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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 27, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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al jazeera. that's the show for today. join he on sunday for a heated debate with grover norquist. that's here on sunday. a congressional funding fight goes down to the wire. the department of homeland security stays open for business. a short term deal means the money could run out in a week murder in moscow. a top critic of vladimir putin shot dead a day before being set to lead an anti-government protest guns in schools.
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a push to let teachers carry guns in classrooms why it could prevent is columbine or sandy hook. and up in smoke - a timber used in housing construction could be an accident waiting to happen. >> good evening, i'm antonio mora this is al jazeera america. hours before a midnight deadline congress passed a stop gap measure preventing a shut down of the department of homeland security, but only for a few days. >> this is passing for progress in a disfunctional congress. a week extension of funding for the department of homeland scourtedy, narrow -- security narrowly averting a shutdown coming a day after dramas in the house of representatives. a 3-week extension was put forward for the department. it crashed and burnt in a spectacular fashion on the house
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floor during the vote. almost a solid wall of terms opposing the measure, and conservatives opposing it as well. it lost by a significant margin. conservatives and republicans incensed over orders on immigration last year who tried to exact retribution or force the president into refusing his policy by cutting off funding for the department of homeland security, which implements the programs. it backfired on republicans, and they are divided between conservatives and leadership and the majority of the party. they passed the extension for a week. but not clear how they'll find a way out of impasse. they may have to cave to the demand, and democrats demands in congress to fund the department for the rest of the year. that will cause a lot of
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concernation. bottom line. department of homeland security will be funded for another week and it is looking likely it will have the mumming for the rest of the -- funding for the rest of year when congress reconvenes. a federal appeals court says the boston marathon trial will remain in massachusetts. lawyers for the accused argues it would be impossible to find a jury. the judges disagreed, writing that jurors are not necessarily prejudiced because they know details about the case. opening statements are set for wednesday. russian president vladimir putin and president obama are condemning the murder of a top opposition leader. boris nehmcav was shot down. the shooters fired from a car. he is a former deputy prime minister, a long-time critic of vladimir putin. dana lewis has more from london.
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>> it is a shock not only to me as a correspondent who has covered boris and interviewed him many times, starting as far back in the 1990s, when he was the deputy prime minister under boris yeltsin until the time he ran for a mayor in sochi, to expose corruption in the olympics, and trying to start a real opposition movement from sochi, that would have free media and free speech in russia to criticize the kremlin vladimir putin, which he has done for the last two decades. he is i think, the tallest, highest profile political opposition figure in russia. the timing is extremely sinister. he was about to be working on a report. it is said that directly it points the finger at vladimir putin, for pulling the trigger on the events in ukraine,
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causing the events in ukraine, and putting troops into ukraine, despite vladimir putin's denials, and told a magazine this month, earlier this month, boris told a russian naga zone that he feared for his life because of outspoken criticisms of vladimir putin. here he is walking meters away from the kremlin, on a bridge in central moscow in full view of the kremlin and st. basil's casino. men pulled up. several got out, fired at him, and he was hit four times in the back by bullets. it's a shocking murder in and outside of russia. >> dana lewis in london ukraine's president tonight warns of a military threat from the east. that's widely understood to mean russia. ukraine conditions to pull back troops from the front lines. the ceasefire ran into new
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trouble. three soldiers were killed others injured in fighting. it claimed 6,000 lives. >> kurdish peshmerga forces say they have forced i.s.i.l. out of a key town. kurdish forces pushed i.s.i.l. out of more than 100 towns and villages in that area in recent weeks. in iraq several human rights groups say i.s.i.l. fighters abducted injured and killed thousands, forcing millions from their homes. the groups say i.s.i.l. has killed raped and enslaved members of minority communities. >> we are getting a look at the man officials say is behind a series of i.s.i.l. beheadings. this is the facing of mohammed emwazi, the first adult photo of him being public called jihadi john. he is in several videoed of kidnapped journalists beheaded.
