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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 1, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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controversial in the segment - the week ahead. >> new video shows boris nemtsov moments before he is murdered. he expresses fear. close friend and fellow activist tells al jazeera why he believes the vladimir putin regime was out to silence him. >> the president of nigeria promises to win the war against boko haram, an interview with jonathan goodluck. in the following cuban relations could bring business opportunities, and big hurdles remain great to have you with us. we begin with a live picture from washington d.c. where earlier this evening israeli prime minister binyamin
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netanyahu arrived for his controversial speech to congress later this week. he will address concerns about a deal regarding iran's nuclear programme. the prime minister accepted an invitation to speak. and the move angered the white house which was not consulted. binyamin netanyahu described the trip as a crucial megs. mission -- mission. >> i feel i'm representing up those of israel, a representative of the entire jewish people. i feel concern for the safety and concern of all citizens of israel. i'll do everything in my power to consider the future there is outrage, the most influential israeli lobby group begins, questions are asked as to whether the relationship between the two countries is
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shifting. we have more from washington. >> reporter: delegates to the conference of the u.s.'s powerful israel lobby group was greeted by a small group of protesters, police were determined to keep the opponents outside on the freezing pavement. in recent weeks. opposition surfaced elsewhere, amongst politicians who have been staunch defenders. binyamin netanyahu's decision to address a joint session of congress without consulting the president obama administration led to a debate about the nature of the u.s. relationship >> there seems to be an attempt to close over differences. >> u.s. politicians were on hand to give the audience what they wanted. >> as we negotiate with the rainions they toppled four capitals. >> what would they do with sanction relief money.
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do you think they'll build schools and hospitals? given their behaviour today, they are likely to invest in their military to wreak more havoc. >> reporter: last week the u.s. secretary of state belittled the iraqi prime minister's foreign policy judgment. on sunday john kerry asked for the benefit of the doubt in relations with iran. >> i was reviewing the closeness, we have intervened on israel's behalf in the last few years a couple of hundred times in 75 different foray to protect israel. >> reporter: for some supporters of binyamin netanyahu, that carries little weight. one group published this full-page advert. attacking security advisor susan rice and suggests a divide between her and the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. samantha
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power, both speaking at a.p.a. c. such shows intensified opposition to binyamin netanyahu within the democratics party. it's unclear how deep a shift is occurring in washington. only 30 democrats out of 232 said they will not be attending binyamin netanyahu's address to congress on tuesday. >> frankly, it's not clear whether a wider debate is under way, a deeper debate is upped way, whether u.s. strategic interests aline with those of israel, and whether that needs to be re-examined, for the moment it is clear that the president obama administration has had enough of binyamin netanyahu speaking about the nuclear programme in a manner that does not con form to what u.s. and israeli intelligence agencies know to be the truth. >> in "the week ahead", we examine the issues on the
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israeli congress's address to congress. we inquite you to join us at 8:30 pacific. >> a television station owned by moscow's city government released footage showing two figures on the bridge where the former prime minister boris nemtsov was shot. he was identified as boris nemtsov and his companion. a snow plough blocks the view of the shooting. the echo of moscow released footage of the boris nemtsov on the day he died. he spoke to the radio station hours before the shooting about the policies and what it was like to be an outspoken critic. >> vladimir putin started a mad aggressive policy deadly for the country in the car against ukraine. it's a documented evidence. i don't hide the fact that there's pressure on the opposition. lies have been spread.
