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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 6, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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in is on charities to fill the void and depend on donations to keep feeding new york's hungry. >> houthis in yemen decide to form their own government after filing reach a deal with rival factions. >> welcome to al jazeera. also coming up: thousands in jordan pack the streets to show support for king abdullah's fight against isil. >> the leaders of france and germany meet in russia to push a new peace plan for ukraine. >> from baghdad to berlin,
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trying to break stow yo types. >> we begin in yemen where houthi fighters have staged a coo in what is seen as a unilateral move. the fighters announced the formation of a new presidential council tasked with writing the country's new constitution. opposition parties are calling it a coup. >> the houthi movement, fighters ever essentially taken control of the capitol and government buildings by force and now attempt to constitutionalize their takeover. their only partner it appears are members of the former regime. that ousted by the 2011 ref
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looking. their the members of the ruling political party. this is said to amount to a coup d'etat and refuse to recognize it. politically speaking, the u.n. special envoy went to saudi arabia just before this constitutional declaration was made to meet with ban ki-moon and the saudi government. some believe the saudis hold responsibility for what has taken place because of political support used to edge on the houthis to forcibly take control of the country. all of this is making the situation very precarious, making yemen as divided as ever. >> thousands of jordanians
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rallied in the capitol amman to show support for the family of muath al-kaseasbeh and the government. isil burned jordanian air force pilot muath al-kaseasbeh to death earlier this week. demonstrators support king abdullah's campaign against the armed group. >> the islamic state of iraq and the levant's murder of jordanian pilot muath al-kaseasbeh produced waves of outrage and calls for revenge. it has changed opinion. everything is chancing in support of king abdullah. >> isil, if you are really men confront us face-to-face at our borders. you don't remember islam. >> for the thousands at this rally in the capitol it reveals that jordan has always been
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isil's target. >> jordan is the next target after syria. if they occupy all of syria jordan is next. we have to strike this criminal group in its hideouts. >> jordan has long been a stable country and its people fear being dragged into conflict. >> i swear we are not afraid. we are proud and we stand behind the king and we'll offer our men and women to fight triple. >> the queen surprised the crowds showing up at the rally. people ever come from all over the country to honor the young pilot. >> this by all means is a rally in support of the government and its decision to step up its role in the fight against isil. the manager of the murder has profoundly shocked jordanians and some believe turned previously sympathetic citizens against isil. >> the army announced that jets hid isil hideouts in syria.
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it showed these images of jordanian fighters jets taking off from northern military bases. the army said these attacks are the beginning. these though royal jordanian officers writing threats on their missiles. some say the government should be careful in taking advantage of this unique moment of and would art. >> we should not conduct our foreign policy by emotional feelings. we should calculate it. i think jordan has paid the price or all the ills of the middle east. >> it is unclear how isil will respond to the bombardment. there are expectations jordanian security will have to work hard tore crack down on isil recruits and stop possible attacks. many here say that's something they will support. >> the european union has pledged more than a billion dollars so syria and iraq to fight isil.
