of break up by you have a northern providencnce with
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sanaa and the south getting what they ask for, could that bring more stability? >> it's uncertain to be honest what would happen if yemen would split, if the south split off you would see it splitting from other areas of the south and more divisions. having said that it may be a scenario that the gulf states especially would be looking into and the houthis are better on the borders than the muslim brotherhood or al-qaeda. having said that they are still seen as an iranian ashun and allies. if you had a houthi dominated state in the north and perhaps the gulf states could engineer an amenable regime in the south that might be preferable to the gulf. that does not mean that that will be a stable scenario,, in fact it could be the opposite and could be what the neighbors in the region would be looking at.
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>> thank you for exploring several different scenarios, it's a complicated situation and thank you for sharing your situation with us the british yemen journalist. japan prime minister vowed to save two hostages in iraq and lavante and in an online video we are not showing they demand money for the men and threatened to kill them in 72 hours if demands are not met as they are wrapping up a six-day tour in the middle east and they engaged i.s.i.l. fighters since u.s.-led coalition air strikes started five months ago and attack on canada planning operation and they do have the right to fire back if they are attacked. a court in bahrain will have a verdict in the trial of a
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prominent human rights activist and bill roger charged with insulting the government on twitter and faces six years in prison if found guilty and spent two years in prison for taking part in protests. afghanistan's president has officially introduced his cabinet nominees to parliament and listed the candidates last week but there is concern some of his nominees have dual citizenship and others have questionable credentials and let's go to jennifer glasse and live for us in the afghan capitol kabul and yet another blow no ghani's efforts to form a cabinet and what is the problem this time around? >> that's right, it took three months to get to this point since he became president of afghanistan, the 25 nominees for government ministers, and some problems as you mentioned, at least 11 of them are alleged to have dual citizenship and that is prohibited in the constitution and parliament in
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charge of the confirmation process, does have latitude to override that in the constitution and can approve a minister if they want at least one minister the minister of agricultural and minister nominee of agricultural was not in parliament today because he is on interpoll's most wanted list for tax allegations in astonia that date back 11 years, one minister nominee is alleged to be under the age of 35 years old. we've seen local televisions showing her personal documents on air. she says she is 38. you have to be 35 to be a minister here. and several of the minister nominees, their education credentials are in doubt. this is going to camp complicate parliament and members of parliament are meeting right now to figure out how they are going to move forward and the plan was to hear every nominee, what they plan to do how they plan to run respective ministries and to look through all documents and they said they wouldn't accept
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anyone with dual citizenship and surprised when the list was handed in last week that has such a high number they say of nominees with dual citizenship so not a very straightforward process at all in trying to get a government in place here. >> right, so the current list of cabinet nominees is all in the hands of the parliament jennifer what does this continuing deadlock mean for the country? >> well you know the country has really been at a slow down or a stand still since the presidential election process started last year in april of 2014. people have been reluctant to invest and reluctant for a big decision and took months to get a president in place and ghani was not nominated to the end of september and taken another three months to get cabinet nominees in place and means a lot of the ministries are working very slowly if at all, afghans cannot get everyday things done and cannot get court
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orders in force and cannot make decisions, a lot of planning projects a lot of development projects are stalled. president ghani is promising a lot of this is going to change and his new government will have accountability but he says he needs more time and it will take several more months to try and get the corruption under control and institute some of the reforms he wants but afghans are impatient and waited a very long time and know that they need to see this government get underway for things to move unemployment is very high economy very much at a stand still and afghans would like to see the new ministers in place as soon as possible. >> jennifer glasse in kabul, thank you. at least two people have been killed at a market during artillery fire in donsk in ukraine and hit a hospital and intensified over the battle over donsk airport continues and deny claims the airport is now back in government control.
