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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 16, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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libya's tripoli based government condemns egypt's air strikes on i.s.i.l. targets. i'm lauren taylor, this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up. greece rejects the eu's opening bailout offer as disappointing and absurd. ceasefire continues to be broken in the railway town of debaltseve. cd responds to top tourist attraction.
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>> egypt has launched two rounds of air strike to areas islamic state of iraq and the levant. in response to the killing of 21 egyptian coptic christians by the group. the strikes were coordinated with the libyan affairs ws loyal to the u.n. government force in tobruk. condemned the strikes as calling them against the egyptian sovereignty. prompting growing support in italy for military intervention. new measures against i.s.i.l. caroline malone reports. >> reporter: egypt has hit the libyan city of durna aiming at
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i.s.i.l. targets. the attack also killed receivables as well as a number of children. fighters aligned with general halifa hafta says they have already bombed portions of benghazi and cert. >> we wouldn't hesitate to fight them the same that applies to egypt. for groups that commit such crimes borders aren't going to be an issue. >> the rival libyan government based in tripoli has denounced the attacks. >> translator: this horrible assaultenassault on this terrorism conducted by the egyptian military represents a clear breesh of international law and the u.n. charter. ftc. >> reporter: the first air campaign happened just hours after egypt's leader warned it would respond to the killing of
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21 egyptians in libya. the group had traveled olibya looking for work. after video was posted online that appeared to represent them being killed by i.s.i.l. egypt has run a campaign against what it calls terrorists groups in the sinai peninsula and one of its latest videos i.s.i.l. also made a direct threat against italy the country separated by from libya by a narrow strip of the med strainian mediterranean sea. >> are omar sully takes a closer
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look. >> in the east a renegade halifta hafta formed the libyan renegade army, terrorists from she sherea haftar last the back of the western recognized parliament which was elected in june 2014 to replace the general national congress which had been elected two years earlier. but after weeks of infighting the gnc refused to disband and accused hafta from staging a coup. the shield of libya loyal to the gnc forced the new group out of the capital and relocated in the
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eastern city of tobruk, fell under the dawn of libya forces, a coalition ever militias from other areas and is made up of thousands of well armed former rebels. those forces became loyal to the gnc and its own government. in november the supreme constitutional court called the annulment of the new parliament in tobruk. the u.n. and western parliament have backed the tobruk government but pushed for a power sharing deal to end the cries. now groups loyal to i.s.i.l. are stepping up into an already crowded battle ground and a wider group of interests and proxy wards are only making that mess worse. the internal and regional clash is likely to go on for some time and libya four years after colonel moammar gadhafi was forced out of office and killed.
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>> signing a major deal to upgrade its military hardware, egypt has agreed to buy 24 jets and a navy frigate. worth nearly $6 billion. prime minister mateo renzi in a phone call with egyptian president he agreed that political and diplomatic measures should take place through the u.n. security council. >> translator: i want to strongly emphasize that we need to be ready to make our military resources available for a possible international initiative. but this is not on the agenda right now. what's on the agenda now is a strong political diplomatic initiative.
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talks between greece's new government and its european creditors in brussels have ended without a deal being reached. negotiators have until the end of the month or greece will run out of money and fall back on its debts. now the eu insists the talks are over the greek prime minister alexis tsipras wants to renegotiate the terms of $260 billion of loans. first stage of these talks have collapse effectively. >> well, it appears that we're back where we were at the wednesday euro group last week where the growing side rejected a communique, speaking of a program extension. that is anathema.