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with several controversial cases, holder is calling on congress to change the law, wanting a lower standard of proof for standard charges when local authorities can't or choose not it prosecute. >> if we adjust the standards, we can make the federal government a natural backstop making us more part of the process in an appropriate way. >> eric holder is expected to announce in the coming weeks whether civil rights charges will be brought in relation to michael brown in ferguson, missouri. the justice department said it would not prosecute george zimmerman for the shooting of trayvon martin the fait of eric holder's replacement. loreta lynch lies with the full senate. that's a split in the republican party over her choice.
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>> this election is about taking the country back and starts by repealing obama care. >> reporter: the conservative base of the republican party is sounding the battle cry at the c.p.a.c. gathering, the conservative political access congress. less than four plonths ago after republicans swept elections that the incoming majority leader struck a conciliatory tone. >> we will not shut the government down. >> reporter: a partial shutdown is looming because of a fight in congress over whether to fund the department of homeland security or whether to gut the executive action on immigration. it's a hot-button issue for conservatives. republican leaders say the best solution - delay the fight until next month. >> that is not going over well 10 meals away at c.p.a.c. >> you are kicking the can. address it today. it may be pain.
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. when the government shut down nothing happened the world didn't end. >> conserve tifs don't view the shutdown as a failure, they see it as getting russia to pay essential and find something to believe in. >> are you concerned it may i'll yeppate voters -- alienate voters if the republicans push hard? >> i don't think so. after what i have heard, it's time to stand up and not fall back. but push forward. i think that the moderates and the independence that's what they want. we want a common goal. >> less compromising more standing up for values. >> absolutely, yes. less compromise more standing up for good old american values. the nominees are at c.p.a.c. hoping for the blessing of this conservative crowd. they are aware that the growing rift within their own party could leave them open to blows from all side.
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>> you have to know that you are willing to fight and talk. i'm willing to do both. that's the way we have done it. >> it's in the end about standing up for what we believe? >> how do you describe yourself? >> as a practicing reform-minded conservative. that i have done it. >> the question people are asking at see whack -- c.p.a.c. are the republican leaders conservative enough for them. >> the people i have been talking about are watching the fight over fumeding the department of homeland security and the president's policy. they say it's simply and a test of how republicans will lead this year and next year heading into the 2016 presidential race. >> libby casey in washington. thanks a columbine victim-turned law-maker wants guns in schools. he said it's the best way to prevent future school shootings. his argument and why others say
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it would lead to more problems. >> and how a relatively new building material could be making homes vulnerable to fire. what an al jazeera investigation uncovered.
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the most wanted drug lord in mexico is in custody, known as latuta was walked through the airport in miry. he is the head -- mexico city he was head of the knights templar drugs car tell and captured without incidents after a year of hiding more about a shooting rampage. joseph aldridge may have been upset over his mother's death when he went house to house in a town of tyrone seven were killed, many his relatives. aldridge was found dead from an apparent self-inflicted knun shot wound.
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>> in several western states there's a push to allow some adults to have guns in schools. lawmakers say it's the right way to protect students from mass shootings. not everyone is on board. john terrett is here with more. how likely is this to become law? >> this depends on the state that you are talking about here. one proposal is in colorado the brainchild of a state law-maker, on his way to lunch on columbine when the bullets started flying. >> reporter: patrick neville nose too well what that's like to be involved in a school shooting. in 1999 the republican state representative was a 15-year-old soft mar at callum mine when -- columbine during a deadly shooting. he's pushing legislation anyone with a concealed weapons permit the right to carry firearms in schools. >> had some of them had the league at authority, more of my friends may be with me today.
