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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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this is al jazeera. hello, i am lauren taylor, this is the news hour. coming up. greek bay owl crisis. germany rejects@then's request for a since month extension without spending cuts. as the fighting spreads the leaders of russia and ukraine renew their support for the cease fire. >> syrian rebels and government troops battle for new territory around aleppo ahead of a a potential truce. >> celebrations the journalist
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jailed for not revealing his sources is released on bail. and waste not whatnot the german initiative to put left over food on the the plates of others. greece and germany are headed for a show down at a crucial e.u. meeting on friday, and the battle lines are drawn. earlier, the new greek government formally requested a six month extension of it's international bail out but without the spending cuts it's predecessor signed up to. the commission called the letter positive but minutes later germany rejected it. the european finance minister meeting on friday now have two choices accept, or reject the request. the $273 billion bail out that's kept greece afloat since 2010, expires on february the 28th. without an extension, greece will run out of money and
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could default on the debt, that could lead so a so called -- where we greece will be forced to exit the euro. the greek proposal is the first step, but we have to say that this offer isn't sufficient because it is lacking concrete measures. and one thing is not acceptable we can ease things in greece, and have german and european taxpayers pay for us. it hasn't been addressed at all. >> john has been following the events from athens. >> there is a stalemate between the greek and german govs at the moment. the greeks have said that they are submitted their requests to the euro group for an extension. they have said, that the euro group meeting tomorrow, has only two choices. to accept or reject the greek requests. now, we will discover who wants the solution and who doesn't. this in response to a german statement earlier in the day that the greeks request to the euro group was inadequately
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praised, quote that it is not a proposal that leads to taj solutions. what was that request? the greeks have asks for a sib month bridge period, a truce if you will, which it's credits in europe would finance that means they would meet the debt schedule, the repayment of the debt, that is owed to the bank, and other european countries. and they would allow greece that grace period in which to renegotiation several things. however, the germans have rejected that, and the greeks are saying let's see what happens. let's see if most or all of the 18 other members of the euro zone agree with the position. in an effort, evidently to see whether they can isolate the german whose have been the most hard line negotiations with the greeks for this five year austerity period. >> joining me now is george -- political analyst and journalist at the newspaper daily, thank you for being with us, at the moment, they
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look pretty entrenched, where do you think there is room for potential come proprize. >> i think there is a lot of room for potential compromise, because every side has no plan b. we are forced to compromise, germany must compromise the chief of the muir penal this afternoon, the greek prime minister the conversation with angel, it will be a very difficult negotiations. i think that every size is looking for a solution. this is a classical way inside the injury row zone. because there is no plan b no one takes the political risk
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to put that to interpret territory. sew compromise. the former championship says it is only a matter of time before they are forced out of the euro zone. that suggest that the compromise isn't going to happen. >> well, if europe gives a european union and the euro zone do not evolve, do not -- there is not only a matter of greece being forced out of the euro zone, but there is a very bleak future. for the whole euro zone. >> the united states, every
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economic power in the world. >>
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condemn the fighting and urge both sides to observe the truce.
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russia the cease fire had been largely observed but artillery has now been heard in the area. the military has accused rebels of shelling positions which is still in the hands of the ukrainian army, and there's been more fighting around the embattled railway town, at which the rebels say the cease fire does not apply to. and that's despite the military retreating from the town on wednesday. paul green then reports. these are the russian soldiers who are claiming victory. in the battle. many of the vehicles are flying the russian flag, and their allegiance to moscow is openly declared. one fighter shouts hello from russia. >> street by street combat continues here for 40 days after the supposed cease fire
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deal. small numbers of still thought to be holed up,nd haved inside the town, the dead lie where they fell. on the approach, a place across. the crossing was littered with the debris of an increasingly desperate struggle, and numerous casualties on both sides here. >> blackened by the intensity of the fire and the fighting. on the far side. two bodies are still lying in the open over behind the camera there as well. a fight from the russian city, described the final assault. >> the battle finished the day before yesterday. >> the ukrainians who are running out of ammunition, we hit the main store. a truck came to resupply them, we managed to destroy that as well. yesterday, their artillery was quiet, and they were shooting
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with rifles. after that, they retreated. >> ukraine's government says the retreat was organized. the soldier whose were there tell a very different city. many speak of a chaotic withdrawal racing over open fields constantly under fire from separatists tanks and mortar. and now there are fears that capturing may not be the limit of the separatist ambitions. attention to turning to the south of the region. >> in the air, the cob centration is being observinged but the situation is being monitored. our servicemen are passing on intelligence, that both forces are being prepared for a possible offensive. >> on thursday, ukraine's national security counsel agreed a formal request for united nations peace keeping force to be deployed to eastern ukraine, there is no guarantee that the request will be granted but they are fast running out of options. al jazeera.