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truth is stronger than all the services, all the protests and flow of lives. the truth is 100% stronger. >> the bridge is the site of memorial to him. there has been notes and supports on the bridge near the kremlin. >> tens of thousands have been marched through moscow. he hoped that plan the rally. and rory challands is in moscow for more. >> boris nemtsov hoped the rally would be a re-energizing of the movement. the crowd was fast bigger than an anti-kremlin march. boris nemtsov was not here to see it and the murder arguably the main reason many came. >> translation: we came to protest because they killed a man, a man telling the truth. we think the authorities's
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actions was a travesty of justice. i came because boris was killed and not only because of that because we need to fight. we cannot look at this. we want to shut people i love you. >> reporter: his face was etch the bullet -- was everywhere the bullet that killed him was meant for all of us, says a banner. a political statement in an era when opposition leaders are vilified on tv as traitors. it surprised many that a huge valley is allowed to take place in the center of moscow. usually they are kept on the outskirts of town maybe the kremlin is thinking grief and sorrow is more manageable public
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emotions. despite anti-vladimir putin chancing this was a sombre event. quiet and well behaved. included in the 50 or so arrests, detained on suspicion of involvement of a fire killing 40 pro-russian demonstrators. big anti-kremlin marches are a rarity, with freedom of assembly tightly controlled. the challenge for the opposition now is whether it can turn the emotion generated by boris nemtsov's murder into a renumberized push for political -- re-energised push for change. >> in london supporters laid flowers outside the london embassy. the former spy was in the crowd. vladimir putin was accused of ordering assassination before he died of radiation poisoning in 2006. supporters gathered in paris.
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the crowd called for an open investigation into boris nemtsov's death, as well as other killings of vladimir putin opponents in russia. former world chess champion was a close friend of boris nemtsov and is an outspoken russian activist. and spoke to richelle carey about the loss of his friend and what it means for the future of russia. >> i know in february in two interviews, he expressed fear of being murdered. i knew boris for 20 years. they were close together. organising protests and trying to come up with a peaceful formula of a transition. this is the man full of life. >> not a fearful man. >> he was bursting with energy. he was 55.
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you could be gaoled - you know go against the tide. he was not afraid. the bravest of us all. he was the most voke at critic. i would say vladimir putin has a personal enemy. boris, after vladimir putin... >> after the system. >> not the system. he concentrated on vladimir putin as a symbol of the system. when asked who could benefit. in front of kremlin, and the answer is one and the only one vladimir putin's regime. >> they say there'll be a thorough investigation. having said that i suspect you don't believe that. how do you believe we have a thorough investigation of what's. >> we will not. everything that vladimir putin promised was false. he's destroying ukraine, lying about everything that russian groups have been doing there. how can we trust this man when
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he talked about his personal enemy. >> you can watch more of the interview with gary tomorrow at 9:00pm eastern, here on al jazeera. >> i.s.i.l. fighters released 21 syrian hostages abducted last month. it's unclear why they were freed. they were dropped off earlier at a church in western syria. according to the group, captives are 50 years of age or older. they are still holding 235 syrian christians. in an interview with al jazeera, nigeria's president denied mishandling the crisis. jonathan goodluck expressed fear about the violence during the upcoming presidential election postponed due to a lack of security. >> reporter: with less than four weeks to go until the presidential election, president jonathan goodluck promised voters he'd defeat boko haram.
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>> we must end it. i'm telling you the statements. first is to take obvious all territories. why not take over all the territories they are holding. now we'll improve monitoring. then we'll begin to pick them and, of course frustrate the activities. activities. and the president denied accusations his government mishandled the boko haram crisis. >> president jonathan goodluck is standing for re-election, the vote postponed for six weeks because of violence in the north-east where boko haram is most active. we asked him whether the date could be moved again. >> i don't think so. i think they'll be national elections, 28th of this month.
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i don't see why we should postpone again. i'm impressed with them going on and they will not. i will win the election. >> if you don't, will you step aside, will you bow out gracefully. >> if somebody wins the election i'll go to my village. the country is not - i want to stop. >> there are appears there could be election-related violence, more than 800 kiles during the election. >> i'm not happy. it's primitive unexpected. we are doing everything with the elections. we'll go into a necessary crisis. what i want is the governor of the state or whatever.
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nobody's ambition. >> reporter: many nigans want a fair and peaceful vote and an end to the boko haram attacks. >> talks to normalize relations between the u.s. and cuba continue and it raises okays. from importing and what to do with the property seized by the regime. we ask a policy advisor on cuba next. and in "the week ahead", the controversy surrounding binyamin netanyahu's address to congress. that's ahead. plus, your icy forecast with rebecca. >> snow is falling. we are getting accumulations 4.5 inches, and ice coming down across finally and new jersey jerseyjersey -- virginia and new jersey.
