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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 4, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EST

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jordan executes the female prisoner whose freedom i.s.i.l. demanded in exchange for a captured jordanian pilot. a video of his murder last month was released by i.s.i.l. prompting international outrage. you're watching al jazeera live from dough hear i'm shiulie ghosh. two died after a plane crashed into a river shortly after takeoff more trouble for argentina's president. a warrant for her arrest is found in the home of a
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prosecutor who died suspiciously french police on alert after an attack on soldiers guarding a jewish center in the city of nice. jordan executed an iraqi woman they were hoping to exchange for a jordanian pilot killed by the islamic state of iraq and levant. sajida al-rishawi was on death row for her role in bomb attacks on three hotels in jordan in 2005 which killed 60 people. ziad al-kabuly was also executed. >> a video was released showing pilot moaz al-kasasbeh burnt alive. this report from imam. >> reporter: it's the news many have dreaded. moaz al-kasasbeh, the f-16 pilot
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captured by the islamic state of iraq and levant last december has been murdered. the government confirmed he was killed on january 3rd, a month before a new video al jazeera will not show was attributed to i.s.i.l. on tuesday. it showed him being supposedly burnt alive. jordan warned the response would be as grave as the anger of the jordanian people and their king cut short a visit to washington d.c. >> translation: with sadness and sorrow we received the news about the martyrdom of moaz al-kasasbeh. that deviant gang not related to our nobodial faith. our heroic pilot moaz al-kasasbeh died defending his faith, homeland. >> reporter: riots broke out from where moaz al-kasasbeh
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hails from. people believe that they are trying to stir up unrest. in the tribal gathering center relatives and fellow tribesman were devastated at the news. they've been meeting for days and hours. waiting to hear any news about the fate of the pilot. >> of course we will respond marchingly. jordan will retaliate. we will not remain silent. >> some questioning jordan's role in the international coalition against i.s.i.l. have answers. >> i absolutely support jordan's role in the coalition against i.s.i.l. i didn't encourage it before. now i.s.i.l. is a problem, and it's imperative for jordan to stay in the coalition to prove that blood was not shed in vain. >> contrary to the usual beheadings of hostages this is the first jordanian. this enraged people.
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jordanians are angered because he was murder and they feel manipulated by i.s.i.l. the group demanded the release of would-be bomber sajida al-rishawi, and jordan was willing to negotiate an exchange deal. i.s.i.l. demanded her release after it had already killed moaz al-kasasbeh. the ordealnded badly for -- ordeal ended badly for jordan. the hope is more will support the government in the fight against the islamic state of iraq and levant. >> ness reen joins us from amman. tell us about the execution of the prisoners in jordan. yes, the jordanian government confirmed and announced it executed sajida al-rishawi and another. both prisoners and it happened
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at 5:00a.m. it happened at a prison where there's a facility to carry out executions. the two prisoners were not serving time in this prison. they were transferred in the last few hours where the executions were carried out. it's a long and bureaucratic process to carry out the executions executions. it required signatures approvals from the cabinet, ministries. the justice ministry. it's a bureaucratic process. last week we heard an unnamed security source threatening to carry out the executions against them and others related to i.s.i.l. and al qaeda, if moaz al-kasasbeh was harmed or killed
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and it would speed up the executions process. we know that king abdullah may have signed off on the order to execute before he went to washington d.c. because he has not arrived back in amman just yet. >> know that sajida al-rishawi's freedom was demanded. why was it important to i.s.i.l.? >> they are. sajida al-rishawi's brother and her husband, who were killed were of the closest people part of the inner circle of al qaeda and iraq. they were killed in a joint operation. he was experiencing a rift.
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was accused of becoming a hard liner, attacking people. and that al qaeda did not want him to do that. he was experiencing that. there were people closest to him who agreed with his ideology. it included the husband and brother and knor believed to have been working with them. this is why some of the top iraqi leaders of i.s.i.l. now are former friends, believed to be the hardliners. this is why he is considered a spiritual leader for i.s.i.l. and anyone related or linked to him is reported by i.s.i.l.
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thank you for that those prisoners executed at the hands of the pilot's killing - the king is cutting short his trip heading back to amman. before leaving he met with president obama. >> reporter: u.s. president obama didn't plan to meet king abdullah. he was only going to see the secretary of state and members of congress. the meeting was added to the schedule - a show of support for jordan and its murdered pilot. the media did not make comments but after the video was released the king and the president denounced the killing. >> it's an indication of the viciousness and. itty of this organization.
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and it i think will redouble the vigilance on the part of the global coalition to make sure they are degraded and defeated. >> it's believed that moaz al-kasasbeh was killed by the islamic state of iraq and levant a month ago. the video was made public tuesday. some say it was purposeful coinciding with a visit by the king to washington. it was argued it could weaken the copying's resolve and the u.s. president needs to keep the coalition together. >> it does not look good to have only u.s. and sometimes british airplanes bombing anyone, and any casualties they'll use it for propaganda if you have arab states like jordan saudi arabia. i.s.i.l. cannot use it against them. >> in an agreement signed on tuesday, more head has been promised to jordan.
