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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 14, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EST

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>> u.n. says yrntlez president bashar al-assad must be part of the solution. u.s. says he's the problem. renews a probe into a coverup by president kris chris
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areina kirsh inner. battle is getting worse near debaltseve. the rail railway junction, near the rebel stronghold of donetsk. there is also shelling in luhansk. >> this is not just an attack of the ukrainian sector, but the minsk result. after minsk the offensive operation of russia, intensified significantly.
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>> at least 25 have been killed since the ceasefire was signed. charles stratford reports from the front line there. >> ukrainian tanks behind me are in a support position for what is believed to be 8,000 ukrainian soldiers in the town of debaltseve. separatists say they have surrounded the town. become a major stronghold, if the separatists take control of debaltseve, it will give them a direct route via rally way to russia. ukrainian fighting close by. everything is destroyed said this ambulance driver, you can't get into town and there are dead bodies on the road. we pushed up further towards debaltseve. we're here at a ukrainian army check point. there is a lot of heavy weaponry going towards the front. we are hearing a lot of
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shelling. these soldiers are very nervous about us being here. they don't like to be filmed, bad luck before going into palt. battle. one soldier agreed to speak to us. we were shelled with mortars and grad rockets. we want peace happy about the coming ceasefire but we don't trust president putin. >> the military are tells us it's too dangerous to go any further, they feel the separatists will hit the bridge at any time and as you can see there is a lot of heavy equipment going in that direction. the ceasefire is supposed to start at 0000 hours on february 15th. for now though the guns and rockets remain.
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behind me in the field the ukrainian military have set up gradless. there are grads to my left. a few days ago these soldiers were not here. there's a big fear that the separatists will try and take full control of debaltseve in this interim period between truce being signed and it beings implemented on the 15th. the battle for debaltseve goes on. charles stratford, al jazeera eastern ukraine. >> the u.n. special envoy to syria says the president must be involved in the short term effort to end the fighting. wasn't talking about long term plans and the geneva communique, to end the war calls for a transitional government possibly
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including members of the current government. >> there is an important dialogue that we need to have. he is still president of syria. there is a government there. there is a large part of syria which is under the control of the syrian government. and i will continue having very important discussions with him. because he is part also of the solution. >> those people who live in the syrian city duma. have asked help to stop the shelling. government offensive almost two weeks old. 200 people in duma have reportedly been killed. and talks between the syrian government and oings opposition fighters have broken down in homs. for ensuring the safety of
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civilians. abdullah al shami has more. >> this has been the scene. constant bombardment is clear indication where the rebels stand. the government has asked to give up but they're not leaving. >> we're here to fight. we'll stay and defend our people. >> opposition fighters give up opposition, to get back to work. it also meant u.n. workers could deliver supplies to thousands of people trapped in the area. but simply hope for an agreement at this time. >> why isn't anyone caring for us. we suffer in silence while the whole world watches. >> for people in homs the end of that suffering must seem a long
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way off. abdullah al shami, al jazeera. >> covering up allegations of an iranian involvement of the bombing of a jewish center. prosecutor found dead last month. from buenos aires daniel schwindler. >> the allegation is that they covered up iranian involvement in the 1994 attack on the jewish community center in buenos aires that killed 85 people. the alleged reward was cheap oil and trade deals. the government has always vehemently denied these allegations. but the latest has rocked the are establishment. >> the judicial aspect is highly questionable. while we can't deny that it's
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having an extraordinary political impact. >> the allegations were initially made by prosecutor alberto nisman. the day before he was to speak at a congressional hearing his body was found with a pistol shot in his head. helping the inquiry as to how he died. nearly a month later argentines are still debating whether it was suicide or murder. others are saying it is politically motivated and amounts to nothing. the only certainty is that it is added to the uncertainty and argentines are no closer to discovering who detonated the bomb in 1994 or how alberto nisman died. meanwhile, president kirchner has flown to her weekend home acknowledge she will return next week for a march organized by
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albert oh nisman's colleagues. daniel schwindler, al jazeera buenos aires. allegations unfounded and biased. >> why is there an active judicial coup? because the complaint is not aiming at a conditional outcome but a situational outcome. >> government having links with i.s.i.l. have reportedly taken or more territory in sirte. broadcasting more propaganda. >> two commercial ships and an italian coast guard vessel saved
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700. an estimated 300 migrants were drown in stormy assess trying seas on way from middle east. >> looking for more survivors and bodies. well we are back in bangladesh soon in this program. >> the business has been bad for the past few days. >> where the fear of attacks is bad for business on valentine's day. and we have are new york fashion week.
