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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2015 2:00am-2:31am EST

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o. >> libya's u.n.-recognized government asks it to help fight i.s.i.l. you're watching al jazeera live from doha. also coming up. >> and we are not at war with islam. we are at war with people who have perverted islam. >> president obama defense america's campaign against terrorism like i.s.i.l.
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one month after the death ever alberto nisman, and british television society honors the three al jazeera journalists who are jailed in egypt. libya's government has asked the u.n. to raise militia to help it fight terrorist groups. arms embar go was imposed by the u.n. in 2011 to protect civilians from libya's former leader moammar gadhafi. geeptegypt is supporting the request and wants a naval blockade.
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our diplomatic editor james bays explains. >> two days trying to lobby diplomats on his country's initiative. at first trying to pursued persuade them he wants an embargo against all governments except the government of toeing bruk. tow bruk. tobruk. >> it has not been our success that is on the table here. it is success of the security
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council and the international community to address this threat. we believe it is necessary we are considering that we are the last line of defense against the more violent activity that has already started to reach european union source. so i think success is a matter to be determined by how effective the security council and the international community are to eradicate the terrorists there. >> reporter: the security council also heard from the u.n. special envoy bernardino leon. one diplomat said this was not the moment to send more arms to libya. >> the u.n. emergency session on libya came days after alleged that those strikes killed
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civilians as well. but egypt's president denies that. abdullah al shami reports. >> i asked him was there any mistake. the pilot told me not at all. we didn't hit any civilian targets. we were aware of these targets for months. we had strong intelligence. we are 100% certain of what we were targeting. >> reporter: in the libyan city of derna it was a different story. there have been suggestions that egypt has been involved for some time already in the battle against rival militias. >> translator: we will never forget egypt and how they supported us, the egyptians
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understand our situation. >> reporter: egypt carried out air strikes on targets in libya what other actions may be decided may be decided in the coming days or weeks. abdullah al shami, al jazeera. at least 70 progovernment fighters and more than 80 rebels killed since tuesday. both sides trying to expand their areas of control in the dwit dwighted city. that's why the u.n. is trying to broke broker a ceasefire. >> this part of sleap now a battlefield.
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in babel nassir in the old city they fight street by street and snipers watch for targets. >> we are here to prevent a regime from moving forward. it is the regime's life line. >> every sort of weapon is used on both sides. the most serious fighting is on the roads into the city which are controlled by regime forces. >> our main duty is to monitor the assad forces, our mission is to liberate the area so we can move dependence industrial compound. >> it is a deadly battle on 40 different fronlts and while each
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of the battle has made some gains, a clear win is unlikely. president obama said his country is not at wore with islam but with those who have subvertd it. patty culhane reporting. >> attacks in canada, australia he went to great lengths to ensure the muslim leaders in the room that there are,. >> with that in mind officials have been careful to not use the words islamic extremism. but the agenda is solely with
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working with muslim communities and that has some activists concerned. >> we are concerned with the backlash of hate crimes that we have seen across the nation. >> the white house is trying to avoid muslim communities feeling like they are singled outs. police surveillance of muslim communities in the years after that ataj, a fact. >> false narrative that america is at war with islam when we appear to violate our own requirements, of the constitution regardings surveillance when we mix surveillance with outreach, that is a very short sighted thing to do and i encourage members of law enforcement to not do it.
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>> activity recruiting american muslims, whoever might be susceptible to the message l qurnsed to attack in the u.s. or travel yeefers. they are hoping this will drop the cirp divide. agenty cul haiyan, al. patty culhane. >> debaltseve. >> on wednesday pushed out by relentless bombardment and ground assault. and all this happened four days after a ceasefire supposedly began.
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the ukrainian wounded were taken to arteminsk and spoke about running a gauntlet of fire. >> there are no words to describe it. along the entire way we were hit. we left debaltseve around 5 a.m. and until this moment we were constantly under fire. >> the bottom bartment was carried out by this one several miles south. there were no shortage of tanks and armor. many feet the ukrainians need to be with ccialghts back to the borders of donetsk and luhansk region. after that we will see. >> in the near future i think what happened in illiv
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beingseisk will happen here. i can't imagine what will happen after that, time will tell. >> reporter: the loss of the town of debaltseve is a bitter blow. they had invested much capital both human and military trying to defend it. but the smoke that remains over the town is a small snors. the sprafts are adamant the territory was under separatist control. but with debilities debilities lost, debaltseve.
