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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 11, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EST

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the death toll increases in ukraine. vladimir putin returns to minsk for crisis talks with european leaders. >> reporter: hello, i'm martine dennis with the world news. also to come on the programme... ..the u.k. and france follow the u.s. and close their embassies in yemen. the u.n. the country is on the brink of civil war. >> a court in antwerp sentences
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a group for recruiting fighters for iraq and syria into gaol. apple breaks a wall street record becoming the first $700 billion company first russian president vladimir putin joins ukraine, russia in a renewed peace in eastern ukraine. it never really held. hundreds of people have been killed. just a few minutes ago, the minister said that noticeable progress in the peace talks. they are trying to restore control over the border. as a condition, and he said this
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was important. it may be a crucial part of the talks. control on the border. he went on to allege that the ukranian military gained more in the east to use as leverage. well let's go back to what will occur. this is the most recent incident. a shell at a bus station. two people were killed. charles stratford reports from the scene. this attack happened around 8:30am local time. it's one of the central bus stations in donetsk. there were reportedly around 30 people here. it's the devastation that we have spoken to. they heard a massive explosion.
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panic in the area. it's one of two places that were hit this morning in donetsk. another strike on an industrial plant close by. death sides indiscriminate shelling. we saw the attack on the ukranian military city. and it comes on a day of renewed efforts to bring a truce to this conflict. basically it shows how difficult that will be. >> reporting on the latest incident to take place in donetsk. before that he have been just a few kilometres to the north-east. that is where the fighting was at its fooesest. charles went to the town. 19 soldiers were killed in the past 24 hours, which is important.
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destroyed ukranian tanks and weapons. it is virtually deserted. fighters with the army of the donetsk people's republic took control from the army a few days ago. they were advancing, tightening the noose around the down. >> debaltseve is important. it's a railway junction. we want to liberate the territory. people believe in us voting for us in a referendum because they trust us they want to bring freedom. >> it's not known how many civilians were killed here. it's around 10km taken over by the separatists a few days ago. we hear a lot about shelling from the area an increasing amount from incoming. separatists tell us that they are surrounded. the army denied him.
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we were across the frontline and saw the tanks close to the only route in and out. the grad rocket was towards the front. in the ukranian military controlled city of kramatorsk around 50km away. missiles hit a residential area and military base. they were sitting at the stables. the kids were screaming. shells exploded. it was judged day. it was thunder in the winter. it's just thunder. >> ukranian authorities said the missiles were fired from the separatist held towns. in front of you now the weapon landed.
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the long-distance weapon. it flue from a southern direction. kramatorsk is home to the ukranian military. the separatists denied responsibility for the attacks. it is intensifying by the day in in region. we find the army. this man covers his faith. it was hit in the battle. inside are the pictures of dead separatist fighters. a mother greaves for his son. of course i'm agreed, he was defending his mother land people family. >> reporter: another attempt at ceasefire starts on wednesday president obama has called
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on president vladimir putin, urging him to sign the peace deal. they warned that if they are affected there could be consequences. al jazeera has more. >> the timing of the call was hugely significant. this was not president obama asking vladimir putin how his tripe to egypt went. this was him laying down what heed like to see in peace talks. russians and ukrainians were going to be in belarus. they will come up to a demilitarization of conflict. president obama nose the damage that sanctions have done. and vladimir putin, if there's no peace deal they'll pay a price. talking about increased sanctions from the u.s. and the european union.
