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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 10, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EST

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find it e-us on facebook instagram google plus and more. >> hello welcome to the news hour in doha. these are our top stories. >> rockets slam into into residential areas in eastern ukraine. there were reports civilians have been killed. malaysia's opposition leader jailed after lose ago last-chance appeal against his conviction. >> anti corruption supporters celebrate after routing in the
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elections. >> i'm in hebron in the occupied west bank, where in an unprecedented move, the council of this illegal settlement is trying to impose taxes on their palestinian neighbors. >> we start in eastern ukraine where three have been killed, several wounded in a rocket attack. pleas say the rockets landed close to a ukrainian military base. residents in the residential area were affected by the blast. ukraine is denying reports by the pro-russian separatists that they've surrounded the town of debaltseve. fighting intensified across eastern ukraine despite efforts
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for a peace deal. debaltseve is a key railway town outside donetsk. the facers claim they've cut off the main supply road from government forces. russian media report military exercises are taking place in crimea. >> the important thing to remember here is what's happening tomorrow, the minsk talks supposed to be going ahead, supposed to be where some sort have negotiated peace settlement is reached that's the hope. it's pretty elementary negotiating strategy, to go into talks like this with your hands as strong as possible. at the moment, we have russia
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telegraphing to anyone who wants to be listening that it is still and always has been a military power to be reckoned with. that's why we are seeing not particularly big military exercises, but certainly significant in terms of location. we have 2,000 intelligence personnel on exercise in the southern russian military district that borders ukraineed. we also have some 600 troops on exercise, along with 50 tanks in recently acquired rhyme mia. it's not just going on in russia. on the other side of the border, there is jostling for position happening. if the rumors are true about the encirclement of debaltseve, than this is a firm boots on the jugular of the ukraine army and the ukrainian government going
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into the talks in minsk. an offensive is announced on the coastline of the sea so the battalion is pushing forward towards the russian border, heading towards the town, all of this going on in advance of negotiations to happen in minsk wednesday. >> i think we can look at the latest pictures coming in. remind us of how important the territory seized that the pro-russian separatists can actually present those talks in minsk, because of course ceasefire lines will be drawn along territorial gains perhaps. >> the ceasefire lines that were agreed in minsk last year have changed significantly since september, 2014. at the beginning of 2015, the
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rebels the separatists started a fairly effective and major offensive. they pushed on towards mariupol and they've also been trying to encircle the strategically important town of debaltseve. this town is between luhansk and donetsk, sits on a railway line. it's an important part of the jigsaw buzzle of the east of ukraine, and if the eastern territories, if the rebel enclave of donetsk and luhansk are to be future, you know, future proof if they're to be strong and as resilient as turn autonomous region, railway hubs like debaltseve are important as are ports like mariupol. >> all the while, of course, president putin is away in a completely different region to show that he has outside
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friends. >> yeah, he's in egypt at the moment. now, any foreign visits by any leader from any country in the world is an attempt to show they are friends. al sisi and putin are certainly leaders you can describe as cut from the same cloth. they are people who favor security in their own countries over such things that they might dismiss as western trifles like human rights, and that sort of concern. what we have at the moment is the, i suppose the expansion of a friendship and a strategic partnership that has certainly been building over the last couple of years or so. al sisi came to russia twice in 2014. he visited vladimir putin's
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presidential retreats down in the resort of sochi on the black sea in august of 2014. now, there are certain strategic partnerships alliances that these two have and have been believe over recent months. one has to do with agriculture and food supply. 40% of the grain egypt consumes comes from russia. russia has been working with egypt on big arms contract, $3.5 billion worth of those and of course, there are many, many millions of russian tourists who like to go to the egyptian resort cities to take their holidays. >> we are looking forward to hearing from two leaders because vladimir putin and abdul fatah al sisi are due to have a