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the british government said it sent fighter jets to after two russian long range bombers were spotted there. the british prime minister says despite never entering u.k. air space, they were escorted awhy from the area. they also flew over the english channel in january forcing them to -- this is russia reacting with fury to comments from the defense secretary, michael fallon said moscow pose as real and present danger to european security the warning echos several western leaders who say russia may attack latvia, and astoria to test their resolve. the man behind the independence from the soviet union says that's just provocation. on russian border, lawrence lee reports. >> if there is a new cold war then this could be the place where the spy movie is set orb
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this side of the weather, it is astoria and the other side is russia, and that would be stop evading the army for very long. astoria is nearly 400 times smaller than russia. educational has a navy of two ships and an air force of two transporter planes. it is entirely russian speaking only a nato believer of their rights could justify russian military action here. >> is so astone yo has become a fast response base, the soldiers being trained and fighter jets at the air base. the government says there was no alternative. he rushes to feel it his strength and unity he will be deterred. >> but nato's justification has produced some very high profile critics among them,
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reign, the astonian who as aid to mikkel gosh cover given that place in modern history he is criticism of nato is highly significant. i don't think it is provocation, but it does. increase the security. certainly. because it is not in russia's interest. >> what about all those russians, do they see themselves as suffering like the russians of crimea, no, they dodd not. >> literally. >> they feel part of the european union.
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and question then is whether nato's action might drive proeuropean astonian russians towards moscow. >> in just a few days american and other soldiers will be parading in this square of par marry owe over the advance, it is not difficult to imagine what the reaction will be like if russian troop fighters say for the same celebration on the border with the united states of america. politician here talk about whether their country might be betrayed to the russians over the river, by rogue elements in the east of the country. if it is not par know yeah then it is certainly outright suspicion. it is not clear if they presence will make things better or worse. joining me now the former
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british ambassador to russia, thank you for coming to talk to us, so the u.k. defense secretary is saying that moscow i wouldn't say it is a present danger, it is a potential danger. >> shells for instance moves in -- is there any chance do you think that this particular cease fire will end up there. >> is this seems extraordinarily unlikely. the provisions of the cease fire themselves are very forward, and rather contradictory. what about the moves as well,
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we have seen from pore season coe he has been saying that the other leader ins the conversation you had on the phone, not to pretend what happened was in line with the minsk agreements. >> it certainly wasn't. so who is that are trying to imfly. >> >> because the rebel leaders would like to have a whole of donetsk, it is an advocacy, that also has extremely implications for the ability to supply steel, to the rest of ukraine. >> so what at the moment, it seems there's quite a limited osc mission there, to try. >> very small. >> kind of moderate the cease
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fire. >> very small. >> are there any other plans to do so, there was some request as to have u.n. peace keepers is that remain. >> it was in england. the provocation by the leaders of the rebel side i don't think they had any intention of sticking to a cease fire for long, maybe they need some time to consolidate, and maybe it's possible to hope that the leadership will decide that enough is enough. but there is no real sign of that so far thank you very much indeed for joining us commenting up on this news hour, the fighter sent by one of the rival governments to drive out isil. also ahead the man who is caught on camera being racially taunted by british football fans in paris.
