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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 28, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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. >> shocked russians pay tribute to boris nemtsov the putin critic shot down in front of the kremlin. western leaders are calling for prance tartcy. >> hello you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up. from friends to enemy. an egyptian court calls hamas a terrorist organization.
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and in 12 years after it was looted iraq's national museum was reopen to send a message to isil. >> russians have been placing flowers and candles in memory of boris nemtsov, the opposition leader murdered in moscow. the 55-year-old was deputy prime minister under president boris yeltsin and one of the kremlin's most vocal critics. president vladimir putin has taken personal charge of the investigation saying he'll do all he can to bring the gunmen to justice. he was an outspoken critic of the russia's involves in the conflict of ukraine and helped to plan a march against the war planned for sunday. it now will likely be dominated by protests for his murder.
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rory, what can you tell us more about the reaction to the killing of boris nemtsov? >> well, i think you can scarcely find a more symbolic place of all of russia for a politically-tinged murder. the wall over my shoulder, the kremlin walls protect russia's political power structure that power structure that boris nemtsov criticize sod often. it comes at a sensitive time if the not just politically because of the current stand off between the east and west over the war in ukraine but on sunday, as you mentioned there is a rally plan an opposition rally and boris nemtsov was one of the key organizers of that. this like any murder, is namely a very human tragedy and it shocked a good many people here in russia. >> the bridge where boris
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nemtsov died is now a shrine. all day saturday people brought candles and flowers. this murder has shocked many. >> it is a tragedy for the whole country. >> people like him are very important in any country especially here. people like him who can lead others, who can follow their views and who are honest. >> it's hard for me to talk about it. i just feel sorry for him as a person. he was murdered. i don't know if it was a provocation or not, but it doesn't matter. this person is a part of our history for some he was a positive figure. for some, negative. >> each one of these flowers have been left, but at one point considered to be a potential susser to the former president's boris yeltsin. but yeltsin ended up choosing a little-known spy chief called vladimir putin and nemtsov
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became one of opposition. and the opposition he fought so hard for found it increasingly difficult to be heard after a russia that has become more patriotic and anti-western. this was no domestic hit job. it came with a message that the way russia investigates this crime will be watched by capitols from far away. >> we come and bring respect at the site and killing of boris nemtsov. >> what do you think is important to do? >> this is a brutal murder, and we're appalled by the killing. we expect the russian authorities, of course, to find the culprits, and to bring them to justice. >> the investigation which vladimir putin has pledged to take a close interest in is already under way. but political murders in russia have a habit of going unsolved. on saturday police examined an abandoned car suspected to have
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been used in the shooting. as for motive, they're suggesting that nemtsov might have been killed to weaken the russian state. >> currently the investigation is looking into several lines of inquiry. first of all the possibility that the murder could be a provencation to destabilize the political situation in russia. and nemtsov could become a sacrificial is victim. >> but many say that the kremlin is responsible for the murder. not maybe directly but it created the environment in which it could happen. >> describe to us boris nemtsov's views of president putin, and russia's involvement in the ukraine? >> well, it his views on the
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conflict in ukraine are no secret. he had organized various war marchs in moscow fairly recently. they were not necessarily big marchs because a lot of momentum has gone out of the opposition movement the last couple of years or so. he had also been preparing a report recently in the run up to his death, which he said was going to be sort of an exposé of sorts of russia's involvement in that conflict. there are many reasons why someone would have wanted him dead. i was at a protest rally last week which was actually in favor of the kremlin in favor of the government's policies. it had been organized excellently, by the kremlin and what it was saying was that the
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revolution in kiev should absolutely not be allowed to happen here ins could in moscow. and there were pictures there who had pictures of him there as a traitor to russia. there are many who did not like boris nemtsov. >> thank you for bringing that from moscow. boris nemtsov was considered vladimir putin's biggest critic. but what happened. we look back at his life. >> boris nemtsov knew the risks of speaking out. his television show was shut down so he took his message online instead and on to the
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streets of moscow and beyond. nemtsov was a thorn in the side of the kremlin and vladimir putin. but in the 90s boris nemtsov was very much part of the russian political establishment. he was elected to parliament in 1990 and then seven years later he became a deputy prime minister under the watch of president boris yeltsin. in the last few years he had become a prominent critic of the russian leadership. >> he is a man of principle. he stood up for the values in favor of ordinary people, having their say in the way that russia should develop in the need which i think is very profound need for any country to have a dialogue between the rulers and the ruled. so in general yes you might call that justice. >> nemtsov refused to be silenced. he tried to expose corruption in the run up to last year's sochi
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olympics. and more recently he had been a leading voice against russia's alleged involvement in the conflict in eastern ukraine. in the hours before his murder, nemtsov, who had four children, gave his last radio interview using it to once again call for political reform. he had been do you to lead an opposition rally in moscow on sunday. that will likely become a memorial to nemtsov. al jazeera. >> now an egyptian court has declared hamas a terrorist organization. a decision that the group branded shocking and dangerous. it's a label western nations have used against gaza's rulers,