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that fight was the main talking point during a meeting between the prime minister al abadi and german chancellor angela merkel when they met in berlin. abaddi called for nor international support to stop the fighters from making further advances. he said germany promised help in supporting iraqi troops combat isil. >> to the crisis in ukraine. angela merkel and president hollande are meeting the russian president putin in moscow. the german chancellor and french president are presenting a new peace plan. the meeting comes a day after merkel and hollande meet the ukraine president petro poroshenko in kiev. >> the players are all here, angela merkel and president hollande arrived in moscow, they were whisked straight into the russian capitol straight into a meeting with vladimir putin. vladimir putin has a plan. we know as much, because john kerry said so when he was in kiev on thursday. he said that that plan had been
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submitted to merkel and hollande by written form and that they had consulted it, looked at it and they have come up with their own counter proposal. it is that which they've brought here to the russian capitol that they are sitting down with putin now to talk about. what these two plans are we don't really know, because there's been little information released about them. two european leaders have said that whatever they are going to discuss with putin involves the territorial integrity of ukraine. it will be based on this. these are thorny issues that are going to be discussed here. they are going to be talking about front lines. they are going to be talking about where these republics self declared republics of donetsk will be. they are going to talk about the border of russia and ukraine that very porous border that the
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government in kiev says has been used to transfer men and term into and out of the conflict zone and they're going to be talking about the very terms of autonomy independence, federalization whatever you want to call it, for the separatists self declared republics. difficult problems and merkel has admitted that these discussions may not yield results and may have to go to further talks somewhere down the track. >> u.s. vice president joe biden said the united states and europe must stand together over the crisis in ukraine. during a visit to brussels, biden said russia will not be allowed to redraw europe's bored jeers ukraine is fighting for their very survival right now. russia continues to escalate the conflict by sending mercenaries and tanks. >> the fighting in eastern ukraine has intensified in recent weeks. a temporary truce has been
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declared to allow some civilians to leave. according to the u.n., fighting in ukraine has left 5,400 people dead. since april around a million people have been displaced. we have a report on the deteriorating situation in cesarien. a winning that some may find this disturbing. >> the morgue can barely cope. the majority of the dead here are not separatist fighters. they are civilians in cent people who had no role in this complicate. >> there's a lack of space bodies lion top of each other. we have received 2,800 dead since 13 of marsh last year, 500 bodies since the beginning of the year. 70% are civilians women children people who lived alone. >> as the german and french leaders flew to moscow for
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another attempt at securing a truce, few people braved the streets of donetsk. the sound of nearby shelling echoed throughout the city. >> we're in a separatist-controlled checkpoint near the airport. the intensity of the shelling and failures of previous cease fair calls show how difficult it is to maintain any truce. >> the facers we spoke to at this checkpoint had little faith in this latest peace effort. >> we have already seen peace talks and i don't trust them anymore. when we offer them peace talks the ukraine army uses the chance to enforce their positions. >> in town, hundreds of people may leave the old and in firmed queued for food handledouts. this is a daily scene in the capitol of the self proclaimed donetsk people's re. >> no social benefits, pensions,
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benefits for in have a lids are not paid anymore. we are not considered human. we are being eliminated. >> it seems the shelling here has become more in discriminate recently. local authorities say at least five people were killed when a shell landed close to this hospital. just as in territory controlled by the ukraineen army, it is the civilians who are suffering most. >> still ahead on al jazeera renewed concerns over west africa's ebola outbreak as the number of new cases rises unexpectedly. >> no money for new ideas. why entrepreneurs in thailand struggle to find funds for their startup companies.
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>> the top stories on al jazeera, the houthi ever staged a coup in yemen. what is seen as a unilateral move the rebels announced the formation of a five man council to run the government and write the new constitution. >> thousands of jordanians rallied to show solidarity with the family of muath al-kaseasbeh. the jordanian air force pilot was burned to death by isil after being taken hostage in december. they support the campaign against the armed group. >> the leaders of france and germany are in russia that push a peace plan to end the conflict in ukraine. the plan reportedly incorporates
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proposals from russia. that comes after angela merkel and president hollande met the ukraine president poroshenko thursday. >> investigators in taiwan are beginning to understand why a plane crashed into a river on wednesday, killing 35 people. they say one engine appears to have failed before the second was manually shut down. everyone teams are still trying to recover bodies from the wreckage. we have a report from taipei. >> for a third day they searched the waters for the missing from the flight. more bodies were brought to shore. among those found, two young boys, 11 and 12, still strapped into their seats. on the day the cause of the crash started to emerge. investigators announced what the black boxes revealed. engine two appeared to malfunction, automatically tilting its propellor blades so they no longer gave thrust. engine one was manually shut
