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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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husband we didn't know where you were and i'm glad that was panned out. lindsay adario, it's what i do, aa photographer's life and love. that's it for today. thanks for joining us. . >> a same-sex stand off. >> we get to play a role history, making history. >> gay couples tie the not in alabama, despite defiance from the top judge, and his open challenge to the u.s. supreme court intentional infections. why doctors are warning parents against having measles parties. and a now proposeal to combat the virus as an outbreak begins
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again boston buried. 5 feet of snow piling up setting records and bringing the city to a stand still. why you may want to keep personal conversations to a whisper around your television - samsung spying. [ cheering ] wedding bells were ringing in alabama for the first time same-sex couples were able to get married there. many lower court judges in the state refuse to issue marriage licences. i'm antonio mora this is al jazeera america. tonight that traditional backlash is pitting courts against each other. with state judges openly defying a federal decision allowing same next unions. in most alabama counties the judges blocked marriage
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licences. a legal battle underscores alabama's deep resistance to gay marriage. >> reporter: dozens of gay couples lined up in courthouses across alabama. some waited all night for this - a merge licence. >> happy, excited. we waited three years, we thought we'd have to go state. but now we go here. >> reporter: it was not the base for everyone in alabama. sunday night chief justice roy moore sent out letters saying although gay marriage was legal on monday that he felt that it was unconstitutional and if the federal law did not apply to what was happening here. >> sexual appearance is that a constitutional right, sexual preference. she can be bisexual transgender. is that a right. it's not a right found in the
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constitution. >> the right to marriage or relationship is a right given by god. >> according to the aslu some refused to clountss. a federal district court ruled last month that alabama's ban was unconstitutional and on monday the u.s. supreme court refused to step in. >> they said that there was conflicting rulings, so they have to do research and they would call us. >> it's not the first time roy moore challenged federal authority. in 2003 he refused a court order to take down a 10 commandments monument he installed in the state judicial building. he was removed from the bench by a state ethics panel but in 2012 was reelected. >> the next step we are looking to find a way into court, so that we can get this settled. i think we'll have to deal with
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legal action in the state of alabama. so that the probate judges know what they need to do. >> my opinion is since there's nothing in the supreme court, in the constitution of the united states about marriage or nothing about family they have no right to redefine the terms. if they can, they can make a family out of a village. >> for gays and lesbians in the state, nothing got in the way of happiness today. >> it finally hopped we are happy. >> very happy. >> very happy. >> we do everything as a couple anything. >> the debate over gay marriage is far from over. the u.s. supreme court will set the the issue for the u.s. later this year alabama is the 37th state where same-sex marriage is now allowed. the "sportscentre" revealed the measles outbreak is spreading fast. there are 122 cases nationwide
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stretching to 18 states in washington d.c. officials blame the outbreak on parents who refuse to vaccinate the parents. they want to make it easier for parents to provide vaccines to schools and health clinics. health officials say if you want to protect your children keep them away from so-called measles parties. some parents bring six kids together to infect others to build immunity so they don't catch measles later in life. they were popular in the '50s and '60s. vaccines are safer than exposure to measles. >> to the fight against i.s.i.l. there are developments in syria and iraq. the iraqi military says it recaptured the area around oil-rich city of baiji, but the city remains under i.s.i.s. control.
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iraqi forces are preparing to launch an offensive says general allen. i.s.i.s. released a video showing the captured journalist. it was shot in the style of a television news report. in it cantlie says it will be the last video a top i.s.i.l. recruiter has reportedly been killed in a drone strike. he was one of six in a target in a car targeted by a drone. he was described as a taliban leader who switched allegiance to i.s.i.l. >> the fighting in ukraine was the topic of discussion. president obama and angela merkel agreed the fighting must end. there are differences over thou make it happen. jamie mcintyre has more from the white house. >> as pro-russian separatists gain ground in eastern ukraine, president obama concedes no
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amount of additional weaponry can turn the tide of battle considering moscow's ability to match and surpass lethal aid supplied to ukraine. >> the president argued bolstering defenses could blunt the offencive and advance the peace process, by ratcheting up the cost to vladimir putin. >> if diplomacy fails, what i asked my team to do is look at options. what other means can be put in place to change vladimir putin's calculus. >> reporter: the so-called lethal defensive weapons include antitank missiles stopping a tank in its tracks. tracking radar, that can stop fire and return fire. and anti-aircraft systems that can shoot down spy drones that have been providing intelligence. on the munich conference on
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security problems john mccain argued while there may be no military solution there is a military dimension. >> how long can vladimir putin sustain a war that he tells his people is not happening. >> at the same conference angela merkel voiced a firm opposition. standing next to president obama at the white house, lee merklinger made clear the two leaders could agree to disagree. >> no matter what we decide the alliance between the united states and europe will continue to stand, or continue to be solid even though there are certain issues we don't always agree. many feel betrayed by the u.s. which was a signatory to russia for the agreement under which in return for achoournss sovereignty would be expected.