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press conference. >> we look at malaysia, the opposition leader there is looking to appeal against a conviction of sod my. he was accused of being partners in crime for the murder of judicial independence and integrity. the government critic is widely seen as the biggest threat to the ruling party's longest hold on power. we are more. >> hundreds of people arrived at malaysia's top court chanting slogans and waving party flags in support of the convicted leader of the opposition the former deputy prime minister arrived with his friends and party officials. they heard the five man court led by the chief justice dismiss the appeal. the court rules there was
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overwhelming evidence that he had sodomized his personal assistant in 2008. news of the verdict and the upholding of the five year sentence angered his supporters. >> i'm just disgusted by how they will do anything in the power to bring down one man in the country, up to raping the whole judiciary system. >> >> we need to have good evidence. >> the government issued a statement: the authorities were taking no chance with security around the court. when we spoke to him monday, he
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was upbeat. >> there's no base for them to consider the lack of conviction. i am in sent and i expect to be freed. >> that's something human rights campaigners had also expected. >> the government has prosecuted someone on the base of a crime that shouldn't abcrime first point. second point it's selective prosecution, essentially going after someone because they are politically prominent a thorn in the side of the government and someone they wanted to remove from the political scene. >> now his party and the fragile opposition coalition are looking for a new leader and face an uncertain future. what is clear is that the decision made here at the country's highest court will be discussed and debated by malaysians for generation to say come. >> we can talk now to one of
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anwar in bra him's lawyer. >> we had a shocking verdict which we didn't quite expect. we expected the federal court to do the right thing to cleanse the tainted judiciary after the cardinal conviction last year in march and unfortunately we saw the opposite. we saw the federal court repeat and basically enfrench what the court of appeal had done, which is basically to have done something we consider to abprosecution from day one which had no credibility at all. >> you say that this is politically motivated. this has been one of the accusations that you and mr. an war had been insistent about.
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he is a seen nor fellow. let's hear what he had to say. >> this is not a case about the government versus anwar in are a him. this is about a young man who alleged that he was forced into no one consensual sex with his employer, a very serious charge. that's why the prosecutor took it seriously. it wasn't prosecution for sod my, it was because it was sexual assault. >> what do you make of that, pointing out the severity of the crime? >> sure. let me deal with the first point he made, which is that it has nothing to do with the government. now, this is what the established facts of shown in
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court, which are not really disputed. the alleged incident happened 26 of june, 2008, which is a thursday and yet it is publicly known that two days prior to that incident, the complainant met with the current prime minister was then deputy prime minister and was then referred him to meet a very senior police officer, a very senior one who he met. this was all done in the name of this so-called victim seeking protection for the same sort of assault which had been happening a number of times and according to this complainant, eight or nine times. this is where we can show the utter lack of credibility of the allegation in the first place and also to show the connection with powerful political actors, especially the deputy prime minister current prime minister and senior police officials. >> ok. >> now on thursday happened
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because in are a him phoned him up and said come over to the apartment and bring the k.y. jelly. this victim says he was forcibly sexually assault that's his complaint. his story in court is he runs over to the apartment with the k.y. jelly, when he claims he's been raped. >> i need to move you on. clearly this is going to be substance of debate for sometime to come, but i need to move you on because we are running out of time. i want to ask you what you make of the frank i am. >> state of the opposition now without this charismatic leader, what's the effect to the ruling party? >> what you call the fragile opposition took place in 1999.
