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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 18, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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rprise us. >> don't try this at home. >> "techknow" where technology meets humanity. monday, 5:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ja welcome to the newshour from doha. the top stories. surrounded by pro-russian rebels ukranian troops begin to pull out of the strategic down of debaltseve the red cross comes understand fire in myanmar's kokan region the president declaring a state of emergency after bombing i.s.i.l. and
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killing civilians in libya, egypt wants the u.n. to back military intervention. also ahead - now i know the finish is here and i can have a hot shower and a warm bed we are with the winner of the yukon ultra arctic marathon. a tough jury and there are claims that ukranian forces are pulling out of the eastern town and a ukranian commander said some pro-russian separatists tried to prevent them leaving the town. russian newsagencies are reporting that the truth vonded in the city. fighting hasn't stopped the ceasefire deal last week.
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it's a crossroad at the intersection of two major highways connecting cities in the easement. it is important to delivering goods. we go to rory challands. we are waiting for a confirmation from kiev about the latest developments. if these ports of ukranian forces are pulling out of debaltseve are a confirmed, what does this mean for pro-russian separatists. (no sound) we seem to have communication problems with rory challands. we'll try to establish communication with him later. let's move on to another top story, and myanmar's president declared a state of emergency in
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the eastern co-can region and impressed marshall law for three months hours after a red cross convoy came upped attack. two -- under attack. two were shot. myanmar national democratic army is suspected of carrying out the attack. as president of the red cross volunteers they responded to the attack saying it was sad to hear that red cross volunteers were wounded while carrying out a humanitarian function. they should be respected and not made the object of attack. the fighting forced tens of thousands to take refuge in the province. the violence intensified earlier, and has respectfully killed 14 government soldiers and 26 m m da a fighters. now, the group says it is
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fighting for the rites of hun chinese minority who ran a strip of land on myanmar across the eastern border with china. violence appears, and the return of the group's leader exiled. this is the first unrest in the region since a major push by the army in 2009. it's forced the group's leader tens of thousands, to take refuge in china. >> the syrian country for human rights have had people killed. during fighting aroundal epo. among those dead are the seven pro-government fighters and more than 80 rebels after the u.n. envoy to syria announced
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that the government is to suspend all apartments over rebel. it's controlled between the east and the west. it is syria's middle suburb. it is almost rubble. the move is described as a reason for hope. >> the government of syria has indicated to me to halt all aerial bombing. all. all sorts, all types of aerial bombing. and artillery shelling for a period of six weeks. all or over the city of aleppo. a date which we will announce from damascus. i plan there are, to proceed to
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damascus, and aleppo as soon as possible. >> we are taking you back to our top story. i believe we have some latest pictures coming out. debaltseve there, where they are reportedly pulling out of the eastern town. we are trying to work out whether ukraine forces are leaving this town. now, the russian news agencies are reporting that the troops surrendered, ukranian troops surrendered in the besieged city. but we have not been notified of any time of this report. i have been told that these are ukranian soldiers that are leaving the town of debaltseve. i give you the latest pictures. to our correspondent following developments for us from moscow. we are just seeing the pictures coming out of debaltseve.
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ukranian troops withdrawing the strategic town. what does it mean for pro-russia fighting for this town. >> it seems like this is the scalp to victory that russia and the rebels have been hoping for for some time before the minsk talks last week. det had been actively encircled. pro-russian separatists used in those negotiations in minsk as a bargaining chip. what we understand of vladimir putin, they've spent a lot of time talking about debaltseve saying your troops surround us they can't get out. let the rebels take it. petro porashenko apparently would not acknowledge that this was the case and denies that there was anything happening.