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and in sport, find out if the united arab emirates will mark the first cup appearance in western years the for the win. lap became said the world must broaden it's response beyond military interventions. more than 60 world leaders are in washington trying to come one a united plan. to tackle groups like al quaida and boko haram. >> obviously there is a complicated history between the middle east, the west, and none of us should be immune from criticism in techs of specific policies be uh the motion that the west is at war
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with islam is an ugly lie. and all of us, regardless of our faith have a responsibility to reject it. washington will send more than 400 troops to help train rebel fighters at sites outside syria. the training by u.s. troops could be in as early as next month. rebel fightingers say they captured 32 soldiers after taking control of the village near the northern city. government troops launched a new offensive on monday, to push them out of aleppo. activists say more than 150 people have been killed since then. this is the u.n. tries to broker a cease fire. this port of aleppo is now a battlefield.
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in the old city, they fight street by street. and snipers watch for targets. >> this here to fight on the front to prevent the regime from moving toward important because it is the regime's lifeline. >> on the outskirts of the city in the south every sort of weapon is used on both sides. the most serious fighting is on the road that leads to the person part of the city. >> our main duty here is to monitor the movements of the forces and how they mobilize their forces whether they launch attacks. the question is to liberate the area, so we can move towards the instrument compound. and while each of the battling sides tries to make gains the u.n. backed cease fire plan
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looks unlikely. al jazeera. u.n. special envoy said on tuesday that president asaad had expressed a willingness to stop bombing for six weeks. that esh under now illusions that he has a lot of uphill work to do. >> 220,000 people killed. 1 million wounded feeling of dispair, and knock can be done that's exactly the feeling in syria at this moment. so a dim of hope make as big difference secondly, it isn't just a distant. actually what i was authorized to say yesterday, it is a commitment to stop all area bombing all shelling all over the city. and then we will focus with the aid in one district to prove that this makes a difference the problem is will this hatch?
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as you know, all of these issues can be very tricky. and secondly, will your position understand also, that it is in the interest of the people, not to do mortar shelling or rockets which you will then break this type of hope. >> can you trust president asaad? >> see the u.n. and my job is to actually give a chance to every opportunity to reduce the violence in syria, and therefore try to find an entry point for some type of political process. t problem is not my trust, it is the lack of trust between the sides they don't trust each other, and therefore, in a way the formula being proposing in the way bypasses that the government of syria who is responding to a request from the u.n. not from the opposition, so actually halt all the area bombing in order to allow the u.n. to do what they hope to do to help the people in
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aleppo. >> one diplomate told me they thought your chances were super slim, what would you say at this time to the syrian people? >> that my chances i hope are not super slim, because that will in a way also reflect the chances of the syrian people, to see hope at the end of this. the one thing i can tell them that the u.n., will never give up. >> the u.s. says it expects an iraqi military offensetive recapture the city from isil, that happened around april to may, the military officials say it will involve some 20 to 25,000 troops, they believe the city is currently held by around one to 2,000 isil fighters. what is claiming to be from isil have reported to have taken over the university in the libyan city. it comes as the libya dawn militia, allied to the government heads to restore security there.