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ibrahim's wife was then the president, had it altogether for the six years that anwar was in jail. i think she will do the same thing again with the help of the leaders of the coalition partners. i'm confidence, because it was done before, and a very difficult conditions, possibly even far more challenging and difficult conditions compared to what we are now experiencing, and she pulled it off. i don't see any reason she can't do it again. we have seats in parliament, we run three states and are in a far more stronger entrenched political condition than we were. >> ok, thank you very much indeed for talking to us, live from kuala lampur. >> a woman in hong kong found guilty for abusing her domestic
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made from indonesia. her was found guilty of 18 charges including assault and failure to pay wages. the case sparked protest among more than 300 dom stack workers in hong kong. >> i will get the justice from hong kong. >> there's ban surprise election win for the common man party in india that stunned the ruling hindu party. the leader was congratulated and anti corruption campaigner. this was the first major defeat for the b.j.p. after its landslide victory in last year's
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national elections. >> we have to serve the people of delhi. i cannot do anything alone. i am a very small man but i believe in the people. i believe together with 30 million people of delhi, we can make it a city that both the rich and the poor will be proud of. >> more now from al jazeera. >> this is the party election victory rally and it's a larger victory than most supporters here expected. for the party to have had such a large victory means they tapped into several groups. they always had their usual supporters the poor and the working classes but now also have had the middle class business class and elite of delhi. these groups actually voted for the b.j.p. in recent national elections last year. they were able to secure this support by making a wide range
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of promises, lower electricity price to say free water better infrastructure in delhi to things like public wi-fi. making such promises is of course the easy part, keeping them, of course is going to be a whole different challenge altogether. it's a challenge that the party said they're up for. in this whole election, the b.j.p. has said that this is not a referendum on their support however even the prime minister tweeted that he will support the party and help them bring developments to delhi. >> right. so we understand now that president al sisi of egypt are not going to have a press conference as such. two leaders are there and they are sitting -- standing behind two of their officials, who are doing all the signing for them. we don't really know the exact
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nate of agreements being signed, but we do understand that weapons and other sorts of military equipment are being agreed upon. that's certainly what the egyptians want. there's also suggestion that there could be some other kinds of trade deals, as well, but vladimir putin who pretty much is embattle add home in russia with a big meeting taking place in minsk on wednesday and he's under a great deal of pressure of course because of the european-imposed sanctions and meeting al sisi, but no official press conference. we're staying in egypt now. new video emerged of the moments before a stampede outside of cairo's football stadium that left at least 19 dead. the foot only shows fans being forced to walk through a narrow metal passageway before entering the stadium.
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os the crowd surgeries forward the metal structure collapses. police fire tear gas and that sets off a stampede. the authorities have launched an investigation to find out exactly what happened. >> the canadian government is calling for the immediate release of mohamed fahmy an uruguayan journalist and canada citizen in jail in egyptian for 409 days along with baher mohammed. it was tweeted the prime minister has personally raised the case of mohamed fahmy with the highest level of the egyptian leadership. the case was raised with egyptian officials 15 times within the last nine days. we understand this is an upsetting time for the family. we continue to call for mohamed
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fahmy's immediate release. >> mohammed and baher mohammed of caused of supporting the outlawed muslim brotherhood. we are going back now live to cairo with vladimir putin and president al sisi are going to address the live media so i think we should listen in to them. >> to stress the position of russia in supporting egypt and to stress the development of the races between our two countries
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since the 30 of june revolution and to add more to what -- to the reserves of my visit to russia last june in supporting the egyptian-russian relations and to take it further. we have reviewed mr. putin and myself the joint conditions and issues between the two countries and we have supported the strategic relations between two countries, and to continue the high levels between two countries and to exchange our viewpoints with joint relations international relations and the cause we both are interested in.
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>> support to egypt in the most difficult times for our country. we feel an experience respect to the president of the feet reaction and people of russia for this report and want once again to confirm that the russian federation and egypt of united by similar positions on the case of international agenda be it fighting terrorism or other burning issues -- corporation, as well as -- relations. >> gnarl domains in order to support our position towards different issues. president putin -- continuing
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our military cooperation between two countries at this particular time. >> i want to stress the military cooperation. >> between two countries and we have agreed for more exchange of commercial goods and to remove all the obstacles in this reward. >> we have also agreed to establish a free commercial zone in order to expand the commercial and economic relations with russia and all other countries.
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>> we have also agreed to boost cooperation of the power and the peaceful use of nuclear power particularly we know that russia has a big experience in this connection and this also is an important topic to egypt within our egyptian plans to development and to have our own needs of power and energy.
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>> we have reviewed preparations for the economic conference, and i expressed our desire to have a real russian participation and effective participation. we have agreed to boost the relations of investment between two countries and to start a
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russian industrial zone in the north of the suez. we have also agreed to support the relations of cooperation. putin sports efforts to be very active again and to encourage the tourists from russia to visit egypt.
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rewarding the international and regional situations, my meeting with president putin is quite important within the challenges egypt is facing and the russia is also facing this period of time. >> we have stressed this reward that we are supporting together and each other to face these challenges as terrorism is everywhere now and the whole world is suffering from terrorism and i have agreed with the russian president that the challenge of terrorism faced by russia and is being faced by egypt has no limits.
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>> the phenomenon of terrorism is necessary for every one of us to face to deal with terrorism through a comprehensive approach not only as security approach but to fight terrorism intellectually and to pave the way for combating terrorism and put an end to the terrorist organizations and to deal with the social issues that increase terrorism and extremism.
