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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 2, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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admitted it. >> "freeway - crack in the system". only on al jazeera america. >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello and welcome to the news hour live from al jazeera's global news headquarters in doha and i'm jane and the main stories we will be covering over the next 60 minutes. iraqi army begins a major offensive to retake saudim- saudim-hussein. the first time of accusing russia of lying in ukraine's war and netanyahu gives a
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controversial address which angered the white house. outgoing president is awarded the abraham prize for excellence in african leadership. ♪ iraq's hard my launched mayor offensive to push i.s.i.s. out of dick rit but it's not just the army but popular mobilization forces involved in the effort as well as sunni tribal fighters and 2000 sunnis are involved and includes fighting jets and helicopters backing up ground forces and fighting to push i.s.i.l. out and secured several neighborhoods in the northeast of the city and let's bring in jane live for us in baghdad and seem to be some successes as far as iraqi military is concerned. talk us through them.
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>> well jane it's a huge number of troops and talking 20,000 and includes the shia malitias who are better equipped and trained than iraqi units and includes u.s. air support and significantly the sunni fighters you mentioned. this is a predominately sunni city in the heart of saladeen and an i.s.i.l. stronghold and it's a fight the military here has been gearing up for the past several days the mobilizing troops in samara and samara north of baghdad that prime minister abad di spoke to military volume treer volunteers and nations. >> translator: we will liberate the samara and kick -- tikrit
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and other plays and i call upon you to liberate people from the oppression and protect the citizens and their properties. >> jane, if and when the iraqi forces and those who are supporting them get into tikrit any idea what they will find there? there? >> sorry jane can you repeat that? >> just wondering what the situation is in tikrit since aisle took over how many people are left? >> well a lot of people have left in the past few days as signals have been sent this major military offensive is coming but it's a major city and life to some extent has gone on there the same way it has gone on in mosul and food has continued to go in there and prices have risen, the price of fuel and food and military in launching this operation has blocked all the highways to
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tikrit but this is going to be a complication operation and i.s.i.l. laid explosives all along the roads leading into tikrit and this is the tactic they are engaging in and already suicide bombers that detonated as the iraqi army and allies have approached so it's going to be very fierce fighting we are expecting. >> thank you jane. i.s.i.l. has freed 21 syrian christians but the armed group is holding captive more than 200 people from the minority community in syria. they were abducted in the providence in the northeast and some freed were welcomed at a church in the city. and dana has the update from beirut. >> reporter: 21 released from iraq and levante and last week
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captured 200 of them in the northern province and what we understand from activists is christians were released after court and have to face trial in islamic court and forced to pay the zisia, a tax levied on non-muslims and it's hard for us to independently confirm and what we have been told by activists but it's still not clear whether dozens of others will have to face trial as well whether or not they would be able to pay money and be released whether i.s.i.l. plans to kill them but they are mediating and trying to find some sort of a deal maybe possibility of prisoner exchange because the community is really worried and in beirut this is a minority community spread across
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syria and telling the international communities you have to give us arms to defend ourselves and this is not the first time of attack and it was another episode of persecution and they see hundreds of thousands of christians being forced from the region since the iraq war this 2003 so welcome news that some have been released but the community is still worried about the rest who are still in i.s.i.l.'s hands. overnight drone strike killed al-qaeda fighters in yemen in the southern province also wounded another three, it was the second drone strike in the province in many days and a strike on a vehicle killed three in the village and in the southern city has killed five and three others injured including a soldier and the bomb went off by a police station and it's unclear who is behind the attack. some senior democrats including
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biden is threatening to block the speak from netanyahu and using his visit to argue against any nuclear deal with iran and we report. >> reporter: [chanting] delegates to this year's conference of u.s. most powerful group apac were greeted by a small group of protesters and the police were determined to keep these opponents to israeli policy outside on the freezing pavement. in recent weeks opposition to israeli prime minister surfaced elsewhere in washington among politicians who have always been defenders and benjamin netanyahu to address congress without consulting obama administration led to a rare debate about u.s./israeli relationship. in the confronts conference
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they were talking about this. >> wanted to give them what they wanted. >> they toppled four arab capitols and what would they do with sanction relief money, do you think they would build schools and hospitals? given their behavior today they are likely to invest in their military to wreak more havoc. >> reporter: last week they belittled the foreign policy judgment but on sunday john israel asked for the benefit of the doubt with iran and the closeness with them. >> we interviewed on israel's behalf in the last two years a couple hundred times in over 75 different fora in order to protect israel. >> reporter: ♪ for some u.s. supporters of benjamin netanyahu that carries little weight. one group published this full
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page advert in the "new york times" and attacks susan rice and divide between her and the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. samantha power both are speaking at apac on monday. such shows of disrespect to the obama odd minute straights has intensified benjamin netanyahu in the democratic party and it remains unclear a deep shift in washington and democrats out of 232 said they will not be attending mr. netanyahu's address to congress on tuesday, al jazeera, washington. north korea warned of quote merciless strikes against enemies after launching two short rage missiles and 500 kilometers before entering the ocean and seen as a protest against joint military drills between south korea and the u.s.