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he's out there. there's a guy out there whose making a name for himself in a sport where your name and maybe a number are what define you. somewhere in that pack is a driver that can intimidate the intimidator. a guy that can take the king 7 and make it 8. heck. maybe even 9. make no mistake about it. they're out there. i guarantee it.
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welcome to the nascar xfinity series. a talks between the u.s. and cuba hit a snag.
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american diplomats sat down with them on friday. about normalizing relations with havana. the first talks was in january. it is now a sticking point. john kerry says cuba's inclusion on the list is an operate issue, not part of negotiations. president obama called for an end to the u.s. trade embargo in a state of union address. not everyone is agreeing. talks between the two nations could mean competition. [ ♪♪ ] >> reporter: in this new york city cabin, there's a thirst for what connolly is serving up. reports have increased by a third to keep pace with now
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demand. to stay competitive connolly is on the look out for new brands to tempt customers. >> there's always been face nation. that will change because what is happening in cuba. havana cuba's recognisable rembrandt has been available in places lying europe. a warming in relations between cuba and the u.s. has those planning a trip to the island with the idea of stocking up. he is doing that in spite of a trade embargo, inhibiting products like cuban rum in the united states. >> i would like to send as much as possible back. i'd like to see if i can get cases of it. >> that is what may have bacardi, the largest rum company a little concerned.
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a growing underground supply of cuban rum on the markets. part of the reason is ownership. in 1997 bacardi bought the right for the name from an excel family whose distilling company had been nationalized. that sparked a two decade-long trademark battle between big ardy cuba -- bacardi and a cuban variety. bacardi won. as the cold war thaws, the rum wars may heat up as more cuban spirits sneak into american bars. walking through havana you can't help but get the sense of being in a time warp. there's so men relics of the past. you see the b on the wall. the building is here used by the cuban government. so you can get a sense of why.
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property is all over the island for the cuban exile to have left the country. 6 billion triggered a u.s. trade embargo lasting half a century. u.s. losses - they have to be resolved before the trade embargo can be lifted. in the meantime barreners plan to stock up on the rum, which became a little more accessible as david mentioned a sticking point in the talks is american-owned property seized after the cuban revolution. it's worth billions of dollars. some say it should be a deal breaker. jonathan betz met with several that lost their land. >> reporter: of all the photos and memories among the things
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this man finds most precious is tucked far from view. old property titles locked in the vault, proof what was his was taken, and hope that some day helle get it --. >> with those documents now, i can prove that it was ours. >> when he fled cuba as a young man, he left behind a vast estate. it's photo to this day hangs on the wall above the ancestors who built it. >> reporter: how much did you leave behind in. >> a million dollars. >> reporter: now, all these decade later, he hopes to get some back. the u.s. talks with cuba comes changes some see as opportunities, such as returning the property seized and nationalized for the revolution. the u.s. government says americans lost $7 billion of
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assets. niklas's father lost sugar mills and a home. >> how is it being used. >> according to the sign it's a school for teachers. >> he's a consultant in miami, fighting to get it back. >> what was done to us was done not just to us but the whole country. it was a barbaric wrongdoing. justice cries out for the rehearsal and admits that the odds are against him. getting the problem back. cuba would have to cooperate. something it shows no sign of doing. the embargo can't be lifted and is among concern for the operators. they say if cuba will not pay, perhaps companies might. >> if american tourists stay at
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hotels stolen from people who are now americans, there'll be litigation over that. >> reporter: time has taken its toll. trinidad - dreams are passing on photos. his family's old cigar factory stands in cuba renamed and under government control jonathan betz and for more let's bring in the senior policy advisor for u.s. cuba trade and economic council. great to have you with us. >> thank you the market is opening up. what is the reality behinds doing business. >> the remains say sa marketplace. health care, food products. agricultural products. initiatives have been made beginning with an announcement in december and continuing in january and february that will allow for some products produced
