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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 21, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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s ♪ this is al jazeera. ♪ welcome to the newshour. i am rob mathson in doha. protests on the streets of yemen as the president who was forced out of power escapes house arrest. nigeria's army says it recaptured a key town from boko haram fighters in the northeast of the country. thousands of people demonstrate in moscow in opposition to last year's uprising in ukraine. plus, stealing from hollywood, the u.s. tries to stop illegal online streaming of films.
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♪ thanks for being with us. yemeni leader sirhadi said he is technically the still the president. he issued a statement from adin. he left the capital, sanaa after being held for weeks under house arrest under houthi fighters. >> reporter: under house arrest by houthia malishas for week but he managed to escape. from the southern city of aden he issued a statement with a list of demands. he said that all decisions, accomplishing political measures and appointments taken since september 21st, when the houthis over iran sanaa. he called for the malitias to leave the capital, all government ministers and high-ranking officials who have been abducted or under house arrest.
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previous agreements such as the gulf initiative and the national dialogue should be maintained and built upon as the basis for legitimacy. have you also called on the international community to continue to support legitimacy in yemen to protect the political process and to offer economic support. according to men yemenis, the statement ignores several key issues. most importantly, the question of his resignation. hadi's escape is seen as a game-changer. a couple of days ago, his opponent as well as some of his former supporters agreed on a new legislative body intended to lead up to a new form of government. the hadi's re-emergence has made it difficult to ignore him and to go go ahead with that plan. his resignation has not been approved by the parliament. constitutionally he is the legitimate president.
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he can decide whether to step down or lead. both in the south in the north, loyalty to president hadi and expressed a readiness to fight under his leadership to oust the houthis from sanaa, but a lack of clairety in his statement left many con fused. mohammed vall aden. let's look at how the situation in yemen got to this point. in early september last year president hadi sacked his cabinet and called for a new national unity government. it followed two weeks of anti-government protests in which shia houthis were heavily involved. later, they took control of the capital, sanaa. january this year they rejected the draft of a new constitution proposed by the government. they seized state t.v. and fought with troops in the capital. the government said it was an attempted coup. then president hadi resigned as houthi rebels remained in control of the capital and the
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presidential palace. the editor-in-chief of yacht"the yemen post" says the current situation could undermine the houthis houthis' recent successes? >> this is the last thing they expected. president hadi is everything that happened since september 21st is unconstitutional. this includes his resignation, includes the resignation of the government the entire process. it's something the houthis never expected. president hadi right now is returning since september where he was basically forced to take armed resolutions and assign the government that he was not with or was pressured or sometimes, the houthis are very strong. >> that's not an issue that is being discussed. the law that resulted is right
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now a big black dot. houthis' rep take they could not safeguard a residence of a president, let alone a country. and they were in control of everything. they had hundreds of security forces either in his house, yard, or above his house where -- which is the military compound. so this is something that the houthis are right now seeing things they never expected and all of the successes they had could go any vain. only they insist on pushing yemen in a civil war. this is one yemenis from my perspective will back president hadi because the houthis in the last five months have been not been able to gain one ally in government the very clear within a statement that hadi is with a
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national yemen, one united yemen under federal state as per the national dialogue conference. there is nothing in a statement about separation no separatist movement. hadi is 100% with the unity of yemen, and this is the same stance that we have known him over the last couple of years to be one of the strongest holders. the power right now is the houthis never expected this and they oppressed many it in yemen when they would they had the authority and no one could stop them. this is a time where the opposition faction, all of the tribes the provinces will now ally under the constitutional leader who is right now president hadi. >> the nigerian army says it has retaken a boarder town from boko haram fighters near the border of chad niger and camaroon during an attack described as
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the worse massacre of the group's six-year campaign of violence. when the town was seized by boko haram, these photos were released. they show the scale of destruction. at the time, nigerian government said 150 people had been killed but locals put the number of dead as high as 2000. more from yvonne in the capital, abuja. >> reporter: the rapecapture of baga is a symbolic victory for the nigerian army. it has been the thorn in the side of the fight against the group over the last six years: two very controversialents have taken place in the town earlier this year in january. there were reports of at least 2000 people were killed by boko haram. the military were basically accused of it turning a blind eye of this. in 2013, similar accusations, though a smaller number at least 200 people were aldly killed by boko haram and dumped in a mass grave.