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nowner ready to redeploy. this time to fend off the local branch of isil. the group has declared this an isil province. >> we should secure all of libya, we should not keep silent. the fighters have moved in preparation for what they say is an inevitable battle. it is another front line opening up in libya. setter is also being controlled from the coastline coast guards are now patrolling the mediterranean. foreign fighters and weapons are said to have reached by sea. and it is somewhere in this area that isil recently killed 21 egyptian christians. it prompted egypt to launch air strikes in the north eastern city. a town where some fighters had
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declared allegiance to isil in october. the striked were condemned by the government, while the u.n. recognized 1,000-kilometers away welcomes them. the military said it carries out camps. but egypt's involvement and the recent beheads video released by isil is worrying egyptian workers. some estimate their number at 1 million, even though there is no official count. these people are said to have arrived here illegally, they are about to be deported. >> regarding the seven fisherman that are with us from the immigration department, they came by sea. they do not have any documents we transferred them to tripoli, in preparation for their deportation. >> others are said to have been advised to they indoors for their own safety. both the u.n. recognized government in egypt have asked
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the security council to lift the arms embargo. but with two rival political parties, each with their own toes they insure that more weapons won't contain the spread of isil, which is taking advantage of these positions. many have been asking for unity, and the formation of national security forces ever since the fall of the regime nearly four years ago. something politician have so far failed to provide. al jazeera in tunisia. >> after being accused by egypt of supporting terrorism. the accusation was made after the meeting of the arab league, to discuss the air strikes in libya. the envoy was quoted as saying that the reservations about the strikes evidence of it's support of terrorism. they strongly denied the claim. >> a retrial of two journalists is due to resume on monday.
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they were released on bail last week, after 411 days in prison, previous conviction was thrown out but they are still charged with calewding with the banned muslim brotherhood. on wednesday mohamed and his colleague peter greste received an award from the royal television society, here in the u.k. thousands of people have been celebrating on the capitol after a popular journalist was released on bail after almost a month in jail. he was arrested for accomplicety in the murder of three italian nuns last year. he was detained after his radio station broadcast a confession from a man that said he was one of the killers but wouldn't release his name. he also alleged government involvement in the deaths. >> today we all know that the people who are reporting to represent the nuns instigated my arrests. journalists and activists are
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out of prison. the national community plays it's role too, i am out and i feel very energetic and positive. >> more still ahead including how fighting between rebels and government forces is forcing tens of thousands to flee to china. journalistic corruption, are given money not to write stories. and in sport after nearly two weeks the word's colteddest endurance event comes to an end.
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>> monday, studying deadly viruses. >> these facilities are incredibly safe, incredibly secure. >> go inside the study of
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infectious diseases. >> ventilated footy pajamas. >> protecting those working to protect us. >> we always have to stay one step ahead of them because they're out there. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is my selfie, what can you tell me about my future? >> can affect and surprise us. >> don't try this at home. >> "techknow" where technology meets humanity. monday, 5:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. ♪ ♪. >> top stories here on al jazeera. a stand off between greece and germany over it's international bail out appears to be intensified. to the republican can't afloat since 2010. fighting has spread in eastern ukraine despite calls for a cease fire there's been shelling in the town which is now controlled by pro russian separatists.
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and president obama says the motion the world is at fighting with muslim is a lie. aid workers are calling for a cease fire in north eastern state, as clashes continue between drops and an ethnic rebel group. the fighting is centered in the state's region, where the government is impose add three month state of emergency. the area is dominated by ethnic and chinese. the rebel group known as the mirimar democratic army, says it wants autonomy. but the violence has costs tens of thousands into neighboring china. >> there's supposed to be celebrating the chinese new year instead, ethnic chinese the the border area of mirimar are either trapped by fighting between an ethnic army, and the myian mar military or threing for their lives.
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>> to end what they see as national sovereignty. >> we saw two helicopters it was really loud, we ran away, we were so afraid. the new battle between the myanmar alliance army, and the tamado is just one incident in a decades of wars between the central government and ethnic minorities. we have a cease fire with the government. but this has been violated by the army for about 400 times.
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alone, in the 11 months, first january to 30th of november, there have been 102 -- >> questions are being asked about what martial law could mean for other areas. >> it can happen in any ethnic area, given the fact that the commodore is expanding their reasons. their control in almost every ethnic area that they have creased fire. >> there could be serious implications for neighboring countries as the arm struggle to continue. the fighting between the armies and the government has meant that hundreds of thousands of people have left the country not just to china, but also here in thailand. >> there are possible political consequences too this is a crucial election year, a test of the true depth of reform, but the ballot can't be held in areas under marshal law.