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which began on monday and we report. [gunfire [gunfire] . >> reporter: when countries are still at war any show of force makes people nervous and they show off fire power in drills like these and every year north korea responds and this time it got in early launching two short-range missiles before the south korean drills even began. >> translator: this is a deliberate provocation and a protest, we are ready to respond immediately, if it takes provocative actions military will go strongly and north korea will regret bitterly. >> reporter: in the sea off japan coast and enough to get a reaction from the government. >> north korea missile launches are a major problem from the point of view of safety for shipping vessels and also trans
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transgression of talks. >> reporter: the threats don't always work on yang as this shows it shows the joint military drills by u.s. and korea are rehearsal for an invasion. within hours of north korea's missile launch peace campaigners gathered outside the u.s. embassy in the south korean capitol seoul condemning both sides. >> translator: we are against all military actions taking place in the korean peninsula, if it's to continue and if north korea retaliates a state of war after what happened in 2003 will once again be a reality. >> reporter: right now neither side wants to be seen to back down and although the war of words is likely just to be posturing, peace is unpredictable here i'm with al jazeera. tens of thousands of people rallied in moscow of what was originally planned as opposition
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show of strength against the kremlin turned into a memorial march for murdered leader and rory challenge reports. >> reporter: he hopes sunday's rally would be a reenergizing of russia's disspirited opposition movement certainly the crowd was vast bigger than any kremlin march in years and he was not here to see it and his murder arguably is the main reason so many people came. >> translator: we came to protest because they killed a man, a man who was telling the truth. we think the authority action was a travesty of justice and a man was killed for telling the truth. >> translator: i came because borris was killed and not only because of that because we need to fight. we cannot live like this i look around and i want to shout people i love you. >> reporter: his face was
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everywhere, the bullet that killed him said this banner were meant for all of us but also present were thousands of russian flags, a political statement itself in an era when opposition leaders are on t.v. as traitors and fifth colonists and it surprised that a huge opposition rally allowed to take place right in the center of moscow. usually these things are kept on the outskirts of town so maybe the kremlin is thinking that grief and sorrow are more manageable public emotions than public anger. despite some anti-putin chanting this was a somber event and mostly quiet and well behaved. but included in the 50 or so arrests a ukrainian m.p. detained on suspicion of involvement in an odessa fire last month who killed 40 demonstrators, anti-kremlin
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marches are a rarity these days with freedom of assembly so tightly controlled by the authorities, the challenge for russia opposition now is whether it can turn the generation of murder into a reenergized push for political change rory challenge with al jazeera moscow. the u.s. secretary of state and russia foreign minister met in geneva on the sidelines of counsel less than a week after kerry said they lied to his face about moscow's role in ukraine and we are waiting for the russian foreign minister to take to the podium and as soon as he does in geneva we will join him live, 6,000 people died in the fighting in ukraine and the death toll released by the u.n. chief in geneva. >> since our last report there has been a stark escalation in
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hostilities especially in january and the first half of february leading to increased violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law with devastating consequences for the local population. etc. join john in the town in the donetsk region in eastern ukraine. >> the u.n. high commissioner for human rights says 6,000 people have now been killed in the conflict in eastern ukraine, that is a year-long conflict but in the last six weeks alone of 2015 1012 people killed so one of the more deadly periods in the conflict and represents a devastation of live answer infrastructure and women children and elderly have been particularly badly effected and he called only both sides to abide by the minsk agreement and
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stop what he described as in shelling and it deteriorated in the first six weeks of the year with strikes in odessa and a second in maripol where 31 people died on january 24. >> sergei fedorov has taken to the podium in geneva and let's listen to what he has to say. >> translator: just to let you know we are waiting for a translator so apologies for that. let's go over to our correspondent barn by phillips
