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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 12, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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>> yemen is collapsing, before our eyes. >> u.n. chief ban ki-moon says we must not stand by as yemen deteriorates. i'm lauren taylor, this is al jazeera live from london. coming up. an jcht court egyptian court orders the release of baher mohamed and mohamed fahmy on bail. a year in prison over a bag of nuts. korean air's former vice president is jailed over an air
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rage incident. hello, u.n. chief ban ki-moon has appealed for urgent action to stop yemen from descending into anarchy. as violence continues in the country. >> yemen is collapsing before our eyes. we cannot stand by and watch. the country is facing multiple challenges. a dangerous political crisis continues in sanaa. prime minister hadi and government ministers and other state officials must be granted freedom of movement. >> yemen's military launched air
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strikes against al qaeda fighters in southeast yemen. attacked by al qaeda fighters on two army bases in chebwa province. jamal al shayal has more. >> more warnings from u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon. what is the eunlts willing united nations willing to do, to solve a more and more dangerous situation some more and more unstable state, as every day that goes by. the political parties that have been involved in these negotiations have become more and more pessimistic with regard to the u.n.'s role, particularly its envoy in terms of these negotiations the houthis the shia militia that have conducted this coup have become more and more powerful as long as these
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negotiations continue. certainly there must be another strategy in order to ensure that this coup is reversed and that legitimacy is restored. on the security front: more violence across the country. this time on thursday there was an attack on what was food to be al qaeda militants in an army base on chebwa province. army base is close proximity to the oil production center of yemen. also significant is that the al qaeda militants who had taken control of this army base said they were doing this because they said the army had capitulated. as the houthis advance south wards towards the rest of the country and al qaeda wanted to open up a new frontier against them. more instability more incurrent concerns across the country.
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>> a female suicide bomber has blown herself up in a crowded market in northeast nigeria killing at least seven and injuring 20. the attack is another of a string of attacks where boko haram has been extremely active. meanwhile in neighboring niger raids have forced thousands to flee their homes. about 7,000 have arrived in difa the country's second largest town. an egyptian court has ordered reason bail of two al jazeera journalists. mohamed fahmy and baher mohamed have been detained for 411 days. their retrial is tu to resume due to resume at february 23rd. fahmy's bail was set at 33,000.
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that's not an option for egyptian baher mohamed who doesn't have a foreign pcht. passport. he doesn't hold a the ability to leave the country. cnn correspondent ian lee was in court and set this report. >> there really wasn't a dry eye in that courtroom among family and friends when they were told they were going to be reunited with their loved ones. defense lawyers talking to the judge, going after the ruling of the previous trial pointing out all the holes in the ruling. it was that case was passed down from a higher court who mentioned the same thing. that it just -- there was really nothing, no merit to the charges against them, that kept them in prison. so the judge then released them
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on bail. mohamed fahmy also gave a very passionate speech about giving up his egyptian nationality something he did regrettably he then waved an egyptian flag to show his pride talking to family members afterwards, they're looking for the next step looking for mohamed fahmy to be deported like peter greste only to canada. before this trial began it was the prosecution that had to sign off that and that was the holdup we're told of getting him deported. now it's in the hands of the judge. the family members are far more optimismoptimistic the that he will sign it than the judge will sign it. the family is just happy to have him home. baher mohamed's family is happy to have him home. they're going to have a party so
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he can be reintegrated with the life he's left for over 400 days. >> mohamed fahmy's brother had this creaks. >> wereaction. >> we will athe bide by egyptian law. everything else will fall apart completely. we wanted to keep ourselves not too excited or -- and just expect wanted to expect the worst but we got something. so. >> and baher mohamed's wife jihan is her reaction to the release. >> translator: i'm really happy. it's a dream that's come true. we've been waiting for this moment for more than a year now. i can't wait to tell our kids and get them ready to meet their dad. i'm hoping that official procedures are swift and easy so we can be reunited quickly.
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we'll keep on until all charges are dropped. >> if moscow upholds the end of eastern ukraine peace deal, reached in minsk between the leaders of ukraine germany france and russia. both sides must start withdrawing heavy weapons rocket systems soon afterwards. that process should be complete within two weeks. ukraine will again take control of its entire border of russia, part of which is on the hands of separatists. unlawful prisoners and hostages must be released. rory challenge reports from minsk. >> we drove across the fields to the front line. only hours ago ukrainian military shot grad rockets. we should switch off our mobile phones and drive fast.