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al jazeera bangkok al jazeera has asked the government to comment, but so far they have not given a statement. >> criminal charges have been brought against -- she he is accused of dereliction of duty that cost thailand billions of dollars she denied corruption, and using the scheme to buy votes they will decide in a month's time whether she will stand trial. last month she was banned for politics for five years. >> as i said, the most important thing is the first courter haing the presence is required for the court to can whether the defendant will be allowed temporary bail the decision will now depend on the judge's consideration. >> the former prime minister has reaffirmed when she gets the detail of the indictment, the the first hearing is set she will be present at the
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court. >> two powerful cyclones are on course to hit north eastern australia creating what has been called a cyclone sandwich. the cyclone is expected to hit queens land east coast as a category five storm. the outlying islands have been evacuated and locals have been asked to seek shelter. journalists in cambodia demanding prescribes in order to bury stories. uncover criminals but then offer not to expose them for the right price. reports from the north eastern province on cambodia's lucrative news blackmail. >> often in cambodia, what doesn't make the news has become more important than what does. many journalists search the country for stories only to demand cash to bury evidence of crime and corruption.
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his team of freelance reporters often blackmail illegal loggers. they receive at least $500 a month from bribes, six tiles the arrange wage occasionally, he file as story. to be honest, we are all the same in this country. there are different ways of giving and receiving bribes. sometimes if they are discreet, they put the money in an envelope, everyone benefits from illegal business. >> is do you think there's anything wrong with the way you operate. >> we don't bother people that aren't involved in illegal business, it is simple. we only come in when people broke the law. >> increasingly his team faced violent retaliation. sometimes journalists ask for a little money for food, i will give them what i can if they want more, i can't afford it. i can only fight them.
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>> last october journalist was shot dead while investigate casualties logging company. he was accused of extortion. tonight he is with another colleague. owe caught them in the act. >> cambodia's ministry casualtiesening nos that it is easy to obtain press passes to work as a journalist. >> journalism has become a business our laws don't restrict media freedom anyone can be a journalist, if you want qualified journalists they will need training courses if you apply that condition, there will be very few of them left. >> but the lack of professionalism, creates a mercury -- al jazeera. cambodia. >> you can watch the full program on the story, and just
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under one hour that's 101 east cambodia's news blackmailers that ante2230 gmt. >> over 660 people in end what have been killed in rah outbreak of swine flu. the death toll from the virus is more than doubled that of last year, and shows no sign of slowing down. more from new delhi. >> swine flu has filled medical clinics across india already the h1n1 virus has killed more than 600 people. and over 8,000 have tested positive. >> there's no cause for panic but there is cause for worry and we have to be careful because usually h1n1 ends by this time but this time, unfortunately, it hasn't done so yet. >> swine flu has claimed the largest number of lives.
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but cases have also been confirmed in the northeast. the health authorities say the air upon nature in the towns and cities means outbreaks like this are hard to control train. >> the increase in the number of cases has health workers here worried to help control the outbreak and avoided more in the future, they have decided to take preventive action now. >> that means educating millions of people, particularly the poor, about the illness and what to look out for. >> with cases rising by the day, they say they are struggling to reach people fast enough. >> people have very little knowledge of this disease. they take it to be a regular fever. they take genetic fever medicines and don't get the right carolina j in time, and enthis the disease is incurable. >> awareness has grown
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particularly among the wealthy, and so too have the number of people coming forward to be tested. while some experts say that's good others fear the added drain on medical resources. >> only patients that have a disorder or patients who are pregnant, or hyper tension they need to be treated or they need doctors have been careful not to call this an epidemic but what they dryer as a seasonal outbreak, is again testing the health system, in the process it highlights the vulnerable of millions of people al jazeera new delhi. >> the minister wore the suit
