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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 6, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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>> yemen's shia rebels complete their power grab dissolving parliament and forming their own government. hello, there you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up on the program the french and german leaders sit down with president putin to discuss the peace proposal they crafted in ukraine. thousands rally against isil in amman, the group said a jordanian air strike has killed a female u.s. hostage. >> more bodies are recovered
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from the taiwan plane crash. both engines were off when the jet came down. >> a collection of classic cars found in a barn in france sell for millions at auction in paris. >> emmen houthis announced they have dissolved parliament and taken over the country described as a coup. they have formed what they call a presidential council acting as a government for the next two years. it finalizes the group's power grabs, months in the making. it took control of the capitol in september after defending from their northern stronghold and seizing several towns and cities along the way. in january they put the president under house arrest. he and his cabinet resigned, but he is still detained. the houthis gave yemen's
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political parties until wednesday to agree on acceptable way forward which they failed to do. saudi arabia and other sunni states accused them of being a proxy for iran, which is of course the regions shia super power. the council will be tasked with writing the new constitution. the announcement was read out by a t.v. presenter to an audience of hundreds of supporters, including former officials in the capitol. >> standing defiant to all the conspiracies and joining hands as one homeland, one people, one god, let the interim government following this declaration be a new era where we usher into a new horizon of stability. >> let's get the latest from aden. this has been months in the
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making the houthi's had control months ago but how much of yemen do they control now, they have the north and the capital what about the center and the south? >> it's really what they control rather than how much they control. they control the main political buildings and institutions, so obviously the presidential plays, the parliament, the airport, however, they do lack presence -- controls most of the countries economy the south controls 70% of the economy. they have tried to actually consolidate their power by expanding into central yemen trying to get into other cities, but so far, have been unable to do so. while they have managed to take control of the capital and
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essentially they have allowed them to unilaterally declare them receivers the rulers of yemen, they still lack -- what's significant that in declaration we saw today, it was done in front of almost an entirely pro houthi audience. there were houthis and shias in presence, although there was some former government officials present there as you mentioned but one of those the minister of defense source close to him told al jazeera that she was forced to attend that declaration at gunpoint. he himself, had been under house arrest with the resigned president and five other ministers. still they do lack diversity in their ranks. >> we are having some glitches with the sound but let me ask you a question and hope for the best on the technical side. the next few days are going to be key in yemen. how big do you think is the potential for violence?
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>> well, from a violent perspective, maybe not so much in the sense that those who are opposed to the houthis have already been defeated militarily at least those around the houthis trying to expand toward areas where they do not have a presence, particularly places where there could very well be -- there is popular opposition to them, so pro tests that have taken place before in the north that are opposed to the houthis power grab and their coup ever come you should attack with live fire many killed, injured and abducted by them. the question is actually what the regional powers will respond and how they will respond to this because the political --
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they had a demand in terse of reaching an agreement -- >> thank you and apologies to the viewers for the glitches we had in the sound. >> the zip low mattic push to end the violence in eastern ukraine is continuing. the german chancellor angela merkel and mench president are presenting a new peace initiative to russian president putin. the meeting comes a day after
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merkel and hollande met the ukrainian president petro poroshenko in kiev. >> the ceasefire began thursday night in debaltseve, meant to allow for a humanitarian corridor to free civilians trapped in the city. in donetsk residents are also coming under fire as fighting continues between pro-russian separatists and kiev forces. some viewers may find these images disturbing. >> donetsk's mork can barely cope. the majority of the dead here are not separatist fighters. they're civilians innocent people who had no role in the conflict. >> there's a lack of space. we have received 2,800 dead since march of last year, 500 bodies since the beginning of the year.
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70% of civilians women children people who lived alone. >> as the german and french leaders flew to moscow to secure a truce few people braved the streets of donetsk. the sound of nearby shelling echoed throughout the city. >> we're in a separatist controlled checkpoint close to the airport. the intensity of the shelling and repeated failures of prefers ceasefire calls show how difficult it is to maintain any truce. >> the fighters we spoke to at this checkpoint had little faith in this latest peace effort. >> we have already seen peace talks and i don't trust them anymore. when we offered them peace talks, the ukrainian army uses the chance to enforce their positions. >> in town, hundreds of people mainly the old and infirm queued for food handouts opinion this is a daily scene in the capitol of the self proclaimed donetsk
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people's republic. >> all social benefits, pensions benefits for in have a lids are not paid anymore. everything has been done to eliminate ordinary people. we are not considered human. we are being eliminated. >> it seems the shelling here has become more in discriminate. local authorities say at least five people were killed when a shell landed close to this hospital. just as in territory controlled by the ukrainian army, it is the civilians suffering most. al jazeera donetsk. >> the white house says it has no evidence that a female american hostage has been killed in a jordanian air strike in syria but is deeply concerned by the reports. isil made the claim in the wake of jordan stepping up its military campaign against the group. jordan is target the isil as revenge for the murder of jordanian pilot, muath al-kaseasbeh.
