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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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. >> the motion that the west is at war with islam is an ugly lie. lie.
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the president also said this is the kind of fight that will take generations and that people needed to open their eyes to the fact that young people are at a particular risk that they are being targeted and that it is not just to the government, but to local communities local civil societies as well to try to push back, and to try to protect young people from these groups. yeah, there was a real emphasis on the young generation. you also talk about extremist ideology through social media. >> that's right. this is something that has been a concern of the obama administration. since 2011 that's when they established the center for strategic counter terrorism. hussein who is taking over in the last 24 hours and he is going to be collaborated with
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officials in countries around the world includes with officials in the united arab emirates which is establishing a new digital counter terrorisms. with cyber space and they are extremely good, at using social media to reach out. >> that is perhapses just not effective at all. because there's no way to quantify it. there is not a situation which we hear barack obama say thissen mo that can be dealt with in a military way and that point was also underscored by the secretary general of the united nations.
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>> president, thank you there on the washington summit on extremism. >> now libya's u.n. recognized government has asked the security council to lift an armed advisor to help against other arms groups. many are fighting for control. now the fight in libya is drawn between two main coalitions. the first one backs the u.n. recognized government, which is based out of tabrook the main bases are in the east of the country they are also in control of the western city. the second one fights under the libya dawn banner, and is supporting the rival government based in tripoli. they have made advances on the border. it is split between rival groups who back both coalitions. the growing divide between both catches has given isil a chance to increase it's
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influence. it has recently gained ground, in fierce, and nofilia but other groups are fighting back. the fighters had led the battle and captures former leader now they are ready to redeploy this time to fend off the local branch of isil, the group has declared setter an isil province, and it's fighters occupy government buildings there we should secure all libya we should not stay silent. >> setter is also being controlled from it's coastline. foreign fighters and weapons are set to have reaches setter. >> if prompted egypt to launch air strikes in the northeast city a town where some
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fighters had declared allegiance in october, the strikes were condemned why the u.n. recognized 11,000-kilometers away welcome them the military -- and weapons they pose egypt's involvement released by isil is worrying egyptian workers. someth mate their number at around 1 million even though there is no official count. these people have said to have they are about to be deported. regarding the seven fisherman who are with us from the illegal immigration department they came by sea they don't have any documents. we transferred them to tripoli, and from tripoli others are said to have and egypt are asked the security
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council to lift the arms embargo over libya but with two rival political bodies each with their own forces there is concern that more weapons won't contain the spread of isil which are taking advantage of these many have been asking for unity and the formation of national security forces ever since the fall of the regime, nearly four years ago. something politician have so far failed to provide we can join that joins us live, that's in neighboring tuesday niya before we get into the nervousness of which libya's neighbors may be looking at the developments in libya you have some information on the developments. >> it appears that they have
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moved into the setter greater area who occupy this building trying to tell them to evacuate those without the bloodshed, basically what they are saying is that the fightingers have taken over convention center. that was set up by mom mar and it was supposed to symbolize his leadership, his african leadership. so symbolize their african leadership of their groups mainly between them and the al quaida who are moving all around the scuderia all the
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way here to tanisha and then further on to libya. it seems according to the fightingers that at this point, there is no other choice than yes another conflict in libya you ask them when that will be, they will say we can't tell you exactly, but soon. so there appears there will be another front line open soon. >> s there so much political violence in italy how is the government there watching over events? the government here is very nervous. yes wednesday when there was talk about asking the security council for a foreign intervention, in libya well, they said very clearly that it was against it. what it has done, however, is it has increased the security presence all along the border, with libya algeria has done
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exactly the same thing it's a very long porous border so things are very complicated to control here, tun nisha has aned ad issue is that isil and it's ideology is appealing to many youth here. it has one of the largest conventions of foreign fighter whose have gone to syria and iraq, can it appears that it has also large contingent that is making it's way to libya. at the moment, there's an on going fight and al quaida fighters in the southwest of the country so certainly all of this is creating tension and worry are among the government but also among the tun knee sean people. >> thank you. that's in neighboring tunisia. meanwhile, egypt's local media says nearly 2,000 ejinx works have returned.
