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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 4, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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>> anger in jordan over the death of a pilot as a king vows relentless war of isil on its own territory. hello, you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up on the program 23 dead after a plane spins out of control across a road and plunges into a river in taiwan. chad leads offensive against
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boko haram fighters in nigeria. and back home, three freed al jazeera journalist peter greste returns to australia afterwhile being concerned for his colleagues still imprisoned. >> i worry for my colleagues and all those who were "r" in prison along side us. >> thank you for joining us, we begin in jordan where the king has vowed to step up the assault on isil after the group produced a video in which the jordanian pilot is burned to death. king abdullah promised a severe response potentially paving the way for jordan's pleas increased
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participation. jordan has already retaliated by executing two iraqi al-qaeda linked prisoners. >> reporter: jordan warned of an earth-shaking response to isil's murder of jordan pilot. >> another iraqi prisoner was also executeed. sentenced to death by hanging for murdering a jordanian truck driver in iraq. the government confirmed it's pilot was killed on january 3rd, a month before isil released the video apparently showing him being burned alive. al jazeera will not show those pictures. the jordanian king cut short his
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picture to washington, d.c. but addressed the jordanian people in a statement before heading back to amman. >> with sadness grief and anger, we received the news about the martyrdom of our hero moaz al kassasbeh. our hero died while defending his faith homeland and nation. >> the. pilot's father, who was too shake ton comment after finding out his son was killed, came out with these strong statements hours later. >> i demand that avenge be greater than executing prisoners. i demand that isil be annihilated. this organization made up of militants from all over the world, they're acting in barbaric manners violating all international laws, codes of ethics and prisoners conventions.
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that's why i strongly we manned the government to swiftly take revenge for the blood of moaz and the dignity of our country. >> there were riots in the pilot's hometown. they feel that isil is trying to stir you will violence and unrest in the country. kassasbeh's family and tribal members say they're devastated at the news. but for those who question jordan's role in the coalition against isil now seem to have answers. >> i absolutely support jordan's role before i didn't encourage it. now isil has become a problem and it's imperative for jordan to stay in the coalition in order to prove that moaz's blood was not shed in vain. >> people are outraged at the way the pilot was killed. jordanians are angry not only because kassasbeh was murdered, but also because they feel
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manipulated by isil. the group demanded a release of a al rishawi but they demanded her release after they had already killed kassasbeh. >> reporter: nisreen el-shamayleh al jazeera, amman. >> we're live in the jordanian capitol. a very strong words from king abdullah. what changes are we going to see in the jordan relationship in the fight against isil? >> well, well first it's clear that there they are going to intensify their fight against isis. they say they're already bombing
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isis targets inside syria one might think that there would be more special operations on the ground some ground troops. these are ideas and rumors circulated but nothing has been sent down so far. this is something that some jordanians would worry about. they feel more involvement of jordan against isis means isis, means that jordan will become more of a target for isis. they know that isis could have some sleeping cells in jordan and just for the defiance that the jordanian government is showing. >> that video of the jordanian parliament pilot being burned to death was horrific. what is public opinion right now
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now? would you say in the knicks days and weeks we'll see public opinion will continue j. >> we've definitely seen a shift in the public debate. at the beginning of the crisis when the pilot was captured most of the debate and most of the pressure on the government was to do whatever possible in order to release him and some were questioning the wisdom of joining the coalition against isil. some were even saying that the jordan was allying itself with the united states against an islamic group that was defending the muslim sunnies in the arab world. but that argument has been shifting. you see more support now for the government to try to strike hard at daesh at isis. people were abhorred by the
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killing and the way it was done. now the government is saying that he was killed january 3rd january 3rd, way before isis demanded al rishawi be released to save his life. now their anger is focused on isis and the blame is all on isis. >> thank you. >> rescue workers in taiwan are searching for missing passengers on a plane which crashed in the river. 25 of those on board have been confirmed dead while around 17 are thought to be trapped in the partially submerged wreckage. >> reporter: in taiwan cars often have an on board camera in case there is an accident. but no one imagined recording
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one like this. a passenger plane cartwheeling out of the sky. it's wing clips the roof of a taxi before plowing into the wall. the driver survived but many on the flight didn't. rescuers quickly realized the scale of the operation that confronted them. >> this. >> as you can see at the scene the head of the plane is at the water. right now we're asking the military to set up a makeshift bridge to get near the fuselage to carry out rescue operations. >> the survivors included this young child. but later it became clear that this would also be an operation to recover bodies, many of the missing had been trapped in the submerged front of the plane. >> most of the dead are tourists from mainland china which claims sovereignty over taiwan regarding it as a breakaway province. now the governments of both are
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united in mourning. the aircraft that crashed was an atr 72 turboprop operated by transasia airways. just seven months ago the same type of aircraft operated by the same airline crashed killing 48 people. at a news conference management offered another apology. >> we also want to know what caused the plane to crash. i cannot make any speculation. >> the atr 72 is made by a french-italian company and there are more than 750 of them in operation around the world. it's been a difficult 12 months for asian aviation, the retrieval of both flight recorders from this latest crash means the inquiry could begin soon. adrian brown al jazeera, beijing. >> fighting between ukrainian forces and pro-russian rebels in eastern ukraine has claimed for
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lines. in the separatest held city of dontesk, people were killed. more than 5,000 people have been killed in eastern ukraine's nine-month-long conflict. one area effected charles stratford is there. >> reporter: it's important it give it context. the town is completely surrounded by.