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the european union foreign policy chief urging an antiterror alliance and it was made at a metal in brussels between europeans and the secretary-general and discussing improving security after the resent attacks in france. security conference held in nigeria with the fight of boko haram at the top of the agenda u.n. estimates nearly 20,000 nigeria people have fled in neighboring countries and fears rebels expanding across the border and monday they kidnapped 80 people in cameroon and they rescued around 30 of them. protesters demanding answers from argentina government after a prosecutor who accused the government of being involved in a cover up was found dead an autopsy found no evidence of foul play and we have more from
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buenos-aires. >> reporter: demonstrations and calls for justice. in the capitol that gathers in at least three locations and protests in the provinces as well with a small standoff with police outside of the presidential palace. crowds started gathering shortly after officials announced that preliminary results of an autopsy on prosecutor's body. they said there were no indications that anyone else was involved in his death. his body was found with a single gunshot wound to the head. it was less than 24 hours before he was due to testify before a congressional hearing on his allegations of president kristina obstructed justice in the worst terror attack but they were not satisfied by the president's denial of wrongdoing and a judge's assertion that he had been misguided in the way he made the allegations. for a demonstration organized at
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short notice this protest is big. whatever the circumstances of alberta's death there is a discontent here and frustration with the justice system a lack of faith. >> translator: i don't want a country stained with blood and corruption for my children and grandsons. that's why i'm here. >> translator: i'm demanding justice, it's very grave what is going on. they are working all over us. >> reporter: no one has faced justice for the bombing of a jewish community center in 1994 which 85 people died. iran denied any involvement. 51-year-old alleged he had evidence including phone taps which showed the president along with foreign minister hector and other officials were offering to drop moves against iranian suspects in a deal that would involve grain exports to iran in return for oil. opposition parties insist he had
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no reason to commit suicide. what happens next in this political crisis no one is sure but the questions are piling up with few clear answer. >> reporter: president sworn in a new government ministers and yet to reach a deal with opposition on holding new elections and ruling by decree for the past week after parliament was dissolved because the term had ended and months of protests and calls for the resignation because of corruption allegations. in guatemala a chief is in trouble for setting fire while protesters were inside and sentenced to 90 years in prison and we have more from guatemala city. >> reporter: it was a ruling that many people have been waiting for decades to hear. former guatemala police chief was sentenced to 90 years in
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prison for ordering the burning of the spanish embassy during the guatemala civil war and 37 people died in the fire including father of nobel peace prize winner. >> translator: i think that my dad is a man whose name has stayed in the history books and this makes me very happy but i always feel sadness for my brothers and sisters because their suffering is not recognized in this country. >> reporter: in 1980 guatemala shocked the world when the country's national police attacked the spanish embassy and set fire to the building which had been occupied by peasant farmers against the community. in a country struggling to put a bloody civil war behind them this is a test for a fragile justice system and not because of the relation to the country's
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most netorious trial. they will decide if the retired general is accused of genocide and accused of ordering death of 1700 people in the 1980s and he was convicted of genocide in 2013 guatemala top court struck down the landmark conviction the trial is currently on hold. legal experts say this culture of impunity is partly created by a system where high-level judge often face intimidation, threats and bribes. >> translator: guatemala and executive government is committed to doing everything in its power to prevent transitional justice cases from taking place. the aim is to protect allies against possible future trials to hold them accountable for human rights violations during the war. >> reporter: in a country trying to step out of the past a guilty verdict that has
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brought relief to families of the victims, one small but important step along guatemala's long roads to justice. david mercer al jazeera, guatemala city. much more still to come for you on the al jazeera news hour. >> we have a serious problem in this country, we have an imposter to impose himself on power. >> reporter: a reaction in the democratic republican of congo and could extend the rule of joseph and after unexpected result in sri lanka dwe details on the shake up the tennis player will go for an open title and we will have all the details. ♪
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sri lanka has 100 day reform and promised to bring in new political culture but we report from columbo he has his work cut out out. >> reporter: she is a retired teacher, like many people she has been feeling the pinch of spiralling costs. >> translator: sri lanka people find it hard to put food on the table and must reduce prices not just on a limited number of items. >> reporter: after ending the brutal civil war they began a major development drive, the people were faced with increasing prices. the rising cost of living is just one of the issues new president has promised to address in an ambitious 100-day plan and says his other top priorities are abolishing the executive presidency electoral
