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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 11, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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fighting intensifies in eastern ukraine, a bus depot attacked in donetsk, hours before peace talks are due to retime m mining. -- recontinue in minsk also on the programme - the u.k. u.s. and france close the embassy to the yemeni capital. politicians in crease back the new government's plans to ease bail out terms ahead of tough talks with eurozone ministers.
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a rebel fighter is killed in the philippines. ? a. meters from ukraine, russia and general gli and ranns are due to meet in minsk. a ceasefire dined last september collapsed at hundreds of civilians killed. there has been an explosion at a bus station in donetsk. a shell hit, a nearby industrial plant was targeted. charles stratford is in donetsk. >> reporter: the attack happened 8:30 local time. it was a central bus station. there were reportedly around 30 people here at the time. you can see the extent of the devastation. the people in local restaurants heard a massive explosion, panic
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in the area. it's one of two places hit this morning in donetsk. another strike on an industrial plant, very close by. both sides of this conflict suffered indiscriminate shelling. yesterday we saw the attack on the ukranian military controlled city of kramatorsk and comes on a day of efforts to try to bring a truce to the conflict. that's how difficult it will be. the ukranian government says 19 soldiers have been killed including five in a rocket attack. in the city of kramatorsk. they were talking about a residential area. it was also hit. the white house warned that if russia doesn't sign a peace deal there'll be consequences. alan fisher has more on the latest phone call between
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vladimir putin and president obama. >> reporter: the timing of the call was hugely significant. this was not president obama calling up vladimir putin, asking about his trip to egypt. that is him laying down what he'd like to see from the peace talks. ukrainians and russians are in belarus. france and germany have come up with something they think will lead to a ceasefire and demilitarization aft conflict. president obama knows what sanctions have done to the russian economy, and told vladimir putin, if there is a peace deal the russians will pay a price for ongoing violence. he's talking about sanctions from the u.s. and also from the european union. there was no talk about providing defensive weapons. president obama is under pressure do that. he's essentially saying to
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vladimir putin - look we want to deal if you don't do a deal at the least you'll pay for it financially in the short term. >> the u.n. envoy to yemen warned that the country is on the brink of civil war as a hold is consolidated on large parts of the country. u.s. u.k. and france closed their embassies, and nine people have been killed 15 injured in fighting in the central province of al-bayda. houthis have been battling while trying to take control of the city. this month marks the fourth anniversary of the start of mass protests leading to the fall of long-time leader. the city of tiaz was the center of the protests and people are back on the streets there to demapt against the houthis who have seized power in a coup. we have more from tiaz. before we talk about what is due to happen in protests there.
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tell us about the closure of these embassy, the u.k. the u.s. and france. why have they done that? >> sorry, the sound was bad. what i'll tell you about is basically the latest developments here in tiaz i was unable to decipher what you were asking. in terms of the latest developments in tiaz thousands of anti-coup and pro-democracy protesters took to the streets in what is considered the birthplace of the yemeni revolution. the slogans and the banners they were holding range from things that were opposed to the coup conducted by the houthi fighters. they are the shia rebels in control of capital. as well as bansers and slowing -- banners or slogan in memory or celebration of the revolution. in terms of the security point
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of view those developments across the country, as you mentioned the u.s. and u.k. closed their embassies, and they'll continue in the capital there. it's not something that goes to show not only is the local government here in yemen finding it difficult to cope with the current situation, but foreign countries find it difficult to conduct their businesses. here there has been fighting in several other cities across yemen. particularly where the houthis captured that city as they try to not only consolidate the control over the country, but expand into other cities. here in tiaz although people have come out in large numbers to reject that coup we understand the houthis are targetting the city and there could be an attempt to take control of it in the coming days. very precarious situation. >> thank you.
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in tiaz in yemen president obama defended the united states policy of not paying ransom to hostage takers saying it heightens the rick risk to kidnappers. the president made the comment after kayla mueller was killed by islamic state of iraq and levant. the white house is changing i.s.i.l.'s claim that she was killed in an air strike. >> relatives of the 26-year-old humanitarian aid worker struggled with the news of her death. they struggled to find confirm agency. >> in kayla's letter to martia and carl she wrote i have come to see the good in every situation. sometimes we have to look for it. right now, that's what we are all trying to do. the news of her death was confirmed in a private message to her family. the white house said its intelligence agencies verified
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though not the cause or the time. they challenged i.s.i.l.'s assertion that she was kill in a jordanian air strike. >> information we have is there's no evidence of civilians in the target area prior to the coalition strike taking place. it calls into question claims made by i.s.i.l. secretary of state john kerry says i.s.i.s. alone is like the three gone. kayla mueller was never put on display. her family requested no publicity about her captivity innent of a deal for release. i.s.i.l. demanded an change of an al qaeda member serving an 80 year prison sentence. attacking the soldiers in afghanistan. the parents released a letter in which kayla mueller said she was not mistreated and had a lot of fight inside of me. she conditioned "i do not want
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the negotiations for my release to be your duty. if there's another option take it. this should never have become your burden." last year a u.s. special forces region reportedly but failed to find a targeted location in syria. the white house says one other american is believed to be held captive, not necessarily by i.s.i.l. the new government in greece easily one the vote of confidence. anti-austerity talks. greece is seeking temporary to meet the needs. they have warned against renegotiation of the deal. >> greece's prime minister told parliament that his country and call of europe are at a turning point. there's no going back to austerity and companies imposed
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from aproceed. alexis tsipras said the humanitarian crisis has touched many in this country. like the family. they life in gloom, a single light connected to the neighbours. their own cut off and it didn't pay the bill. unemployed for five years. a businessman reduced to looking for food. if it wasn't for the children. he'd have killed himself. this is the kind of family alexis tsipras says he'll hep, with electricity and food. they cling to his words. >> translation: i believe in him. because he's young and got a future in front of him. some of it will happen yes. whatever he can do. >> reporter: also on the prime minister's side journalists at the broadcaster. it was closed down by the previous government.