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i wake up every day sending my kid to school in blind faith she'll return safe when there's no safeguards for the schools. >> reporter: he doesn't want them to go through when to columbine seniors, derek and another manslaughteredered teachers and students. alan lanzer murdered teachers and staff in sandy hook. after, the national rifle association recommended arming adults in school as neville is schooling for. >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun. >> a poll last year suggested 50% of the people in colorado support the idea of arming school staff, while 45% do not. patrick neville is sure his proposals will not make it out of committee stages but it's worth having a go. if colorado is not ready, other
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states may be. similar legislation has been proposed in wyoming and north dakota designed to boost safety. now, the thinking is many schools are away from towns, so if the incident occurs police may not be able to reach the schools as quickly. there's financial costs involved - that's the thinking for more we go to michael doran, the executive director of safe havens international, a nonprofit focussing on school safety, good to have you with us. the representative neville lived through a horror like few others. does he not have a point that if teachers were armed we wouldn't see an enormous bloodshed? >> it's a more complex issue than a lot of people realise. it's hard to say whether many of the educators would have been carrying a weapon on that day
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before the tragic event. and whether or not it would have made a difference depending where in the building. it's a hotly debated topic and will continue to be. >> could it serve as a deterrence if someone was plans to attack a school. might it make them think twice if they knew teachers could be armed? >> it can be. we do know - i worked 8 k 12 active shooting cases and helped avert many as a school police chief. some aggressors resurfaced and their tart and looked -- target and looked at factors to be overcome. it's more practical deterrent for countries, thailand israel parts of africa. the one thing i caught people active shooter events are rare. out of the 500 or so murdered american k 12 schools, 63 have been killed by active shooters
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most of the homicides are not from active shooter event, and 73% of those deaths homicides, occur from three incidents. sandy hook here in the columbine shooting and in red lake minnesota. so one of things we have to be mindful of is most murders do not involve shooting knives and single victim shootings. if we step back from it in terms of the risk of death, we have to keep the balance that most homicides don't involve active shootings, and the homicide rate is blow what it was 30 years ago from k 12 schools in america. >> you heard john talk about the location of 9 school. >> yes, sir. >> does that affect for make a givens a school is removed from a -- difference if a school is removed from a police station as opposed to manhattan, where it may be a block away. >> absolutely.
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we have assessed about 12,000 k-12 schools and most look at schools the way they are in their community. we have many schools in the united states, here in colorado in texas, and connecticut and alaska that you know the nearest police response is 30 minutes up to four hours in some cases. there are situations where the analysts recommended civilian staff. it is rare we don't typically advise it and when we do we suggest that you know even the national rifle association saying when you go through that they should go through psychological screen preferably law enforcement. training, those things. it's not a typical response. we have very diverse types of schools around the united states. >> and your a former law enforcement. what is your most important recommendation to schools that want to stay safe? >> to improve student supervision. if we focus on improving stupid
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supervision we'd cut the death rate by more than half. most of the deaths the vast majority does not involve violence, it is not the leading cause of death. while the horrific tragedies are important, we need to work to prevent them. most of the deaths is medical emergencies, parents running over children in the parking lot. accidental matters. let take care of what causes the most deaths and look at situations that horrify, causing mass casualty loss of life and make us afraid. >> michael, pleasure to have you with us. >> thank you when an apartment complex went up in flames a building material lightweight wood made the fire burn faster. that product is in millions of homes. also... >> i'm stick and tired of your logic. it is a most illogical attitude. the man who turned an
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emotional i'llian into a -- an emotionless alien into an icon. remembering leonard nimoy next.
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he's out there. there's a guy out there whose making a name for himself in a sport where your name and maybe a number are what define you. somewhere in that pack is a driver that can intimidate the intimidator. a guy that can take the king 7 and make it 8. heck. maybe even 9. make no mistake about it. they're out there. i guarantee it. welcome to the nascar xfinity series.
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new attention on a type of construction material used in millions of homes, called lightweight wood making building homes faster and cheaper. as john-patrick smith reports, there are -- john henry smith reports there are worries it could be vulnerable to fire. >> reporter: fire roared through this complex in edgewater new jersey. >> it advanced quickly into the hallways and ceilings. >> reporter: the flames lit up the sky. >> it billowed and the roof blew off. >> reporter: it took more than 12 hours to control and drove more than 1,000 from their homes, including norm golding, joy and their dog lexie. >> good girl. >> they couldn't put it out. it took them so long. >> reporter: they couldn't put it out at all. >> not at all.