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reform and setting up independent institutions to ensure transparent and effective governance. for those who supported the new president things are on track. >> the government is not going to do something silly for play for the gallery so that is not likely to happen and means there is forward thinking but we are serious with a thought process at the moment. >> reporter: sri lanka new leader made it clear he means business warning his new cabinet any wrongdoing would not be tolerated. many people who voted for change here in sri lanka say they were unhappy how politics crept into every aspect of life and the foreign service was not spared and is just one area that new government says needs urgent reform. >> this challenge would be to put the foreign ministry back on track and stop the politicalzation and restore the
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credibility of sri lanka. >> reporter: the new government began work on broad reforms it promised and later this month they will have a mini budget and hoping it will bring relief they need al jazeera, columbo. voting started in zambia for the president after the death of michael satta last year and a close race from the patriotic front and the united party for national development and we report from a polling station in the capitol. >> reporter: this election wasn't meant to happen now but michael died last year while in office and people have to come out and vote for a new president and come out in big numbers, waiting in long lines and exhausted about casting their votes. when they get to the door the idea is to check and go in and cast their ballots and people are excited and saying they hope
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it will usher in new zambia and half the population live on less than a dollar a day. the mean thing they say is they want a better zambia especially for the for. >> we want good roads, schools and hospitals with medicine. >> we have waited enough. we don't want somebody sick we want somebody young and good looking. >> reporter: most people say the process is fast and simple and show the ids and registration book and come to the booth and cast their vote and it's secret and no one should know who you voted for and come all the way to the box and the lady in front of me is putting in her vote into the box, it will be counted later. people are saying this could be a tight race and because of that
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they said he will be sworn in very fast as well and it's appealing to please stay calm and expect results because they don't want violence on the streets. >> reporter: four people killed in clashes between police and protesters in the democratic congo but police fired live bullets in the crowds and it's a part of the president's attempt to extend his rule beyond 2016 and we report now from there. >> reporter: thousands of people demonstrated chanting on the streets of congo's capitol and angry because senators discussing a census that could delay next year's presidential election by up to four years and protesters see it as an attempt by the president to extend his rule beyond the constitutional limit of two terms.
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>> translator: we have a serious problem in this country. we have an imposter who came to impose himself on power and occupied our country more than 13 years and we have no jobs and studied primary and secondary schools and just leave our diplomas in our houses. >> reporter: they used anything they could find to block the roads and many lost patients with their government and for some there seems no doubt this is the only way left to express their discontent. >> translator: you have stolen too much money and have to go. >> reporter: they tell the president. and police moved in with tear gas, most of the crowds were dispersed and the roadblocks cleared but there was looting in the suburbs. the government's determined the controversial census will go ahead but opposition said they will keep protesting and do what it takes to stop it but faced with heavy police deployment and tear gas it's not clear if supporters will be willing to
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keep taking to the streets, in the democratic republic of congo. let's get an update on the weather now from everton and cold weather effecting parts of western europe but that is no surprise at this time of year i guess. >> no absolutely and that is true not great unusual weather but saw temperatures three mine us in and cold enough and the cold is making its way from the atlantic and we will introduce slightly moderate air with cold air ahead of it with winter weather and a very of low pressure and behind the low winds trying to come from the southwest direction and bumping into that very cold air and that cold air that digs its way across and parts of northern spain has seen some snow recently and that cold air runs across the northern half of italy and balkins and we have a
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red line there, that is where the warm air is to the south and cold air in the north and cold across western and central parts of europe at the moment it's the cold air meets up with this and pulling from the atlantic with some snow and snow in the midland midlands and central france seeing snow and north of spain and wintry weather here and wet weather to central areas of europe pushing across the adriatiac and pushing its way to the balkins and winter weather in the baltic states into western russia and temperatures are 3-4 degrees for paris and london over the next day or so slightly moderate into thursday and you notice there and certainly cold enough. . we will see temperatures dipping below freezing overnight so it's a possibility then we have snow once again over the alps and in the southeast we have mild air and remember over a week ago we