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which bears his name and it's golden invites during president obama's recent visit. he is donated this and 450 other gifts given to him during his leadership. the charity auction closes on friday. >> teachers in the pakistani city have started carrying guns to school, in the wake of december's taliban attack, which killed 150 people, most of them children. the snipers can now be seen on room tops around the city ooze the government boosts security. >> after the deadly attack on army public school on december the 16th, the government put in new measures in order to enable the educational institutions to meet the threat, the taliban, of course, have warned the most attacks and that has -- in the province, to impart basic weapon handling to the
4:43 pm
teachers nor for them to be able to meet the first crucial minutes of any attack and feoff they have some security, now, the police the quick reaction force will be on stand by, the government has issued emergency numbers to the institutions to call the authorities in case of any attack, weapons will now be carries by teachers, and according to the new guidance, the boundary wars will have to be raised by several feet they will have to be topped off where raiser wire, and everybody will be told to remain vigilant including the teachers to report any office spacious activity. >> now we feel that teaching learning environments have being more safe and our students and faculty feel that they can learn in a very
4:44 pm
conducive learning environment. >> these are tense times be uh the authorities are adamant that they will meet whatever basic security measures are needed to protect their educational institutions. >> from tests in mexico in the disappearance of four students show no signs of quieting down. youth and police fought in the city whether the students went missing. protestors were demanding the release of three students who had been arrested. they were supported by teacher whose had been staging a sit in the but the government says were mistakingly killed by a drugs gang. the e.u. has pledged $12 million to help italy with it's growing refugee crisis. it is struggling with an influx of migrants from conflict zones in the middle east.
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more than three tow people died at sea threing to reach europe last year. chelsea football club has suspended three fans after they were caught on camera, stopping a black man from boarding a plane. the victim was also subjected to racist chantz, spoken out for the first time, al jazeera peter sharp that the issue isn't just a british problem. chanting we are race zest that's the way ewith like it has caused genuine outrage on both sides of the channel. the 33-year-old victim speaking for the first time, said those responsible should be punished and locked up. >> i got on the train, they pushed me. i didn't know they pushed me, they were speaking english they were saying things i couldn't understand. i got on the metro twice, and they pushed me, somebody told
4:46 pm
me they were hooligans people from chelsea, i was on my own i didn't come to fight, i was trying to get home. ives targeted because of the color of my skin, but you know in france, plaqued have always been targeted because of the color of their skin, no matter where they come from, if they wanted to arrest them, they could arrest them any time, if the police don't want to hear my compliant,ly go to all the antiracism organizations and file a complaint. >> the spokesman for the paris prosecutors office say the supporters are being investigated for he described as voluntary racist violence on public transport. it isance offense punishable before three years in prison. al jazeera, in paris. >> next up, with all the days sport, including. >> for the former playing great become the new president of world football. >> and boston struggled with
4:47 pm
the worst winter in years the dangerous new passtime.
4:48 pm
hundreds of millions of tons of food are thrown away every year. some are managing to redistributing leftover food using websites. >> rising to the rescue. this berlin student is dropping off some fresh bread
4:49 pm
a bakery couldn't sell before closing and some leftovers from his home fridge. >> i am going away for the holiday, and i still have a lot of food left, and i can't take it with me because there's too much. >> this tea shot is one of scores of drop off and pick up points for food that would otherwise go to waste. rafael is one of the under tokers of the food sharing website, he says the focus is not primarily on helping poor people, but on saving food with volunteers or food savers. you don't have to be poor, or rich, the only thing you have to be is a little bit aware of the normal rules like being punctual, and clean with a place where you rescue the food, be nice to the shop owners and to the employees as well as to the other food savers. >> this bakery is one of 270 businesses using the website. because the site is in german, that means business is in awe
4:50 pm
austria, switzerland, can also use it. over 1,000 have decided to do so. >> he gets the days delivery, unsold bread and sandwiches. he upload as picture this lets hungry users know when and where to come and get it, if you have signed up to help rescue food, it also tells you when you have to make a pickup, and where to leave it or how to get food yourself. >> he is back at the tea shop for another delivery. he says the actions are local but as germany import as lot of food, the effects reach wide. >> every time we throw something away, we are contributing to starvation in the word, and by reducing the waste, we can really help the global scale. >> a final food rescue takes place with left overs from a school cafeteria the food is free however the real satisfaction is not in the eating but the sharing. al jazeera berlin.