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he is in geneva and barn by we just lost translation with sergei fedorov but we know earlier on he did have a meeting with john kerry, do you have any idea what came out of that? >> only that both men were pretty grim faced. obviously the relationship between sergei fedorov and john kerry has become extremely strained over the past year as the crisis in ukraine has deteriorated and you might say it touched a new low within the last few days john kerry speaking to the senate in the united states i think on wednesday of last week quite openly spoke about russian lives as he put it over their participation in the conflict. >> let's leave it there barn by because we have translation there. >> translator: middle east and north africa and aspirations to a better life and support the efforts of leaders of states to eradicate terror threats and
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pursue reforms for national reconciliation and ensure the rights of all ethnic and religious groups. this is also the task of moving forward with the middle east settlement. we call on all human rights mechanisms including the human rights council to contribute to these processes and to objectively and impartially praise the rights and humanitarian law in the region. we must prevent human rights agenda or worse allowing it to be used for a tool for fuel and confrontation. it's un ak-accuweather akac akac -- unacceptable for objectives in the international arena and arguing for so called justified interference in domestic affairs of sovereign states using unilateral coercive
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measures and force and lead to force and attempts to use the heinous killing for political purposes is despicable. this is an heinous crime which will be fully investigated in the full framework of the law to make sure they are brought to justice and putin handed down all instructions and is insuring special control over this investigation. human rights concerns should be addressed only through dialog based on mutual respect and guided by universal instrument which constitutes to contemporary framework for protection. the creation of this framework and establishment of the u.n. itself were two major outcomes of the victory in world war ii the 17th anniversary which the world is celebrating this year we are all internally indebted to viktors who fought for truth
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and justice and universal values, to those who sacrificed their lives for the sake of our future we must remember their deeds and not forget the lessons of history or to revise the outcomes of world war ii in the charter of the u.n. humanity must also remember the horrendous consequences in any attempt to dominate the world or believe in one's acceptsion and it's not as effective as it used to be but they face religious intelligence and at the same time there is a growing understanding these challenges must be addressed consistently and comprehensively. in december of last year the general assembly adopted by a
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considerable majority a resolution on combatting the glorifying the 44 u.n. member states from all over the world. the situation in ukraine is of great concern. and in the wake of the anticonstitutional coup committed there a year ago there has been an upsurge in the activities of groups including those who act under nazi slogans and call for ethnic cleansing, crimes committed against civilians in odessa maripol and other towns remain uninvestigated. a total crack down on freedom of expression has been launched including attempts to ban journalism as profession. when the representative on freedom of medium calls the measures of the ukrainian government to prohibit russian
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media in ukraine, merely excessive then grave doubts arrive as impartiality of the institution and occurring against the background of campaigns conducted by our western partners to protect the rights of journalists as a special category of citizens we call upon the ukrainian leadership to distance itself from the party of war and other extremists and pursue to reconciliation in a multi ethnic ukrainian society on a mutually acceptable basis. the new comprehensive arrangements agreed to on minsk on 12th of february paved the way for this. fair full implementation insured including by a constitutional reform to guaranty the legitimate rights and interests of citizens in the east of ukraine. we have seen tangible results today in the achievement of the implementation of the package of
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measures agreed in minsk, the ceasefire consolidated, heavy weapons being withdrawn under osce monitoring, those who disregard this and call for increasing arms supplies to ukraine are disrupting and driven by concerns of various natures but not the interests of the ukrainian people. the grave humanitarian situation should be given the highest priority, to ensure the fundamental rights of its people the ukrainian government must immediately lift the de facto blockade of this region restore economic ties payment of social benefits banking services and the freedom of movement between them and other parts of the country. these provisions are in the minsk agreements and their imitation must not be delayed and we firmly believe the u.n.