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were talking about the cold air syria, lebanon and jerusalem struggling for 3 and now looking for highs of 17. >> thanks everton, americans including barack obama paying tribute to martin luther king junior on what would have been his 86th birthday and marches for his accomplishments during the civil rights era and some used it to highlight the resent cases of police brutality and others called for equal reform and equal pay and tom ackerman has more from washington. >> reporter: nearly half a century after he was killed and almost three decades since his birthday was declared a paid federal holiday the commitment to racial justice is again honored with speeches and president obama has tried to extend that legacy by offering this as a day of voluntary national service by americans from all walks of life. >> cleaning up parks, visiting
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hospitals, working at food banks and reading to children. they are doing their part to honor dr. king by heeding his call to serve. >> reporter: these quotations engraved at his memorial in washington also at test to martin luther king's standing as a figure standing for social justice, often uttering controversial statements against the war in vietnam and proclaiming that the need for america to become a more equal nation economically as well as racially and that's what people in the streets of boston los angeles and new york are saying in demonstrations on the streets of those cities today. that martin luther king's legacy must not become embalmed in the history books but rather should be renewed each year. right much more still to come on the al jazeera news hour including another step in improving ties a group of u.s. lawmakers meet top cuban officials in havana. under attack in paris and on the
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internet thousands of french websites are hacked. and in sport find out how africa cup of nations made a dramatic come back and details a little bit later on. ♪
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welcome back and watching the al jazeera news hour and top stories and ceasefire appears to be holding in the capitol after gun battles between houthi soldiers on monday and they are surrounding the prime minister home and presidential palace in
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sanaa. afghanistan's president has officially introduced cabinet nominees to parliament but there is concern that ghani's has dual citizenship and others have questionable credentials and voting has started in zambia for the president after the death of michael last year and it will be a close race between the ruling front and united party for national development so let's get more on the situation in yemen right now with al jazeera correspondent who covered yemen extensively and joins me now in the studio with a bit more on this so right now we have a situation where the houthis are tightening their grip on the capitol sanaa. we think that a meeting was supposed to get underway involving the president. we know the houthis will likely strengthen the positions in the capitol and what is this all heading for if you like? >> they are considering their grip on power particularly in the capitol sanaa because since
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last september there was absolutely no doubt in the mind of whoever is looking in the situation of yemen that the houthis are the ones who pulled the strings and now they will meet with haidi but within the framework of a new deal that would recognize them as a legitimate genuine partner in power sharing in yemen, if they happens we might see some stability in the future if that doesn't happen you will see further decline in the security situation in yemen. >> what is in mind of the houthi leadership right now in terms of strategic planning? >> the houthis want to ensure that their leader is represented in the government and has his own government they say that now we are the representatives of the zaidi minority in the country who are 20-30% of the population therefore repetitive
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of them we have to have that. >> that has been the grievance all along. >> that is right. number two they are very concerned about the federation plan which has been implemented a few months ago and say this was wrong divided the north in four provinces and seen by the houthis in attempt to isolate them in sanaa and ideally i was talking to members and said we want the north to be just one province which would pave the way for the leader to be the uncontested leader of the north. >> one big northern province and include the capitol sanaa and what would happen further south where there is also a separatist movement calling for independence? >> the official line is they sympathize with the southerners because of the political repression and discrimination and the bottom line is they reject yemen's splitting in the near future and say we will reach out to the people in the south, we will look into
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alternatives like what yemen has to stand united and might go for different kinds of representations but yemen should stay a united one. so in terms of strategic planning first of all we want to make sure they are under the control and willing to negotiate the future of the whole country. >> and if we see that some people are describing what is happening right now as a further dissent into anarchy if we see the houthis consolidating their control, what could we see transpired between them and al-qaeda and yemen? >> this is creating problems for the international community and the americans in particular. we have to look into the general context which is the al-qaeda and arabian peninsula claiming responsibility for attack and they know they cannot fight al-qaeda with a weakened government and with lack of instability. they will have to reach out. this is why the americans are cautious and would like to reach to the houthis because with the