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by non-cuban actors into the united states. this is going to be a slow process, and primarily that's because the cubans will want is to be slow and you have the big, big low-hanging fruit which is who is going to pay for it. >> remains to be seen. what opportunities are expected to arrive. >> currently the main focus is going to continue to be on food product and agricultural products. u.s. companies sent about $5 billion worth of food product to cuba. that will drive the commercial relationship. the president announced fish tifs in terms of communication, those are problematic. as long as cuba is on the terrorism list that will be resolved and whether before the summit of the americas i'm not
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certain. that will be resolved and once that happens, many of the u.s. financial institutions will start to take a closer look at cuba. the tanks lift lifting is a damocles over everything. taking a closer look it razes an question is it safe investment for outsiders. >> over the past 20 years, there has been high profile incidents of investors from other countries going in. direct foreign investment and not having a good result. cuba has gone through a number of stages through the last 20 years. basically if the economy needs it they'll be open. if they feel they've been open enough, they'll scale it back. the main actor, determining what
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cuba you does and how it expands with the united states is cuba's relationship with venezuela, venezuela provide cuba with most of its energy and a large amount of its cash. now, how the relationship with venezuela either contracts or expands is going to be the determinant of what happens with the u.s. as far as direct foreign investment, the landscape is riddled with a lot of good expectationless, but dashed hopes. >> what does this mean in terms of tourism cuba will continue to benefit. when they started opening up the marketplace in the 1980s, cuba went for low demographic tourist, those that will pay for an all-inclusive and basically look for sand look for sun, look for beach, look for water. look for calleric intake.
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they look for alcohol, but not brands or quality. this is 80%. world marketplace. they went where they needed to go because the infrastructure was weak. cuba was mostly one, two, three star hotels, you don't have fourers five star properties, for the united states you have a funnel you have a lot of people that want to go but cuba doesn't have the infrastructure to support it. people forget that when cuba is operating at full capacity they are running at 80-95%. this will take time. there has been instances where some cuban restaurants and hotels started to raise the rates specifically for u.s. visitors. and that is going to cause a problem. we are hoping they'll rein that in. they have to make it a level playing field. >> a lot of questions on the table. we'll leave it there, senior policy siz junior for the u.s.
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and cuban trade economic programme. israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu arrives in washington d.c. coming up, a look at the plan for him to address congress while he's here. and the rift it's causing from capitol hill to the white house.
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welcome back to al jazeera america here are the top stories - binyamin netanyahu is in d.c. and plans to speak to congress on tuesday about concerns about the iranian nuclear programme tens of thousands of people gathered in moscow to honour boris nemtsov, the opposition leader gunned down outside the kremlin, supporters rallied in london and paris. nigeria's president jonathan goodluck sat with al jazeera for an exclusive interview. he promised voters he'll defeat boko haram, and defended his
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actions in combatting the armed group. jonathan goodluck expressed concerns over the upcoming elections which were postponed because of threats of violence. >> it is sunday night, and time for a look at the week ahead. israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu arrived in washington and is due to address a joint meeting of congress on tuesday, amid diplomatic tensions between the u.s. and israel. secretary of state john kerry criticised this past week binyamin netanyahu's judgment on the nuclear talks. mike viqueira has more from washington. >> reporter: with binyamin netanyahu's speech to congress days away more bad blood and acrimony in a tense relationship. in an information interview, national security advisor susan rice put it bluntly. >> what happened over the past several weeks, by virtue of the invitation issued. by the speaker and acceptance of
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it by binyamin netanyahu, is on both seeds there has been injected a degree of partisanship. which is not only unfortunate, it's destructive of the fabric of the relationship. >> top officials, including the vice president, and citing a need to stay neutral, president obama will not invite binyamin netanyahu to the white house. firing back binyamin netanyahu was defiant. >> translation: i expect the white house and the president of the united states but on a critical topic that could determine what we exist or not, it is my duty to do everything to prevent the great danger. >> reporter: the exchange after the white house accused binyamin netanyahu of cherry-picking agents of the talks in an effort to cast them in the worse light, and says it will stop sharing information with israeli