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increasing its yearly aid from 660 to a billion a year. >> the meeting peen president obama and king abdul ghani was brief. the white house thought it was important enough to change the schedule to send a message that the u.s. stand with u.s. hoping that jordan stands with the u.s. >> a rescue operation is under way in taiwan after a domestic flight crashed. a plane crashed as it struck a bridge and crashed into a river. adrian brown is following the story. we have reports of fatalities what are you hearing? >> officially the death toll is two. local media say it has risen to nine. it's yet to be confirmed by
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taiwan's ministry of transportation who are carrying out an investigation into what happened. what has emerged is images showing the moment the plane went down. it appeared to bank steeply after takeoff and clipped part of an elevated highway. at the time it was raining and very overcast. in the shallow waters of that river, a frantic rescue operation is taking place. we know several children have been rescued. others have been pulled from the water. efforts to reach the remaining few continue. we also know that this is the airline's second crash involving this same make of aircraft an atr-72 in less than seven months. in july the same make of
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aircraft came down in the archipelago killing 48 people. the french-made plane has been accused by the airline for 20 years, and over the world. the fact that there has been two crashes in seven months is essential to the investigation taking place. >> a lot of questions to be asked. thank you for that. updating us were beijing. >> stale to come on the programme - how education is going mobile in kenya. stay with us.
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welcome back i'm ghosh. the top stories on al jazeera - jordan says it's executed two people including the person i.s.i.l. demanded in change for jordanian pilot held captive by the group. sajida al-rishawi was on death row for her attacks in bomb attacks in amman, more than fine years ago, in which 60 died. jordan promised swift retaliation for the killing of pilot moaz al-kasasbeh. i.s.i.l. released a video showing him burnt alive, on tuesday. taiwanese tv says nine least are dead after a domestic flight crashed into a river. more that 50 were on the flight an arrest warrant for
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argentina's president was found in the home of a posterior who died under mysterious circumstances. the lead investigators says the 26 page warrant was discovered in the garbage. alberto nisman accused kimp cristina fernandez de kirchner of covering up a bombing. 85 died in the attack. daniel schweimler has the latest from buenos aires. >> reporter: there are those that liken this case to a spy novel. it's intriguing. if it should be made into a movie viewers would find great difficulty following the plot. it's more convoluted by the day. it was reported that investigators had found what looked like a warrant for the arrest of the president and the foreign minister. that was, first of all, denied and admitted by the investigator. it's also clear at this statement whether alberto nisman
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committed suicide or whether he was killed. if he was kill who was behind the murder? still uncertain. what is going on while this is going on president kimp cristina fernandez de kirchner is in china, occasionally tweeting on this case. what is clear is we are as far from ever of finding out who might have been behind the 1994 bomb attack on the jewish cultural center in buenos aires that killed 85 or who is behind the death of alberto nisman. fighters with i.s.i.l. captured an oil field south-west of kirkuk city. the government there says it was a major assault and expects i.s.i.l. to try again. zeina khodr reports. >> for two days the oil field belonged to the islamic state of iraq and levant. the attack was part of a main offensive. i.s.i.l. fighters pushed out
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from their strong hold. they laid claim to kilometres of territory, where there are many oil installations. >> it was very serious. actually was four or five fronts, if we count the oil field. and initially they did maying progress. kurds captured the ground with the help of air strikes, but lost a lot of men. commanders had to call in reinforcements. the terrorism unit had to deploy to kirkuk. >> they came and took the whole area. they were help by arab tribes and villages. many left. i.s.i.l. recruits them saying the kurds are the enemy. >> we cannot confirm that the arab villages are empty.
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it shows deep suspicions that exist between the communities. >> kirkuk has a massive amount of oil. many are vying for control of the city. the government in baghdad and kurdistan regional government put aside differences, reaching an agreements to share revenue from the oil production in the north. >> most of it is pumped in kirkuk. it is one of the smaller fields. production here is temporarily suspended because of damage caused by the fighting. the budget for this year is based on a region producing 300 barrels a day. >> this agreement is important if it's implemented fully by both sides. that's the critical thing. it's important for iraqi government and kirkuk as well. >> they need the money to fuel the war against i.s.i.l. but oil is important for i.s.i.l. it too, wants money.