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we have also agreed to negotiations between the israelis and palestinians must lead to the two state solution and to have the palestinian state with east jerusalem as the
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capitol. >> also keeping the libyan sovereignty and the iraqi unity and to achieve existence between all society components in iraq. >> also agree to support efforts of tourism. the coordination efforts between our two countries pave the way for the syrians to meet within the meeting in order to reach understanding that would be based off -- solution based on the geneva agreement.
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>> rewarding the situation in yemen, i've said to president putin that we are quite interested in reaching and sorting the problem there and not to allow any threat to be there for the unity and stability of yemen and the region. >> within the international situation and the lack of peace
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and stat, in so many areas in the world and the problems and conflicts in so many parts of the world, we have agreed that the world is in need to develop an international vision and system that is more safe to all countries. >> in addition to the need to
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have an international economic system that is more just and to explore the economic opportunities in order to develop the situation between the countries whatsoever are the different capabilities. >> and before -- and i'd like to see that i've attended with president putin the signing ceremony of some mutual agreements between two countries as to boost the path of joint cooperation and the power, we have an memorandum in
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understanding in order to establish power facility for nuclear power and another memorandum in the field of gas investment. >> here i'd like to say that i need to stress that egypt is based on relations with russia on cooperation that went back to long time and we see russia as
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strategic friends for a better relation on the international level. >> i stress to everyone that egypt after the revolutions of january, 2011 and june 2013 is really willing to have friendship with all countries that have supported egypt and that are supporting egypt in the path towards achieving the goals and aspirations of the great people of egypt in stability development, in all levels politically, economically, socially and culturally and thank you very much.
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mr. putin, i welcome you once again in egypt. >> thank you. we are glad to see you in egypt. ladies and gentlemen first of all, i would like to thank mr. president for the invitation, for the invitation. and the residents of cairo and ordinary citizens for their warm reception, which i and other members of the russian delegation have experienced have seen this reception people receiving us, how their good
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feelings they have toward russia. my previous visit to cairo was 10 years ago. i and all my colleagues were glad again to be here on hospitable land of egypt. in speed of the complexities which had to be overcome by egypt in last years in bilateral operations we move to new levels of cooperation.
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negotiations continued the start of last year in sochi the exchange of opinions on all things russian-egyptian cooperation, key national and regional problems. it was a working visit. i hope that you will accept my invitation to come on official visit to moscow, we'll have another opportunity to continue our contact which we got in my mind are very positive.
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>> the priority importance we spend today to economic cooperation. >> ok, we are going to leave mr. putin as he carries on with his warm words to his egyptian host about his current visit to the egyptian capitol cairo and talk to abdullah, assistant professor at georgetown university. the order of answering the call, popular islamic activism, clearly an expert on egypt. first of all your first
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impressions of mr. putin and mr. sisi. >> this is more about optics than anything else. we are looking at two embattled physician dealing with increasing regional isolation and because of the depressed oil price. in the case of egypt we're looking at a regime continue to go try and establish itself in terms of its legitimacy internationally and also domestically that this visit was hyped up tremendously across egypt, billboards of al sisi put up weeks ago trying to legitimize himself on the basis of this visit. >> i found it particularly interesting that mr. sisi tried to immediately make common ground with the russian president, talking of them both facing the challenges of what he called terrorism. >> certainly that this has been part of the narrative from the military coup since it took
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power back in july of 2013 is this idea of attempting to put forward some kind of narrative that hits security and economic stability as being the basis for why egypt is currently undergoing military regime that is of course cracking down tremendously on the civilian population that's imprisoned tens of thousands of political prisoners for protesting and opposing the military coup and this has now been phrased in the language of terrorism which is an issue that egypt has faced particularly in the sinai but certainly this has been a franco abuse of the term to oppress the population and put in power a military eregime that has denied the human rights have egyptians. >> training very much indeed, an assistant professor of history at georgetown university here in toe has. we are now going to go to our correspondent, rory in moscow who has been listening to the
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words, well, to the exchange in fact. it was interesting wasn't it, the fact that mr. sisi did identify them as having a huge amount in common, particularly the fact that they're facing what he called terrorism. >> these two leaders you could say were cut from the same cloth, very security-minded like a reverse power structure within respective countries and don't have too much truck with what they might dismiss as certain western truisms like human rights, so there's a lot they share in common, as your previous guest was saying, the red carpet has been rolled out in egypt billboards on the street with vladimir putin's face all over them. in one of the egyptian newspapers putin was described as a hero of his age.