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and humanitarian bodies operating in ukraine as well as ocre missions and ocrc will take steps to promptly address these issues, in conclusion i would like to stress the need of the international human rights cooperation to rid itself of any attempt to impose a single system of values as a gold standard. we must protect the diversity of the modern world, there is no such thing as the end of history, mankind is diverse in all of its cultural and civilization manifestation and this is an objective reality and no other approach than to develop a mutually respectful dialog on an equal footing free of any attempts to prove the exceptionism to approach to civil rights if it's the motto of one state why should the same principle be challenged in
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international affairs, the world is polycentric including human rights dimension and believe the only way for the human rights council to work effectively is promote unity and diversity, the best success and thank you for your attention. >> those were the words of sergei fedorov after a five minute or so speech in geneva and touched on human rights in ukraine and that is a big issue and 6,000 people have died since fighting began and also said the ceasefire there is being consolidated after the second minsk agreement and said an unconstitutional coup took place in ukraine which he believes led to much of the fighting. he also touched on the killing of the russian opposition leader and said the heinous crime and let's bring in barnabie and let's talk about ukraine and
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didn't highlight any decisions or plans to go forward other than the fact the ceasefire he said is holding for now. >> reporter: i wouldn't say so jane, all we saw yet again is such a radically different interpretation of what is happening in ukraine through russian eyes compared to western eyes and it seems one side said white is black and the other black is white and talking about two completely different conflicts. as you say he refers to what happened in kiev this time last year as a coup and many people in kiev believe they participate participated in a revolution at that time and talks about the activities of neo nazi group responsible for cleansing and groups fighting alongside the u.n. army and the u.n. report coming out talking about human rights abuses say points the figure of blame more on the side of the rebels than it does on
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any pro-government forces. so very, very different interpretation but if you are looking for a glimmer of hope he does say, sergei fedorov says in his opinion the minsk accords are working and having quote tangible results and heavy weapons being withdrawn and we would imagine that was a substance of his conversation with john kerry which took place here in geneva earlier this morning. it's clear that the two men have an enormous amount of distrust and suspicion between them but i think both sides, well certainly the russian side and the european negotiators have stated a lot of credibility on the minsk accord it's the only plan in town to stop a disaster situation in town from getting worse. >> difficult in ukraine with polarized view points and thanks
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for that and let's get the weather and talk about flooding in the north of india. >> yes, we started this story two days ago and unusual for this time of the year. the satellite point of view satellite picture shows the clouds disappear from mumbai and up to the foothills and the amount of rain that fell in goa for example compared with what you expect that is a huge amount of rain. here are averages and goa nothing at all but that wasn't much rain in the scheme of things, far more fell further north in deli for example, a picture in new deli as a result of something like 50 millimeters of rain falling in a short space of time and beyond that of course it turns to snow. and it was four sent centimeter and this is a big concern there was snow there and it was rain and this is the concentration of where the heavy rain was and it
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has taken itself to higher ground so it's almost but not quite over. in fact, it extends to the northeast of india for the next 24 hours or so and the snow still falls. after that it is a weakening line so for tuesday's this is about southern kabul and most of the sky clear west of the hindu and more snow but probably not too much thankfully. >> thank you, rob, still ahead on the news hour at a conference on weapons of mass destruction gets underway in doha they are criticized for not doing enough with the stockpiles and chelsea, with the first trophy of the season to satisfy their manager and that is coming up with jo in sport. ♪
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hello and the top stories on ann, iraq army launched a major offensive to retake the hometown tikrit from i.s.i.l. fighting alongside government forces and aisle freed 21 assyrian christians and still holding captive more than 200 people from the minority community in syria. russia's foreign minister sergei fedorov says tangible progress after meeting the u.s.