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>> yesterday fight broke out earlier than scheduled but there were a number of people pulled out from the city yesterday. there was another one called for today, and that was--it never happened basically. we went in following a humanitarian convoy that took the risk, and we saw just incredible scenes of destruction destruction. heavy shelling, small arms fire, virtually nobody on the street. as i say a town completely besieged. and very worrying for the civilians that remain. it's a town that before had a population of 25,000. very strategically important certainly for the separatists because of its rail hub. it connects the town of donetsk with russia. it's highly contested and as you see the scene of some of the
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heaviest fighting in this conflict as we speak. >> barack obama's nominee for defense secretary tear has given its support for honoring ukrainian forces. confirmed as chuck hagel's replacement, but the republican senators used it as an opportunity to criticize obama's foreign policy. >> i'm very much inclined in that direction mr. chairman, because i think we need to support the ukrainians in defending themselves. the nature of those arms i can't say right now because i don't have--i conferred with our military leaders or ukrainian leaders, but i incline in the direction of providing arms, including to get to what i'm sure your question is lethal arms. >> well still more to come here on al jazeera, including urgent talks in yemen as deadlines for a political deal passes.
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and talking tech, how mobile phones revolutionize education in kenya.
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>> time now for a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. the king of jordan has vowed to step up the offensive against isil following confirmation that the group had murdered the jordanian pilot moaz al kassasbeh. jordan retaliateed by executing two iraqi jihadist prisoners.
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>> a plane plunging out of control into a river. at least five people have been killed in rocket fire in ukraine's eastern city of donetsk. the u.n. has criticized both sides of the conflict for their indiscriminate attacks. al jazeera journalist peter greste has arrived back home in australia after spending 400 days in an egyptian prison. [ cheering ] he was wrongly convicted along with our two colleagues mohamed fahmy, baher mohammed, of reporting false news and supporting the banned muslim brotherhood. al jazeera continues to call for their immediate release. >> i can't tell you how ecstatic i am to be here. this is a moment that i've rehearsed in my mind least 400 times over the past 400 days.
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and it feels absolutely awesome to be here. with my family, with you guys of course this is tempered bay real worry for my colleagues, mohamed fahmy, baher mohammed and all the other guys imprisoned along side us, three students and a businessman, and all those who were convicted in abstentia. if it's right for me to be free, then it's right for all of us. this has generated an enormous amount of good will across australia and around the world and i think egypt now has an opportunity to show just does not depend on nationality. if it's right for me to be free, it's right for everyone else who was imprisoned in our case to be free and all those who have withinbeen convicted to be freed of those convictions.
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>> meanwhile many have been sentenced to life in prison. they were convicted of taking part of clashes between protesters and security forces. four people have been killed and nine abducted in a rebel attack on a libyan oil field. the raid took place at the remote oil field south of the coastal city of sirte. there has not been claim of responsibility. troops that have launched the biggest offensive against boko haram in five years. jets from nigerian's neighbor chad has been bombing the area. they have deployed ground troops inside nigeria and say it's military has killed 200 fighters. nine chadian soldiers have died in that offensive.
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the armed group launched a counter offensive on the cameroonian border town of fotokol. a number of soldiers have been killed. african union officials have been meeting to assign soldiers to bite boko fight boko haram. >> the nigerian military has confirmed that chadian and cameroonian soldiers are in nigeria fighting boko haram. this is a multi national strategy to fight the group. much is being made of the fact that there are armed forces here but they say this is not a story and there is no limit of the number of forces that can fight the group. the fact that these forces are present is more evident that they are winning against boko haram in the country.
