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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 14, 2015 11:00am-11:31am EST

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>> fighting ranges in eastern you rain just before a cease-fire deal is supposed to come into affect. you're watching al jazeera. also coming up. rallies against yemen against the houthi take over and the use of force against protesters. mending their ways we bring the
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strategies of niger delta. plus new delhi's promise to stop corruption. first to breaking news. shots have been fired at a copenhagen cafe where freedom of speech meeting was being held. the french ambassador had were there. we bring you these pictures now. a shooting at a copenhagen cafe. we don't have any more details other than that, but when we find out more we'll obviously let you know. let's take you four world leaders to negotiate the
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cease-fire deal. if anything what is happening on the grouped anything to go by, it's already looking shaky. there has been fierce fighting. >> it's hard to believe there is an cease-fire just hours away as they make a bloody attempt to recapture communities. robbing as much territory as possible has become the order of the day as the clock ticks down to a cause in hostileities. >> the militia are trying to solve tactical tasks. to widen the territories that they control. >> and clearing up this morning in the center of the city of donetsk after a residential
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block was hit by shelling two people died in the hit. fighting is still fierce around the strategic town of debaltseve as they make a push on the strategic town they had surrounded. forcing villagers to flee. >> it's not quiet. we've been hit by all sides. >> despite the peace deal hammered out in belarus ukrainians head for the border. they are holding out little hope that this cease-fire will stick. al jazeera. >> charles starter ford is following developments for us in eastern ukraine. he joins us now from donetsk. what have they told you?
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>> the separatist leader here in donetsk has released a statement that doesn't bode well at all for this cease-fire. excuse me if i paraphrase it. he said, refer together separatests, will stop firing throughout the area excluding the town of debaltseve. he said there were no words about the town of debaltseve, and any attempts by the ukrainian army to escape from the town or break out will be regarded as a violation of minsk. the ukrainians have been pouring in troops to it. we were there yesterday. the separatests have for the last week or so claimed that they have completely surrounded it. we understand that there are as many as 8,000 ukrainian troops inside debaltseve. and it's very obvious by the statement that he considers
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debaltseve to be part of the territory area. you >> coupled with what you saw today, talk us through that. >> well, we came back from the debaltseve area this morning. as i say, we were reporting from there yesterday. gene we saw a big troops build up there ukrainian forces in that area. we heard that there had been shelling and fighting throughout the night. as we came across the ukrainian check point, it was evidence that they were a lot more stringent in their checks. they weren't allowing heavy vehicles into the region. as we came through some of the rebel check points we saw
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separatests setting up position. we spoke to one fighter who was expecting a fight after nightfall. we came into donetsk and we heard there were reports of heavy shelling in the morning but it was quite quiet when we arrived. as we were attending a press conference there was shelling very close to that building. we went to the residential area, but one of those areas hit we heard in the reports there hit a residential area. we now understand that at least three people were killed in that attack and 12 others wounded. as we approach the cease-fire time the agreeted time for the cease-fire it doesn't bode very well. . >> talks held in yemen between houthi rebels and ali abdullah
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saleh, hoping the meeting will lead though a transitional body that will lead for the next two years. >> angry protesters set fire to a houthi vehicle in yemen's third largest city. they say the car was being used by the houthies to pre-vicinity them from holding a demonstration. this is one of many predominantly sunni regions where anti-houthi sentiment is on the rise. this is a city south of the capitol of sanaa. the shia houthis are in control of parts of the city, but people are worried. protesters are out on the streets to denounce what they say is a hotely crackdown on activists and opponents. >> they kept beat meg, torturing me for hours. they wanted false confessions
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things i was never involved in. they wanted me to lie and say that we were paid to protest against them and american and british organizations were participating against them as they paid husband money to protest against the houthis. all lies. >> anti-houthi protests are spreading across the country. in the city of ib many gather in the main square to express their solidarity with president hadi, who was recently forced to resign. last week shia houthis dissolved parliament and said it would run the country on its own for a period of two years, until elections are held. the coup was denounced by the international community. the u.n. is renewing efforts to bring the factions together,
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calling more new powers for its envoy. many countries have evacuated their embassies in the capitol of sanaa including the u.s. which has been actively engaged in drone attacks against al-qaeda in yemen. but there is growing concerns that the power vacuum could lead to more violence and instability. al jazeera. >> the u.n. envoy to iraq has strongly condemned the killing of a sunni tribal leader. we warn you some of the images we're about to show you are disturbing. a group of 12 people kidnapped by a shia group in baghdad and then murdered. the u.n.'s u.n. has described it as a heinous and unacceptable crime. two sons of an iraqi mp are among the dead. the iraqi government has send enforcements in the town of
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al baghdadi. iraqi forces, the pentagon confirmed the group of fighters attacked the facility on friday. hundreds of protesters have rallied in bahrain's capitol to mark four years of the start of the country's up riding. activists have up loaded video that shows a child being arrested. the demonstrators are mainly shia muslims calling for political reforms from the ruling sunni family. >> this type of protest is not allowed in this country.