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ukraine gave up its entire nuclear arsenal. >> 1200 war heads and we can't get 1,000 javelin mice ills from the state. there's something wrong. >> angela merkel and vladimir putin met with ukranian leaders and announced a new summit for minsk this week. given the failure of the minsk agreement, the chances for a break through seem dim. the german chancellor said she couldn't live with herself if she didn't make the attempt. >> boko haram fighters launched a new offensive in northern nigeria. they carried out attacks. the first in niger. one person was killed. in cam room they commandeered a bus load of passengers. as many of 30 were taken captive. the bus was seen crossing the
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boarder to nigeria. despite the attacks, the nigerian government is vowing to defeat boko haram. nigeria will dismantle the camps within six weeks, the same time as nigeria's national elections delayed until march 28th. he said the offensive will be carried out with help from cameroon chad and niger another migrant voyage ending in tragedy off the italian coast. 29 migrants died from hypothermia. they were on a boat struggling in the high seas off lampedusa. more than 100 were rescued. >> snow is filing up in boston reacting havoc on city services. 20 inches has fallen. at least four buildings collapsed under the weight of the snow. 2,000 were cancelled across the
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north-east. it's a record-setting one for boston with 76 numbers of. that tops the previous record of 73 during 1903 and 1904. >> anger and outrage over a deadly stampede in egypt. the soccer match that led to dozens of funerals why there are accusations riot police were politically motivated. six months after police officers shot and killed unarmed teenager michael brown, a return to ferguson, missouri and a look at the incident that sparked a nation-wide movement. >> today they will be arrested... >> ground breaking... they're firing canisters of gas
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>> tomorrow morning, diplomat and author nassir abdulaziz al-nasser. >> when there is consensus you'll see great results. >> battling extremism. >> religious leaders have a big responsibility. >> advancing peace. >> today the world turned into a global village. >> promoting change. >> i think united nations should be reformed. >> every sunday, join us for exclusive... revealing... and surprising talks with the most interesting people of our time. "talk to al jazeera". tomorrow morning, 9:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. [ gunfire ] violence on the streets of sao paulo brazil. brawls broke out between rival soccer fans before a match this weekend. 44 were arrested. riot police used tear gas to
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break up the crowds. the egyptian government suspended soccer league games after a stampede in cairo. funerals were held for many killed when police fired tear gas at fans trying to get in the stadium. the blame game is turning political. >> this is the funeral of a 23-year-old football fan who died at the air defense stadium in cairo. his family is among those mourning the people left to watch the football match, but game back in body bags. football fans trying to enterthe match, some of them didn't have tickets. the police fired tear gas when barricades failed to hold back the crowds. >> suddenly they closed the gait and told us to get out through another. the police were in front. this caused panik, people fell on top of each other. >> the confusion resulted in a
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stampede. the fan association calling a massacre by the police. police officers were overwhelmed. egypt's interior ministry in a statement said: relations between football and the interior ministry has been sense since the revolution. football supporters were part of the masked protests. many had no political affiliations. the football directors accuse the muslim brotherhood of being involved. >> translation: this is an incident that happened on purpose. they meant to insult the police and take the country to square one. >> the group's political wing
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says the government is behind the killings the statement saying freedom and justice party holds up abdul fatah al-sisi and the military coup gang responsible for the innocent blood. this is not the first time football violence has occurred. fans stormed the pitch. 21 were sentenced to death for their part in the violence. after sunday's death, the public prosecutors ordered the arrest of the supporters group. an egyptian operation ferguson, missouri is back in the spotlight facing
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lawsuits both accusing the city of operating gaols like modern day debtors prison. ferguson and another suburb gaoled them because they could not pay fines for minor offense, and the gaols have unsanitary conditions. michael brown's shooting in ferguson launched a movement and questions over race in north america. we are exploring some of those issues. ashar quraishi returned to ferguson, where residents are trying to find a new way forward. >> reporter: nothing is more important to this single dad than raising his daughters in a safe community. >> how was your day at school? >> reporter: working as a gaol guard, carlos said he could be an asset to the ferguson police department. itch i want to be there to help them. i believe community policing is important in restoring the just between brifrs and the
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community. many criticized the department for a lack of vicial diversity. 4 out of 53 police officers are black. six months after brown's death, there are three openings, including one of darren wilson. >> how along are you in terms of hiring? >> we are in the first stages we are setting up a testing date. we have a good contractor that gave us a test to use. including a sendensy to be bias. >> with an investigation into the policing practices, the department is under the microscope. they introduced more diversity. they informed their ticketing and court procedures. >> we had to recognise the prosecution and try to address them. six months is a time we had so
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far. we have done a lot. >> we are able to take it in. >> today, conversations on how to improve policing and race relations are discussed at public meetings. ferguson schools embrace teams in an effort to cultivate relationships. there has been a number of plans and meetings but here along west florence avenue the sentiment of how much has changed since the michael brown shooting is up for debate. >> they have stopped harassing people so much. at the same time you are looked at like you are a suspect. >> do you think things will get better in the community, will people move forward? >> some move forward, some won't. it's stuff for the people. >> i want to see what you are reading. >> carlos ray says as an officer he can relate ag a fear.
