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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 13, 2015 9:00am-9:31am EST

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>> running for their lives shia muslims attacked while operating at a mosque in northwestern pakistan. >> hello again this is the world news on al jazeera. also to come: >> the u.n. acknowledges for the first time that any resolution to the fighting in syria must involve president bashar al assad. >> boko haram baling inside nigeria, the armed group attacked chad. >> i'm very proud of every single moment i spent in prison for the sake of freedom of
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expression. >> out on bail, al jazeera journalist baher mohammed and mohamed fahmy are now with their families. >> a shia mosque has been attacked in the pakistani city, at least 19 people have been killed. this is the second serious attack on a mosque in two weeks. >> they clothes the busiest time of the week, friday prayers. a small group of men wearing suicide vests entered the building and shot at worshipers, even throwing grenades. one blew himself up, killing the most number of people. another attacker was held down by some of the worshipers until he was shot by officers. according to a local police chief, this was a courageous decision that prevented many for deaths.
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the people were caught in the middle of a long running violent campaign by the pakistani taliban. it wants to him pose a strict version of islamic law and wants more control and said this is revenge for the killing of one of its men in december. >> the taliban has chosen to target shia muslims a minority community in pakistan. this is where 150 people, mostly children were killed in a school in december. the government's been fighting the taliban in tribal areas where it's most active, but the military campaign has not stopped attacks like these. >> boko haram fighters have launched an attack inside chad from their stronghold in neighboring nigeria. the fighters crossed lake chad, separating two countries in canoes. they set houses on fire in the border town, killing several people before being pushed back
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by the army. now, chad, niger nigeria cameroon along with benin all pledged to create an international force to fight boko haram. we have more now. >> the details of this fresh attack come from an unnamed security official. what we know is that the group boko haram suspected members of the group stormed this village in the very early hours of friday morning. according to the security official there were at least 30 suspected boko haram fighters, however, there is some discrepancy if you like about how many people may have been killed. now, what does this mean for the broader fight against boko haram? >> well, when you talk to those who are supporting the military offensives, the various military too fast going on against the group by countries like nigeria chad and cameroon, they say this is an ongoing battle. no army has said that they're
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able to defeat boko haram. it's difficult to know where the group are, to know where the members are, to know how they're planning their attacks. when you talk to critics of the authorities, they say this news of this latest attack is just more evidence of the ineffectiveness of the armed forces, who are battling the group, that billions of dollars is being spent fighting them, thousands of soldiers have been deployed to the region, but still they are failing failing to protect lives and property. >> al jazeera journalists baher mohammed and mohamed fahmy are now home with their families. their retrial of colluding with the banned muslim brotherhood is expect to continue in 10 days. we have the latest. >> after 411 days, after too much time in prison, it's a dream coming true. >> al jazeera producer baher mohammed during the first moments of his new found
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freedom, a day to celebrate with his wife and three children. >> i'm very proud of every single moment i spent in prison for the sake of freedom of expression. i'm really proud about it. if time goes back, i would choose the same experience. i know the case is still there. i'll continue. i'll continue to fight for the freedom of express and i will not back off. >> baher and mohamed fahmy were granted bail by a judge thursday. they were imprisoned for 411 days in egypt. as part of the bail, fahmy was asked to pay a security bond of around $33,000. >> we will abide by everything in egyptian law. i'm sure he is vindicated by this and will be completed vindicated. >> the fight for baher mohammed
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and mohamed fahmy will continue until charges are dropped. baher and fahmy were convicted that was recently overturned. egypt's highest court of appeals has said proceedings were flawed and order add retrial. early this month another al jazeera journalist, peter greste was deported to australia after 400 days in detention. fahmy, who is an egyptian canadian was told by the authorities that his only way to freedom is to renounce his egyptian citizenship which he has done. the three al jazeera journalists, were arrested in december 2013. they were wrongly accused of promoting the banned muslim