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for decades libya has a major destination for egyptian workers. due to it's geographic proximity the defense spokesman said many boko haram fighters were killed in the bombardment. fighting continues in eastern ukraine. in minsk last week, the tonight that had been taken oh by pro-russian separatists was being shelled on thursday. the local ukrainian government officials said rebels and five bombs at another town further south. paul brennen reports from a check point near. these are the russian soldier
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whose are claiming victory in the battle. many of the vehicles are flying the russian flag. and their alee general to moscow is openly declared. taunting the ukrainian president one fighter shouts hello from russia. street by street, combat continued here for four days. after the supposed cease fire deal. small numbers of ukrainian soldiers are still thought to be holed up stranded inside the town, the dead, lie where they fell. on the approach road, at a place we found the aftermath of a ferocious battle. the crossing was littered littered with the debris of an increasingly desperate struggle, numerous casualties on both sides here. >> here is a burnt out tank, absolutely blackened by the intensity of the fire and the fighting. there are more vehicles here a further tank down on the far
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side, two bodies are still lying in the the open over behind the camera there as well. the fighter from the russian city described the final assault. >> the battle finished the day before yesterday they are running out of ammunition. a truck came to resupply them, yesterday the artillery was quiet. after that they retreated. >> the retreat was organized but the soldiers who were there, tell a very different story many speak of a chaotic withdrawal racing over open fields. and now, there are fears that capturing may not be the limit of the separatist ambitions. attention to turning to the south of the region. >> and area the concentration of forces is being observed be uh the situation is being
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monitors. our servicemen and the residential area, are passing on intelligence, that those forces have been prepared for a possible offensive. >> on thursday, ukraine's national security council agreed a formal request for united nations peace keeping force to be deployed to eastern ukraine. there is no guarantee that the request will be granted. but they are fast running out of options. paul brennen, al jazeera the continuing violence has promised further international efforts to reinforce the mincing agreement. leaders spoke by phone early on thursday the challenge has the latest now from moscow. >> now forgive me if this sounds slightly repettive, but what the four leaders were discussing on the phone earlier, we have heard from them many times before. angel merkel, francoise allan and vladimir putin were talking about implements a cease fire. down the entirety of the front
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line in eastern ukraine. they were talking about the wrawling of heavy weapons they were talking about the release of prisoners and allowing the osce into monitor and facilitate the implementation of these measures. all of these things were talked about are still being talked about now, despite the fact that fighting is still going on. but also down on the coast near mario. i went to a press briefing at the foreign ministry earlier on today and i asked the question they asked him what this fighting meant whether the separatist were trying to take new territory. >> the representatives of the top level of ukrainian authority, this is what their statements are indicating as well as their actions on the bottom.
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>> including a outbreak of swine flu infect thing thousands in india. putting the nation's health system to the test. ♪ ♪ germany is rejecting a
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request to pay back it's massive loan. the government submitted a letter the euro group earlier on asking for it's since month extension. the group is meeting on friday to consider the demand. there is a stalemate at the government the goings have todd this they have submitted their requests to the group for anenings intention of the loan agreement. they have said that the euro group meaning has only two choices. now we will discover who wants the solution and who doesn't? this in response to a german statement earlier this the day. "that it is not a proposal that leads to substantial solutions."
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what was that greek request. the greeks have asked for a six month bridge period. which it's creditors would finance. that means they would meet the debt schedule. the repayment of the debt, that is owed to the european central bank, the international monetary fun fund, and other countries. and they would allow greece that grate period in which to renegotiation. however, the germans have rejected that and they have said let's see if most or all of the 18 other members of the euro zone agree. to see if they can isolate the germans. through this period. >> unroast appears to be spreading in the northeast government leaders there are accusing three more ethnic rebel groups of fighting the army. reports now from bangkok and neighboring thailand, home to
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many refugees. >> they are supposed to celebrating the new year. between a rebel army, and the mirimar military, or fleeing for their lives. now that marshal law has been declared people are worried it sets the stage for a new bush by the military, to end what they see as a threat to national sovereignty. >> we saw two helicopters and really loud. we ran away, we were so afraid. >> the new battle between the ethnic mirimar national alliance army, and the -- as the mirimar militaries is known, is just one incident in decades of wars between the central government, and ethnic minorities. >> the military dominated government has agreed cease fires with some groups but the reality on the ground doesn't
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match the peace rhetoric. >> we have a cease fire with the government. but this has been violated by the army for about 400 times. >> and alone in the 11 months, first january to third of november there has been 102. questions are being asked act what marshal law can mean for other areas in. >> it could have been in an ethnic area, given the fact that they are expanding their presence their control in almost every ethnic areas that they have creased fire. >> there could be serious implications as they continue.