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again, the authorities were accused of not responding to sos calls from residents in the area so it was hugely important for the nigerian military to get this town back from boko haram. now, what they are telling us is that many bokoh haram fighters were killed in the violence that took place. they were able to get weapons that the group were holding, anti-aircraft weapons, for example, vehicles, and that what they are hoping now that the town is under the chrome of the nigerian army is we will start to see the many thousands of people who fled to neighboring countries like niger republic return. >> we asked if the situation in northern nigeria poses a threat for the country's upcoming elections. >> there is a high possibility that the elections will be postponed on the 28th of march. the reason i say this when there are more victories to defeat boko haram, there is a
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certain level of okay myself by military just to keep boko haram away. the reason for extending the election date is actually because you want troops disengaged in the northeast to cover the 155,000 bowling units the troops need to be there a lot longer and cannot be disengaged. there is a high possibility it will be postponed. now, the electoral commission can postpone elections until the 30th of april, by which time its mandate would have finished. consequently, it would have to be done by the president himself. we can see why "goodluck" jonathan had a press conference to distance himself from the position to postpone the election. he said i was not consulted. if he needs to do that in the fewer. >> the town of debaltseve was
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captured four days after the start of a ceasefire that was supposed to stop the fighting. paul brennan subpoena there and reports on the psychological scars of the civilians who lived under months of bombardment. >> reporter: the scene of the final big battle on the register of debaltseve is still scattered with the debris of war. burnedout military vehicles black ended evidence of it intention close-quarters combat. four days ago they but shell-shocked civilians are dazed up and down bewilders. galalena? >> i wanted and tried so hard to maintain the house and make it comfortable so i could leave an inheritance to my granddaughter. now, it's unrepairable. there is no ceiling no, roof. only the walls remain. >> inside her house is uninhabitable. it's so horrible she says.
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galina now has to sleep in the sellaver under a nearby grocery store. >> fifteen people are living there because their houses have been completely destroyed. >> are they receiving any help any assistance? are you getting any humanitarian aid? >> nothing. i haven't received anything. no humanitarian aid. nothing. >> the residents' emotions swing between tears and despair. many have not had water supplies for months. all are genuinely desperate. the man in the middle of this cloud is not distributing humanitarian aid. he is appealing for calm. there is a real humanitarian crisis here in debaltseve the donetsk's peoples republic are yet to properly address. the man from dovrndon promises that help is on its way. >> we will accept help from whole ever can provide it. yesterday, eight planes landed during the night in a humanitarian convoy arrived in
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donetsk. ten trucks with 110 tons of food stuff, especially for the people of debaltseve. >> a fact-finding group from the ngo doctors without borders have arrived but they haven't set up a medical facility. >> not yet. not yet the. >> residents who fled to the sell arizona to escape the shelling nowcellars to escape the shelling now have no where to go to. lisa jozinko was hoping to finish college. now, she has almost no hope at all. >> there is a war going on. brother is killing brother. how many innocent people have been killed? how many children have died? it's impossible to feel that without weeping. only those who experience these things can know how i feel. there is nothing more terrifying in the whole world than this war, and people need to find a
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way to survive. sdmr an effective ceasefire in eastern ukraine would be the first small step in securing normal thealty. conflict has caused mental and psychological pain just as deep as the physical hurt. paul brennan, al jazeera, debaltseve. john kerry says russia will face further sanctions because of the actions in eastern ukraine. he added the u.s. is certain that moscow is giving support to the separatists. >> russia has engaged in an absolutely brazen and cynical process over these last days. we know to a certainty what russia has been providing to the separatist, how russia is involved with the separatists, and the ways in which russia has cynically been willing to go to
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even lead an effort in the u.n. even simultaneously as it is continuing to go do land grabbing in ukraine. >> meanwhile, thousands have marched in the russian capital in opposition to last year's up rising in kiev that led to the ousting of victor yankee yankee organizers claim more than 20,000 people took part. rory challands has more. >> this is the surgeon. with his leather and tattoos, et cetera unmistakenbly a biker, but he is a russian nationalist, fiercely loyal to the kremlin and one of a movement. >> i think the government realizes the threat. i think the most important thing for president putin is to garner the support of the people. when the people are with putin and he is already with the people then no fifth column can threaten us. >> the surgeon and his biker
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club the knight wofldz were one of the main atracks at saturday's rally. thousands have turned out to march under the slogan of we won't for get. we won't forgive. everyone sees the revolution as a bloody disaster provoked by the west which under no circumstances should be repeated in russia. >> i came here to support putin, to say no to maidan. sorry. i am sent mental. i came to support russia. >> soldiers, look. people die. ukrainians die. we need to put a stop to it. >> maidan is the latest in a fairly long line of grassroots movements that have at least a tacit approval of the criminallen. the objective is to display that what is good for the russian state is also good for the russian people.