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officials. >> there's no question in characterising or negotiating our position is not accurate. there's no question about that. >> binyamin netanyahu turned down an office from senior democrats to address them privately in washington. and 30 congressional democrats will skip the speech to congress. secretary of state john kerry insisted there was nothing to be lost, and accused binyamin netanyahu of wanting it both ways. >> i tell you israel is safer today with the added time we have given, and the stoppage of the advances in the nuclear programme than they were before we got that agreement. which the government opposed. he was wrong, saying we should extend the agreement. >> house speaker john boehner invited binyamin netanyahu to speak to congress. john boehner says binyamin netanyahu's speech is intended
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to rebuke the nuclear talks with iran, and told c bs news that tensions between binyamin netanyahu and the white house are no secret in this town. >> susan rice voiced opposition to binyamin netanyahu's address saying the move would be destructive to u.s. relations. president obama announced he wouldn't meet with binyamin netanyahu, saying it would be inappropriate two weeks before the elections. joe biden would normally attend a speech like this but announced he will not be there. 30 members of congress announced they will not attend. all democrats. leading to questions about whether support for israel is a partisan issue, that would represent a sea change in american politics let's bring in the co-director of the middle east center tore peace, culture and development at nearby university, joining us from boston, and a fellow from the
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truman project joining us from washington. great to have you with us. has the u.s. support for israel become a part stan issue? >> this is a process that's been going on for some time. the republican party sought to turn support for israel into a wedge issue in the hope of attracting support of jewish donors and appealing to its base. this is a process that reached new heights with the speech. >> are we seeing a shift in support for israel. >> israel is more partisan and is not only an issue between left in rights if you look at
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polls, israel looks like other issues, like gay marriage or abortion. it's an ongoing trend. i agree with the previous guest, this takes it to new height. >> let's look at a speech. this will probably be the most important of binyamin netanyahu's career, is he shaping his message for the people of israel or the d administration to congress the american people? >> i think you are speaking to two audiences, to two domestic audiences, by his willingness to defy the president and hopefully receiving standing ovations. he'll be displays determination to defend israel's interest with regards to iraq, and rebutting allegations of political rivals that he has damaged relations.
8:37 pm
he'll show that congress is behind him and the problem is not with the united states but with president barack obama. could be speaking directly to congress. he'll tell the senators about information in the emerging nuclear agreement with iran that he thinks they don't know they'll need to know that it will affect their attitudes. he's clearly hoping to persuade congress that the deal that the obama administration is reaching with iran is not only bad for israel, but a bad deal or the united states. >> looking at the content. what are we expecting the content of the speech to be? >> well i think there'll be speaking on many levels many different audiences. to some extent the prime minister has to come out and allay suspicions not only in the white house, but with the
8:38 pm
democratic party. i expect him to express respect for the president and the white house and the importance of bipartisanship and support for israel. and suppress what they stress common value, shared interest the degree of closeness between the societies. the heart of the speak will be about iran and seek to attack what seems to be a deal netted which from binyamin netanyahu's perspective and israeli's perspectives, crosses many red leans. the number of sentry fukes, the number or inside there'll be a sunset claws. they'll try to pick apart the agreement. certainly it's been difficult, was mostly the republican side
8:39 pm
will be supportive. and he complicated issues. i expect them to concentrate on iran and the agreement. >> let's dig in to the thoughts. al jazeera and the "the guardian" gained access to top secret intelligence documents. some reveal a split between what binyamin netanyahu said in 2012 and israeli intelligence found at the same time. we have this report. >> reporter: this is a bomb. this is a fuse. >> reporter: notorious. the moment israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu warned the united nations of an iranian nuclear bomb. the imagery was simplistic and so was the message. >> by next spring next summer counter enrichment rates, it would have finished the medium
8:40 pm
enrichment and moved on to the final stage. spy cables reveal behind the scenes, a month after the speech israeli intelligence sent a message. this is an analysis dated october 2012. >> iran at this stage is not performing the activity necessary. the warning is for the future. >> it is working to close gaps in areas that appear legitimate reducing the time required to produce weapons, from the time it is given. >> the mossad chief hinted at a disagreement. he was clear:. >> in the spy cables mossad estimates iran had 100 kilos of uranium enriched to 20%, that could have been further enriched to make nuclear weapons, instead iran got rid of it
