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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 28, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EST

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you >> grief in russia after an opposition leader an outspoken opposition to putin is gunned down in the kremlin. >> i'm shilly gauche, you are watching al jazeera live from doha. >> narendra modi's first full budget. the cartel leader known as
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la tuta is captured. and people in zimbabwe have little to celebrate. >> russia's president has condemned the murder of kremlin critickist nemtsov. mourns held aa vigil in moscow, where the former opposition leader was shot down. victoria gatenby reports. >> boris nemtsov was killed buy drive buy shooting. >> a vehicle pulled up and there were a couple of shots fired from it. l as a result, bullets penetrated his back. a wojwoman is being questioned 50
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police department. political change in russia. >> for me the death of boris nemtsov is by all means challenge being brought down. he really shook up the system. >> nemtsov was an outspoken critic of vladimir putin. he was also an experienced politician. he had served as deputy prime minister under former president boris yeltsin and was governor of a city, nisninakarov. he was murdered just two days before a major opposition rally he was due to take part in. >> mr. nim nemtsov i would say was one of three top opposition leaders in russia. he has been a personal nemesis
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of mr. putin, one of the most daring and outspoken leaders. he personally organized most of the option opposition rallies going back to at least 2011. >> the president is taking the investigation into nemtsov's murder under his personal control. victoria gatenby, al jazeera. >> l you thank you very muchthank you very much indeed for being with us. what are your thoughts on why or who might have killed him? >> of course now about moscow, circulate quite a lot of russians about the reasons why boris himself was killed. me personally i'm sharing political reasons because he was a political figure. one of two or three main
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political leaders that criticize vladimir putin and russian government this year. but i don't think that he is so popular that, in threaten the regime threaten you putin's government provocation he was killed one day before -- >> a lot of things are pointing to vladimir putin because apparently he was preparing to reveal proof of russian troops in eastern ukraine and he had been very, very critical of vladimir putin's policies. >> that's right. >> in eastern ukraine. so a lot of conspiracy theories looking at the kremlin as a possible reason for why he was killed and he himself told a newspaper he felt vladimir putin would have him killed because of
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that. >> that's right. boris himself was very close friend of all ukrainian presidents. yushenkov and petro poroshenko. he was killed in the breach nearby kremlin with ukrainian girl strolling 1:00 a.m. so i think putin -- it is not profitable case for putin. who it profit from his death? those who want to antagonize him as a political figure on russian be sin. he wasn't so. he was mairnl known as a political figure --mainly known as
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a political figure outside russia. he wasn't so much danger for putin for government. >> how do you think his death will affect russia? there was a big rally called for tomorrow that he was calling for people to support. do you think we could see opposition growing in russia, could we see instability in russia? >> i'm sure it was aimed at instability in russian state russia achieved a certain political achievements because they settled this struggle acknowledge that strikes ever heavy artillery from both sides. and minsk agreement was imlemedded in someimplemented in some way begin to implemented. and i think this development on
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ukraine may have some reflection on the situation in russia. because some people here and outside russia is trying to give a push back for instability. to make something push for demonstrators. one who tomorrow will go out in the streets. i don't think they will be successful because ukrainian case, it is not winning case for any politician here in russia. maybe inen ukraine he gave some points but in russia, in moscow i am sure it is not so. >> good to get your thoughts, thank you for joining us live in moscow. thank you. the u.n. envoy is heading to syria for a discussion. trying to get the parties to dom
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a temporary ceasefire. the u.n. sending a separate team to assess conditions in aleppo. coalition air strikes have fought their way into a northeastern town in being rm iraq. condemnation of destruction of art in iraq. it needs help from the international community. >> what happened was a gross violation not only to the iraqi civilization but to the heritage. the ministry will adopt the necessary measures however the community should come together and support iraq. on our part we will be opening