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>> groups like the night wolves are foot soldiers to rally russians around the flag. before they were involved in anti-maidan, they were doing things like this a theatrical spectacular in newly acquired crimea goose-stepping it nazis, puppets of the u.s. they say were shown. analysts like littman say all of this is a successful strategy to keep a lid on anti-kremlin proceed protests. >> that's government campaign in which the government is sending messages to anybody who would want to join groups movements, railways, what have you that are in opposition to the kremlin. you think twice. >> even if events like this are being staged managed, the message generally chimes with a good many russians. it's not hard for the cripplelin to hold up ukraine and say, look. you don't want that. do you?
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rory challands, al jazeera, moscow. >> more coming up in the newshour. we won a battle but not the war. greece's new government gets an extension but only three days to prepare its reform plan. then of thousands of ethnic chinese cross from myanmar to esc escape fighting there. world champions get ready for an opponent they just seem to can't beat at cricket's world cup. all of the details with farrah in spovrt. rt in the. >>. >> a car bomb has killed four people in bashar al-assad's hometown. ten children were among at least 48 people killed in a village north of aleppo earlier this week. the syrian observatory for human rights says regime forces executed the families of five
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alleged rebels on tuesday. in apple 0, itself, six people died died. in northeastern damascus activists say five people were killed in the rebel-held town of douma after several attacks by government warplanes. 20 other people were internally displaced at least 500 families are living in flimsy tents and freezing conditions much the calamou mountains are close to lebanon. there is not a single
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international aid agency working here that's because the lebanese government classifies the area as a war zone and has banned visitors from coming here. >> we are suffering terribly in the cold weather, especially the young children. the tents we are living in can't withstand the heavy snowfall or the snow storms. we could not afford to protect ourselves. we cannot even afford blankets or covers. the heating fuel we had lasted for just a week. >> reporter: these are some of the seven million people inside syria who were displaced forced from their homes because of the non-stop fighting. and as the snow continues to fall, the refugees in the calimou mountains are trying to survive the weather and the long brutal war in their country. victoryia gatenby, al jazeera. greece's finance minister sayses his government will submit a list of reforms. greece agreed to a 4-month extension in friday. that was the first of many tests for the new government. the prime minister alexis
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tsipras said a battle may have bern won bi difficultics remain ahead. >> we left achterity, the bail-outs and the troika behind a change of direction. the negotiations enter a new more decisive phase until the final transition agreement from the destructive bail-out policies to growth employment and social cohesion. >> the tsipras government needs to decide where it will get the money to pay back creditors. taxes have risen sharpely. greece is more indebted than ever. >> these are the children who's parents lost the ability to care for them many during the crisis. they are among 300 living in a foster care charity, sos children's villages. not only does it not seek state sub subsidy subsidies, it pays $130,000 in taxes each year almost five
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times what it paid before the crisis. with that money, it says it could care for another 25 children. >> we have a lot of important charities and institutions in greece. they could tin crease their work, but they cannot not because they are lacking of any governmental subsidies or support but because the government, by taxation, is taking the money of the private donor or a company that it gives to those charities for making and doing what the state should do. >> reporter: taxes have risen sharply partly to repay creditors for a quarter of million dollars in emergency loans. but so have arrears. greeks now $086,000,000,000 and they seem decreasingly able to pay. state revenue has dropped sharply t creditors believe greece will fall 4 and a half$4 and a half billion dollars short of the target this year. >> the vast majority owes less
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that $5,000. it is they who are most likely to come forward and settle. 97% of greek tax arrears are owed by just 11% of taxpayers. >> includes a tough kernel of tax evaders governments have traditionally failed to rein in. >> the government wants to collect a large up front sum. it's inviting people to come forward with a down payment against their tax arrears and it will match that payment with a discount of equal size. >> we will do our best. we didn't know before all of the figures we know now. our policy from now on needs to focus on putting a stop to the increase of uncollected taxes which grew by an enormous 1.1 billion euros in january. the next step will be to help people who can't pay. >> austerity governments did manage to increase tax revenue from easy targets like the sal ahead middle class but experts believe this isn't sustainable,. adding to the problem is a social justice agenda. it has promised to abolish a