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meanwhile, jordan's army has carried out more airstrikes against isil targets. the campaign is supported by thousands who rallied in the capitol early on friday. we have a report from amman. >>s islamic state of iraq and the levant's murder of jordanian pilot muath al-kaseasbeh has produced waivers of outrage and calls for revenge. it has also shifted public been. those who were against jordan joining the u.s. led coalition against isil last september are now for it. everyone here habit chanted in support of king abdullah. >> size as i isil, if you are really men confront us at our border. you do not remember islam. >> jordan has always been isil's target. >> jordan is the next tarts after syria. if they occupy all of syria
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jordan is next, so we have to strike this criminal group in its heightout. >> jordan has long been a stable country and its people fear being dragged into conflict. >> i swear, we are not afraid. we are proud and we stand behind the king and we'll offer our men and women to fight terrorism. >> the queen surprised the crowds when she showed up at the rally. people ever come from all over the country to honor the young pilot. >> this by all means is a rally in support of the government and its decision to step up its role in the fight against isil. the manager of his murder has profoundly shocked jordanians and some believe turned previously sympathetic citizens against isil. >> on thursday, the army announced its fighter jets had hit isil hideouts in syria and showed these images of jets taking off from northern
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military bases. the army said these attacks are just the beginning. these images showed jordan royal air force officers writing threats against isil on their missiles. some say the government should be careful in taking advantage of this unique moment of solidarity. >> we should not conduct our foreign policy by emotional feelings. we should calendar late it, i think jordan has paid the price for all of the ills in the middle east, especially in iraq and syria. >> it is unclear how isil will respond to the bombardment. there are expectations jordanian security agencies will have to work hard tore crack down on isil recruits and stop possible attacks. many here say that's something they will support. al jazeera amman. >> still lots more to come in this half hour, including: >> facing opposition, how the nigeria boko haram group is being driven away from neighboring chad and cameroon.
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>> equatorial guinea is fined $100,000 for crowd violence after they are semifinal loss to ghana in the africa cup of nations. >> don't try this at home. >> "techknow", where technology meets humanity. monday, 5:30 eastern. only on al jazee
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>> there have been protests in yemen after the houthis stage said a coup. the shia rectifiers announced the formation of a presidential council to run the government. >> thousands in jordan rallied in support of the country's military campaign against isil.
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in the last hour, the jordanian army has launched more airstrikes against the armed group. >> the diplomatic push to end the violence in eastern ukraine i had continuing. germ chance angela merkel and president hollande are discussing their peace initiative with president putin in moscow. >> let's go straight to moscow. all the leaders are speaking. we expect the talks could go on for a few more hours. what detail do we have on the new peace initiative? >> well, there's precious little. this is quite unusual for this kind of scenario, we know very, very little about what these leaders are actually talking about. we have seen photos of them sat round a small round table just
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the three of they will. this is also very unusual. there are no aids, no advisors, three world leaders sitting talking to each other face-to-face. what they are discussing are thorny issues. essentially, vladimir putin has a plan. he sent that plan to merkel and hollande a few days ago. john kerry said as much thursday. they have had a look at the plan and come up with a counter proposal. that's what they've brought here and are talking about at this moment. it is a plan based on the minsk agreement and will range numerous thorny issues. the three main ones are where to draw the line in terms of
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territory, where the front line is now, is that going to be the demarcation line and what kind of autonomy is going to be granted to the separatists and what is going to happen with the russian-ukrainian border. it is that membrane by which arms and men have been coming across from russia. these are difficult issues and angela merkel going into the attacks said that she wasn't entirely convinced that there would be any dramatic progress coming out of this session alone. it might take more negotiation. >> thank you. >> the united states revealed its new national security strategy involving pushing for more international pressure on isil and russia. it details four ways the obama
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government plan to say tackle the threat by bolstering military strengthening the economy, upholding u.s. values at home and abroad and improving global alliances. susan rice outlined the plan, focusing on how the u.s. has defused the threat of large scale threats around the globe and what it will now do. >> this diffuse may for now reduce a spectacular attack like knive but raises the possibility of the types of attacks that we have seen in boston, ottawa, sydney and paris. to meet this morphing challenge we are combining military capability with local partnerships with the financial tools to choke funding and the international reach of our law enforcement and intelligence
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agencies. >> we are live in washington d.c. this new strategy, did we hear anything genuinely knew. >> this particular document does come out every four to five years, but what is significant is some of what susan rice had to say during the question and answer period after her remarks. she did indicate that the u.s. is looking at whether to provide lethal weapons to the ukrainian military as it tries to deal with the russian military in eastern ukraine. while she said that the u.s. is trying to respond to international crises in a different way she stressed the u.s. can't be seen as the sole actor in trying to resolve
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international cries. it was a very nuanced discussion but there really wasn't anything substantially new, unless you look at the fact that the u.s. is saying that climate change for global warming is a concern not just for this country but for all nations of the world because of the potential impact on the economy, on the environment on the well being of the world's 7 billion plus population. >> obviously another major concern for the u.s. and many other countries are isil. isil say a u.s. female hostage has been killed in a jordanian air strike. what reaction has there been to that from the u.s.? >> u.s. officials are saying that they have seen these reports, but are still trying to confirm whether or not they are accurate. they say that as of right now the u.s. government does not have any evidence to suggest that what isil is saying about this woman who was taken hostage
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several months ago has been killed in an air strike carried out by the jordanian military. speaking of which the jordanian interior minister said a short time ago that in response to isil's claims that this woman had been killed in one of the airstrikes that this was nothing more than isil propaganda. >> live from washington d.c., thank you. >> al jazeera journalists mohamed fahmy and baher mohammed have spent 405 days behind bars in egypt. they were accused of reporting false news and supporting the outlawed muslim brotherhood charges that they and al jazeera deny. peter greste is back home in australia after released sunday. al jazeera demands mohamed fahmy and baher mohammed's immediate release. >> investigators in taiwan are beginning to unravel why a plane crashed in a river.
