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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 14, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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. >> the shooting in a freedom of speech meeting in denmark organized by a well-known cartist. three policemen are injured. you're watching al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha. also ahead. fighting rages in eastern ukraine just hours before a cease-fire deal is supposed to come into effect. rallies in yemen against the
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houthi take over and their use of takeovers. it's a big job but someone has got to do it. we'll meet the king of the carnival. police in denmark are searching for three men after shots were fired in a cafe in copenhagen. christina, what have you seen and what have you heard has happened? >> the police are in the middle of giving a press release at the moment. the latest we're here something
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that one person has been killed in this attack. they have not said whether it's a police or civilian. the attacks took place in the center of copenhagen where there are events called art blasphemy and freedom of speech. it was organized by a swedish cartoonist who is behind the original drawings of the prophet muhammad that caused great controversy back in 2007. 20 to 40 shots were killed. and several police were injured in that attack. my understanding is that the cartoonist was taken through the back door, and the swedish ambassador has tweeted she is fine. the police are also telling us that what has happened.
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>> do you have any idea at this stage of who they were? i think you said there were three, but any idea of who they were and what their intentions are? >> we understand that there are two gun men, is what the police are telling us now. they escaped in a car from the scene, and the police are currently hunting them down. lots of speculation about what their motives were. but the police are very careful not to give any kind of description of these men. >> what does this say about possible tensions in the country? or is it specifically the
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controversial artist, somebody who has been under extreme situations because of his depictions of the prophet muhammad. >> a danish news newspaper precipitated cartoons of the prophet muhammad, and they were intended to provoke. they characterized the prophet prophet muhammad, and something that many found insulting. they said this is something that they've not been waiting for since 2007. it's some kind of attack is expected because of the cartoon. >> just confirming what you said. two men are on the run. one person has been killed in this attack.
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we don't know who it is in this stage. thank you. >> let's take to you ukraine now where the latest agreement is due to come into force. it took four world leaders 16 hours to negotiate but if what is happening on the ground anything to do with the deal, it's already looking shaking. here is the story. it's hard to believe there is an imminent cease-fire just hours away. grabbing as much territory as possible has become the order of the day as the clock ticks down to a pause in hostilities. >> with the support of the army and the russia federation, they're trying to finish up tasks that are important to
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them to widen the territories that they control. >> and clearing up this morning in the center of the city of donetsk after a residential block was hit by shelling, broken windows and more shatter shattered lives as two people died in the hit. fighting is still fierce around the strategic town of debaltseve where rebels are making a final push on the government-held strategic town. they have surrounded, forcing villagers to flee. >> it's not quiet. we've been hit by all sides. >> despite the peace deal hammered down, ordinary ukrainians broke for the border. they and their president poroshenko who made a show of visiting record guards on patrol are holding out little hope that this cease-fire will stick. julie mcdonald, al jazeera. >> charles trait ford is following developments for us from eastern ukraine. he joins me now from donetsk.
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they spoke about the cease-fire. what did they have to say? >> yes, in the last couple of hours, they have released a statement that does not bode well for this up and coming attempt at another truss. i'll paraphrase what he said. the separatests would stop firing throughout the region with the exception of the town of debaltseve. he said that there was no mention of the status of the debaltseve in those minsk talks. he said any attempt by ukrainian soldiers to break out of that town would be considered a violation of minsk. he went on to say that those attempts or push by those men to try to get out he said they would be stopped and the enemy
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eliminated. as we've been reporting in the last few days the separatists say they have surrounded that town it's rumored that there are thousands of ukrainian soldiers trapped inside. we've seen--when we were up there, there was a massive troop build up and an attempt by the ukrainians to defend those troops in there this comes as a very worrying time. it's also worth saying that in the last few minutes the german chancellor's office came out with a statement from chancellor merkel saying that the german chancellor has been in discussion with president petro poroshenko and president hollande, he has promised to make this work. but there is a lot of discussion between the three regarding the
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tense situation in debaltseve. >> what about the fighting today? tell us more about that. >> well, we left that area around debaltseve in the ukraine-controlled area this morning. there was a lot of ukrainian troops still in the area. there were reports of heavy fighting around debaltseve. as we came through the check points. the ukrainian check points seem to be far stricter. there was a lot more checking of papers, a lot less traffic on the road. we heard there had been heavy shelling in the areas around the front line throughout the morning. as we came through the front line and spoke with separatist fighters on their check points they were setting up mortar positions. there. we spoke to one who expected a run up to this after night in what he described as an escalation in the fighting.
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we came in donetsk, we were attending a press conference, and there were three shells that landed very close by, at least three people killed in one of those shell hits. and around 12, at least 12 injured. but certainly as i speak to you now it's interesting it has gone very quiet here in donetsk. there is the occasion dull side very much in the distance that you can hear, certainly with respect to the comparison of how it has been in recent nights it certainly seems in this area to be quite quiet. >> thank you. >> key members are suspending discussion after the killing of a sunni leader. the images we're about to show you may be found disturbing.