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it said to save money, some carried on working and will resume paying them. >> we feel great. we are waiting for that for 20 months. we are looking for that for 20 months. we are here without money, we are working. democracy coming back to greece and us. >> the port of puree as. the previous government plans to privatize it to raise a billion euros. says the port will not be sold. the dockers are happy with this. most voted, which says it would protect the jobs. alexis tsipras has to balance the demands with the need to keep foreign lenders happy. because popular support alone was not to save syriza or greece from corruption.
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the vote from the greece government was never in doubt. more important is its partners as they try to reach an agreement to keep greece in the eurozone. >> still to come the mysterious death of a posterior adds to concerns among argentina's jews 20 years after the bombing of a jewish center. >> and i'm in london where amongst the old masters, a chinese copy lurks. the challenge is to find it.
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>> the death toll could be much higher than anyone'd known. >> posing as a buyer to get in there. >> 10,000 people are already dead mr. president, who should answer for those people?
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hello again. top stories - a bus takes in donetsk has been hit by shelling, happening hours before the start of peace talks in bella rusha's capital minsk. the u.s. and france closed their embassies in yemen's capital. as shia houthi rebels consolidate their hold on the county. people have been demonstrating to mark the fourth anniversary of the uprising of depod leader the government in greece has won a confidence vote in parliament ahead of talks on wednesday. europe's power, germany warns that greece should not be allowed. >> a verdict in the costa concordia cruise ship disaster.
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30 died when the ship crashed. the captain of the ship the prosecution demanded that he be gaoled for 26 groors. >> u.s. forces helping with the ebola outbreak in africa are expected to be withdrawn. the u.s. is expected to make much of the forces where it's glove the disease is contained. iraqi special force the seize large parts of western ryk in juan. as gatenby reports. >> these are members of the golden brigated an operations in ramadi they are engaged in battles with the fighters every day.
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it's important because the capital in central iraq that borders saudi arabia jordan syria. i.s.i.l. controls most of anbar and wants to seize its capital, they are being pushed back by a brigade of forces. . >> translation: the golden brigade are in the district. we achieved protests. i.e.d.s are everywhere in houses and streets. there are rumours that the area will fall to i.s.i.l. false rumours. >> witnesses say most of the neighbourhoods in ramadi are regular battle grounds. fighting reduced the city to ruins, some have been battling the fighters for a year. despite the stand off, we are determined to win. >> we have been like this for a year now. moral is high.
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we are keen to do our job. i.s.i.l. attacks our positions. they suffered huge losses. >> it's been eight months sense i.s.i.l. swept to baghdad. ? in ramadi and other areas, the iraqi army made the resolve. >> in the u.s. a mother of four charged with sending money and equipment to syria and iraq. the 34-year-old was charged with five bosnian immigrant with raising funds. she'll remain in custody. police in the philippines say the result of a d.n.a. test shows that a syrian member of a group linked to al qaeda has been killed. the rt target of a raid that killed dozens of commandos. we report on the end of a man hunt that lasted a decade.
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>> this was one of the south-east's most wanted men. also known as marr won. a member. jemaah islamiyah, a group with ties to al qaeda. a bounty was on his head. he was a u.s.-educated career and spent time in camps in afghanistan. wanted for the murder of a christian member of parliament in malaysia he was a suspect behind the bombing of tourists in bali in indonesia. for over a decade. she has evaded rest by hiding in troubled areas in the philippines. mariah says min dan ouy provided the perfect haven. malaysia southern philippines, similar lapping winls, he had three filipino wives, one of whom was the wife of the leader.