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roundly hate property tax and restore a 13,000 dollar tax exemption to the exhausted middle class but to provide social spending while cutting taxes, it has to bring growth and pare back an expenseive state. greece's creditors don't believe it can 689. >> u.s. president barack obama is asking congressional leaders to help push through the 12-nation transpacific partnership, known as the tpp for short. it's a free trade packet which would involve 40% of the worldts economy. >> as we speak, china is trying to right the rules for trade in the 21st century. that would put our workers and our businesses in a massive disadvantage. we can't let that happen. we should right those rules. that's why congress should act on something called "trade promotion authority." this is bi-partisan legislation that would protect american workers and promote american
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businesses with strong new trade deals from asia to europe that aren't just free but are fair. >> there has been more shelling near the border wean myanmar and china. fighting began almost two weeks ago between myanmar's army and gunmen who want greater autonomy. about 30,000 refugees have tried to find safety in china. from the border town of nunsun in the china's yunnan prove incident. >> we have heard the thud of artillery. the fighting does tend to ebb and flo. thinks are relatively calm on the chinese side. what we don't know is how many civilians have been killed caught in the crossfire. one chinese journalist i spoke to who was is able to get to the town of lokang about 10 kilometers from here said he saw the bodies of at least 20 men and women lying in one street. we can't verify that but we have
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been hearing stories of our own from refugees who escaped. >> nansan's new trade and exhibition center is a symbol of the economic hopes china has for this remote region. today, it has been transferred into a refugee camp overflowing with those who fled the fighting. often escaping with just a handful of possessions. like those on this side of the border, they're ethnic chinese. with accounts of brutality by myanmar's army. >> translator: the solids caught me and hit me again and again like this just like this on my own head. >> this father arrived nine days ago. >> they took our cattle. i only have a few left. it is too dangerous to go back. we are afraid they might kill us. elsewhere families squat in a row of partially built shops, fenldzing for themselves as best
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thing. the military's in charge of this humanitarian operation. a soldier shouts to the refugees to go inside. he doesn't want us filming them. sometimes, the soldiers succeed. >> behind me is some of the 30,000 refugees who crossed over from myanmar in china. beside me are chinese soldiers who are trying to prevent united states filming. it is a sensitive issue for china. they are providing food and shelter and water for these uj ease, but this is a tricky situation for china. >> tricky because some of these refugees want china to support their campaign for autonomy but beijing insists it doesn't interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. the border between china and myanmar was eerily quiet in nansaan today. normally, it's one of the busiest crossing points between the two countries. some fighting is going on
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lokang, just visible in the distance. and for some of those who fled this is now as close as they can get to home. >> you don't get to choose your nabors. china has 14 of them. the one causing it the most angst at the moment is of course myanmar, a country it considers a friend and an ally. >> friendship is being strained by what's happening just across this border. >> singapore isfieding leader li quan yu is breathing with a ventilator but his condition subpoena stable. during his 31 years in power, although he is no longer politically active, he is seen as an influential figure. still to come in the program, we will tell you what young muslims in norway did to send a message of peace to people from other
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faiths, plus: >> i amdam daniel schweimler until argentina in a factor run by workers as a possible example to others going through economic hardship. >> we will hear about the fight that is set to be the most lucrative in boxing history. scan talk to al jazeera part of our special black history month coverage on al jazeera america >> tuesday on "the stream". >> selling cocaine was my purpose. >> they had been trafficking on
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behalf of the united states government. >> renowned filmmaker marc levin discusses his new movie "freeway: crack in the system". "the stream". tuesday, 12:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america.