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>> we are not out to get you all. that's not our job, our job is serving the community, helping and protecting them, not picking them off. >> it's a change some in ferguson are trying to meet form in our race in america series walking while black, what one man is claiming after being arrested and accused of threatening an officer with a gulf club. >> hackers can steal your personal information without stepping food in your home. now there are new fears your car could be the next tart. and lost in closet space - a trevor trove of goodize from the moon found in neil armstrong's house.
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>> it's one small step for man, one giant looep for mankind. >> neil armstrong's iconic message to the world was in 19 # 9. he died in 2012. we know he left a trove of
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artefact behind. the items fund in a bag that went into space are on display at the smithsonian national air and space museum in washington. cameras, brackets tethers, all on board the apollo 11 flight that landed armstrong on the moon hacking impacted tens of millions of americans in the past year there's a worry cars could be next. hackers can attack the wireless systems of new vehicles. jacob ward has more. >> reporter: when you hit the brakes your foot is a small part of what stops of the car. a tiny electric unit is in charge. working with sensors to bring you to a stop. the problem is that system along with dozens of others are vulnerable to hackers. the report comes from the senator of massachusetts, and
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based on information from 20 automakers. the key findings - most cars on the market use wireless technologies that could be vulnerable to hacking. most makers didn't know or can't say if they were hacked. only two know of any hacking much less defending it. most car-makers collect a lot of data including where you drive, park and where your car sits. 50% transmitt it wirelessly and it may not be secure. you usually don't find out about the collection and can't opt out without disabling features like navigation. link it to the car, you bring contacts text messages and phone history. the real danger is driving will include endless amounts of data and we'll depend on the data to keep us alive. >> we are simulating a scenario in which we'll go through a green laght.
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now someone is running a red. and the cars communicate and worn each other. >> some dealers recalled kill switchers, allowing them to remotely disable a car if the owner misses amounts. that is the beginning. as cars communicate and can be remotely accessed they'll give criminals a great view of daily habits a sense of where we live and a chance to take over vehicles. >> the alliance of automobile manufactures and lawmakers put together consumer privacy principles which puts toot the data collected. it's not clear how that will work. and technology is changing. we are right on the edge of a very new world here. if the automakers don't learn to
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work cars could become the most vulnerable part of the digital and our physical lines. >> for more we are talking about tvs, and smart tvs from samsung that you might want to be careful what you say around it. it's recording what you say. it's designed to listen. other gadgets, including echo microsoft's xbox one have similar features. samsung's privacy poly includes the final warning. please be aware if your information is sensitive, it will be captured and transmitted to a third party through your use of recognition. for more on the smart tv issue and the car hacking story, let's bring in ken from albany new york via skype. good to see you.
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this brings to mind george orwell in 1984, where screens spied on people. samsung said it's no big deal no data is being kept. do we need to be concerned about the technology. >> in this instance i don't think we need to be worried. we have to hit the button on the remote. it's not like it's there listening into the casual conversation. some other device amazon echo and xbox they are transmitting the data to base. best to figure out what you can do. whether they su trigger a dons. it's not something to be worried about, it is something we should think about going forward. >> you team people will turn it on if you want to communicate with the tv. personnel information could be out there in the internet.
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is that an issue, that people could access that? >> it is an issue and a warning that samsung is putting forward. if you request an internet search by your voice, we'll pass it off to a third party. it's something you need to be aware of that that information will go out on the internet. you wouldn't want to do a search of the social security number or address. that's something that samsung wants to warn against. >> let's talk about the cars and senator morky's report and the risk of hacking. it could take over your car as you drive it. a couple of companies take minimal methods to protect. how concerned should we be. >> you shouldn't be worried about a hacker taking over the car and taking your brakes. it will be highly unlikely.
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going former when we have the communications when cars can talk to each other, it's more of a risk. what you need to be worried about is stealing the car based on the wireless transmitter. the metropolitan police in london issued a warning that they need to be careful about using the systems. they think up to 25% of car thefts in loibd are thanks to people hacking into the key chain or breaking into the car and hacking into the car to reprogramme another key to make it act like a wireless key change. it's more of a concern than someone hacking into your car and disabling your breaks. >> there are so many other things connected to the internet that we have to worry about finally, it's the holy grail of baseball. a signed photo of shoeless jackson. he was illate rate and rarely
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signed anything but paychecks. i'm antonio mora thank you for joining us. for the latest news head to "inside story" is up next. have a great night. hello, i'm ray suarez harper lee published one novel "to kill a mockingbird." it's been printed millions of times around the world in the past 50 years. now it turns out lee had another book in her, and it comes out this summer. continuing the story of scout, sttacus finch, boo radially and tom robinson who came to life