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>> reporter: this is what is left of the apartment building that caught on fire. 240 units gone in a flash. since that night, a lot of attention has been paid a lot of finger pointed at what is inside the walls of this building, and other like it videos the country. >> it's called lightweight wood. it's o compost of smaller pieces of wood chips pressed and glued toot. light -- glued together. lightweight wood is used throughout homes in the country, including the avalon here. >> it's lightweight construction which strippinglers - this is the problem in this construction. >> reporter: fewer lieu tapant -- fire lieutenant battled the fire. >> it does not last long. >> reporter: how scared it the firefighting community of a fire in that structure?
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>> all firefighters are concerned. it's a matter of timing. >> tests showed that lightweight wood burns three times faster than solid wood. >> lightweight has been a problem for decades for us. >> glen is an associate pressure of fire science at college in new york. we talked with him at the scope of the fire. >> we talked to firefighters. they are wary. >> why? >> they are wary that number one, they will not stop the fire, that's an issue, and the collapse potential, because the floors do collapse. i have been to several where the floor collapsed on to the floor below. >> corbett says advantages to the lightweight wood are time and money. we bought engineered wood and some conventional wood at a lumber yard and brought the stamps to justin. the president-elect of american institute of architects. >> this is how we used to go in
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a lot of cases in residential construction. now the lightweight community - we are seeing more and more today. >> he says light weight wood is as strong as plywood. when it comes to fire... >> because it is solid and more dense than this material is and the fact that there's no glue that's present in this this is still going to burn faster. >> avalon bay declined an on-camera interview saying in a statement: is lightweight engineered wood safe for the public? >> it is safe if it is used in accordance with the code. >> not everyone is so confident. would you want to live in one of these? >> after that no. >> i'd prefer not to answer that
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question. >> well, i wouldn'tment. >> when we were looking for another apartment to move into it was between this place and another that was lightweight wood construction. and we chose this place. >> it gave us parliament house. definitely gave us pause. >> john henry smith, al jazeera the basent ball world is mourning earl lloyd. the 86-year-old's career began in 1960 the first black n.b.a. five years later lloyd and a team-mate were the first african-americans to win the nba championship leonard nimoy will be remembered in many ways including a phrase that is iconic - live long and prosper. that, he did. he was 83 when he died from lung disease. his career took him from the far
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reaches of space to the hearts of millions. >> reporter: he played police officers cowboys and the king of atlantis. in a career that spanned 65 years and scores of roles, there's one that powered leonard nimoy into the status of inter-galactic icon. spock. the make-up team gave him the ears, but it was leonard nimoy, a boston native that put the emotion into the heart of the "enterprise", with wit, humour and a slight raise of the eyebrows. >> live long and prosper. >> he made the character his own. spock is one of my best friends. when i put on the ears it's not like another day. when i ball spock, that day is special. and nooem oi himself -- leonard nimoy himself was something special, a jack-of-all-trades in hood rsh, he was a successful
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director his films included the hit "three men and a baby." after "star trek" he appeared in "mission impossible", had guest starring roles and did memorable television commercial. s. >> see you inside. reaction to his death prove ebbed response: -- provoked responses: and from william shatner: leonard nimoy's last message was this tweet on monday:
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he will be greatly missed. i'm antonio mora, thanks for joining us. for the latest news any time head to "inside story" is up next. have a great weekend. hello, i'm ray suarez. as of this week about if i lit up a joint, right here right now, i wouldn't be breaking the drug laws just breaking the rules about smoking in this building. it's legal to smoke marijuana recreationally in the nation's capital. you can't any marijuana here or sell it. how is that going to work? how did they make the rules. d.c.'s mayor was threatened with gaol before