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i am michael lee. at the top of the hour a harsh warning to russia from secretary of state, john kerry and his british counterpart over the crumbling ukrainian ceasefire. boko haram is drain from a strategic town. access to healthcare is becoming more difficult to residents of rural communities. the legacy of malcolm x. looking for. at 7:00, a thorough wrapup
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of the day's events. then at 8:00, john seigenthaler digs deeper into the stories of the day. and at 9:00, get a global perspective on the news. weeknights, on al jazeera america . >> welcome back. the top stories here onnays. hadi says he is technically the president. he made the statement from aden after he left sanaa. he had been held for weeks under house arrest from shia houthi fighters. in nigeria, it, the armed group took over in what was reported to have been one of the worst atrocities in boko haram's six-year campaign. hundreds were reported killed. thousands have marched in moscow to demonstrate against last year's uprising in kiev that led
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to the ousting of ukraine's pro-russian president, victor yankee yankee. organizers claim more than 20,000 people took part. more on the top story, the developments in yemen. the departure of yemen's president is by no means his first challenge. he has had to deal with tribunal and political in-fighting. more on that from richard martin. >> ad rabu mansil hadi was a career soldier born in 1945 born in southern yemen. he graduated military school in 1964 and went on to receive more training in the u.k. egypt and russia. he rose through the military ranks in the people's democratic republic of yemen and became an aid to the chief of staff. in 1990, the north and the south united to form today's republic of yemen. after a brief war between north and south in 1994, hadi was appointed defense minister, then vice president.
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hadi lived in the shadow of his presidentap abdullah sala who ruled for 33 years. he was a secretary general of the ruling party under sala, the general people's congress. but his fortunate changed in 2011 when widespread protests forced salla to quit. he left office in fenced 12. hadi became a compromised president under a u.n. gulf plan. he ran unopposed and was elected president. he started to restructure the military and tried to rebuild a state but he faced tribal sensitivities, political infighting and a weak and divided military. he struggled to end the influence who had instilled loyalists. cristics saw him week. he hit back by saying he had inherited a semi functioning state. yemen's transition to democracy was not smooth despite the support of the u.n. the region and the west. in september of last year shia
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houthi rebels stormed sanaa. they went on to control prove incidents largely unopposed. now, with two apparent centers of power, houthi-run sanaa and the president's new base in aden, the political landscape appears to have changed begin. richard martin al jazeera. returning to our other main story, nigeria's fight against boko haram. attacks by the group in the north are 40sing people to move further south to move safety. now, the demand for housing in the city of maidiguri. rents are riding by as much as 200%. >> jani has been looking for a new house for his growing family. a third child arrived two days ago. ago. he thought they deserved a better place to live in. now, he has begin up on moving out. >> i used to pay a fraction of my income as rent. now, i am asked to pay three
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times the amount. i have searched for an alternative, but it seems there is an increase everywhere. i will be lucky to remain here after my rent expires. >> he is not alone. many are homeless because they can't afford the increases. homeowners are eager to meet the rising demands for housing maidiguri is struggling with displaced persons. >> has made it difficult to find a place to live because rents have gone up. now, some owners are trying to cash in by putting up new buildings. >> the landscape of the city is changing. thousands of people displaced by the attacks, by boko haram fighters are trying to avoid the harsh life of reviewfugee camps and pushing rents up. homeowners aren't complaining. >> many have come in from the towns and villages. so whenever there is a rise in demand and supply is short, you expect rents to go up. everything is expensive around here. >> homeowners have their preference: the displays
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persons who have got the money to pay. this has put some original residents at a disadvantage. with the military offensive against boko haram now underway more will be forced out of their holds and with maiduguri a haven for the displaced, the situation is expected to only grow worse. northeast nigeria. >> 89 boys have been kidnapped from south sudan according to the u.n. it's not clear who took them. some of them are as young as 13. malika is under government control, but wooernling there has been fighting between government and rebel foersz. it's stepped 12,000 children across sudan were used as soldiers last year. unicef spokeswoman is calling for the speedy return of the abducted children. >> children were paraded through as a training exercise we have