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brotherhood. their trial's been widely condemned by the international community and human rights organizations. six other colleagues from al jazeera were sentenced in absentia to 10 years in prison. al jazeera continues to call on egypt to have all of its journalists exonerated. >> a police officer has died and nine others injured by shrapnel in a blast in egypt. a security source says an improvised bomb targeted a police patrol northeast of the capitol cry row. egyptian armed group of egypt soldiers said it tarted security forces because they were head to go disperse protests. >> people have been protesting the government, this is in cairo, where demonstration were peaceful. in nearby geese does a security
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forces used tear gas to disperse protests that became violent. >> isil forces in iraq are moving closer to a major government base, which houses hundreds of u.s. troops. fighters attacked the western town offal al baghdadi in anbar province from two directions. it's been besieged by isil for months. the violence was close to the air base where u.s. marines are training iraqi forces. most of the surrounding towns in anbar have already fall to know isil after the armed group advanced quickly across the syrian border last summer. we have more now from baghdad. >> the attack began around 12:00 p.m. thursday in what iraqi security fores are telling us are a number of what they say are isil sleeper cells activated themselves within the center of the town of baghdadi and took over a number of buildings. they were then reinforced by isil fighters coming in from the west of the city, and were able
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to take and control a number of government buildings. however, what we're hearing from the iraqi security forces is they were able to go in and be able to take control of the town itself all the local sources say there are still a number of isil fighters within the center of the town itself and clashes are still ongoing. americans have 300 security training advisors within the air force base. they would rather the iraqi forces take control and do the predominantly all of the fight to go get rid of the size as i will who are very close to the base itself. what we've seen time and time again is this tactic of taking over a town near a government base and using that as a staging post. there are conflicting reports whether isil fighters still remain in the center of baghdadi itself. however, it is a tactic we've seen time and time again from isil fighters and it is a real
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concern. >> now the u.n. special envoy to syria says any resolution to the country's conflict must involve president bashar al assad. this is a first time the u.n. is saying this. the press was briefed about meeting with syria's president in damascus a few days ago. he's due to present a report on the mission on february 17. >> there is an important dialogue that we need to have. he is still president of syria. there is a government there. there is a large part of syria which is under the control of the syrian government, and i will continue having very important discussions with him because he's part of the solution. >> myanmar's military said 47 soldiers have been killed in four days of fighting with
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ethnic chinese rebels. the violence in the state bordering china started monday. the government says the soldiers were trying to stop the rebels from taking over the capitol of the region. china's foreign ministry called for calm and said refugees from myanmar are already freeing into china. >> this is not the first time there's been fighting between the myanmar national democratic alliance army and also the myanmar armed forces. it happened six years ago. on that occasion, some 30,000 refugees crossed the border into china. they were mostly ethnic chinese and that is the case now. we're told that some 10,000 refugees have crossed over the border into china during friday. that is going to continue, i think over the weekend. picture the on line show thousands of refugees sheltering
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in tents others in an exhibition center and also a sports stadium. china's ministry of foreign affairs say they'll continue to provide humanitarian aid but appeals to the government of myanmar to try and find a peaceful solution. two sides were due to sign a ceasefire a number of days ago. that clearly is not going to happen. the worry now is that the fighting will drag on as it has done in the past. >> still to come on the program india demands action from u.s. authorities after local police attack an indian grandfather in alabama. plus: >> parliament punchup. opposition lawmakers are shown the door in south africa.