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houthis and government or both we can move forward, with one of them sidelined there is no instability. this is an international concern and concern by saudi arabia. they are with the u.n. especially involved and tried to negotiate a new deal that can hold for this transitional period until a new president is elected. >> reporter: a court in egypt has given 75 members of the out lawed muslim brotherhood sentences and tried and convicted of multiple counts including belonging to a terrorist group and insighting violence, the terms range from 3 years to life in prison. and egyptian activist has been transferred to a prison hospital after being on hunger strike for 78 days and protesting against a law to regulate public demonstrations and he was sentenced 15 years in prison last unit and al jazeera demands
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the release of three colleagues in prison in egypt for 388 days fahmy, greste and mohamed were accused of heing the out lawed brotherhood and they deny an ordered a retrial. u.s. delegation meeting with officials to improve the two counties and castro did not attend and two days before they negotiate the reopening of embassys and last month u.s. president barack obama and castro said they would restore ties which were severed in 1961 and we have more from the cuban capitol . >> reporter: they were not here to do negotiations with cuba but exploring and talking to sectors of cuban society especially agriculture in cuba and united
5:37 am
states with a lot more trade-in the coming years with this new relationship. as you might imagine these congressmen and senators were very up beat from the people they spoke to and also admitted there will be some challenges. and there is two challenges one is practical and that is the type of things that senator stabenaw is talking about where farmers can work together with relationships and regular, everyday people are seeing benefit in regular, everyday commercial and cultural contact. in the second is political and continue to be obstacles here and there continue to be obstacles at home. all of us here are for democratic aspirations. >> it's more than opening trade and travel between the united states and cuba it's a question of opening up a relationship and the exchange of ideas. many of us believe that ideas are compelling compelling when
5:38 am
they come to basic human values and human rights and opening up cuba and opening up a relationship with the united states gives us a chance to move forward in this hemisphere. >> reporter: on wednesday is when the historic first talks between high-level delegations from the u.s. and cuba will begin discussions and that will happen here on wednesday here in havanna and go to thursday. as far as the cuban people are concerned we talked to several and some are genuinely excited about the potential new relationship with the united states and others are cautiously optimistic and sort of waiting and seeing if things really could change and how fast it might actually happen. millions are shivering in cold weather across northern india. more than 1 # 100 people have died as temperatures are near freezing in new deli and shelters set up for the homeless as we report. >> reporter: under this bridge in new deli the homeless huddle around fires.
5:39 am
others hide under blankets trying to stay warm during the winter cold. suddenly a car pulls up to donate supplies and there is chaos. on the tough streets of india's capitol men, women and children have to fight to survive. no one knows exactly how many homeless people there are in new deli. the government estimates around 17,000 while some social workers say there are more than 100,000. what is certain is that every winter the city struggles to provide them with shelter. she missed out on the donation all she has are a few plastic sheets and flannel blankets but thousands of people and the family left the village in search of work and now they are all sleeping on the city streets. >> translator: i get scared and cannot sleep and drunk people
5:40 am
can come by that's why i get scared. >> reporter: the city's government says it is concerned about the plight of the home less less. it set up a 24 hour control room to manage shelters and organize rescues but it admits more needs to be done. >> i understand out of 22 shelters there is just 19 shelters for women and that is a cause of concern and if they are seriously thinking about it to increase the number of shelters or redesignate some shelters. >> reporter: government centers in new deli can accommodate around 17,000 people they have given blankets food and access to medical care. with social worker says some still choose to sleep outside. he walks the streets every night to convince people to go to shelters but it's not always
5:41 am
easy. >> translator: everyday they receive tens to 15 blankets and donation they sell and have 200-300 roopies and sell it for drugs. >> reporter: they believe his work is important with temperatures falling to just three degrees sells -- celcius say they face danger. report on china economy says the level of growth in 2014 slowed down and some say a slumping property market and uneven exports are to blame and others say there is nothing to worry about and the rate of growth 7.4 is ahead of predictions but the first time in 15 years the annual target of 7 1/2% was met and stronger than the euro zone with 1.2% this year and from
5:42 am
hong kong to discuss this is pauline and thank you for speaking to us and china's economy is growing at the slowest pace in 24 years, that is the headline, is it as bad as it sounds? >> i think the first thing to remember about all these numbers is that there is absolutely nothing new in it. the chinese economy is slowing down, we all knew about this since the beginning of the year virtually, the government has been hammering home this is the new normal and they are not saying anything new but the reason that the chinese economy and the fact that it is slowing down from previous years is making such an impact is because the war tends to take the chinese economy in black and white terms.