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under arms of the separatists. alberto nisman was trying to prove whether the president cristina kirchner, had anything to do with the jewish center bombing 17 years ago. is. >> one month since the suspicious death of pros computer@berth o nisman. prosecutor alberto nisman. >> for once argentina wants to know the truth. there is too much political interference in the justice system and on the other hand, it is very suspicious that a
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prosecutor who precisely was investigating the president ends up dead and no one knows what happened. >> president cristina kirchner has ridiculed suggestions that she may have taken part in his death. in fact referring to this march the further enflaming political passions and divisions in the country. still while organize eshes organizers insist this wasn't planned elections are eight months away and while neefsman's death wasn't clarified by then, lucia newman,
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al jazeera, buenos aires. >> here's what's coming up on the program. fest ethnic unrest in myanmar is spiraling out of control in a border state. plus a former australian guantanamo bay detain ewelcomes a decision striking down his terrorist conviction. fest st >> writer taiye selasi shares her impactful point of view >> certain people have to explain there presence... >> when you're part of many worlds, where is home? >> in ghana, i was not going to be able to become the person i wanted to be. >> every monday, join us for exclusive... revealing... and surprising talks with the most interesting people of our time... talk to al jazeera part of our special black history month coverage on al jazeera america
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>> start with one issue. add guests from all sides of the debate and a host willing to ask the tough questions and you'll get the inside story. >> ray suarez hosts "inside story". weeknights at 11:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> the top stories on aljazeera. libya's u.n. recognized government has asked the security council to lift an arms
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embargo to fight against i.s.i.l. and either armed groups groups. diplomats dreased the dreased addressed the u.n. council emergency session. president obama has been speaking to a three day summit at the white house. mysterious shooting death of a prosecutor last month. alberto nisman was investigating whether cristina kirchner covered up a bombing at a jewish center 15 years ago. a sign that violence may be spreading. a state of emergency was declared in kokan state on thursday. government troops are trying to
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drive out the mmdaa rebels. largely autonomous strip of land on myanmar's northeastern border with china. recent fighting has appeared to be from the rebel group randall noble reports. >> a barrage of bullets bring this convoy to a halt. a new weach of fighting has broken out between rebles and government forces. >> there is a ceasefire called. their would be more of a text. in the resistance experience, red cross trucks have been used by the burma army to attack the
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resistance. >> two were injured in the attack one suffered head wounds the other to the abdomen. it is very sad to harry that our red across workers were wounded while carries carrying out a humanitarian act. similar to five years ago when thousands of ethnic ratification fled the province. now some 30,000 30,000 refugees from myanmar made the same trek. >> it was very loud. >> china is calling for dialogue. >> we want to use this opportunity to once again call on all sides involved in the clashes in myanmar to avoid the
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strength and void the effecting security on the comoins side. >> reporter: but now three months of martial law is being imposed by myanmar's government a sign this the fighting is not expelled to ent any time soon, al jazeera. >> fortify rights a human rights organization. matthew you are joining us from bangkok to first tell knee whether whether the i state of emergency will do anything i to calm the situation? >> it is a state of emergency. this is a segment of the myanmar l military that has committed severe human rights invitations over the next self years.
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our principal concerning e-concern is the civilians population and there have been many. >> you say it is the bottom of the situation now, what is part of it? >> it is essentially a parch work of ethnic conflicts that have been going on for a very long time. some of these are reignited in earnest in twefn and continued since then. i think one of the principal issues one of the business egg obstacles for myanmar to establish some sort of paste this these areas is dashes. >> right like what? >> i'm sorry can you repeat that? >> my question is you say that there are severe human rights
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violations taking place. what have you tracked? >> well, we've been documenting ant kachin and sean, hume rights activates have have been tracking forced labor rape, in kachin state and not in the could can area, but if the paver of the military in the past is any indication there should be some i have serious concerns now. >> do you think there will be any account ability? >> i'm sorry i had trouble hearing your question. >> what about accountability? >> yes. >> so far there has been very
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little if any accountant, there have been human rights violations by all parties. we would expect the rules of law, the rules of law has not worked out so well of myanmar's ft. population. >> whether yingluck shinn wawrt will stand trial for her part in
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the downturn in the thailand situation. and drew thomas reports from sydney. >> an innocent man held for 30 years, david hicks has finally killed his name. >> relieved. also it is exhausted because it's been a long time. >> shortly after al qaeda's 9/11 attacks. he had been getting military training, hicks spent five years at the notorious prison camp. before he did a deal to secure his deportation. he pleaded guilty to providing material support to terrorism.
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he had only greed agreed that new laws shouldn't have been applied are the trow speck tifl. the deal convictions vacated hicks is innocent. >> i will now live with in always. >> hicks says he needs an apology for the australian government. >> he was up to no good on his own dplition. and look i'm not in the business of apologizing for the actions that australian governments take nox now not ever. >> the australian prime minister should be saying we on behalf of
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the awrcht government made an error. we loud australian systems to be taken, but he does want the australian government pay for treatments he had he said after five years in quoam guantanamo. >> 150 people most reply students died, the you u.n. global equity, armed guards and emergency communication systems to secure schools. as cam ca kalalal hideer hide hider
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reports. >> to impart basic weapon handling and tactics to the teachers in order for them to be able to meet the first jucial minutes of any attack and feel sass if they have some security now. the quick reaction force will be often stand by, the government has issues warnings the in case any weapons will be carried by teachers and according to the boundary wars, they will have to be raised up several feet, topped with razor wire. and everyone will be victim land to promote any sort of physical
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activity. >> now we feel that college teaching lending environments have become more safe and our students and faculty feel that they can learn in a very conducive learning environment. >> reporter: he these are tense times in pakistan but the authorities are adamant that they will beat whatever sort of need to produce such institutions. >> the uk has honored peter greste boax and mohamed baher mohamed and mohamed fahmy. greght e-greste are accepted the award for his colleagues, who
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remain on bail until the next. next. >> we came to understand there was far bigger than the three of us alone. about the public's right to know and we knew you were there right with us. but i also know that we really had no idea of just how extraordinarily broad and unified that sense of purpose turned out to be. this matter is not just because of the impact on us and our case. right now the very idea of a free press free speech conference in denmark to governments trying to limited the scope of our work with descra conan elaboration. what its do, expeant those most fundamental ideas that we are
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eunted open. whatever happens in here we must not lots that extraordinary are singular voice. >> just a requirement you can always -- just a reminder, you can always keep up to sedate on >> on "america tonight": >> a rare and cruel condition robbed gail walls of the man her husband once was. >> i miss his voice, i miss our conversation. >> but little did she know what lay ahead was not just a battle for his health. >> massive explosions rock the scene of monday's trail derailment in fayette county west virginia, from here, the bakken oil fields of north