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the iraqi national museum and we promise the iraqi peej that our option is to open more rks museums and protect our future. a budget of high growth, aaron jenkley has revealed the first budget by the indian national community. 100,000 kilometers of roads in the coming years will be paved. fez jami already what are the highlights. >> well, as you mentioned be housing was the large one acknowledge increase in infrastructure and defense spending as well as personal tax exemptions. but one of the biggest ones is a drop in the corporate tax rate, from 30 to 25%. at a the government says that
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will increase investment in the country and boost the economy. that's been their major theme but they say they're going to balance personal exemptions. in the long run the country will actually get nor revenue from corporations. also gold, there are estimates ever billions of dollars of gold sitting in the country some in safes, and some in people's currency. now they're going to change by offering a gold monitorrization program. deposit and receive interest. and they're hoping that that will give a more realistic look at how much wealth is in this country. >> how health are a huge concern for millions of indians what came out of the budget on that? >> reporter: well, health spending marginally went down. big drop was from last year from the last government. but the government is a little
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bit counterbalancing that by increasing the personal tax exemptions for health insurance. but that really only helps the middle class. announce ugh a universal social program, accident insurance life insurance and pension. this will potentially cover hundreds of millions of people throughout the country. there are no major details on that yet. but interestingly enough, it comes at a time when many other countries in the world are cutting back on their social programs. >> fez jamil in new delhi there. one more week of funding. a last minute vote in congress averted a shutdown of the homeland security agency.
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interl hejts haskimberly halkett has the latest. >> a stop gam for seven days, that means that those who guard the airports and even the president, who work as the security detail, will be getting a paycheck. but what this also smeens there will be continued debate in capitol hill beyond the seven days. that's where the real controversy comes in. that's because there are many in capitol hill that feels this funding should be tied to an issue of immigration the executive order that was put into place by president obama that allow a path for citizens for many who entered the country illegally. rolling back this executive
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officer action they say is unconstitutional that the president did not have the legal authority to do and that is why we are having this debate right now. those members of congress feel they must deliver on that promise to their constituents, they must roll back this order that's been put in place by president obama, they're doing is trying to tie this measure to legislation to fund homeland security. in the end they were unsuccessful but suspect they will try again and that is why there will continue to be a lot of debate and arguing inon capitol hill over how to fund homeland security past seven days and how the republicans hope to roll back the executive order on immigration. >> to come here on the program we'll be telling you why there's a backlash against greece's newly elected government. and three powerful women in south america all struggling with the not too squeaky image.
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that's after the break.
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>> sunday, the parents of captured american reporter austin tice. >> austin went missing in syria. >> campaigning for his release and maintaining hope. >> austin tice is alive. >> find him and get him home. >> a special "talk to al jazeera". sunday, 5:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. welcome back. i'm shilly gauche. boris nemtsov was a fierce critic of vladimir putin. he was gunned down. india national prime minister narendra modi, revealed a budget which including health
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insurance for the country's poor. a last minute vote in congress averted a partial shutdown of the department of homeland security. greece will not be looking for a third pailout. backlash against syriza party. john siropolous reports. >> this is the first antigovernment protest in athens since the election, and it's coming from syriza's left the communist party. it is still legally and politically bound by the same austerity straight jacket as its socialist and conservative predecessors. >> the previous government commitments became this government's commitments. there were a few changes in words. we no longer have a trickya troika,
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but getting rid of expensive cars and so on. >> the communists only took 5.5% of the vote in january but syriza was once even smaller. it is position ising itself as the new antias you tears vehicle like ser syriza good. they want greece to leave the european union the euro and the rowsh zone. tension is already high within the ruling party with one cabinet matter refusing to abide by privatizations the government agreed to. in berlin, bu bundistag agreed.