5:43 am
and it could be wonderful and going to the united states or it's going to implode next year and there is nothing in between and people want to know so is it going or imploding. >> since the recession we are accustom of economic growth and playing a more major role in the global economy and the figures get attention because of fear of slower growth in china will drag everyone else down. >> i think that fear is over blown. for one thing i do not believe that china is going to implode and sort of tumble into 4% growth next year or the year after that. the slow down is controlled by
5:44 am
the government. it's a maintained slow down. so i expect it will slow down gradually, without any horrific im implosion and the other thing is the impact of china on the rest of the global economy is more for economies that are exporters, commodity exporters like australia for instance china slowing down so it is importing less but for other economies such as the united states, the slow down is not that important. >> okay so that is an important point that this is clearly going to matter to those countries relying on chinese demand for commodities and comes at a time of falling commodity prices and less chinese demand and hurt commodity-producing countries and is this a sign of even growth in china because previous years we have seen china growth
5:45 am
driven by exports and boost consumption and get people to appoint where they are sort of enjoying enough wealth and they are able to spend it and boost it in the country, how does this effect people inside the country? >> the economy is definitely changing but this is a slow change. you don't get an economy with 1.3 billion people and things change overnight. it takes time. and china is moving very slowly towards consumption-based growth. but there is another thing that the outside world should remember when looking at the chinese economy. depending on why they are interested, the numbers can be very different in a sense that if you are looking at china as a place to bring up your children bring up the family you will be
5:46 am
more interested in inflation numbers, the minimum wage growth or if you are looking at china as a place to invest in a business you are more interested in what the growth is going to be in shanghai than the overall average growth for 1.3 billion people. and if you are looking at china as a place where you invest through the financial market then it's black and white because the bar and you sell and you don't have anything in between. so it is or it is not. so when we look at china we should remember that reality is a little less exciting it's rather more boring. >> good to get your analysis and breaking down what the figures mean for the region and of course the global economy and thanks so much and good to get your perspective and we have much more to come on the al jazeera news hour including the
5:47 am
latest sports news and tell you how williams is doing for the grand slam title. stay with us. ♪
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♪ welcome back now the french government says it will be confronting terrorism not just on the streets but also on the internet, tens of thousands of french websites have reportedly been attacked by i.s.i.l. supporters in north africa and nick spicer has more from paris. >> reporter: the attacks against the magazine charlie hebdo and jewish super market set off another attack a much wider
5:49 am
cyber assault on targets in france and hackers based in part in north africa changed the home pages of thousands of websites of university and town councils and shops among others. france interior minister on monday toured a cyber crime unit of the french police in paris and said he would fight the hackers this week. >> translator: tens of hackers claiming to be allied with muslim organization have responsibility for attacks and show ability to do harm. >> reporter: late last year the french government passed a new antiterror law and bans french websites for recruiting fighters to join organizations the french government considers to better risks and bans sites from condoneing attacks france has gone through and hard to see measures to prevent hackers from operating overseas. >> reporter: as french struggle
5:50 am
to return to a feeling of being safe they are saying no you are not, attacks not sophisticated but they were massive. experts call the replaced home pages defacements. >> the difference is like if you are in a town with many different shops and the hackers try to do is try to enter every shop and if the door is not really well closed to enter the shop they paint some messages on the window and leave and after you have to enter the shop and to clean the mess. >> reporter: it's a mess that individual website owners will have to cleanup often by simply updating the website software and wiping the feeling of uneasy away won't be easy nick spicer paris. >> we are here with the sport. >> thank you so much tennis world number one moved in the second round of the australia open in melbourne and the top seat struggling with illness the
5:51 am
past few days had bets and serve still managed to overcome 116th ranked player in straights sets 6-2-6-3-6-4 and going for the fifth australia title. >> it hasn't been an ideal couple weeks in terms of health and preparation because you know i fought my way through and now it's behind me and only looking forward and i think i did well in terms of responding to the slow start today and feeling a little bit rusty on the court and hoping the next is better. >> reporter: open champion went in the second round and sweeping aside the swedish opponent in straight sets in less than 90 minutes to advance. in the women's draw williams