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counterpart in geneva about the conflict in ukraine. we are in qatar and nato has a conference on how to control weapons of mass destruction and the meeting is a month before u.n. wants to reach a deal to show nonproliferation agreements from nonnuclear states and u.n. breaks down mass destruction into four the nuclear, biological and chemical and missiles in 2004 u.n. security sill said all states should stop providing any form of support to non-state actors trying to acquire this and eight countries declared they posses nuclear weapons and israel said they do and five are part of the nonproliferation treaty and tom reports arms control is facing new challenges across the globe. >> reporter: last week's annual army day parade in moscow some had a mock up of the cruise
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missile to be delivered personally to obama, international tensions are far from approaching the dark war when the nuclear shadow hovered over every super power clash. but the long-term goals of nuclear disarmament by president obama when he entered the white house are relegated to the back burner. >> thank god the nuclear weapons being used is not in the newspaper everyday and it's a bed rock of security and we can never forget this. >> it has essentially fallen off the table. >> reporter: they say that is a big reason for the bulletin of atomic scientists decision to reset the dooms day clock for humanity and moved to three minutes to midnight a dire reading in a century. >> reconstituting and recommitting to the type of
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nuclear postures that go way back into the cold war. [gunfire] while russia and u.s. reduced their nuclear war heads under the star treaty they are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to overall weapons and infrastructure and trading accusations of violating the 1987 1987. >> let's go love to geneva where iran foreign minister is now addressing the u.n. human rights council, let's listen in. >> translator: with the aim of saving the succeeding generations from the scorch of war and reaffirming fate in fundamental human rights they indeed had the foresight and wisdom to realize that these lofty objectives could not be achieved unless through combining all efforts, uniting
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strength and rejecting corrosion they have cogent realization in various provisions of the charter in what amounts to articulating a duty to cooperate in dealing with all issues of concern raging from taking effective, collective measures for the prevention or removal of threats to peace or achieving international cooperation in promoting and encouraging respect for human rights to quote the language of the charter. in spite of the momentum achievements of our organization, the updated paradigm of exclusion has managed to creep in turning the duty to cooperate into a
5:36 am
propensity to politicize and the almost uncontrollable compulsion to subrogate to political considerations left its indelible mark on institutions procedures and even on concepts and principles leading to an acute imbalance in interpretation implementation and enforcement of human rights. the prevalence of political manipulations, double standards and collectivity on commission of human rights and special procedures acknowledge university was acknowledged universally all be it for different reasons and different instances by different groups and by different situations.
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yet it is far more detrimental when they affect concepts and principles. take freedom of expression for instance. while racism and anti-semitism are rightfully condemned and even penalized in many societies widespread instances of islam-phobia and disregard of values, beliefs of muslim societies of most cities are not only tolerated but even publically glorified as freedom of expression. and we all see the catastrophic consequences which we should condemn vehemently and un unequivocally and beyond announcing and condemning all such acts of verbal or physical
5:38 am
violence we all need to undertake a soul-searching exercise. why is it that quite a sizable number of individuals and groups esspousing extremist ideology and in a larger scale in iraq and syria happen to be second-generation citizens of so called western democracys. >> reporter: foreign minister talking about catastrophic consequences and double standards and it's like a pickup puppet there and talking about
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double standards. >> the human rights council in geneva has not really been under american control and he is in so many ways basically signalling the united states and the west but particularly the u.n. council when america was four or five years ago brought down in fear of libya for example. so this is not the ideal place for foreign minister to talk about double standards because this was not like the u.n. security council. but, yes of course he said that and rightly so he said raisism and anti-semitism condemned in the west but not anti-muslim but the foreign minister is speaking on behalf of muslims at the international forum like this and trying to lead, if you will a sort of a pan islamic discourse at a place like the u.n. council what he calls
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western double standard and selectivity. >> what is an important issue is the nuclear deal his meeting with john kerry, any idea what is going to come out of that and what kind of pressures there are on all sides to make this not happen? >> we have heard contradictory reports and it's hard to tell and it's clear for the obama administration and iiran and the stakes are high and greater than ever before and say march 31st deadline is going to be key, they are edging towards it and the administration will probably lose lots, if there is no deal by then. >> netanyahu is in the u.s. at the moment. he wants to address congress. he angered many people particularly in the democratic party, is he going to scoffer