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>> at here in thailand. this is a crucial election year. a test that the true debt of reform but the ballot can't be held in areas under martial law. al jazeera, bangkok. >> al jazeera has sought reaction on the recent events. so far, they have not responded. >> thailand's former prime minister has been charged with negligence over a multibillion dollarss right subsidies. they denied corruption and using the scene to buy votes. the supreme court will decide next month whether she will stand trial she faces ten years in prison if she is convicted. >> security has been stepped up across allergan, following
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a taliban attack last year. now over the past four decades similar attacks on schools in pakistan and anywhere else in the world. and as reports snipers are now being seen on roof tops and some teachers have been carrying guns to the classrooms. nod to enable the educational institutions to meet the threat. the taliban, of course, has warned of more attacks and that has prompted the police and the to embark basic weapon handling and tactics to the teachers in order for them to be able to meet the first crucial minutes of an attack. and feel that they have some security now the police the quick reaction force, will be on stand by, weapons will knob
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be carries by teachers and accord dog the new guidance, the boundary wars will have to be raised. and also the fact that everybody will be told to remain vigilant including the teachers and public at large to report any suspicious activity. >> and other students feel that they can learn in a very conducive learning environment. >> these are tense times in pakistan. but the authorities are adamant they will meet whatever basic security measures are needed to protect their educational institutions.
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thousands of people have been infected with swine flu. a lot more than double the death toll from last year and the outbreak is showing no signs of slowing down from new delhi. already this year, the h1n1 virus has killed more than 600 people and over 8,000 have tested positive. there is no cause for panic but there is cause for worry and we have to be careful and keep track of this. because usually it ends by this time, as the temperature increases, but this time, unfortunately, it hasn't done so yet. >> swine few has claimed the largest number of lives in the states of pakistan. but cases have also been confirmed in the the
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northeast. means outbreaks like this are hard to contain the increase has helped workers here worry. to avoided more in the future, they have decided to take preventive action now. >> that means educating millions of people. particularly the poor. about the illness and what symptoms to look out for. can cases rising by the day they say she struggling to reach people fast enough. >> people have very little knowledge of this disease. they take it to be a regular fever, they take medicines and don't get the right diagnosis in time. then the disease is incurable. awareness has grown particularly among the wealthy, and as a result, so too have the number of people coming forward. while some say that's good,
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others fear the added drain on limited medical resources. >> it's definitely more panic most of the signs show, is like the weather and only patients who have a disorder, or hyper or pregnant women they need to be treated or they need to be taken more care of. >> doctors have been careful not to call this an epidemic, but what the authorities tribe as a seasonal outbreak is again testing india's health system. >> it also highlights the vulnerable of millions of people. al jazeera, new delhi. >> the growing scheme, is making the most of leftover food. >> and in sports after nearly two weeks by the word's
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endurance event comes to an end.
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>> protestors are gathering... >> there's an air of tension right now... >> the crowd chanting for democracy... >> this is another significant development... >> we have an exclusive story tonight, and we go live...