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the death was condemned by an u.n. envoy to iraq who described the killing as a heinous and unacceptable crime. two iraqis of an iraqi mp are also dead. there has been more fighting in the area since the group tried to seize the town in anbar province. it's by a town that contains the air base where 500 u.s. forces are training. talks have been held in yemen between houthi rebels and the party of former president ali abdullah selah. it comes when there are protests across the country. >> reporter: angry protesters set fire to a shia houthi
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vehicle in yemen's third largest city. they say the car was being used by the houthis to prevent them from holding a demonstration. it's one of the many predominant predominantly sunni regions where anti-houthi sentiment is on the rise. this is a city south of the capitol of sanaa. the shia houthies are in control of parts of the city, but people are worried. protesters are out on the streets to denounce what they say is a houthi crackdown. >> they kept beating me, torturing me for hours. they wanted false confessions things that i was never involved in. they wanted me to lie to say that they were paying us to protest against them. american and british organizations are instigating
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the youth in yemen against them as they're paying us money to protest against the houthies. all lies. >> anti-houthi protests are spreading across the country. in the city of ib many gathered in the main square to express their solidarity with president adai who was recently forced to resign. last week shia houthies dissolved parliament and said they would run the country on their own for a period of two years, until elections are held. the coup was denounced by the international community. the u.n. is renewing efforts to bringing the factions together, calling for new powers for envoy. many countries have evacuated their embassies in the capitol of sanaa including the u.s. which has been actively engaged
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in drone attacks against al-qaeda in yemen. but there is growing concern that the power vacuum could lead to more violence and instability. al jazeera. >> still to come in the program we'll tell where you business is bad this valentine's day for flower growers in bangladesh. imprisoned. tortured. we talked to a cia insider... >> what is our definition of torture, and what are we allowed to do? >> and a former prisoner who was never charged. >> he was beaten, he was denied sleep. >> find out what really happens in a cia black site. >> you will do whatever it takes to get this man to talk. >> an "america tonight" in-depth report: prosecuting torture. tuesday, 10:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america.
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>> on the stream >> 40% of the food produced in the us ends up in landfills at a cost of a 165 billion a year. we look at inovative ways to end the waste. >> the stream, on al jazeera america >> hello again. let me remind you of the top stories on al jazeera. one person has been killed in a shooting in denmark's capitol of
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copenhagen. danish police are searching for two suspects. shots are fired at a cafe where freedom of speech meeting was being held. >> there has been intense fighting in eastern ukraine. some of the worst fighting has been around the town of debaltseve and in the government-held port city of mariupol. key members of iraq are in condemnation of shooting of 12 people kidnapped by a shia group in baghdad and then murdered. under the protest to mark four years since the start of the country's up rising, activists have up loaded video showing running battles with police in several suburbs. they say several people have been injured. this video appears to show a
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child being arrest: the demonstrators are mainly shia muslims calling for political reform from the ruling sunni role family. italian government is prepared to intervene in libya as part of an international force to come bass the islamic state in iraq and the levant. on friday isil supporters said that the group had captured the coastal city of sirte. until thou the city has been controlled by forces loyal to the congress in tripoli. >> the trucks are nery sirte fighters affiliated with the islamic state in iraq and the levant. for weeks forces who say they support isil have become increasingly more active in libya, and now they say they've taken sirte. they've given supporters of the libyan dawn coalition until sunday to get out. the deteriorating situation has prompted leaders of the congress in tripoli to hold an emergency
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meeting on saturday. the presence of fighters linked to isil on the mediterranean coast has alarmed some european countries. on friday the italian foreign minister said that his country is ready to fight, but only as part of an international mission. he said we cannot accept the idea that there is an active terrorist threat only a few hours from italy by boat. in the eastern city of bengahzi former general haftar and his forces have been fighting forces of libyan dawn. haftar supports the government in city of tibruk. >> we're currently in the special forces bear ricks. we hope in the next few hours to liberate as we hope and pray. >> but haftar's men have made
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such statements before. for now the fighting among the many armed groups in libya conditions. dominick kane, al jazeera. >> the nigerian government said its forces have fought off an attack in the northeastern city of gombe. forces open fired as they opened the city saturday, throwing leaflets and calling for the boycott of next elections. boko haram attacked a town in neighboring chad, killing ten people. >> this is what is left of the gombe village the first known assault in chad by the nigerian armed group. it's thought around 30 fighters crossed lake chad early on friday. they made it to the village and shot at anyone they found and then set fire to the place. two-thirds of the village has
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been burned to the ground. nugumbe had become a place where many sought safety from boko haram back home. many of them are now on the run gain as the violence follows them. the chadian army is part of a regional task force made up of troops from nigeria niger and cameroon fighting boko haram which is trying to create an islamic state in the region, and has killed orchid napped thousands of people. the chadian army has responded to friday's attack and eventually pushed the armed group back, but many people are concerned about boko haram's ability to launch attacks in nigeria and in neighboring countries like chad. age. >> argentina's president is formerly being investigated every accusations that she covered up iran's possible involvement in the 1994 bombing
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of a jewish center in buenos aires. president christina kirchner has denied the accusations. form prosecutor alberto nisman was found dead just hours before he was to testify against kitchener. mohamed fahmy, baher mohammed has been a retrial set for forphobe 23rd. the court has been asked to release them unconditionally. it's valentine's day and flowers are a traditional way to celebrate. in bangladesh blockades strikes and a fear of attacks are hurting sales.