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>> the taliban is saying that it was behind the suicide bomb attack on a mosque in pakistan that killed at least 20 people. three bombers set off their explosives during friday prayers as the shia muslim mosque in pashar. >> al jazeera journalist baher mohammed and mohamed fahmy are home with their families. their retrial on charges of colluding with the banned muslim brotherhood resumes in 10 days. >> boko haram fighters launched
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an attack in chad from their stronghold in neighboring nigeria. several people were killed when they crossed lake chad in canoes to attack the town. >> the deadline for beam to collect voter i.d. cards in nigeria has been extended to march eight following the postponement of presidential elections due to be held saturday. election officials believe more than 20 million people still haven't been able to collect their cards. al jazeera reports from the nigeria capitol. >> anthony is happy the presidential election has been postponed. maybe this means he can finally find his permanent voter card. without it, he can't vote. then again his name isn't on the register, either. >> people here in kind of feel
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that gets someone hurt. >> of course i am very happy because i think the postponement of this election actually -- >> election officials believe more than 20 million people still don't have their voter i.d. cards. officials blame voter apathy as well as technical and logistic problems. delaying the election six weeks has raised suspicion in what's expected to be a hotly contested election. >> the main opposition party the all progressive congress is concerned the ruling party is trying to buy time to manipulate the electoral process. >> the ruling people democratic party denies the allegation, and explains that the army needs more time to secure areas in the northeast that have been
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attacked by boko haram fighters. >> some say it all comes down to one thing politicians interfering with the commission. >> that can only be done when we have a people's -- >> people of the northeast need voter i.d. cards so the government is trying to speed delivery. >> they can quickly find out if there card is for personal collection. when you click this link, it tells you where to collect your card. >> if the army manages to make it safe for people in the northeast to return, voters will also have to go through this whole process to collect their voter i.d. cards hopefully in time for the election.
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>> saudi arabia has become the latest country to close its embassy in yemen following in the footsteps of several western pours. this follows last week's coup by shia houthi rebels in the capitol. we can talk to our correspondent live in taiz, south of send in a. jamal, things must be very bad in the capitol sanna for saw the rain, one of the neighboring countries to be pulling out. >> yes saudi has been very critical of the coup that's taking place here in yemen. it has been -- there's been harsh words toward the houthi rebels who now militants are in control of the north of country and of the government institutions in sanna. therefore, they're cited the security concerns as the main reason why they're withdrawing.
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it's important to note that the houthis have not been happy about our countries closing their embassies ever six the u.s. started that trends, and they were followed by the u.k., france and italy. because obviously they need some sort of international legitimacy for their power grab. one of the reasons that the houthis are doing this is not just security concern but increase the pressure on the houthis as the united nations are pushing for this u.n. security council resolution that would demand the houthis to withdraw fighters from the cost roll give up institutions they've captured and release the president who's been under house arrest for a couple of weeks. protests ever taken place across the country against the coup, the anti coup protests, democracy protests taking place. obviously the situation in other places has been deteriorating with the fighters capturing one
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army base 24 hours ago and giving it up to tribal militias or militants who then captured several other army bases. there is a lot of deterioration on the security front. politically speaking, people are putting the pressure in the united nations but the situation hasn't changed on the ground and as far as the houthis still control the capitol. >> thank you. >> we're staying with matters saudi. we understand that the country has released two women detained for breaking its ban on female drivers. they've been detained since december. saudi arabia is the only country in the world which doesn't allow women to drive. >> the indian government is asking the united states to investigate reports that police officers in alabama attacked an indian grandfather and left him partially paralyzed.
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>> mr. pat tell is about to meet two officers from the alabama police department. a dashboard camera in one of the officer's car records the conversation. >> what's going on, sir? >> do what? >> and what follows. he is tackled to the ground. the incident recorded by a different camera in a second car. police say they'd received a call about a suspicious person. patel's son said his father had gone for a walk. >> police told him to stop. he stopped and he was telling them no english indian, and he was telling them in english house number, and pointing towards the house. >> patel arrived in madison to help his son's family care for their 17-month-old child. audio captures confusion among the officers. >> e.m.s., maybe? >> i don't know, he don't speak a lick of english. >> when police try lifting patel. they find he can't stand up.
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>> stand up. >> stand up! >> patel's lawyers say he was severely injured and required surgery to relieve brush on his spinal cord. madison police officers ever apologized to him and arrested an officer on an assault charge. >> i found that officer parker's actions did not meet the high standards and expectations of the madison city police department. for that reason, i sincerely apologize to mr. patel. >> the indian government has contacted the u.s. state department to express its concern. >> our understanding of the situation is that while there has been some progress in his medical situation it still is a matter of concern. >> the u.s. state department has sent its condolence to say the state department in india and the rest of his family. patel is suing the city and the two officers. al jazeera.