4:51 pm
>> lauren, thank you so much. former porch bat has announced plans for an expanded world cup should he be votedededed in as fifa president he has also said he will give countries more cash to develope grass roots football. he suggests the world cup could be expanded from a 32 team event to one involving up to 48 countries. the fifa presidential election takes place on may the 29th. you know it is the sport. your think you are going to win, and you lose, so i am very positive and hopeful that i can do a good combined
4:52 pm
scored a hat trick in the 4-1 victory at switzerland as the league resumed with the first leg oz if last 32 matches. also enjoyed a big night a frustrating night for the two than teams as they were held to a draw, as was torino. >> 15 team all star kevin garnet has sealed a deal on the trade deadline day. it sees thaddeus young go the other way, and lets garnett return to the team that drafted him out of high school. garnett got minnesota to the playoffs eight times which are their only ever trips in franchise history fans will hope for an immediate impact of the western conference. >> new zealand takes on england in a few hours looking to make it a three win set of
4:53 pm
three, at the correct world cup, they picks up their first win earlier, who hit the 285 for seven in their first world cup match in nearly 20 years. zip bam way chased down the total. sean williams was their match winner with an unbeaten 76, and he says the the smaller teams can be a match for anyone at this world cup. >> every single team that this world cup deserves to be here, and for example any one of the top teams can be beaten by understand anyone, any correct team, if they get all three departments we will take the top team right to the end. >> and after nearly two weeks of competition, the longest and last leg of the you con marathon is drawing to a close. competitors on foot, cross country skis and mountain bikes have been racing through the wilderness, nearly 100 athletes began the race and
4:54 pm
about half have dropped out with temperatures hovering at minus 40 degrees there are four races in the event, up to 690-kilometers. al jazeera daniel lack has been along the trail from start to finish from this, less than two weeks ago a joyful start to nearly 700-kilometers of tough going to the first finishers in the historic town of dawson city, it's been quite an event there are a record number of entries but extreme cold, temperatures occasionally near minus 50 set july, made for a powerful challenge you know i layed down for an hour and it was too cold. >> won the 160-kilometers, to stop he says was dangerous possibly fatal. all around him racers were feeling the effects.
4:55 pm
early front runner of poland had to be rescued by helicopter. with severe frostbite. >> the czech republic newly married, entered as a couple, injuries forced her out early john kept going determined to finish. at 500-kilometers though a sore ankle stopped him short. not even the cold or racing through the eerie arctic nights anyonished his enthusiasm. >> just the wide tunnel, and part of you. >> those healthy enough -- for the fastest. >> in just over one week, he has won twice before, once on foot and one on skis. 61 years ode, he is the only
4:56 pm
old age pensionner the race. >> i am happy. >> also italian won the long distance. is there to honor him at the finish. >> it is competitive of course, these are the most physically fit people, but as tough as the going can get there's a powerful spirit of sports manship i know people do like to say i finish, third, fourth, and i sometimes fight for the rankings but in the end it is more about the comradery it is about the journey. >> and what a journey it has been. to here a historic gold rush, where the relics of the era surround the inthish line of what is probably the toughest and coldest race in the world.
4:57 pm
>> presidents have been sharing videos of themselves jumping out of windows into huge banks of snow. but the city's mayor. first of all, it is ale fooish thing to do. and you can kill yourself. so i am asking people to stop their nonsenses right now these are adults jumping out windows, and they seem like it was a fun thing to do but you have no idea what is happening. >> and catch up any time with our website the rest is that's it for me, lauren taylor for this news hour, i will be pack in a moment with another full round of the days
4:58 pm
news, thank you for watching.
4:59 pm
5:00 pm
>> the rio franked valley. every day dozens of people risk their lives that separate this part of the united states from mexico. >> what were the border patrol on the border of texas and mexico? it is about 5:30 in the morning and they have just captured two men that say they are from mexico, trying to cross into the united states. >> the