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down after a discussion by the bites picked up by the cockpit voice recorder. >> essentially you're saying the pilots made a decision to shut down the one engine that was still providing thrust to the aircraft, is that correct? >> in the c.c.r., the pilot actually did discuss reduce the power on number one but right now, we can only stick from the data. data indicate the engine be cut off, but we do not know why or who did it. >> what is clear is that by the time the plane made its last plunge into the river clip ago taxi and bridge, one engine was spinning uselessly the nor not at all. of all the stories of survival from this crash surely one of the most remarkable is this taxi. >> the driver and his passenger were lucky large parts of the
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vehicle untouched but at the front, this enormous slice taken out by the wing tip. two lives were saved by a mere fraction of a second. >> another amazing escape, the passenger in the moment of the crash freed fellow passengers from their seats. he'd been sitting in the rear because it makes it easier to get away with more hand luggage. he knew there was a problem as the plane took off. >> it felt unbalanced in the cabin. i guessed there might be something wrong with the engines. it felt the plane seemed to turn around. i told the other passenger to guess protect themselves. >> the survivors were the minority. most onboard are now mourned including the flight crew, whose decision-making is now at the heart of this investigation. taiwan's vice president hailed them for their heroics in missing apartment buildings saving lives with the last seconds of their own. al jazeera taipei. >> the national police chief in the philippines has resigned,
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stepping down after a botched anti terror raid last month left 44 police commanders dead. the president said the operation in the south of the country should have been canceled because of poor planning. the raid targeted one of asia's motor wanted tore suspects. >> the nigeria based armed group boko haram launched an attack in niger. armed men crossed into the town on friday morning. it is the second attack outside nigeria by boko haram in just a few days. earlier in the week, the group attacked a town inside cameroon, leaving nearly 100 dead. the escalation in the violence is happening at regional leaders are meeting in cameroon to finalize plan for a coordinated military response against boko haram. military chiefs are attending the three day summit. leaders from the african union agreed to send 7,500 troops to fight the armed group. >> insecurity is not the only
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cries in nigeria. the global drop in oil prices is causing economic difficulty. the country's economy is underpinned by oil he can sports and the price slump is affecting the nigeria security. we explain from the capitol. >> she is shopping for toiletries in the niger we know i don't want roll. the prices have nearly doubled here because of the falling global price of oil. sellers buy their goods in dollars from abroad, but the local occurrence has lost 10% of its value against the dollar, making goods more expensive to import so sellers ever passed increased costs on to customers. >> it's ridiculous, because i came to the market today with the intent of spending 7,000. i ended up spending 9,000. when i was asking the man most of the things i used to buy for 1,500 were now 1,800, 1,900 or
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even that twos now. they added money to so many commodities. >> the value of the currency has fallen because of the falling price of oil. 90% of the income comes from exporting oil and it has lost 60% of value over the last six months. at stores like these they've been preparing for the increased costs of importing goods. >> bringing in most of the goods from abroad has kind of slowed down. we expect it because of the drop in the price of oil. it's just simple business. >> but the situation is a little harsher for consumers who have to buy dollars when they travel abroad and they are having to spend more to get dollars. the falling value of the currency is a valuable lesson. >> we should be more responsible and save at good times.
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if you look at some of the arab countries that are also oil rich they've eye versified their economies away from oil. >> nigerians are hoping that the price of oil stabilizes so the country cab regain its in come and prices come down. >> there could be more pressure on the currency around the corner. the presidential election is being held in over a week and there are concerns that if there's any insecurity, that accounted further weaken the currency. al jazeera nigeria. >> the united nations expressed concern about the increase of new ebola cases in west africa. infection rates had dropped raising hope that the worst was over. almost 9,000 people ever died from the disease since december, 2013. we have the latest. >> in a village in southeastern guinea health education teams from the united states spread the message about ebola. this in itself is progress. many communities who were once suspicious of aid workers are
