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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 3, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> isil releases a video purportedly showing the killing of a jordanian pilot held captive by the group. >> also on the program the shia militia in iraq has pushed isil from a key province and preparing to target other strongholds. >> anti terrorist police are on the alert in france and knifemen attack soldiers guard ago jewish center. >> british m.p.s are the first to give the go ahead for a controversial technique. now doctors are closer to creating a baby with three parents.
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>> now video released by the islamic state of iraq and the levant purportedly shows members killing a captive jordanian pilot. he was taken by the group in december after his jet crashed in syria. a message from isil said the pilot would be killed if jordan didn't release an iraqi woman facing the death approximately. the death comes days after the group released a video purportedly showing members killing a june knees journalist. >> let's talk now, thank you for joining us here. if it's true, it's a terrible and tragic development. what do you make of it?
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>> >> it is a brutal execution by any organization to burn a hostage alive, we have never seen anything like this. we don't know the circumstances. we don't know why the islamic state decided to burn the man alive. definitely there is something we don't know. we know that the islamic state was negotiating with the jordanian government for the release of the hostage and there was a lot of talks that they could release the japanese hostage in exchange for sajida al-rishawi the al-qaeda member, suicide member sentenced to death by the jordanian courts. >> we at al jazeera won't show
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any portion of this video, of course but it does underline the sheer barbarity of isil. >> this is very cruel. we never had seen this kind of absolutely before and savage execution, so definitely, this will have a very, very strong feedback or reaction from the jordanian people and jordanian government. we have to remember that when al-qaeda sent suicide bombers to jordan in 2008 by abu bakr al-baghdadi, that the reaction from the jordanian people was very very severe and angry everybody was reeling. i believe the same reaction could happen in jordan now. the jordanian people are united behind the government for the
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release of the pilot, muath al-kaseasbeh as soon as possible. why they rushed that execution is a mystery simply because there was a dialogue and this dialogue could continue and mr. muath al-kaseasbeh is a huge asset, a big fish in the hands of the islamic state. they could get money, they could actually release hostages or release prisoners from the jordanian jail, so it is really puzzling me and everybody who were following this kind of saga. >> please stay with us on the line. we're going to cross over to the jordanian capitol. this is a real and tragic development. what more have you been hearing there about the circumstances surrounding his death? >> firstly, we ever not heard any comment from the government
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just yet. we also know that the family of muath al-kaseasbeh is starting to gather. this was also the option that he would be killed. as you saw from the video saying something along the line we have to burn him because he was shelling us and burning us, so there was no option but to kill him basically according to isil. i do know that the jordanian government was ready and willing to hand over sajida al-rishawi, a prisoner in jordan and may be even others, as well in exchange because this became a matter of public opinion in jordan and jordan did what it can, but i think this is a
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vision within isil, we understand the choice was, we understand there was a decision inside isil trying to make a political gain after the capturing of the pilot who was part of the international coalition, maybe even getting jordan to make concessions by releasing prisoners on death row that isil would have wanted. this could have helped isil gain political capital but then there's this other camp pushing for killing him on the ground, that he is so-called appostate and had to be killed. >> some people are saying that isil's objective wasn't really to get the release of the female suicide bomber, sajida al-rishawi as you say but more
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to sow divisions within the jordanian opinion and pit people against the government. >> that is true and the country has been on edge for a very long time the government, as well, the people, the many jordanian tribes that could appeal with this family. they know from the beginning that the point of this whole thing was to stir up violence in jordan. we saw some protests, i think if people go out to the streets and start rioting i think it could be contained in a couple of days and i think the government would probably allow the people to vent let off steam and let off their anger for a couple of days but i think things would go back to normal quickly because the government did try to do something. it did try to have a prisoner exchange with isil, even though a major ally of the united
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states was pretty opposed to that the u.s. does not negotiate with so-called terrorists and expects its closest allies not to, especially a member of the international coalition against isil. that said, definitely, there are divisions, we understand, within isil. there were people who were trying to create problems in jordan but at the same time, there was that other camp that was really pushing for a prisoner exchange, so as not to lose popularity in jordan. there are isil sympathizers in jordan and people neutral toward isil. there was that idea if they killed muath al-kaseasbeh, more people in jordan would hate isil and they didn't want that to happen. as i said, there is that other camp that prevailed the camp that doesn't believe in negotiating with members of the coalition, not a number of prisoners could be enough in
