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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EST

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the u.n. security council jones gulf countrieses in backing armed rebel abd-rabbu mansour hadi calling him yennen's legitimate president welcome to al jazeera, live from our headquarters in doha. also ahead - i.s.i.l. fighters abduct more than 100 people from iraq's most powerful tribes. >> the row intensifies between binyamin netanyahu and iran intensifies. france's francis hollande
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arrives in the philippines for urgent action to combat climate change first to breaking news from afghanistan. a suicide blast in a diplomatic area killed one civilian and injured another. it happened in the capital kabul. police say an armed vehicle near the iranian embassy was targeted. the bomber also died. the taliban said it carry outside the attack the u.n. security council says it's backing abd-rabbu mansour hadi as the leader. calling him the legitimate president. he's in the southern port si of aden after being put -- port city of aden after being put under house arrest. the houthis took over power in a coup this month. the security council urged parties to resolve differences though talks. >> there has been rallies across
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the country in support of harvey. he met the secretary-general of the gulf cooperation council. he says abd-rabbu mansour hadi has the backing of the g.c.c. >> translation: i had talks with his excellency the president, on how to make sure yemen is not a pleas for extremist organizations. support will continue as before. the g.c.c. leaders are happy for his excellency's escape. >> an associate professor of religious studies at the university of california, and says that the support for abd-rabbu mansour hadi is a significant step but the houthi's concerns need to be addressed. >> it's an important move for yemen's international standing and the crisis it's going through. abd-rabbu mansour hadi benefits from the voice of support, and the houthis - this is an opportunity for them to kind of
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demonstrate to the world that it's not just you know religious sectarian movement but it is - it can respond, even if with criticism to the u.n. report, with you know a bit towards - to saying this is - this is the call. this is a point for negotiation. and we understand that international communities wants progress in the talks, and we can step up to the plate as well. the u.n. is committed to a broad baste political movement and currently abd-rabbu mansour hadi represents i think, for international yemen, the brightest hopes. certainly the houthis have credible complaints with current corruption, with ongoing human
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rights abuses and the persecution of religious minorities including the shia in the north. you know abd-rabbu mansour hadi has support, but in the houthi northern areas, as well as in the south, including prominent tribes. yemen is going through the ringer. but it has had the experience before and yemenis are used to you know hard knocks along the road towards peace. yemenis across the board want unity, not separation. i think that this is a step in the right direction. the islamic state of iraq and levant kidnapped more than 100 men and nine boys in iraq. the hostages belong to the sunni tribe, one of the biggest in the country. the defence minister is a member of the tribe. they come from a village east of tikrit in an area where government troops are in fierce fighting with i.s.i.l. about 200km from the capital baghdad.
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jane arraf has more. >> reporter: there's no word on the fate of these men and boys. and we've been told 127 of the tribesmen were originally kidnapped. this is three days ago, the news filtering out because of difficult communications there. it's a village east of tikrit where fighting has been going on. when they took the men, they took nine boys between nine and 10 years of age and they continue to be held. we are told that they believe it's in retaliation for relatives of the captured when and buoyed fighting with forces otribal forces. the al-obeid tribe was involved in an attack where i.s.i.l. set fire to more than 30 police officers and tribal fighters in the town of baghdadi. it's there that the iraqi army
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launched an evacuation to remove civilians trapped by fighting there. that is a few kilometres from the airbase where u.s. marines, soldiers and western forces are stationed. it's the scene of some of the fearsest fighting. the iraqi military says they opened a corridor taking some out and airlifting some. >> iraqi forces pushed out i.s.i.l. fighters and two villages. the area is closed to the city. the army says the villages will be used as launching pads to recapture the city. they are preparing for a major operation with the support of around 2,000 shia fighters. well, across the border in syria, kurdish forces are advancing to take back territory from i.s.i.l. they are aiming to cut one of the main supply lines. zeina khodr reports.