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it's been a difficult couple of months for most businesses in bangladesh. but for flower growers it could end up being a bad year. february is when they make almost all their money. they barely break even the rest of the year. but as the opposition here tries to get the prime minister to step down through national strikes and violent blockades transportation has stopped. this means that they continue to gather the roses on their farm there are no trucks to take them to the city in time for valentine's day. >> it's just a couple of weeks in february that really matter. these two weeks are worth $7,000 to $9,000 to us. that's basically all our profit. >> it's not just a problem with supply. the demand is also drying up. >> the love anniversary has a special meaning for people, but
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business has been bad the past few days. >> this is whatthis is one of the largest markets and its it's at a popular venue for political rallies. this makes it a sensitive location during strikes. there is always fear that there would be an attack here and vendors worry that this is keeping customers away. >> february is flowers month for bangladesh. it's common for young tooele take to the treats wearing yellow and orange flowers. but some worry that the violence could stop taking part in a festival that has seen new growth in recent years. >> this is a day that everyone should enjoy out on the streets. not by staying cooped up in their homes. that could be a sad thing. >> chadija homes that this would not be the case.
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a bad february already means that it could be a bad year. if it continues, he's not sure that his business could survive. >> now to the vatican pope francis has officially elevated 20 new cardinals. [ singing ] >> almost half of them are from developing countries including tonga, pan marks and panama, and ethiopia. these cardinals along with 105 others will one day choose the pope's successor. hundreds much thousands of homeowners in eastern europe have been hit by the falling swiss frank. hundredhungary has been praised for rescuing many from more deaths. we have reports from budapest. >> victoria took me to see the
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apartment she bought in 2006 with a low interest swiss franc mortgage. then came the the crisis and she defaulted. >> for two or three years i could not find work. but i could not afford repayments. >> luckily she has found a buyer for her home. the bank will take the money and bright write off the debt. when swiss franc surged, borrowers in many parts of europe were hit hard. many appeal for help in belgrade. not so in hungary. in november banks were required to convert foreign loans into foreign currency. >> it was a huge for hungarian households and the economy. just by getting rid of the swiss
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franc loans it has brought a relief not only for the hungarian families but for the hungarian state. >> it may have jumped the household debt that has been avoided. some feel the government has been lucky. they rescue the those who could otherwise survive. then most of the burden was placed on the banks and the banks had a hard time adjusting their policies in the fast-changing government regulation. >> victoria has found closure. but for many others the debts still struggle regardless of its
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currency. >> brazil's biggest party of the year has started in rio de janeiro. more than 100,000 tourists are expected for the five-day carnival and the city's new carnival king has begun his reign. the king is about to make his entrance. the moment millions of brazilians have been waiting for when the legendary king momo receives the keys to the city of rio day jannero. >> i declare the festiveities in rayio de janeiro open. >> the king is now officially in charge of the city for a week. even the mayor is at his feet. >> from this moment on you will have to deal with the city's complaints and traffic and other problems of rio. >> but this these are not king momo's priorities. it is known as the biggest party
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on earth with the queen and princess by his side, the 82-year-old tradition. but who is the man with so much responsibility. we visit wilson nettel, as he goes for his final costume fitting. wilson had to compete for the highly coveted honor of wearing this crown. a contest he has won for two consecutive years. >> i took stage lessons which helped loosen me up and learned how to control my facial expressions when i'm dancing. i learned more about the history of carnival, and my personal experience with carnival helped a lot. >> he began parading in the local samba school when he was eight. samba and carnival are obviously in his blood. from now until next wednesday wilson nettle will rain supreme here in rio.
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after that he'll return to his less fairy tale life as an events promoting hoping next year that he'll receive the keys to the thrones. >> we have got lots of news. the address you're in the stream. don't send your kid to the ivy league. why elite colleges according to a guest, don't measure up. a budding movement that spreads to more states? and later, the department of education has found an interesting demographic trend that could change the way schools operate.