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exchange for a high profile person like muath al-kaseasbeh, so that camp prevailed and he was executed. >> just a final brief thought. when this hits the morning papers tomorrow in jordan, how is public opinion going to be measured here? >> well, we'll have been racing questions about whether jordan should be a part of this coalition. jordan back in september became part of the coalition using its air bases in the north and carrying out airstrikes across the area and iraq. there has been more opposition from people. we are going to see these incidents happening more often. you've got a number of other people who believe that isil is in jordan's back yard and that
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if we and jordan do not go after isil isil is going to come to jordan's borders because it is sandwiched between iraq and syria where isil controls territory. jordan was part of this coalition to strike isil inside syria and iraq for fear isil would eventually try to enter voluntary daneian territory. >> all right, thank you. let's cross to our middle east analyst rejoining us via skype from london. if you were listening there from amamman, there's a school of thought that isil's objective was never to really have that female suicide bomber sajida al-rishawi released, it was more to sow divisions been jordan's public opinion and turn them against the government. >> oh, yes definitely.
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this is a very active theory here. i would like to add that it, that the islamic state would like to send a message to all the members of the coalition saying that we will not give any mercy to any pilot or any soldier who will fight us. i think it is very clear message here. this pilot was bombing us, bombing our bases and particular in syria and we are not going to deal with him the same way we dealt with the other hostages like the japanese, british or american, no, they will burn him alive. this is the maximum brutality. this is the message they want to convey to all members of the coalition, maybe also with some members of the coalition against the islamic state so maybe they were quick to execute him in such a brutal way to convey this
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message. it's amazing why, for example if they are willing to negotiate, i don't think they will execute him as soon as possible or in such a very, very rushed way. they will wait, ask for a high price, they will ask for money for exchange of prisoners but to execute him in such a brutal way, we are asking the message here is very important. they are looking for the media they are looking to terrorize the government's members of the coalition. they would like to say we will never have any mercy to anybody who is going to -- >> just a final question before you go, you are talking about this possibly affecting the cohesion of the u.s. led coalition, particularly amongst arab countries how do you see that playing out? >> i see definitely, other arab countries, arab governments terrorized by islamic state and that we have noticed that jordan
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has frozen its participation in the coalition. they seized all their operation against isis, since their capture of their pilot muath al-kaseasbeh. maybe they are hope that go other members like saudi arabia, united emirates to cease from participating on this coalition and freeze all their bottom bartments of isis bases in iraq and syria. >> all right, thank you for talking to al jazeera. >> you're welcome. >> let's get other news now. iraqi army commanders and the shia militia are declaring victory of isil in a province. the fight has been led by the badr corps. they are ready to move north into other isil strongholds. >> this is a victory dance the victory was taking back the last
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remaining areas of the province under isil control. the victors were iraq shia militias fighting with and in many cases overshadowing iraqi government forces. the most powerful is the badr corps and its leader. its political wing has 20 members of parliament, its military arm says it has 25,000 fighters. he told the celebration that he would move on to fight isil in mows cull and anbar province and that no foreign troops would be allowed on the ground. he told al jazeera afterwards his fighters were already involved in the battle and largely sunni anbar. >> as for iranian troops. >> if they bring troops, we will reject that, but advisor to say
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help us, or american another visors we do not mind. >> asked about allegations of the killing of civilians, he said any killings or kidnappings would be punished. photos of iran's spiritual leader at this base show how dramatically things have changed in iraq. >> for more than 30 years this was a base or an iranian dissident group trying to overthrow the iranian government. now it's full of iranian-backed shia militia fighters who have played a lead role in the fight against isil. >> despite the celebration it's been a hard-won victory. here around the area, there are deserted villages and empty fields. the fighting damaged schools and destroyed government buildings. this bridge is in sadr in a mountain range separating iraq and iran, free be explosives laid by isil, also known as
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daish. >> what we do now is the other effort is to satisfactory the situation is to clean the whole place, you know, there is so many bombs here and this is a part of a society of daish. >> there have been a lot of military gains since last year where isil controlled one third of iraq. they've come at a cost, but iraqi leaders say it was a price the country had to pay. al jazeera iraq. >> anti terrorist police in france are investigating a knife attack on three soldiers, two of them were injured while guard ago jewish community center in nice. the attacker was handed over to police. tensions high after the recent charlie hebdo attacks. let's get more from paris. jacki roland, any more details about the attack? what have you been hearing? >> well, we've been hearing some more details about the knife man