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witnesses who saw this who had classmates taken and are afraid for their lives. in this particular location the places throughout this area so we have yet to verify who are children. we know they were probably going to a tough training regime and the president called for their immediate release. >> more than 1,000 muslims formed a human chain outside the main synagogue in norway's capitol oslo offering symbolic protection after an attack on a synagogue last weir week. jewish leaders were present. the attack in landdenmark was the latest against jews in germany. in january, a kosher supermarket was targeted i am here to promote inter faith and show
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everybody that we get along. we live in peace and this is what being human is all about, getting along and being at peace with one another. >> employees of some failed businesses in argentina are turning their misfortunes around. instead of trying to deal with the national economic crisis on their own, they are joining forces. they are creating cooperatives. one of many victims of
6:39 pm
argentina's economic collapse in 2001/2002. machinery sold wages not paid absent owners no hope until the workers early in 2002 took control. >> we believe in what we are doing, or we wouldn't be able to do it. it's a question of faith for us to take the company guard and little, we are moving forward. >> schwin employs more than 20 workters. all of the workers have a stake in this enterprise. this is their machinery, their produce, their future a success story written from the ashes of argentina's last economic crisis. >>. >> when argentina in 2002 denated on $100,000,000,000 of foreign debt thousands of businesses closed. tennessee of thousands lost their jobs. workers found the factory gates locked the owners up and sold everything and fled with the money. the workers had little choice
6:40 pm
but to start from scratch but now they were in charge. >> we think the human condition is universal. we all have the same needs, the same aspirations. when a company closes the workers have the capacity both technical and manual to take the enterprise forward. >> there are 350 cooperative companies or fabricas fabricas recuperadas employing workers across argentina, everything from hospitals and schools to newspapers printing works, hotels and factories. 97% of those set up have survived and thrives. what makes a successful cooperative? >> the unity of the workers is that they work together in harmony to achieve all that they have to make the effort, to fight against the ego, individualism. there is no place for personal ambition. >> argentine an is again facing
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difficult times, in recession and with inflation rampant. luis has helped three bankruptcy companies action now workers' cooperatives relaunch in the past two weeks. fresh dreams from the ashes of desperation. daniel schwimler, buenas aires. >> another wave of protests opposition leaders are calling for the immediate release of antonio le desma. they are worried the crackdown on >> of nucicholas madur will widen. >> kacacus dressed in camouflage has been indicted for conspiracy to plot violence transferred pending trial to a military prison, the same place where another opposition leader has been held for the past year reported nrc solitary confine ment. state run television said the connell spir situate included an
6:42 pm
assassination attempt on maduro, that they co-signed to replace the venzuelan president? >> i will fight against the traitors and oligarchy. >> appear shortage forced them to queue they are plaming the u.s. for what they call an economic war to destabilize the country. >> what am i saying here? that they are the ones who are imposing the rationing and restrictions which are strangling our people. we must in the first place close ranks for our home land and the resolution. >> this is a continued effort ongoing because i do feel like we talk about these incidents once a week at least, of the venzuelaan government to distract from the country's economic and political problems and focus and try to distract and make these false
6:43 pm
accusations. recent polls show maduro's approval rate has fallen to 20%. he said he will prove right-wing blotters had joined in a conspiracy. >> prompted juan manuel santos to issue a denial. he called for the rights of the opposition to be respected and for the la desma to be embarrass anted due process. the out going head of american states heats amiguel ensusa said they must stop the events that are leading of spiraling of polarization in their country, tom ackerman al jazeera. >> space walking astronauts have rooted cables outside the international space station to prepare for american-made crew capsules, the first of three planned over the week. nasa considers this the most complicated cable routing job.