5:52 am
quest for a 19 grand slam title is off to a perfect start. the world number one made it look easy demolishing them in 6-0, 6-4. and carolyn stood up to a tough test from 18-year-old taylor townsenand beat the opponent 7-6, 6-2 and will go on to go against victoria. they are kicking off the campaign with a win beating south africa in group c, the group of death and the favorites went gold down in the second half and responded with three goals in less than 20 minutes and a known goal and strikes and islam sealed 3-1 win for the desert fox. >> reporter: beginning of the match was interesting and first of ten minutes it was in south
5:53 am
africa and found difficulty with directions and the beginning of the second was catastrophic and gave many chances and i talked to the players and the physical side of the game was weak and there was a turning point in the match and changed the balance and we won. >> reporter: other group ghana beat 2-1 by senigal thanks to a penalty and then squared it up in the 58th minute with grabbing a last-second goal to give sinigal the win and andy richardson was watching the matches. >> reporter: in terms of turning points in a game of futbol less are clearly defined in the match of south africa and nigeria and south africa warmed up in the second half and had a penalty penalty then nigeria finally woke up and resembled the team
5:54 am
that looked so impressive with the world cup and got the cup of nations campaign off to a winning start and this was the earlier game and ghanna looking to rebuild after a disappointing world cup in brazil and beaten 2-1 and got a 2-1 win and the host town itself the tiny town never staged games of this caliber before and the pitch had been flown from spain and relayed a couple weeks ago and held up well and a lot of attention on that. the tournament now moves to the capitol of malabo and get a look at the ivory coast and names and burney included and despite the caliber they have new and interesting ways of losing a cup of nations and trying to win the title for the first time since back in 1992.
5:55 am
and as we heard the final group of the african cup of nations kicks off later on tuesday in malabo and faces guinea in group d and considered a favorite and missing chelsea striker. and city mid fielder takes over as captain and the team is not as strong as it was three years ago. >> translator: it's a great team with a good qualification track record after being in a difficult group with ghana, i think for us too we have had a difficult qualifying season but we came here with a lot of enthusiasm and the team is very young but the team wants to learn and have a taste for this competition and go much further. >> reporter: and that is all your sport for now and it's back to you. >> thank you. well now can you imagine this completing seven marathons in seven days still seven marathons that is what runners are hoping to achieve in the world marathon and takes athletes to every continent and
5:56 am
one man it's more than a physical challenge in miami. >> reporter: day three of the world marathon challenge and ted jackson still has his sense of humor. the school teacher and fellow athletes ran two including one in antarctica and challenges are ahead. >> i kind of knew what to expect and a little prepared and it will get harder and harder and a lot of miles to cover in the next five days. >> set, go. >> reporter: for all these runners this is a logistical physical and emotional challenge that few will ever face and event limited to just 12 dedicated runners. >> the runners, i'm proud of them actually. they are all in good spirits and that will last i'm sure by the time we get to dooubi they will be flagging. >> reporter: ted jackson is
5:57 am
here for another reason because in 2009 his wife diagnosed with multiple multiple sclerosis and he raised $200,000 from a uk-based charity and will not stop until he gets to a million. >> when i get off a flight there is more pounds and pushes me on the continent. >> reporter: running this is a huge task for anyone and they are halfway through the schedule. from here they will go to spain then morocco and dubi and finishing up in australia. and ted still has a long way to go but his spirits and his voice seem sure to carry him through to the finish line andy gallagher, al jazeera, miami, florida. that is it for me but due stay with us because we have a full bulletin of news with darren jordan on the top of the hour in a few minutes time. ♪
5:58 am
>> tomorrow. from race relations to foreign policies, terrorism and the economy. >> if this congress wants to help, work with me. >> ali velshi kicks off our special state of the union coverage at 7:00. >> we'll take an in-depth look at our nation's financial future. >> then john seigenthaler breaks down the issues. >> we need to know what's going on in our backyard. >> plus, objective analysis and live reports from across the nation and reaction from around the world. the state of the union address. special coverage begins tomorrow at 7:00 eastern. right here on al jazeera america.
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♪ the standoff continues in the yemen capitol and surrounding presidential compounds. hello i'm darren jordan and watch ing this live from doha and ghani introduces nominees to the parliament. they choose a new president following the death of michael satta and anger in argentina after the death of a prosecutor who accused the president of being involved in a cover up.