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now, what came out of the talks was a 2-day delay before the ceasefire was brought in to effect. now, what that did was allowed potentially for that encirclement to be completed and for the rebels to pretty much withdraw debaltseve from the rest of ukraine, the ukranian troops, from the rest of the army. what this means for the rebels is, i think, too early to say. they wanted it because it is a transport hub, as explained a few minutes ago, and it provides key links to those of the rebel held territories. ukraine is more of a symbolic issue, but certainly if it is true that debaltseve has fallen it is a symbolic defeat. a catastrophic defeat for petro
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porashenko and the ukranian army. >> rory challands speaking to us. we are still trying to confirm this latest development with kiev. coming up on this newshour - russia's president shows he has friend in europe and offers a hand to hungary. >> denmark reduces its reliance on russian gas by going green. and in sport - find out in afghanistan fans saw the team win on a world cup debut. in the coming hours, the united nations will meet in an emergency session in libya, egypt is pushing for a military prevention and working on a draft resolution with other
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members. western countries want a political solution. our diplomatic editor james bays spoke exclusively. >> egypt on the diplomatic offensive. the foreign minister with the u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon, hours after his boss hinted at the idea of a u.n. backed military intervention led by his people. after a meeting with ambassadors, including the u.s.'s representative samantha power in an interview with al jazeera. proposals were clarified suggesting that they were limited to expand the support for the government and a strengthened arms embargo. >> is the possibility of boots on the ground international boots on the ground. should that be under consideration. >> all should be under consideration. it was up to the international community to define the best course of action to deal with the threat. i will not prejudge or jump to
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conclusions. it's up to us to forge a collective understanding and commitment that should not exclude any form of support for the legitimate government in tobruk. >> the u.n. security council will meet to hear a preparation by the minister on wednesday. other ambassadors, including those fighting i.s.i.l. say the proposal is worth examining but international law must be followed. it isn't an issue of egypt alone. it's similar to iraq. it's a legal process. that the security council has to deal with. for now egypt is going down the route, and law is something that abdul fatah al-sisi ordered. he's ordered bombings in libya including in recent days with no
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u.n. authorisation at all and just picking up on the last point egypt's air strikes were aimed at i.s.i.l. affiliated groups. eyewitnesss say eight civilians were killed including children. victoria gatenby reports. >> these pictures are from a hospital in dur nam. this boy was wounded during air strikes. doctors couldn't save their lives or the lives of their younger brother. some egyptian commentators disputed whether the children were killed. they insist they died of suffocation. >> in is strong evidence of lying and fabrication against egypt. >> reporter: hospital staff in douma say that is a lie. >> everything happened here.
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they say the suffocation took place. the children were here. the egyptian government said the air strikes hit camps of i.s.i.l. affiliated groups. egypt says the campaign was launched in retaliation for the heading of 21 egyptians. several civilians were killed in the air strikes. >> there was no military presence. families live here. the mother and children. they were all killed. gunmen were killed. there were about eight killed. in addition to four seriously injured. egypt is calling to a military interaction. they are worried that if left unchecked. fighting groups could be at
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europe's doorstep. victoria gait ep by al jazeera. >> taking you back to the top story, it's a develops story, ukrainian troops are withdrawing from the eastern down of debaltseve. paul brennan is standing by for us. 5km away from debaltseve. from where you are, paul describe to us what you see. >> it is there has been smoke over my shoulder. the smoke has cleared. but troops are coming up. ut situation is unclear. if you recall a day ago there was crickety reports, ukrainians
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nisted they were holding on to the rug. pro-russian fighters were making heavy protests. what we heard this morning is that the - seven on the ukraine side, one of the mps, a leader of the donblasz battalion says the town is falling under russian control and they are beating a retreat. certainly it appears that the ukrainians are losing control of this town. >> we know too, that debaltseve is a sticking point of the current government. both sides have been fighting obvious it. since ceasefire was declared last saturday explain to us what is the significance of this
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town? >> it's strategically important, it's a railway road hub, holding it, if it was the pro-russian separatists, who held it. it would give them a line between luhansk and donetsk. for the ukrainians, that is precisely what the ukrainians want to do to hold it. debaltseve, because they were holding it with their soldiers at the time the minsk deal was signed. it should remain under ukranian control. the separatists deny that. they say effectively debaltseve was surrounded at the time minsk was signed so therefore they should be a separatist town. there's not just military fighting there's diplomatic and political fighting over the fate. and because of its strategic