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there are a few fighters at this former ukrainian military base. they say their primary role here is to try and monitor ukrainian army movements. we are in a separatist defensive position they tell us we can't go in front of this building because of dangerous snipers. the fighters here are unsure what the minsk agreement will mean for them. >> translator: we will stay here unless we get an order from our commanders to retreat or advance. we are holding this defense position to help protect the town. >> reporter: the separatist leaders said the agreement could have far reaching implications. >> translator: we can't deny ukraine this chance because the whole country will change as a result. the stewed and the people will change. in fact the people of ukraine we are still with them. we totally consider them our people. this chance is given to ukraine to change its constitution which
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is specifically mentioned in these documents to change its attitude. >> reporter: the minsk agreement fails to state the people's feelings, they are some in favor of independence. >> ukraine needs to be governed by an adequate government. >> how can we return to ukraine after everything they have done to us? >> reporter: thousands of people have been killed in indiscriminate shelling. three shells hit this hospital in separatist-controlled donetsk wednesday night. at least one person was killed. >> we hid where we could. patients were laying in the dust. one bed was destroyed by shrapnel. it was terrifying. >> reporter: so many have died since the last ceasefire collapsed in september. as to when this latest truce will be implementand held.
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charles stratford, al jazeera northeast ukraine. >> that was charles stratford reporting not rory challenge. the fighters have gained significant territory since the previous minsk agreement. according to the defense council of ukraine this is the ground the separatists held back then and these are the areas they captured since then, the donetsk airport and the railway hub of debaltseve. if and when the buffer zone is established this is where it could run between government and separatist held territory. let's here now from rory challenge on the deal. >> vladimir putin says it's not the best night of his life. the rest of the members agree.
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trying to reach an agreement on ukraine. many hopes of an announcement dashed then well into thursday it came. >> the first thing is a ceasefire starting at midnight on the 15th of february. then withdrawing of ukrainian troops and the withdrawal of don donbath region. >> even now, with the agreement signed, angela merkel says much hard work remains. >> translator: i am under no illusion and we are under no illusion that a lot of work is still necessary but there is a real chance to improve things. germany and france, france and germany together show that we have made a contribution in accordance with europe. >> of course we have been here
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before literally. minsk welcomes leaders for a piece of its back in september of 2014. but the ceasefire quickly fell apart. you can sign as many pieces of paper as you want but it's what happens on the ground that matters. and in eastern ukraine the fighting and the dying continued as the leaders talked. the separatists representatives have signed the new minsk deal. they're enforcing the agreed demilldemilitarized zone. pushing through assurances of political reform in the east. will be a torturous process with many opportunities for failure. rory challenge, al jazeera minsk. >> still to come this half hour: as a funeral is held for three
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muslim students in north carolina did race motivate their killer? walking out in protest southsouth africa's president delivers his state of the state address. address.
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>> hello again, reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon has called for immediate
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action to symptom stop yemen falling into anarchy. two al jazeera journalists have been ordered released from the egyptian prison 411 days. talks in minsk between european leaders have come to an agreement for ceasefire. angela merkel and prp went straightrpm wentstraight to an eu summit afterwards. how is this deal going to be worked out? >> it was, as a result of that marathon session of talks this eu summit was scheduled to start earlier in the day was knocked back a few hours until francois
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hollande, angela merkel and petro poroshenko were able to get here to brief the 28 heads of the eu states on some of the details, some of the flesh on the bones of this new agreement. going into the session a number of leaders expressed i think a great sense of relief and the talks had produced finally some kind of deal. but pretty much unanimous amongst them was this sense of well, as far as we know, this deal sounds very much like the last deal and that one didn't work. so the key thing is, implementation on the ground. it would have been interesting for them to have heard directly of course from president poroshenko who in his final briefing before he went back to kiev admitted that only in the last 72 hours he has only had five hours of sleep and he also mentioned relief achieving the ceasefire yes but even from him skepticism how difficult it will be to implement the deal on the
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ground and this is what he had to say on this issue. >> it was very difficult negotiation and we expect not easy implementation process. ukraine has always been very responsible in implementation of the minsk agreement unlike the other side. that is also why i arrive to brussels to coordinate our next step of the european union partners. the eu has demonstrated again as usual the real partnership with ukraine. >> and somewhat clearly high on this agenda there also, the situation in greece. >> reporter: yes, very much so. it was alexis tsipras first day if you like on the eu stage here and this follows an evening of very awkward and ultimately unsuccessful talks between his finance minister and the other finance ministers from the euro group, trying to work out a deal to renegotiate greece's very
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unpopular bail-out program. the greeks have come to the table here in brussels saying listen you have a mandate we do not accept the continuation of this deal, it's punishing us and ruining our economy. alexis tsipras called it the wounds of austerity he was hoping to heal today. they weren't able to work out the deal last night a number of people blame the greeks playing sort of game of brinksmanship if you like. also looking forward to hearing from mr. tsipras himself how he proposes to come back with counterproposals in order to get compromise from european union. he would have been glad to hear angela merkel on her way in that there was a willingness on behalf of the eu to compromise but the question of its
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credibility at stake. clearly having a mandate to change the rules of this bail out program. we'll see how sympathetic eu members have been. don't forget, all the while the clock is ticking. there's another finance ministers meeting next monday. 28th of february lauren the deal has to be signed because that's when the greeks desperately need some more bail-out cash. >> simon mcgregor wood, thawsmed. thawsmed. thank you very much indeed. crack down on individuals and companies of oil traded on islamic state of iraq and the levant and other al qaeda-linked groups. an iraqi special forces unit left stranded in the beiji refinery area, as imran khan
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reports, there are still large portions of beiji still held by the group. >> reporter: in mid november iraqi forces retook the town of beiji. but the forces were stretched and having secured the oil refinery they were unable to hold the center of the town. i.s.i.l. took advantage and pinned this unit down. every day for 103 days, they fought but neither side advanced. it was a stale stalemate. then just two days ago am a break through. help was finally at hand, breaking the supply route. >> we have managed to cut the enemy's supply line, from the center of terrorism. we have advanced further on the front towards senea town.