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, but never an arab nation. in march of last year egypt banned hamas from carry out any activities on its territory, and froze its assets in january an egyptian court designating an organization terrorist organization. it comes just force day after egypt's government announced a new terrorism law which is allows the authorities to close the premise of any declared terrorist organization and freeze its assets. well, a spokesman for hams has condemned the move saying it works against the palestinian people and in favor of israel. >> it's a shocking and dangerous decision that targets the palestinian people and the palestinian resistence. it also relates to the israeli
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enemy as a friend and hamas the palestinian people and the palestinian resistence as the enemy. this decision will never harm hamas and it's victories or the stand of its leaders but it will directly contaminate the reputation of egypt. >> an egyptian court has sentenced the spiritual guide of the muslim brotherhood and 18 others to life in jail. mohammed badie was accused of inciting murdered outside of the organization in 2014. well, jailed leader of turkey's main rebel group has called on its followers to lay down their weapons and end the 30-year struggle. he released a statement that was red read out on television. kurdish rebels have been fighting for more autonomy in the sows east of southeast of
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turkey for decades. we have more from istanbul. >> the jailed leader of the pkk says that is an historical call to replace an armed struggle with democratic politics. they said that both sides are closer than ever to peace. perhaps since the declaration by ocalon, this is the most significant statement since the cease-fire. that cease-fire brought an armed struggle between the kurdish state and kurdish separatists that had seen more than 40,000 people killed since 1984, but that peace process has stalled because kurdish leaders say that the tushish government has introduced promised reform. now the turkish government wants those peace talks to start again. but turkish--kurdish political
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leaders, particularly they say that before this extraordinary congress can go an ahead, he wants the government to reform a security bill that it's pushing through parliament. this security bill will give police wide-ranging new stronger powers. it was introduced by the government after rioting in mainly kurdish areas last year that killed more than 50 people. the kurdish political leaders say that this bill goes too far and gives the police too many powers. but the turkish government, the administration has shown no indication that it's prepared to water down this bill. however, there are national elections in turkey in the summer after those elections the ruling party wants to change the constitution to create a more executive presidency. it may need kurdish political help to push through that constitution. >> you still to come on al jazeera this half hour.
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italy's right wing northern league rallies against renzi urging the prime minister to resign. and the great wall of china why some of the strictest online censorship in the world is about to get tougher.
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>> sunday night. >> 140 world leaders will take the podium. >> get the full story. >> there is real disunity in the security council. >> about issues that impact your world. >> infectious diseases are a major threat to health. >> "the week ahead". sunday 8:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> welcome back. you're watching al jazeera. let's take you to our top stories. russian president vladimir putin has vowed to do all it takes to bring to justice the killers of
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opposition leader boris nemtsov who was shot dead. egyptianegyptian courts have ruled hamas a terrorist organization. syria's al-qaeda al-qaeda al nusra front fighting took place 13 kilometers west of aleppo. 29 fighters and six al nusra front fighters were killed in those clashes. meanwhile, the u.n. envoy to syria has arrived in damascus for a two-day visit. he's trying to get rebels and the assad government to agree to a truce in the aleppo.
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they are missing the foreign minister during his trip. at least 21 people have been killed in twin blasts in western iraq. 44 people were injured. with the preservation of iraq's heritage very much in the spotlight, iraq has opened a museum in baghdad. it was looted in the invasion of 2003. it brought forward the the opening ceremony after the destruction of statues in mosul by isil. >> it is hopeful that this reopening will last. the museum planned this ceremony week ago. with the destruction of ancient statues in mosul iraq's prime
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minister said that this is even more important. >> we're sending a message. we'll set our piece for this her stage, this museum for this heritage. we ask the u.n. security council to help protect our heritage. >> he called on other countries to help stop trade. the iraq museum is still recover recovering from the looting in 2003 after the invasion. many of the pieces have been recovered, but it's still considered too dangerous to fully open the museum. it has not really been closed. it's been open to dignitaries and school groups for decades. but this rehoping will reopening
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will allow all iraqis to see 5,000 years of their heritage, and it's the world's her stage as well. an artist 5,000 years ago created this earliest vultures of the human face. it was recovered intact. but this vase deticketting screens of is a marianne life was found in pieces and restored. this is what remains of the sumerian princess found in the cemetery of ur. they were able to piece together her head dress. but there are still security concerns. >> we need more security, especially with the things made of gold. system of ur, and so many golden things. >> one of the most famous pieces
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in ancient musical instrument, the golden lyre of ur still has the rep mr. can of the golden ram's head on display. the original is in a vault. for now iraqis will at least be able to see the recommend nance of a sophisticateed civilization thousands of years old at a time when so much of it has been destroyed. al jazeera. baghdad. >> at least 70 migrants among them 30 women and seven children have been rescued from off the coast of romania. the group of mostly syrians and iraqis were taken from the port where they were packed in a fishing boat that was in danger of sinking after crossing rough seas. thousands of right-wing activists have been rallying in roam against the--in rome
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against prime minister renzi. >> this is the northern league on a southern offensive. on saturday the anti-europe and anti-immigration population held their rally where they're least popular: rome. they blame the government from stealing from the industrialized rich of northern italy to finance the poorer south. but the new leader said that rather than breaking up the country. he wants to unite it under his leadership. >> i'm sicilian, but i think everybody, northerners southerners, the french, we all should be united against europe. >> he's the only politician trying to do something for all italians. not only for the northern league league. >> now the most popular right wing party in italy.