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no one here doubts that the armed group will try to take kirkuk again. three soldiers have been injured in a knife attack. france is at its highest security level after 17 were killed after a series of attacks in paris in january. from there we have this report. >> the scene of an attack and a remind are on the streets. a man armed with a knife stabbed a soldier in the neck as he regarded the jewish community center. he tried to run away but was stopped by a shop owner. two soldiers intervened the attacker stabbed one of them. >> the soldier was attacked with a sharp weapon. when arrested thanks to a local passing by. they brought him under control with the help of tramway
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officials, he struggled and hurt two others. the perpetrator, who has been arrested and in the hands of municipal police. >> reporter: french media named the attackers, musa coulibaly, he was questioned in france after being expelled in turkey. despite the name there appears to be no link with amedy coulibaly. a gunman that killed many at a supermarket. that attack and the killing of 12 people at "charlie hebdo". led to a large increase in security across france. 10,000 soldiers have been deployed outside sensitive sites and some media headquarters. >> france has been on its highest state of alert since the attack on "charlie hebdo". security checks have been introduced to public buildings. french people are aware that
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heavy police and the army are likely to be the norm for some time to scam. >> sri lanka's new president made a major policy address to the nation taking office. they poke sat a military parade celebrating independence. let's go live to colombo. what did the new man have to say? >> the new president striking very much has been on about ever since he began to campaign train. essentially a political culture. he talked about the challenge, the new challenge of today being uniting the north and south, the uniting, the minds, and hearts of people in the north and south, and taking the country forward. a significant event seen before the parade on independence day, before parliament is that there was a reading out of what they
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called a declaration of peace in all three languages, and a significant part of that was that the government did express regret and it expressed honour to all those who were victims of violence during the 67 years since gaining independence. it's a significant blow to strike in terms of where the government is going, how it chooses to bring together all the minorities given the subdivision, 30 years of conflict and this declaration of peace, with that expression of regret is considered significant because for the first time sort of an official expression of regret for those was faced and victims of violence in this country thank you very much indeed for that. that report from colombo ukraine announced travel restrictions on russian travel. russians will have to show on
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international passport instead of an i.d. card. ukranian prime minister says it will lead to tighter border security the man that would be president obama's fourth defense chief will have a confirmation hearing on wednesday. rosalind jordan talks on some controversies that ashton carter will have to tackle >> reporter: ashton carter is well-known to congress and senators say he will be confirmed as the next u.s. defense secretary. it is likely to be tough. the senators will have a chance to criticize the obama's national security record. congress's top cop simple the rise of i.s.i.l. and whether carter would push the president to use ground troops in iraq and syria. >> if secretary carter is able to make major head way in that regard he will be seen well by history, if he's not able to.
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i don't care if he and president obama are buddies, history will not be as kind as he might wish. >> senators will ask whether ashton carter despite serving as the deputy secretary can get attention when it matters. sort offers are skeptical that he can overcome the influence of the president's closest advisors. >> in terms of an impact on broad policy i don't think he's in that position. >> if chuck hagel wasn't. he won't be. there's the matter of money. the white house wants congress to spend 534 billion on defense in the coming year blowing a spending cap by 36 million. republican legislators are fuming over the proposal and carder will have to defend the budget before he's responsible for it. he can expect tough questions about the bills for the f-35 and f32 fighter jets and efforts to cut pensions and health care for
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retired troops if their families. for ashton carter his goal is to save money but keep the country safe. a challenge for any defense chief hundreds of teachers near kenya's border with somali are refusing to return to work fearing attacks by al-shabab fighters. they held a demonstration outside parliament demanding that the kenyan government transfer them to safer regions. al-shabab has been targetting nonsome articleies in the area in kenya, young technology entrepreneurs are making learning more accessible to thousands of students. the use of mobile phones in class opened up a new world. >> normally they'll start. >> this is no ordinary lesson. the student are using mobile
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phones to access information that will help them with their studies. the service is called eneva. students do a quez and get feedback. they access app encyclopaedia and get live help from a teacher. >> it's popular in urban areas, it's had the biggest take up in rural areas, where children have limited access to schools, books and other educational tools. >> the team behind the service is constantly looking for ways to make it better. the cofounder is 25-year-old. he says he is overwhelmed by the company's success in a few years. >> studying can get boring as most people know. to hear that they are kids hiding under their blanket and studying all night or seeing that students were studying is
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cool. the students attend school. it's thanks to an n.g.o. that they have access to mobile phones. >> i feel that especially in science subjects that there is a personnel increasing. personally it's improved the grades of the statement. >> education analysts say there's potential in innovations like this. >> if they are structured and proper training is provided there would be a real benefit to reap from the use of mobile phones. >> he and his team plan to reach millions of students across africa. such innovations are racing ahead. many say in order for children to benefit it will be up to political leaders to catch up prize-wining author harper
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lee is to public a second novel. more than 50 years after her first best seller was published. it's a sequel to "to kill a mockingbird." it was discovered last year. the book will be released in july with a print run of 2 million copies harper lee's biog raffier charles shields says people will look to see if the book would have anything. >> i knew about "go-setter lock wood." i saw evidence in the papers of her publisher. the manuscript arrived and it sent out. for some reason it didn't get traction at the time. i saw enough of the conget of "go-setter watchman" that a number of things from "to kill a mockingbird" were taken from it. i'm interested to see whether this so-called new book in
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advance of "to kill a mockingbird" has anything knew to offer in the way of story telling. >> don't forget. you can keep up to date with all the day's news and sport in our website. the web address, on "america tonight.".. >> i'm not gay no more. i'm delivered. i don't like men no more. i like women, women. >> reporter: how do you decide not to be gay any more? >> well, it may seem a little complicated to some people. >> no foreign nation, no hacker networks. >> reporter: can we think of these are cyber sleep cells activated at a later state. >> if you ask me if someone is preparing the battlefields