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position, that fighting on both the military side has been particularly bitter. >> so much at stake here paul. again, we are waiting for kiev to confirm the reports that ukranian troops are withdrawing from the town itself. if those reports are confirmed, at some point what does this mean for president petro porashenko? >> well it's a blow militarily because it shows that the ukrainians site the priority that they put on the debaltseve as a strategic town. they've been unable to keep hold of it. the other thing, i think, that we are going to have to wait for is in the next hour we are going to hear from colonel andre lasenko, who is a military spokesperson who gives military briefings from kiev. it's interesting. we've been speaking to the defense ministry and to kiev by
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telephone, both not prepared to comment. denying that a withdrawal of troops is not taking place. priority is soldiers on the ground. obviously they'll have to come out with some kind of definitive act sooner rather than later. >> paul, as you were talking to us. we can keep the fighting going on presuming that while we see scenes of the ukranian troops leaving the town that the fighting is ongoing. >> yes. there is regular tank fire going out. regular artillery, the rumble of heavy weaponry over my soldier, plumes of smoke. because twer they were closer we were prevented from providing a checkpoint and prevented from
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seeing the truth of what is happening with several possibilities. it could be that the ukranian troops are disorderly and are being fired upon as they retreat by the separatist forces. it's possible that ukraine is trying to lay down and they are trying to prevent pro-russian forces pursue them at that time. you can hear from the sound that they are close enough to hear the combat. >> paul brennan there on the latest on the reports that there's a withdrawal from the eastern towns. the french government has promised to try to change the
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young muslim opinions. many young muslim appear under scrutiny. >> reporter: this man was an inmate at guantanamo bay. many people are asking how three young meb, how they could return to france. many ask how it happened. >> translation: there are several reasons people become radicalized. if a person wants to create a future for themselves more like syria, it's because they can't imagine a future in france. it's here in the country's city suburbs that the government wants to make a difference. this is the seeds of violence frequently zone. three years ago. 23-year-old mohammed mira planned attacks on french and
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jewish civilians. this district is on the outskirts of toll use, and some -- toll use and some feel like they are on the fringes of french society. the crossroads lead to high incidents of crime. >> locals feel under increased scrutiny. >> i live here. i feel french but the people look at me as if i'm not scared of the way people look at us. >> how am i supposed to integrate. does it mean it has to be like everyone else. it's a second mistake. >> there are some days i don't want to leave my house. i work in the market and want to go home. people want to put us in the same basket as if we were all to blame for the attacks. >> at the nearby mosque the local imam was wary of
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resentment. >> islamaphobia existed. they have been victims for a long time. here we do not know of victims that want to fight. >> the french government wanted to maintain a sense of unity. >> u.s. president obama insists they are trying to make the country safe after an order was blocked that would have protected millions of undocumented immigrants from deport ailings. ation -- deportation. >> i disagree with the texas government's ruling and the justice department will appeal. this is not the first time a lower court judge blocked something or attempted to block something ultimately shape to be lawful.
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i'm confident that it is well within my authority, and the executive branches prosecutorial expression to execute the policy which will help us make the borders safer. >> nancy pelosi the minority leader of the u.s. house of representatives says progress will be made on restoring full diplomatic ties. there are plans to normalize relations two months ago, and many cubans want an end to the embargo, which crippled the cuban economy for more than 50 years. >> a policeman has been killed in southern nigeria during an attack on the rally. several were injured on tuesday. river state has resulted in a number of attacks before next month's presidential elections. meanwhile the leader is vowing
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to disrupt the elections that are supposed to take place last week but was postponed following more attacks. some of those attacks have been on the city of maiduguri. this had been hit. this is how some residents are refusing to leave. >> this is what many streets look like after five years of attacks by boko haram. hardly any jobs are created these days and many of the existing ones are disappearing. >> that man was forced to leave, and may now lose his job as a mechanic. >> translation: nothing makes sense in this city. i used to take care of family and apprentices. some days i go home with empty profits, because they can't afford to buy cars.