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we have at least four people who have been shot in the eyes so they have become blind. so we have protests going on, each village has a few thousand people coming out, and there have been clashes going on. there is loft blockage in the streets either by the protesters or by the police, and there are check points everywhere. there are clashes this is like a
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war and people are throwing stones on the police. >> still to come in the program argentina's establishment is left reeling after the president is investigated over an alleged government cover up. and we'll look at the multi million dollar business at the glamour of new york fashion.
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>> on the stream >> 40% of the food produced in the us ends up in landfills at a cost of a 165 billion a year. we look at inovative ways to end the waste. >> the stream, on al jazeera america >> you're watching al jazeera.
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a reminder of the top stories. danish media are reporting that three police officers have been wounded after shots were fired in a cafe in copenhagen. a freedom of speech meeting was being held there at the event. the event is organized by a swedish artist who has been threatened in the past for the caricature of the prophet muhammad in 2007. in ukraine there are reports of battles in the government-held port city of mariupol. in yemen talks continue between houthi rebels and former president ali abdullah saleh. we go to copenhagen. peter, what's happened?
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>> there was a debate--talks in copenhagen. apparently the copenhagen police just told one of the attackers came into the scene and open fired with an automatic weapon. three policemen from the copenhagen police have been wounded. the hunt has gone on in the northern part of copenhagen, and the rest of the city as well it should be two or three men that the police are looking for right now. >> so they are on the run. what do we know--some of the policemen have been injured. what do we know about this meeting? if it does, indeed, involve the artist we know that he has been under security some time since depicting the prophet prophet
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muhammad in 2007. >> eyewitnesses say that there were a lot of intelligence people there. there was a meeting with a lot of security around. people were being frisked when they entered and a lot of the intelligence service were at the scene, and then the cartoonists have been drawing mohammed as a dog, and he should not be hit from what i know. >> is there something extremely unusual there? had there been recent threats against him in the past? or is this just systemic of what we're seeing across the world. i'm talking about paris and the charlie hebdo killings there? >> he is always under some kind of security. there are always treats. so this is not unusual.
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this meeting was a bit unusual. it does not happen every day. as far as we know now the hunt is still going on for the attackers. >> thank you for updating us, peter. you said there could be two or three attackers on the run. thanks peter. >> i italian government is prepared to intervene to help overcome the islamic state in iraq and the levant. on friday they said that the group had controlled the city of sirte. >> the convoy of trucks parade through the town near sirte. these are fighters affiliated with the islamic state of iraq and levan. for weeks force who is say they support isil have become increasingly more active in libya, now they say they've taken sirte.
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they've given supporters of the libyan dawn to get out. the deteriorateing situation led to a meeting on saturday. fighters on the coast have alarmed some european countries. on friday the italian foreminister said that his country is ready to fight but only as part of an international mission. he said we cannot accept the idea that there is an activist terrorist threat only a few hours from italy by boat. in the eastern city of bengahzi former haftar and his forces have been fighting forces of libyan dawn. haftar supports another parliament which is based in tibruk. they said that they would retake substantial parts of bengahzi. >> we are currently in the special forces bear ricks.