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syria's kurds have been at war with the islamic state. i.s.i.l. fighters were defeated. now kurdish forces are trying to defeat them. they have retaken some areas and lost villages. u.s. coalition air crafts have been targetting the kurds. it is a projoints in north eastern syria. home to kurds, arabs and christians and where i.s.i.l. controls pockets of territory. it is strategic for i.s.i.l. and the fight against the armed group, bordering territory by the group. there's a splay line that i.s.i.l. uses to move from capital in the syrian city to the iraqi city of mosul, a strong hold in northern iraq. what is happening now is there's a fight against i.s.i.l. if controls about 30% of the
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province. kurds are fighting on the front, and regime soldiers in the province are attacking them on the front. i.s.i.l. cannot afford to lose her, it needs to keep supply lines open it borders the city of sinjar, where iraqi kurds have been engaged in fighting with the islamic state of iraq and levant. the crossing is in sinjar it connects syria to iraq and is used by i.s.i.l. fighters. the offensive against the group in haas abbinga is part of -- hasaka is part of a plan. if i.s.i.l. is defeated. it would restrict freedom of movement between the strong holds. u.s. coalition and partners need to cut the supply lines. >> hasaka is hundreds of miles
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from many strongholds. defeating them here would weaken them there in the u.s. three men have been arrested and charged with conspiring to support i.s.i.l. two men were custody. a prospect is believed to have helped organise the trip from florida. they were allegedly threatening to shoot the president. >> the men intended to launch attacks in the u.s. >> it was alleged in the filing the idea that it was plain on the statement. if they were not able to go and seek to acquire weapons here handguns, machine guns and seek to attack police officers. they are made clear. >> state news agencies say
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members of the u.n. recognised parliament are in cairo. a delegation is there, expected to meet egyptian president abdul fatah al-sisi tomorrow. >> the government is competing for power with a rival parliament in tripoli, recognised by the supreme constitutional court in 2012. >> a public spat between the u.s. and israel over nuclear negotiations with iran intensified. israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu, accused the u.s. and others of rolling over to allow them to build nuclear weapons, and is expected to make his case against a nuclear deal next week. u.s. national security rival, susan rice called the speech disruptive to u.s.-israel relations. >> a fellow at the institute for policy studies says this is a disagreement not just between
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obama and binyamin netanyahu, but between the u.s. and israel. >> there is a specific divide between the u.s. and israel on what their position is vis-a-vis iran. they put their red lines in a different place, if you will. it's bad enough having red lines, if you have a red line it matters where you draw it. the israelis draw their red line at the point where they say they cannot september rain having the capability to build a nuclear weapon in the future. i think that he was taken aback by the degree to which this meeting. which i thing he probably imagined would be smoothed obvious by the pro-israel lobby in the u.s. and the republican leadership and didn't expect it to become as partisan as it has. it's now a very partisan issue with republicans supporting binyamin netanyahu and democrats supporting the president of the united states
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and the u.s. position in the negotiations. that is a very serious position for the israeli prime minister to be in. it's not a normal one. >> the u.s. senate voted to move forward on a bill to fund the homeland security department preventing a partial shutdown that could have happened if the bill hadn't passed before friday night. the stand off was over a migrant policy linked to the bill. immigration provisions will be voted on separately. >> still to come on al jazeera. leaving the campaign for climate change, the french president ashes in the philippines. blues, we tell you why a journey to mars is looking more like mission impossible.