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♪ ♪. >> you are watching the al jazeera news hour. a reminder now of our top stories and the u.s. says it will continue the fight against al quaida, and it's affiliates in afghanistan yemen, and somalia. he also announced the creation of a joint monster toking center. there's been more fighting in eastern ukraine, despite efforts to maintain the truce agreed last week, 13 soldiers were reportedly killed in the town. that was taken over by pro-russian separate itselfs on wednesday. germany has rejected greece's request for more time to repay it's massive loan from the european union. the group is meeting on friday to consider the demand. qatar has recalled it's ambassador for consultation. the decision follows comments by the egyptian envoy to the air rag league backing terrorism, something that
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qatar strongly denied. the secretary general of the corporation council says gulf states are voicing support. abdullah is the chief from the newspaper, and joins us live, thank you for being with us. so we now have qatar recalling it's ambassador from cairo. ties between qatar and egypt have been rather tense how serious is this. >> actually we are dealing with a military regime giving him money like and corporation council. so what he is doing now, he is trying to control libya by invading beer and fearing on the libyan affairs he said we
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will get rid of terrorism but our experience, approved that he cannot deal with only by force, we have to deal with the reasons of having terrorism in our region. >> just to clarify, when you say he, who exactly. >> i am talking about general abdul aciesy. who is running running the regime right now. >> qatar agrees without having a conversation between the people. and having them to sit together and having the mediation, libya will -- this will effect the whole region of peace. beside algeria is rejecting
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having military interfering in libya. put he is thinking that qatar is the weakest part of the chain. while the corporation show that he is mistaken, so we are dealing with a regime that doesn't respect the leaguing and doesn't respect the whole g.c.c., despite the council rejected in the proposal has been past by egypt. so we are dealing with a regime that is trying to blackmail qatar on everyone. if you are not with us then you are with terrorism which is not accepted at all. qatar has suffered for a long
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time. and this time, they listen to their people, and they took action and recalled their ambassador some people are pointing to the fact that they have been posted in doha. why do you think it is that qatar hospital seem to shake off these accusations. >> actually, qatar has it's own to support the rights and the two states solution but we are dealing with a government, what is calls israel is rejecting to have real peace. we are talking about facts and not accusations. hamas is an arabic party and they should contend them.
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if we didn't contend them, so it is better. and they have changed. and a new start when he had an interview with cnn he said hamas is different than hamas ten years ago. so we could reach to a real peace, if israel is a serious to have a real peace and palestine. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> for being with us and clarifying as well. the ed tor and chief of our newspaper, thank you. >> the united states has identified 1200 rebels that it can train to take on isil. moon while, the government says it is prepares to extend
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air strikes following a meeting with the u.n. special envoy. is the director of the sinnian center for the studies and he joins us now from washington. thank you very much, sir, for being with us, what do you make of the proposed training program? i am critical of the program because the respondent of the programs announced in september last year, that they will start the program to train -- the syrian opposition but keep postponing the programs. with that send a wrong message to the people, because after six months of the air strikes against the isis targets in syria, the u.s. did not single any action that with standing with the syrian people against the on going strikes from the syrian government against the
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people. which lifted thousands last weekend. it should be that the u.s. has. >> the hesitation of a community to help the syrian opposition, due to the fractures nature of the opposition. >> and this is actually what has led me to the other critical issue which that -- the u.s. hasn't any grand strategy. it has to be a grander strategy. because they have to know why they are fighting and what is the goal. this is why it has to be linked to the syrian opposition. >> and was hesitant to say that they are cooperating with the opposition in fighting
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against isis with the government this is why it has to be linked to the strategy. which can help the people in the fight from one hand, and against -- from the asaad government from the other hand. >> what would you say is the priority now going after asaad forces in. >> and this is why we are now almost the fourth year of the conflict. and the international community was unable to come up with a plan. to end the conflict and the suffering. they call tut largest catastrophe in modern history. >> my question is what is the priority now? to stop the advance minute? or to stop asaad's forces?
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it has to go hand in hand because it is the war against the syrian people. the advances on the ground, without stopping the air vehicles of the government, against the civilians. they are show nothing interest in fighting the isis. despite into zuma. this is why we -- you can't fight isis and leave him to continue his war against the people. the number of casualties now exceed quarter a million. what is the international community and the u.s. waiting for more and more without actually having the strategy, to end the asaad government with the same time. honing the space to the transition. and last interview that the asaad show no concessions
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whatsoever to accept the reality that it should be negotiation to end the crisis. >> still relieve that this is the all this is a war against. >> we are running out of time, we will have to stop you there. thank you for your insight. the director of the syrian center of the strategic center. >> now a group of women have rallied in we men's capitol calling for an end to the on going crisis, they gathered outside a hotel when negotiators are trying to break the deadlock between political parties and shia rebels. t houthies captured in september, forcing the government to resign. protestors say they are worried the growing unrest can lead to civil war. >> britain says it scrambled jets from the royal air force after two russian long range bombers were spotted off the u.k. coastline.
