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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 4, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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try this at home. >> "techknow", where technology meets humanity. monday, 5:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> welcome to this news hour. we're live from doha. this is what is ahead this hour. jordan's king abdullah promises to step up the fight against isil after the murder of an air force pilot captured by the group. >> under siege, a battle for a key town intensifies. at least 25 dead after a plane loses control and plunges into a river in taiwan.
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>> al jazeera's journalist peter greste returns to australia and appeals for the release of his colleagues still imprisoned in egypt. >> for mohamed fahmy, baher mohammed and all the other guys who were imprisoned long side us. >> well, jordan's king has vowed to step up efforts against islamic state in iraq and the levant. the king said that the the martyr of moaz al kassasbeh will
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not nobody vain and the response ever jordan and it's army after what happened to our hero. >> reporter: jordan warned of an earth-shaking response to the murder of pilot moaz al assasbeh. isil had demanded the release of al rishawi. another iraqi prisoner was also executeed. sentenced to death by hanging for murdering a jordanian truck driver in iraq. pilot al kas as assas kassasbeh
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died while defending his faith homeland and nation. >> reporter: the pilot's father who was too shaken to speak after finding out his son had been killed came out with these strong statements hours later. >> i demand that avenge be more than executing prisoners. they're acting in barbaric manners, eye aggravating international laws, code of ethic and code of prisoners.
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i demand that the government take revenge of the blood of moaz and the dignity of our country. >> c of kassasbeh's family and tribal community feel-- >> people here are outraged at the way the pilot was killed. jordanians are angry not only because k assasbeh was murdered but because they feel manipulated by isil.
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jordan was willing to negotiate an exchange deal but isil demanded al rishawi release after it had killed kassasbeh. nisreen el-shamayleh, al jazeera amman. >> the jordanian government said that the country will now step up its efforts in the international coalition fighting isil. >> we're talking about the iraqi military and helping the syrian moderate opposition, peshmerga troops in order to fight on the ground. but we are talking about a collaborative effort between coalition members and order to intensify our efforts and work to stop extremism and terrorism and to undermine and degrade and eventually finish daesh.
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>> human rights watch say jordan's attempt to send a retaliatory message may not work. >> in addition to military strategy inside iraq and syria it is designed to defeat isil militarily and it's failing. people need to pause and think about that. there is a political process that is sadly absent from iraq that will make the sunni community believe in an iraqi government that speaks for all of them and reject isis, which is currently running their lands. we have to give iraqi sunnies a better answer and showing that government sink to the levels of retaliatory vigilanty justice is not going to give them confidence in the state of rule of law. >> now the unite arab emirates suspended flights over syria in
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december after isil captured the jordanian pilate moaz al-kassasbeh. to ukraine where fighting has intensified. the town of debaltseve has become a flash point between the two sides. many residents are continue to go flee as charles stratford reports. >> reporter: ukrainian army fire rockets towards the front line. separatists say they have surrounded debaltseve, a town under siege. volunteers like this man are trying to drive civilians to safety. >> you can hear shelling and shooting. at night it was very intense he says. >> i have to be to go, says this man. it's bad in there very bad. we followed a bus into town.
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attempts of negotiating a temporary truce for safe passage has failed. >> go, go, go catch them, catch them. [ explosion ] >> the shell something intense and very few people on the street run for cover. what sounds like artillery or mortars fires towards targets we can't see. >> there have been repeated effort to try to get some of the wounded out of the debaltseve because of the cease-fire, some of those cease-fires have been ignored. the men tell us they're going to an area that is too dangerous for us to film. >> we're trying to deliver aid
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to people still here at our own risk. we could not organize a temporary truce to come here safely. >> approximately 25,000 people used to live in debaltseve. after weeks of heavy fighting it's not known how many are living here now. only the very brave remain. i walk to deliver aid to people every day, shouts this woman as another shell explodes close by. debaltseve is a strategic importance to both sides in this conflict. it's a major railway hub linking areas that the separatist hold with russia. they are suspicious about what residents say about separatist spies. thisthe soldiers questioned us
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before letting us drive on. this road is the only way in to debaltseve from ukrainian military controlled side. while the fighting intensifies it's the only route out for many civilians who remain inside. charles stratford al jazeera, debaltseve. eastern ukraine. >> let's look at the certainly in fighting between the ukraine and government forces and pro-russian separatists. both battle for strategic positions in eastern ukraine. heavy shelling continues in the rebel-held areas of dontesk and luhansk. and as we saw in charles stratford's report, fight something most intense in debaltseve, which is an important transport hub between russia and ukraine. 30 people were killed and dozens
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were injured in a rocket attack in mariupol on saturday. an organization that aims to represent ukrainians overseas. welcome to the program. thank you for speaking to us on al jazeera. despite the attempts for a cease-fire and despite u.s. and e.u. sanctions against russia, who whom the west blames for the crisis in ukraine the fighting seems to be escalating, doesn't it? >> yes when you mention mariu mariupol that happened right after the president's speech, and you should point out that mariupol is past where the where the operation point was established, so innocent lives were hurt. the main target is debaltseve
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and parts northeast closer to the areas that were taken back by the ukrainian army in the summer when they were reclaiming the land captured by the russian terrorists. >> some fear this could be the start of a major assault by russia. >> well, this has been an assault after assault. throughout any of the cease-fires, whether it was the june july ten-day cease-fire that there was constantly had constant artillery fire. and now we can clearly see through the announcements of the military commanders on the ground that the russian forces have no desire to stop, and why would they? ukraine has not been able to stop this without any further help from the united states or other countries. >> well, on that note the u.s.