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many take tricycles. these means most of us go hungry. >> for youcef leaving maiduguri is not an option. people from this part of nigeria don't belong to boko haram. it depend how he will be treated elsewhere. a lot of businesses in the city are threatened. >> this is the biggest market in maiduguri. over the past year it's been attacked by boko haram. business has been tough for many. but despite the constant threat they insist keeping the market open. >> many schools are closed because of lack of business. of others few customers come to buy. >> it's been five days. >> you know most of the customers. the people that come they
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didn't come with anything. >> the supplies in the store continue to gather dust. >> the day has been a good one. it's not much, enough to make supplies. he is not sure when they'll make the journey. thousands are less fort nalt. they chose to stay let's take a check on the global weather now. there's a tropical cyclone affecting australia. >> yes, that's right. it's not looking good across the north and eastern parts of australia, there may well be a tropical storm east of queensland. let's start with a severe tropical cyclone squirrelling
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around arnhem land causing nasty weather, massive waves and strong winds coming through here. across to cape york peninsula. the tropical storm in the coral sea will sink southwards and westward over the next couple of days. therein lays a problem. we'll see high tides, and the possibility of flash flooding and damaging winds. brisbane could well see as much as - we could see 500mm of rain. likely 200 to 400mm of rain. 500 is a possibility. anywhere around the sunshine coast, the gold coast. nasty conditions coming in here. we have one in friday that's where we expect the circulation to make it around brisbane causing problems. going into saturday it's taking
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place at the gabba. don't be surprised if that one is cancel. >> thank you. >> still to come on the newshour. we are on the beaches of rio de janeiro. and in copenhagen, which is set to become the first new capital. what can the rest of europe learn when it comes to protecting the environment. >> in sport. chelsea's manager admits his team was lucky in the champion's league. andy with the details later this
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hour. united nations security council is due to meet in an emergency session. egypt is pressing for military action in libya a red cross convoy has been attacked in myanmar. the president has declared a state of emergency in co-can
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region. let's get more. the founder of the herald newsagency is a managing director. dialogue. he is on skype. if you could, and i realise it's a volatile situation, simplify it for us. why are we seeing fighting there now? >> the fighting started in the region where they are trying to make several contexts. so that they could go back to their land of birthplace. however, government says he could only - he has tried to
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sign a ceasefire. >> sorry, if i could stop you, you are talking about the maa leader. if you explain to us what is this group. what do they want? >> well the mn d.a.a. is a group that was formed in burma in 1999. they have concluded the ceasefire. they are in burma's capital. and in 2000 he was ousted from his land of birthplace and since then has been trying to
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return to his birth place. >> that sparked the fighting we are seeing. and the attack on the red cross convoy, how serious is this. are you expecting humanitarian attacks on the convoy? >> i would say that as soon as the ceasefire is called unless it is called, there'll be more attacks. it is very difficult to differentiate between peaceful red cos and even the - in the experience, red cross trucks
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have been used to attack in the past. >> now, there's a 90 day state of emergency declared. in the meantime we see thousands of people fleeing the area to save themselves and they are going across the border into china. how will it affect the china-myanmar relation? china wants a decision of hostilities from both sides and has been requesting both sides to stop the fighting. so far it has not occurred. and there is concern if the fighting continues, the relationship between the nations might worsen. >> right. thank you, sir, for your
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insight. managing director of the institute for peace and dialogue. speaking to us from shankmi. >> thank you very much. >> in ukraine russia is in the european union. russia is a major supplier of gas to hungry. and vladimir putin has offered budapest a sweeter deal. >> reporter: vladimir putin is not welcome in most european capitals, but in budapest he was treated as a friend a success for hungary, the two reaching agreements on gas deals. vladimir putin hinted if only europe was willing, more russian gas could come its way. >> if no one hinders us we can
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implement part of the stream through turkey. we can use the agreement with other partners. >> this visit has not gone unnoticed. there are critical voices in europe that say that viktor orban is friends with the wrong guy. vladimir putin has given more official sanctions and that he is trying to tie them into dependency, energy dependency. and that it's a strategy in europe. >> to make that point, some 2,000 people protested on the eve of the visit to show solidarity with ukraine. they are struggling and happy about the orban domestic policies. >> i don't like the eastern direction of hungary, becoming friends with vladimir putin, taking on his idea. >> but vladimir putin showed
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that while they are looking or not happy with him in europe he has allies in europe and hungry's government will do what a best for hungary they need to find ways to put pressure for them to go out of the european conflict. denmark has the answer by going green. >> reporter: denmark has an energy revolution. the significance could be huge. woodchips, not coal heat the burners in this. >> reporter: it provided steam-hit hot water, and electricity for 1.5 million copenhagen. it should be the world's first. >> we are relying on offshore wins and sustainable biomass.