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in a separate development there are concerns about what impact the insecurity in the region and the fighting in the region might have on the upcoming presidential election on the 14th of february. the electoral authority here in the capital of abijah said that the election will hold in these places and go ahead despite concerns of security. but some political parties have weighed in the row saying it's not secure and the election should be postpone. but they say no it will still go ahead with the election, and they don't feel that the inability to hold the poll in certain areas affected by fighting of boko haram will impinge on the over all credibility of election day. >> at least four houthi fighters have been killed in five injured in a car bomb attack in yemen. the attack took place in the district no one has claimed responsibility. meanwhile, the deadline set for
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houthi rebels has expired without a deal. houthi fighters warned they would take over the government if agreement wasn't reached. the u.n. special envoy to yemen has been holding talks with the political parties. negotiations still continue, and still some kind of chance that they could come to an agreement? >> indeed, barbara they're there are 11th hour conversations taking place essentially the sticking point is not on the mechanism, or agreement on the mechanism of how the country should be run. it is on the opposition party those who are opposed to the houthi parties take over.
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in that they are asking for some sort of guarantee that if they are to agree on some sort of political road map or presidential council or interim council, that itself won't one day be essentially run over by houthi fighters as they essentially did with the government that was in place before they took over. their demand is that the houthi withdraw from sanaa. they sign an agreement that they commit to, that there would be a peaceful political solution to this, and no side will resort to the carrying of arms over disagreements. >> that's the latest of aden, yemen. thank you. >> greece's new leaders have been in brussels and frankfurt meeting minute officers from the european union. alexis tsapris has won the
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election on anti-austerity platform. he says that talks have been moving in the right direction. >> greece is new left-wing leadership is on a sort dual-prong offensive visiting the major institutions in the e.u. alexis tsipras in brussels, and the finance minister in. >> i had the opportunity to present to him our government's unwavering determination that it can't possibly be business as
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usual in greece, both in terms of the reforms that we need in order to end the affliction of the greek economy and society for many years. >> what are they selling to european leaders? well they're trying to convince these institutions, greece's international lenders to help restructure its debt burden. in which greece must borrow heavily. they want to mix debt with growth-related debt that would be repaid only once greece reaches solid growth. the country wants the best of bother world to ditch the bail out program and austerity of which greece has been able to borrow up to now and convince at the same time it's international lenders to go on lending. it is a tough sell. >> i'm very optimistic after
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these discussions we're in a good way where we don't have already an agreement but we are in good direction to find viable agreement. >> well, the prime minister is speaking in brussels know he has not got an agreement and an agreement may be hard to come by. no one is willing to give greece any assurances until perhaps gentleman germany has had its say. hanging in the balance for are a greece the possibility of renew financial crisis. it's banks hemorrhages at the moment. tax revenues down if it cannot convince it's international lenders to go on lending then bankrupt beckons. >> a public inquiry in london has been shown the last photograph ever taken of
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alexander lientvinenko. he accused russian president vladimir putin of having him killed. in beijing a political scandal grows back home. on monday it amerged that a warrant for the arsenal arrest of cristina kirchner. >> a commuter train crashed with a car in new york. it burst into flames. five passengers and the driver of the car were killed. thousands of students are benefiting from a digital
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revolution in kenya. cheap mobile phones are the heart of the scheme. >> this is no ordinary lesson. these students are using mobile phones to access information which will help them with their studies. the service is called eneza. students can do a quiz on a syllabus and get feedback. they can access an encyclopedia and get help from a teacher. it has had the biggest response in rural kenya. the team behind the service is constantly looking for ways to make it better. the co-founder is 25-year-old who says he feels overwhelmed by the company's success in just a few years. >> the studying can get pretty boring. as most know. to hear that kids are hiding under their blankets and
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studying all night or developing and seeing students studying at 2:30 in the morning. that's pretty cool. >> these students attend school in nairobi's largest slum. it's thanks to ngos that it has access to these mobile phones. >> i see a trend especially in science subjects, personally it has improved the grades of the students. >> education analysts say that huge potential in the innovation like eneza. >> if proper train something provided, if all grades have increased there would be a real benefit to reap from the use of mobile phones as a teaching tool. >> they plan to reach millions of students across africa. innovations in education are
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racing ahead and many say in order for children to really benefit, it will be up to political leaders to catch up. al jazeera, nairobi, kenya. >> much more on that and everything else we've been covering on our website the address, >> offering insights about coping with fear and anxiety. >> stress is the perception. i like to think of stress like waves on the ocean. if you're a skillful surfer then every wave i