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the deal? >> i think it will be tremendous and i think obama and netanyahu are done and nothing to salvage and going on for a while and between u.s. and israel i think bilateral issues are solid and will be solid under jeb bush or clinton and i think prime minister netanyahu will not change a single mind in the obama administration that already set into course to make a deal with iran. thank you, children in liberia going back to school it's another sign of life getting back to normal and ebola is going down with hand washing stations and temperatures checked at the beginning of each day. prize for african leadership awarded to the president, ceremony and it's the first time in three years the award has
5:42 am
been given and we are in nairobi and joins us from there and why did he get this abraham award? >> well the prize was set up to initially encourage african leaders to step down when they come in office and it's over and they have to be democratically elected through the lives of the poor in the country and most importantly must have step down peacefully when his term ends and the relations of last year he did it because the second term was over and stepped out peacefully and country seemed to move forward and it was rare in parts of africa and people are worried about a dangerous trend and the president was the third term later this year and elected in april and the president had a third term and people are concerned in drc of congo is tied to a third term in 2016
5:43 am
election and these are the issues we are graspingly with and said to step down peacefully and let the country move forward. >> when you lay that out you can see why nobody has won for the last three years and with that in mind is it important? does it make a difference? >> it is important, i think africans say there have been a few years and it's quite worrying and more importantly embarrassing and why is it so hard to find former leaders so let's change criteria and why does a leader have to be a president and why can't it g someone else in like health for example and this is simple, imagine kenya with a teacher managed to bring up a poor school with no facilities and why couldn't he or she win a prize. if there are no african leaders or not enough leaders to qualify for the prize maybe it will
5:44 am
expand itself a bit to other categories of people who are doing great and wonderful things in the continent. >> live from nairobi. kuwait opposition leader in prison for two years and seen here supported and surrounded by supporters and accused of going against kuwait and he is a former member of kuwait parliament. president kirshner gave the last state of the union address and stepping down later this year and her popularity has been tarnished after the mysterious deaths of a prosecutor who accused her of a cover up and as we report from buenos aires all is going well in the speech until she was heckled. >> reporter: as she prepared to address congress for the very last time the stress that kirshner and the government have been under since the miss
5:45 am
mysterious cover up. >> three hours in her speech she lost her composure when opposition deputies held up signs alluding to the bombing. >> translator: i have always talked about that and asked for justice. i accused intelligence services of covering it up. i don't need anyone to come here and talk to me about this. >> reporter: in response to last month's massive march honoring the dead prosecutor hundreds of thousands activists surrounded the congress building to show their support for their president accused of undue interference in the justice system. activists from pro-government and trade unions brought by bus from all over argentina. >> translator: in the late
5:46 am
1990s i had no job, my family was hungry, after 2003 arrival of kristina gave me back my dignity to sit at the table. >> reporter: kristina knows her legacy is at stake and popularity plumb plummeting and her close business partners and vice president have taken their toll. yet she made no mention of her government short comings and boasting instead as politicians do of her achievements. opinion polls indicate more than half of argentina and middle class reject her handling of the economy and her style and supporters see her as the champion of the have not. she cannot run for president again but her party and coalition can and this demonstration is a way of saying we are more we are the
5:47 am
majority, a kind of open and shut for this year's election campaign. she claims she leaves her country in better shape than it ever has been in eight months argentina will say if they agree at the polls. i'm with al jazeera, buenos aires. coming up on al jazeera, i'm paul reese with the sport lifting the pacific within site of an olympic metal. ♪
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>> at one time i felt that selling cocaine was my purpose. >> as the amount of drugs grew guns came in. >> murder rate was sky-high. >> this guy was the biggest in l.a. >> i was goin' through a million dollars worth of drugs every day. i liked it.
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it's hard to believe that a friend would set you up. people don't get federal life sentences and beat them. >> they had been trafficking on behalf of the united states government. >> the cia admitted it. >> "freeway - crack in the system". only on al jazeera america. >> protestors are gathering... >> there's an air of tension right now... >> the crowd chanting for democracy... >> this is another significant development... >> we have an exclusive story tonight, and we go live... ♪
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here is tennis news and the resent sport. >> absolutely and we will start with tennis nadal has representation of king of clay after winning 46 career titles on his favorite surface, and beat monoco in straight sets for the first trophy of 2015 season and called on tournament organizers to protect the traditional surface warning a switch to harder faster courts will increase risk of injury to players until after they finish their careers. >> translator: we are playing more and more hard court tournaments so what is clear is that players are going to finish their careers more worn out and worse physical shape and life after ten tennis is long and i want to play different sports with friends and family and playing so many years on hard courts makes our lives more and more difficult.