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the aircraft didn't enter into british air space but the prime minister says he thinks moscow is trying to send a political message. off the british coast the air contractor left bombers otherwise known as bears. built to carry nuclear cruise missiles. two were scrambled from this base. they escorted the planes for several hundred kilometers. britains prime minister believes moscow's trying to send london a message. >> when this happened most recently at no time, did the russian military aircraft cross into u.k. sovereign air space. i think what this episode demonstrates is that we do have the fast jets the pilots the systems in place to protect the united king doll. i expect what is happening
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here is the russians are trying to make a point and i don't think we should dignify it with too much of a response. >> also on thursday, broadcasts this video filmed from inside a bear bomber. the footage apparently shows nato jets including british typhoons flying alongside. it's not clear when the film was made. the latest incident is the third time in a month that british forces have responded to russia edging close to british territory. on tuesday the royal navy 20-miles from the coast. increased brittism criticism over it's hand in the ukraine conflict. the site of the bombers now off the coast puts dip lo t maic ties under even greater
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strain. al jazeera has discovered that many journalists are enganged in blackmail. investigation has revealed that some rogue reporters are unearthing evidence of crime demanding prescribes to cover it up. from our one on one east team, has the story have the province. >> often in cambodia, what doesn't make the news has become moren't poo than what does. many journalists search the country for stories. only to demand cash to bury evidence of crime and corruption. his team freelance reporters often blackmail illegal lauders. he received at least 500-dollar as month from prescribes. six tiles the average wage. occasionally he files a story. >> to be honest, we are all the same in this country. but there are different ways of giving and receiving prescribes.
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sometimes, if they are discreet they put the money in an envelope, everyone benefits from illegal business. >> do you think there's anything wrong at all with the way you operate. >> we don't bother people that aren't involved in illegal business, it is simple we only come in when people break the law. >> increasingly his team faces violent retaliation. >> sometimes journalists ask for a little money for food. i will give them what i can if they want more, i can't ard to it. i can only fight them. >> last november a journalist was shot dead while investigating a company. he was accused of extortion. tonight he is with another colleague whose car has been smashed by illegal loggers. >> he got angry because i found them loading wood into the van. i caught them in the act. >> cambodia's information ministry acknowledges that it
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is easy to obtain press passes to work as a journalist. >> journalism has become a business. our laws don't restrict media freedom. anyone can be a journalist. if you want qualified journalists they will need training courses if you apply that condition they will be very few of them left. >> but the lack of professionalism, create as mercury news industry, where many cross the line between journalism and blackmail. al jazeera cambodia. >> for more on this story you can watch the full program on 101 east, the newest blackmailers on thursday, on thursday at 22:30 gmt. coming up in sport on the news hour, find out if the united arab emirates can mark their first world cup appearance in almost 20 years with a win.
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the spotlight is on l.a. county war veterans. whyer this making big views at the oscars. >> we have a sol lemn responsibility to provide our veterans and wounded warriors with the care and benefits they have earned when they come home. >> that was the prom, but the reality. >> if that's what they want, why are you making things so damn hard. >> mike servings in iraq, he saw friends die, and they are still dying.
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it is post traumatic stress disorder, which is taking them now. nor veterans are killing themselves more than they ever have and it just keeps getting higher. we feel remorse, to kill -- ptsd is big news in hollywood this year. american sniper a best picture contendser in focus right now because the man on trial for killing it's real life protagonist was suffered from the disorder. and there's a strong dose of reality, in the best documentary short category. this film, a stark look at the man and women who man telephone health lines talking suicidal war veterans out of killing themselves.