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as you see that's the traffic light opposite here we hope in the next few hours to deliberate it as we hope and bray. >> but haftar's men have made such statements before. for now the fighting among the many armed groups in libya conditions. dominick kane, al jazeera. >> toga india why the leader of the anticipate corruption party has been sworn in. the party won a landslide majority in delhi state election earlier this month. >> nothing was going to stop him from taking the oath of office as deli's chief minister. he had been sick with fever for the last four days. after winning an overwhelming majority of state assembly seats, he said his party will focus on fighting corruption. >> my promise to the people is that the money you pay in taxes has always disappeared because of corruption. i promise you i will not let one
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cent of that tax get lost in corruption. >> in his first speech as delhi's minister, he reminds the party of its instant power. this time, the party has been given a mandate from voters to go ahead. for many people here they say it feels like a victory for them. >> this is great. he doesn't have any dirt in his soul. he has 100% feeling for the masses. if he has such true feelings the work will automatically start happening. >> we are are all with him. >> with one of india's youngest cabinets the party said it is determined to make deli a better place. >> the promise we have made, we
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we are waiting to go and waiting to deliver. >> not everyone in the crowd was as optimistic now as they were during the campaign. >> you whatever promises he made he never mentioned any of those in today's speech. he didn't speak about the houses he had promised. water was not mentioned easterly. it's all very confusing now. >> for many the belief of change is finally here. >> chief minister has no control of delhi police or several other government agencies, and many reforms will need clearance from the central government, which may or may not government. while the party has a five-year mandate, people here expect results soon. al jazeera new delhi. >> two al jazeera journalists are out on bail after 411 days
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in jail in egypt, but their fight for justice is not over yet. mohamed fahmy, baher mohammed are still charged with helping the muslim brotherhood. >> the nigerian government said its force have fought off an attack by boko haram. local forces say fighters from the group open fired as they entered the city on saturday calling for boycott of next month's general election. the attack has prompted a 24 hour curfew in the area. boko haram attacked a town in neighboring chad killing at least ten people. caroline malone has more. >> this is what is left of the village after the attack of boko haram. it's the first assault in chad by the nigerian armed group. it's thought about 30 fighters
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crossed lake chad early on friday. they made it to the village and shot at anyone they found and then set fire to the place. two-thirds of the village has been burned to the ground. ngumbe was a place where people sought safety. thousands of nigerias left the town after it was attacked. many of the them are on the run again as the violence follows them. the chadian army is part of a regional task force made up of troops from nigeria niger and cameroon fighting boko haram which is trying to create an islamic state in the region, and it has killed and kidnapped thousands of people. the chadian army responded to friday's attack and eventually pushed the armed group back. but many people are concerned about boko haram's ability to launch attacks in nigeria and in neighboring countries like chad. caroline malone, al jazeera.
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>> in malaysia protesters have been rallying any support of jailed opposition leader. students in keala almost pour are demanding his immediate release. he says that the charges are politically motivated. mexico urging mexico to establish a special prosecutors office to lead investigations. mexican government says that the u.n. has report does not adequately reflect the information the panel has given. in an investigation of claims of cover up in 1994 bombing of a jewish center in
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buenos aires. they havebuenos aires. the prosecutor accusing president cristina kirchner was found dead last month. >> president kitchener the allegation will not go away. the allegation is that they covered up iranian involvement of an attack on a jewish center that killed 84 people. the government has always vehemently denied those accusations. but the latest move has rocked the political establishment. >> one has to distinguish between the judicial and political aspects. >> the allegations were initially made by prosecutor alberto nisman.
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before he could make a statement to the judicial hearing his body was found dead in his path. nearly a month later argentinians are still debating whether it was suicide or murder. some are hailing this move as a major advance others say it's politically motivated and amounts to nothing. the only certainty is the uncertainty, and argentinians are no closer to discovering who detonated the bomb in 1994 or how alberto nisman died. president kitchener has left to go to the south for a weekend. she'll return next week for a march ma that is likely to polarize an already divided society. >> let's go to more news from
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denmark. we have word that that three police officers have been wounded in the shooting. christine n i believe you're there or close by. can you tell us what you have seen? >> hi, jane, i'm in--i've just arrived at the scene and there is a massive police presence. residence are not allowed anywhere near, and it's been cordoned off. we understand that the event has been taking place at the cultural center. a swedish cartoonist who is hyped the controversial drawings of the prophet media homicide wasprophet muhammad was speaking there. the swedish ambassador was also there when the shooting happened. lots of mixed reports at the moment. but we understand that 20 to 40
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shots were fired by one to two gunmen with automatic weapons. >> christina you look at the pictures of the window, and you can see how many bullet holes pearce those windows there is a petrifying scenario unfolding. they say there are possibly two to three men who conducted the attack. what are you hearing about that, and who they may be? >> still trying to get more information on that. with reports in the danish media that the police are describing this as terror attacks. there have been a lot of controversy over the mohammed cartoons and the suspects are on the loose and the police are
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looking for them. that's all we know at the moment moment{^l"^^}. >> thank you for that update of the shooting in copenhagen. >> they work in the darkest depths of the earth, your honor seen and unheard by the world above. >> the air is toxic and the walls could collapse at any moment.