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so he distributed money freely among them. he relied on them. they relied on him. and had immediate personal loyalties. >> 44 members of the special armed forces were killed. it was a special operation. it's a cost of 44 lives. what we know now, we could launch that operation. she has the same objective. perhaps we could have done it. it is also jeopardised peace talks in the powful group, the islamic immigration front. 15 members of the mif were
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killed along with five others and there were questions about the ceasefire agreement between the rebels and the government. the philippine considers every one as bittersweet. it may have lost fers but said a dead terrorist means more lives would be saved. many are skeptical. as long as there are awned rebellion, it will remain the wife of a child opposition leader is calling on supporters to hold a vigil outside his village. she made the plea after her husband began to serve a 5-year innocence for sodomy. anwar lost his final appeal. reporters insist that the charms are politically motivated. >> in vietnam, a milthy waterway running through the heart of the city has been transformed.
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the clean up making the city a model or improving urban infrastructure. >> reporter: enjoying the air and screw was unthinkable when this person grew up. family lived along the banks of the canal for 50 years. >> translation: the water was black. there were mosquitos all over the place. after they removed the mud, it cleaned the air. >> reporter: the transformation took more than dredging and trash removal. this was a phase of a politically and technical plan by the government. the goal to clean-up and reconstruct the canal for 1.2 million people. >> it took a decade to complete it. >> the improvement on the surface is obvious. along the canal that snakes through the center of the city.
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it's 56 lines that makes it work. this phase cost 316, nearly 80% came from world back loans. >> our project is a large scale operation with these solutions and technologies at the same time. we constructed several layers of sewerage and drainage lines. and there are more areas of the city. the project's sfaz two funding. loans from the world bank was approved last year. 450 million. >> they moved near the canal. a promise from a new investment. the houses in the alley, the value increased. it improved the clean up in the area. it gave the economy a new chance. for those that lived through the
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kabul's dark past of the the clean-up gis them something to pass on. even if it is fresh air at sunset two were killed and more injured in south korea's capital on wednesday when cars collided at a bridge near the airport. bad weather was connected to the file up. thick fog limited disability to 10 metres at the time of the accident. apple submitted its position as the world's most valuable company after a surge in share price pushed the valley beyond the 7 billion milestone. last month the corporate product. >> in argentina conspiracy theories are floated after the death of prosecutor alberto nisman. he was found dead after accusing president kimp of covering up a
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1994 bombing at a community center. 85 people were involved in the attack. we have this report. they are seeing closure. >> reporter: sophia lost her daughter in the bomb attack on the jewish center at 9:53am on 18 july 1954. she's been waiting, fighting ever since for answers. >> at first, the pain was unbearable and tips to be unbearable. one lives with it. we were promised that all would be resolved. >> more than 20 years later. families mostly jewish were accused of hating marking the anniversary, the pain highlighted by the death of an investigator alberto nisman.
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>> translation: i hope there'll be justice for alberto nisman. he died for us. he dedicated himself to the cause. his death will not be in vain. we call him the 86th victim and hope he has the same impunity as the other 85. >> while the victim's families want justice, they don't agree how to should be achieved. they are divided. others take a different course. app ex-wife of this man was a victim. >> translation: we are not going to say what others want to hear we'll not play politics. we tell the truce, if that sents people that's their problem. >> this is election year in argentina, it terms the issues. they want justice for the army and alberto nisman. both the government and the opposition have been accused of playing politics with the case.
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anyone using the army in the death of alberto nisman for their purposes the elections should be disputed at the ballot box. political problems and debate. not at the cost of the dead. >> the army are bombing and they attacked the israeli embassy. two years erl 29 were killed remain unsold. since then the community lived under tight security. whilst so many questions are unanswered and justice not down. they exploded on the site nearly 21 years ago. the wound are unhealed. with this latest scandal. they are snil the open both in argentina, and the british community in particular.
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a new art show at a museum is charging visitors to spot a fake painting put on display on purpose. >> reporter: the gallery is one of the world's oldest filled with hundreds of painting rembrandt's, rooub ren's. amidst the old masters and originals lurks a copy worth $12 #. the challenge for villagers is to spot which is the fake. is to this one? the shading is heavy-handed or this one. some of the push strokes look hurried, or this one. by putting a replica in the frame. we are putting is in the frame. basically every picture in the place is open to suspicion. and i think that just heightens the sense of scrutiny that you give to every piece. the gallery sent a high
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resolution digital photograph where most of the world's mass produced start is pointed. reproductions, period or style, are big business in southern china. artists are trained and expert in making copies. in one village studios and workshops produce five replicas every year and it poses interesting questions, like what is art, what gives it its value. phil os fers pondered the questions for millenia. >> it's not just what it looks like. a work of art is just an appearance it's a product of someone's effort and skill and technique and orangeality, it's good to have a show like this. increasingly art is an asset. in terms of the world along side stocks and bonds. shows like this makes you look at the picture did see it for its beauty rather than the price tag. >> visitors have until the end
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of answer to find the picture. they'll hand side by side and punters will decide what is art. >> al jazeera's website has more news. >> undercover and now she's taking us to new york city where some of the toughest put it to the test. >> the engineer who designed the bionic eye.