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they'll deliver a green and cost effective parties to heating. and independent of the countries. not for parts of the the debate. they have become an obvious choice. and with that denmark is avoiding nasty problems. there's barely a country in europe. the challenge is working out where the energy is going to come from. the nuke is expensive. fracking is deeply unpopular. they get the gas from russia. it has a huge defense on foreign policy. it is set to be self-sufficient in a few years. it's been driven primarily, simple and renewable forms of energy. >> so at a time when the cold war feels like it's being
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reformed. their own policies are not compromised. energy which is simple. if they go green. they lose the alliance. if the date came where russia would cost supplies. they would be able to comfort the neighbours. if all european member states have done this. they would be in another security situation. >> reporter: keeping the lights on is increasing. the government doesn't want to be environmentally out of kilter. they argue that it's better for security looking compelling. >> greece is to request an extension of its programme, but the counter bailout. greek banks are in need of cash
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and bankruptcy. >> the heart of the factory is meeting. they have lost 90% of the business. it has bankrupted the client. in turn it owes 2 million that it cannot pay nor can it be financed. >> i have been worked in the factory since i was 18. banks played a big role this that. suddenly we are back to where we started and we are alone. rather than wait to die. they decided to attack. >> a series of losses involving 20,000. they are representing $2 billion. they formed a civic action
5:41 am
group. dimming their debts of the the same discount. if they sold the loans. >> translation: while the lawsuit is pending, getting debtors to pay loan instalments. it took 20 years for this to come to trial. do you want to wait 20 years or earn money again. >> it's growing. officials own banks some $90 billion they can't pay back. the banks were supposed to finance the turnaround. they are able to do so. deposited through $17 billion in the last few months. afraid that greece may be forced out of the eurozone. >> if greece leaves the eurozone the central bank would stop supporting the system.
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as it happens... >> it's a crisis looming over the country. the issue will become a big problem. we are scared. >> individuals like greece itself are caught in a debt track. greece's left-wing government staked its future on the cycle we are about to ring in the year of the sheep as hundreds of millions come to celebrate china. in sport rafael nadal is aiming for a return to form in brazil.
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it's known as a big city party. carnivale prepares for a grand finale. we have this report. rio de janeiro is synonymous especially during carnival when people from the world over flock to the area. locals know to bring them. protecting themselves from a tsunami. not a tsunami that comes from the ocean, but surrounding rio
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de janeiro. it's from the slums on to the beaches, stealing everything in its path. a few months ago on the same beach beach goers were running in panic trying to escape. that's why rio di janeiro's police introduced a new protection. unit forces that fight drug runners are now stationed at the beachers in full combat gear. >> translation: this is not an extreme measure, it's a precaution to protect the people. due to the large number of people who come here it's a place to commit crimes. >> some 300 police on motorbikes and foot carrying pistols and
5:46 am
stun guns weave through the people. and on the pavement they keep track of potential flare-ups. these are the images from helicopters and cameras. it's a welcome development. >> translation: without a doubt i decided to come here precisely because it's closed. the family is safer. >> things improved noticeable. it was a bit dangerous. >> they promised to keep the operation beach going as long as there's a mass presence the traditional route to the top of the world is about to
5:47 am
change. mountain ears will have to avoid the danger area. alan hinks was one of the first climbers in britain to reach the top of mt everest, and we speak to him. thank you so much for making it on the show. you've been involved in expeditions to the highest peaks. do you think changing the tradition will reduce the casualties? > they are going to move it away from the left-hand more into the middle so it will be less threatened by ice clips. >> that being the case. there's a lot that go in for the danger almost. will that stop the numbers that go mt everest?
5:48 am
>> well i don't really know if people go for the danger. i don't think anyone goes there wishing to die. i don't climb hoping to die. climbing enhances my life. i climb to live not to die. >> sorry, i'm talking about the excitement of climbing is dangerous. of being able to confront your fears, and travel over a dangerous route. >> yes. well we like to make it as safe as possible which is an oxymoron, because it is dangerous. chances are that you won't reach the top, and you may have toes amputated, and you can die. i had a lot of friends dangerous. this route crosses huge slots in the glassciers hundreds of feet
5:49 am
deep. hopefully a lot of danger can be taken away. >> look the point of the changed route is to try to reduce the number of deaths from mt everest. for those of us who will never be able to climb mt everest, who will never know the excitement. what do they do if they find themselves in the situation of or in the past of an avalanche, what can mountain ears do. >> well very very lucky if you survive. avalanches are not soft fluffy things full of soft fluffy snow. there's huge concrete blocks that tend to get mashed up a bit. we'll be lucky to survive, and i have been lucky, surviving avalanches, and not a couple in
5:50 am
the english hills in winter. you are unlucky if you survive it. there's the air blast in front of it. sadly, there's not much you can do. you have to avoid them. >> we'll have to leave it there. thank you for speaking to us alan hinks, one of the first climbers in britain to arrest the top. sport now. >> cricket and the world cup not going to the way the team would have wanted. looking at defeat in the match of the tournament. thousands of fans watched. let's get the details. bangladesh batting first, scoring 267.