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good to have you with us. these are the top stories on al jazeera a suicide plast in a diplomatic area in the afghan capital killed a civilian and injured another. the bomber targeted an armored vehicle near the iranian embassy. the taliban said it carried out the attack the u.n. security council says it's backing abd-rabbu mansour hadi as yemen's president. and urged all parties to hold talks. there has been rallies supporting abd-rabbu mansour hadi, who fled to aden after the houthis took over power. >> the islamic state of iraq and levant kidnapped more than 100 men and nine boys belonging to
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one of the biggest tribes in the country. >> secret cables contained by the al jazeera investigative unit revealed unknown details about the hunt for al qaeda. showing how agencies monitor individuals. south africa's former minister of intelligence says many of the warnings are just hypes. >> reporter: throughout the spy cables we see intelligence agencies hunting a great enemy, al qaeda. in sav coe, spies managed groups and tracked an apolitical movement akin to the american aimish. the secret document concludes: it reports that it has a: looup
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lip without providing evidence. >> it is apolitical and has nothing to do with terrorist activities. it has absolutely nothing to do with an afill yaghts to any other group. >> reporter: the state security agency identified individuals it says are linked to al qaeda, and spent time in south africa. included is the white widow samantha luthwait the former wife of one of the 777 london bombers. >> a former intelligence spy chief says the west pressured south africa to hunt for al-qaeda al-qaeda, but it was low. >> at the time we didn't see al qaeda as a threat. we kept a watch on the brief. >> the cables reveal how spy agencies pull their knowledge. what emerged are remarkable
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unverifiable claims. a russian cable warns of a lab in eastern algeria to development biological weapons. the pneumonic plague scaped leading to the death -- escaped, leading to the death of 40 the base was abandoned. mossad sent warnings raising warnings of attacks, like those at u.s. embassy in 1998. this cable makes reference to a number of planned attacks between 2007 and 2012 none of which took place. south africa's former minister of intelligence accuses some countries of playing politics with the spy agencies. >> i believe it's a hall of mirrors in relation to this kind of thick, and this is where one needs a very cool head and a well-balanced view.
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>> the spy cable suggesting governments don't just communicate genuine threats but further their own policies by exploiting every country's fear of attack. >> russia's president vladimir putin is threatening to cut supplies to ukraine, and areas controlled by pro-russian separatists and donetsk and luhansk. it's a crucial gas supplier to ukraine and other western countries. >> gazprom is in full compliance with a cronn tractural obligation and will continue to do so. the prepayment made which the ukranian side is enough for three to four days of gas deliveries. if the prepayment does not koment. gazprom, according to the contract and addendum will suspend delivers. of course, it may create a threat to europe to our
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european partners. >> the democrat democratic republic of congo, the government launched a military assault against rebel forces. taking on a group for the libber eights of rwanda including murder and reach. the french president arrived in the philippines for a 2-day visit. they will press for action on climate change. the trip is part of a campaign ahead of a much-anticipated global conference. the meeting is called cut 21. calling on all countries to cut greenhouse emissions by 202. at the previous talks in peru frameworks were set for an agreement, but experts warn striking a deal will not be easy, and the talks are likely to see fierce debate. >> one country with high hopes
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for the climate change in paris in december is malaysia. coastal erosion has taken a toll on the wildlife and communities. a problem shared by many asian pacific nations. let's get more on this. our correspondent joining us from penang. an opportune time to be in the spotlight and raise these issues. >> indeed. you join me on one of the many beeches on pep anning. a stretch of -- beaches on penang. a stretch of beech, the beautiful sea coming in off the coast. if you ask people about climate change there's various differing answers. melting polar ice, the burning of fossil fuels. what is evidence is people respect the force of nation and this beach, 10 years agos was inundated after a tsunami of 2004 which is not related to
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climate change but makes people think twice about the power of the sea. the water, itself came in 50 peters and inundated the homes you can see not far from where i am. it's the water that is the issue. malaysia area is surrounded by the see. people here respect it and depend on the water for their livelihoods. i met a community who are trying to turn the tide back to make sure they can survive regardless of climate change. 70 years ago the coastline was there, now it's here. this is the affect of sea levels causing coastal erosion. the sea has been battering the shores for decades. fishermen like this - times are tough. he earns a living in the inland
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waterways, sea levels rise weakening coastline, sand and gaol falling into the sea. salt water enters of the yestureies and waterways, fresh water fish die. >> i have been fishing for over 20 years, i used to catch 2 kilos of fish in two hours. i bary catch one in four. >> erosion is a threat to villages depending on the balanced eco system for living. rapid urban development is a factor affecting the environment and paralyzing economic activity. according to official figures, 30% of the coast is at risk. >> coastal erosion is predominantly at a critical level according to authorities in the east of the country. yet, with two unique monsoon affecting malaysia from the north and the south, areas such as pen anning where i am and further south are causing
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onascertain for those that have to deal with the problem on their doorstep. >> over 20 million has been pledged by the government. for some the solution is balancing urban go. while being mind. of the environment. any development programmed must incorporate and ensure that the mango swamps exist so you have wetlands and the sea. >> mangroves act as an engineersry, protecting fish within their routes and it's a food source for wildlife above and below the shore line. a management plan has been in place since 2010. re-planning mangroves in vulnerable areas is an urgent matter for fishing communities. >> mangroves reinforce the soil and sand and strengthen it. we planted three mek tears, 150,000 plants in this area.