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with the most interesting people of our time... talk to al jazeera part of our special black history month coverage on al jazeera america
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>> the new al jazeera america primetime. get the real news you've been looking for. at 7:00, a thorough wrapup of the day's events. then at 8:00, john seigenthaler digs deeper into the stories of the day. and at 9:00, get a global perspective on the news. weeknights, on al jazeera america . >> a round of the top stories. ukraine army battling near the town of debaltseve. any short term solution to end the fighting, stefan de mistura says it's up to finding the long term political
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solution. >> christina fernandez de kirchner. >> 14-year-old mala katif has been detained and accused of throwing rocks and carrying a nieive of knife. imtiaz tyab was there. >> after 45 days in an israeli prison she was given a hero's welcome. the 14-year-old schoolgirl was arrestedby israeli soldiers in december. they accused her of throwing stones and carrying a knife. she was convicted after dpreag to aagreeingto a plea deal be for a shorter
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sentenced. her family says she was pressured into making a confession. people gathered at this hall to celebrate her release. politicians made speeches praising her for her courage and strength. we asked her what it was like in prison. >> i was always so cold. the prison guards used to scare us with barking dogs. it was really hard. >> since 2010 israeli military forces have arrested and detained more than 3,000 palestinian children. according to human rights groups after their release many experienced symptoms of trauma including hopelessness anger and nightmares. ivan works for an advocacy group that assists children held in israeli prisons.
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>> children are soft targets. if you are trying to arrest other members and keep them in check we feel the israeli military targets these children in order to break the will of the palestinians and cut down on protests. >> two years ago a u.n. human rights organization accused israel of torturing those hemmed in custody. israel accused the u.n. of bias. her experiences of prison will likely stay with her. >> the al jazeera journalist baher mohamed and mohamed fahmy celebrating time with their family. baher says he has no regrets.
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he and the other now on bail. richard martin reports. >> after 411 days after too much time alone in prison it's like a dream coming true. >> al jazeera produceer baher mohamed, a day to celebrate with his wife and three children. >> i'm very proud of every single moment i spent in prison for the sake of freedom of expression. i'm really proud about it. as time goes back, i will choose the same experience. and i know the case is still there, i'll continue, i'll continue to fight for freedom of expression and i will not back off. >> baher and his colleague mohamed fahmy were granted bail by a judge on thursday. come as a huge relief. they have been in prison in egypt since december 2013, but the case will continue until the
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charges are dropped. baher was originally sentenced to 10 years and fahmy to 7 years years. proceedings were flawed and ordered a retrial. another al jazeera journalist peter greste was deported to australia after 400 days in detention. fahmy was told by the egyptian authorities that the only way to secure his release would be to denounce his egyptian citizenship which he has done. wildly condemned by human rights organizations. six other al jazeera journalists
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were sentenced in absent sha. an absent absentia. >> tony abbott issued his convictions for inmates for drug charges. 16 people killed and 30 hurt a paper in nuevo leon state said the train was carrying 60 passengers. united nations urging the mexican government to do further investigation, on the case of the 43 students missing in miguelguerrero state.
