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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 6, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EST

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♪ fury and jordan carries out dozens of air strikes against islamic state of iraq and lavonte. ♪ hello, this is al jazeera, live from doha i'm adrian and ahead iraq prime minister haider al-abadi seeking support against the fight against i.s.i.l. angela merkel and alon visit moscow with peace in ukraine but can they convince vladimir putin. the cost of falling oil prices and how the drop is causing more pain for nigerian consumers.
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♪ we begin in jordan where the result to destroy the islamic state of iraq and lavonte is growing stronger and widened campaign against i.s.i.l. carrying out dozens of strikes targeting the group's position and all of this in response to the killing of the pilot muath al-kaseasbeh and let's go live to aman and jordan. so jordan itself carrying out military operations against i.s.i.l., how are ordinary jordanians reacting are they rallying against i.s.i.l. now? >> well this is what we are seeing here adrian in downtown aman, this huge rally with thousands of jordanians supporting and in support of the government, the king and army and the people here are saying
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muath al-kaseasbeh was killed in a barbaric manner and people say the only positive thing about this horrific murder of muath al-kaseasbeh is jordanians are united and speaking in one voice and are convinced that jordan should have joined against i.s.i.l. last september and people with doubts now have questions answered and those who were not convinced with the role that jordan was playing now believe in it so people here are chanting in support of the king chanting in support of the army and demanding revenge, they are saying that this ordeal has touched and hurt every single jordanian in every single home and this sentiment was also echoed in his home province of kirkuk visited. this is where they wanted to celebrate his return instead it's a place they are receiving
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condolence after the islamic state burned him alive and the king paid respects to the tribe in the southern province of kirkuk and said the royal airforce just shelled i.s.i.l. forces in the syrian province of iraka and the king had already promised what he called a relentless response to avenge the merge of muath al-kaseasbeh and appears to have more public support for going to war. . >> translator: forces arrived after bombarding them and god willing we will end the existence in syria. >> reporter: visited female members of the family but wife of muath al-kaseasbeh is inconsolable. she is 25 and they were only married for five months.
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and muath al-kaseasbeh's mother is also shaken and heart broken. none of muath al-kaseasbeh's immediate female family members are speaking to the media. >> translator: we are very sad but i'm so proud of my cousin. he is a martyr who defended his country and although my heart is bleeding i would also offer my four sons as martyrs for my country. >> reporter: many people want vengeance because of the way muath al-kaseasbeh was murdered. >> translator: we should be united with one body i call on all jordanians to be one heart, one mind and one soul and we demand revenge and our hats will not rest until the response is hash. >> reporter: high ranking and former government officials as well as hundreds of army and royal airforce offices came to support the tribe and people say i.s.i.l. has tried to turn jordanians against their government for joining the u.s.-led coalition but so far this effort appears to have had
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the opposite effect. many say jordans resolve has been strengthened by the murder and those who did not believe i.s.i.l. was a threat to country say the war against the armed group is theirs. well the jordanian army announced on thursday evening that tens of its own fighter jets have struck lots of targets inside syria and apparently destroyed weapons depot and training facilities and the army said they are vowing to do this and that this is only the start and they are going to make i.s.i.l. pay for what they described as every hair on muath al-kaseasbeh's body and should be expecting a more active and pronounced and harsher role for the jordan government and the international coalition against i.s.i.l. and the government has also said it's going to start helping forces fighting i.s.i.l. on the ground in syria and iraq including iraqi army the
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kurdish peshmerga forces as well as the moderate syrian opposition which jordan has been reluctant to assist in the past. >> many thanks and live in aman. iraq's prime minister called for support from the international community to stop i.s.i.l. gaining further ground against military in his country and haider al-abadi have been meeting with angela merkel to defeat the group and discuss falling oil prices and says germany is providing help to combat i.s.i.l. >> translator: they are prepared to provide all forms of assistance military and intelligence and security and a great deal of training for security and police personnel and to gain control of those liberated and forced out and are under control of security forces and namely the police and that
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is why we seek assistance and with the economy there is a great crisis in decline in oil crisis and we will build infrastructure and public and private structures in iraq. >> reporter: we are in the city of irbill and they want more help from the international coalition, what sort of help does he need? >> well we heard the prime minister say they are facing an enemy which is well trained and developing quality weapons and really that is the case we have seen that for ourselves on the ground. the kurdish forces here in the north, the iraqi forces which are led by shia malitias in the south and when they recapture territory i.s.i.l. comes back and launches counter offensive and this is a well trained, equipped cites force and iraq needs help and even here in the north there is a 1,000 kilometer gront line and the kurds are