8:41 pm
mr waxman your thoughts on the report and what is at stake for israel? >> well i think what the report shows, which is significant is that there has been not merely a difference of interpretation between prime minister binyamin netanyahu, we have known that for some time that high ranking members. establishment had difficulty over whether the nuclear programme is under threat. this is a difference of fact. essentially what binyamin netanyahu said in his speech didn't accord with the facts as known by the israeli intelligence services. this is something that prime minister binyamin netanyahu should be asked about. more broadly, what had indicates is that prime minister binyamin netanyahu has for some time been
8:42 pm
single-minded in his focus, obsessive if you like on the issue. heap has often, let's say, been somewhat loose with the facts, in terms of talking about the danger or immediate si of the danger this is a problem he faces, he's seen as the boy that cries wolf. he warned of the imminence of a nuclear weapon. he was odds to the interim agreement that the p 5 struck with iran an agreement extended. >> he was called a broken record. there's another factor that driving binyamin netanyahu, and that's his own political future. >> certainly the israeli elections taking place on march 17th appear closer than they were when they were called originally a couple of months ago is a vit call frkt in binyamin netanyahu's -- critical factor in binyamin netanyahu's
8:43 pm
thinking in visiting washington. including in the white house rehabilitation itself. that is foremost on his find. i imagine, if he comes to washington. to be fair i think it is seen as ando substantially. and there is legitimate disagreement of difference between him and the white house rur and members of security establishment. politics is in play. what happens after the speech. will it persuade congress to block an agreement. >> it's unlikely. we know that binyamin netanyahu is an eloquent speak are. we know that he's going to make a powerful case.
8:44 pm
there's little. he'll say that that is likely to change the u.s. calculations. in particular because although binyamin netanyahu does have some legitimate concerns in the agreement that is rumoured to be emerging, the flaw that is that he isn't presenting anything else. he is saying this is a bad agreement, he's not proposing a viable strategy. it's unlikely to change the president obama's administration's decision to go forward. whether it changes where there's a vote in congress remains to be seen. it will have a beneficial impact for him in the israeli elections. that is no doubt, very much in his mind as well. >> did the prime minister make a mistake by working against the u.s. minister rather than beside it. >> i used to be a member of the
8:45 pm
obama administration administration. he has made a harmful mistake from an israeli security perspective on two levels. first off, as the previous guest said by crying wolf and not preventing an alternative. including transferring to third party countries. he had a minimal impact on negotiations. there's a possibility that israelis could have had a more direct impact without participating. seen by the netting parties as a reasonable position. part of the role is to play bad cop. i think from a longs-term perspective he exacerbated the partisan divide. he's seen as a controversial figure. particularly on the left. it's unclear that he's helped
8:46 pm
himself domestically. that remains in doubt. the speech was a strategic calculation. reactions could be positive in israel and potentially in the united states we'll leave it there. thank you both great to have you with us on "the week ahead". we have a programming note - israel's prime minister will join us, a rising star in the right wing political party and an ally of binyamin netanyahu. we invite you to join antonio mora, and stephanie sy for the international hour monday night 9:00pm eastern. >> before we go other events in "the week ahead" - the u.s. and south korea begin annual drills. the exercises including ground
8:47 pm
air, naval and special operations forces. on wednesday opening arguments get under way in relation to the boston marathon defendant. saturday is the 50th anniversary of the equal rights march from selma to alabama. join us as we look at the history of march. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. let's take you outside. new york city - appears as though the snow is tapering off. new york one of many places where march lived up to the first half of its expression, in like a lion. to the nation's capital. now it appears the area is getting rain and freezing rain
8:50 pm
making travling conditions dangerous. rebecca stevenson tracking the storm. it's the ice making it dangerous. >> exactly, and the ice fall the rain coming down. we saw that in new york. those are rain drops, it's hard to see them. the warmer air is so high that as the rain falls, it's freezing on the ground bringing the ice. that's freezing rain. everything that comes out of clouds usually comes down as an ice crystal. there's warmer air melting from up above. you see where the snow is moving through. there's video, snow totals around queens coming up to 3.5 inches. around brooklyn last report was just about 2 inches of snow and manhattan. central park reporting 4.5 inches of snow. it's more than that reporting from manhattan.