6:44 pm
extensive rewiring is needed for the arrival of the first commercial spacecraft capable of transporting astronauts in 2007. 50 years ago, malcolm x was shot dead in new york city. he was one of several black americans campaigning for equal rights for their community during the 1960s, but he stood out because he opposed the non-violent met did of another primary american martin luther king, jr. a look back at the image of malcolm x. >> we believe that separation is the best way and the only sensible way not integration. >> an organizers intellectual malcolm x wanted something different, something more for america's black population. his demands for civil rights changes in the tickets grew he spoke of black power, challenged martin luther king's idea change would come only through
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non-violence. this is where he was shot dead. now it's at that community center which bears his name the centerpiece, a mural which covers the significant moments in his life including a trip to mecca. here, his views mellowed. he returned to the united states. he spoke about how black lives matter a message resonating 50 years after his sudden death. >> the recent events of our police killings of black men, you look at the black lives matter campaign. malcolm's platform was an affirmation of black life. he might not have said black life matters but that was his resionne detre. >> he was about to speak. a number of men rushed the stage. he had torn in 20 bullet wounds. there are streets, schools, likeberries and a malcolm x boulevard in harlem. many we spoke to his place?
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>> do you think enough know about mat come x. >> there is never enough if there is one who doesn't know. there should be more. there should be more teachings about malcolm x. >> he is not one to mention. he became a loving person. in the end, his men's was about love and unity. i think that was powerful. >> in his obvious it wary the knock post described him as brilliant, wild eccenttriv and unpredictable. his autobiography is one of the most influential non-fiction books of the the last century. >> the black community and all communities of people interested in social justice need multiple voices. we need multiple malcolm xs. we don't need any singular messianic figure. >> his name is programs more easily recalled. malcolm x remains an i con, a enduring struggle that was fought and, some believe, it's
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still not won. al jazeera, harlem, new york. >> still to come on al jazeera, putting pressure on highracy how illegal streaming throughout the world is hurting hollywood. find out if barcelona could move to the top. the details in sport. on al jazeera america >> tuesday on "the stream". >> selling cocaine was my purpose. >> they had been trafficking on behalf of the united states government. >> renowned film
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now it's time for sport. here is farrah. >> we start with the cricket world cup where one of the most anticipated matches starts soon.
6:49 pm
india face south africa. the men in blue go in to the game after crushing pakistan in their opener, up against a side they have never beaten at the world cup. more than 80,000 fans are expected at the melvin cricket ground for the pool b tie and the players are relishing the contest. >> i love playing in full stadiums. it's a great opportunity to go out there and do something special, make your team happy, make your team proud. i think that's one of the celebrated moments for a cricketer. >> one game going on right now sri lanka facing world cup debtants afghanistan. they put in bat. afghanistan are 113 for 2. barcelona's 11-game winning stream is ended after losing at home to malagan spain's la liga. they got the add vantage from a
6:50 pm
collective defensive mistake. despite bar ask. a, they couldn't score. barca squandering a chance to leapfrog around the table by one point. bundes liga notched up a win. a 6-nil victory against paderborn. now scoring 14 goals in their last two leal games. paderborn. 55 points. english prime mere league manchester city beat 5 points. jose mourino's side but in the
6:51 pm
second half, jamadich saw red for pushing an opponent. with less than 10 minutes left, semi grabbed the equal user. >> a great day for marsnal. they won. manchester united lost. the gunners moved in to third. south hampton have a chance to take third off of wenger's side. the first algerian side to win the african super cup. these were the scenes in algeria where the africa federation's cup features the winner of africa two major club keingsz getting there as wam thins week liners. chris bosh is out for the rest of the season at least. the miami heat fort worth has blood clots on one of his lungs. he was admitted today a hospital in florida on thursday after not feeling well for several days.