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starting to pay attention to their efforts. >> ebola is still here. as long as the world health organization doesn't announce the outbreak is over, we will stay vigilant. >> in the past week, the number of new cases went up for the first time this year in all three of west africas worst hit countries, liberia, sierra leone and anyone knee, the rise ended what had been an encouraging downward trend. >> good progress is being made, but the outbreak still presents a grave threat, and we really hope that there will be no complacency among anybody involved in the response. >> the w.h.o. said unsafe burial practices ever contributed to the recent flare up. there are concerns that the battle against the disease will be sidetracked by a lack of
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money. >> at the end of the february, we will run out of cash already which means two or three weeks from now the one thing we can be assured of is there will still be ebola in two or three weeks. >> there are some positive signs. the largest clinical trial with a candidate ebola treatment being run by french researchers has yielded encouraging results and liberia has recently started the first vaccine trials, but it's in its early stages. the w.h.o. warns that more needs to be done before the rainy season begins in april which will make it difficult for health teams to reach affected areas. al jazeera. >> protestors gathered in two suburbs in the egyptian capitol. this was the scene in the neighborhood in southern cairo rallies against the government, protests taking place east of
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cairo, as well. >> al jazeera journalists mohamed fahmy and baher mohammed have spent 405 days behind bars in egypt. they along with peter greste were accused of reporting false news. peter has arrived back home in australia after being released earlier this week. mohamed fahmy and baher mohammed are still imprisoned. al jazeera demands their immediate release. >> survivors of one of the deadliest bush fires have been awarded settlements. forty people died and 500 homes destroyed in the southern state of victoria in 2009. the lawsuit against energy firm arnett claimed that a break in an electrical conductor on a power play pole sparked the fire. >> small and medium sized
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businesses forel backbone of thigh land's economy but many say they struggle to compete against a handful of family owned companies. we have the story from bangkok. >> it's the perfect idea for a startup business. a service that helps young professionals deal with laundry in crowded and bustling cities. it's a high tech automated locker system where customers drop off dirty clothes and pick them up clean. all of it can be tracked from on line or a smart phone. >> that idea became a reality two years ago, when this man started wash box 24. there are now over 30 locker locations across bangkok. >> we didn't even know that it was called startup. it's just something we are passionate about. it can solve problems in life. >> he faced his own problems. the lack of facilities and resources to help startup businesses was preventing him from growing his company.
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>> we help ourselves do everything ourselves. >> small and medium sized businesses make up 97% of all thai companies. companies. >> thigh commercial banks favor traditional business plans not start up ideas like wash box 24. when bond asked them for a loan, they told him no. he looked abroad, entering and winning seed money contests. a select families control retail and real estate in thailand. they are deep-rooted and well connected. >> like this convenience store it's one of thousands of outlets owned by the central retail company, everything from small shops all the way up to luxury falls. because of its market reach
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lock box has started working for central. it's part of the reason startups are struggle. >> thigh land is control by 10 families. we need to empower the 65 million people and not just the 10 families. >> until that happens most looking to get their startups off the ground will have to look farther than this shrine in bangkok, a traditional place for entrepreneurs to come and pray for business. most likely, they'll seek their seed money outside the country. >> the annual berlin film festival is underway and one filmmaker is out to challenge stereotypes about his home country, iraq. we have a report. >> this is what millions think of when it comes to iraq, sadaam hussein and war but this is
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what he wants the world to see the other side of iraq, a history lesson through iraqi eyes a country that once felt fairly liberal compared to neighbors at least a snapshot of another time. >> it's a really surprise to see that my aunts and my uncles, you know that they lived in the 1950's a life which compares to everything in the west, but on their own -- with their own rules. they listened to modern arab music, they had their writers poets, their everything, you know? it's like it gives an idea of what could have happened if the country would not have gone into war and dictatorship. >> iraqi odyssey tells the country story through his family members scattered from london to new york to l.a. to new deed. it shows the country's change.
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>> iraq became in the front line of the cold war between the soviet and the west. that ended up really then in the dictatorship and all that war so it was really a loss. >> this is not a religious film, in fact the opposite. secularity runs through it. times may have changed but he feels iraq's better days can return. generation y. is tasked with that. >> there are so many young people now for them, the dictatorship there is no experience of that. they only know the perils of the war. they try now to do new things, they use the social media they now what's going on in the world and they saw of course the arab spring, you know. the thing which i feel now that people are not afraid anymore. >> it is an optimistic outlook from a man who has seen and captured it all.
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al jazeera, at the berlin film festival. >> you can always log on to our website, it's updated all the time to find out more on these stories you've seen.