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they say one engine appears to have failed before the second was manually shut down. >> they searched the waters of the river for the missing from the flight. more bodies were brought to shore. two young boys were found, 11 and 12, still strapped into their seats. the cause of the crash started to emerge. investigators announced what the black botches revealed. engine two appeared to malfunction, tilts its propellor placed to no longer give thrust but engine one was shut down after a discussion by the pilots picked up by the cockpit voice recorder. >> essentially you're saying the pilots made a decision to shut down the one engine that was still providing thrust to the aircraft, is that correct? >> in the c.v.r., but the pilot actually they did discuss reduce the power on number one
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but right now, we can only stick from the data. data indicate the engine be cut off, but we do not know why or who did it. >> what is clear is that by the time the plane made its last plunge to the river clip ago taxi and the bridge, one engine was spinning uselessly the other not turning at all. in a police car park, we're shown the taxi from that footage. of all the stories of surviving this is surely one of the most remarkable. >> it goes without saying how lucky the driver and his passenger were, large parts of this vehicle look pretty much untouched but at the front this enormous diagonal slice taken out by the wing tip. two lives saved by a mere fraction of a second. >> another amazing escape, the passenger who freed fellow passengers from their seats. he's been sitting in the rear.
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he knew there was a problem as the plane took off. >> >> it felt unbalanced in the cabin. i guess there might be something wrong with the engines. the plane seemed to turn around. i started telling the other passengers to protect themselves. >> the survivors were the minority. most onboard are now mourned including the flight crew, who's decision-making is at the heart of this investigation. the vice president hailed them for missing apartment buildings saving lives with the last seconds of their own. al jazeera taipei. >> the armed group boko haram attacked two towns in niger the second country it's invaded from it's nigeria base. it was driven back by the niger and chad military. the group is increasingly facing international opposition. >> for days, chad soldiers ever strengthened their positions after taking over the town from
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boko haram fighters. although it it is inside nigerian territory chad troops are helping maintain the peace. we were firing intensely. they dropped their weapons and ran away. >> if you listen to the residents, you would realize that we have liberated all of them. >> the nigerian military have not been able to stop boko haram and now the violence reached its neighbors, towns and villages around lake chad border all four countries. witnesses in niger reported the first attack by boko haram making miker the second territory to come under attack in days. tuesday, boko haram fighters talked the chad army, killing more than a dozen soldiers. the next day the attack
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cameroon troops killed at least three soldiers and a number of civilians. this has drown in nigeria's neighbors and african union into the conflict, discuss ago united strategy at a meeting in cameroon. officials are trying to put together a new multi-national joint task force. >> we are going to elaborate a plan that will ensure logistical supports and goals we want to achieve. it will be the management of this operation that will determine the right deployment of forces on the ground and this will be submitted by the african union to the u.n. security council. >> the united nations security council condemned the spike in violence and welcomed the new force. the council remains concern that boko haram is undermining the peace and stat of the central western african reasonable that. as consultations go on, so do the attacks. al jazeera.
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>> equatorial guinea has been find $100,000 after its supporters rioted during their final defeat. the home supporters attacked ghana fans after they went ahead, injuring 36 people. they will be allowed into saturday's third place playoff match. >> dozens of rare classic cars have gone to auction in paris after discovered in a barn in the french countryside. the collection drew the attention of collectors and restorers from around the world. auction nears compared it to the discovery of king tut's tomb, the cars were found on a farm in western france. now they're being sold for millions of dollars. >> the collectors are really looking for these kind of cars
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in this kind of state. people who are passionate about cars often a museum, people ready to take on a big restoration job. >> many cars in the collection, but among the 60 here, one stands out. this ferrari california spyder is one of only 37 ever made. it was sold for $16 million. not bad considering it was found under a pile of rotting magazines. >> also uncovered this unique 1948 automobile once owned by a king. >> this is where they were discovered, weather beaten, ivy growing through wind screens. the owner died before go he could
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sell the cars. the treasure trove is described as sleeping beauties, after years hidden from view, now destined for a new life. activist and war veteran. >> who knows, god could be a woman, a president who would help us look in the mirror and see ourselves honestly. >> he is the man behind the iconic is it sit-coms