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president nominee for defense ashton carter has been speaking about ukraine in his senate confirmation hearings. please stay with us, andrew, we'll come right back to you right after we live to what he had to say. >> i very much inclined in that direction, mr. chairman, because i think we need to support the ukrainians in defending themselves. the nature of those arms i can't say right now because i don't have--i conferred with our military leaders and ukrainian leaders, but i incline in providing arms to get to what i'm sure your question is, lethal arms. >> now andrew just days ago we heard the white house saying that lethal assistance not a solution to the ukraine crisis, but listen to ashton carter clearly sending arms to the ukraine forces isn't off the table for the u.s.? >> well, ashton is copping to
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the administration from the outside. this is not a person who has been in the inner is circle. at this point our best information is telling us that president obama and his inner circle that are against supplying ukraine with some arms. most of congress, they passed a law at the end of 2014 which was passed without opposition most of the people in the defense department, people in the state department, we're not hearing anyone who is against helping ukraine helping them stop the assault further other than the president and his inner circle. what we're hear something a change of the consensus in washington who is deciding to push back against the the president. the president's own party is telling the president to reexamine his policy. >> what sort of assistance is the u.s. currently providing to the ukrainian government and military. >> that would an great question. we're trying to get confirmation on both ends.
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for the most part the support has been to help the economy and the change over to civil society with programs. just this past week the secretary of the economy in the united states went and announced that the u.s. would be backing with a $2 million loan guarantee which could be increased to $3 billion if certain reforms were met. that's primarily where ukraine is being helped by america right now. however, america holds the arms that only it can supply to ukraine. the anti-tank missiles specifically things that can halt the advance of heavy artillery, especially about this violence and medical supplies. military helicopters, field hospitals, all sorts of ways for the ukrainian army to identify when these medium-ranged rockets start attacking civilians in these areas. casualties, 70% have been
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through medium-range rocket, and ukraine does not have the capability of counter measures or warn people that this is happening. >> andre, thank you for speaking with us. ashton carter u.s. president barack obama's defense secretary nominee has been speaking through the senate hearing. and he would be open to revisiting if confirmed carter will be obama's fourth defense secretary. chuck hagel stepped down in november. plenty ahead including tensions in nigeria ahead of this month's presidential election. and the battle for control of libya continues as supporters of the renegade general step up their campaign in the eastern city of bengahzi.
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and in sport the first crew to the africa cup of nation final has been decided. we have that story coming up later. >> a boko haram fighters have reportedly killed more than 70 people in cameroon. the armed group, which is based in nigeria attacked the town along the border between the two countries. while troops from three countries have launched the biggest offensive against boko haram in five years on tuesday chad's army attacked and destroyed boko haram bases in northern nigeria. 200 rebels were killed in the fighting along with nine chadians soldiers. meanwhile, africa union officials finalizing plans to deploy 7.5000 soldiers to 75,000
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soldiers. >> the nigerian military has confirmed that chadianed a cameroonian soldiers are fighting boko haram on behalf of my year gentleman. they say this is part of a multi national strategy to fight the group in the region. they say much is being made of the fact that there are forces here but they say that this is not a story and there is no limit of the number of foreign forces who can fight the group. and the fact that these forces are present is more evidence that they're winning the war against terrorism and against boko haram in the country. now in a separate development there are concerns about what impact of the insecuritity and fighting in the region might have on the upcoming presidential election in february. officials said that the election will go ahead and promised
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additional security by the nigerian police. but some political parties have weighed in to the row saying it's not secure, the election should be secure. but officials say it will go ahead with the election, and they don't feel that the inability to hold the poll in certain areas affected by fighting or boko haram will impinge on the over all credibility of election day. >> with only days to go in nigeria's presidential election political parties are in a final race to try and secure votes but that's been overshadowed by tensions and rivalries the main election body is concerned that the country may not be ready.