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prime minister alexis tsipras is plunging ahead. focusing on bringing in tax revenues greece desperately needs. it will have no help from creditors at least two months and needs to continue the pay off debt in the meantime. >> translator: i call on you all as of tomorrow, to work hard and implement the public mandate of january the 25th so that the country can turn a page. i call on you to work hard, less comment, and more work. less talk and more action. >> reporter: ser zarif may getsyriza may get its partners to agree but austerity at home will make that more difficult. john vob vob you siropolous, al jazeera
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athens. be zimbabwe's long time leader robert mogabe is celebrating with a large party estimated to cost $1 million. katherine soy joins us live from victoria falls. katherine, that is scene of mogabe answer flawns, what are we expecting. >> shill corey, it is people have been coming here to victoria falls guest list up to 20,000, many of them are
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children acknowledge something who share be mogabe's birthday. all absolutelying to this american event where robert mogabe is expected amo releasing 91 balloons signify being his age. shilly, he is loved and hated almost in equal measure. those who defend him do it passionately those who oppose him, do it equally as passion atly i've seen that in the past couple of days when i've been here. president ront roberts mogabe is here to celebrate his birthday. the estimated cost being about
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$1 million american. the league that has been organize and fundraising for this since 1986 say they choose to celebrate the good things he has done. >> our leader has given empowerment to the youth he has given education for this country. >> but his critics and they are many find it good to see the good in be the bad. the majority of the zimbabwens unemployed pickup it goes on. >> you have to immediately abandon your party your dinner party and focus ton funeral in the communities and the funeral in the community is the situation in our country. >> reporter: perhaps what best
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illustrates zimbabwe's industry. industries have collapsed. where this was once a thriving industrial community many of those are struggling to keep afloats. he and his neighbors in a suburb pray for things to change. he says life has never been more difficult. >> we are inputting finished goods only. and we are exporting jobs to those countries which are purchasing those things. >> at the vebs vern you venue of mogabe's party, critics argue that he is a man living in the past of and unable to fix the problems of the presents.
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y people are questioning robert mogabe's age saying he's too old the lead the country does he have the energy? he has other responsibilities, just last month he was elected chairperson of the african union. it was largely ceremonial, but he's expected to travel and sit in key decision making meetings and bodies. e-is also the chairperson of the south african lock, a very key position indeed also leading zimbabwe's economic that is ailing like rightly you said. a lot of critics are questioning, does he have thing ability to move forward the continent? mogabe says he has an be
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objective, has ideas, and as long as he has the he will take on any responsibility that was given ohim, shilly. >> thank you be serando gomez also known as la tuta. be john holman reports from mexico city. >> today we've achieved the most important objective in the fight against organized crime. servando gomez-martinez, ran the knights templar. in recent years the cartel moved identity to farmers and
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anyone they could squeeze from. gomezess they want the people of michoacan to live in peace. >> first the cartel was under threat by vigilantes who rose up against him. gomez had been in hiding acknowledge andhiding dmg andbeleaguered by scan dalts and the orn going disappearance of 43 students who were attacked by local replies last year. rks. year. >> symbolic terms that doesn't change the situation of
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michoacan that much. there is one more nail in the coffin of the camplari offers cuts it will take its place. >> haven't been arrested or ciblg cirngaarena waive of killings say the john holman, al jazeera mexico city. >> lucia newman reports. >> south america not one not two but three female executives. ville ma marquez, cristina kirchner president of
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argentina, and chile michelle batchbachelet. what has some poangts asking for her impeachment is a mults bllg multitude of entities. >> it's the biggest scandal in financial terms in brazil's history. millions of dollars going to the opposition. >> argentina answerful cristina answer
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cristina kirchner is plagued by can't rumors. putting the president on a head on collision with judges and prosecutors. even chile answer's be popularity has fallen. even bacachelet's son and his wife have had to cut back. embroiled in scandal. >> translator: but we in politics are not better or worse than men. they're just new. we are new in politics. we have modernized politics. does that mean that we exercise power in a different or better
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way, apparently, not yet. >> reporter: clearly women in power face the same temptations as their counterpart yet we figure more on women in politics and judge them more harsh when they stumble. diplomacy and partisan poll dicks collide with the israeli prime minister set to speak to congress, why did has little to do with politics and politicians taking shots at rivals. and for the first time since the shooting death of michael brown, the only black councillor speaks to the media a dark