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>> a national problem that's how a u.n. committee described forced disappearances in mexico. a panel has urged mexico to further investigate the matter. >> we do not have the numbers precisely, there are exactly six persons put to trial and sentenced for this crime. >> reporter: the u.n. also called on mexico to create a special prosecutor's office to investigate such crimes. parents and classmates of the missing students gathered in the capital on friday and. >> we ask them that they do a proper investigation. >> translator: the partnership was there they harassed us,
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they repressed us, they took our cell phones and forced us on the ground. >> there is no concrete evidence that the army was involved. are last week the mexican government told the u.n. committee that more than 11,000 people were missing in the country. am policity international says more than 22,000 people disappeared in the last years. videos have emerged of police kidnapping people, sometimes in broad daylight, others in cover of night. the students went missing on the night of september 26th. this video allegedly portrays some of them being hauled off by police. corrupt police handed the students to a drug gang who killed them and burned their bodies. he so-called that a quote
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historic truth said there were flaws in the investigation a claim that government rejects. only the remains of one student have been identified. meanwhile another international organization the commission on human rights, says it is sending a treamsend ateam to investigate. all this international tension may make that impossible. adam rainey, al jazeera,ing mexico city. >> a traditional way to celebrate, but in bangladesh, it's bad for the business. >> it's been a bad couple of months for most of the businesses in bangladesh, but for flower growers it could he under up being a tbad year. inbad year.
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in february is when they make all of their money are transportation has stopped. this means that although sajemi and his men pick the flowers there is no one to take them to the square for valentine's day. >> these two weeks are worth 7 to $9,000 for us, that's basically all our profits. >> forflorists this is a special anniversary. >> the love holiday is good for us flower vendors. >> this makes it an especially
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sensitive location acknowledge the vendors worry this might be keeping customers away. february is flower season in bangladesh and not just because of valentine's day. february 13th is the first day of the bengali spring. it is typical nor women to take to the streets wearing flowers. a festival to see more things. >> not stay cooped up in their homes, that would be the sad thing. >> sajima hopes this will not be the case, a bad february, a bad business. >> three years ago three had people
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had an idea of sharing videos on line. tarek has the story. >> here is the san diego zoo in 55.the idea that anyone chem nine could share their videos on caught on fast just a year later, 65,000 videos were being uploaded each day and youtube was getting 100 million daily views. today we have some exciting news for you we've been acquired by google. >> 17 months after going live cks youtube was judges acquired by google. >> short after they bought youtube, youtube would not have
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been able to do it if it was just a single startup by a couple of guys. >> made it a powerful force. >> no longer do people have gatekeepers, radio stations, tv networks movie studios. 9 is create something and distribute it to everyone. >> the adverts adverts have now necessitated a million dollars in a year. do prices prand deals really it's reduced the barriers to anyone to then go and billion dollars a cs heck dhurs guides
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and tutorials changing the self education industry. more than 300 hour of explicit videos from being posted. in. >> this is the challenge as well as the opportunity. of viewer generated content. you can have this huge platform that can have huge positive net value, but also, negative net value as well. if you are not did at protecting the platform you'll understand. >> youtube and parent company google cojt to monitor their resources. >> fashion designers from across the world are showcasing their
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latest line in new york this week. >> the glitz the glamor, it's the week flts fashion week, the designers come with their young and buj beautiful. this is the biggest week of the year. >> this is the epicenter of where fashion happens. this is where it all starts so the buzz if here doing fashion it is this huge energetic event. >> this is fueled not just by energy but economics. combined it generates more than $900 million more than the
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u.s. open or the marathon, in a city well-known by some of the world's most beknew brands. ail the people involved in making sure that the shows happen smooftly. >> all the marketing and the executive spees evere expertise and then you have to have a veb you a and a place and people that do that and the across that are involved in it and the people who feed the crews and the after-party and before-party yes, there is a lot of people. >> and even more people.
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gabriel elizondo, al jazeera new york. >> famous celebration of brazilian women as warriors, the sun appears as it's shining. shining. the fight over vaccines that's leaving american public health hanging in the balance. >> i think we're born with an immune system that is designed to protect us and we need to trust that. >> what's frustrating when the researchers and academicians people don't believe them. >> public shaming has been a case