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>> they're looking for support. but there have been acts of violence during this campaign. it was attacked by supporters of a rival party. >> they detached themselves from a convoy heading to a political rally and attacked us. they attacked our posters and beat us up. >> it's all because of these posters and campaign materials. some supporters target vehicles and each other. this is despite an order of a peaceful campaign and election. political party offices and billboards like this have been attacked or destroyed in various parts of the country and there is a fear that unless the parties conduct a peaceful campaign nigeriaens could continue to see acts of violence
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across the country. but many say the supporters are not to blame. >> very rarely have you heard of or seen pdp supporters throwing stones inflicting violence or injuring. it hardly happens. it's unheard of. maybe once or twice. >> it's an important revelation for us and the entire world that the ruling party of the country has been to say look, you owe it that they're responsible for this. >> but it's not all gloom. publishers and printers are cashing in on the opportunities of the season, but most say the biggest concern is having a peaceful and fair election. al jazeera. abuja. >> in yemen the three-day deadline set by houthi rebels the former presidential council has expired without a deal.
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houthi fighters have warned they would take over the government if an agreement was not reached. the u.n. envoy has been holding talks with political parties. we have more now from the yemeni support town of aden. >> they'll try to salvage what is left of the political process here in yemen. all sides have been meeting in the capitol. the main sticking points is not necessarily the mechanism or the way the country will be ruled in terms of an interim period. the possibility of a presidential council or unity parties. they have demand from the houthies that they commit never again to accepting their
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fighters on to the streets to forcebly remove whoever is in office. they're saying there no "s" no point to agreeing to a political process if in the future any one side can potentially accepted their troops or fighters into the capitol take control of the presidential palace, so until they find some guarantee and the guarantee right now that is being dee mapped is that the houthies withdraw all their fighters were sanaa. until they find some guarantee like that, then the stand off will continue. >> at least four houthi fighters were killed in a car bomb attack in central yemen. no one has claimed responsibility. a rescue rocker in taiwan working to salvage a plane where 25 people have been killed.
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the fuselage has been lifted from the river into taipei. the plane had just taken off when the pilots reported engine failure. >> in taiwan cars often have an on-board camera in case there is an accident. but no one imagined recording one like this. a passenger plane cartwheeling out of the sky. it's wing clips the roof of a taxi before plowing into a wall. the driver survived but many of those on flight ge 235 didn't. it crashed into the river. ask youers quickly realized the scale of the operation. >> as you can see at the scene right now we're asking for a makeshift bridge to carry out rescue operations. >> the survivors included this young child but later it became
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clear that this would be an operation to recover bodies. many of the missing had been trapped in the submerged front of the plane. >> most of the dead are tourists from mainland china which claims sovereignty over taiwan, regarding it as a breakaway province. now governments are both uniteed in mourning. the aircraft that crashed was a turbo craft operated by transasian airlines taiwan's third largest airline. just months ago the same type of aircraft and from the same airline crashed killing 48 people. management offered another apology. >> we also want to know what caused the new plane to crash. i cannot make any speculation. >> the atr 72 is made by a french-italian company and there are more than 750 of them in operation around the world. it has been a difficult 12
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months for asian aviation. the retrieval of both flight recorders from this latest crash means the inquiry could begin soon. adrian brown al jazeera, beijing. >> still ahead at this hour, questions are raised over why an inquiry into the u.k.'s role and the iraq war hasn't yet concluded five years after the gap. and the controversial comedian. later we catch a glimpse of the super bowl champions
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and like aljazeera america on facebook for more stories, more access, more conversations. so you don't just stay on top of the news, go deeper and get more perspectives on every issue. al jazeera america. >> soon's king has vowed to step up the assault against isil after the group murdered an air force pilot that was holding hostage. king abdullah has been holding talks with security officials in amman. fighting has intensified in eastern ukraine against is
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forcing many residents to flee. and rescues workers in taiwan are working to salvage the remains of an air asian plane. 17 are still missing. four men have been killed and nine abducted an as oil field in a libyan town of sirte. our reports were that they were carrying isil flags. the oil field has a partnership with a french oil company. there has been more violence in eastern libya. the >> reporter: eastern libya is in crisis. it's transitional government led