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unable to hold that line just a few days ago i.s.i.l. tried to capture the city of kirkuk and launched offensive on all directions and one of the men occupied an empty high rise building to cause chaos and the fight continues even though the united states said i.s.i.l. is in a defensive position yes, but they are adapting and using and they camouflage their vehicles and manage to melt in with the local population and went to one village which was recaptured by peshmerga but found out there were sleeper cells inside, this is a very difficult fight and one that iraq cannot fight alone. >> maybe on defensive but i.s.i.l. big stronghold in iraq at the moment mosul, what is the latest on any offensive to retake that city? >> well we heard the prime minister say that plans are in place and detailed military plan
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is now on the table but what they are waiting for is equipment and cooperation between iraqi forces and the kurdish forces in the north and of course with the coalition because they need air cover and one thing the prime minister didn't say and to win the battle in mosul you are going to need unity in this country, you will need reconciliation between the different communities and we met sunni and people from mosul and volunteered their training and getting ready to recapture their home is what they tell us and also tell us that we have to carry out this fight, we have to win this fight because if the government backed by shia malitia go to mosul they will not be seen as liberators but conquerors and at the end of the day it's not only being ready militarily to take mosul its that to be conducive and national reconciliation because if iraq does recapture mosul it will be the beginning of the end of i.s.i.l. but if i.s.i.l. is defeated
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without any unity and reconciliation it could spell yet another war in iraq. >> many thanks and live in er bill and after meeting with the prime minister the next stomach for angela merkel is moscow and will join the french president with a new plan to end the conflict in eastern ukraine and the biggest push yet to end the ten-month crisis that killed more than 5,000 people and the talks are last-ditch attempt to have the u.s. arm ukraine with the battle against separatists and simon reports. >> reporter: sudden intensity of diplomacy shows how serious the situation is becoming first it was secretary of state john kerry meeting president poroshenko and pledging u.s. backing and pointing a finger of blame at moscow. >> russia and the separatists are seizing more territory, terrorizing more citizens and refusing to participate in
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serious negotiations. let there be no doubt about who is blocking the prospect of peace here. >> reporter: significantly he said president obama would decide soon whether or not to supply ukraine with lethal weapons. later angela merkel flew in bringing with them a new peace plan to discuss with ukraine on thursday and with the russians on friday. the talking comes as the fighting escalates in eastern ukraine which everyone here blames on russia and its separatist allies in brussels nato defense minister put finishing touches on new response force and spear head of 5,000 troops deployable in days it will have six command and control centers in eastern europe russia is meant to notice that. >> we are taking these steps in response to our changed security environment. there are defensive, proportionate and in line with
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international commitments. >> reporter: and also talked about russia decision to up grade the nuclear missiles and apparently lower the threshold to use nuclear weapons, this is a day when western leaders try to get new peace talks started for fear the situation may spiral out of control and while they do so nato is working on how to respond to the crisis if the talking fails. simon mc-greger wood al jazeera. still to come here on al jazeera, after an encouraging downward trend ebola flared up again with the rise in infections plus. >> i'm at a new york state prison facility coming up find out why the city of new york has started a college program here. ♪
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>> ray suarez hosts "inside story". next. only on al jazeera america. ♪ hello again and top stories on al jazeera, jordan stepped up air strikes against islamic state of iraq and lavante for retaliation of killing of the pilot muath al-kaseasbeh meanwhile thousands of people allying in aman in support of king abdullah to defeat the group. iraq asked for support from the community to stop i.s.i.l. gaining ground and haider al-abadi have been meeting with angela merkel in berlin with efforts to defeat the group and merkel is going to moscow and joined by france president for talks on the conflict in ukraine and push to enthe ten-month
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conflict as the u.s. considers arming the troops against pro-russian rebels. number of people killed in damascus rises after the syrian government air strikes on rebel-controlled areas in the cities east more than 70 people killed in the latest raid as kim reports. >> reporter: in the moments after the bombardment panic sweeps through. homes, businesses entire streets are decimated and bodies line the streets. >> translator: we were hit by more than 14 air raids and rushed to rescue peoples in the victims and rescuing people cut in pieces under the rebel. >> reporter: this is the eastern edge of damascus and syrian jets attacked the area on thursday the number of dead continues to rise. the injured were brought here but the hospital is full and medical supplies were lacking even before the bombardment.