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who was arrested at the scene after the attack. they say he was carrying an i.d. card which said his name. initially when that name was announced, there were jittery nerves here, because coulibali was a name of one of the families involved in the attacks. they are not from the same family. the man accused of carrying out the attack in nice tuesday, they are saying was already known to the police and apparently was actually questioned by french intelligence just recently after returning from turkey. apparently he was turned back at istanbul airport suspected by turkish authorities are trying to get to syria. this incident is being treated by the french as potentially a terrorist incident, and it is
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the anti terrorist police and court system handling the case at the moment. >> this is like rattled nerves already jittery from the charlie hebdo attacks. >> people are nervous here, because there were a series of attacks a month ago in paris. if you recall for days on end there was almost an attack a day. there was the initial shootout, the shooting attack, the charlie hebdo newspaper here in paris in which 12 people were killed. the following day, one police woman was killed on traffic duty and the following day, both of these sieges came to an end and we had four people killed in that kosher supermarket in the east of paris so people were very nervous. as a result of those attacks the security level here in france has been raised to the very highest possible level as a result of which there are
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draconian security measures in public buildings all over france more security checks, more bags inspected police much more visible than before and of course army troops, as well. the reason that these soldiers were out on the streets of nice guarding this jewish community center is because in fact 10,000 troops have been mobilized specifically with the job to guard jewish schools. >>ish community centers which are felt to be particularly vulnerable from attack at this time. yes, there is a general nervousness and a general raised state of alert and this knife attack although at the moment seems to have been a fairly isolated incident and not as sophisticated as those other attacks which involved automatic weapons, nevertheless, it does add to the general atmosphere here of concern and about the security situation in france. >> thank you. >> chadian soldiers crossed into
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nigeria to launch on offensive against boko haram fighters near the border of cameroon. boko haram fighters control the town and gun battles have been reported. >> the nigerian army said the move is part of a coordinated plan. chad says it killed dozens of boko haram fighters in air attacks over the past few days. we have more from chad. >> chadian forces are stepping up their offensive against boko haram targets inside nigeria using helicopters and jet bombers. they have been targets downs and villages under the control of boko haram. the last few days, their target has been a town not far from the border nigeria shares with cameroon. they have been targets position offle boko haram fighters and from the ground and other town inside cameroon, chadian ground forces have also been cutting
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out strikes against positions of the boko haram fighters. there's been no independent verification of a death toll, however the chadian forces are claiming to have killed more than 100 boko haram fighters in the bombings they have been carrying out on the positions held by boko haram. the offensive by the chadian forces is coming at a time when boko haram has been growing in strength and has been holding at towns and villages from where they have been cutting cut--carrying out cross border raised. joanne agency accused of raising rates on investments this is a huge settlement. what more can you tell us? >> almost $1.4 billion, and it's a little different.
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weaver seen the banks at the center of that global financial cries. they've paid huge settlements in the past, but this is differently, because standard and poors or s&p is a credit rating agency. what this country was supposed to do is take a look at mortgages bundled together, analyze them and decide fit was a good investment. in most cases s&p gave them their highest rating. the attorney general is saying that they knew that these mortgages weren't good, but because they were being paid by that the companies asking for the rating, they put profits ahead of their reputation. >> s&p engaged in a scheme to defraud investors by knowingly issuing inflated credit ratings for c.d.o.s that misrepresented their credit worthiness, understating their risks ultimately causing investors including many federal insured
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financial institution to say lose billions, billions of dollars. >> it's been almost seven years since the crash and looks like the justice democratic has a few more companies that they could go after. we are hearing about potential lawsuits and investigations, but so far the justice democratic said they've brought 60 cases equaling ate $5 billion. this add to say that amount. these are just civil penalties these are not criminal charges. the obama administration has decided not to prosecute any of the bosses of these companies that led to the global recession. >> patty, thank you. >> israels prime minister is call on the united nation to say disband a commission investigating alleged car crimes during the cock 14 gaza conflict. the head of the commission resigned monday after israel accused him of bias because of consulting work he did for the p.l.o. benjamin netanyahu said the commission should investigate hamas instead.