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by this man faces mounting pressure to curb the rising influence of military commanders. fighters loyal to former general haftar have been given a deadline to form a supreme military council led by haftar. but members of the representatives the leaders of the east, are skeptical. they are worried that haftar will assume full control. >> we demand the parliament must form a military under haftar, and we warn anyone who targets us especially general haftar or cuts off munitions supplies. we'll stand up and confront them no matter what. >> haftar supporters have stepped up their military
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campaign to capture the city of ben gas did i. there have been fighting for months. hundreds have been killed in the conflict when general haftar led military operations in the eastern city. general haftar said he's determined to drive out militias from western libya, which is controlled by the general national council, a parliament backed by militias in tripoli. international efforts are under way to mediate a power-sharing deal between the rival factions. >> the parties to take part in the process have been identified namely four members of the national congress on one hand and four from the council
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of representatives on the other. those are the key parties to address the political situation. we have agreed on the main issues we will discuss during the talks. >> the fighting may undermine those efforts described as the last chance of diplomacy. >> in syria a rebel group called the army of izon has declared the capita toll capitol of damascus a middle zone. most of damascus is still under government control but opposition fighters regularly fire rockets into the capitol from bases in the surrounding countryside. an armed opposition group has declared the city a military zone in a statement the group said in response to the brutal
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airstrikes carried out by the regime in the city of douma and eastern ghouta which describe declare the entire city of damascus a military zone and location of our operations. government planes carried out 127 airstrikes on tuesday and its helicopters dropped 78-barrel bombs. one of the many cities targeted barrel bombs exploded over the district. the syrian air force controls the skies and it's proving fatal for opposition fighters and civilians alike. the injured were taken to temporary hospitals but the number of patients far exceeded the medical staff on hand to treat them. [ gunfire ] on the ground rebel fighters continue their battle to shape syria's future. the syrian armed opposition said
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that it's taking control of the area in northeast aleppo. >> it was reigning in on aleppo, but they're no longer able to lay siege to the city. >> reporter: this is a conflict characterized by changing front lines. al jazeera. >> a report into britain's role in the 2003 iraq war has been in the work for almost six years. now it's author is facing questions from parliament about why it still has not been published. we have more from london. >> six years after it started sir john chilcotte said he still could in the give his report. >> we've heard from witnesses
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and we took in oral evidence. in 2011 at the end of those hearings i under estimated the time that we would subsequently need to analyze more than 150,000 documents. government documents. >> the independent inquiry into britain's role into the 2003 invasion in iraq and subsequent military operations was expected to deliver its find negotiation 2012. but that will not happen until after the election in may of this year. >> have you come under pressure to delay or advance publication of your report in the light of the general election. >> the short and easy answer is no. >> that was one of the few short answers from chilcot as he explained the process of those likely to be criticized in the report the right to respond was still ongoing. one person to be involved is toney blair, that britain would
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back american action before anything even happeneded. when in 2013 parliament voted against possible military intervention in syria the run up to the iraq war was clearly on many minds someone watching closely on wednesday was rose. her son was killed by a roadside bomb one of the 179 british personnel who died in iraq. >> john chilcot said that he understood the distress caused by the delays. >> from time to time when appropriate to explain where we got to and where we're going. i've got very much the feelings of families affected in mind when i do that.
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>> chilcot urged people to be patient and trust that the report would be fair and thorough. but for some people patience is fast running out. >> and an egyptian court has sentenced 230 people to life in prison. >> al jazeera journalist peter greste has arrived back home in australia after spending 400 days in an egyptian prison. he was wrongly convicted along with our two colleagues mohamed fahmy, baher mohammed of reporting false news and supporting the banned muslim brotherhood. missouri mohamed fahmy, baher mohammed are still imprisoned and al jazeera continues to demand their release.