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to renegotiate it, that means it has asked for a hiatus period, a renegotiation period, what it calls a bridge or you might call it a truce in which the rules of this program would not apply. however, it seems that the greek side was possibly taken by advise going into this meeting when it was presented with this communique. it appears that the greek side expected some sort of compromise to be reached whereby this truce would be agreed upon in substance and then communicated to both the creditor countries and to greece, in a mux acceptable way. but -- mutually acceptable way. the extension of the program is the base for a more flexible program in the future, and for further talks with the greek authorities. and the commission said the same
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thing. there is no alternative solution. this is something that the greeks cannot politically accept. their response is expected very shortly, lauren. >> are we now much closer than we were before to possible exit of greece from the euro in the long run? >> in respect of the fact that time is running out and at the end of this month in two weeks time greece will no longer be within a funding program that could in theory cover its loan commitments, its loan repayments to creditors yes. we are approaching that point. simply because time is running out. it is also, however a diplomatic engagement if you will. i mean it is also an attempt both by creditor countries and by greece to see who's going to budge first. the greeks have stuck to their
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guns. they obviously have been very faithful to their preelection promises. they said we will not extend this bailout. we were elected to renegotiate it to keep greece within the euro zone but on more favorable terms and that's what we pledge to do. it is politically very difficult for them now to go back on that promise. but it appears to be that creditor countries are simply loath to give greece that much political wiggle room. and the trouble is that the longer this standoff goes on the more difficult it becomes the two sides to step back from it. jer oanjerome disslebloom was asked in brussels what the euro group thought were the options for greece should it run out of time and money to pay off the debts. and the answer was there is plenty of time and plenty of money to pay back the loan, that
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is the answer, lauren. >> thank you charles. fighting is still raging in parts of eastern ukraine despite a ceasefire that began two days ago. thousands of government troops are surrounded by pro-russian rebels. the next step in the peace plan was for heavy weapons and troops to be rooiveld from the area. that now -- removed from the area. both sides say they won't pull back until a full ceasefire is implemented. charles stratford has more from donetsk. >> are the ceasefirethe ceasefire may have had effect elsewhere but around debaltseve several ukrainian troops are encircled by separatists. >> translator: the shelling does not stop although putin says there is a ceasefire it doesn't make any sense. you can see it for yourself this
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position in which we are securing. i don't mo, i have to run as there's not much time left. >> reporter: at a separatist checkpoint, there is not much time. >> you can hear for yourself there is no ceasefire. it's all for the sake of the television cameras to show western ukraine there is actually a ceasefire but in fact there's none. can you hear the fighting going on and the snipers working in the distance. >> reporter: the fighting in debaltseve is putting real pressure on the ceasefire. the ukrainian government says it won't withdraw their heavy weapons into it starts. that's meant to start on tuesday. safe corridor for ukrainian withdrawal. on the diplomatic front one of the main architects of the deal admitthe latest fighting was a great concern.
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>> reporter: it was always clear that much remains to be done and i have always said that there are no guarantees that what we are trying to do will succeed. it was an extremely difficult path. >> in russia, president putin met with his security cabinet during negotiations for the latest ceasefire he made it clear he wanted debaltseve in separatist hands and wanted the ukrainians to lay down their arms. charles stratford donetsk eastern ukraine. >> its special monitoring mission to ukrainian thawsmed forthank youvery much indeed for being with us. we had 20 patrols out today and don't forget it's an area, a very very large area where the
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monitoring is larger than the size of switzerland but there were hot spots today. we have been saying that the ceasefire has been largely holding but we do have those holt spots especially around debaltseve. and today from 11:00 to 2:00 our monitors observed quite a barrage of rocket fire as your correspondent indicated 80 rockets each every 15 minutes. and also there are ar artillery rounds every five to ten section. and this was 15 kilometers southwest of debaltseve. quite close. also in the luhansk region there were artillery rounds noted as well. i do have to say of course that donetsk city is largely quiet. mariupul remains quiet we have these hot spots still live. >> you are calling them hot spots, you're saying it's not technically a breach of the
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ceasefire, can it still be called a ceasefire? >> the ceasefire is largely holding. these what i mentioned can be regarded as ceasefire violations and of course as your report indicated over the next days our special monitoring mission to ukraine will be looking for that very very large fall back of weaponry. that never really happened before so that will be a key next step as well. >> on both sides they have been saying the conditions are not yet in place for that haven't they so how critical is it and how likely sit that we'll see those heavy weapons being pulled back at all? >> well we remain hopeful. our chief minister called upon all sides to respect the agreements that were signed to in minsk and of course big reason for this is one of the biggest reasons is the human toll that has taken place. we are very, very concerned
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about the humanitarian predicament especially in debaltseve where people have been without food in some cases water heating and the number of people displaced well over 1 million. it's very, very important for people to get back and resume their lives. many are waiting for calm. >> okay, thank you very much indeed for speaking to us about the osce mission. thank you. >> pleasure. >> the european union has added 19 individuals among those being punished for voting for russia's annexation of crimea and traveling to donetsk to recruit fighters. still to come this half hour. memorial services are held for the victims of the shootings in denmark.
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and schools reopen in library but fears about ebola remain.
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>> hello again i'm lauren taylor with a reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. egypt has launched air strikes against i.s.i.l. in libya for the execution of 20 coptic christians.