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30 years ago the water never came this far. >> they feel the same way, but wants to get the message across to those that can make a difference. >> world leaders have to remember we are the poor. your decisions affect us. i don't want my home livelihood in memories to disappear into the see forever. >> malaysia's prime minister made it clear that something has to be done on climate change and the country holds two important positions, one on the security council and the other as chairman of the asian nations, the association of south-east asian nations. and will hope to have a collective voice, one voice as asian heads towards france at the end of the i don't remember and will be interested are interested to see what francis hollande says in the philippines later on thursday. >> joining us from penn in fact in malaysia.
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at least 124 people have been killed in a series of av plarges in north american afghanistan. the avalanche has swallowed schools and mosques. rescuers will begin on thursday. it was of the worst in 30 years. in bolivia the vice president visited a province where flooding forced people out of their homes. 800 families had houses destroyed. the president promised that residents of the hardest hit areas will be evacuated. food and supplies has been flown into the areas. >> in mexico a volcano has spewed ash 7-00 metres into the sky. the eruption forced a series of flights to be cancelled. experts say the volcano experienced low-intensity explosions following a series of tremors. it is an active volcano and the
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second tallest in mexico. >> sponsors pulled the plug on a version of the reality tv. big brother mars 1 short-lifted 100 candidates. it looks like it could be lost in space before it gets off the ground. neave barker reports from london. >> reporter: it's the most audacious plan history, to make this inhospitable planet a home for humans in 10 years, that's what mars 1, a private space exploration company intends to do. with all the glitz and glamour of a hollywood movie. tens of thousands of people applied for the one way mission. only 100 were shortlisted. including maggie a p hd astro physics student at birmingham university, who volunteered to
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be the first martian mother. >> if we want to start a colony on mars we have to reproduce or die out. it's a huge adventure and excited rather than scared. >> maggie and others could be in for a long wait. despite the p.r. critics say the time line is unfeasible. >> in three years time mars 1 hopes to send a stationary lappeder and communications satellite followed by a rover in 2020 and cargo missions two years after that. in a decade by 2025 it's hoped the first 4-man crew will arrive, live in pods like these. all of this for a meagre $6 billion. >> it's unrealistic from every single point of view. from the experience of people organising it on the budget and some time scale.
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>> the mars 1 crew will live in confined conditions and need to produce water, oxygen and grow food much that takes investment. mars 1 was hoping to gain sponsorship from endomal, the makers of "big brother" until they pulled out. and one company listed on the website who are providing rockets say no and contracts have been signed. it's optimistic. >> it's a conception that mars 1 wants to finance through media revenues, that's not the case. we'll finance from investment. it's not entertainment, it's inspiration. humans going to mars is the greatest story of the 21st century, we need to share it with the world. the company say they have teamed up with their mission trailer to finance and document the project. as mars one races to meet goals,
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it's a mission they hope will be on your screens. just a reminder you can keep up to date with all the news on the website. you can see it on the screens there, >> on "america tonight." >> this generation has got to go back and pay attention to the things that we had won are now being lost . >> and the mass he of people that we've got to move and shift from their place of comfort to seeing the world in the way we see it. >> and a couple of days later some of my blood tests came back


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