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>> a big crowd of media expecting him. well over a hundred immediate people and a big crowd of others as well. australia has really followed peter's plight over the time he has been in that cairo prison cell 400 days. immediately peter greste's thoughts are with his dealings. >> it feels awesome to be here with my family, with you guys. of course, this is all tempered, i'm going to say this a million times. this is tempered by a real worry for my colleagues, for mohamed fahmy, baher mohammed, for all of the other guys who were imprisoned along side us, four others, three students and a businessman, and all those who were convicted in abstentia. if it's right for me to be free, then it's right for all of us. >> peter greste, even in celebration, his thoughts of his two colleagues that he has had to leave behind. mohamed fahmy, baher mohammed are still in cairo prison cell. he's now with his family. they'll be off to celebrate. but it's celebration tempered by
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the knowledge that he has left two of his close colleagues behind. >> bahaer's wife said that the deportation order that allowed peter to be released excludes baher because he's egyptian. he'll remain behind bars. >> i don't know why he's still in prison. i really don't know. his colleagues are being released. they were declared innocent. if this is deportation but the new law was set up to set foreigners free, to give them an opportunity to leave jail. but for him being an egyptian is the price he has to pay. >> in the u.s. a man has been convicted of operating an underground website that sold illegal drugs. ross william albrecht was charged seven charges of selling drugs and money laundering and kingpin charge usually reserved for drug cartel leaders.
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kristen saloomey joins us from there. the jury reached a verdict very quickly, didn't it? how did the prosecution make its case? >> well, it's very interesting. the trial gave a glimpse into what was essentially a two-year investigation nearly two years that multiple law enforcement agencies were trying to track down the man behind this website that was responsible for millions of dollars in illegal drug sales. hidden behind software design to keep users anonymous. we heard that they had a homeland security investigator who actually posed as a silk road employee, and was able to access employee chat rooms and lead the fbi directly to ross albrecht as he sat in a public library with his laptop open to the administrator pages of the silk road. when they seized that laptop they got thousands of documents
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chats, expense reports journals and so on that the prosecution went over in painstaking detail linking details of ross albrecht's life from his gmail accounts and facebook post to details of the dread pie rot roberts, that was the screen name for the administrator as website, and details that would match up. when ross would say i'm going on vacation, they would find similar post from the dread pie rot roberts talking about being on vacation, and through this they were able to convince the jury in a record amount of time that this was the man behind, the man responsible for the website. of course, the defense had a different take on it. they said that all of this evidence could have been manipulated or fabricated by the real dread pirates pirate.
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>> now he faces up to life in prison on these charges. kristen, thank you very much. kristen saloomey live from new york. the european central bank has stopped greek banks from using government debt as collateral for loans. meanwhile, athens sounds optimistic to regorget its debt. >> i had an opportunity to present to him our government's offer, and unwavering determination that it can't be business as usual in greece, both in terms of reforms that we need in order to end the various
6:44 pm
malignancyies that have afflicted the greek economy for so many years. >> we have more from berlin. >> reporter: greece's new left-wing leadership with a dual-prong offensive visiting the major institutions of europe and mr. tsipras in brussels, and the finance minister in frankfurt making the point there is no business as usual, no u-turn to throw off the bail-out program and austerity measures attached to it that greece has suffered under for five years. now he says it has resulted in a humanitarian crisis. they want greece's major international lenders among them the european commission, the imf and to help restructure the greek burden which weighs heavily on the economy and which greece mouth borrow heavily in order to service. they want to swap debt bonds for
6:45 pm
growth-relateed bonds to convert the debt they owe at fixed maturity rates in times to something that only would be repaid once greece returns to solid growth. they want the best of both worlds. >> now to an ambitious new trade deal between the u.s. and europe. it's critics say that it will override the rights of workers and citizens. >> in england one of the places that many energy companies would like to frack for gas. and louise fears that the deal ttip would leave opposition completely powerless. >> if they decided they didn't want to have fracking within their location, and they turned down an application the
6:46 pm
companies could sue if they thought their profits were going to be damaged. >> reporter: dozens like louise took the train to bruce else, the home of the european commission for. many say ttip is a game changing deal for u.s. and europe. >> from food, pharmaceuticals agriculture, everything will be effected by ttip. >> reporter: offering a guided tour showing how well-oiled the corporate machine is. 20,000 lobbyists spend more than $1 billion a year persuading politicians of their employer he's case. >> many say it protects interests. yet this description says something else completely, that it's prime minister function is
6:47 pm
to defend the interests of global business. supporters of ttip deny it will eroad workers' rights, and they say trade will be increased. >> computers andy pads, consumers may see them getting cheaper because these taxes are removed. >> still not a single member of parliament who support ttip made themselves available. but a member of the green party did. >> well, it absolutely is secret. i went to the restricted reading this morning. i was treated like a spy. i had to sign a special declaration so i wouldn't tell anybody what i had read while i was there, it's completely secret. even things i'm allowed to see now as a result of huge pressure
6:48 pm
i can't share with you. >> this is the eighth round of ttip negotiations and still almost nobody knows anything about the contents of them. if backers do want to calm the fears of european citizens about its affect on democracy perhaps a little more openness would be a start. lawrence lee al jazeera bruce else. >> a french comedian is in france in court accused of terrorism. dienonne's remarks has got him in trouble with the law,. >> to the fans he's a comedian. to critics he is demigod. now he he is accuse of terrorism. it started with a comment made on january 11th. a day when millions of people took part of unity rallies under
6:49 pm
the slogan je suis charlie. he wrote a reference to gunmen who killed four people at a kosher super market. dieudonne's said that the comment did not amount to terrorism. >> he only expressed a very unique feeling that he feels like the state thinks it is a terrorist but he's only a humor humorist like charlie hebdo. >> dieudonne is no stranger to this court. he has faced charges of slander hatred language and condoning terrorism.