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putin brought a gift for sisi, a kalashnikov rifle showing the mindset of these two men what they think each other will appreciate. beyond that, beyond the personal connection that these two leaders have, they are as they were professing their deep strategic interest they have in maintaining and bolstering friendly relations so egypt is very keen to keep its supplies of russian wheat coming and some fort% of egyptian wheat imports come from russia. since the embargo that russia has put on fresh goods fresh produce from western countries europe and the united states and australia and new zealand and the like. russia has been looking to source fruit and vegetables. a lot now come from egypt. there were things like they were talking about an economic zone
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in egypt that will be shared between two countries andens the big issue of arms. they've been working for the last few years on a big $3.5 billion deal in arms. >> ok. rory, thank you. rory in moscow. charles stratford is on the ground in eastern ukraine. charles, on the eve of these very important talks about to take place in the russian capitol minsk, what is taking place on the ground? >> firstly let's talk about these attacks on the ukrainian-military held territory today an attack on the city, authorities saying there were two attacks, one hitting a mill stare base, another hitting a residential
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area reports of one killed and a significant amount of civilians and soldiers wounded. now, the ukrainian government has blamed the separatists for this attack saying the missiles were fired from a town 50 kilometers away. the d.p.r. authorities here in donetsk have said that such a missile, there is actually photographic evidence of this particular missile or missiles that were used in these attacks. the d.p.r. authorities are saying that they do not have such miss aisles in that town, so certainly a significant escalation there with respect to the attacks here on ukrainian held territory. there is a big push for the town of debaltseve, separatists saying they have surrounded it. we were in a town 10 kilometers
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from debaltseve that was taken over by the separatists a few days ago now basically pretty much deserted, but a lot of artillery fire being fired and quite a bit of incoming fire, as well. we asked a rebel commander a separatist commander close to that town for updates. he said that he reported that debaltseve was surrounded. he said there were no separatists in debaltseve itself. he said they had poor communication with separatists in and around that area, but they were very determined and very buoyed by a push by separatists to take that town, strategic because of its important as a rail hub between russia and if the separatists do take it, then they control territory here. >> charles stratford with the very latest on the ground from donetsk on the situation in
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eastern ukraine just as i mentioned earlier those significant talks get underway we think on wednesday in the russian capitol minsk. we've and got lot more to come here on the al jazeera news hour so don't go away.
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>> united arab emirate resumed airstrikes against islamic state of iraq and the levant. they resumed airstrikes to help
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the jordanians fight isil after the jordanian pilot was murdered. they began airstrikes tuesday morning. >> the syrian foreign minister said he plans to push for a freeze in fight to go try to get aid into aleppo. it is at the heart of clashes between government forces and competing rebel groups. u.s. commanders say precise and effective airstrikes in mosul have helped repel isil fighters and kurdish peshmerga forces have now retaken areas around mosul, which of course is iraq's second largest city. it's been controlled by isil since june. the nearby mosul dam controls the water supply for several large towns. we have more from baghdad.