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los angeles counties counties that the highest concentration the mayor has vowed to get them off the streets and into a home by the end of this year alone. especially within three years of returning home. as for pike, there has been dark trials but it is getting easier he says that is down who never leaves his side. >> i had already planned out how i was going to exit this world, you know. he got on the knife, and kind of shrugged down a little bit. so i am screaming at him. get off of the knife. and he didn't do it. he looked at me. and i broke down. i started crying and grabbed him real close and promised i would never do it again. told him i would repay him.
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>> and thank you. the oscars may help show it to the wider world many will still struggle in silence. for mike, at least, he is trying to close the door on his experience. time for sports now. >> chelsea football club is sus spented three people from their home ground, stamford bridge is a result of investigations into the incident, on the paris on tuesday evening. if it is found out there's evidence of their involvement in the incident, the club will issue that batting orders for life. and ex-panned world cuffs should be be voted in the
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world blare of the year has launched the bid to become the goving body. suggests the world cup could be expanded from a 32 team event to one involving up to 48 countries. normally i took the decision, thinking what is best in this case. what is best for football, and it is the sport. if you think you want to win sometimes you lose. so i am very positive. >> really an iconic picture coming pup p the take on special milan. in the 1967 european cup final. having an indifferent season and are down in camp in syria while slick have won the last eight games.
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another big names have already kicked off. reigning champion. zimbabwe have picked up their first win against the united arab emirates making their first tournament appearance in 20 years. they hit a very competitive 285 for seven and their 50, this game being played in new zealand, in nelson new zealand, they were well beaten in the first game against south africa, but chased down the total with a couple over. sean williams was the match winner with an unbeaten 76. the team candidates be a match for everyone at this world cup. >> an one of the teams can be beaten by us, scotland, anyone.
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we will take the top team. >> now after nearly two weeks of competition, the longest and last leg of the arctic ultramarathon is drawing to a close in northern canada. gnarly 100 athletes began the race and about half have drubberred out, with temperatures hovering at minus 40 degrees celsius. there are four races in the event, a standard marathon, and longer courses up to 690-kilometers. daniel has been along the trail from start to finish. >> from this, less than two weeks ago a joyful start to nearly 700-kilometers of tough going to the first finishers in the historic town extreme
1:55 pm
colted temperatures near minus 50 celsius made for a powerful challenge. >> i layed down for an hour. >> kyle mccoy won the 160-kilometers to stop, he says was dangerous possibly fatal. all around him racers were feeling the effects. early front runner had to be rest accused by helicopter. with severe frostbite. >> of the czech republic, newly married entered as a couple injuries forced her out early he kept going determined to finish. at 500-kilometers though, a sore ankle p sos him short. but not even the cold and racing through the night diminishes his enthusiasm. >> going into the night the wide unthe nell, one part of you just wants to go and finish and one part of you the more realistic one just starting to -- you know, it is
1:56 pm
your health. >> those healthy enough to finish will straggle in for a few more days. but the fastest man on wheels italy as enrico, did his 690-kilometers in just over one week. at 61, he is the only old age pensionner the race. >> i am happy. that's all. >> also italian won the long distance as a runner two, days behind his fellow countryman who was there to honor him at the finish. >> it's competitive, of course, these are some of the word's most physically fit people, but as tough as the going can get there's a powerful spirit of sportsmanship. >> we call eight race, and it is in a way and i know people do like to say i finished third, and fourth, and sometimes fight for the 18th, but in the end, it is more about the comradery it's
1:57 pm
about finishing it is about the journey. and what a journey it has been to hear a historic gold rush town where the relic surround the finish line, of what is probably the toughest race many the world. >> that's all your sport back to you. >> thank you very much. >> is and listening to news that just came in, united states and duringky have signed an equipment to train moderate syrian fighters, now this is according to a turkish foreign minister who spoke to reuters. the u.s. military is planting to send more than 400 troops including special operations forces to train syrian moderates at sites outside of syria, as part of the fight against isil. stay with us, we have more news for you at the top of the hour.
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greece heading for a show down after germany objects it's request for a six month bay out session. this is al jazeera live for london. the leader of france, germany pledge to save the cease fire. the fighters zone by one of the rival governments to drive out isil. a deadly winter for families whose homes were deviolent extremismed in the war with israel. plus.