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>> translator: may god punish assad and rockets in the early hours of the morning. >> reporter: the syrian government says the attack was in response to shelling by opposition groups on security and military posts in the capitol. it says it wasn't just soldiers who were killed but civilians too. and accuses the opposition of targeting residential areas to inflict maximum damage and accusation the opposition denies. >> translator: the objective of this operation is strictly prevent regime from targeting civ civilians and we respond by targeting their military positions only the more they target civilians the more we rocket their military positions. >> reporter: that cycle of violence has played out across the country for four years now and killed at least 200,000
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people. kim vanel with anning. egypt where protesters gathered in two suburbs of the capitol and this is the scene in the neighborhood of sadet in southern cairo and rallying against the egyptian government and protests have also taken place today east of cairo. al jazeera journalist mohamed and fahmy have now spent 405 days behind bars in egypt and they along with correspondent greste accused of reporting false news of supporting the out lawed muslim brotherhood and they and al jazeera deny and peter arrived home in australia after being released earlier this week and the other two are still behind bars and al jazeera demands their immediate release. investigators in taiwan have been attempting to explain why a plane might have crashed into a river on wednesday killing 36 people and say one engine failed
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before the second engine appears to have been manually shut down. search teams are still trying to recover bodies from the wreckage which is sitting in freezing waters in the taipei river. china says it's opposed to countries receiving dali-lama after they attended the same event and considers him a separatist and pushing for independence and they exchanged greetings at an annual prayer breakfast in washington on thursday. >> i want to offer a special welcome to a good friend his holiness the dali-lama who is a powerful example of what it means to practice compassion and inspire us to speak up for the freedom and dignity of all human beings i have been pleased to welcome him to the white house on many occasions and we are grateful that he is able to join us here today. u.n. expressed concern about
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the increase of new ebola cases in west africa. the infection rates have been dropping in resent months raising hopes that the worst was over and gerald tan reports. >> reporter: in a village in southeast guinea teams from the u.n. spread the message about ebola, this in itself is progress many communities who were once suspicious of aid workers are starting to pay attention to their efforts. >> translator: ebola is still here as long as the world health organization doesn't announce the ebola outbreak is over we will stay vigilant. >> reporter: in the past week the number of new cases went up for the first time this year in all three of west africa's worst-hit countries liberia, sierra leone and guinea the rise ended what had been an encouraging downward trend. >> good progress is being made but the outbreak still presents
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a grave threat and we really hope that there will be no complacency among anybody involved in the response. >> reporter: the w.h.o. says unsafe burial practices have contributed to the resent flare-up. and they are also concerns that the battle against the disease will be side tracked by a lack of money. >> at the end of february we will start running out of cash already which means two or three weeks from now the one thing we can be sure of there will still be ebola in two or three weeks. we cannot be sure we have the money that we need to make sure we stop that ebola. >> reporter: but there are some positive signs, the largest clinical trial was a candidate ebola treatment being run by french researchers has yielded encouraging results and liberia has recently started the first vaccine trials but it's in its early stages. the w.h.o. warns that more needs to be done before the rainy
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season begins in april which will make it different for health teams to reach effected areas, gerald tan, al jazeera. three days of crisis talks begun in cameroon to finalize union against the fighters and last week a.u. leaders sent 7 1/2 thousand troops to fight the group and ground forces from chad cameroon and nigeria are already fighting boko haram and prompted security to be stepped up in nigeria ahead of next week's presidential election and a team romney the international criminal court in the country urging all parties to refrain from violence before during and after the february 14th vote. >> no one should be insighted to commit violence that the elections should be held in a
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peaceful circumstances and that and a warning that anyone who insights violence anyone who commits crimes that the prosecutor is watching and the office of the prosecutor will not hesitate to take action against anyone who insights violence of which crimes are committed in nigeria. >> reporter: the threat posed by boko haram and global drop in oil set creating a tough environment in nigeria. the economy is under pinned by the country's oil exports and the price slump is putting pressure on nigeria currency and we report now from the capitol abuja. >> reporter: and she is shopping for toiletries in the nigerian capitol of abuja and the prices nearly doubled here because of the falling price of oil and sellers buy their goods in dollars abroad but the local currency lost 10% against the