8:51 am
>> what we've seen in the last 24 hours is coalition airstrikes mainly american and british are helping kurdish peshmerga forces take over three key bridge heads towards the north of mosul near the dam itself. we are seeing a big push now from the kurdish peshmerga fighters and the isil fighters put under pressure in mosul. it feels like it is a preparation for a ground offensive going on now. iraq officials have said that they expect a ground offensive into mosul to take place within the next three weeks. we've also heard in the last days general allen one of the top military commanders say that the taking of mosul city will abmorale boosts for iraqis and kurds. they say they will need coalition ground support. there seems to abreal push now to take back mosul city, which
8:52 am
was taken over by isil in june. in syria, we are seeing pressure put on isil, the jordanians have mounted 67 different airstrikes on the city of raqqa so ice i will are coming under tremendous amounts of pressure. there are critics of the policy saying airstrikes aren't enough, there needs to abpolitical solution because the soon knee tribes in anbar province need to be brought much more into the political process here. however, it does seem there is going to be a push towards mosul in the next weeks antground is being prepared for that. >> president obama has been asked about his decision not to meet the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu during his upcoming visit to washington. president obama said it was down to the basic protocol, whereby the u.s. president doesn't meet with world leaders in the weeks before an election, but the president acknowledged he has differing opinions with netanyahu when it cups to
8:53 am
israeli's stance on a nuclear deal with iran. >> i don't want to be coy. the prime minister and i have a very real difference around iraq around sanctions. i have been very clear and angela merkel agrees with me and david cameron and the who are members of the negotiation agree that it does not make sense to sour the negotiations a month or two before they are about to be completed, and we should play that out. if in fact we can get a deal, we should embrace that. if we can't then we'll to have make a set of decisions and as i've said to congress, i'll be the first one to work with them to apply even stronger measures against iran, but what's the rush unless your view is that it's not possible to get a deal with iran, and it shouldn't even
8:54 am
be tested and that i cannot agree with, because as president of the united states, i'm looking at the what the options are if we don't get a diplomatic resolution and they are narrow and not tornadic activity attractive. >> the former head of the international monetary fund has given his first testimony at his pitching trial in northern france. dominique strauss-kahn does understand knowing the women were prostitutes. the 65-year-old and 13 co-defendants are accused of aggravated pimping. it's not illegal to pay for sex in france, but it is against the law to run a prostitution business. >> twitter says governments are demanding more and more customer data. in its latest report, the social media company revealed the country which made the most content removal requests recently was turkey, which filed 477 content removal requests in
8:55 am
the second half of last year. twitter says it complied with half of those requests. that's over five times more than any other country. turkey temporarily banned twitter in the run-up to last year's local elections. russia came next with 91 removal requests. twitter said its complied with 13% of russian requests that didn't deliver on russia's demands to silence critics of the kremlin. >> germany had 43 removal requests mainly dealing with alleged hate crimes. the u.s. had made most requests for data, though, the 3,200 requests amount to nearly half of all made. twitter handed over datetain 80% of those cases. >> computer hackers have attacked one of the biggest insurance companies in the united states. we have a report. >> it's been described as one of
8:56 am
the worst data thefts ever recorded confidential medical and other records of millions of customers were stolen. there are fears the information could be used for identity theft. >> cyber criminals were able to infiltrate the nation's second largest health insurer to steal names, birth dates street addresses, email addresses and employer information including income data. >> several plaintiffs are preparing to take legal action over the security breach. anthem has been accused by some of failing to adequately protect its electronic treasure trove. the company said the damage is not all encompassing. on the company website the c.e.o. said based on what we know now there is no credit cards, claims, test results or diagnosistic codes targeted or compromised. associate's own personal information including my own were accessed before the court
8:57 am
breach. famous target are target, the home improvement brand home depot, but the attack against anthem has drown heavy criticism on washington's capitol hill, call the scale of the breach unprecedented. >> it is not only breath taking, but mind bending in its extent and potential impact and president obama tell 10 shelly heartbreaking for consumers who may be affected. >> in the sony hack, authorities suspected north korea said to be angry over the portrayal of kim jong-un in "the interview." experts say the likely suspect is a chinese military unit specializing in cyber warfare. last year, five members of the unit were charged with deliberately hacking american companies. china denied involvement in cyber attacks. medical identity theft that become a booming business. on friday, anthem alerted customers to a so-called
8:58 am
pfishing scam offering protection to those targeted in the breach. >> when there is consensus you'll see great results. >> battling extremism. >> religious leaders have a big responsibility. >> advancing peace. >> today the world turned into a global village. >> promoting change. >> i think united nations should be reformed. >> every sunday, join us for exclusive... revealing... and surprising talks with the most interesting people of our time. "talk to al jazeera". today, 9:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america.
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>> rockets slam into residential areas in eastern ukraine. civilians are reported to have been killed. >> hello, we are live from doha. also to come on the program: >> anti corruption supporters celebrate after routing india's ruling b.j.p. in state elections in delhi. >> russia's president on a two day visit to egypt where weapons and grain deals are up for discussion. >> malaysians