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>> politicians from africa's economic freedom fighter's party, the third party in parliament were thrown out of the chamber after trying to interrupt the president's annual state of the nation speech. the country's third political party wants the president zuma to pay back state funds he spent renovating his private home. >> the president was interrupted during his address. >> which rule are you using -- >> the house was forced to stop proceedings and call on security to eject the leader of the economic freedom fighters party o.e.f.f. and all of its members out of the chambers. minutes later anger over how it was dealt with also led to the walkout for the main opposition
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democratic alliance party. it was promised weeks ago that the occasion would be used to demand the president pay back funds that he used making security upgrades to his private home. last year, the public protector found zuma spent more than $20 million on the upgrades and said he should pay back some of it from his own money. so far he's paid nothing. >> the state of the nation is the president's chance to highlight the country's achievements over the past year. this year, the address has been unprecedented in terms of anticipation and controversy, in part because the scandal and because of the electricity crisis which is causing rolling blockouts across the country. others say interrupting the station of the nation speech is the wrong way to demand the president pay back the money. religious leaders did try to
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mediate before it got to this point, but failed. there is concern that this may set a precedent for future state of the nation addresses. >> it's not about the party. it's the president making a statement and addressing the nation. >> whatever issues that you ever against zuma, it should be resolved following the procedure of the parliament. >> others say while the stunt succeeded in creating a parmentry circumstances, it won't have achieved much. >> it's interesting for people watching but at the end of the day, it's not going to take them further substantively. >> if some don't agree with the way the party has dealt with their grievances, maybe say they suffer from real issues the president has failed to deal with. al jazeera, cape town, africa. >> greece's foreign minister
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tsipras said an agreement on the bailout can be reached. he's hopeful of a compromise before his government runs out of money. >> this bridge agreement will lead us to a new social contact with our european partners within six months. a contract for growth, for social cohesion and for getting grease out of the crisis. >> it's almost four years since a major earthquake struck kind of the church in new zealand and its impact is still felt. the contradict world cup has just officially opened there suggesting a return to normality. in many parts of the city, that simply isn't the case. >> much of central christchurch is still abandoned following the 2011 earthquake and doesn't look like it's about a host an international sporting event.
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on the edge of the business district its heart is alive and well about to host the opening game of the world cup. >> it's just a fantastic opportunity for christchurch to prove itself to be the host city that we've always been. >> the lives of so many people who live here are still in limbo. in some suburbs and surrounding towns, communities have disappeared. in this area, there used to be almost 600 families, now there are just three. present and his family turned down government offers to move out of the damaged area. he's working to help others get the money they are owed from insurance companies so they can rebuild. >> this is one of the reasons why we're start to go lodge claims with the eocd in terms that we believe that insurance companies, some of the insurance companies have breached people's human rights. >> it's a similar situation for may be commercials buildings and facilities. the 2011 earthquake occurred
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less than seven months before this stadium in christchurch was scheduled to host games in the rugby world cup. of course they had to be moved to other cities and this facility has been left largely untouched ever since. it also would ever hosted world cup contradict games but is the subject of an insurance dispute and therefore its fate unknown. with so many reminders of the disaster, it's hoped that cricket will provide decides traction. proudly christchurch born and bread, he believes the world cup is what the city needs. >> there are families having issues here. it's wonderful to think you can have these events and cheer the community. >> they hope when the games are shown around the world they'll send a message that despite the challenges the city is open for business. al jazeera christchurch. >> if you go to the website
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you'll see some fabulous pictures family pictures, baher mohammed who as you've been hearing has come out of jail on bail and been reunited with his family. have a look at those families on the website. >> this week, diplomat and author. >> i always say they have a big responsibility to address this issue and to promote tolerance, to promote respect, to promote that religion lead to peace, not to blood. >> the u.s. alliance for civillations office claims to