6:52 pm
his team says he is resting comfortably. >> romanio, halep has won the dubai championships. she beat carolina in the final to claim her 10th wta singles title and the second of the year. the win ensures she will climb back to number 3 in the world rankings. the two boxers widely considered to be the best of their generation are finally, set to meet in the ring. after years of negotiation, the fight between many pacquiao and floyd mayweather junior will happen on may 2nd, it is called a match made in money. >> reporter: it's the side boxing fans were all over the world have been waiting for: a match-up between arguably the two greatest fighters of this generation. floyd money mayweather set to go head to head with many packman
6:53 pm
baccalaureate. >> it finally, happened. so, it's the lord's way, not our way. >> the bout will take place on may 2nd this year in las vegas with a record global audience set to tune in. here is why. >> in 47 professional fights, mayweather is unbeaten with no losses. pacquiao has lost five times in his 64-fight career. mayweather has run world titles in five different weight divisions while pacquiao is the only man in history to win beltsdz in 8 different weight divisions. last year, he was the world's highest paid sportsman earning $105 million. baccalaureate not doing too badly either with annual earnings of more than 40 million. but this fight alone is set to generate around $250 million.
6:54 pm
>> pacquiao says he hose to bring glory to his homeland of the philippines. the country will again come to a standstill when their idol steps into the ring. >> pacquiao is i call him, the philippines favorite son. when he fights there is no crime, there is no traffic in the streets. everyone is blood on their television, everyone is tuned in to the fight. it will ab national holiday back in the philippines on may 3rd, which is a sunday and everyone will be rooting for their favorite son, which is many pacquiao. >> both are in their late 30s and perhaps beyond their absolute best but this fight could define their careers. sarah coates al jazeera. >> that's all of thespot for now. rob, back to you. >> thank you very much indeed. now, from stars of sports to tostars of the silver screen. they are making their way to hollywood for the ofbling
6:55 pm
arizona. they are going to be given out on sunday night. on the eve of this year's ceremony. a new threat: online streaming. ♪ >> you could say it was napster that started it allfree downloads. remember them? music history hate it. that was so 10 years ago. for film it seems to be giving hollywood a bit of headache. there are loads of legal streaming sites out there. you pay a fee and there are lots of illegal sites. they stream pie rotted movies. people can watch them at no cost. those sites are breaking the lawyer but as for the people who sit at om stream watch films and are they aking illegally? >> tricky. one lawyer will tell you onety thing. it's not illegal to actually view a movie that streams on your computer as long as the
6:56 pm
copy does not make a duplicate on the computer, it is not violating one of the exclusive rights that the copy right owner holds. >> to speak to another, they will tell you something else. >> in fact you are still copying to a server even temporarily, the material. it is copy right infringement to stream material that you don't have a license for that you don't own or you are not paying for in, in some fashion. >> how about a third opinion? >> it's like a list of things you are not allowed to do. up loading a movie is on that list. >> that's making a second copy. >> that's generally going to be illegal. but streaming a movie, just to watch it being a viewer, that's not really something that's on the list that the copy right law for byrd. >> the industry is going after a lot of these sites but the problem it has is many are where the u.s. has no legal jurisdiction. it's the independent films you could say really are hit heart, like this one "20 feet below"
6:57 pm
financed by individuals. the streamits have notbeen en wroiing this but not paying for it. it's maker is optimistic. >> i get threats coming in every day. each one of those represents a financial loss. on the flip side, it's technology that has often allowed us to make movies like this and distribute them. so, it's a bit of defeat. >> one source said they are worried the core case could go against them. it's likely the industry will be forced to adapt. phil lavell al jazeera, los angeles. >> you can get more on all of these stories from the website, including the main story -- main story where hadi says he is technically still the
6:58 pm
president. we will be back in a another couple of minutes. pause record
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
♪ >> this is "al jazeera america." i am michael lee in new york. here are today's top stories. >> there are some yet very serious sanctions that can be taken which have a profound increase, negative impact on the russian economy. >> secretary of state john kerry warned russia over its involvement in the ukraine crisis. also nigeria strikes back driving boko haram forces out of a boarder town. a troubling trend in rural