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our future plan is to retake senea and hutta towns completely. >> reporter: it won't be easy or happen soon. >> translator: we have separated senea from beiji. the people know how crucial these two locations are. now we have made good gains by making that separation. and we're still pushing through. >> reporter: these holes in the road are caused by i.s.i.l.'s improvised explosive devices and frequent intervals in the road, construction equipment that were once used as construction roadblocks. president barack obama said i.s.i.l. was on the back foot but in beiji seemingly not. the fact that i.s.i.l. was able to pin down an yaik iraqi special force unit for 103 days,
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should be of concern to everyone involved. imran khan al jazeera reporting. >> three members of an islamic family were shot dead in their home on tuesday in north carolina. police initially thought a dispute over parking spaces had led to the killings. andy gallagher is at the location of the funeral. >> an incredible show of sol dairltsolidarity is in north carolina. they are now in the sports field behind me to pay their respects to the two families and three victims. despite this being a day of mourning muslim civil rights leaders are still calling for law enforcement officials here
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to investigate this crime as a hate crime. they said that craig steven hicks picked on thee thretion people because -- thesethree people because of their faith. his family says it was over a parking space. chief of police and city officials come to show their solidarity. three or 4,000 students simply stood in silence. >> apologies for that, losing our correspondent. south african leaders have been demanding that the president answer question about $20 million of state money that was spent on his private home. in protest of the ejection of the freedom party erica wood
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has more from capetown. >> the opposition leader julius maleva from the eff party he wants answers from the president, over the so-called security upgrades that were made to his private property in canberra. something like $20 million were spent on his home for security upgrades. he has asked to pay some of that money back so far has not been forthcoming. the opposition says we need you to pay that money back, whether they should have or not whether it is constitutional or not is another question altogether. >> the u.n. refugee agency is asking to do more following the
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latest high seas tragedy. more than 300 are feared drowned after their overcrowded dinghy was overcome. u.n. says the new patrol is woefully inadequate. >> what we're saying is, it's obviously we've been saying this since mare nostrum was phasing out since last october. we call on europe to replace mare nostrum with a search and rescue operation otherwise many other lives will be lost and we see that evidence very tragically. starting a year's jail sentence over an argument over a bag of net. heather cho forced one of her korean air jets to turn around because she wanted nuts on a plate. incident sheds light on an unspoken aspect of korean
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culture. >> in custody since the end of december heather cho was at least spared the gauntlet of cameras the at western district court. she was brought by bus from the jail's back entrance. it wouldn't be long before she would make the return journey as a convicted criminal. vice president at korean air just one arm of the giant family firm putting her among south korea's elite. cho's lawyer said no decision had yet been made on whether to appeal. his client was convicted of interfering with the flight path of a plane. on debt december the 5th cho reacted with volcanic fury, in being served nuts in a bag and not on the plate. forcing the pilot to return to the gate. he would later testify that she
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treated him and his colleague as feudal slaves, forcing him to kneel before her. a transport ministry official involved in that investigation given a suspended sentence. but it was for cho that the judge reserved his harshest language. saying her expressions of regret were insincere and she trampled on the self regard of other human beings. >> the fact that she only got one year for abusing power is just another instance of how much privilege these powerful people have. >> translator: the court may have thought the sentence was for a period but from a certain perspective it is more. >> translator: people make mistakes, i don't think this should have been viewed as an issue of the powerful versus the rest. >> as heather cho erupted she could hardly have recognized
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that her actions led to a one year prison term. entitlement and impunity that surrounds the royal family, a sense that they have been getting away with this type of activity for too long. harry fawcett, al jazeera. >> more on the website rosie perez was three years old when her schizophrenic mother put her in a catholic children's home where she was often abused. >> i had to physically fight back or else, you know, my ass was going to get kicked. >> the oscar nominated actress's new book explains how she overcame odds? >> i felt like i was always acting, always esc