8:51 pm
5.1 inches of know. -- of snow. le same total in bridgeport connecticut. >> let's go to the temperatures you see where the north-east has warming air. there's freezing rain around maryland and baltimore. it's tapering off. moving slowly the moisture that is. up to the north. tracking to temperatures. will we break the record that's the question. snow for boston. reports near boston of half an inch of snow. keep in mind. this is a lot of snow coming down. it will be dangerous. travel through the areas. get ready for a commute. it will be snowy, and it will stay snow further to the north.
8:52 pm
you've been getting a lot of snow. we have another storm coming in. the next storm comes in tuesday night into wednesday morning. and heavy rain and part of the mid-atlantic will cause floods. >> folks are tough. 100 plus matches is a lot. >> it is a lot. gangs and drug cartels in some south american countries are more powerful than the government. no more so than the murder capital of world. paul beban tiles this report. >> reporter: the fear of crime and violence here makes people afraid to go to work and opening businesses in sao paulo, this is a place where you see ugly things like bodies in pieces. thing of waiting up to a photo splashed as soon asked newspaper, it affects you.
8:53 pm
crime and fear lead people to pack their bags and leave. >> we are on the outskirts of san pedro ooul u. -- sulu. right in is middle is a juvenile detention center. people are doing crimes from homicide, rape extortion. here we are, we'll go in the front gate. what options do kids this age have? is it the gangs, heading north. are there opportunities for the kids? >> the sad reality is the day they step out they'll find the same situation that put them here in the first place. >> what about the kids that come back, many are deported what happens to them when they come back? >> the future of those kids if
8:54 pm
they come back is worse. most, if not all journeyed to you nice with family to come back they'll return to an empty house and end up in the streets. this is the autopsy room. is the morgue overwhelmed. can you handle the number of bodies you have to take care of here. >> there are times during the might where there is so much crime you wake up to 20 cadavers. weekends are worse. when people get paid there's a lot of crime. it's rare. there's a few days with 20-30 cadavers. >> this is the cold room this is where they store the corpses, there's 80-90. they are stacked up one on top of the other. this is full to capacity once a month are they able to take out and bury the upclaimed bodies much the smell is unbelievable.
8:55 pm
we have to go. >> it is grizzly to think about. in the locker are the bodies of children. victims of violence in their home down. many are teenage boys they are faced with the starkest of choices. joining the gangs, be killed by the gangs or leave tonight you can tune into the special documentary, freeway, crack in the system. mark levin exposes how the infiltration destroyed neighbourhoods. at the center is drug dealers. journalist gary web connected the crack epidemic of the 80s to the c.i.a. . >> my first thing i have to ask you is how real can we get with the conversation like this. >> i know you were dealing with heavy government cash.
8:56 pm
>> i had sources unknown to me that was in the white house. >> right. >> guys like ronald reagan, and george w. bush senior oliver north. >> just the iran contrascandal. >> that's it taking the money and giving it to the drugs. the guys were giving me the drugs. >> what was in for them? >> they wanted to win a war. they were trying to keep out of nicaragua. they took over nicaragua, in commonist with attack america and everyone in america would become communists. that's how the epidemic was sparked in america. >> you have a deep story, homey. what is the named freeway rick ross come fro. >> when you grew up in south central there was a lot of ricks. i stayed by the freeway, they said rick by the freeway. when the news and others got it. they put a twist.
8:57 pm
it wasn't like that. it was guys in the neighbourhood. a fat rick skinny rick rick by the freeway. >> current events - the first thing, now you locked up and hearing about a cat rick ross that took your name. >> as a businessman, he caught a name hiding the streets. he thought i was gone buried. we know that he was a correctional officers never sold drugs. >> i want my name back. >> you can see part one of "freeway drug - crack in the system." to space - astronauts completed. it was the third space walk in just over a week. a lot of work in a short amount of time. one had to deal with water in the helmet for a second time. they said there was no reason
8:58 pm
for concern. that will do it for this hour. thank you for joining us i'm thomas drayton in new york. i'll be back with another hour of news at 11:00pm eastern, 8:00 p.m. pacific. stay with us "faultlines" is coming up next.
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