6:50 pm
he denies the charges. >> his lawyer said that the comedian is simply exercising his right to freedom of speech. but some legal experts do in the agree. >> he was a true comedian ten years ago. today he has been convicted ten times for this. even if he makes team laugh and say i also have the right to laugh like charlie hebdo his words are no longer perceived as humorous. they're taken at face value. >> the case has raised new questions about french values of freedom, equality and fraternity. at what point does freedom of speech end and ensitement begin? that will be for the court to decide. jacky rowland al jazeera, paris. >> sri lanka's new president has used the country's independence day to call for national unit. [music] he spoke about sri lanka's effort to stop ethnic divisions
6:51 pm
after a brutal civil war five years ago. they would call for recon sillation. >> stage one of the the tour of dubai comes to a finish.
6:52 pm
>> welcome back here is farrah with all the latests. >> thank you so much. we start in equatorial guinea.
6:53 pm
they beat the democratic republic of congo. they would seal their win and face the winners of equatorial guinea and ghana. robin adams was watching all the action from bata. >> ivory coast and big-name stars, they were clinical between the democratic republic of congo. they would get going in 20 minutes. and responding just moments later. it was 3-1 the final score in bata. the second semifinal will take place on thursday. no trainingers to the semifinals semifinals. they've made a deal five
6:54 pm
straight times but only managed to make the final in 2010. he canequatorial guinea in bata bata{^l"^^}. >> in spain real madrid beat sevilla to increase their lead at the top of la liga. they would have the lead. a late goal from sevilla brought doubts in the final of the game. but they now lead barcelona by four points. midfielder andre shirla has revealed why he left stamford bridge to sign with bund liga. he made the move for chelsea in 2013 but since has struggled
6:55 pm
to hold down a regular spot on the side. >> what i like to do is play football. i couldn't do this off the pitch at chelsea. and wolfsburg convinced me. the coach ceo and it became clear that i would like to do this. >> mother boost heading into the formula one season. louis hamilton finished third for measure says december. mercedes recorded 500 laps over four days of testing. >> yes we still have a lot of
6:56 pm
things to work on and a lot of things to improve. we have something that we can work with, and they've done a good job to prepare and make this car. >> mark cavendish has won the opening day of the tour of dubai. there were some early leaders with a pack of riders breaking away from the peloton. cavendish would then chase them found and outsprint his rivals, crossing the line in a photo finish. the four-day race concludes on sunday. afterafter the worst round of his career, former number one tiger woods adamant that he's making progress. he has plunged to number 56th in the world rankings and struggling through most of 2014 with injury and sickness. he said he's working on his entire game and is desperate to be ready in time for the masters
6:57 pm
in augusta. >> it's a process. i'm going through it right now. and chris and i we're working our tails off to get this. i want to get this. i want to be ready come augusta and the rest of the majors. we still have some work to do. >> and then the new england patriots have celebrating their super bowl victory. thousands of fans line the streets of boston to catch a glimpse of the super bowl champions. the celebrations came a day late because of bad weather conditions. this is quarterback tom brady's fourth championship title. and that's all your sport for now. >> thank you very much. our website we'll have more news for you in just a few minutes. bye for now.
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>> they will continue looking for survivors... >> the potential for energy production is huge... >> no noise, no clutter, just real reporting. the new al jazeera america mobile app available for your apple and android mobile device. download it now >> this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm tony harris. ashton carter is the president's choice to lead the pentagon. today it was on capitol hill answering questions from senators during an especially dangerous time in the world. the threat of isil which this week displayed its brutality burning to death a captureed jordanian pilot and there is threat from russia can on the future of ukraine. and