5:51 am
>> reporter: the first trophy of the english futbol won by chelsea and lifted the league cup after beating them 2-0 and before the break put chelsea ahead and scored a goal in the second half it's the first trophy since his return to the club in 2012 and satisfied his appetite for now. >> it's important for me to feel i'm 53 years old and that to me is very very important. i feel myself with titles difficult for me to leave without things even knowing that we are doing the work and being stable and being stable for many years but it's difficult for me. i need to feel myself with that type. >> reporter: madrid missed the chance for a four-point league and draw 1-1 and with the goal and result means barcelona only two points behind and atletico
5:52 am
and madrid lost more goal after the goal against savia and doing their best to keep life interesting at the top of germany's speaker and training and 3-2 half time in the game and three quick goals after the break and saw them win 5-3 and second in the table but still eight points behind leaders. the former head of international cricket council has returned after a decade as the man in charge of cricket in india and the only candidate for the position of president of bcci and judge ruled that previous incumbent was not allowed to stand and holds a stake in the league team and currently facing a court case for conflict of interest. nba and portland trailblazers reported and beating them 110-99
5:53 am
and the best pause in the first three the quarters and not going down without a fight and a point at the beginning of the fourth and blazers fulled ahead and closed out the match to finish with a game high of 31 points points. two-way tie at the top of the leaderboard at the honda classic in florida with bad weather washing out the play and trying to get as many holes completed in sunday. and got eight holes in his final round and he is seven under par who entered the day on the tenth hole and final role underway in to hours time. [applause] the count down to the new formula one season has begun as testing ended and the team once again dominated the face despite
5:54 am
the driver finishing six in spain and defending champions have been consistently quick throughout testing and this is a good day for this driver who suffered a crash and was slowest overall and the new season starts for the australian grand prix on march 13. they talk about extreme measures they have taken to achieve success across pacific islands weight lifters isolating themselves from the families as they hone their skills to olympic standard and go to new caledonia to a place called the new alcatraz. >> reporter: he is pushing his body just far enough to get a bit closer to the dream of olympic metal and doing everything his coach tells him. this is the oceana weight lifting institute akaalkatraz
5:55 am
and they go to bed and do it again with thousands of miles of pacific ocean separating them from their homes but he says it's worth it and last summer won the first major sporting honor for the collection of islands taking gold at the common wealth games in glascow and had a couple of weight lifters until this man arrived in the 90s and now the sport is a craze and production line from places like fiji to be national heros. >> it mean as lot and like visiting obama and what it means to the people in the pacific because they know this is the best place to train and he is the best coach. >> reporter: athletes do their own cooking and cleaning and there is an out law on drinking smoking and relationships but few ever leave. >> i don't think other countries
5:56 am
can cope with the pressure we are applying here discipline is very, very important and winning gold medals come with time and the next thing may be the olympics. >> reporter: islands have taken the common wealth games by storm but what he has done at olympics is fourth place but with this coming around the corner he can smell a medical. >> reporter: the most likely to achieve olympic bronze with some transferring skills and use native strength and discipline to climb to the level of professional athletes in europe and asia. it would be just the second time one of the islands won any olympic medal, only 17 months of lifting to go. paul reese, al jazeera, new caledonia. there is more sport on our website, for all the latest
5:57 am
check out al, we have blogs and videos from correspondents like paul reese around the world, that address is al and that is the sport for now jane. >> thanks for that and very good timing because u.s. secretary of state john kerry has taken to the podium in geneva at the u.n. human rights council, let's listen in to what he has to say. >> for convening this session and i particularly appreciate the opportunity to be here at such an extraordinarily important time. not only for the future of this body but for human rights around the globe. president obama believes deeply in the mission of the human rights council and he recognizes the importance of engagement, u.s. engagement and other engagement and leadership within
5:58 am
the organization. he made the decision to reengage. >> nasa steps in to help protect . >> driving worldwide and what is driving us is universal values and aspirations and we in america know in our journey there is still more work to be done. we also know it's because of the
5:59 am
courage and commitment of citizens in each generation that the united states has come closer and still works to always live up to its founding ideals. our journey has not been without great difficulty or at times contradiction. but i think we can fairly say that we have dared to discuss these challenges openly and hold ourselves accountable including through our free press and unjeelding commitment to protecting freedom of expression. and even as we acknowledge the challenges of our history and those that we continue to face today, i can say i think safely i don't know any other country that has worked harder to promote human rights than united states of america.
6:00 am
we are proud of that. president obama and i support the hrc because we believe in the mission and its possibilities. we know at best this council can be a valuable means for reminding every nation of its commitments and they are responsible when they fail to meet international standards and can respond successfully to domestic human rights challenges as we have seen firsthand advance global norms like lbgt rights and a means for self evaluation on the part of individual nations including through the universal periodic review process and we have seen this type of self examination, that engagement with the international community actually produce real