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there was no talk about providing defensive weapons to president obama. they are under pressure essentially they are saying to vladimir putin, if you don't do a deal. you'll pay for it financially in the short term. >> they were reporting that the ukranian president said that ukraine is prepared to introduced martial law in all regions, as the crisis in the east goes. the prospect of the intructed of martial law. there's more on that as we follow the process that it gets under way in minsk. in the meantime we'll look at our other main story, a situation in yemen there. the country is on the brink of
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civil war. houthi rebels consolidate their hole. they have been attending talks involving the rival groups in the capital sanaa. >> the situation is a result of previous situations. violent and militant groups in the south. they are all negative indications. we stress the need for all parties concerned to look at the possibilities. >> well the u.s. the u.k. and france have closed their 'em bassies in sanaa. at least nine have been killed and 15 injured in fighting in another part of the country. that is in the central areas. they've been battling there. this month marks a fourth anniversary of mass protests in
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yemen, leading to the fall of a previous government. people in tiaz are on the streets to demonstrate against the houthis who seized power in a cue in sanaa. our correspondent reports from tiaz. >> tiaz was the epicentre of the uprising. of the spring in 2011. protests were triggered. four years on tens of thousands came out to the streets to demonstrate in large numbers. this year obviously, the added message is not a celebration, but the youth leaders told me to iraq and special forces there are on the defensive against the islamic state of iraq and levant in anbar
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province. i.s.i.l. seized large parts in june last year including anbar province. >> reporter: these are members of the elite golden brigade. they are engaged in battles with i.s.i.l. fighters every day. ramadi is the capital in central iraq bordering arabia jordan and the iraqi capital baghdad. i.s.i.l. controls most of the area and wants to seize the capital. >> reporter: the golden brigade are in the district. we have achieved progress and continue to despite the difficulties. in houses and streets. there are rumours that this area will fall to i.s.i.l. these are just rumours. >> witnesses say most of the
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area has become regular battle grounds. and are in ruin. some iraqi soldiers have been eskimo fighters for a year. despite the standoff they are determined they can win. >> we have been like this for a year. they are keep to do our job. every day i.s.i.l. attacks our position and they suffer huge losses. >> it's been a long time since i.s.i.l. sweeps through i.s.i.l. all the way to the outskirts and other skis across the country. the iraqi army seems to have found its resolve to fight back. now to europe. the february ministers arrived in brussels looking at trying
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to renegotiate the whole deal. europe's biggest group, germany is again a renegotiation of the deal keeping the grooek economy afloat. we have this report. >> as the prime minister told parliament that it will be a turning point. no more austerity, and the conditions imposed. alexis tsipras says the humanitarian crisis has touched many in the country. like this family. a single light connected to the neighbour's electricity supply. their own cut off because they didn't pay the bill. unemployed for five years, a businessman reduced to locking for food -- looking for food in dust pans. if it wasn't for the children he said he would have killed himself. this is the family that alexis
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tsipras said he'd help with free electricity and food. they clipping to his words. i believe in him. he's young and has a future in front of him. some of it will happen yes, i believe him. >> journalist at the national broadcaster - it was closed down by the previous government. it said to save money, some journalists carried on work anyway and they will resume being paid. >> we are celebrating, we feel great. we are waiting for that for 20 months. we are working for that for 20 months. we are here without money. we are working. democracy will come back to greece and to us. one of the biggest in europe. the previous government planned to privatize it to raise a
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billion euros. the dockers are happy with this. most voted for syriza which said it will protect their jobs. alexis has to balance their demands with a need to keep lenders happy. popular supports alone would not say syriza. the ott come of the vote was never in doubt. more important now are the negotiations between greece and its european partners as they try to reach an agreement to keep greece in the eurozone. still to come on the programme - lawyers for the captain of the capsized costa concordia make a last-ditch appeal. the death of a prosecutor adds to the concerns. more than 20 years after the bombing of a community center.
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hello again. let's look at the top stories - more civilians have been killed in eastern ukraine hours before peace talks are due to take place in minsk. the russian foreign minister warned it's unrealistic for kiev to put control over its border with russia. petro porashenko is prepared to
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impose martial law in all regions if the crisis escalates. britain and france close embassies after the u.n. envoy warned they are on the brink of civil war. meanwhile they are holding anti-coup demonstrations following last week's takeover the capital by rebels. >> the greek finance minister meets with brussels and e.u. credit ministers. germany is warning that greece should not be allowed to revise the terms of its debt we'll go to belgium. the court sentenced a group of men to 12 years imprison. a group found to be recruiting young people to fight for groups like i.s.i.l. and iraq. we'll go live to simon mcgregor-wood.
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this is the biggest arrest in belgium. >> yes, pretty much in belgium. certainly because it's possibly the largest in europe. 46 defendants interesting only nine were in court to hear the judge read out the verdict and past sentences. we undermine have been killed. around another 30 are out there, fighting for i.s.i.l. and other groups. at stake here was sharia 4 belgium. the leader of which was in court. he received 12 years for leadership of that organization. it is interesting that they decided the organization in belgium could be classed as the terror organization. it was, according to the
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verdict, was responsible for the recruitment. they were then sent to shia to fight. it is interesting that the man who is the ring leader was sentenced to 12 years. belgium per capita of the population. muslim fight in syria and iraq. it's a big problem here for the authorities. the trial at the end. at a time of height end events here following a shooting. two gunman part of a group planning to kill others last year the death of four people in the jewish museum. a french fighter - so it is a
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feeb rile atmosphere coming to the attention of the authorities with the case. it's a strong belgium. how serious their activities were - they'll face prosecution here when the youths come back and possibly a long spell in prison captain in the costa concordia trial denies multiple manslaughter charges. passengers and cruise ship rammed into rocks three years ago. the mysterious death of a prosecutor in argentina rekindled wounds in the jewish community. before being found dead he accused the president of covering up the bombing.