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>> the resignation of the person who headed the inquiry a job he should not have down begin with is the best proof of the agenda driven anti israel notions of this council. this is a biased, one-sided council. shows who should have been summoned or hamas members. >> a fire bomb of of a bus in bangladesh have killed seven and injured others. it is the latest since anti-government protests and strikes began last month. >> >> in indian-administered kashmir, officials ordered some areas to be evacuated after a landslide blocked a river. people worry it could lead to significant flooding. others are trying to recover from floods that led to billions
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of dollars of damage in september. we report from the capitol of indian-administered kashmir. >> a mogul emperor said of kashmir if there is heaven on earth, this is it. many would agree but for those in the tourism industry, this season has been difficult. last year, people flocked to these hills to enjoy the snow, but this year, there's less snow and even fewer people. warmer weather hasn't helped, but hotel managers here mostly blamed september's heavy flooding for keeping tourists away even though floodwaters never touched this area. >> last year, we had this month especially this punt, a booking of 50 to 60% now we have only 10% booking. >> tourism is one of the biggest economic sectors in the region. in a city hit hardest by the floods much of the roads and tourist facilities have been repaired but that hasn't
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helped. house boat owners only have empty rooms to show. usually they're at least half to two thirds occupied. many are worried they won't survive until next season. >> this lake resort would normally be full of visitors. years of violence in the region led to a sharp drop in foreign tourists which in recent years were replaced by domestic tourism. now that has dried up. >> what was damaged in the flood has been fixed. while the flooding was heavily covered by the media the fact that kashmir is up and running hasn't been. >> government officials say they are working on ways to increase
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tourism. >> >> tourism operators hope the worst of the season is coming to an end. as word gets out the area is back to business, people will enjoy this paradise on earth if it for an emperor. >> southern china home to the gambling capitol of the world even outstripping las vegas with two major developments. that's despite a chinese government crackdown on corruption which is costing the gambling industry. >> it had all the bells and whistles expected for a casino announcement as one of the largest operators opened plans to open two new complexes. >> these two new important
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projects will be officially launched this year, and at that time expanding our resort to offer 1.1 million square meet jeers that's double the sizes of its existing complex and comes with a $7 billion price tag. it's an investment made at a time when revenue from gambling fell for the first time in more than a decade and while china intensifies its anti corruption campaign. >> we are sailing through head winds here. the current trends in the market, we are going through a consolidation but are confident we can emerge a stronger market in general. >> tour. >> was up 7%, but gaming revenue still fell. analysts believe the crackdown on the illegal flow of funds to the mainland will damage high rollers, two thirds of the
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receipts. >> it had a significant effect i think specifically because very rich chinese who make up the high rollers, be they the most honest businessmanmen in the world are not coming, because they don't want to be scrutinized. >> john has been monitoring the casino boom here for more than a decade. he believes the arrest of a casino together gull and his suspicion are a prostitution ring in the city shows china is serious. >> people know there are not untouchables. >> citizens can legally bet in casinos, and is the main draw to the territory. as the central government steps up scrutiny on illegal activity, the city is moving to diversify its interests some believe will be crucial to avoiding abeven tougher year ahead. >> you can keep up to date with all the news on our website all
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the very latest on that breaking news story of the death of the jordanian pilot, muath al-kaseasbeh the latest hostage to be murdered by the islamic state of iraq and the levant. i'll be back on the top of the hour with more news. more news. hi, i am lisa fletcher, and you are in the stream. a look at why young african-americans are turning to twitter to discuss the issues their local communities won't. their struggle to preserve their culture in the u.s., may found at an unbearable cost. another view of multiculturism, captain america in a