5:51 am
at one point afghanistan 0 for 3. they recovered. 106 overs for the win. a grow number of problems. heavily beaten by australia in the first match. facing some unwanted requests. failing to score in four of his last five innings. >> the fact that i've been through patches before and again you need to have a determined amount of training. probably it gives more confidence than for the first time going through a bad one. chelsea's jose mourinho admit his team was lucky to escape with a draw. chelsea took the lead but after
5:52 am
the break, the header in the 54th minute makes the final score 1-1. >> 1-1 reflects one for chelsea one for paris. if you go to - chances it cree stated and goalkeeper's performance, they had more than us. >> that was one of the games. donetsk holding bayern munich to a goalless draw. 1,000 kilometres away from their home. in eastern ukraine. now, the man who admitted to supplying illegal drugs has been sentenced to four years, anthony bosch is the owner, including
5:53 am
the yankee star. they provided performance enhancing drugs playing on a preferred surface, and back this a winning habit. rafael nadal's last appearance saw him losing at the australian open. and on the clay of rio he bet tomas berdych now, competitors started to cross the finish line at the end of the 690km yukon arctic ultra marathon. the extreme race through the wilderness of northern canada - including on foot mountain bike. daniel lack was at the finish line near the city.
5:54 am
there you have the finish or first place in the foot section of the race. just at the end here one of the mountain bikers the german came along and waited for him and crossed the same time. they have come a remarkable distance, it's a finish at night. there are more people out on the trail and we'll keep a close eye on them. for now everyone is celebrating. >> they have been led throughout, more than 690km in less than 10 days that's ipp cred uble. >> it was a race not finished before 2009. now people are doing it in less than 10 days. when i asked earlier whether he felt good about it he was a little upconcerned.
5:55 am
>> i know that the finish is near. i can finally have a hot shower and a warm bed. >> that's probably the thought that keeps almost anyone still in this race going. about 10 people heading for the finish in roughly give or take a few. dohni finished. we await the first country skier. it's as 690km event. it's victory in and of itself. >> plenty of background to that race on the website. check that out. there's also blogs and videos from our correspondents around the world. that is a the sport for now. >> here is a question what is your chinese horoscope. >> must be year of the tiger.
5:56 am
>> could be a good year. many chinese are preparing to usher in the year of the sheep. 3 million people are leaving the capital. >> reporter: you need to be patient when you travel in china, especially at this time of year. they are part of the world's large annual migration, taking 25,000 migrant workers seeing their children for the first time in a year. for many it's tinged with uncertainty. factory workers worry that the slow down in the economy is far from over. some have not returned. i will never come back to the city to work in my life. it's meaningless. we come to earn a higher salary but everything is too expensive. nothing is left. >> reporter: they place importance on the calendar. there's a debate about whether
5:57 am
europe is cheap at all. since the chinese use the word young for sheep and goat. of all the zodiac signs this is the least desirable, because the goat and sheep are seen as meat creatures. not a good year to be born. which is why hospitals are expecting fewer births. >> probably about 20% drop. some say they skip the year of sheep, and have the baby the year after. >> whether you are superstation or not. there's no denying the improvement in air quality with polluting factories closed for an at least a week the skies are clear and blue and for many it's the best new year's gift of all. >> happy lunar new year for all of you.
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stay with us here at al jazeera. more news at the top of the hour. >> as the amount of drugs grew guns came in. >> murder rate was sky-high. >> this guy was the biggest in l.a. >> i was goin' through a million dollars worth of drugs every day. i liked it. it's hard to believe that a friend would set you up. people don't get federal life sentences and beat them. >> they had been trafficking on behalf of the united states government. >> the cia admitted it. >> "freeway - crack in the system". premieres sunday march 1st, 10:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america.
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ukranian troops pull out of debaltseve an important victory to russian separate its. >> i'm martine dennis also coming up, red cross comes under fire in myanmar's kokang region as the president declares a state of emergency. >> after bombing i.s.i.l. targets in libya, and killing