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dollar making the goods more expensive to import and passed the increased costs on to customers. >> it's ridiculous because i came to the market today with an intent of spending 7,000 and i ended up spending 9,000 when i was asking the man most of the things i used to buy for 1500 were now 1800 and some even 2000 so everything they had added money to so many of the commodities. >> reporter: nigeria central bank reduce the value because of the falling price of oil, more than 90% of the nation's income comes from exporting oil and oil has lost nearly 60% of its value over the last six months. at stores like these in abuja that have been preparing for increased costs of importing goods. >> bringing in most of the goods from abroad has kind of slowed down. we kind of expected it because
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of the drop in the price of oil and it's just simple business. >> reporter: but the situation is more harsh for consumers buying dollars abroad and having to spend more to get dollars. economist say the falling value is an important lesson. >> we should be more responsible and save in good times. if you look at some of the arab countries and also oil rich they diverse diverse against oil. >> reporter: they hope the price of oil stabilizes so the country can regain income and prices can come down but there could be more pressure on the currency just around the corner. the presidential election is being held in just over a week and there are concerns that if there is any insecurity it could further weaken the currency al jazeera, abuja nigeria. >> reporter: questioned a politician about alleged corruption at the oil giant
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petro-blast and the working ruling party was summoned by police on thursday but not yet charged. invectors accuse companies of paying inflated prices for petrol brace contracts. the africa cup of nations semi final between ghanna and guinea was abandon after crowd trouble erupted and after fans threw bottles and missiles at players and supporters and robin adams is there. >> reporter: extraordinary scenes at the stadium with violence over shadowed the match between guinea the africa cup of nations the former champ kron ghanna and fans throeing water bottles in the 80 seconds and officials and police tried to instill some sort of calm and eventually firing tear gas in
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the crowd and many disbursing and the game will be started a little bit later with ghanna in the final against the ivory coast and they tell me an organizing committee meeting will be taking place on friday for the agenda and the current violence happening at the stadium on thursday night and of course you might remember the guinea federation are on a $60,000 fine for violence in the quarter finals and face the risk of playing the world cup qualifiers behind closed doors and possible expulsion from the 2017 africa cup of nations. more than 1 1/2 million people in prison in the united states and statistics show that three quarters of those will offend again upon their release but as kristen reports a new program is trying to reverse the trends and it begins in the classroom. >> reporter: at first glance it looks like any college english
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class. >> we will readjust that quote, what is the quote again? >> reporter: but the man standing guard in the barbed wire outside the winders is a constant reminder and this is taking place in odisville correction facility and most of the students are inmates. 34-year-old matthew wilson is at the end of a 13 year sentence for armed robbery and here for one reason. >> change and education is part of that. education opens up doors. >> reporter: students from the outside also participate in the class and say they are learning from the inmates as well as the instructor. >> understanding how much they care about their education and time put into it and college kids put everything off to parties to shame. >> reporter: sponsored by john j college of criminal justice in new york and what makes it unique is it guaranteed inmates a spot here or any university
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after they are released and they provide an education that continues not only in prison but in the classroom. robert pursuing a major in english after serving ten years for robbery and the program is a lifeline. >> when i come home find a job, find steady housing and income and get back to family and start to build my life over again so i will start at 30 years old as a 17-year-old. >> reporter: the program provides assistance with all of those things and more. >> specifically for a population that is coming back to the community after having served time, it's vital to reestablish community and a new community maybe from the one that you left behind and so the campus becomes that place to find a new self find a new community and build a new life after prison. >> reporter: a new program is yet to see its first graduate
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but they are thankful for the opportunity, kristen in new york. >> if you like what you see and heard there is more of al jazeera unbiased and clear reporting at our website at al -- not a bad view. hello, i'm ray suarez. for all of human history, number just a few years ago, every human being in biological terms had two parents - period. the ability to use genetic material from three people has opened up a new era in human reproduction. are you ready. >> just as we had the arguments around i.v. f, people calling them test tube babies, no one refers to that any more. >> this week the british house of commence voted to allow