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but they want to appeal from the electorate from all across the country. essentially they want to make the league less northern and more national. >> the northern league is partnering with other right wing movements including the neo- neo-fascist group and france's nationalist group. but many in rome have not forgotten nor forgiven decades of discrimination against southern italians, and the tough immigration law they passed as part of the coalition government led by berlusconi. the police charged and dispersed the crowd using tear gas. on saturday their demonstration was peaceful, but feelings were still running high. >> the northern league is
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nationalist and populous they must be stopped. >> thousands of people attended the league's first major rally in rome. the northern league's leader will now hope that it's success will convince italians from all over the country to fly the party's flag. from al jazeera, rome. >> at least five people have been arrested after two and a half thousand demonstrators took part in rival protests in the city of new castle in the northeast of england. several hundreds supporters were marching against what they called the islamfication of the west. it was the first rally of the anti-islam group but they were significantly outnumbered by a counter rally by anti-discrimination organization. >> we have united to tell that your hate is not going to be welcomed in our city. it's not going to be welcomed in
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england, britain or europe. >> we're not standing hear saying that all muslim it's are innocent. of course, we have people who are radicalized and extreme. but we're not saying that they're all those individuals. >> we're not racist, we're we are. >> the electorate of 1.2 million might end up with norco application government. the vote was brought forward by two years in the hope of avoiding loyal unrest. results are not expected until early next week. >> thousands have marched through cameroon's capitol could denounce boko haram. they're also in support of their army forces to fight the group. >> thousands took part in this rally to voice their opposition
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to boko haram. this is not nigeria where biggest world cup areboko haram are based. >> in the extreme north we have 70 closed schools. 100,000 displayed nigerian cameroonians. 200,000 displaced nigerians. 55,000 children who should be in school. >> the threat that biggest world boko haram has become. people who show solidarity for their fellow citizens and support for their army. it has become a regional conflict against the armed group. >> we're very moved by this day. the cameroonian army against boko haram.
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>> with refugees and violence spilling over their countries the neighboring vince deployed a force of 8700 soldiers to the lake chad area. the tone of saturday's march was one of resolve and unity. >> they will shout with one voice. >> after six years an estimated 13,000 people killed, boko haram has proved it's a foe that won't be easily defeated. al jazeera. >> china already has some of the world's strictest internet censorship and things are getting harder. they're forced to register in their real names. [♪ singing ♪] >> a song in praise of chinese
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censorship performed by the men and women who police the country's internet. it's the official theme of the cyberspace administration and was posted on its website just days before china announced a tightening of its internet restrictions. economists is not one of those who sing long. he blogs on corruption and censorship. >> there is so much information out there and of course, there is criticism. but this is normal. and people should be able to speak the sky won't fall if you let people criticize and vent their unhappiness. >> from march 1st, there could be more unhappiness. from sunday the government will ban social media and internet accounts that are not registered in the names of the real users. the measure is aimed at halting the spread of rumors and
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lessoning the impact of something else that he fears most, social instability. >> yes the arab spring movement definitely has an impact. the government strictly cracks down on any voices of any such campaign. >> but its surprising, perhaps what is permitted. these are comments from people reacting to a news report about how eight inmates died in one prison during the past six years. what's wrong with this country? it's so dark and horrible, citizen one post. another says if we don't get rid of corrupt government officials the party is finished. >> this is one good way for letting the public to find a place to vent their anger and then they would not go on to any strikes, sit-ins or demonstrations. >> but for the guardians of china's cyber sovereignty the song remains the same.
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censorship go the lyrics, is transforming china into a rising power. adrian brown al jazeera, beijing. >> well, remember you can get all the latest of everything we're covering at our website >> i had an american sitting here and he said to me are you actually running a holiday camp for criminals? and my answer to him there immediately was 'so what'? >> wow.