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daniel schweimler reports. sophia lost her daughter in a bomb attack at a jewish center at 9:. 53 a.m. waiting, fighting ever since. at first it continues to be unbearable. one learns to live with it. we believed everything they promise said here. all will be resolved. more than 20 years later. sophia and the families mostly jewish are waiting, marking the anniversary. the feign piloted by the event last month. highlighted. >> translation: i hope it will be alberto nisman he died for us. he dedicated himself specifically.
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we call him the 86th victim i hope we don't see impunity as for the other 85. while the victim's families want justice. we know what that will achieve. some support the governments, others take a different course. bernstein's ex-wife was a victim. >> i'm going to say what others will hear. we tell the truth. it affects people. that's their problem. >> this is election year in argentina. they want an army of victims and alberto nisman. the government and the opposition were accused of playing politics with the case. we don't want anyone using the army of dead. the elections should be disputed
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at the ballot box. not after the dead. >> argentina has the largest community. the army are bombing and the israeli embassy, two years earlier, in which 29 are killed. since then the community has lived under tight security. >> while so many questions remain. justice is still not down. after the bomb that exploded here on this site 21 years ago, the wounds remain unhealed. with this latest scandal, the death of alberto nisman the wounds have reopened, both in argentina in general, and the community community in particular. now, can you spot a fake? the gallery in london is challenging visitors to see which is made in china.
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>> reporter: the dulwich picture gallery is one of the world's oldest filled with hundreds of paintings, rembrandts rubens worth billions. amid the masters, and the originals lurks a copy. the challenge for visitors is to spot among the paintings, which is the fake. is to this one or this one. this one. by putting a replica in the frame, they are putting the replica in an original flame. it is open to suspicion. i think that heightens the sense that you give to every piece. >> the gallery sent a high resolution digital photograph where most of the world's mass produced start is pointed. reproductions to any style are
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big business. they are trained and expert in making copies. in one business alone. studios and workshops produce 5 million replication posing an interesting question - like what is art, what gives it its valuement philosophers have been pondering those questions. >> the value of art is not just the value of what it looks like. a work of art is not just an appearance it's a product of someone's effort and skill and technique and originality. it's good to have a show like this, because art is increasingly becoming an aet in the hands of -- asset in the hands of the 1%. it really makes you look at the picture and see it for its beauty rather than for its price. >> visitors have until april to register the picture that is made in china. after that the copy and the original hang side by side.
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the public can decide what is art to vietnam where a filthy waterway in ho chi minh city is transformed. scott heidler reports. >> reporter: imagining the air and the view is unthinkable when this girl was growing up in the house. her family lived along the canal for 50 years. >> the water was black. mosquitos were all over the place. after they removed the mud and garbage, it cleaned the air. >> it took more than dredging and trash removal. this was the first phase of a politically and technically ambitious plan by the government. the goal - to clean and reinstruct the canal that was an open sewer for 1.2 million people. >> it took a decade to complete.
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the improvement on the surface is obvious. along the 8km canal mistaking through the center of the city. it's the 50km of sewer line beneath the canal that is the key. >> it shows the depth of the government's ambition. it costs $350 million. 80% coming from loans. our project is the first large-sale operation with solutions and technologies. we instructing several sewerage and training lines. there are more areas of the city. loans from the world bang was approved late last year. 450 million. they moved near the canal after the clean up. and they saw promise. >> it's now connected to the
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road. see the environment in the area. it's a new chance. >> for those that live in the dark past. the clean up is something to pass on. even if it sits in fresh air at sunset. sunset. hello. i'm ray suarez. this week gay people started getting married in alabama. but the tug of war over same-sex marriage is not quite over. 81% of barack obama voters approved a ban on same-sex marriage. a federal judge struck down the ban. at the 11th hour the chief judge in the state of alabama tried to nullify the ruling ordering judges not to issue licences much the supreme court is letting marriages take place for now.