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a pull back of heavy weapons in ukraine. italian coast guard has been threatened with people smugglers, with kalashnikovs. fest part of a growing number of people seeking refuge in europe as security deteriorates in libya. claudio levanga reports. >> perilous journey through stormy seas. more than 2,000 people many from subsaharan africa, left the coast of libya on sunday. a group of men armed with kalashnikovs threatened them, ordering them to take the migrants but leaving the boats behind. a new and warring tactics authorities struggling in unpress tented number of
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migrants attempting to make the trip in rickety boats. hundreds have lost their lives trying. italian authorities have warned that as many as 200,000 migrants are in libya ready to set sail for europe. more than the 170,000 who were rescued during 2014. a four-fold increase on previous years. with this new wave of violence in libya there are fears that even more people will attempt to escape and that fighters will try to reach italy and hurp europe disdisguised as migrants. prime minister of denmark and sweden, two people are killed during the weekend attack one at a free speech event on saturday and another
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early on sunday. gunman was inspired by a similar attack in paris last month. nick spicer is there what's happening where you are? >> reporter: the danish prime minister is addressing a crowd of thousands over 20,000 people said they would come on facebook. i'll i'll ask the cameraman to pan a little bit people holding up torches which is something they do on special occasions. and today is a special occasion for the people of copenhagen and denmark. you talk to people and they will tell you a number of reasons they're here, to defend free speech, this is the scene of the first astack over the weekend which took place against a cafe where a discussion on free speech was taking place others because they want to show
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solidarity with the victim's families and this is the right thing to do to stand together as the prime minister has been asking them to do. lauren. >> nick how far has that investigation got? >> reporter: some progress. the prime minister has ruled out the killer who is now dead, alleged killer from having operated within a cell. however, the police have taken in custody being held for ten days for aiding and assisting the killer whose name has been revealed by the danish press as omar al hussein a 22-year-old with criminal past, gang membership violent criminal record. these two men were have thought to have helped him in between the first attack and the attack on the synagogue which killed two men.
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what kind of lings they lingts they lings they links they had with omar al hussein. >> nick spicer thank you very much indeed. struggling men and women in have it can city are being offered free haircuts and showers. people can take advantage of the offer, the project is designed to help the city's homeless improve their appearance so it can help them find jobs. guinea, sierra leone and liberia have set a 60 day target to reduce the new cases of ebola to zero. 65 new cases were reported in guinea, in the week of february 8th, double the number of the week confirmed before. and in sierra leone 76 new
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cases were confirmed and in liberia, three new cases and some of the city's schools have repopped dominic kane reports. >> this is the high school in capital monrovia. as of monday it is now open. many health precautions have been put in place. some students remain wary. >> it is not many students are different because it wouldn't be like where is it? >> reporter: the number ever ebola infections in liberia has slowed markedly. just last week president barack obama told a u.s. audience he believed the fight against ebola had moved into a different phase. >> we're also here to mark a transition in our fight against this disease. not to declare mission accomplished but to mark a transition. thanks to the hard work of our
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nearly 3,000 troops who deployed to west africa, logistics have been set up, ebola treatment centers have been built over 1500 africa health workers have been trained. >> but the world health organization says the number of new cases has risen for second week running. in guinea the number grew from 39 to 65. transmission of the virus is also still widespread in sierra leone. which had 75 new cases. health officials say many people are still not taking the proper precautions. >> unsafe burials are one of a number of practices that are probably still driving the problem. that is probably the most difficult one to address without a doubt. >> the west africa ebola outbreak has now killed more than 9,000 people and infected
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nearly 23,000. and while things have improved in some places, the outbreak is far from over. dominic kane, al jazeera. >> some 50 million visitors a year, new york's times square is one of the world's most popular tourist attractions. a stunning turn around, an area so seedy many used to avoid it. as kristin saloomey reports suck has come at a price. >> on a busy day almost half a million people pass through times square. >> oh it's iconic. i love everyone here. i'm going to make everyone jealous at home. >> experience what america is all about. what a better place to see where the city that never sleeps. >> great for retailers who pay top dollar to have billboards and storage in the area but not so much those who live and work
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here. a recent study showed that many were unhappy with working here. >> a lot of people don't know how to walk, and people don't know that walking is a form of transportation for us here in new york. i find myself walking in the street as much as possible. >> the move for pedestrians soanl seem to be attracting more of them. >> definitely, ever since they finished construction and making it more pedestrian friendly it's gotten more crowded and more costume characters. >> the city now wants to regulate those who pose as costume characters, as some were caught harassing tourists. then in the '70s and '80s, the area was known for porn
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shops, pursuits and drug dealers. it took concerted effort by city officials to clean up the area and fill new skyscrapers for new tenants. the challenge is to hold onto them with major tenants like could bede nast publishing moving out. >> we have so many more people here it gets very crowded like any popular tourist attract we need to make sure we are fresh and take care of the customer. >> the tourists are here to stay and as long as they don't block the sidewalk, it's hoped that the businesses stay here too. kristin saloomey. new york. second day of carnival celebrations in rio de janeiro. despite a heavy downpour, sunday found rio full of sequins
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bikinis and music. a dress rehearsal for next year's olympic. don't forget, watch us on the icon watch live. that's piegelman. >> i was trying to figure out as an incredibly self centered human, how did i get on this man it when my bairnts supposed to be dead. >> art spiegelman, had a brother he hadn't met. he had a brother that had been